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Monday, 19 December 2011



Pyongyang, DPRK

From the Central Committee
of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB)

We were deeply shocked to hear about untimely death of Great Kim Jong Il who wa fully devoted his life to serving humanity, the struggle for a just and secure world. Kim Jong Il was part of a cohort of ardent revolutionaries, a great statesmen and political figures of our time, and in fact, showed the advantages of the socialist system and with his great work impeding the dangerous development of a continuously volatile situation on the Korean peninsula.

We bow our heads in our deep sorrow of an irreparable loss for the entire communist, national liberation and anti-imperialist movement. We firmly believe that the DPRK will successfully continue its policy under the leadership of the WPK, the policy designed by the great leader Kim Jong Il.

The Memory of the great statesman, Kim Jong-Il will live forever in the historical memory as one of the greatest representatives of humanity.

N.A. Andreeva
General Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB

Kim Jong Il Passes Away

Kim Jong Il Passes Away

> Pyongyang, December 19 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Il, general secretary of the
> Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the DPRK National Defence
> Commission and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, passed
> away from a great mental and physical strain at 08:30 December 17,
> 2011, on train during a field guidance tour.

> The WPK Central Committee and Central Military Commission, DPRK
> National Defence Commission, Presidium of the Supreme People's
> Assembly and Cabinet released a notice on Saturday informing the WPK
> members, servicepersons and all other people of his passing away. -0-

Korean Central News Agency

Thursday, 1 December 2011






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No 12 (105) DECEMBER 2011

A milestone in the history of the Communist Party and the country

The concepts of LENINISM and BOLSHEVISM are identical. Each of them means the theory and practice of revolutionary Marxism, the era of imperialism, proletarian revolution and dictatorship of the proletariat and the inevitable transition from capitalism to communism.
Marxism-Leninism is the philosophical and sociological, political, economic and socio-political rationale for a world-historical mission of the working class and its allies, designed to eliminate all forms of oppression, exploitation, inequality, violence and wars between nations.
Bolshevism, which emerged in the theoretical basis of Marxism, has been developed by Lenin and exists as a "current of political thought and as a political party since 1903" (Lenin V.I., Collected Works, v. 41, p. 6).
After Lenin's death his work - the continuation of building socialism in one country, strengthening the organizing power of socialist construction – the Communist Party of Bolsheviks - was continued by his faithful disciple and follower, J.V. Stalin. Under Stalin, under his direction, the Soviet people built a strong foundation of socialism, brought the country to the level of a superpower of the world and defeated fascism in World War II. Stalin theoretically developed and outlined the main path of gradual transition from socialism to communism, including the destruction of commodity production and commodity-money relations ("Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR").
However, after the death of Stalin, into the leadership of the party and the country came people illiterate in Marxism, carrying out the forced replacement of Stalinist cadres - skilled and dedicated party members, replaced by business executives who turned the Party of Lenin and Stalin, into an increasingly swelling quantitatively apparatus of officials, not able to solve state issues politically, badly knowing the laws of social development - Marxism-Leninism, and more - began to deform the socialist economy by introducing into it the principles of the functioning of the capitalist economy. This resulted in a sharp decrease in the rate of development of socialist economy. Khrushchev's personal hatred of Stalin became the basis of his infamous speech at the Twentieth Party Congress, criticizing the so-called "Stalin personality cult" and the subsequent anti-Stalin hysteria that began in the country and carried on by "loyal Leninists" all the subsequent time.
Was there a "Stalin personality cult"? Yes, there was a cult of boundless confidence and genuine people's love for a man, who gave his life to serving the people. (Even Stalin was buried in worn-out boots and a worn out military jacket ... His family did not have to divide an inheritance after the death of Stalin, because there was no inheritance... we know that in the post-Stalin period, "the loyal Leninists" - Party workers of even small-caliber already lived under communism in terms of benefits assigned to themselves quietly from the people).
Yes, there was a Stalin cult, because there was a PERSONALITY, a gigantic Personality, who, after Lenin had no equal in the world.
The pygmies of the social sciences and the "democrats" (basically, the Zionists, fueled by U.S. dollars) after the Twentieth Party Congress led a frenzied campaign of slander against Stalin and his cause, thereby misinforming the public, destroying its morality, the moral-political unity. Corrosion of monolithic unity of Soviet society was going in all directions - ideologically, politically, economically, morally and culturally.
By the 1990s, with the active material and ideological support from the U.S. of the counter-revolutionary processes that had developed within the Soviet Union, the counter-revolution was actually prepared inside the country itself. Gorbachev became the director of the U.S. plan to destroy the USSR. Former U.S. President Bush (senior) admitted that "We spent $ 4 trillion to win the Cold War and in comparison with this sum, one that the U.S. is now going to spend ($ 24 billion), is, of course, trivia. The Democrats in the Kremlin are able to guarantee our security much more reliably than did nuclear missiles." As you can see, Gorbachev brought super-high profits to world capital, betrayed the people of the Soviet Union and sold them off to our "best friend" - America, and at the same time betraying the international communist movement, the socialist countries and inflicting a crushing blow to the working class in the countries of Capital, which was deprived of the social gains won over in a long and arduous class struggle against Capital.
Gorbachev gave the signal to his followers in power in betraying the interests of the nation - the Soviet people in favour of the United States: first, the "king-Boris" (Yeltsin), then assistant Sobchak and Putin, and tomorrow - his faithful follower of the blessed in Davos to "reign" - Medvedev ... Mr. Putin very zealously defended the interests of the United States for 8 years of his presidency, giving the U.S. a stabilization fund of Russia to support the final collapsing of the dollar, rather than pass on to our bankrupting businesses and thereby save jobs of breadwinners of families, or our impoverished retirees (level of life of the absolute majority are below the subsistence minimum), or the maintenance of hospitals and medicine in general. Russian companies are going fast bankrupt, increasing the capital of the oligarchs, but people and families are thrown into the street, left without any means of subsistence. After all, most enterprises in the USSR were basically, city-forming. And the end of this political lawlessness is nowhere in sight...
But what about the party - the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), formed in order to defend the working class, who took over responsibility for the dictatorship of the class in its best interest?
As mentioned above, the Communist Party after Stalin's death gradually deteriorated, becoming from a party of the dictatorship of the proletariat into a Social Democratic Party, a party of Mensheviks. By the 1990-s, the Communist Party already presented itself as a set of different ideological platforms and no longer defended the interests of the proletarians. Four platforms within the party were engaged in fierce "debate" in an attempt to push the other out of power. The Dem-platform, consisting of the so-called "Democrats" in general, Zionists and the descendants of Nepmen, basmachi dispossessed by the Soviet government and de-kulakized kulaks, all kinds of crooks in the face of the latter-day bourgeoisie among enterprise managements, filling their own pocket with a lot of public funds, Zionistic artists who slandered Soviet power and with hatred, crucified our Soviet history, Lenin and Stalin. The social-democrats presented as the middle and petty party nomenclature (secretaries of district party committees, party committees of large enterprises, research institutes and universities), which repudiated Stalin and the revolution and chattering a lot about a "new path" of development of the country, bunched up around the so-called communist initiative. The Gorbachevites are the adherents of "perestroika." The neo-Trotskyists formed the so-called "Marxist Platform in the CPSU."
The bitter struggle of the enemies of socialism against our glorious past, the licentiousness of the "democrats" and their open calls at numerous meetings in the Palace Square in Leningrad and in Moscow in the squares to massacre the Communists - "Communists - to the gallows!", the dissatisfaction of the people with the lack of vital goods and products, tucked away and hidden by enemies of the Socialist Fatherland, which led to riots, emotional intensity in public consciousness, especially among young people, putting forward demands for an open and broad discussion in the press about sexual problems, rejection of the centralized leadership of culture, the abolition of conscription, free exit for residence abroad (mainly to Israel), and much more - in such a state of society, in the newspaper "Sovyetskaya Rossiya" on March 13, 1988, an article appeared by Nina Alexandrovna Andreeva, "I cannot give up principles."
What principles could a senior lecturer in Physical Chemistry, at the University of Chemical Technology Lensoviet, PhD, best curator of the student group of the university, not give up? What principles were discussed in the article?
- The need for a class vision of the world
- Understanding of human communication and class interests
- Analysis of historical events in close connection with the historical setting in which they occur (because history is not politics turned upside down into the past, as famous academic historian Pokrovsky interpreted history)
- Inadmissibility of ignoring the objective laws of history, manifested in the activities of the classes and masses,
- Inadmissibility of making absolute the subjective factor of social development,
- Study of specific historical processes on the basis of Marxist-Leninist methodology as the only scientific approach to the study of any historical process,
- Inadmissibility of slandering the era of socialist construction associated with the unprecedented feat of a whole generation of Soviet people, of which the modern "Democrats" demand "repentance”(!).
In the evaluation of Stalin - the outstanding statesman and politician of the twentieth century – it must be based on:
- Party and the class interests in an era of storms and stresses, violent class struggle, when the issue was decided "the state of workers and peasants- to be or not to be" in the domestic and international perspective;
- The dialectics of compliance of the individual with the basic laws of society, and not the emotions of individuals deservedly repressed by Soviet power under Stalin, as the real enemies of the State of workers and peasants. Unfortunately, they and their descendants have now come to power with the help of the West (USA) and destroyed the fraternal union of equal nations, united in the USSR.
Masked by the cosmopolitan tendency, a certain non-national "internationalism" is nothing but a manifestation of Zionism.
National pride and national dignity of every people should organically blend into the internationalism of a single socialist society.
The letter by N. Andreeva, "I cannot give up principles" was reprinted in 937 national, regional, city and industry newspapers, including factory newspapers and military units.
The newspaper "Sovyetskaya Rossiya" in its 50-year anniversary issue of July 1, 2006, reprinted the letter in full as one of the best publications of the newspaper throughout the entire 50 years of its publication, and called the letter "a major political event, a milestone in the history not only of the newspaper "Sovyetskaya Rossiya", but the Communist Party, and the country as a whole."
The letter divided society into two unequal parts: into supporters of the letter (such was 80%) and its opponents (20%). Such a ratio of "For" and "Against" was in the letters which came in large numbers to the newspapers "Pravda" and "Sovyetskaya Rossiya", and the department of physical chemistry at the Leningrad, where Nina Andreeva worked. Two sacks of letters received by the "democratic" newspaper of the Zhdanov University of Leningrad were not handed over to Andreeva, and then, after being read, were destroyed, as the editorial board explained to us a few years later at a meeting.
Namley that 80% of readers were in support of the ideas expressed by Nina Andreeva, made Gorbachev very scared for the future of "perestroika." This newspaper article was the only topic of a two-day discussion at the CPSU Politburo, where Gorbachev forced each of those present to express their opinion in the form of: "Are you for Gorbachev, or Andreeva?" And if it were not for the cowardice of the members of the Politburo, then today we would not be having to decide the question of the revival of the socialist state and socialism. Ideologist of perestroika Alexander Yakovlev correctly understood the essence of the letter, having had a devastating article published in the newspaper "Pravda" (April 5, 1988.), where he, in particular, pointed out that "... Perhaps the first thing readers in such a concentrated form saw in this letter ... was the rejection of the idea of ​​renovation, a rigid statement of a very definite position, a position essentially conservative and dogmatic. In essence, a two-fold common red thread running through all of its contents: why all this perestroika and haven’t we gone far enough on the issues of democratization and glasnost. The article urges us to make corrections and adjustments on questions regarding perestroika, otherwise, ostensibly, "the authorities" will have to rescue socialism."
After the devastating letter by Yakovlev in "Pravda" then began the harassing of "Sovyetskaya Rossiya" and the author of the letter, Nina Andreeva.
Yakovlev correctly assessed the letter as a revival of the so hated by him BOLSHEVISM.
But they failed to break the morale and destroy Nina Andreeva. On July 13, 1991 in Minsk, the All-Union Conference of the supporters of a Bolshevik Party platform in the CPSU, create a Bolshevik platform in the Party in order to "reorganize the CPSU, returning it to the organizational and political complexion of the ideological and moral role of the vanguard of the working people in their struggle for building a socialist and communist society; to give a decisive rebuff to the bourgeois counter-revolution, every day more dangerously and dramatically sweeping their Motherland, to hold an extraordinary congress of the CPSU, which would reject perestroika as defeatist anti-people policies, to make Gorbachev and his entourage in the party responsible for the collapse of the CPSU, the Soviet state, the betrayal of Lenin, October, and the international communist and workers movement." Other decisions were made too.
After banning the Communist Party in September 1991, the decision was made to prepare and hold a Constituent Congress of a Bolshevik Party. At the Constituent Congress on November 8, 1991, the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks was established. At the Congress, Nina Andreeva was elected as General Secretary of the AUCPB.
Lenin on the basis of Marxism created Bolshevism in the early twentieth century and the Bolshevik Party, under whose guidance had been carried out the Great October Socialist Revolution, was the organizer of the world's first state of workers and peasants - the dictatorship of the proletariat.
The article "I cannot give up principles," published on March 13, 1988, marked the beginning of the revival of Bolshevism during the collapse of the USSR and super aggressive imperialism of the late XX - early XXI century.
The All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks led by Nina Andreeva is carrying out a persistent, consistent, and selfless struggle for the rebirth of our great Soviet Motherland. And no matter how modern imperialism rages, the growing wave of future proletarian revolutions will sweep from the face of the earth, this criminal, inhumane system, and open the prospect of communist development of human civilization.
We Bolsheviks will definitely triumph because our Marxist-Leninist principles have not simply been given to us to us, but only gained through suffering we have endured in the sharp turns of the history of our Motherland.
This is our stand and one we shall continue to stand on!
(This article was published in our press to mark the 20th anniversary of the publication of an article by N. Andreeva, "I cannot give up principles " in the newspaper "Sovyetskaya Rossiya" on March 13, 1988)




On March 13, 1988 in the newspaper "Sovyetskaya Rossiya" a letter from an unknown hitherto Andreeva Nina Alexandrovna, "I cannot give up principles" was published.
This letter, printed in the midst of perestroika and the rabid anti-Stalin campaign, first publicly raised the question of the role of J.V. Stalin in the history of the Soviet state, in building and defending the gains of socialism. The article of Comrade Andreeva, circulated immediately in hundreds of national, provincial, territorial, regional and local newspapers, showed that the anti-Stalin campaign could lead to a very tragic outcome up to the destruction of the USSR, and it is impossible to vilify, spit on our glorious heroic history, spit on and distort the activities of an individual, an outstanding statesman of the twentieth century, the leader of the Soviet people, the proletariat and the toiling masses of the world, Joseph Stalin.
Gorbachev's Politburo of the CPSU, the chief ideologist of perestroika, a traitor and counterrevolutionary Yakovlev, lashed out, in fact, obstructing this article, giving Nina Andreeva an anti-perestroika label, a woman who interfered with, as this very soon turned out, the counter-revolutionary plans of traitor Judas Gorbachev and his accomplices.
The position of Nina Alexandrovna Andreeva was supported in letters from hundreds of thousands of people. Like minded people joined their efforts in the fight against the treacherous plans of the counter-revolutionary perestroika and formed the All-Union Society "Yedinstvo (Unity) - for Leninism and communist ideals." The final petty bourgeois degeneration of the CPSU, its decay into a number of political trends and platforms, the main one being the so-called demplatform (democrats) ideologically expressing the views and demands of a rapidly reviving bourgeois class, on the agenda of was raised the question of the revival of a Bolshevik party, a party of revolutionaries Marxist-Leninists, a party of fighters for the victory of the ideals of socialism and communism.
And this party was founded by N.A. Andreeva, V.I. Klushin and thousands of their supporters and followers in all corners of our vast Soviet Motherland.
On November 8, 1991, twenty years ago, the founding (first) Congress of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks was held in Leningrad. Nina Andreeva was elected unanimously as General Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB, a person who revived Bolshevism at the turn of the twenty-first century. A Party Program and Charter were developed and adopted by the AUCPB, the party’s Central Committee was elected, and work initiated on the structure of the party throughout the Soviet Union.
However, perestroika-counterrevolution, initiated, supported and generously funded by world imperialism acquired the character of an irreversible avalanche. On December 8, 1991, the first in world history workers' and peasants multinational socialist state - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ceased to exist. Gorbachev's accomplices in his treacherous anti-peoples anti-communist activity: Boris Yeltsin, Leonid Kravchuk, V. Shushkevich and prime ministers of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, signed the so-called Bialowieza Treaty, which, contrary to the will of the Soviet people as expressed in the referendum of 17 March 1991, the USSR ceased to exist.
In its documents, the AUCPB on a scientific basis, for the first time revealed the causes, nature and driving forces of the counterrevolution, the reasons for the destruction of the USSR and the socialist camp, the reasons for the temporary defeat of socialism. In the documents of our party, they showed that the main reason for the counter-revolution and the destruction of the Soviet Union was the frenzied anti-Stalin campaign unleashed by petty neo-Trotskist Khrushchev leadership at the Twentieth Party Congress in 1956. Under the hypocritical guise of restoring Leninist norms and principles of party life, the beginning of the petty-bourgeois degeneration of the Communist Party was laid down, together with the degeneration of the proletarian worker-peasant state and the marginalization of the working class and toiling masses from power in the party and in the country, which led to the gradual revival of bourgeois social and economic relations. In the Brezhnev period, there was an increase in the shadow revival of the Soviet bourgeoisie, which began to openly claim authority in the party and country, towards the restoration of the capitalist system.
It was namely demands of the revived bourgeoisie that were reflected by Gorbachev's government - traitors of the Communist Party and Soviet people. Under the guise of perestroika, the bourgeois counter-revolution in the USSR was carried out, and the CPSU Central Committee had become the headquarters of the counterrevolution.
For twenty years, our party has had to operate in challenging conditions of capitalist restoration and the collapse of the Soviet Union into a quasi-independent "sovereign" states - former republics of the USSR, in a rabid anti-Soviet, anti-communist, anti-Leninist and anti-Stalin campaign being waged by all media, public authorities and management, political leaders of the "sovereign" and "independent" republics.
Since the mid-90's, it was forbidden for coverage of the AUCPB in the media. Against our party was made a systematic provocation, including the killings of our activists. In 1996, as a result of conducting an inadmissible operation, co-founder and ideologist of the Party V.I. Klushin died early. In the workplace, in a workshop at a plant, Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB on the labour movement Y.V. Maximov (Kaluga) died, or rather, was actually killed. L.A. Pavlovich, Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB for (Belarus) prematurely passed away. In a rigged car crash, A.L. Bondarenko, party organizer in the CC AUCPB in Kharkov region, was killed. The bandit attack carried out on a member of the Central Committee of the AUCPB on V.G. Koshevy (Donetsk), which resulted in serious injury and death. And the list Bolsheviks who laid their lives on the altar of the impending victory of the working class, socialist reconstruction and revival of the Soviet Union, may continue.
For the purpose of splitting the communist movement, which led to a weakening of its impact on the territory of the former USSR, more than 50 communist and socialist parties were created and are operating. The communist movement of ex-USSR, as in many respects, the communist movement in the whole world, is infected with the virus of anti-Stalinism, and stands on the positions of opportunism and parliamentarism. The parliamentary activity of the CPRF, CPU and similar parties, parties, under the name of communist and social democratic Mensheviks in essence only contributes to the consolidation of capitalism in its imperialist stage, the highest in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and other republics of the former Soviet Union.
However, despite all difficulties and obstacles, our party is alive and struggling, carries out much ideological and theoretical work, publishes three republican newspapers of the CC AUCPB: "Hammer and Sickle" (Russia), "Workers' Peasant Truth "(Ukraine)," Forward "(Belarus), a youth newspaper, "Revolution", publishes books, brochures, leaflets. It operates the Internet site of the Central Committee of the AUCPB (http://www.vkpb.ru), as well as sites of national, regional and local party organizations.
Despite the virulent anti-Stalin propaganda, reaching anti-Stalin hysteria, in society the attitude toward STALIN has radically changed – from rejection, due to more than half a century of anti-Stalin campaigning - to understand the outstanding value of this individual not only in the history of our country, but of all mankind, to approval of the Stalin and the CPSU (b) in the construction of socialism in the Soviet Union, carried out for the first time in human history, in a besieged fortress, surrounded on all sides by enemies, to the consciousness of the outstanding role of Stalin, the Bolshevik Party in the victory over fascism. Our party contributes to the healing process of social consciousness, our tireless dedication of twenty years of activities.

* * *

The most important task of the party now is the need to establish a strong bond of Bolshevism and the working class, with the protest movement of the working masses, which in recent years has become stronger.
Making this movement political, with a truly revolutionary nature, the preparation and carrying out of a socialist revolution aimed at destroying the power of capital, the restoration of Soviet power (the dictatorship of the proletariat) and the socialist revival of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - that the fundamental objective of our party.


On November 7 (October 25) in 1917 under the leadership of the Bolshevik Party, led by V.I. Lenin, the Great October Socialist Revolution was carried out. For the first time in history the working class and toiling masses of Russia and the former imperial borderlands had done away with the power of capital and took power into their own hands.
Defeating the armed intervention of 14 imperialist states, the working people began to build a socialist society, a society in which an end was put to private ownership and the exploitation of man by man, a society, where the true master of the country is Labour, not Capital.
In 1922 (December 30), the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was formed - the first in world history multinational state of workers and peasants. The working people of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Transcaucasian Federation (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia), and then the other republics, united in a voluntary alliance to jointly build and defend socialism.
Socialism in our country was built in the shortest period of history, despite the fact that the construction took place in a sharp class struggle in a furious resistance of the overthrown exploiting classes, fully supported by international capital. And by 1940 the Soviet Union had become the second nation in world economic power, and the Ukraine - one of the most advanced countries in Europe, equaling the economic potential of France.
The Soviet Union made a decisive contribution to the victory over fascism, defeating the Nazi invaders and liberating the people of Europe from fascist slavery.
And the workers of our country were able to achieve these outstanding achievements because of the construction and defending the gains of socialism, led by the All-Union Communist Party (Bolshevik), headed by the successor of great Lenin, Comrade Joseph Stalin.
The Great October Socialist Revolution, the building of socialism and the defeat of fascism are the most outstanding events of the twentieth century that changed the course of world history.
The working class and toiling masses of the multinational Soviet country became true creators of history, showing the great creative force of liberated labour, demonstrating unprecedented courage and heroism in defending the freedom and independence of their socialist motherland, pointing to the oppressed, the exploited and dispossessed masses all over the world the path to liberation.
And despite socialism suffering a temporary setback, the imperialists will not be able to stop the onward march of history.

* * *

The profound economic and financial crisis that has hit the whole system of imperialism, has shown the futility of the efforts of the world's bourgeois leaders to save the sinking ship of the capitalist economy. The dollar and the euro are staggering. Economists estimate that a second wave of crisis is about to descend. As stated recently well known U.S. economist Nouriel Roubini, who predicted a few years before it happened, in the current crisis, to save the European economy, the Eurozone urgently need to get 2 trillion (!) Euros. "I am very afraid that the situation will get out of control - the scientist noted. - You can not wait for three months. You need to have them ($ 2 trillion. Euro - ed.) over several weeks. " N. Roubini believes that the government debt of Greece is more than 350 billion euros and the national debt of Italy, also on the verge of default is 1.8 trillion. If the economy of these two countries is not rescued, serious problems may start France and Germany (over 50% of GDP of the entire euro area). At the same time, EU governments have decided to increase the capitalization of the European Foundation for financial stability from 440 to 780 billion euros, which amounts to only a third of the amount urgently needed.
According to the European bankers, the second wave of the crisis has already arrived. This is evidenced by a reduction of industrial production and stock price performance prior to 2009
As is inherent to imperialism, it seeks a way out of the crisis along the lines of the war. The six-month bloody US-NATO aggression against Libya and the regime of Muammar Qaddafi, camouflaged by a UN Security Council mandate, which has turned into a servant of US-Zionist imperialism, the destruction of the most developed African economy and the highest standard of living of the Libyan people, thousands of victims among the civilian population of Libya have clearly shown the world that imperialism in the world arena without a fight will not go away, that before the world working class, working people are the problem of cohesion and unity, the task of uniting all anti-imperialist forces of the planet in the struggle against imperialism, to end the domination of capital and to achieve liberation from exploitation and oppression.

* * *

And the masses are not silent. Across the globe are spreading the struggle of workers against the capitalist offensive on their rights. Thousands of demonstrations and protests take place in Greece, Italy, France, Great Britain, in the citadel of U.S. imperialism and other imperialist countries. Working people have strongly opposed the desire of transnational corporations and banks, financial tycoons and speculators to shift all the burden of the crisis on their shoulders, at the expense of their rights, cutting social benefits, raising retirement ages, etc.
Uncomplaining silence of the working people in Ukraine is ending.
The storming of the Verkhovna Rada (Upper House of Parliament) undertaken by Afghans and Chernobylists on September 20, caught unawares those in power, forced the parliament, "the people's representatives" to build a two-meter fence to isolate themselves from their own people, and the government of Azarov to make temporary compromises with the protesters and to suspend unpopular plans from being implemented.
While the protests did not go beyond the social demands, and the leaders of the protesters tried to keep protesters within the bourgeois constitutional law and order, no doubt, that the further attack by capital on the rights of the working people will lead to a radicalization of the demands and the transition to a new level of struggle, to a political level.

* * *

Despite all the attempts of imperialism to survive, its existence is doomed.
A new revolutionary wave is approaching which will destroy the rotten to the core imperialist system, system of the power of capital, the system of wage slavery, put an end to wars of conquest and conflict, exploitation and oppression, and will lead to creation of classless communist society.
In place of the era of Capital will come the Era of liberated creative Labour.
And the inspiring example in the fight of the international working class is the Great October Revolution, the selfless labour of the Soviet people, for the first time in history building a socialist society, the heroic activities of the Bolshevik Party, the party of Lenin and Stalin.



The U.S. has opened Pandora's box ...

The US-Israel-NATO showed the world its brutal face once again as a cannibal-predator bringing about the bloody sacrifice of thousands of human lives (50 thousand slain Libyans, over 200 000 injured and 2 million of Libya's 6 million inhabitants are now refugees), who unwittingly stood in the way of the desired goal of global U.S. domination over the world deposits of oil and gas deposits. It is well known that the "fault" of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was that he was "sitting on the richest oil field in the Middle East," and therefore was ousted by the U.S. military campaign against Iraq, and brutally executed by the U.S. sub-human-maniacs around the world with a demonstration of a monstrous mockery of Saddam Hussein. U.S. accusations were Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction but was not confirmed as such weapons did not exist.
Today the imperialist predators are triumphant of their victory over Muammar Gaddafi, who they killed on October 20, 2011. His "fault" by the United States was the same as that of Saddam Hussein and "more" - he was the acknowledged leader of the national struggle of the peoples’ liberation struggle over the entire African continent, and was planning to introduce an African currency, which would be a blow to the status of the dollar. Muammar Qaddafi knew a lot and could say a lot about Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Cameron and others with whom he had personal contact. Hence the hysterical calls by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - to kill Gaddafi (and to cover their tracks). Her recent visit to Tripoli, accompanied by (security) troops from the 3rd and 6 Detachment SEAL - U.S. Special Forces which is under operational control of Special Operations Command (CSR) of the U.S. Armed Forces, who arrived on a separate plane, stationed at the airport and flown away in the night 20 to 21 October, and gives reason to believe that the operation to destroy al-Gaddafi was overseen by Hillary Clinton.
According to sources of the U.S. State Department, the consolidated group of 3rd and 6th units of SEAL after the visit of Hillary Clinton on October 20 moved along with local escorts in their cars in the direction of Sirte. "The group included experts in electronic warfare and aviation specialists. The first carried out an operation of disinformation by enticing Gadhafi out of the city, and the second flew bombers (British) at the convoy of three jeeps, which moved the leader Jamahiriya with his security guards. A few more groups blocked other escape routes from the city, as it was known the probable direction of movement of the convoy carrying al-Gaddafi. Once it was established that the injuries of the leader Jamahiriya as a result of air attack were life-threatening, his body was handed over to the military of the NTC ", - concluded the informant of the U.S. State Department. The latter then lynched Gaddafi. Ex-head of security for Libyan leader Mansour Tao said that until the last hours of his life, Muammar Qaddafi led a courageous, but suffered greatly for the fate of his country and its citizens.
Muammar Gaddafi was an outstanding person, a revolutionary patriot of his Motherland, where Libya was the most prosperous country in Africa, in which every citizen of Libya through the 40-year rule of Muammar Gaddafi had been provided with free education, health, non-repayable grants of $ 50 thousand to young families, housing, a monthly allowance of $ 730 for every unemployed person and other benefits. Can imperialist America or any other NATO country boast of this, and who barbarically, and contrary to UN Resolution number 1973 (from 03/24/2011) carried out the bombing of peaceful civilian in cities of Libya, seeking to destroy Muammar Gaddafi?
Barack Obama - the precocious No-bel Prize winner, "fighter for peace," continued the bloody mission of leader of international terrorism George W. Bush.
Everything that has happened recently, and continues today, the so-called "revolutions" in Africa and the Middle East have been authorized and financed by the United States, carried out with the direct involvement of special forces and military advisers, by the use of the local slackers and thieves, the greedy money-man in the street, generously rewarded by the sponsors of "revolutions " with devalued U.S. paper wrappers - dollars that without stopping the machine are printed at the U.S. Federal Reserve.
The UN Security Council has once again demonstrated its impotence and inability to perform the functions attributed to it in the UN, the duty - to defend a country against any unwarranted aggression, protect the people of this country from the destruction of modern fascists. In a unipolar world formed by the forcible destruction of the Soviet Union, the UN Security Council lost its original meaning, turned into a loyal servant to the U.S., and therefore should be replaced by another body. NATO as an instrument of military predatory aggressive U.S. policy should be dissolved, since this is not the purpose for which it was created – for the confrontation with the Warsaw Pact bloc countries. In discrediting the UN Security Council as the guarantor of peace and stability largely to blame those who destroyed the Soviet Union. We blame this on our "democrats" and their helpers and sponsors who committed a counterrevolution in the USSR, which has led the world to tragic consequences.
The pro-Western mass media staged in Tripoli a cheap populist, in the spirit of Hollywood, show with a demonstration in front of cameras of Western correspondents, "the great joy of the people, freed from the tyranny of Moammar Gadhafi," a show involving young children and girls with painted faces in the colour of the "revolution." The question is, are the women of the East so revolutionary and politically literate as early as infancy, to actually understand WHAT is happening in their country? Are they sure, these children and their parents that the new gang of mercenaries and corrupt government drones – i.e. the "revolutionaries", the rebels will give young people the opportunity to receive free (by the state) higher education in Europe, as it was under Col Gaddafi? Will the social benefits will be preserved, which are important for the people? Will Libya remain the most prosperous state in Africa with the highest standard of living, under the rule of "insurgents"? Very doubtful. Most likely the "winners" will cut each other's throats in the struggle for power, and the people of Libya will have to plunge into the whirlpool of poverty, hunger and rampant banditry of the "insurgents." An illustrative example – is modern day Iraq.
Now, thanks to the Western "friends" for weapons that the rebels destroyed the people of Libya with, and with the air strikes by NATO forces in the cities of Libya, turned to dust, the Transitional National Council (TNC) has already given France at virtually no cost one-third of Libya's oil reserves (which agreement was still in March s.g). One remembers how Sarkozy humbly asked for Muammar Gaddafi's money for his presidential election campaign, and received it, then returned the favour ... the most active participation of France in the destruction of Libya and its leader. Britain too, did not remain bystander by the new government of Libya (TNC) – Britain got a big chunk of oil pie for next to nothing. And the U.S.?... Barack Obama after killing Muammar Gaddafi, now boasts to the world community that "NATO's mission has been carried out very effectively... There is no doubt: we have done exactly what we promised to do in Libya." "The U.S. is proud of its leading role demonstrated in this process ", i.e. in the deployment of international military operations to kill the civilian population of Libya. "The United States will always reserve the right and duty to defend ourselves, our allies and our interests." The question is, who now has threatened or is threatening the United States and their companions in NATO? NOONE, as is well known.
On October 20, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that the news of the capture of Gaddafi – was "great news" (Itar-Tass) ... The State Duma did not adopt a statement on the situation in Libya and the assassination of Gaddafi.
10 years ago, the U.S. united the imperialist community in the fight for global energy resources under the banner of the so-called 'War on Terror " by way of the organized by U.S. intelligence agencies attack on the Twin Towers in Manhattan, on September 11, 2001, and the organized by the same security forces, a series of other attacks. Today, experts in the U.S. have developed a new way of intervening in the affairs of any country and overthrowing its leadership through so-called "wars of national liberation and revolution, the liberation from "tyrants."
In the fight for global supplies of energy the U.S. opened a Pandora's box in Africa and the Middle East pro-American "revolutions for democracy" and "personal liberty". Thus, they placed the world in front of the expansion and deepening of the global war for the world's resources. The time will come when it will be Russia’s turn to become a victim of the imperialist US-Israel-NATO maniacs...
The United States, opening a Pandora's box will not be able to close it. They have set the boundary of their ability to manage the developing unpredictable processes, leading to a common world apocalypse.
Events in the world caused by the evil empire - the United States, demand the creation of a multipolar world and a new system of management instead of the UN Security Council and the UN, that have turned into an instrument of compromising with the U.S. in its use of international violence and robbery.
Those responsible for the brutal murder of Muammar Gaddafi are attempting to somehow justify (which is impossible), or smooth over their crimes in the eyes of the public.
Barack Obama and his associates in practice will very soon be convinced that the violence and killings in Libya organized by them will be avenged ... The struggle of the peoples of Africa and the Middle East, the peoples of the world against international terrorism, banditry, the imperialist U.S. and Europe, the aggressive US-Israel-NATO bloc is only just beginning. And Libya has not been broken.
Muammar Gaddafi was, and remains in the eyes of the honest people of the planet, a patriot, a hero, fearless, and honest, not hiding or fleeing the country for his own salvation. Muammar Gaddafi will remain forever in the history of the struggle for freedom and independence of the African continent as an outstanding politician and statesman, who started the socialist transformation of Libya, who dared to publicly oppose the dictates of the United States. He has already gone down in history as a warrior, a hero and a true son of his people, who loved his people who will always remain with him.

10/22/2011 Leningrad


Statement of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB for Ukraine, Moldova and Transdniestria

On May 9, 2011 in Lvov, Ukraine, Nationalists, led by VO (Vsyeukrainskoye Obyedineniye) "Svoboda," attacked war veterans, thereby openly showing their fascist character. Assessment of these brazen acts, we have given in the Statement of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB to Ukraine, Moldova and Transdniestria "Nationalists - a blind tool of Zionist-US imperialism in the struggle for world domination."
And another unprecedented outburst of national-fascist thugs with "Svoboda" at the head was on October 14, on the anniversary of the so-called Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, where a march took place by followers of Bander and the frenzied Fuhrer. The march, which was attended by more than 10 thousand people, was held under the slogans: "Ukraine - above all," "Glory to the nation - death to the enemies," "Bandera, Shukhevych are our heroes," " Glory to the heroes of the UPA!" etc. The column of followers of Hitler, Bandera stretched over a kilometer.
Even at the most minimal estimates, for the organization and conducting of the march, at least one million dollars were spent. (Based on the fact that each participant had to spend money on a round trip, food, clothing, banners and other Nazi and Bandera symbols, as well as paying for participation in the march, which amounted to no less than $ 100, i.e., 800 grn.). It is clear that "Svoboda" does not have that kind of money. Millions of dollars are in the hands of the oligarchs, big business and political interests which express and defend the Party of Regions, the party of Yanukovych-Azarov. For eighteen months of its rule, the Party of the Regions (PR) has openly displayed its anti-peoples’ bourgeois character. And its rating, like the rating of the president of Ukraine, Yanukovich, is rapidly declining. And ahead of the autumn 2012 are parliamentary elections. In order to regain a majority in parliament and retain power in their hands, the Regionals nurture "Svoboda" to the bogey man of a fascist danger, intimidate the man in the street to and force him to vote for PR.
But with this, the current government forgets the lessons of history. In Germany in the early 30s of the last century, also no one paid any special attention to Hitler and his thugs. As a result, the Nazis in 1933 came to power. Over Germany and Europe fell the dark night of fascism. 12 years the Nazis were in power, triggering World War II and the Great Patriotic War. 50 millions lives were sacrificed for their liberation from fascist slavery. And a crucial role in the defeat of fascism was brought by the Soviet Union, our heroic Red Army, led by outstanding military leader Joseph STALIN.
It is not excluded that in the Ukraine and the followers of Hitler and Bandera may fall out of obedience to their masters and also seize power. And in fact such a scenario is needed by Zionist-American imperialism, who are fighting for world domination and striving to conquer Russia and seize its countless natural and raw resources. It will be easier to push into fratricidal war between two brotherly peoples, when in power in Ukraine will be the national-fascists.
To prevent an extremely negative development, STOPPING FASCISM! – is the duty of every conscious citizen of the Left, Communist and Workers Parties and Organisations of Ukraine.

October 2011


Dear compatriots! Brothers!
We appeal to you, Russian officers, veterans of military service and those who are now serving the Motherland in its most difficult and hard days. The reason for our request is that, apart from the long-term destruction by the authorities of the Russian Army and Navy, including by reducing personnel and firing the best commanders, in recent years the government has tightened repression over the country’s own defenders - the officers, who, selflessly served our county, especially those officers who were known for their opposition views to the government.
We will not mention here a number of military personnel killed and dying under mysterious or suspicious circumstances - though in itself, their deaths says a lot. We shall focus on the officers who were arrested on charges of crimes against the constitutional order and state security.
Colonel Kvachkov, Kiselev and Satanovsky, known as their high military qualities and devotion to the Fatherland and the people have been detained. In July of this year, Colonel Leonid Khabarov - Afghan hero and legend of the special forces was arrested.
All of them are opponents of the policy pursued by the current government, policies that are leading Russia to an impasse and are weakening the country. They made no secret of their position, openly expressing their views on the regime, which is essentially anti-peoples, and advocated that, in accordance with Article 3 of the Constitution, the power in the country indeed belonged to the people and not to those who forcibly seized and now uses it at the expense of the indigenous peoples of Russia. In this, the vast majority of our people are in solidarity with them.
But the named officers, unlike many others, proclaim their beliefs not in the kitchen, but in public, and try to awaken the consciousness of people and encourage them to participate actively in political life for the salvation of their own country. Therefore, they were dangerous for those lacking any popular confidence and support and therefore illegitimate authorities, in a hurry to get rid of those who spoke the truth about them. Neglecting Article 29 of the Constitution guaranteeing everyone the freedom of thought and speech, the regime threw these brave people into jail.
The intrigues of the government's actions are that the military officers, and even after their service are not to forsake their duty – to defend the Fatherland, nowadays from internal enemies – and are accused that they becoming enemies of the Fatherland and opposing it.
At the same time, it is widely known that for many years, not only the officers of which are in question are being persecuted for political reasons, but other opposition minded citizens to the government are being persecuted. The lives of the people are getting worse every day, therefore, more people will disagree with the policy of the current regime - and that means that repression will be even wider if we do not remind the authorities of our rights guaranteed by the Constitution.
All this makes us, the officers strongly oppose the gross and cynical actions of the regime, especially against the repression that struck the true patriots of our country.
On September 3, in Yekaterinburg, a rally in support of Colonel L. Khabarov was held, after which the rally was scheduled to hold a car protest along the route Yekateringburg – Moscow to highlight the issue. The aim of the rolling protest was to hand over to the current leadership of the country our demands, including a review of cases and the release of officers and other political prisoners illegally detained in the dungeons, the abolition and refining of the content and articles of criminal law in which opposition minded citizens are prosecuted by the regime, and to review their established procedures and requirements regarding the return to the people their rights under the Constitution.
But the authorities did everything possible to disrupt the march: the exit of the column of vehicles from the city was blocked by the traffic police. The humble servants of the regime found hundreds of "violations" on the vehicles. These minor quibbles gave them a legal basis to prevent the rally from taking place. Apparently, the government will act in this way and then, use the most Jesuitical methods, not excluding provocation.
However, we do not intend to retreat from our plans, and we will continue our struggle for the liberation of Colonel Khabarov, for the release of other political prisoners of the regime
Together, we are strength! Join us!
Victory will be ours!
Our contact details: Tel.: 8 (965) 511-52-80; e-mail: oficeryrussia@gmail.com;

MCCO Khovrin, info@msso-hovrin.ru


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Thursday, 24 November 2011


The Proletarian of all countries, unite!
ALL-UNION COMMUNIST PARTY of BOLSHEVIKSCentral Сommittee_______________________________________________________________________

198516. Leningrad, Petrodvorets-6, box 50 "22"novembre 2011
telephone / fax(812) 427-24-69E-mail: ck@vkpb.ruhttp: // www.vkpb.ruE-mail: andreeva@vkpb.ru
To the President of the III Anti-Imperialist Conference of the International Anti-Imperialist and Coordinating Committee of People's Solidarity,
General-Secretary of the IAPSCC Comrade Manik Mukherjee
Co-organizer of the International III Anti-Imperialist Conference
President of the Socialist Party of Bangladesh
Participants of the International Forum

Dhaka, Bangladesh 27-29 November 2011.


The Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCPB) greets all participants and organizers of this very important forum. We sincerely wish the Conference success and taking crucial decisions.
The forum is being held during the acute tense international situation caused by the U.S., Israel and European countries - participants of the aggressive NATO bloc. The political and military thuggery adopted in U.S. foreign policy, violating all norms of international agreements and the UN Charter, today is most brutally cracking down on leaders of independent states carrying out their own policy, despite the cry from the U.S.. The armed bandit extermination of the flourishing state of Libya by massive bloody bombing by NATO Air Force of civilian quarters of cities and the Libyan capital, the sadistic destruction of its leader Muammar Gaddafi on the orders of the United States causes pain, resentment, anger and hatred towards the usurpers, who imagine themselves as democrats and advocates of human rights. People have to realize that these are not the last victims of the mad maniacs - crusaders of the twentieth and early twenty-first century. It is imperative that the military and political gangsterism drunk with permissiveness USA be stopped at all costs!
Our organization we call an organization of the anti-imperialist struggle, our main aim must be, above all, to carry on a truly anti-imperialist struggle against the crazed monster, against the United States, which imagines itself as the ruler of the world that has become unipolar by the collapse of the Soviet Union, and which the USA had a direct hand in. The frank recognition of the period in 1992 by U.S. President Bush senior, confirms the U.S. involvement in the collapse of the Soviet Union: "We spent $ 4 trillion dollars to win the Cold War and in comparison with the sum of $ 24 million dollars which the U.S. intends to spend now – this is certainly small change. The democrats in the Kremlin are able to guarantee our security much more reliably than did nuclear missiles (and 166 times cheaper!) (newspaper “Izvestiya”, ru 11.04.1992).
Today, the empire of evil is in a state of protracted crisis and pre-default, all the while delaying its onset artificially by printing unlimited paper dollars, not secured by gold reserves. The imaginary power of the United States now relies on the fact that many countries are known to hold their foreign reserves in U.S. dollars, and with the crash of the dollar, will lose their money. That is what forces the rescuing of the dollar as the world currency, thereby prolonging the U.S. madness. But this is temporary. Soon everything will change. The Euro is not going away from the scene. China expresses its desire to make the yuan the currency of the world.
Today, U.S. power rests not on the U.S. economy, giving strong slippage, but to a large extent on U.S. military power. The U.S. has enveloped the whole world with a dense web of military bases, of which today there are more than 1,000 (including being directly in conflict zones), they have powerful naval fleets in every ocean, a global air network, military satellites in space, as well as nuclear missiles on high alert, targeting of potential adversaries and their military installations.
The PENTAGON is one of the largest landowners in the world. Its military bases occupy 12.726.668 hectares with a staff strength of about 2 million troops and civilian support personnel amounting to 2.303.280 people. Over the past 10 years, the U.S. has expanded its military network around the world. The Pentagon has recently opened six new bases in Colombia. In Australia in the near future will be posted a further 2500 infantrymen. Lately, the U.S. has created a network of secret military bases in different parts of the world deploying unmanned MQ-9 Reaper in them. These are shock-reconnaissance UAV-s capable of carrying guided bombs, remain in the air 24 hours and climb to an altitude of 13 km. These UAVs will be deployed in secret U.S. bases in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, Ethiopia and the Seychelles. Aircraft of this type are already in use in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, and Oceania. Now, a plan in being implemented to create floating military bases, mobile, well equipped with modern military equipment and nuclear weapons, but with a smaller contingent of troops.
The United States, whose population is 4.54 per cent of the world's population, are investing in wars and preparations for war, more than all other countries combined.
President Obama has asked for military spending in 2012, including operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, amounting to 729 billion dollars (comparable to all the expenses of the Second World War). Compared with 2001, the regular budget for the Ministry of Defense in 2012 has almost doubled.
Obama Administration Statements and actions it has taken recently, indicate that U.S. military activity in the world will continue to grow. According to reports and available documents, the future of America is in war, and even more ambitious than ever.
Obama vigorously continues the wars started by the Bush administration, and enhances the unparalleled military might of the U.S.. Of the four-year defense policy review (the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR), it follows that the U.S. is preparing for a new world war, taking advantage of nuclear weapons. (http://www.stoletie.ru J.A.S.USA 26.05.2010). The United States feels its main adversaries to be China and Russia (although they are not called this out loud.) The U.S. has surrounded China, Russia with anti-missile bases, which will be able to block any retaliation by them in the event of a U.S. attack on these countries. Against Russia, the U.S. has long developed a combined system of precision-guided weapons and creating today a layered missile defence system.
Americans in the event of a global conflict are planning to destroy Russia's nuclear potential with a "preventive" pre-emptive strike from areas where the U.S. is based. The remaining missiles when launched on American soil the Pentagon will plan to catch using the new "laser" missile defence group, intercepting them via space. A few days ago the U.S. had already made statements that they will not give Russia any legally binding guarantees about the U.S. missile defence system being directed against Russia, that is, they say directly, against whom they have directed their defence systems. If Americans realise their missile defence system, they will actually have the monopoly over nuclear weapons, and then a new Hiroshima and Nagasaki are inevitable.
According to military expert of China, Cai Xu "China is inside a dense anti-missile ring, which begins in Japan and extends through the South China Sea to India and ends in Afghanistan. It is absolutely clear that China and Russia heads the U.S. list of "potentially hostile states."
Minister of Defence of the last two administrations - Bush and Obama says: "Success in future wars will depend on success in the wars we are in now." The minister did not specify what "future" wars he had in mind. The report further states that the U.S. victory in Iraq and Afghanistan is only a "first step towards achieving strategic goals."
The Obama administration states the "need for a powerful force capable of protecting U.S. interests in the face of numerous threats, including those originating from two simultaneously hostile states," [+]. "Plus" – this scheme involves large-scale "anti-terrorist" operations like the one now taking place in Afghanistan. Other implicit objectives are "Al Qaeda" and "failed" states like Somalia and fully defensible countries, unwilling to submit to America such as Syria, Iran, DPRK (North Korea), and soon perhaps Venezuela.
Syria. The situation in Syria is being aggravated dramatically: the opposition has already created a "Liberation Army", there is an active arming of thed opposition from neighbouring countries (Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon). The "Arab" Arab League (League of Arab States, which set the tone for oil monarchies of the Persian Gulf are faithful allies of the U.S.) apply pressure on Syria, making an ultimatum, recalling ambassadors, imposing sanctions, etc., after the Arab League is Turkey. They failed to push through a resolution by the UN Security Council, now filed a new resolution (the same trio - France, England, Germany) in the General Assembly, etc. ., France insisted on the introduction of a "no-fly zone" as in Libya. The same Libyan scenario is being worked through, and the UN Security Council disagreement («VETO» Russia and China), et will not stop the United States, just as it was with Iraq.
Venezuela is also already in the queue. Chavez has repeatedly warned that in Venezuela a military coup in connection with the presidential elections next autumn is being planned.
Frequent, demonstrative, in fact, the maneuvers "unknown" large submarines in the territorial waters of Venezuela (the last - in November this year) confirmed forecasts for the presence of a comprehensive plan to overthrow the Bolivarian government. The region has almost completed the deployment of air and naval bases in the "privatization" of the armed forces of allies - Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, has made a number of islands in the Caribbean Sea to land aircraft carriers, with which (according to Pentagon intelligence development) is planned to put missile-bomb strikes on the territory of Venezuela in the "Hour X-Men."
The U.S. military is preparing a course in Spanish. "It is quite possible - say politicians - that these men, dressed in the shape of the Bolivarian army would be used for sabotage." Plan "Hour X-Men" includes:
tightening campaign against "the Chavez regime," which allegedly violates "human rights and democratic freedom" spread through the media "predictions" about the threat of regional conflict (the fault of Venezuela) in order to justify military intervention in U.S. domestic affairs. Then getting to the projected parts of Venezuela and Special Forces intelligence to enhance the combat power of counter-revolutionary groups, establishing a reliable connection with the "coalition forces", which will skolochena modeled on the one that operated in Libya. With the help of a "fifth column" will be destroyed most loyal commanders to Chavez. Particular attention will be paid to carrying out acts of sabotage against air defense systems to create favorable conditions for airstrikes.
The Brazilian military, of course, disregarded the fact of activation of the Fourth Fleet US and U.S. strategic nuclear submarines in the Atlantic. The Pentagon is concerned not only the "neutralization" of Venezuela and other "populist" states, but also "care" for rich hydrocarbon deposits off the coast of Rio de Janeiro and in the shelf state of Espírito Santo. «Petrobras» estimates potential oil reserves in Brazil at 35 billion barrels!
President Chavez has no illusions with regard to the aggressive nature of U.S. imperialism, and therefore from the outset of his presidency, fought for the creation of a regional security system. Now in the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), a council on the defensive.
Iran. Muammar Gaddafi has just been just killed, and the IAEA, a body established under the UN, which should be in the service of peace in the world, presents a report that puts the world on the brink of war with nuclear weapons against Iran, a war that the American empire, together with the UK and Israel, has long and carefully planned for.
Israel, which has never recognized its status as a nuclear country (nuclear weapons, were given by the U.S.), currently has 200 to 500 nuclear units. Scientists warn that an explosion of 100 units of strategic nuclear weapons would be enough to put an end to life on the planet. All living things suffer as a result of the ensuing death followed by a nuclear winter. Note also that Israel is at the center of the region, where there is concentrated a huge portion of energy - oil, gas) ... In this region of the Middle East, Israel has nuclear weapons, acts as a tool of imperialism (primarily American), and colonialism. It should be remembered that Israel destroyed a nuclear reactor at Osirak (Iraq) in 1981, a Syrian reactor in Dir al-Zara in 2007. The world was not informed of this, although the UN and the IAEA knew about these events. Both the destruction of reactors was carried out with the support of U.S. and NATO. Recently, "AP" - the most informed agency of the U.S. - reported: "The supreme Iranian leader warned the U.S. and Israel that if his arch-enemies carry out a military attack on Iran, Iran's response will be devastating ..." The publisher of the American magazine «EIR» believes that an attack on Iran start a World War III. One of the U.S. Undersecretaries of State said: "Israel and the United States will take part in joint manoeuvres - the most important ones" and "in the most transcendent one" in the history of the Allies. In the exercises will take part American and Israeli troops (over 5,000) and a test carried out to test Israeli defence from ballistic missiles. On 11/13/2011, U.S. ambassador to the UN told the television channel "BBC," that a military invasion of Iran ... is a realistic option for action ... The American administration is coming to the conclusion that it is necessary to put an end to the current regime in Iran in order to prevent the creation of nuclear weapons in this country... I'm a convinced supporter of the idea that a change of regime in this country is our sole choice... "
The DPRK has practically been in a long time state of undeclared war with the U.S., which is constantly organizing on the border of the DPRK military exercises - "exercises" with the presence of nuclear weapons, "exercises" with the armed forces of South Korea and often Japan. Only the presence of nuclear weapons by the DPRK is saving the country from its barbaric destruction by the U.S..
As we can see, the U.S. going crazy by doing what it wants and leading the world perilously close to the beginning of World War III, which can not be but nuclear. There will be no winners in the coming world war!
Why has this happened? HOW is it that human development has brought itself to the end of its own existence? We have to admit that now we have entered a stage of profound systemic crisis of civilization, which is manifested in all spheres of human activity - the deepest crisis of the world economy, accompanied by a global political crisis with the destruction of all aspects of the existing world order and the social fabric of life (the UN, at least, is no longer able to perform its functions), an ecological crisis as a result of anthropogenic activities of civilization. All this is interfaced with the crisis of the human beings, a spiritual crisis, a crisis of consciousness, the loss by man of each and every orientation.
Imperialism is looking for a way out through the organization of war. "War is inevitable under capitalism, especially in its imperialist stage." (V.I.Lenin,The Compete Works.v.26, p.165. ru) According to Stalin - imperialism carries the contradictions of capitalism to the extreme (which we are witnessing today), from which revolution begins. A socialist revolution. "Without socialism there is no salvation of mankind from war, famine, and the death of millions of people" (V.I.Lenin, The Complete Works.vol.31, p.130. ru). "To eliminate the inevitability of war, imperialism needs to be destroyed" (J.V. Stalin, Works, vol.16, p.179. Under editorial of R. Kosolapov.ru).

The course of world history of the early twenty-first century, the anti-imperialist processes in Latin America, the systemic crisis of imperialism, the imperialist world now sweeping the community, indicate that we are on the verge of great social change and we must be prepared to correctly understand and correctly to realize the. The development of modern history shows that the twenty-first century to be the century of socialist revolutions, a century for the victory of socialism in most countries.
The duty of every Communist, every honest man is to take an active part in the anti-imperialist and anti-globalization struggle, as it is - a kind of struggle for SOCIALISM, because it links in with the single struggle for SOCIALISM.
Today to remove the oppressive situation is possible only through a return to a multipolar world, as it was when the Soviet Union existed. But the opposing block should really confront the United States and therefore must be anti-imperialist, such as the ALBA block (Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia and Ecuador).

WE, the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, appeal to all delegates of the III Anti-Imperialist International Conference to:
Demand from their governments:
Removal from the territory of their country of U.S. military bases as sources of increased danger of independence;
Refusal to support U.S. policy, because everywhere its goes, it is to the detriment of the country, its people and all humanity.
We call on the ordinary citizens of the USA - to stop the madness of their authorities!
After all, nothing will be left unanswered. And retaliation on the part of the downtrodden in the world can be expected at any moment. But in these acts of retaliation will suffer ordinary people, people of America guilty of nothing.
U.S. Citizens! Get up in the ranks of our common struggle against American imperialism bandit!
Join our ranks of our common struggle against American bandit imperialism!
Take part in anti-imperialist demonstrations! The authorities are afraid of only one thing – the organized people on the streets and squares.

Imperialism is now obsolete and historically will be compelled to give way to a more progressive and humane system - SOCIALISM.
We believe in it and fight for it!

N.A. Andreeva
General Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB

Saturday, 12 November 2011




November 7, 2011 in Moscow passed a march and rally in the square of the Commune with the participation of over 1,000 people organized by the union of "Revolutionary Communists of Moscow" (AUCPB, the CPSU, RCWP-RPC, Komsomol (b), Communists of Russia, a number of other organizations), the Moscow branch of the CPRF (anti-Zyuganovites) and other parties and organizations who believe that "a limit on the revolution" has not been exhausted and that they appose the policy of Zyuganov that serves the criminal regime.

Participants carried banners "We want a new October", and portraits of Stalin. In their speeches, including a representative of the AUCPB, they described the devastating effects on the people and the country from the bourgeois reforms of the last twenty years, called for a boycott of the upcoming State Duma elections, calling them - "Elections without choice." Bolshevik literature was spread
AUCPB -Moscow






The 94th anniversary of the October Revolution in Pyatigorsk

In the city of Pyatigorsk, on November 7, 2011 in the square near the monument to S.M. Kirov, Bolsheviks held a solemn meeting in honor of the 94th anniversary of Great October Socialist Revolution and the 20th anniversary of the AUCPB.

Prior to the rally revolutionary songs were performed. Bolshevik newspapers "Hammer and Sickle", "Workers' and Peasants truth," and leaflets circulated entitled: "The 94th Anniversary of October", "Glory to Great October," "The future belongs to us! We are the creators of it! "," State Duma elections - an active boycott "," United States opened a Pandora's box ... Statement of the Central Committee of the AUCPB on events in Libya on October 20-21, 2011 ".

At the rally, were set up the Standard of the AUCPBand two red flags with the hammer and sickle. The monument to S.M. Kirov was entrusted with fresh flowers. Awareness was raised about the role of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, and today's struggle with the bourgeoisie and the opportunists in Russia.

The meeting was opened by Chairman of the North Caucasian Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB, Comrade N.A. Degtyarenko, who congratulated the participants of the meeting on the 94th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution and the 20th anniversary of the founding AUCPB. Congratulations were read from the CC AUCPB on the 94th anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution and congratulated the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB Comrade Andreeva Andreeva on the 20th anniversary of the AUCPB.

A large group of comrades were awarded the Diploma of the North Caucasian Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB. Speakers talked about the 94th anniversary of the Revolution and the present day struggle against capitalism in Russia by the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, which every day is recruiting new members and supporters in the struggle against the class enemy.

A resolution was adopted unanimously by the meeting.

The meeting closed with the singing of the International. This was followed by a solemn assembly.

Long live the 94th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution!

Pyatigorsky Committee of the AUCPB

Photo report



On November 7 in Novosibirsk, the traditional demonstration and meeting dedicated to the 94th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution took place.

In the demonstration and rally took an active part Communists from the AUCPB and "Trudovaya Russia" formed a separate column under red banners and portraits of Stalin.

This year, the authorities banned the holding of the march and demonstration along on Krasny Prospect and rally on Lenin Square, having organized on Lenin Square a provocative concert young people from the ruling "United Russia" party. And the monument to Lenin was cordoned off by metal barriers.

But the demonstration in honor of the October Revolution took place, and then a rally was held in the Square of the Heroes of the Revolution.

The Bolsheviks at the rally circulatedthe Bolshevik newspapers "Hammer and Sickle", "Workers 'and Peasants' Truth" (Ukraine), "Forward" (Belarus), youth newspaper "Revolution", colorful calendars for 2012 with portraits of Lenin and Stalin, and other literature.




A demonstration and rally, organized by the regional organization AUCPB
on the 94 th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution took place in Krasnoyarsk, despite the fact that November 7 is now a working day, although as the starting time - midday - the more working people in the Leninsky district took part in the demonstration more than in previous years.

The traditional "organisers" of the event - "Revolyutsonno patriotic union of Krasnoyarsk" (AUCPB, "Trudovaya Krasnoyar" RCWPP-RPC and VMGB) were joined by the "Communist League" (an organization created by former members of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), who had either been expelled or walked out of the party because of disagreements opportunism and betrayal by the leadership), Komsomol (b), the International Union of Soviet Officers, "Stalin's bloc." For the first time it was attended by a delegation from the "Fair Russia" party.

The march along avenue named after the newspaper "Krasnoyarsk worker" was militant: together the marchers they were shouting slogans (with particular enthusiasm was met with a new slogan for us, "Party "EdRo" (United Russia)- to the garbage can!"), Revolutionary songs was sung. Drivers of cars signals support to the protesters, and some people came out of the public transport and joined the march.

Half-way along, the march pulled out into the roadway, regardless of discontent by the accompanying us police, who expected us to hold a demonstration on a narrow pedestrian path used for traders’ stalls. The obstacles moved out the way weren’t repaired. Only a police chief, distorted by an excess of emotion, threw over his shoulder: "The court will talk!". The marchers replied in united chorus, chanting: "Glory to the Soviet Militia, shame on the bourgeois police!".
At the meeting, as usual, it was an “open microphone." Speeches were made by Bolsheviks, representatives of the revolutionary youth, with a long speech addressing the audience by candidate Andrei Seleznev. In the opposite to Andrei, a journalist in the patriotic "Krasnoyarsk newspapers" and former head of the AOC Konstantin Litvinov of the VMGB, now as an independent candidate, spoke briefly and immediately warned that voters will not be promised anything, because on Deputies depends only a little, and the question of power will be decided on streets of the insurgent people.

By tradition, everyone who wanted to speak was able to speak. The speakers agreed on one thing: the necessity of uniting all opposition forces in the fight against the current government and the recognition that only through revolution can be achieved victory. The presence at the rally of Duma candidates did not knock passions and did not make the actions of revolutionary communists look like an election campaign. Rather, we proved that the true communist remains on the revolutionary road, no matter what they did in their lives.
Prior to and during the rally were actively circulated the newspapers "Hammer and Sickle," "Revolution," "Soviet soldier", "Krasnoyarsk Pravda." The action ended with the collective singing of the international proletarian anthem "The Internationale".
Bureau of the CC AUCPB for Siberia and the Far East



Tuesday, 1 November 2011






No 11 (104) NOVEMBER 2011


Dear friends, comrades in the party,
in the communist movement and our
supporters abroad!
The Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks congratulate you on the 94th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution which opened a new era in human history – an era of possibilities of a world without wars, violence, exploitation, an era of freedom of each individual proletarian, every honest worker, an era of confidence in the morrow.
On this momentous day, we congratulate all of our allies in the struggle for socialism against imperialist expansion and gangsterism of the U.S. and their stooges in the world. We congratulate all those who today found the strength and courage to stand up and fight for their social rights taken away by imperialism in connection with the temporary victory of counterrevolution in the USSR in the late twentieth century. We congratulate the landmark date of courageous journalists- communists and publishers of communist press abroad - our esteemed comrades- Bolsheviks in France, England, India, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Brazil, Canada and other countries of the globe. We wish all our colleagues in the struggle, good health and strength of spirit, hardness of belief, and goals. After the darkness, the sun always rises. We believe in our victory over the evil and hatred of the powerful who are plundering the wealth of all continents. We believe in the speedy, historically inevitable triumph of SOCIALISM over anti-human exhausted capitalism, pushing humanity into an abyss of oblivion. The socialist revolution by history itself already on the agenda of civilization!
So boldly forward and with firmer steps!
Let our ranks start spreading and strengthen our unity!
Long live our common struggle for SOCIALISM!
Long live the inevitable Socialist Revolution!
Victory is with US!


Workers of all countries, unite!
All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks
(Our position)

The election campaign for the State Duma of the Russian Federation officially commenced with the adoption of the August 29 decree on the election on December 4, 2011, by President Dmitry Medvedev
The election race has begun for the votes of the naive electorate that every five years get to decide, in the words of Lenin, "which member of the ruling class is to repress and crush the people through parliament - this is the real essence of bourgeois parliamentarism" (V.I. Lenin works vol.33, p.46, Russian), then to talk away in parliament "with the express purpose to cheat the "common people"(ibid.).
At the elections to the State Duma, along with the ruling party "United Russia", are the following political parties - the "Fair Russia", the LDPR and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, as well as "Right Cause", "Yabloka" and "Patriots of Russia". Other parties have been removed from the Duma elections.
Only registered parties are allowed to take part in the elections by the grace of the ruling powers (recall the cynical revelations by oligarch Deripaska – about the need to "discard any fairy tales about democracy, that supposedly someone decides something by going to the voting booth ... It is clear that the economy, and major competitive business can not take such a great risk - the arbitrary appointment of managers of the state apparatus, as the spirit lay.")
The ruling power in the face of the party "United Russia", with the support of other parties fed by it, in order to create the appearance of stability of the regime, have eliminated the single-mandate districts, the tick box "AGAINST ALL CANDIDATES" and the threshold turnout of voters, i.e., have deprived citizens of the latter possibility with an election, to protest against the current policy. Now, any election will be recognized as legitimate as the power itself, whatever the outcome of a vote, even if all the people are AGAINST the election, and that is what is it after all, as indeed only a quarter of the population are willing to participate in this farce.
These elections are sham elections. Elections without choice. A farce, played out by the authorities for brainwashing workers and the legitimization of the regime.
Any participation in this farce we see as complicity in all the crimes committed by government against the people since the coming to power of the bourgeoisie - or the victory of the counterrevolution.
"United Russia" is the party of oligarchic capital, the party of anti-people, anti-national, hostile to people and Fatherland, who came to power in a bourgeois counter-revolution, the blood of the people, by destroying the country, its sell-off to their Western masters. "The People's elected representatives," the current State Duma are the billionaires and millionaires from "United Russia" taking first place in the ranking of Forbes "Power and money - 2010" and led "the richest three" list of 10 richest members.
"Fair Russia" – is a Kremlin project, with the pseudo-bourgeois party rhetoric, created before the last election to withdraw the left electorate from the Communist Party. The ruling government is trying to form on the western European model, a two-party system, but the project has failed because of its falsity.
Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) is party of big business, covering itself with pseudo-Russian and pseudo-social rhetoric. The Liberal Democratic Party since its inception participate in all the crimes of the ruling authorities, aimed at destroying the country.
The Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) is a Party of Social-democratic type, ranting on for capitalism with a "human face", for some reforms in the framework of bourgeois society in order to stabilize it. The top echelons of the Communist Party are the former supreme nomenclature of the pre-perestroika CPSU and during the restoration of capitalism has done everything to save capitalism and the bloody regime of Yeltsin's dictatorship.
"Yabloka" and "Right Cause" (Chairman of the "Right Cause" oligarch Prokhorov party members at the last congress were expelled from the party on the shout of the Kremlin, appropriating from them the transferred to the account of the party sum of 800 million rubles) is a right-wing liberal party, bankrupt in the eyes of voters and participating in the election by the grace of the Kremlin, having 1-2% of the electorate, and obviously not going to the Duma.
"Patriots of Russia" is a splinter from the pro-Zyuganov "People's Patriotic Union of Russia", headed by oligarch G. Semigin, not sharing with Zyuganov the candidate for president of Russia on the eve of the last elections.
All parties involved in these dirty parliamentary games, also squandered many billions of peoples rubles to then divide among themselves coveted parliamentary seats, and have long lost any credibility with working people. All of them are climbing to power, to gain access to the coveted parliamentary bottomless trough, further robbing the country at the expense of the impoverishment of working people.
The ruling party "United Russia", losing each year all its support even among its own brainwashed electorate, dubbed by the people as the party of crooks and thieves, feverishly since the spring of this year, concocted the "All-Russia Popular Front," "driving" (administratively) into it the lured by the authorities' social organizations "in order to somehow save face in the eyes of voters and ensure the "turnout" during elections. Experts say that this performance with the "Popular Front" (only 5% of the respondents regard it positively) and the "primaries" (which was heard, according to opinion polls, makes up only 1% of the population), at most, can "add" to the ruling power two 3% of the votes.
The CPRF posing as a Communist Party, in fact, is essentially a party of big business, which sells passing seats in their list to businessmen. Almost in every region, the first or the second number in the list of the CPRF will be a representative of a large or medium-sized businesses. Thus, in Novosibirsk region, the second number on the list of the Communist Party will be owner of JSC "Mayak", management of the company GK F1, big businessman Alexander Abalakov (note that he was a member of the regional council of the Communist Party, but later defected to the faction "United Russia" and in the following regional elections, was already on the "United Russia’s" list), in Yakutia - Deputy General Director of JSC "Transstroy-East", Arthur Alexeev. Also retaining seats in the Duma, are former chairman of Yukos, oligarch Sergei Muravlenko (according to the magazine Forbes-2004, with a fortune estimated at about $ 340 million) and the former owner of the "Railway Construction Company-1" and OOO "SpetsStroy-Rusavia", Igor Edel. In Kemerovo, the list is headed by businessman-industrialist from Moscow, the owner of the corporation "Sobko and Company", Duma deputy, Sergei Sobko.
The CPRF as with "United Russia", is also concerned about the decline of popular support and in a hurry made its "people’s militia" from its naive electorate (mostly – retired people), to firmly secure their votes in the election.
The people with contempt reject all these "fronts" and such "elections" (according to opinion polls - two thirds of the population), accompanied by dirty technology, vote rigging, vote buying, etc., etc., in order to obtain lucrative little seats in the Duma.
Predictions by the AUCPB have come true regarding the establishment and registration of "Rot Front" (Red Front) under the auspices of the RCWP leader Victor Tyulkin (Statement of the Central Committee of the AUCPB from 24/02/2010, "Rot Front. Will working people unite for the sake of parliamentary games? About the RCWP initiative to create "Rot Front").”
Despite the three founding congress of "Rot Front" (so much money was spent on those!), despite the fact that the RCWP helpfully "merged" with the regime of (Centre "E") of the list of all of the organizations and party comrades, and in spite of the six (!) attempts to register with the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Tyulkin was denied access to the parliamentary trough.
However, this did not dampen the "hot" dust of the petty nomenclature of the RCWP, increasingly falling back on parliamentary cretinism due to its unbridled desire for power at any cost of funding its activities through income from a parliamentary seat. The RCWP after the failure of the registration of "Rot Front", again ventured, as in previous elections into the Duma, the unscrupulous secret talks with the leaders of the CPRF to get its passage to a seat on its list, furnishing the talks, as always, with plausible goals, as if it is about seat for trade union leaders (who, according to them, we note, did not empower the RCWP to conduct such negotiations).
As expected, the CPRF nomenklatura did not want to give the RCWP even a single impassable parliamentary seat, as the campaigning by the RCWP to vote for the CPRF is unable to add the last one-tenth of one percent of the electorate, by reason of which in the last election the CPRF "excluded" the RCWP as candidates to the State Duma – as an irrelevancy.
Trade union leaders also saw that the notorious "Rot Front" had failed to get into the Duma, and crossed over to others. Thus, the leader of the Interregional Trade Union of the automobile industry (MPRA) Alexei Etmanov goes to the polls on the list of "Fair Russia". Also on the list of "Fair Russia" is union leader of "Unity" of AvtoVAZ, Petr Zolotarev. This was predictable from the very beginning of the registration "Rot Front".
Not surprisingly, the RCWP responded to these decisions leaders of militant trade unions in the country not with harsh criticism (it would be frivolous to expect that from the RCWP), but with approval – and this, according to the RCWP, and is the "workers' participation in politics" (?!!). The leaders of the RCWP have completely "forgotten" Lenin teaching the workers in a spirit of intolerance towards opportunism and compromise, the greatest integrity, and - as a consequence - loyalty to the workers' cause.
The RCWP is cunning and deceiving the gullible of their party members (especially - young left), as was the case with "Rot Front", that if negotiations with the CPRF were held for the sake of trade union participation in the elections. As explained by Alexei Etmanov in an interview with "Trade Unions Today", they made a proposal to him like the CPRF and the party "Fair Russia" did, but he opted for the latter.
Participation in fictitious elections of militant union leaders on the list of explicitly pro-Kremlin parties of big capital indicates a low level of their consciousness, their susceptibility to opportunism and compromise with the bourgeois government, that the latter need. Neither of which actually develop the class struggle in this case and that can not even be considered.
All the communist and truly patriotic opposition calls on people to boycott the elections to the Duma, and ACTIVELY boycott them.
Boycott of elections without choice will promote a closer unity of all healthy forces of society in the fight against the anti-people regime, liberation from parliamentary illusions of a small mass still zombified voters, exposing the compromising parties declaring or cherishing the hope of participating in elections in the bourgeois parliament.
More and more voters are inclined to think in general not to go to the polls. Of course, you can come to the polls and write a statement to exclude ones name from the list of voters - as a form of protest against the sham elections.
But it's best to come in and wipe out the bulletin and to spoil it, so that they cannot be used, especially the "United Russia" for vote rigging and "high" turnout results.
During the campaign, the Communists must carry out the most active agitation, propaganda and organizational work among the masses. It should be explained to the masses the futility of elections under the rules of the financial oligarchy, the illegitimacy of the present bourgeois regime, the need to fight for their rights through mass protests.
Our strategic goal is socialist revolution, the way out to a revolutionary situation in real dual power and transfer of all power to the Soviets. In Russia during the struggle for power, the working class and its allies have to create their own, new, proletarian power bodie - an alternative to bourgeois governments - parliamentary and presidential. The way out to a two-power system is a key point of preparation for revolution, an essential factor in a revolutionary situation. The dictatorship of the proletariat is not a change of government, but a new state, with the new authorities in the centre and localities, a state of the proletariat, which arises on the ruins of the old state, the bourgeoisie state. According to Lenin, the dictatorship of the proletariat is the proletariat organized into the ruling class.
"The people on the streets and squares, a general political strike - this is a weapon that can disrupt all the criminal plans of the current regime" (V.I. Klushin. A Step Into Immortality. L., 1997, p.90-91).

Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB)

Statement by the Bureau of the CC AUCPB for Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria

It has been over 18 months years since the coming to power in Ukraine, of major capital in the face of President Yanukovych and the Party of Regions.
Immediately, the regime of Yanukovych-Azarov moved to a determined attack on the rights of working people. Under the rhetoric about promoting democracy and European choice, the rapid growth in prices of food, essential goods and children's goods, housing and transport services has continued.
To make this process legislative, Tax, Labour and Housing Code of Ukraine, as well as pension reform, have been adopted or are in the final stage of this, signifying a further, legislative restriction of labour rights, deterioration of living conditions, actual deprivation of access to housing, opportunity to receive a decent wage, pension, scholarship.
In particular, under the new pension legislation, the retirement age for women will increase from 55 to 60 years old, men, initially selected categories - from 60 to 62 years. At 10 years of increasing duration work experience required to obtain the minimum pension. Since Male life expectancy in Ukraine is 59-62 years, the new pension legislation will lead to the fact that a significant proportion of men will not receive a pension, as they will not live to retirement age. So the power of big capital at the expense of workers' solves the problem of reducing the deficit of the Pension Fund, following the lead of the IMF.
On January 1, 2012 agricultural land becomes a commodity, ie becomes the subject of sale. This will lead to what is beautiful, the best in the world Ukrainian black earth turning into the property of major Ukrainian and foreign capital in the face of transnational corporations and banks. The peasants will become laborers on our own land for the new landlords, landowners, or will completely go bankrupt, become proletarians then go into the cities and join the millions of unemployed.
The policy of further reforms and accelerated privatization will lead to the fact that most large companies will move into private hands. This will lead to further enrich big oligarchic capital, on the one hand, to continue and strengthen the processes of poverty, deprivation and extinction of the vast majority of people, working people of Ukraine - on the other.
Over 20 years of "independence", reform and capitalist transformation after the treacherous destruction of the Soviet Union, have abandoned Ukraine to the sidelines of world civilization. During these years the population of Ukraine decreased by 13 million people. – From more than 52 million to 39 million people. - And, according to the analysis of the United Nations, Ukraine has slipped into the top five endangered nations in the world. The level of GDP over the past 20 years was only 74% of the 1990 level. According to American magazine Forbes, Ukraine has slide to the level of four worst economies in the world, and from 177 countries in terms of economic development occupies 174 place in the world.
Millions of unemployed and homeless, destroyed and looted businesses, machines cut into scrap metal, complete disrepair of housing and communal services and infrastructure, agricultural fields overgrown with weeds, drug addiction, alcoholism, epidemic of drunkenness, first in Europe in the spread of HIV-AIDS - that's what characterizes present bourgeois "democratic" Ukraine Ukraine today that used to be blooming in the USSR.
At the same time on the bitterness and the troubles of the people on their rapid impoverishment, we have the rapidly enriched bourgeoisie. Only last year in 2010, according to the magazine "Focus", the number of billionaires in Ukraine grew from 8 to 21 people. The total wealth of the 200 largest bourgeoisie exceeded 93 billion dollars (about 750 billion UAN. That more than 2 times the entire annual state budget of Ukraine). The largest Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov on the basis on his capital in 2010 increased 2-fold - from 7.5 to 15.6 billion dollars, and according to the Gorshenin Institute, most members of the Ukrainian government are millionaires - big business pays generously to its servants.
With the arrival of the blue and white factions of the bourgeoisie, many hoped for a change in foreign policy and foreign economic policy of Ukraine, counting on Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union and Single Economic Space, to strengthen Ukraine ties with the brotherly peoples of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
But the regime headed by Yanukovych, persists in the policy of the previous orange power in Ukraine's joining with Europe and its further rejection of Russia, and its natural allies. This is despite the fact that the EU (and the whole imperialist world in general), is shaking in the strongest financial crisis, up to the default of a number of economies, a further weakening of the euro and even the possibility of collapse in the eurozone.
Despite the declared neutral status of Ukraine, it is continuing its further rapprochement with NATO. This summer, in the territory of Ukraine passed a number of major exercises involving units of the U.S. armed forces, other NATO countries. In scope, these exercises have reached an unprecedented scale unseen during the reign of the orange regime.
Armed units of the US-NATO were able to reach the border with Russia, thereby transforming Ukraine into good springboard from which to threaten Russia, in a possible future theatre of war against Russia. Zionist-American imperialism is using Ukraine as a hostage in their struggle for world domination, for the capture of natural raw materials of Russia, especially the richest oil and gas reserves, for the colonization of Russia. And the regime of Yanukovich and the ruling Party of the Regions, contributes to these aggressive plans. (Just as promoted and signed by the Russian leadership of START-3 last year, aimed at undermining the ultimate strategic nuclear potential of the country and giving the aggressive predatory imperialist bloc, US-NATO military unilateral decisive strategic advantage).

To prevent a devastating turn of events, ending poverty and extinction of the working class, working people of Ukraine can only rise to the revolutionary struggle for the restoration of Soviet power and socialism, in a joint struggle with the brotherly peoples, workers from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other republics of the former USSR for the revival of our great Soviet motherland.

September 3, 2011, Kiev.

On 3 September 2011 in Kiev and session by the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB for Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria was held. It examined questions relating to 1) 20 years of destruction of Ukraine, 2) organising Raboche-Krestyanskaya subscriptions for 2012, and 3) other matters. A report by A. Mayevsky entitled “20 years of destruction of Ukraine” was read out and the statement by the party “Anti-peoples, anti-Russian, pro-NATO policy of the ruling white-blue group of the bourgeoisie headed by Yanukovich” was adopted the meeting. The Bureau of the Central Committee was also attended by the chairman of "Trudovaya Kharkov", Comrade Tishchenko.


By A.A. MAEVSKY, secretary of the CC AUCPB, chairman of the Bureau of the CC AUCPB for Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria.

"Over 20 years of independence, and Ukraine as a state, has had dynamic development," and "worthy of the Ukrainian people, passed the exam for freedom and independence" - said the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in his speech at the palace "Ukraine" om 23 August on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Ukrainian independence. And he said that the purpose of reform and change is the creation of a "modern, democratic, high-tech and advanced state", "an integral part of European civilization."

Hypocrisy and lies are the main components of the power of big capital, the political representative of the regime being Yanukovych-Azarov.
We all remember well what Ukraine was like in recent Soviet times.
It was a highly developed country, among the ten most developed economies in the world, a country with space and aircraft industries, the highest science and culture, developed highly mechanized agriculture, free education and health, high standards of living, the country of social optimism, confidence for the future.
Interestingly, even some of the existing bourgeois officials are celebrating the superiority of Soviet Socialist Ukraine over the current bourgeois one. Thus, Ukraine's Deputy Economic Development Minister Vladimir Muntiyan said: "We once lived in a country that was really the intellectual potential of the top positions in the world. And in terms of GDP in the not yet too distant USSR in 1970 was in 10th place. Then China held the 8 place and India - 9th." We recall that the Soviet Union as a whole was then, one of two superpowers, the 2nd most powerful economy in the world and 1st - in Europe.
After the criminal destruction of the Soviet Union, conducted on the patterns of world imperialism, which rested on the treacherous Gorbachev fifth column within the country, Ukraine was abandoned as among the most underdeveloped countries in the world with an endangered population and degrading.
We have repeatedly showed falling economic indicators in Ukraine for the past twenty years of destructive capitalist reforms. Therefore, let us recall briefly the most common of them.
Currently, the gross domestic product (GDP) of Ukraine is only 74% of 1990 levels.
Together with the robbery of the people went their accelerated extinction. If at the beginning of 1992, Ukraine's population was 52 million 250 thousand people, at the present time (as of 01/06/2011 was) it is 45 mln.687 thousand, i.e., it has decreased by 6.5 million people. Ukraine is among the leaders in the fastest rate of reduction in the population. According to the CIA, the worse areas are on the Northern Mariana Islands, Cook Islands, the Hsien-Pierre and Miquelon, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Estonia.
According to the World Bank in 2010, overseas there are 6.6 million inhabitants of Ukraine, who left in search of work and bread, in search of feeding the family.
Thus, over the past 20 years, the population of Ukraine has decreased by 13 million people and currently does not exceed 39 million, and experts' predictions for Ukraine is extremely disappointing: in 2050 the population of Ukraine should be reduced to 36 million - in the case of the most favorable scenario, and to 27-25 million – under the continuation of current policies.
American Forbes magazine made an annual ranking of the worst economies in the world. Analysts of the journal estimated the economic status of 177 countries on the average statistics for 3 years: GDP growth, inflation, GDP per capita and the current account balance, which shows whether a country imports more than it exports. So, according to the rating, Ukraine is in 4th place among the worst economies in the world, being in the company of Guinea, and Jamaica. Or, in other words, among 177 countries on the economic development of Ukraine took 174-th place.
That is an integral indicator of the effectiveness of capitalist reforms and independence (without quotation marks) of the authorities from its own people.
At the same time, our country occupies among first place in Europe and in the world - world leader in child alcoholism;
- First in Europe to the spread of HIV among adults. The annual incidence of HIV in Ukraine increased between 2001 and 2010 more than 2 times;
- First in Europe to the spread of HIV among pregnant women.
And about those "achievements" one can speak for a very long time. All that was the best in Ukraine remains in the glorious Soviet past, and the entire negative side: multi-million unemployment, homelessness, alcoholism, drug addiction, crime, etc. is what Ukraine has acquired over the past 20 years.
The current government in all troubles, fallen on the workers of Ukraine, has accused the previous government, the power of orange government. At the same time hypocritically not mentioning that as all these years, Yanukovych, Azarov and, with the vast number of leaders of the now ruling Party of Regions and its allies were in power, including at the top of the power pyramid, and have steadily pursued capitalist reforms, reforms aimed at enriching the bourgeoisie, and the looting and impoverishment of working people.
The current white-blue power under the guise of demagoguery about democracy, about improving the lives of the people of Ukraine, has moved over to the most determined attack on workers' rights.
They are adopting or are preparing to adopt a Tax Code, Labour and Housing Codes. In particular, the Tax Code heralds the attack of big capital on small and medium businesses. The Labour Code provides the legal basis for the further enslavement of the working people - the possibility of extending the working day and working week, workers fired almost at the whim of the owner, etc. the Housing Code can just throw people on the street for not paying rent, but housing is being built on the order of magnitude much smaller than in Soviet Ukraine, it has become unaffordable for the vast majority of the people, and will throw people out of apartments, which was provided to them by the Soviet government at the lowest in the world symbolic rents.
Pension reform. We have spoken about this many times. On July 8, on the last day (or more precisely, in the night) of the spring session of parliament, the Law "On measures to ensure the legislative reform of the pension system" was passed. Due to some inconsistencies in the law, it would be considered in the first days of the autumn session, opening on September 6. The essence of the pension reform is to increase (phased) retirement age of women's retirement from 55 to 60 years, men (at the beginning, government officials) from 60 to 62's, with an average life expectancy of men at 62 - officially, and 59 years – in reality . Thus, men in fact, will not receive a pension, as they simply will not survive to see it. There will be an increased rate of payment towards work insurance for 10 years, in order to be eligible to receive a minimum pension: for women, they will have to work for instead of 20 years, but 30 and for men - not 25, but 35 years.
An now a method has been found to reduce the deficit of the Pension Fund - to force workers to work until their death, so that pensions are simply not paid to men.
A compulsory saving system is being introduced so that workers will have deducted from their wages into the pension fund from 2 to 7% of monthly earnings (to the account) to get that post-retirement allowance, and of course, if a man dies before retirement, and this non-state accumulation fund is not destroyed, disposing of the accumulated funds in its accounts for future retirees, which the owners of these funds will be used at your discretion and run these or other risky financial operations with a view to personal gain. And the risk that they will finish up as somebody else's money. In the case of bankruptcy of the fund, those who set aside in its accounts their hard earned, will simply lose them.
In addition, there is the following question - what about the hundreds of thousands of workers who work for private owners, for example, illegally, off the books and a paycheck in an envelope. These people will not have a recorded work experience in general- and so where do they gain the required 25-35 years of experience?!
Widespread increase in food prices and basic commodities, housing and communal services, the rise prices for children's products, etc. Sending pupils to school again this year has risen by 100-200 UAH. - Prices rose for school uniform, books, briefcases, school supplies, and others again in September, according to experts, and petrol prices have increased by 50-60 kopecks for cars, although currently a litre of A-95 petrol costs more than UAH 10. (10.10 - 10.40 UAN).
The unprecedented attack on the rights of the working people of Ukraine is the characteristic feature of Yanukovych's-Azarov regime.

The last value that was left to the people of Ukraine is the land, the beautiful land, amounting up to 40% of the world's black earth.
For over 20 years of "independence" and the bourgeois reforms in Ukraine, everything has been stolen and everything that can be stolen, taken away from the working people:
- Honestly earned over decades of good labour savings deposits of over $ 120 billion Soviet rubles (this is approximately $ 180 billion by the then exchange rate);
- Factories, mines, factories, etc.;
- Collective, state farms and agricultural machinery and equipment destroyed and plundered;
- The right to work - now in Ukraine there is multimillion unemployment;
- The right to decent wages - in Ukraine, millions of poor, over 80% of the population lives in poverty, wage arrears of up to 2 billion UAH.
- The right to free education and health;
- The right to housing, which has become unaffordable for the vast majority of people because of prohibitively high prices, and is now based on the order of magnitude smaller than in Soviet Ukraine.
And the list of crimes of the bourgeois power goes on and on.
There is only the land left, and the white and blue power led by Yanukovych intends to take that away from the people.
The Cabinet of Ministers referred to the Parliament a draft law "On land." It was registered in Parliament on 19 July and will be considered as a priority at the start of the upcoming session. From the explanatory memorandum to the bill - it is aimed at the completion of the market conditions for the involvement of agricultural land into market circulation.
As you may recall, a moratorium on the sale of agricultural land is valid until 1 Jan 2012. In order to enter the land into market circulation, i.e., to turn it into a commodity, an object of sale, and to repeal the moratorium, it is necessary that by 1 Jan two laws entered into force: “On the state land registry” and “On the land market”.
The Law "On State Land Registry" was adopted by parliament on 7 July, just before the closing of the spring session.
With the adoption of the Act "On the land market," our Ukrainian land automatically becomes an object of sale.
About the Land Registry. The Upper House (Verkhovna Rada) Chairman Volodymyr Lytvyn reassured that with the adoption of the law, society will recognise the "real owners of the land in Ukraine." But that’s not the case! Earlier, a law "On protection of personal data" through which information about the owners of the land, will be closed. The aim is not to show the names of those people before the introduction of a land market who had in some way appropriated it, ie, simply privatized it, stolen it from the people. Since, according to the same speaker today, "some corporations and individuals have between 500 and more than a thousand hectares of land." True, the names of people whose hands the land is in, the speaker "modestly" does not name.
Under the draft law "On the Land Market", Ukrainian land will not fall into the hands of foreigners. But that is only on paper. In real life, given the unprecedented level of corruption prevailing in Ukraine, it is clear that any provision of this law can be somehow circumvented. Formally, the owner of land may be registered as this or that citizen of Ukraine, but actually the real owner will be the big capitalists, the oligarchs, as well as banks, including with the participation of foreign capital. For example, for the organization of agricultural work, acquire will be the necessary agricultural machinery and implements, fertilizers, storage facilities, etc., the owner of the land will have to take out a bank loan. Credit, of course, will be issued on security of land (mortgages). And in failing to repay the loan (crop failure, for example), the land immediately becomes the property of the bank. And if this bank is with foreign capital, then the Ukrainian land becomes the property of TNB-s (transnational banks), though legally and under the guise of Ukrainian. According to expert estimates, the cost per hectare ranges from 19 thousand UAH up to 20 thousand euros (ie, about 220 UAN), and it is with regard to this situation that "any citizen of Ukraine" can become the owner of the land. The owner of land can only be a rich citizen, a bourgeois.
A few words about agricultural machinery, agricultural enterprises. For example, the Kharkov Tractor Works (KTW) in Soviet times, produced 60 thousand tractors a year. Nowadays the adopted state program of revival of the plant, is scheduled to produce the following number of tractors : in 2011 - 2500, 2012 – 3000, and 2013 - 3500. Thus, 3,500 tractors in 2013, and 60 thousand - in Soviet Ukraine, i.e. 17 times less! And this is what Azarov calls a revival?
Not surprisingly, even according to official figures (according to the profile minister N. Prysyazhnyuk), due to lack of agricultural machinery (its 2-fold less than required, and ¾ of all what is available is long since obsolete and outdated) annually Ukraine loses 10% (4 to 6 million tons) of grain. The workload on a combine harvester in Ukraine is 5 times more than in Europe. That's the state of agricultural technology. And for good reason, because of the lack of the authority’s total incapacity for creativity, Azarov, once said that we need to "take a shovel and work." We reply to Mr Azarov that the peasant farmers will soon notice that they are standing next to a shovel pitchfork ....
Deprived of land, peasants will become labourers for the new owners: landlords, landowners, and behind them, and TNB-s and TNC-s. A significant part of the peasants will simply end up as a result of this reform, landless, deprived of their land plots (with a shovel in the twenty-first century, you won’t turn out much), turned into proletarians, will rush to the city and will add to the many millions of unemployed and disadvantaged.
Ukraine has finally become a colonial raw materials appendage of the West, the bridgehead for the deployment of U.S.- NATO armed forces, against Russia.

And the expectation that Yanukovych, the Party of Regions would expand foreign political and economic vector of development from orientation towards the United States and the West, into the direction of Ukraine’s natural allies did not materialise: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the CIS as a whole, that Ukraine is at last, together with Russia , Belarus and Kazakhstan to join the Customs Union and will form the Single Economic Space.
And we Bolsheviks have always been aware of that, and always spoke honestly to workers, saying that these unions are also unions of bourgeois states. However, restoring the destroyed industrial and economic ties over the centuries-old established partnership, and economic development of Ukraine and the rest of the CU would receive additional incentives, and the Ukrainian economy - billions of dollars in additional injections (for the specialists, the annual benefits from the participation of Ukraine in the CU were from 6 to up to $ 9 billion). Customs Union countries as a whole could become an economic competitor of the EU and the U.S..
Of course, this would lead to the further enrichment of the ruling bourgeois class. But on the other hand, this would have restored the labour collectives, communications would be restored to the workers of the four republics that enables us to strengthen the joint onslaught of labour on capital.
However, the current white-blue power continues to move further into Europe, seeking by any means to be attached to the EU.
Yanukovych expects that "it will be in 2011 we will complete negotiations with the EU about political association with the EU and creating a deep and comprehensive free trade area."
But this immediately closes the path to the Customs Union, as clearly stated Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. You can not sit on two chairs at the same time.
Here are the comments given by the bourgeois press of foreign governments to this "European choice" of the Ukrainian leadership.
In particular, the newspaper Modern Tokyo Times (Japan), notes: "If Ukrainian foreign policy was based primarily on national interests, they should have thought twice before giving away the hard-won sovereignty of Ukraine (here we disagree with the assessment of the Japanese bourgeois – because with the destruction of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has not acquired, but lost its genuine sovereignty and independence, which it enjoyed in the USSR, and, conversely, has now become totally dependent on the West, on the dollar, on U.S. imperialism, Israel, NATO) on an alien political bloc (EU) which is in deep crisis and whose authority was never lower than now, instead of joining the customs union. The customs union (CU) would give Ukrainian industry unimpeded access to a market size of approximately 200 million people of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia.
Membership in the customs union would lead to an increase in "foreign direct investment" in Ukraine, which would give a powerful impetus to the growth of employment, the economy and industrial modernization. "
EU countries are in a deep economic crisis, like the rest of the imperialist system as a whole. (Remember, the European Union comprises 27 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia. The population - 501 million. (2010). According to GDP, the EU 16,447,trillion dollars occupies 1st place in the world. GDP per capita is 33,052 dollars (2009). The euro area comprises 17 of the 27 EU countries, including Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France and Estonia - to 01/01/2011. The population - 325 million. For comparison - in Ukraine's GDP per capita, according to the CIA, is $ 6,700, and we on this indicator are 134 in the world.).
Public debts of the EU's largest economies is much greater than the limit of 60% of GDP set by themselves and comprise, inter alia: the Eurozone as a whole - 85.1%, Germany - 83.2%, France - 81.7%, Italy - 119 %, UK - 80% in the euro area of ​​concern (PIGS group) the situation is even worse, in particular: Greece - 142.8%. Ireland - 96.2%, Portugal - 93%.
But if you take the external debt of EU countries in total (debt and corporate debt), here the figures are generally going wild. The external debt of Great Britain is 9 trillion. $ (416% of GDP), the Netherlands - 3.733 trillion. $ (470% of GDP), Ireland - 2.3 trillion. $ ((1004% of GDP), Luxembourg - 2 trillion. $ (3854% GDP).
Thus, all the capitalist countries led by the United States, live in debt, and the debts have long exceeded the capacity to pay them back.
Extremely high levels of unemployment in these countries. Again, a few figures: the Eurozone as a whole - 9.9% of the workforce, France - 9.7% United Kingdom - 7.7%, Germany - 7%; PIGS group: Portugal - 12.4% Ireland - 14.2%, Greece - 15.9%, Spain - 20.9%.
On the brink of default is Greece. The country's external debt amounts to 350 billion euros. Compared with other EU countries it is relatively not so high (167% of GDP), but the fact is that the time has come to pay their debts. But is has nothing to pay it back with. Here, the EU countries, especially the largest economies in the face of Germany and France, have begun to save Greece, highlighting her multibillion-dollar loans. And in trying to save Greece, both France and Germany primarily seek to save themselves, because the crisis will inevitably spill over from one country to another (the economies of the eurozone and the EU as a whole, which are closely related to each other).
At the same time, Greece, as well as any other capitalist country is looking for a way out of the crisis generated by the imperialist system itself at the expense of working people. The external debt of Greece, as we have said, amounts to 350 billion euros, but in Swiss banks alone, according to the KPD (Communist Party of Greece), the accounts of Greek oligarchs amount to more than 600 billion euros.
At the same time the conditions of granting financial aid to Greece from the EU and the IMF are already those same well-known demands that Greece reduce its budget deficit by cutting social spending, i.e., by reducing wages and pensions, sales of left over government property, etc.
But Greece since EU accession in January 1981 (then known as the EEC - European Economic Community or Common Market) suffered significant losses in its economy.
With one of the largest merchant fleets in the world, in Greece, according to EU demands, all there was left over was ship repairing, which led to the bankruptcy of the shipbuilding industry and, consequently, the throwing of "superfluous" people onto the street with no jobs. There was a degradation of the textile industry and some branches of engineering production. Greece failed in the EU to maintain its once strong agricultural production. After EU accession, the rural population in Greece decreased by half. Thus, half of the farmers and their families were set adrift. As a result, the unemployment rate in Greece is among the highest in the EU.
As a result, in June, the rating agency Standard & Poor's downgraded the long-term sovereign credit rating of Greece by three levels with the forecast "negative". Thus, Greece in S & P rating fell below Ecuador, Jamaica, Pakistan and Grenada, occupying last place with the highest default risk.
And this is not surprising. The EU is built, and bases its activities, as well as any association of the capitalist countries on the law of the strongest. That is, big business wins fine, big imperialist power of financial and economically (and politically) inhibits the weaker, destroying the most competitive sectors of the economy, up to bringing them to ruin (to default) and buying its assets for a song.
Working people of Greece, like other EU countries (France, UK, etc.) are carrying on a determined struggle against the capitalist offensive on their rights. Mass demonstrations of various orders of many thousands of workers have shaken the country. Working people in capitalist countries on their life experience know that their rights must be fought for to defend their right to a dignified life. That cannot be said about the workers of Ukraine, whose struggle, as a rule, does not extend beyond a single enterprise with the nomination of purely economic demands.
But the standard of living in Greece can not be compared with the standard of living of the working people of Ukraine. Before the crisis, the average salary in Greece was 850 euros. Currently, according to experts, it decreased by 20-30%, ie, is 600-680 euro, or in terms of the hryvnia, which is about 6900-7800 UAN. The average pension in Greece = 700 euros, but the vast majority of pensioners receive about 500 euros or up to 5750 UAH. Let's just say for the working people of Ukraine, working people of Greece are on salaries and pensions that Ukrainians have not even dreamed of.
From this, we need to make a conclusion. If you want a good life, you have to fight for it. Capital without a fight, will not surrender any of its positions and will o not even think of raising salaries, pensions, scholarships, lower prices and tariffs.
Next to Greece, on the verge of default, are Portugal, Spain (in this country are the highest in the EU unemployment rate - unemployment in Spain is one in five able-bodied people). On the approach to this is the third economy of the EU, Italy, with its debt of more than one trillion dollars And after that, as noted by economic analysts, it may come to France and Germany.
The EU economy is on the brink of collapse, and our statesmen, led by President Viktor Yanukovych is pulling Ukraine hard into "Europe" and "European values".

On May 12, 2011 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law "On approval of the decision of President of Ukraine on admitting units of armed forces of other states onto the territory of Ukraine in 2011 to participate in multinational military exercises."
As noted in a memorandum Minister of Defence M. If: the adoption of the Law "will ensure the objectives of security and defense in the overall context of the priority foreign policy of the state."
Under this law, in Ukraine this year have been scheduled and conducted a series of multinational exercises with NATO countries, such as this:
- Ukrainian-American exercise "Rapid Trident 2011"
- Ukrainian-American exercise "Sea Breeze 2011"
Romanian-Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Polish-US "Safe Sky 2011".
There have also been scheduled for the following exercises:
- "Cossack Steppe 2011" in military units of Ukraine, Poland, Great Britain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary;
- " Dzhekal Stone 2011": Ukraine, Bulgaria, Latvia, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Lithuania, Norway, USA, Hungary and the Czech Republic;
- "Barrier 2011" - the participants are the same;
- "Rotary power Black Sea 2011": Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, USA.
In addition, there will be (or has already taken place by this time):
- Ukrainian-Belarusian-Russian and Ukrainian-Russian military exercises "Fairway World 2011" and
- Ukrainian-Belarusian and Ukrainian-Russian military exercises involving air defense duty.
But the biggest and most ambitious of them are the Ukrainian-American "Rapid Trident 2011", the Ukrainian-Polish-US "Safe Sky 2011" and, in the first place, "Sea Breeze 2011"-the largest of them.
Exercises "Sea Breeze" are held for many years and under Kuchma, and Yushchenko, already under Yanukovych. They allowed the U.S. military to fully dominate the Ukrainian theater of operations (TVD) on the border with Russia. The scope of exercises "Sea Breeze" is truly unprecedented. They are scheduled to be held in June-October 2011:
- Locations of the Ukrainian Navy based in Odessa and the village. Novoozernoe Crimea,
- In the commercial sea port "Odessa" and "South"
- In the waters of the north-western Black Sea
- Training Ground on "Wide Lan" Nikolaev region.,
- At the site of the 28th Mechanized Brigade of the 6th Army Corps, Armed Forces of Ukraine, smt. Black Odessa region.,
- At the site of the Military Institute of Odessa National Polytechnical University,
- In Ochakov
- May Day on the island,
- In the waters and foreshore of the island Tenderova braid
- On military airfields: Saki, Crimea, "School" Odessa region.; "Kulbakino" Mykolayiv region., "Kirov" Crimea,
- In the Military Medical Clinical Center Southern Region, Odessa.
These exercises involve from Ukraine - up to 1,700 military personnel to the staff in small arms and military equipment to 20 ships, boats and vessels up to 15 planes and helicopters from the U.S. - up to 750 troops with the standard small arms, up to 2 ships, up to 2 aircraft and 4 helicopters, 50 pieces of wheeled equipment, from other states - up to 400 soldiers with the standard small arms, 15 warships, submarines and up to 3 to 4 helicopters (based on the ASE website).
With the arrival in power of a blue and white factions of the bourgeoisie, led by Yanukovych, many hoped for a reversal of the external economic and foreign policy of Ukraine in the direction of the US-NATO-West face-to-face with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. But no such luck.
Proclaiming a non-aligned character of the state and abandoning (in words) from the course of Ukraine to join NATO, Ukraine, in fact brought to the unprecedented scale of unprecedented cooperation with the United States and NATO.
This cooperation of the blue and white factions of the bourgeoisie was laid 7 years ago, when the parliament in spring 2004 with the Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Yanukovych, passing a bill to expand cooperation with NATO (we wrote about this in the "RKP» № 5 (86), 2004). That is, the leadership of the alliance well knew foreign and foreign policy orientation of Yanukovych and K °, in spite of his pro-Russian rhetoric.
The decree of President Yanukovych from 13.04.2011 «On the approval of the annual national program of the NATO-Ukraine cooperation in 2011," seeks to "ensure the participation of Ukraine's armed forces in multinational exercises and activities undertaken within the framework of Individual Partnership Programme between Ukraine and NATO ". This says it all.
- Ships of the Navy U.S. system AEGIS, (which is part of the U.S. missile defense), enters the Black Sea and all the protests of the Russian leadership (MFA) on this issue remains "a voice crying in the wilderness." Here is the first result of the treacherous signing of the START-3 between Russia and the United States.
- U.S. Air Force in the skies of Poltava (Mirgorod). The "Safe Sky 2011" exercises are announced as Ukrainian-Polish-American. But the Polish Air Force took part in military exercises on its territory. And, in fact, these are Ukrainian-American exercises. On the U.S. side took part seven F-16 Fighting Falcons. Maximum speed of the aircraft is 2120 kilometers / hour, a 2 minute flight for an F-16 to the Russian border, and then very close - Moscow. In fact, the capital of Russia is already in the sights of American aviation. The official version for the exercise is: "U.S. Air Force trains to guard the airspace of Ukraine during the 'Euro 2012'." From Ukraine in the exercises are involved five MiG-29 aircraft with tactical crews from Sevastopol. Prior to the exercise Ukrainian pilots had a workout over the peninsula of Crimea and the Black Sea. Total flying time - 5:00 hours, i.e. for a single pilot - one hour.
- Also been deployed are radio units, paras Air Controllers and Air Force air defense of Ukraine on the perimeter of Ivano-Frankovsk to Kharkov. It is clear that these exercises are clearly anti-Russian.
And no amount of defense of Russia and Belarus will be able to oppose this, because U.S. planes are in the sky just outside of Moscow, and at any time, under the pretext of exercises can be equipped with nuclear weapons and threaten (blackmail) Russia.
As noted by commentators such a sweep of Ukrainian-US-NATO cooperation was not even dreamed of under the Orange leadership headed by Yushchenko.
It can be concluded that Ukraine under Yanukovych has finally converted into an outpost of U.S. and NATO, spearheaded against Russia.

Of course, workers in Ukraine have not condoned their deprived and increasingly deteriorating situation.
Workers are fighting for their rights at several Kharkov enterprises, in particular, at the Shevchenko plant, the Kherson Combine (now - the machine building plant), the Dnepropetrovsk plant "Dnepropress", Kiev aviation company "Aerosvit" and others.
In August, workers went on strike at Kharkov tram trolleybus management, demanding payment of arrears of salary, termination of the reorganization of the company. Thus, in Soviet times in Kharkov there were 4 tram depot and and 3 trolleybus depots, and wagon -repair plant. In 1996, "Gorelectrotrans" was transferred to communal ownership, which led to a sharp deterioration in the situation. It began dismantling the tram lines, the tram and trolleybus fleet was reduced to three. The municipal authorities cheap and environmentally friendly transportation is not needed. Instead, it introduces luxury buses. The same situation with the electric transport at other major Ukrainian cities.
In the spring of strikes swept across Ukraine by teachers under the slogan: "Change our pay for the officials pay!"
At the same time in this fight were a lot more drawbacks.
the struggle is still fragmented, being on the paths of retreat.
The bourgeois government has resorted to all sorts of maneuvers, including changes of directors of enterprises, and each new claims that he is not liable for the debts of predecessors, gives a mountain of glowing promises. But the situation each time is getting worse. In the workplace accumulate next problem - continuing to let workers under the guise of reorganization and optimization. In place of the next leader comes a new and so continues as long as the company will not be brought to a final bankruptcy and ruin, until the complete closure and throwing into the street more and more thousands, tens of thousands of unemployed.
Working people only come out so far with economic demands that to the ruling regime, the bourgeoisie as a whole is nothing terrible.
It is passive, not offensive in nature due to the ongoing struggle and the rise in prices and tariffs, raising the retirement age, mass unemployment and homelessness, an absolute disregard for safety, which leads to death of workers (in particular, we wrote about the August accident in the mines of the Donbass and to divert attention from miners the dire situation in the industry and ignored by the owners of mines and the state generally the most pressing problems of the miners, the flooded media reports of the trial of Yulia Tymoshenko. One group of representatives of the bourgeoisie is suing the other, even though they both amassed their capital in the same way, robbing the Ukrainian people, and the entire Soviet people as a whole.).
The bourgeoisie will continue to attack the human rights of working people, as long as we remain silent until the fighting has taken an aggressive character, while it does not cover all of Ukraine.
At the same time the regime is well aware that the silence of people will not last forever, that sooner or later it will be followed by an explosion. Here in this case for this, the fascist troops of “Svoboda” are preparing themselves along with similar far-right organizations of the neo-banderovites.
In this context, it is important to join the fight for the rights of workers in different regions of Ukraine, both East and West.
In Kharkov, better co-ordination of protest action of workers is taking place. And this tone is being set by "Trudovaya Kharkov", whose leader, Comrade Pavel Tishchenko participated in this meeting. We look forward to Pavel sharing his experiences of struggle and fighting coordination of labour collectives. It is very important to transfer this experience, for example, to Lvov city. In Soviet times, Lvov was the industrial, scientific and cultural centre of western Ukraine. And after the collapse of the Soviet Union, many large enterprises of Lvov, such as "Elektron", LAZ, and others have either stopped work, or turned it to very low levels.
Teachers and children of working people have come to lessons and fell fainting through lack of food. The bourgeois power that of the previous orange regime, and that of the current white-blue, are playing hard the nationalist card in an attempt to set the workers of East and West Ukraine against each other.
Our task – is to use the great communist principle of "Workers of all countries, unite!" to achieve realization of this in Ukraine, to help workers understand that their enemy is not the person of another nationality, another religion, not a "Muscovite", but the bourgeoisie. The enemy of the working man is capital. Therefore they must unite in the struggle for the abolition of the bourgeois authorities.
It seems that in this respect would be good if "Trudovaya Kharkov" established direct communication with the workforce of Lvov, and then - other regions of Western Ukraine.

Our objectives remain the same:
- To take an active part in the fight for the rights of workers;
- To support demands for repayment of wage arrears, to prevent job cuts and the elimination of labour collectives;
- To actively fight against rising prices for food staples, housing and transportation services, etc.
During the ongoing economic struggle we need to instill proletarian class consciousness in the ranks of fighting workers' collectives. Explain to the working people, in all its woes to blame capitalism which temporarily vectored in the USSR, and to blame the bourgeois system. And to show that the way out of this situation is only one - the rise of a revolutionary struggle to overthrow the power of capital, for the restoration of Soviet power and socialism, for the revival of our Soviet Motherland.

September 3, 2011, KIEV

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