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Thursday, 30 October 2014

For Bolshevism No 11 (140) November 2014

For Bolshevism inside the Communist and Workers’ Movement

No 11 (140) November 2014

(Article Three)
While forensic linguistic examination is conducted for the presence in the newspaper "Workers' and Peasants truth" (Raboche-Krestyanskya Pravda) of calling for "inciting ethnic hatred" (?!), the Ukrainian Special Services (SBU) continues its own activity behind the scenes.
Firstly, the authorities in the SBU scrutinise all subscribers the newspaper "Workers' and Peasants truth" (apparently, the data provided to them comes from the structures of Ukrposhta – the Ukrainian postal service), and conduct with them the appropriate interviews in order to intimidate our readers into identifying supporters of Bolshevism, to make them reject Bolshevik activities. Such conversations and interviews by the SBU were held with a number of readers and subscribers of ""Workers' and Peasants truth" in the Transcarpathian, Vinnytsia, Nikolaev regions. It is clear that the same "work" is being carried out by the SBU structures in other regions of Ukraine.
But the vast majority of readers and subscribers of the newspaper are showing boldness and courage and can not be blackmailed by Special Branch.
That's right. Even according to their bourgeois constitution, Article 34 it states:
"Everyone is guaranteed the right to freedom of thought and expression, the freedom of expression of their views and beliefs.
Everyone has the right to freely collect, store, use and disseminate information orally, in writing or otherwise - of their choice."
However, in the third part of this article are immediately imposed restrictions on the exercise of the above rights – as follows:
"The exercise of these rights may be restricted by law in the interests of national security, territorial integrity or public safety, to prevent disorder or crime, for the protection of public health, for the protection of the reputation or rights of others, for preventing the disclosure of information received in confidence, or for maintaining the authority and impartiality of the judiciary."
Immediately this part of Article 34 raises several questions: -
What law and for what reason are the use of the above rights limited?
Where were the SBU authorities looking, when in the winter Maidan period, the nationalists led by the right sectors and militants of "Svoboda" grossly disturbed public order by seizing the western and central regions of Ukraine and Kiev government agencies, ministries and departments, including the SBU institutions?
Why were the nationalist and pro-fascist neo-bandera parties and movements not punished, as well as the regime at their service, by fault of which incited ethnic hatred in Ukraine fuelled by a ardent hatred of Russia, of all things Russian, and which led to the violation of the territorial integrity Ukraine and led to its further disintegration and destruction?
Other articles of the Constitution of Ukraine are also flagrantly violated the provisions and in particular: -
Article 10: "In Ukraine, the free development, use and protection of Russian and other languages of national minorities of Ukraine are guaranteed";
Article 24: "Citizens have equal constitutional rights and freedoms and are equal before the law.
There can be no privileges or restrictions based on race, colour, political, religious or other beliefs, sexual, ethnic or social origin, property status, place of residence, linguistic or other characteristics."
Secondly, the SBU was able to single out the printing house, in which we have 10 years of publishing the newspaper, and "put pressure" on its management and out of court to prohibit the printing of "Workers' and Peasants truth», №9 (210).
Naturally, we managed to find a print shop and print a newspaper with a circulation of two thousand copies (in the original data, for technical reasons, we were not able to make changes); however, it cost a lot more expensive, but we had output.
In any case, we see it as our duty to continue to expose this anti-people anti-national Bandera fascist regime in Ukraine, which has handed over the Ukrainian people and handed the country over to slaughter by the dollar and Zionist capital; which unleashed carnage between Ukrainians and Russians in favour of the imperialist predators US-NATO and has a policy of genocide against the people of Donbass; and which makes every effort to provoke and start a war with Russia.
We thank our readers for their material and moral assistance and support of our work.
As stressed by Comrade Stalin
"Our cause is just, - victory will be ours!"
From the EDITORIAL of "WORKERS' AND PEASANTS TRUTH" (Raboche-Krestyanskya Pravda)


According to media materials
In early September, Ukraine Prime Minister Yatsenyuk presented another project called "The Wall".
More precisely, Yatsenyuk already at the government level is trying to bring to life the idea of the construction of an idea by Kolomoiskiy for the construction of a complex of fortifications ("walls") between Ukraine and Russia - for example, like the wall between Israel and Palestine. According to officials, construction will begin in Kharkov and Sumsky regions. On the onshore area solid ditches are scheduled for digging with a minimum width of 4 m and 2 m deep with the installation of electronic control systems. On the offshore area - a unified system of optical-electronic surveillance will be assembled together with the fortifications. The United States has pledged to give the Ukrainian border guards "humanitarian" aid in the form of 2,500 coils of barbed wire.
The proclaimed aim of the "wall" is the destruction of the system of supplies to the DPR snd LPR of arms and rescue personnel and protect Ukraine from invasion by Russia. Although from the very beginning, the project of the "wall" was full of holes – the militia of the DPR and LPR control about 500 km (about a quarter of the total length of the "wall") of the Ukrainian-Russian border.
According to Kolomoiskiy, the cost of installing a metal fence throughout the state border with Russia will be about 50 million Euros, the same overall cost of all engineering work – of up to 100 million Euros. As noted Yatsenyuk said that at the initial stage money will be available but for the rest of the sum, the prime minister intends to make begging appeals to the EU "to obtain the financial and technical assistance for the implementation of this project."
According to experts, from a military point of view, this "wall" is not an obstacle. Both Russian and Ukrainian armies are equipped with equipment built in the 1980s in the form of a complex of TMM-6 (heavy mechanized bridges), through which in the space of 40 minutes a metal bridge can be erected with a carrying capacity of 60 tons over obstacles up to a width of 100 m and a depth of 5 m.
* *
The Prime Minister has more important things than burying money in the ground.
President of Ukraine Poroshenko was forced to admit that even without the use of any special measures, Ukrainian trade with the countries of the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) fell by 30% and that in no case can be allowed any further deterioration in terms of trade. (How sincerely his statement really is, is another matter).
A Yatsenyuk is all uneasy. He even rejoices that trade with Russia decreased by 2.5 billion dollars. "Still less dependence on Russia," - says the prime minister at a meeting of the Cabinet. And the fact that at the same time, jobs are cut, people are not paid, the prime minister cares not a jot. More important to him s how he can in any way annoy Russia, dealing a blow at the same time to ordinary simple workers of Ukraine, whilst taking orders from his American-Zionist masters.
The agency Standard & Poor's has classified the banking system of Ukraine in the highest risk group. According to analysts of the agency, the credit risk in the economy remains "extremely high." Negative factors, the agency also said are found in the deterioration of the macroeconomic situation and the deep recession in the country in 2014
But those arriving to power "honest and incorruptible patriots" continue to profit from the long-suffering Ukrainian people. So, for the past six months, Ukraine exported to offshore zones (i.e. hidden from taxation in Ukraine) 133 billion. UAH., which is 19.7 billion higher than in the second half of last year under the regime of Yanukovych-Azarov.
Ordinary Ukrainians are dying, and businessmen continue to enrich themselves, to enrich themselves on human blood in the war.

* *
On September 16, the Verkhovna Rada voted for the ratification of the Association Agreement with the EU, which right there, right in the parliament, was signed by the president. Simultaneously, the European Parliament also ratified the Association Agreement. But the agreement establishing a free trade EU-Ukraine was postponed for 15 months - until December 31, 2015
What have you been fighting for, gentlemen-nationalists?
On the same day, September 16, the Ukrainian parliament in closed session adopted another two laws: the law "On special order of the local government in certain areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions" (Law on the special status of Donbass) and the law "On the prevention of prosecution and punishment of persons-participants in the events in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. "The law on the special status of Donbass was adopted for a period of 3 years.
It should be noted that for the law on the special status, according to the leader of "Svoboda" Oleg Tyagnibok, not a single vote was given to his faction, as well as some of the deputies of the "Fatherland".
In exchange for giving up the armed struggle for independence, the militia of New Russia was given a proposal to:
- Form a special procedure for local government for a period of three years, including the formation of local people's militia units, which are "formed on a voluntary basis from a number of Ukrainian citizens permanently residing in their respective localities," and guide them;
- A ban on "discrimination, harassment and prosecution of persons on the events that took place in Donetsk and Luhansk regions." But the law applies to those who are within one month from the date of entry into force of Act frees hostages voluntarily and surrender firearms, ammunition, military equipment. It is also proposed not to extend the law to those suspected or accused of the attempted murder of state or public figures, sabotage, premeditated murder. Amnesty also does not apply to individuals whose actions led to the catastrophe of the Malaysian Airlines plane onthe 17.07.2014
In fact, this law is directed against the militias, because fighters from the Right Sector and the similar armed nationalist formations are not thinking about disarming themselves.
- Guarantee the right to use Russian or any other language "in public and private life, learning and support for the Russian or any other language, their free development and equality";
- Before the end of the year to hold a special elections to local authorities.
The question arises, why then did the ruling junta unleash a war against its own people in the South-East of Ukraine, which killed thousands of innocent people? ..
In the DPR and LPR, these laws have been embraced critically, as the laws of the adjacent state and are ready to just take them into account. The country has its own Supreme Council, and the laws of the territory are adopted by it.
"As the first reaction of the leaders of the republics and non-governmental organizations that support the idea of New Russia, they are wary of the bill. By this, rather, it is now almost law. They, of course, expect from Kiev some dirty tricks "- said the coordinator of the "Civil Initiative of Donbass" Oleg Izmailov.
Thus, the first deputy. DPR Prime Minister Andrew Purgin said that some political construction with Ukraine, federal or otherwise, for the DPR and LPR is not possible.
We can not say that the law "is fully consistent with our expectations – said the chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the DPR Dennis Pushilin. - But they are the first steps towards peace. We are still far from peace, but we are in the right direction, when the conflict channels into a political mainstream. Shootings and the destruction of infrastructure will not achieve anything."
According to the Prime Minister of the LPR, Igor Plotnitsky the inscribed in Minsk adoption of the law on the special status of Donetsk and Lugansk by Kiev does not mean their rejection of independence. But for the sake of peace, the self-proclaimed republic is prepared to make compromises.
* *
Paul Gubarev, head of the public organization Peoples Defence Force of Donbass, spoke in support of the armistice agreements, reached on September 5 in Minsk after a meeting of the contact group on conflict resolution in New Russia. However, he stressed that it is necessary to include a point in the Minsk protocol on the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics and to continue negotiations from this point.
"To solve problems in a peaceful way is better than the military way. Who can argue? Peace talks – are always good - says Pavel Gubarev. - In this regard, I support the Minsk agreement. But with two caveats: the independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics should be the starting point for these negotiations, and a truce should be observed de facto. "
And the "people's governor" of Donbass concludes:
"It is impossible to negotiate for peace, when "Grad” units of the "Ukrainian army continue to conduct attacks on the cities of Donbass. In this sense, the truce is imaginary. Ukraine, apparently is preparing a new escalation of the conflict. It is known that the Ukrainian side in talks with NATO on arms, hires a private military company. Poroshenko himself openly states that this war was for a long time, if not even to mention the word "federalization". We believe that from these points to talk about peace is very difficult, so peace must be established in reality and the negotiations should continue, and the starting point for them to be the independent republics of New Russia, as I have said."
And the fact that the Minsk agreement is no more than fiction than respite is designed in order to conduct elections ostensibly in peaceful surroundings and, most importantly, for regrouping of forces, according to the statement indicated by Yuriy Lutsenko, leader of the "Poroshenko Block", in the upcoming parliamentary elections.
In his article "A New Start", published on September 7 in the blog on the "UP" Lutsenko says: "Lugandon. Take Donetsk and Lugansk with a jingoistic storm, we probably can. But street battles take away tens of thousands of the best of us. And yet it will lead to a total collapse and in an economy barely alive. It makes more sense to do it the other way, when we have a stronger army and economy. An example is Croatia. After the capture of Vukovar by the Yugoslav army, where thousands of advocates of independence perished heroically, Croats were forced to accept the existence of Serbian Krajina. For three years, they did not just tolerate this, but developed the economy and the army. And then in a matter of hours, a tank attack swept the separatists from their land."
Conclusion. The Militia fighters of Novorossia need vigilance in respect to maneuvers, including and diplomatic ones on the Ukrainian side. Bandera fascists can not be trusted.
* *
Early parliamentary elections were scheduled for October 26. It is clear that the Bandera fascist government wants to strengthen its position, having completely transformed the parliament into an instrument of their National Bandera dictatorship and disposing of the parliamentary opposition.
The Communist Party of Ukraine for this election comes with absolutely toothless program in which there is not even a mention of the need to fight for socialism.
But a way out of that disaster, which currently Ukraine finds itself in, is possible only on the path of revolutionary struggle for the overthrow of the power of capital in the form of the criminal-Bandera bloody fascist dictatorship in the fight for socialism, for Soviet power, for the revival of our single multinational Soviet Motherland.

From an observer


Shocking information recently came out of Donbass, where on the basis of an agreement signed in Minsk fighting stopped, and a cease-fire in the south-east of the country put in place. Mothers of soldiers defending their land from fascist punitive government troops were sent small wooden boxes by the fascist junta inside of which were ... the severed heads of their own sons....
The exact number of these "packages" sent is not yet known, since there is a procedure of identification of remains to be tested by the Military Committee DPR. However, all were identified as self defence militia fighters of the Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR), which were captured by the security forces during fierce fighting near Donetsk
Behind the scenes, these atrocities have been attributed to one of the punitive battalions belonging to Jewish oligarch and governor of Dnipropetrovsk region Igor Kolomoisky having recruited into these battalions radicals and criminals of the nationalist movement "Right sector", characterized by its cruelty and extreme right wing views.
One mother who lost her son, said: "This is not just cruelty, this is an atrocity! Not even animals do that to each other! My son was defending his homeland, he was not afraid to die for her and for us. But what they did to him is beyond human. Where does one look to. The UN? NATO? The European Union? Why does the Red Cross not do anything? What they needed for, when our children are treated in this way? The Ukrainian government is even worse than fascists! Not only does it not need Russia, it does not need its own people."
Another victim of this "action" carried out by the junta said that the punishers intimidate the inhabitants of south-east. And such action on their part - is another gesture of pressure. People fear for their loved ones, for themselves.


Challenges of the XXI century
Implementation of the Minsk Agreement in practice
In issue No 9 of the newspaper "Hammer and Sickle" (Serp I Molot) we placed a summary of the fighting on the fronts of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) for 25 August. At the time of publication of the newspaper, a counter-offensive by troops of New Russia (Novorossiya), which began on 24 August has successfully developed. As a result of the fighting, such settlements as Schyastye, Novoazovsk (LPR), Starobeshevo, and Ilovajsk (DPR) have been liberated from the troops of the fascist Kiev junta. Soldiers of the People's Militia eliminated the threat around the area of Donetsk, they also took the key height of Saur-Mogila, and exited at the sea in the area of Novoazovsk and surrounded Mariupol (from there a general flight began by accomplices of the Ukrainian fascist rule), destroyed several large units of the Ukrainian army and reached the border with the Zaporozhye region of Ukraine.
Success by the soldiers of Donbass frightened not only the Kiev government, but also the Russian oligarchs, as well as their European and American "partners." Rebellious Donbass was in need of urgent stopping before the position of the fascist Kiev junta at the front became really disastrous.
For this purpose – to stop the counteroffensive of Novorossiya – a meeting of a tripartite group" in Minsk was hastily arranged, with the participation of representatives of Ukraine, Russia and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). On September 5, following consultations in Minsk a protocol was signed, which included 12 points, among them – a cease-fire, the withdrawal of heavy equipment from towns, the exchange of prisoners, the provision of a "special status" for Donbass (making it part of Ukraine, of course. The cynical world bourgeoisie continues to ignore the will of the people of Donbass, which proclaimed independence on 11 May).

Consequences of Ukrainian troops shelling school number 51 in Lugansk

The Novorossiya offensive was halted at full speed. The fascist Kiev junta now had an opportunity to regroup their forces and make up for losses and the lull is used actively. Into Donbass arrived Ukrainian armoured vehicles, with no withdrawal of troops from towns by the Ukrainian junta. In this case, the militia note that the truce really lasted only about two hours, after which the firing on Donetsk and Lugansk by heavy artillery resumed and occurred regularly, almost every night. There was destruction and casualties among the civilian population. On September 20, a new agreement on a cease-fire was already signed, and the next day there was a video, which captures the firing on Donetsk by Ukrainian rockets that took place – we note – on 20 September.
Field commanders (e.g., Alex Mozgovoy the commander of a mechanized brigade "Prizrak"), which are in direct contact with the Ukrainian punishers during the fighting saw with their own eyes their own atrocities, do not recognize the "Minsk agreements" and referred to them as "unacceptable." But their hands are tied – the leadership of the DPR suddenly erupted their threat to despatch a number of units of the People's Militia, if they did not carry out the "Minsk agreement", "to deal with the gangs" ("... If we do not obey the so-called ministers, they have threatened to declare us as gangs" - said A. Mozgovoy on September 22). Such is the typical attitude of the bourgeoisie towards the working people - the people, with their blood and lives providing the "elite" coming to power, are no longer needed and even dangerous to their own principles.
In addition, if the militias start to respond to provocations by Kiev troops, the entire "civilized world" raises a howl, and starts a new round of full-scale hostilities - perhaps now with the participation of American and NATO troops.
One of the few advantages "Minsk agreements" can be called the exchange of prisoners, which helped rescue from the dungeons of the Ukrainian junta a number of militias and political activists. It should be noted the fundamental difference between the prisoners. The Ukrainian soldiers who were captured by the Militia, look fine - they are not exhausted, dressed normally and completely intact externally and often are reluctant to return to their home territory, where they prison awaited them or resubmission to the front. But the militiamen who were held in captivity by the Kiev junta can not always walk on their own for a few metres as they are so beaten and exhausted.
Back in July - August, journalists reported on the atrocities by the Ukrainian punitive forces at settlements captured by them. A refugee from the Slavyansk, Galina Pyshnyak told a television reporter how a wife and young son of one of the militia were executed by the fascist neobanderites. "It was in the centre of the town on Lenin Square. Women had gathered in the square, because their husbands were no more. There were women, girls and elderly people. The fascists took a child of three years old, a little boy in shorts and a T-shirt, and just like Jesus, nailed him to a nearby bulletin board. One of the fascist did the nailing whilst two others held him up. And that all take place in front of the mother's eyes. They had held the mother. And the mother looked at the child's bleeding. The screams ... And the fascists made incisions so that the child suffered during this. The situation was impossible. People were fainting all around. And then, after an hour and a half, the child having suffered and died, they took the mother and tied her to a tank unconscious and dragged her three laps around the square. And the circumference of the square is one kilometre". After such evidence (most recently, on September 27, there was a video shown of how in Mariupol, the fascist punishers stabbed a woman and her 6-year old child) there should no longer any doubt of the correctness in the name "neobanderites" militants of the Ukrainian "National Guard" and the "right sector" who repeat exactly the actions of their ancestors from the UPA and other gangs.
On July 15, the ANNA-news agency reported that in the Odessa Special Branch of Ukraine (SBU) a peace activist, anti-fascist of the Resistance Inga Avdeev is being held. A young woman was illegally arrested, being pregnant, and tortured. The daily torture that was carried out on her, despite the obvious signs of pregnancy (torture such as sleep deprivation, walks and water, kicking, caning and whipping) led to Inga losing her unborn child. Her example is not the only one. Every day in Kharkov, Odessa, Mariupol occur kidnappings and arrests of people “under suspicion”.
Together with the release of prisoners began arriving into Donbass reliable information about torture and ill-treatment at the hands of the Ukrainian fascists. Information that takes us back to the years of occupation of Ukraine by Hitler's army.
A Stanislav militia soldier was held in captivity, by the "National Guard," for over a month. The fascist executioners burned into his body the symbol of the swastika together with the word "separatist." "They burnt it out using chain and a hot bayonet - says a former prisoner - and constantly beaten. Nobody believed it would end." For comparison - in 1943, on the back of anti-fascist underground resistance fighter Ulyana Gromovoy, the fascists carved out a five-pointed star and onto her stomach, they burned out the word "communist."
As if in imitation of the Nazis, or the propensity for sadism, the Ukrainian fascists not only do not provide care for the wounded captured militia prisoners, but try in every way to increase their suffering. "I have on my body several bullet wounds. They thrust their fingers into the wound, and twisted them in various directions and laughed, "- says the freed militia man. Another prisoner had his head smashed up by the fascist National Guard and then they sprinkled salt into the wound. This was also taken from the Nazis.
Lugansk priest Archpriest Vladimir Moretsky, recently released from captivity by the Ukrainians, talked about the conditions in which he and his companions in captivity lived under. "To say that beat us is an understatement. We were killed. We were shot, we had our bones broken, we were struck not only with hands and feet, but with rifle butts and all means at hand," - said the released prisoner. He added that "in particular Nadezhda Savchenko proved herself", who is currently under arrest in Russia's Voronezh (Nadezhda Savchenko - Ukrainian Air Force pilot, was arrested at the border on charges of complicity in the murder of Russian journalist in a war zone).
"Personally, she offered that our entire group was handed over to the authorities to earn money. Personally, she offered to shoot us when others did not agree to take us to the authorities - not to spend money on our delivery to the SBU. Personally, she was trying to destroy us, and personally took part in the sadistic antics, beat us ... "- said Archpriest Vladimir. He said that his hands and those of his comrades were tied behind their backs during the torture. Men were faced against the wall and beaten. Women were forced to stand naked in front of men.
The fascist Kiev junta uses not only the experience of Nazi Germany, but also the "methodological developments" in the American intelligence services (who, meanwhile, had learned much from the arsenal of the Gestapo and other such structures). The treatment of prisoners by the new Ukrainian fascists has been taught by trained instructors from the United States, which is clearly seen in the "handwriting" of the punishers.
A militia volunteer named Stanislav (surname withheld) was transported from Kramatorsk into Kharkov (200 kilometres) tied by his legs to the chassis of a helicopter. "At first we, they wanted the prisoners cut up by the helicopter blades, but then they decided to fly us. I began to board the helicopter, but he national guard decided that I was staining the cabin interior, so was deemed unworthy to fly in the cockpit. Then they tied me by my feet with a rope to the helicopter wheel. So that is how I flew up to Kharkov. It was scary,"- says the militia. It is this example used in this article to confirm the thesis of similarity between the methods the of the CIA and the fascist Ukrainian executioners, and here's why. In 1967, Ernesto Che Guevara was captured and shot in Bolivia. According to some sources, the development of an operation plan for his capture was made by Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie (another common thread between the Nazis and the secret services of the USA). Together with Che were captured several other rebels. To get information about other parts of the detachment of Guevara, the CIA lifted them into the air attached to the helicopter and threatened to drop them. The body of Che Guevara was flown from La Higuera to the Valle Grande just attached to the helicopter chassis. The executions of prisoners by the American military in Vietnam were carried out by dropping them from a helicopter.
Here is a message by the organization "CyberBerkut" from July 30:
"Many people know that at the airport in the city of Mariupol is the coordinating headquarters ATO. However, not everyone knows that here there is a filtration centre where American and Israeli instructors teach members of the special battalion "Dnepr-1", the "art" of interrogation under torture. "
Presumably, it was here that editor of the newspaper "I want to live in USSR!" Sergey Dolgov was martyred (according to other sources, he is in prison in Zaporozhe). Some 11 years ago, in 2003 - 04 years in occupied Iraq the infamous prison "Abu Ghraib" was built, which was - as with the Mariupol centre – built at the airport (of Baghdad). It was from there spread throughout the world photos of bullying American warriors over the prisoners. On the similarity of methods (up to obsessive desire to capture the torturers themselves on camera near the victims) will be discussed below. All cited in the same message by the group "CyberBerkut":
"From one "repentant" representative of the National Guard, it became known of the inhuman and brutal actions of the members of the death squads engaged in "filtration activities" in the so-called liberated cities. Detainees were taken out into the woods, where they were abused in the most perverted forms, and those who refused to obey were beaten to death in front of others. ... The detainees were forced to perform homosexual acts with each other and genitals mutilated along with other forms of abuse. All actions were recorded on video and mobile phones." That is the direction in torture that is typical for the American military in the last 10 - 12 years.
Similar actions are also told by those who could be prisoner exchanged for escape from Ukrainian law enforcers. Thus, one of the former prisoners, who worked on the "first aid" in the DPR, was forced by gunmen of the fascist junta to videotape a "repentance" appeal, with the threat of rape of women doctors, captured with him is he refused. Drunken National Guards tried to get another detained militiaman held at gunpoint to rape a female prisoner.
The abuse by the militants of the "National Guard" (note that this a volunteer formation!) apply not only to militias, but also civilians. On the outskirts of Donetsk, as well as from settlements liberated from the Ukrainian junta troops can regularly be found mass graves.
Several dozen of these graves have been found. In the largest, according to the TV channel "LifeNews", there are remains of more than thirty people. Among the dead - scantily clad women and girls with hands tied behind their backs with wire.
We now know of dozens of "execution-by-shooting graves" in the settlements Communar, Nizhny Krinka, Telmanovo, Starobeshevo. The number of victims could be in the hundreds.
In those regions of Ukraine, where there is no fighting, the fascist government henchmen terrorize the local population. In Kharkov, Odessa and Zaporozhye, anti-fascist and anti-war rallies were held on September 27 under the red flag. All of them were violently dispersed by Ukrainian police and the Security Service. On a video from Kharkov, a police officer was clearly heard saying "this rally is banned" (more than 30 participants of the meeting were arrested).
On the evening of September 28 in Kharkov, neo-Nazis held their own rally, which - of course! – went ahead without a problem from police. After their coven, the nazi neo-banderites with national flags of Ukraine, symbols of the "right sector" and the volunteer battalion MIA "Azov" the crowd broke into Liberty Square and began to destroy the statue of V.I. Lenin. The statue, in the end, was demolished, and during this, four vandals were hurt - someone fell from the pedestal, breaking his spine, and another other was hit in the face from dangling wire (eyes was knocked out).
The only one (!) defender of Ilyich, was an elderly man who was trying to literally shield the monument, but the neo-Nazis gave him a beating with their boots. Presumably, he died on the way to the hospital.
Before bringing down the statue, the fascist vandals scratched on the pedestal their own slogan "Glory to Ukraine" using a punch and the Nazi symbol resembling a swastika (the so-called "wolf's hook", "wolfsangel" - the emblem of the police division of the SS. Now it is also the official emblem of the voluntary punitive battalion "Azov", which is very significant).
The criminal case opened into the destruction of the monument, was immediately terminated. The governor of Balut immediately after the vandalism signed a decree on the deprivation of the status of cultural monument of the object and of its dismantling. The head of the Interior Ministry, the multimillionaire A. Avakov was also a named official for responsibility for the demolition.
It should be noted that the neo-banderites treat the monuments of V.I. Lenin like animate objects. They do not demolish, but kill, like they could kill a man. For example, in order to topple the monument to Lenin in Kharkov, the fascists sawed off his feet. In several photos from Liberty Square can be seen that the figure of VI Lenin also had a smashed head.
It is no accident that the monuments to the leader of the world proletariat they are so hated by the fascists who seized power in Ukraine. For them, these monuments are the symbol of a state of free workers and peasants, the symbol of the immortal ideas embodied nearly a century ago in simple and understandable to everyone slogans: "Land to the peasants, factories to the workers and peace to the people!" Communist ideas pose a mortal threat to the fascist Kiev junta and its pawns. This hatred of the enemy, behind which hides a sneaky fear is the highest value for every fighter for the victory of the proletarian revolution, the best sign of the correctness of the course charted by Marx - Engels – V.I. Lenin – J.V. Stalin.
At the same time in the Donbass there are continuing military provocations on part of the Kiev junta. Recently, a group of Ukrainian military in battle, broke out onto the territory of Donetsk airport, grossly violating the truce. The militias were forced to repel them.
This is modern Ukrainian fascism, nurtured by the hands of American special services on Ukrainian money (and not only) of the oligarchs. Despite the declared truce, the fighting did not subside in Donbass. The Kiev junta seeks in any way to cause a backlash from the militias to make Novorossiya look the aggressor. The agreement on the withdrawal of heavy military equipment from the towns has not been fulfilled by Kiev. According to intelligence reports of the People's Militia (published on the Internet), in the punitive junta formations not only have they decided not to withdraw troops near Debalcevo, but also continue regular shelling on civilian settlements against the peaceful civilian population of Novorossiya.
The press service of the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration unveiled the reasoning of oligarch Kolomoiskiy that Poroshenko, choosing between the introduction of martial law and a general mobilization on the one hand and a truce with the LPR and the DPR on the other, they chose the latter. However, this does not mean that the authorities in Kiev intend to comply with the agreements reached. "We must understand that the peace process has been brought about by the fact that winter is not far off. It is this fear of winter, which is projected to be still very cold, that has made everyone sit down at the negotiating table. We are not fighting with the citizens of Ukraine. We have an enemy who occupied Crimea, which provoked the situation in the Donbass. In the spring, we must be fully prepared and ready for anything "- confessed the oligarch.
No matter how the situation develops in the near future, it is clear that a military confrontation between the junta and Novorossia will again enter into an open phase. Militias will have to return fire, and the whole world bourgeoisie will take advantage of this to unleash a new war of aggression.
In addition, this war can not end with any territorial and political concessions. Too much has been done as such that you can not forgive and forget. War in Donbass is the continuation of the great battle against fascism, which started in 1939 - 1941. In this war, we wish the working people of Donbass only victory!

Written by E. Fatyanova

On September 9, 2014, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea solemnly celebrated its glorious 66th anniversary
Young Socialist Korea after the liberation of Korea from the Japanese yoke rose in 1948 on the ruins of squalid huts of the poor conditions in the general devastation, acute needs, the lack of industrial enterprises, scientific, technical and professional personnel (almost complete ignorance of the population and only 12 people with higher education for the whole of Korea), the presence of small-scale frail unproductive agriculture. Here's what was left to the Korean people over a 50-year reign of the Japanese invaders. Appearing before the world, the new Korea squared her shoulders and began to build a new life in the beautiful land of Morning Calm. The people who had driven out the Japanese invaders from their land under the leadership of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, voluntarily chose their future historical path - the path of socialism, the path of independence, self-reliance, the path relying only on their own strength, the path of Juche, the path of Songun. Kim Il Sung, paving the way for the Songun revolution, proposed the idea of the priority of weapons, the priority of military affairs: against the imperialist aggressors to resolutely fight with weapons in their hands, to respond to armed aggression with a just liberation war.
Songun politics is not only for the defence of the socialist fatherland, but also to build a new life by the army. Songun politics of the country became a state policy under Kim Jong-Il, and has provided a peaceful sky over the DPRK and having developed nuclear weapons, there is no chance of any encroachment on the independence of the country from outside. Under Kim Jong-Il, the country far stepped forward. This period of Korean history is characterized by the rapid development of the economy, science, art, culture, education, and great strides in social development of society. Thus the correctness of the Songun politics is confirmed by life itself.
In the context of hostile imperialist encirclement, permanent military provocations, both information and political in character, Socialist Korea in the ongoing severe economic blockade organized by the United States, has not only survived, but also to worldwide surprise stands firmly on its feet, has built its highly developed heavy and light industry, its own a strong energy base, highly productive agriculture by the reconstruction of all arable land, has created a widely ramified reclamation system for rice, fish farms and cooperatives are organized almost everywhere in the countryside, with orchards covering the mountains and hills. (In the DPRK, arable areas make up no more than 20%, therefore all possible areas of land are used for agriculture).
For 66 years of the socialist path, the DPRK has been transformed into a country of universal literacy. The slogan – the cadres decide everything! - underlies the development of the whole society. Today in the DPRK, scientific research in various fields has been raised to a high level. Many research institutes have been created. Huge attention is devoted to the well-being of every Korean citizen and his or her health. The problem of providing a highly qualified medical service of the residents of the most remote areas of the capital has been solved. Special attention is given to the younger generation, their state of health and the educating of a highly moral citizen as a worthy continuer of their fathers and grandfathers. Much attention is focused on civil engineering in both urban and rural areas. Every family lives in a free state provided separate comfortable apartment. And today the life of a citizen of the DPRK continues to prosper. The capital of the DPRK, Pyongyang, is considered one of the most comfortable, clean and beautiful cities in the world.
Today the DPRK clearly demonstrates the advantages of socialism. The achieved successes in the DPRK are made possible by the correct policy of the ruling party - the Workers' Party of Korea, the monolithic unity of society - the unity of the people, the leader, Army, Party, the Leader’s devotion to serving his people and life for the sake of the nation.
Today, the storming of the heights of the socialist nation continues under the leadership of a young leader, as well as his great predecessors, selflessly serving their people. Comrade Kim Jong Un is confidently steering the country’s course, inscribed by the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il. We wish the heroic people of the DPRK new successes in building a prosperous state under the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Un.



In Moscow, on 21 September 2014 on the initiative of a few liberal Russian non-governmental organizations, a so-called "peace march" was held According to the organizers - this action was intended to demonstrate "a protest against military intervention by Russia in the affairs of Ukraine and show the unity of the Russian citizens active in their desire to stop the war in their neighbouring country."
The column of participants marched from Pushkin Square along the Boulevard Koltso towards Sakharov Avenue. There was no rally at the end of the march. The number of the participants was amounted to 50 thousand people. Police estimated the actual number of participants at not exceeding five thousand people. The march was dominated by the Russian tricolor and Ukrainian yellow-blue flags. Flags, standards and banners of Communist orientation could not be seen, which is an important difference from the "marches" of two years ago, when some communist organizations participated unwittingly in events organized by the Liberals - their sworn enemies, added to the weight and significance of them, whether they liked or wanted that or not.
The main bulk of the "marchers" consisted of the Moscow liberal intelligentsia - the constant (and main) participators of such charades. There were the usual Mikhail Kasyanov, and Gennady Gudkov, Boris Nemtsov and Ilya Yashin, and the main sensation of the event was the appearance of the honorary leader of the "Yabloko" Grigory Yavlinsky. After a devastating defeat which that "liberal opposition" suffered in the recent elections in the Moscow City Duma (none of its candidates got elected), the organized on September 21, "Peace March" was to show the classic "I'm still alive!" (the main slogans of the march were: "Putin, Bring the troops home", "Hands off Ukraine", "Russia without Putin", as well as calls for the "abolition of anti-sanction measures", and in fact according to the August survey, by the "Levada Center," the idea of retaliatory sanctions to the some form were supported by 72 percent of Russians).
But the march demonstrated another thing – some kind of unity in only the narrow "liberal cabal," in which the participants could clearly see: in the assembly area near Pushkin Square rally were also dozens of opponents of the "anti-war march" that support the so-called separatists in Ukraine - New Russia. There was also a huge banner unfurled which read "Traitors’ March." On the approaches to the Sakharov avenue, the participants of the "Peace March" were pelted with eggs, tomatoes, shoes (!) by the "anti-participators ", with someone holding a placard saying, " grantoediy-liberasty, Russia is not with you." Participants of the "Peace March" Clashed with supporters of New Russia (Novorossiya) and the USSR. This phenomenon of "fighting" opposition by supporters diametrically differing views is a completely new phenomenon in Russian mass events (in any case - in Moscow).
Summarizing, we can say that the past event showed a further decrease in the influence and narrowing of the social base of the liberals. With regard to their influence in the "elite" of Russian society - this is an important question. The future will show - Who is Who among them.

S.V. Khristenko



The Workers' Party Korea was founded on 10th October 1945 by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung. Its foundation was the culmination of years of hard struggle by the Korean revolutionaries led by general Kim Il Sung. With the foundation of the WPK the Korean people came to have a guide and organiser .
The WPK , under the guidance of the great leader
comrade Kim Il Sung, led many decades of socialist construction .Under the guidance of the WPK, a people's government was successfully established in the DPRK with the aim to provide the people with an
independent and creative life. After the liberation of Korea in August 1945, major democratic reforms including agrarian reform and nationalization of major industries were carried out smoothly.
The WPK carried a unique Korean style socialist
revolution creating an advanced socialist system in the DPRK .It also put forth a line of building an independent national economy and wisely led the work for its realization, thus turning the DPRK into a powerful socialist industrial state.
The WPK became the motherly party taking care
of the lives of the people ensuring that they had an equally happy life. Free medical and free education were introduced in the DPRK under the leadership of the WPK guided by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung. The WPK is a true people's party with members from all walks of life. The WPK resolutely rejected bureaucracy and mixed with the masses.
The WPK always maintained purity in ideology and fidelity to revolutionary , class and socialist principles. Both the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung and comrade Kim Jong Il ensured that the WPK maintain independence and always stuck to the road of socialism no matter how difficult the circumstances were.
The Workers' Party of Korea has been a great contribution to world peace and to the struggle for
independence and liberation throughout the world.
Now under the wise leadership of dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un the First Secretary of the WPK new achievements are being made. New buildings are springing up all the time with new cultural and leisure facilities being opened one after another. Victory and glory are in store for the Korean people and the WPK under the wise leadership of dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.



Saturday, 4 October 2014

Anniversary of the events of Black October 1993

21 years ago, on 3 - 4 October 1993, in our country there was a counter-revolutionary military coup, which resulted in the big bourgeoisie seizing power, led by Boris Yeltsin.

The culmination of events began with the shooting on October 4, 1993 from tanks outside the Supreme Soviet in Moscow and the subsequent "cleansing" (destruction) of its defenders and supporters of Soviet power.

"Black October" 1993 is a crime without a statute of limitations!

Eternal memory to the fallen in the struggle for Soviet power in October 1993!

We do not forget, we do not forgive!

Monday, 29 September 2014

For Bolshevism - No 10 (139) OCTOBER 2014

Socialist Revolution
For Bolshevism Inside The Communist And Workers’ Movement

No 10 (139) OCTOBER 2014

Reports from the fronts of New Russia (Novorossiy) from 21 – 26 August 2014.
On 21 August, mortar fire took place near the border crossing point "Novoazovsk" targeting two towers and two border checkpoints of the MIA of Ukraine. According to Ukrainian media, the platforms were destroyed.
On August 22, attacks on roadblocks were repeated. Snipers accompanied the mortar fire actions.
On 23 and 24 August in the city of Kharkiv, Ukrainian Red Army units destroyed using heavy mortar fire, from 5 to 7 enemy cars of the "automaydana." The fascists were left without transport.
On August 25, a group of DNR guerrillas destroyed a military convoy of the Kiev junta sent from Mariupol Novoazovsk to assist soldiers of the Ukrainian army, which attacked the self-defence forces.
On August 26, Zaporozhye guerrillas attacked a convoy of the National Guard, retreating from Mariupol.
After the start of the counter-offensive, by the army of the DNR from Mariupol towards Zaporozhye, the punitive battalions of the Kiev junta "Dnepr" and "Azov" began to retreat in panic.
As soon as they entered the limits of Zaporizhia region, their convoy was attacked by guerrillas in the Zaporozhye region of Rozovka.
Breaking through the first barrier, the convoy was agin ambushed at the entrance to Kuibyshev. The guerrillas fired on trucks from a distance, making ineffective any return fire by the nationalists.
A number of trucks broke through towards Zaporozhye. The other half was forced to return to Mariupol.
However, at the entrance to the city, they were again attacked by the Mariupol guerrillas.
The People's Resistance has been steadily increasing against the Kiev fascist junta
As of the evening of 26 August, self defence forces of Novorosiya managed to take the strategic heights of Saur-Grave and clean up from the environs of the junta troops of Ilovaysk. The New Russia army offensive continues in the direction of Mariupol.
This summary prepared on the material of the anti-fascist committees of Mariupol, Odessa, Kharkov, etc..

To all our comrades who were interested in the health of former political prisoner ("Odessa case") Sasha Gerasimov, we can finally announce the good news transmitted from Ukraine by comrade A.A. Mayevsky.
On August 22, Sasha was finally released from the hospital. He underwent several operations.
We recall Alexander Gerasimov was injured by fire in the Odessa House of Trade Unions on 2 May this year.
For another two weeks he will receive out-patient treatment, but more importantly, that he, according to his comrades, he said, feels more or less normal again.
We wish Sasha a speedy and complete recovery!
Donbass self-defence forces are defending their homeland from the advancing forces of the neo-fascist regime in Kiev. The Kiev regime, in turn, is trying to capture a region rich in natural resources and industry. Shale gas in the interior of the region is needed not only by Kiev oligarchs, but by their patrons in the West. Thus, the defence of Donbass from the Kiev punitive troops is also a defensive war against the Western imperialists.
The Donbass uprising began not just as a national liberation uprising - in defense of the right to speak and write in their native Russian language. It was conceived at the monuments to Lenin, which the locals were protecting from Nazi-vandals. The founders of the Republic of Donetsk, beginning with P. Gubaryov, talked about plans to build a "social" state, which was opposed to the former, Ukrainian oligarchic state. "A republic without oligarchy and corruption" - was the slogan of the rebels. Thus, the People's Liberation component is closely intertwined with the struggle for social liberation. The uprising gained anti-capitalist overtones.
Such aspirations by the Donbass rebels caused alarm not only among Ukrainian oligarchs, but also among their "colleagues" in Russia. An uprising in Donbass was profitable for Russian capitalists, but only up to a point – so long as it did not get back on track towards smashing the capitalist system. If the Kiev fascist authorities simply want to crush the rebels by military force, the Russian capitalists, including those sitting in bureaucratic armchairs, are not averse to "Donbass in their own arms." Military specialists and civilian coordinators along with volunteers from Russia arrived into the region, arriving to "assist", playing the role of the "Trojan horse". To substitute social, anti-capitalist protest with exclusively pro-Russian sentiment - that is their unspoken task.
Examples of when originally a "red" protest was replaced by tasks not going beyond the capitalist system, have already taken place in the 1990s on the spaces of the destroyed USSR. In Transnistria occurred bourgeoisification of the authorities, in South Ossetia the Communists lost power, and in Tajikistan, the leader of the "reds" S. Safarov was murdered. In all these regions, the insurgent people with the support from Russia managed to defend their republics from the onset of external enemies, but then bourgeois leaders came to power.
Similar negative trends are being observed today in the Donbas. While the rank and file self-defence forces shed blood on the front, the bourgeoisie is stealing power. One after another, there are draft constitutions of the republics of Donbass, designed to consolidate the capitalist construction of new public entities. In them read not only concessions to the petty bourgeoisie, but also explicit promises of immunity to big capital. If these drafts are implemented, one will have to forget about republics with no oligarchy and corruption, and in Donbass, a Russian version of "wild" capitalism will be replayed over again.
Ordinary freedom fighters of Donbass will come to an understanding of the struggle between two tendencies - progressive and reactionary. A statement by one of the Donetsk volunteers is widely known: "If we raise the red flag, we will win this war. Because this banner symbolizes the simple, clear idea of giving the answers to almost all questions of the present day. Only this idea is capable of consolidating society to fight a common enemy and emerging internal enemy, which now sees how tomorrow it will divide our land, our factories, our factories, our mines."
In such internal struggle during civil war there is nothing new. Similarly, the Spanish anti-fascists in the 1930s, fighting against Franco at the front, were forced to fight against internal traitors. Similarly, the Greek communists after the expulsion of the German occupiers in 1944 were forced to turn to guerrilla struggle against their by then "own", Greek reactionaries, supported by the imperialists.
Under these conditions, the support that Russian communists will be able to provide the Donbass Communists becomes essential. We are talking about material and moral support. In conditions of the civil war going on now in Donbass, reconstruction of the whole of the left is underway. Opportunists lurk in the corners, but the real communists engage in the battle for their native land. The "reformatting" the Donbass leftist movement is expected, with the emergence of new organizations and structures.
But at the same time, the events in the Donbass have become a real test and "checking for lice" of the Russian left-wing movement. Among a significant number of "left-wing bloggers" and "activists" have come a well-proportioned chorus of (or howling) opportunists, who began trying to "prove" that in Donbas a "wrong" revolt is taking place, that there everything has been captured by nationalists (a variant: Putinists), and in general, like in the movies, "all is lost, the plaster has been removed, and the client leaves." We have a paradoxical situation: some "leftists" have withdrawn their support from the Donbass uprising, and then when because of this appears a growing right-wing, the "leftists" joyfully shout: So you see, the right wing are winning ...
How and why did such a position arise on part of the Russian "leftists"? In fact, everything is very simple: they became frightened. Frightened of open rebellion. Philistines who labouring in the leftist movement, are stalling the future socialist revolution for the indefinite future. Even if Lenin suddenly resurrected and started a new October Revolution, these cowardly philistines would still say that it is "wrong Lenin," and that he did not wake up at the right time, that it was "not that same October Revolution" ... Anything, if only by simply not taking part in events, which "could finish off the system at the root." And in the case of Donbass, the Philistines are afraid: that if they supported the rebels, then they would immediately have to offer to go to Donbass themselves. Therefore, they say that the uprising is wrong, etc. All to justify their philistinism. Although one does not have to go there necessarily, if one supports Donbass, especially if you have no military experience! You can at least go out on a picket in support of the Donbass communists, and not simply write on the Internet defeatist sayings in the style of "all is lost, nothing will come of it ...". But the cowardly Philistines will never admit their cowardice.
However, we have already devoted too much time to the Philistines- opportunists!
Communists loyal to the principles of proletarian internationalism and help to the fraternal Soviet people, are today at the forefront of supporting the uprising of Donbass. Bolsheviks of the AUCPB - and those that are now in the Ukraine, and those in Russia –are with all their might assisting the Donbass rebels. Today is too early to talk about all forms of assistance – in order not to harm those who are fighting, and those who work under the condtions of the neo-fascist regime in Kiev in Ukraine. But history will put everything in its place.
"Creation’s wisdom is in their boldness O blessed Falcon! You were defeated and died pursuing your dream of freedom, of flying skyward. Yours is the future – the blood you spilled, like sparks of fire, will light the darkness of grim existence igniting hearts of countless many with thirst for living "(Maxim Gorky “Song of the Falcon”)

Leo Zatsepilov

The offensive by the Kiev junta towards Donetsk from the north has almost ceased. The attack on Lugansk and attempts to surround it by the forces of the Ukrainian army have also failed. Thus, the general offensive Kiev security forces which began July 1 to destroy New Russia is now bogged down. Key defeats were suffered by the junta around the area of Shakhtyorsky and Krasny Luch, then mired in bloody battles around Ilovaiskaya and Yasinovataya.
According to plans, on the night of August 24, the army forces of the DNR moved over to a large-scale offensive in the direction of Donetsk - Granitnoye.
During the fighting, self-defence forces in Donbass liberated local settlements - Novodvornoe, Agronomicheskoye, Novokaterinovka, Osykovo, Klenovka, Stroyitel, Leninskoye. The DNR army during the offensive completed blocked a powerful punitive junta group in the area of settlements Voykovsky, Kuteynikova, Blagodatnoye, Alekseevskoye, Uspenka and Ulyanovsk. Up to five thousand troops with weapons and military equipment were surrounded. Further plans are being made to complete the rout of the surrounded groups.
During the counterattack, self defence forces managed to destroy more than 150 Ukrainian military "Smerch" battery systems (4 pcs.), 12 "Grad" units, 17 tanks, more than 30 armoured vehicles and around 50 ammunition vehicles with.
Warehouses have been captured, which store large amounts of ammunition, materiel, food, and transportation vehicles. The Telmanovo settlement was liberated and the road to Novoazovsk opened.
In August, the "Prizrak" brigade units under the overall command of Alexei Brain liberated 14 settlements in the Lugansk and Donetsk people's republics. 6 more have been surrounded by the self defence forces.
LPR self defence forces liberated the villages of Belaya Gora and Borovskoye, then advanced towards Severodonetskoye and Lisichanskiy, arriving at the approaches to these towns captured by the enemy a few weeks earlier, then attacked the enemy at Novoazovskiy. The town of Schastya was liberated from the junta army (LPR). Under the control of self defence forces of the LPR are checkpoints on the border with the Russian Federation "Dolzhansky" and "Izvarino."
In the Kharkiv region (proclaimed on April 7 as the Kharkiv People's Republic), are active guerrilla groups fighting against the troops of the Kiev junta.

The struggle of the Korean people against the Japanese regular troops during the occupation of Korea lasted almost half a century, was very difficult and unequal. The Japanese army was well supplied with provisions and all the necessary military equipment. The Korean guerrilla detachments were formed by the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and led by him. They acquired their own weapons in armed attacks on Japanese military forces and guerrillas were given provisions supplied by locals fully supportting the struggle of guerrilla groups. The best military fort, which the KPRA (Korean People's Revolutionary Army) was based on in their fight against the Japanese, was the region of the mountains of Paektu. It was a created by very nature itself into an impregnable fortress, favorable for the defense of the revolutionary army and unfavorable to enemy attacks. This area of Korea is characterized by strong Korean anti-Japanese sentiments in the population. The Paektusan guerrilla camp was a reliable mass base of the revolution. From here, Kim Il Sung organized the raid operations on the territory of Korea with large forces. In December, 1938 in unprecedented cold with little or no food, sleep and rest, leaving the environment, the soldiers of the KPRA had to make a forced march, which lasted 100 days. This hike is carried out under the command of Kim Il-Sung, went down in history under the name of the anti-Japanese "Arduous March".
On August 8, 1945 the Soviet Union, performing the adopted at Teheran and Yalta conferences commitments, announced war with Japan.
On the night of 8 August 9, the 1.5 million-strong Soviet Red Army dealt a crushing blow to the land armed forces of Japan. The 10 million-strong Kwantung Army was defeated.
On August 9, Commander Kim Il Sung gave all units of the KPRA orders for a general offensive.
August 14, in his bomb shelter, the Emperor of Japan convened meeting of the government and the high command of the army and navy, which in spite of military opposition, the emperor offered a draft of his rescript of unconditional surrender of the Japanese armed forces under the terms of the Potsdam Declaration.
The day 15 of August in Korea became the day of national liberation. The exhausting fierce struggle for the liberation of the Korean nation from Japanese slavery ended in a triumphant victory thanks to the high patriotism of the Korean population, faith in their leader and military genius of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung.
In honour of this momentous day - August 15, 1945 - in the centre of Pyongyang was erected a beautiful creation of architecture – The Triumphal Arch of Victory


Documents of the Central Committee of the AUCPB
Summary of the main outcomes of the NATO summit in UK
On September 4-5 in Newport (Wales, UK) an extraordinary summit of NATO was held, which was attended by the Heads of State and Governments of the 28 member countries of the alliance, as well as representatives of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine and others.
The central theme of the summit was to discuss the situation in Ukraine during the so-called anti-terrorist (punitive) operations in the South-East of Ukraine and Russia's position on the issue.
The summit was preceded by are widely deployed in the world and Ukrainian media propaganda campaign about the beginning of the "Russian aggression against Ukraine," which forced the president of Ukraine Poroshenko to cancel a planned visit to Turkey and on 28 August call an emergency meeting of the National Security Council (the Council of National Security and Defence) of Ukraine in connection with an "invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine." Following the meeting of the National Security Council, Prime Minister Yatsenyuk said that the government had introduced a bill to parliament to abolish the non-aligned status of Ukraine and the resumption of the policy of Ukraine's membership in NATO. Yatsenyuk also said that Ukraine needs a new military doctrine, in which Russia will be called an aggressor country.
The ruling Bandera-fascist regime in Ukraine, fully controlled by the West (USA-NATO) does not want to admit the obvious: the punitive operation against the insurgent people of Donbass is failing, the Ukrainian army is demoralized, disintegrating and unravelling in the face of the self defence force - defending their homeland, defending the right of people Donbass speak in their native Russian language, the right to the fraternal friendship between the Russian and Ukrainian peoples and will not accept any national-fascist ideology and glorification of Bandera – who have crossed over to determined offensive and liberating the punished cities and towns of the Donbass. The rulers of Ukraine and the media under their control immediately renamed the offensive by the self defence forces a "Russian invasion of Ukraine."
It is against the backdrop of a fictional "Russian aggression in Ukraine" which the NATO summit passed.
At a meeting with journalists on the eve of the summit, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that NATO plans to form a qualitatively new rapid reaction force, "Now we have significantly improved the readiness of our forces to respond. We will develop what I call the best part of our response forces. This will force a very high degree of combat readiness, capable of deployment in a very short period of time." Rasmussen warned that the unit will be present in Eastern Europe for so long as necessary. "Not because NATO wants to defend someone, but because the threat has become more urgent and tangible. We will do what we must, for the protection of our alliance "- he explained.
Speaking at the opening of the NATO summit, Rasmussen accused Moscow of the fact that it continues to destabilize the situation in the east of Ukraine.
The NATO summit confirmed "willingness to provide collective defence of all Allies from the West Coast of the United States to the eastern borders of the alliance." "We continue to call on Russia to withdraw its troops from the border of Ukraine, to stop the flow of weapons and fighters to Ukraine, to stop supporting armed militants in Ukraine and to engage in the constructive political process" - this how NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen summed up the outcome of the summit, as always shifting responsibility of blame on others and once again accusing Russia of events taking place in Ukraine, trained, funded, inspired and unleashed by the imperialists of US-NATO to commit aggression against Russia towards its capture, crushing and conquest.
The declaration adopted at the summit, stated that NATO "is committed to cooperation with Russia and the development of constructive relations with it," but this is are common words. In reality, NATO upheld its earlier decision to suspend all civil and military cooperation and alliance with Russia, while stressing that political channels "remain open", meaning by "political channels" general conversations, covering the further advancement of the alliance towards the borders of Russia.
In addition, the declaration states that NATO will be engaged in the study of the new "hybrid methods of warfare," which, according to officials of the alliance, Russia has used in Ukraine. We need to ensure an effective response by NATO to specific challenges presented by threats of hybrid warfare, when a wide range of military and sabotage operations are used by military, paramilitary and civilian structures in a deeply integrated manner - notes in the final statement of the NATO summit.
Following consideration of the "Ukrainian question" NATO has made a declaration of its support for Ukraine in the face of Russia's policy of "destabilization". The alliance has pledged assistance to Ukraine to the amount of 15 million Euros.
NATO, represented by its Secretary General Rasmussen, hastened to disassociate himself from the supply of arms and military equipment to Ukraine. But, as is typical for this aggressive military organization, made it in a two-faced hypocritical manner. "NATO as an organization does not have its own weapons or military equipment - said Rasmussen. - The decision to supply belongs to individual states. In this context, NATO will not intervene in the national question of decision-making countries of the alliance about military supplies to Ukraine." That is, the question of military aid to Kiev is farmed out to the leadership of the member countries of the alliance.
Barack Obama to prove "solidarity with the Ukrainian people," promised that 200 American soldiers will take part in exercises in Ukraine. American military instructors and experts will come to Ukraine. That is, Obama announced the long-known fact of the participation of American military trainers and experts in the suppression of the anti-fascist anti-bandera uprising in the South-East of Ukraine.
The question of the admission of Ukraine into NATO was not even discussed.
What specific measures have been developed by NATO?
The summit approved a Plan of action to increase the combat readiness of the alliance. "The Action Plan is to improve the readiness of NATO and provide a visible increase in the presence of NATO in Eastern Europe" - said the secretary general of NATO. The Alliance has decided to establish a special advance team of the Rapid Reaction Force (RRF) of NATO numbering several thousand people which must be able to deploy anywhere in the world in two days. The NATO Secretary General said that he "has received signals from the Baltic countries, Poland and Romania," who would like to place these forces at home.
Rasmussen also promised that the alliance will expand the "staff and logistics infrastructure in Eastern Europe" to ensure the conditions for the operational deployment of sea, land and air forces. In addition, NATO "will now begin the regular holding of sudden maneuvers," which in the past two decades in the alliance were not observed. (It should be noted that these "exercises" on peaceful civilians were carried out during the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, ...).
Rasmussen said that the measures taken to strengthen the defence are designed to convince potential aggressors that they will be up against "the entire alliance."
The UK came out with the initiative to create the "new united expeditionary rapid reaction force" for the family NATO countries before the summit. More about this was reported in the Financial Times newspaper on August 30. In these forces, in addition to the UK, will be involved, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway and the Netherlands. It is alleged that Canada also shows interest in participating. This force, known as the advance team of the NATO Response Force, will be made up from 4 to 10 thousand people. They should be ready to advance to the conflict zone in a matter of days. The command of these forces will carried out by the representative of Great Britain. Unofficially, these forces have been called the "spearhead" force of NATO.
NATO plans to set up the infrastructure and the headquarters of these forces, in particular, to deploy five military bases in Eastern Europe. Willingness to take these bases has been expressed by the Baltic countries, as well as Poland and Romania. At each base will be located up to 600 soldiers and heavy weapons and military equipment, including tanks and armoured personnel carriers. And all this directly on the Russian border.
The decision to sign with the NATO an agreement to deploy a rapid reaction force of the alliance on its territory on the eve of the NATO summit was taken by Sweden and Finland.
Certainty in the NATO military plans has been made by Deputy Commander of NATO in Europe, the British General Adrian Bradshaw, who stressed at a press briefing that it should be clear that "Spearhead" is intended to deter Russia. The Task Force of the highest state of readiness will include components of all branches of the armed forces - air force, navy and ground forces. In particular, the Navy will work out the whole range of full-scale war, including mine and amphibious operations, and the Air Force - strategic movement of troops. The Deputy Commander of NATO also admitted that "Spearhead" will have "not only conventional weapons." i.e. in question on the equipment of this advance team of the NATO, the RRF will have tactical nuclear weapons at its disposal, which carries a direct threat to Russia's national security, the threat of a nuclear war.
The outgoing Rasmussen officially presented to the participants of the summit, former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg as the new Secretary General of NATO. He will take up his duties on 1 October. "I'll do my best to justify their confidence in me and follow the excellent example of the alliance management - said Stoltenberg. - I look forward to the opportunity to begin working closely with all 28 member states of the Alliance and further strengthen NATO." So there are no personnel changes in senior management unit that will not change the aggressive nature of this military organization of the imperialist countries.
On the eve of the NATO summit, President Barack Obama on September 3 made a visit to Tallinn (Estonia), where he held a meeting with the leaders of the Baltic States. During the visit, Obama declared his readiness to "defend the allies." According to the president of the United States, into Ukraine had entered "combat units with Russian weapons and Russian tanks." "We need to unite in the face of Russian aggression in Ukraine."
Thus, an enemy image is formed of Russia, the image of the aggressor to justify in the face of the international community its impending aggression against Russia.
A continuous series of military exercises conducted by NATO, aim to work out the practical issues of preparing for US-NATO aggression against Russia.
Thus during the summit, from 2 to 8 September in Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland there were multinational large-scale exercises, called Steadfast Javelin-II («The true spear" -ІІ). The exercise involved hundreds of military vehicles and aircraft, as well as more than two thousand soldiers. The main purpose of the manoeuvres is to prepare troops for operations around the world in case of any emergencies. The exercise participants are subdivisions of 15 countries, including 12 NATO countries - Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, the UK and the USA, as well as Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia in the framework of NATO "Partnership for Peace."
The first part of the exercise Steadfast Javelin-I was held in the spring of 2014 in May 2014 with about six thousand troops from Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Great Britain and the United States conducting manoeuvres from 16 to 23 May, practicing rebuffing attack scenarios on Estonia.
From 9 to 20 June, in the territory of the three Baltic States there were NATO exercises under the name of Sabre Strike-2014. They involved more than 4,700 servicemen from different countries, as well as 800 pieces of military equipment.
During the NATO summit, on September 5 in Minsk a second meeting of the contact group to resolve the situation in Ukraine was held. The meeting was attended by former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, Prime Minister of the DNR Zakharchenko, head of the LPR Plotnitsky, Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov, as well as the official representative of the OSCE chairman on the settlement of the situation in Ukraine H. Tagliavini. The participants signed a ceasefire protocol 19-00 MSK on 5th of September. President of Ukraine Poroshenko announced that he had ordered the chief of the General Staff to cease fire.
But, like all previous cease-fire agreements, the agreement on a truce was immediately broken. On the night from 5.09 to 6.09, the first night after the announcement of the armistice, four residents of Donetsk were killed by shelling, according to the militia headquarters.
The Ukrainian puppet Bandera-fascist regime, is blindly carrying out the will of the United States, an continues the fratricidal conflict.
* *
The threat of war against Russia, threatening to escalate into a Third World nuclear war is increasing with each passing day.
Reigning Putin regime is feverishly trying to restore the ruined over the past quarter-century strategic defence nuclear missile potential, to strengthen the armed forces of Russia in the face of impending aggression.
But it is impossible just in a few years to restore what was destroyed over the last 2.5 decades by the treacherous leadership of Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin and then his political replacement.
This criminal anti-national policy of unilateral disarmament was carried out with one purpose - to curry favour with the American-Zionist capital ruling the world to get the right to rule, the right to personal enrichment at the expense of robbery in the course of destroying the gains of socialism and of the predatory capitalist reforms.
Only the revolutionary overthrow of the power of capital, the overthrow of the ruling Putin regime and opposing his pro-Western liberal-Zionist "opposition", and the restoration of Soviet power and socialism, the revival of the Soviet Union and the mighty Soviet armed forces can necessarily lead to victory over outgoing from the historical arena rotting world capital and his monstrous creations - US-NATO imperialism - forever put an end to wars and to secure to every nation in the world the right to freedom of peaceful development, to a decent happy life.
Secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB)
September 8, 2014

Pyongyang, August 18 (KCNA) -- The Korean Friendship Association UK issued a statement on Aug. 9 on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of Korea's liberation.
The statement said:
August 15 this year marks the 69th anniversary of Korea's liberation by the anti-Japanese armed struggle led by President Kim Il Sung.
The Japanese imperialists tried to deprive the Korean nation of its language and letters after occupying Korea by force of arms.
They also forced the Korean women into sexual slavery, plundered a great number of natural resources and committed indescribable inhuman crimes against the Korean people.
The President gave all units of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army an order of the general attack for the country's liberation on Aug. 9, 1945.
Korea was fully liberated from the military occupation by the Japanese imperialists.
Today the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is advancing dynamically while further strengthening its sovereignty under the leadership of HE Kim Jong Un.


A couple of years ago, during our trip to the DPRK, there was a man in our group called David Kinsella, a documentary filmmaker from Northern Ireland who has lived in Norway for the last 20 years.
What Mr. Kinsella was actually doing in the DPRK and what plans he had for his stay in that land, I already have described in my sketch "Red-red, freckled ..." (see English translation attached), so I will not repeat myself here.
And here’s what happened after.
After the Korean comrades scrutinized more closely the "portfolio" of Mr. Kinsella, including his "masterpieces" such as "Killing Girls" and "Beautiful Tragedy", he never got permission to shoot his new film in the DPRK. But it did not stop him from making another libelous piece of "work", especially since he already had some film and photo
materials taken in the DPRK during his trip as a tourist. He is hoping that they will be enough to give his future creation a certain degree of plausibility.
But in reality, his movie "The Wall", much touted as an " unprecedented film production in North Korea and Northern Ireland. A
David Kinsella film premiere 2015"
https://www.facebook.com/296500830364159/photos/a.763592873654950.1073741829.296500830364159/781156215231949/?type=1&permPage=1) was filmed in the most neglected and impoverished ghettos of Belfast, with South Korean actress Yuna Shin (http://www.castingcallpro.com/uk/view.php?uid=296997 ), invited from London and starring as his fictional North Korean Yun
There are a few pictures of his future "masterpiece" (in the
attachment), and the first lines of the so-called "script" which Kinsella already started to pen back in Pyongyang (in between countless pints of beer at the hotel). His co-writer, Dutchman Klaas Bense, as far as I know, has never even visited the DPRK.
Kinsella had no qualms about the lie that the shooting of his film took place in North Korea, where men supposedly even "blocked the main street in Pyongyang early in the morning" for the shoot.
But then he blurts out the truth on his Facebook page: "Location scouting in Belfast and casting for "The WALL" We turn Belfast into "North Korea"
Funds for his trip to the DPRK and for production costs were provided
by the Norwegian Film Institute, that is, a public institution of that Scandinavian country.
According to Kinsella, it is "the second film of my trilogy on EVIL" (in capital letters, as in the original).
Do we need to say more, in order to understand what he is being paid for?
In The Wall we learn to take our own decisions and believe what we see and not what others tell us to see, " - that is the theme of this fabricated tale, in which we are told to believe that life in a Northern Irish ghetto, where people live like this: http://work-way.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Loyalist-bonfire.jpg

- which I see with my own eyes every day! -, is akin to life in the DPRK, where people have no idea of what unemployment, drug addiction, sectarian murder, and child alcoholism are.
You know, Davy, we think we can live without what you and your sponsors and bosses are telling us to believe!
An Irish Friend of the DPRK and KFA Member

Pyongyang, August 31 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Policy Department
of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK issued the following statement on Sunday:
Recently the British 4th TV channel producers openly made public
a plan for producing and airing a serial TV drama-style movie malignantly slandering the DPRK.
The movie is nothing but a conspiratorial charade painting a wrong picture of the DPRK's reality as it is based on a sheer lie
intended to give impression that the DPRK's nuclear treasured sword for self-defence was manufactured by "illegally acquiring" nuclear
technology from Britain.
The broadcasting service is blustering without hesitation that the purpose of the movie is to tell the world that the DPRK is the
"most closed country on the earth" and the "biggest threat" to the
Western world.
No matter how desperately the producers of the above-said TV channel, hooligans and rogues under the guise of artistes, may work to falsify the reality, they can never hide the truth.
The DPRK's nuclear treasured sword for self-defence is the proud fruition of the defense industry in the era of Songun based on its own efforts, technology and resources from A to Z.
The Juche-oriented nuclear power of the DPRK which is on the ultra-modern world level is so powerful and tremendous that no one can imagine.
The U.S., a master hand at plots and fabrications, dares not deny
this hard fact.
Those who are talking about "illegal acquisition of nuclear technology" are no more than blind fools and idiots bereft of even
elementary ability to discern the truth.
The gravity of the situation lies in that this despicable burlesque is being orchestrated at the tacit connivance, patronage and
instigation by "Downing Street".
This mud-slinging is a premeditated politically-motivated provocation and deliberate hostile act to hurt the dignity of the
supreme leadership and tarnish the sovereign authority of the DPRK and its international image.
It is not exaggeration to say that Britain is the country with inborn disposition of blindly copying the American-style diplomacy.
This is evidenced by the fact that when a movie company of Hollywood distributed a preview of a reactionary movie peppered with
the story hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK after producing it, the British broadcasting service deliberately used
it for staging such charade.
The British authorities should not forget even a moment the lesson drawn from the incident in which that it was sentenced to
permanent death because of "poems of evil" which groundlessly slandered a country in the Mideast in the past.
Reckless anti-DPRK hysteria would only bring disgrace and self-destruction.
The British authorities should throw reactionary movies now being planned or in the process of production into a dumping ground without delay and punish the chief culprits.
This would help prevent any hurt to the image of the UK and
preserve the hard-won diplomatic relations between the DPRK and Britain.
It would be well advised to judge itself what consequences would
be entailed if it ignores the DPRK's warning.
ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA slam anti DPRK propaganda serial
London 1st of September Juche 103(2014)
The ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA issued the following joint statement in support of the statement of the Policy Department of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on the
plan of Channel Four to make an anti DPRK serial "Opposite Number ";
We strongly support the statement of the Policy Department of the DPRK National Defence Commission on the issue of a proposed anti-DPRK tv serial.
The plan by Channel Four to make a so-called spy thriller "Opposite Number " is yet another twist to the anti DPRK propaganda campaign by the British imperialist media . This is all part of the Goebbelseque "big lie" strategy of the capitalist media to slander and defame the Democratic People's Republic of Korea , to brainwash the British
people into harbouring hostility towards the DPRK. We friends of the DPRK and Juche Idea and Songun Idea followers of the UK cannot tolerate such a thing.
This is not the first time that Channel Four have shown anti-DPRK propaganda. Back in the year 2000 Channel Four broadcast the notorious "Children of the Secret State " an anti DPRK film that was filmed in south Korea and Thailand rather than the DPRK but this footage was passed off as being in the DPRK.(it should be noted that another anti-DPRK film in production "The Wall" is being filmed in the poorer parts of Belfast and these will be passed off as
the DPRK).. The makers of the programme repeat all the usual worn-out
propaganda cliches about the DPRK "closed country " and " one of the most dangerous for the West" . This clearly shows the intention of the makers of the programme to slander and besmirch the DPRK and defame the socialist system of the DPRK.
Channel Four is well know for producing programmes of dubious repute such the so-called reality TV show "Big
Brother ", a real cultural cesspit.
The Channel Four tv serial "Opposite Number " has a far-fetched and implausible plot which has no relation to reality . The DPRK's nuclear deterrent is the product of the Juche-orienated self-reliant industry of the DPRK and the efforts of its efforts people under the Songun revolutionary leadership . The DPRK's nuclear deterrent has been constructed using 100% DPRK resources, labour and know-how, it is not the product of another country .
It is deeply regrettable that Britain lacks an independent policy on Korea and instead kow-tows to the US.
We believe that if such a programme is shown it will do irreparable damage to friendship and co-operation between the Korean and British peoples and imperil diplomatic relations. Therefore the programme should be cancelled at once. It is time for the British media to stop blindly following the US and report the DPRK in a positive and truthful way.



Thursday, 28 August 2014

For Bolshevism September 2014 No 9 (138)

Socialist Revolution
For Bolshevism Inside The Communist And Workers’ Movement

September 2014 No 9 (138)


100 years ago in the summer of 1914, an imperialist war broke out, which saw the total participation of 38 states with a population of over half a billion people. This was the first world war gripping 75% of the world’s population.
The war brought untold suffering and distress to nations around the world. On the battlefields 10 million were killed, and 10 million people injured.
The First World War was brewing in the development of imperialism. What led to the war was the worsening uneven development of the capitalist countries and the contradictions between them, a fierce struggle for the redivision of the world between the two military-political groups of the European powers - the Entente and the Triple Alliance, an arms race.
By 1914, the contradictions between the imperialist powers were strained to the limit. All of them were hard at it preparing for war.
German imperialism was eager for war, hoping to divide the world in their favour, to subdue most of Europe and the Middle East to establish world domination.
Imperialists of Austria-Hungary sought to gain control over Serbia and prevent the liberation of the Slavic peoples, then assert their domination over the entire Balkan peninsula and the Adriatic Sea.
British imperialists counted on by means of war to weaken Germany, to capture the German colonies, divide the Turkish empire, and capture its control over Mesopotamia (now Iraq) and the Arabian Peninsula, to further increase the vast colonial possessions of the British Empire.
French imperialism hoped not only to regain Alsace and Lorraine, but also to seize the Saar coal basin, a part of the German colonies.
Russia was in a financial dependence on France and part of Britain. This contributed to its entry into the war. But Tsarist Russia had its own reasons for war. Russian imperialism did not want the strengthening of the German influence in Turkey and the Balkans, as it sought to establish its own dominance in these countries. Russian capitalists are very worried about the competition of German goods on the domestic market of Russia.
Turkey, which the Entente imperialists in case of victory intended to carve up, on its part sought occasion to re-enslave the peoples of the Balkan Peninsula. The most aggressive circles in Turkey even dreamed of occupying the Crimea and the Caucasus, including the border regions of Persia (Iran).
The imperialist powers, undertaking the war, in addition to the seizure of foreign lands, pursued another goal - they were hoping to use the situation created by the war, for a decisive suppression of the revolutionary workers' and national liberation movements.
Outbreak of war benefited the weakness of the anti-imperialist forces. At the beginning of the XX century, the forces of the world were significantly weaker than the forces of war. The main stronghold of peace was the working class. However, many of its organizations were under the influence of opportunists. This paralyzed the international proletariat in its struggle against imperialism and war. Imperialist war became inevitable.
War broke out. Another Austro-Serbian conflict served as the pretext for war. In Serbia, there are numerous national organizations making it their duty to free all of the South Slavs from Austro-Hungarian oppression. Many of these organizations adhered to the tactics of individual acts of terrorism. Thus, the organization "Mlada Bosna" condemned to death the heir to the Austrian and Hungarian thrones, Chief of the Army of the monarchy, Archduke Franz Ferdinand. He was killed on June 28, 1914 by a member of the "Mlada Bosna" Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia, where the heir arrived after military maneuvers. Aggressive elements in the Austro-Hungarian Empire decided to use this event as an excuse to enslave Serbia.
Immediately after the assassination of the heir, the Viennese government appealed to Berlin for support. There, it did not have to beg for help. Emperor Wilhelm II, representing the interests of the German imperialists directly pushed Austria-Hungary to war. The German government pledged full support for its ally. In Berlin, they thought not only about the massacre of Serbia, but also the defeat of Russia and France, and on the use of a favourable environment for the indigenous redivision of the world.
In early July, Wilhelm II through the Austrian ambassador in Berlin gave the Austro-Hungarian government unequivocal advice: "Do not procrastinate with this action" (against Serbia). Austria-Hungary on July 23 sent an ultimatum to Serbia. It was presented with humiliating demands that no state that valued their independence and dignity would accept. The Serbian government was given 48 hours to respond.
On the advice of Russia, rightly considering itself not yet prepared for war, the Serbian government showed maximum flexibility: prior to the expiration, the Austrian envoy reported acceptance of the ultimatum, except only for one demand, very crudely violating the sovereignty of Serbia, - participation of Austrian officials in the investigation on the territory Serbia on the murder of the Archduke. The envoy nevertheless immediately announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Serbia.
On July 28, the Austro-Hungarian government by telegram declared war on Serbia. Austro-Hungarian troops invaded the Serbian territory and bombed the capital Belgrade.
Following mobilization in Austro-Hungary, Russia’s mobilization began. The capture of Serbia by Austria-Hungary would mean establishing its rule over the Balkan Peninsula. Neither Russia nor the rest of the Entente powers did not want to let that happen. In response to the mobilization of the Russian army, on August 1, Germany declared war on Russia, and August 3 – on France. German troops immediately invaded Belgium, illegally violating its neutrality.
Germany at the time signed with other European powers a treaty on the neutrality of Belgium, but the German government had flouted its international obligations. The imperial Chancellor cynically called the treaty of neutrality of Belgium a "scrap of paper."
In these troubled days, the British government had a very ambiguous policy. British imperialists wanted war, so they encouraged German aggression. To do this, the British Foreign Secretary at the German government supported the ILLUSION that Britain would remain neutral. When war broke out on the continent, the British government unveiled maps and on 4 August declared war on Germany under the pretext of protecting the Germans who violated Belgian neutrality.
The war launched by the five major powers of Europe, gradually embroiled about four dozen countries in different parts of the world. It involved also the colonies of the European powers. The war had become worldwide.
During the war the imperialists ruthlessly extorted from the colonies raw materials and food. In addition, hundreds of thousands of indigenous people of these colonies were exported to Europe to work in the rear, and as soldiers, who used to command the most difficult parts of the front. England, for example, mobilized in their overseas colonies nearly 1 million soldiers, and France - about 300 thousand.
The nature of war. The war that began in July - August 1914 was an imperialist predatory war and unfair on both sides. Only Serbia in the war continued a long struggle for independence and liberation of the South Slavs from the oppression of Austria-Hungary. For Serbia, this war was a national liberation war and a just war. But this did not alter the predatory character of the First World War, taken as a whole.

The instigators of the First World War were imperialists of all countries, as they had aggressive policies. However the initiators unleashed of the war in 1914 were Germany and its imperialist ally of Austria-Hungary. They went to war because they had prepared earlier and better than their opponents. Germany created a strong army, excellently equipped with military equipment. It had a very dense network of railways, prepared for military transportation to the borders. German military industry exceeded French and Russian together.
The collapse of the II International. The bourgeoisie and the landowners of all countries urged people to join the war and to give full support to their government. The church, press, film and other means of publicity fuelled chauvinistic attitudes. In each country, the imperialists were trying to convince people, and especially soldiers marching to the front, in the justness of the war. They claimed that it was carried out only for the sake of defence, and that this was supposedly to be the last war for everlasting peace and happiness for all future generations (a war to end all wars).
The opportunistic leaders of the parties of the II International also joined the general chorus of military-chauvinist propaganda.
The Basel and Stuttgart Congress Resolutions made against imperialist war were forgotten (see § 35). Leaders of the socialist parties, trade unions used the party and the trade union apparatus and press, to prove the need for the working class to help "their own" imperialist bourgeoisie to wage war. They called on the workers for "civil peace", i.e., for an end to their struggle against the bourgeoisie in any form during the war.
The German socialists – deputies of the Reichstag - and the French socialists - members of the Chamber of Deputies on the same day, August 4, 1914, voted for the appropriation of funds for the war. Thus they supported the imperialist military policies of their governments. The leadership of the Labour Party in Britain in late August issued a special resolution on the support of the military policy of the government.
Socialist leaders of Britain, France, Belgium, even including people like J. Ged, once so vehemently opposed the treachery of Millerand soon got into their governments. German and Austrian Social Democrats were not included in the government because they were not called in.
Opportunist leaders of the socialist parties of the II International betrayed the cause of the international proletariat, refused to fight against the imperialist war. They went on to open alliance with the bourgeoisie, supported it in organizing the world war. Socialist leaders betrayed the interests of the working class, taking chauvinistic positions. They were called the social-chauvinists.
Socialists of the Entente at a specially convened international conference defended their imperialists; the socialists of the German bloc powers made the same betrayal. The International crashed and disintegrated.
Several leaders of the socialist parties, such as Kautsky in Germany, McDonald in Britain and others, spoke pas words against the war, calling for peace, but at the same time preached renunciation of revolutionary struggle. Thus, they, as well as the open opportunists, betrayed the interests of the proletariat. The position of such disguised traitors is most harmful, because workers find it harder to figure out than the position of outright traitors.
The struggle of the Bolsheviks, led by Lenin for the unity of the revolutionary forces. Of all parties of the II International, only Bolshevik Party headed by VI Lenin led a consistent, uncompromising struggle against the imperialist war, social-chauvinism and centrism.
In November 1914, the manifesto of the RSDLP Bolshevik "War and Russian Social-Democracy" written by VI Lenin (see document) was published.
The manifesto exposed the imperialist character of the war and the true predatory aims of the belligerent powers. In this remarkable document bourgeois chauvinism was exposed along with its support for the leaders of the socialist parties and the depth of their betrayal. The Bolsheviks called for the following:
a) begin the struggle for the transformation of the imperialist war into a civil war, ie, a revolutionary war against the bourgeoisie and landlords in order to gain state power by the proletariat;
b) accept the slogan of the defeat of their government in the imperialist war of conquest;
c) a complete break with the opportunists, and from the collapse of the II International, create a new, III International, free of opportunist elements.
VI Lenin and the Bolsheviks from autumn 1914, launched a struggle under these slogans against all kinds of opportunism, for the unity of the revolutionary internationalist elements of various socialist parties.

Manifesto by the RSDLP Bolshevik "War and Russian Social-Democracy"

(Printed November 1, 1914 (for n. Tbsp.) In the paper "Social Democrat», № 33. Abridged)
The European war, which the governments and the bourgeois parties of all countries have been preparing for decades, has broken out. The growth of armaments, the extreme intensification of the struggle for markets in the latest—the imperialist—stage of capitalist development in the advanced countries, and the dynastic interests of the more backward East-European monarchies were inevitably bound to bring about this war, and have done so. Seizure of territory and subjugation of other nations, the ruining of competing nations and the plunder of their wealth, distracting the attention of the working masses from the internal political crises in Russia, Germany, Britain and other countries, disuniting and nationalist stultification of the workers, and the extermination of their vanguard so as to weaken the revolutionary movement of the proletariat—these comprise the sole actual content, importance and significance of the present war.
It is primarily on Social-Democracy that the duty rests of revealing the true meaning of the war, and of ruthlessly exposing the falsehood, sophistry and “patriotic” phrasemongering spread by the ruling classes, the landowners and the bourgeoisie, in defence of the war.
At this time of supreme and historic importance, most of the leaders of the present Socialist International, the Second (1889-1914), are trying to substitute nationalism for socialism. As a result of their behaviour, the workers’ parties of these countries did not oppose the governments’ criminal conduct, but called upon the working class to identify its position with that of the imperialist governments. The leaders of the International committed an act of treachery against socialism by voting for war credits, by reiterating the chauvinist (“patriotic”) slogans of the bourgeoisie of their “own” countries, by justifying and defending the war, by joining the bourgeois governments of the belligerent countries, and so on and so forth.
The opportunists have wrecked the decisions of the Stuttgart, Copenhagen and Basle congresses,[1] which made it binding on socialists of all countries to combat chauvinism in all and any conditions, made it binding on socialists to reply to any war begun by the bourgeoisie and governments, with intensified propaganda of civil war and social revolution.
But in all the advanced countries the war has placed on the order of the day the slogan of socialist revolution, a slogan that is the more urgent, the more heavily the burden of war presses upon the shoulders of the proletariat, and the more active its future role must become in the re-creation of Europe, after the horrors of the present “patriotic” barbarism in conditions of the tremendous technological progress of large-scale capitalism.
The proletarian International has not gone under and will not go under. Notwithstanding all obstacles, the masses of the workers will create a new International. Opportunism’s present triumph will be short-lived. The greater the sacrifices imposed by the war the clearer will it become to the mass of the workers that the opportunists have betrayed the workers’ cause and that the weapons must be turned against the government and the bourgeoisie of each country.
The conversion of the present imperialist war into a civil war is the only correct proletarian slogan, one that follows from the experience of the Commune, and outlined in the Basle resolution (1912); it bas been dictated by all the conditions of an imperialist war between highly developed bourgeois countries. However difficult that transformation may seem at any given moment, socialists will never relinquish systematic, persistent and undeviating preparatory work in this direction now that war has become a fact.
It is only along this path that the proletariat will be able to shake off its dependence on the chauvinist bourgeoisie, and, in one form or another and more or less rapidly, take decisive steps towards genuine freedom for the nations and towards socialism.
Long live the international fraternity of the workers against the chauvinism and patriotism of the bourgeoisie of all countries!
Long live a proletarian International, freed from opportunism!
Central Committee of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party
VI Lenin Collected Works Works. cit., 26, p 15-23

VB Zelikov
Secretary of the CC AUCPB


From the Bureau of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCPB) in Belarus and the Kaliningrad region, Patriotic public association "Fatherland", the Belarusian Central Committee of the Communist Party of Workers (BKPT), Republican Public Association "For the Union and the Communist Party of the Union" (ROO SKPS), the Belarusian branch of the International Union of Soviet Officers, International Public Association "For the Motherland! For Stalin! "
At the moment the whole world with a heavy heart is following the ongoing hostilities in the South-East of Ukraine and the destruction of the civilian population of the region. The tragic events in Ukraine are becoming increasingly widespread in the nature of a civil war. The number of people killed and wounded in this fratricidal war is growing along with the hundreds of thousands of refugees in order to preserve life are leaving their homes, being deprived of shelter, work, food security. This year marks the 70th anniversary of Ukraine's liberation from Nazi invaders by the Red Army, 70 years of Ukraine living under a peaceful sky, and now again its towns and villages are being exposed to shelling with heavy artillery and bombing from the air. According to eyewitnesses, media professionals and representatives of various international organizations in these military attacks are the majority of those dying are not those in the self defence forces but the civilians of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, including children, women and the elderly.
The theme of the war in the South-East of Ukraine forth the fourth month in a row has been on the front pages of the world media and is one of the most important, because many things in today's world depend on the outcome of the Ukrainian crisis. Passions around Ukraine in recent days have especially intensified after the death on the territory of the People's Republic of Donetsk of almost three hundred passengers flying in a "Boeing" airplane, owned by a Malaysian airline company. Speeches and statements by leaders of the U.S., Russia, Ukraine and the EU on this issue appeared in the media almost every day. However, we, the representatives of the above organizations consider it necessary to note and draw public attention to those moments in the conflict, which the leaders of many countries in their statements and decisions in relation to the events in Ukraine are trying to ignore or do not even notice.

1. When talking about the neo-banderite junta which seized power in Ukraine, we are not dealing with an ordinary bourgeois-democratic government, but a fascist government which established an open terrorist dictatorship in the country, a government that tramples upon the democratic rights and freedoms of its citizens, a government that has established such orders under which prevails not the law, but brute force and weapons. In modern Ukraine, persecution of dissidents and citizens and even deputies of the Verkhovna Rada (upper house of parliament) has become the norm.
Election of the President of Ukraine Poroshenko who financed the coup in Maidan, in violation of the conditions of the democratic electoral process, in an environment where not only many citizens did not vote, but entire regions did not vote, as a consequence did not make Kiev junta a legitimate goverment.
Having set about crushing the nationwide monuments to VI Lenin, the fascist neo-banderites hung out in the streets and squares of Ukrainian cities and towns portraits of fascists Bandera and Shukhevych on whose hands are stained the blood of thousands and thousands of tortured and brutally murdered Jews, Poles, Russians, Ukrainians and other nationalities. As you know, the burning of the residents of Belarusian Khatyn was also the handiwork of the Bandera death squads, which often even surpassed the cruelty of their masters - the Nazi executioners.
As is known, the Nazis began their reign in Germany with the persecution of Communists. Presently, their followers – the Kievan rulers – are also conducting business in efforts to ban Communist activities in Ukraine.
Its is unlikely in Europe, which during World War II suffered from Nazism, that some states would agree to have the same "democracy", which is now installed in Ukraine and such a pro-Nazi government at that.

2. The present Kiev government in Ukraine is not independent. It is completely controlled by the leadership of the Western countries, primarily the United States. These Kiev puppets do not make a single step without the consent of their Western puppeteers, and adopt a policy of handing over the national interests of the Ukrainian state to foreign corporations of Zionist-American imperialism. Therefore, the current rulers of Ukraine on the whole can not even be called nationalists. These are collaborators and lackeys of the West.

3. In the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics on 11 May 2014, popular referendums were held on the issue "Do you support the act of the proclamation of independence of Donetsk (Luhansk) of the People's Republic?" As many journalists and observers noted, the referendum was held with an unusually high turnout in some communities with some areas where in the referendum up to 90% of the population took part. The overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of the DPR and the LPR voted in favour of independence for their republics: "for" national sovereignty of the DPR in favour voted 89.07% of voters, "for" state sovereignty of LPR - 90.53%. As is known, in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 16 December 1966 (in both Covenants - Article 1) provides: "All peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development ... ". And this right was realized by the population of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics.
However, despite the evidence of the decision by Donbass residents, many political scientists and leaders of Western countries, Ukraine and even states of former Soviet republics continue to whine on about these referendums not matching certain international standards. But they do not take into account the main thing: the people of Donbass clearly and unambiguously expressed THEIR STRONG POLITICAL WILL: THEY DO NOT WANT TO LIVE UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE KIEV NEO-BANDERITE JUNTA.
With regard to the issue of recognition of the referendum results, then let Western politicians answer the question of why they recognized the independence and separation of Kosovo from Yugoslavia, where, as previously noted the Russian Foreign Ministry, "no such plebiscite, more so coherent with the norms of the international community, on the issue of Kosovo's independence was ever held."

4. The state unity of Ukraine could have been preserved, if the government of Yanukovych had not continued his predecessors ultranationalist policies of attacking the rights of the Russian-speaking population of the republic and promised a referendum on making Russian a state language, and also took a clear course towards integration with Russia. Under current conditions, after the bloody coup and the massacre carried out by today’s Ukrainian fascists against rebellious citizens of Ukraine, quite a different political situation has developed. Residents of Donbass, Odessa and other affected regions will never forget and will not forgive the neo-banderites who murdered their children, wives, mothers and other relatives, as they constantly talk about now. The borderline between East and West Ukraine has now passed through their hearts, and this open wound on them will last a long time. If all this is not taken into account and the policy of genocide continues against the Russian speaking population of Donbass and other regions stubbornly for the sake of so-called for unity of Ukraine to, it will eventually be a conserved bomb that will explode sooner or later.

5. The Kiev and Western leaders together with media in their reports on the events in the South-East of Ukraine call the self defence forces pro-Russian "separatists". This is wrong, because the movement for independence and insubordination to the neo-banderites arose throughout Novorossiya in Kharkov, Odessa, Donetsk, Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Nikolayev and Kherson immediately after the coup on February 21-22, 2014. It is the neo-banderites with their actions from the arsenal of the fascist dictatorship attacking the dignity of the population of Novorossia that caused a wave of resistance. It was not miners armed with batons and guns that came to Kiev, but the Ukrainian army controlled by Kiev that came into Donbass as the aggressor with war.
Therefore, the demands made by Poroshenko and Co. that Donbass self defence forces lay down their weapons are invalid because the people have a sacred right to protection from abuse from any aggressor. And if the anti-fascists in the hero-city of Odessa had weapons in their hands, the fascist aggressors from Kiev would have received an adequate response, and the Odessa Khatyn tragedy would not have happened.
Therefore, it is the current Kiev authorities who are responsible for the split of Ukraine and their Western backers can justifiably be called "separatists".

6. The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in the USSR was a truly united and prosperous state, and was among the most developed countries in the world, because contributed to this most progressive Soviet socialist system. Problems in Ukraine began immediately after the bourgeois counter-revolutionary coup in 1991, and since then, the in the state began to accumulate the inevitable contradictions of capitalism. As is known, a Parliament is a slice of society. All the world in the last twenty years has witnessed how in the Verkhovna Rada with unfailing regularity occur fisticuffs that is a reflection of the contradictions in the current Ukrainian bourgeois society. Here it is – the true modern Ukraine.
As you know, there are no Russians among the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada (Upper House and neither can there be, as in there are only deputies elected from the regions of Ukraine itself, but fisticuffs there have never ceased. Thus, accusations against Russia that it provokes "pro-Russian separatism", to put it mildly, are incorrect.

7. As you know, the main destroyer of many countries on the planet and destabilizing factor of economic and political situations is Zionist-US imperialism. U.S. intervention in the internal affairs of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya did not lead to the stabilization of their development, democratization or prosperity. Conversely, Yugoslavia has already been destroyed and the rest of the above-mentioned countries, the fracture mechanism is gaining momentum. Power there has been grabbed by the most reactionary regimes. At the same time the United States does not plead guilty, in their arsenal is still the blatant lie, frank cynicism and most shameless audacity. These same qualities have been adopted by the Kiev authorities and supervised by the Americans.
The technique to destabilize the situation in other countries and interfere in their internal affairs is currently being implemented by the U.S in Ukraine. The whole world witnessed how U.S. State Department Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland during the confrontation at the Maidan, distributed buns her "revolutionaries", giving them moral support in overthrowing the government of Yanukovych. After that, the amount of material support given was released - five billion dollars.

8. A legacy of the international community was the information that in the Donbass (at the junction of the south of the Kharkiv region of the Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics) are located abundant reserves of shale gas. That's where the eyes of American moneybags streamed towards, and namely there that the fiercest fighting has been taking place (Slavonic, Kramators'k, etc.) recently.
Shale gas extraction in the U.S. has been gradually cut by American business tycoons as a polluting industry, but in Ukraine they intend to deploy it because it promises them: a) large economic benefits; b) allow it to supply gas to Ukraine and EU countries and break their economic ties with Russia, will increase dependence on the U.S. by European allies- satellite states; c) undermine the competitor on the world energy market - the Russian Federation.
Contracts to develop gas fields with the British-Dutch company "Shell" and the American "Chevron" for 50 years were concluded by the Yanukovych government. Out of the tough conditions of the contract, it follow that the imperialist giants need only bare land with reserves of gas and coal and a small number of Ukrainian workers for the extraction process, and they do not need other people. That's why for the sake of the imperialist giants, the Kiev junta carries out the carpet bombing over Donbass cities, destroying the civilian population. And in order to find a pretext at any cost for placing at first foreign contingents of police in Donbass, and then the military, apparently, the provocation with the Malaysian "Boeing" was invented.
In connection with the tragedy associated with the Malaysian aircraft and the death of the passengers onboard, there is currently being deployed in the world's media a noisy propaganda campaign. Representatives of Ukraine and the countries of the West in the first hours after the disaster appointed responsibility for it to Russia and DPR self defence forces. Regardless of the groundless, unsubstantiated statements made by many of the most senior officials and heads of state, they can not shed light on the cause of the crash. Only a genuine objective investigation can establish the truth which, apparently, is of no interest to the Ukrainian authorities or their Western patrons. They still have not answered 10 questions by the Russian Defense Ministry and 22 questions laid out by Rosaviation. But the U.S. and its lackeys in Kiev still remain silent. Apparently, not without reason.
As for the whole socio-economic situation in the east of Novorossiya (Donbass), the global oligarchy (American, European, Ukrainian, Russian, etc.) are not happy with the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, whose leaders declared their intention to nationalize large enterprises in the region which are still the private property of Ukrainian and other billionaires. Apparently, therefore, the bourgeois Putin government is in no hurry to save Donbass. As we can see, in this conflict, the class solidarity of the oligarchs prevails over the imperialist contradictions.
In this regard, we, the representatives of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB) for Belarus and the Kaliningrad region, Patriotic public association "Fatherland", the Belarusian Central Committee of the Communist Party of Workers (BKPT), Republican Public Association "For the Union and the Communist Party of the Union" (ROO SKPS), the Belarusian branch of the International Union of Soviet Officers, International Public Association "For the Motherland! For Stalin! ", express full support for the just struggle of the people of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics and their armed forces for their freedom and independence, as well as actions towards the nationalization of enterprises located in the republics, that income from their work goes not into the pockets of Ukrainian and foreign oligarchs, but towards the needs of the working people of the region.
We express our strong protest against the continued punitive operation by the armed forces of the Kiev junta against the people of Novorossiya (DPR and LPR), including with the use of phosphorus and cluster munitions, which resulted in the killing of innocent civilians. The firing which is being carried out on civilians by the Ukrainian military, using both conventional small arms and "Grad" systems, tanks, guns and planes - is a war crime, and the perpetrators should be punished. The Ukrainian military actions are also criminal in the case of them using phosphorus shells against military targets of the self defence forces of Donbass, because their use is prohibited by the Protocol of international Geneva Convention of 1979.
We appeal to the leaders of the international community to recognize the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, whose population at their referendums voted for independence. The heroic resistance against the punitive actions being carried out by the armed forces of the fascist neo-banderite Ukrainian government earns the respect of all progressive people.
We demand that the civilian population of the blockaded city of Donbass is granted broad humanitarian assistance. Given the ongoing fighting there, humanitarian convoys and columns of refugees should be provided with armed protection against terrorist gangs and attacks from the air.
We urge the Government of the Russian Federation with a demand that it provides effective assistance to the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics and strongly expresses its support, because without feeling any resistance from Russia, the Kiev junta and its overseas masters will have become completely audacious.
In order to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and the further loss of innocent people in Donbass, we appeal to the leaders of Western countries with the demand to persuade the present Ukrainian leadership to end its punitive operations in the South-East of Ukraine. By supporting the criminal acts carried out by the fascist Ukrainian murderers in power, and having grown and strengthened fascism in Ukraine, the West will inevitably get it themselves – that is, fascism at home.
We demand from the Kiev government that usurped power in Ukraine, to stop the aggression against the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. We should not forget the lessons of history: the aggressors and war criminals sooner or later await just retribution.

Hands off Donetsk and Lugansk!


London 2nd of August Juche 103(2014)
The ASSPUK , Juche Idea Study
Group of England and UK Korean Friendship Association issued the
following statement in support of the statement made by the Korean
National Peace Committee on the 1st of August;
Recently the aggressive US imperialists ,the sworn enemy of the
Korean people , and their reactionary fascistic lackey the south
Korean puppets announced their plan to stage the "Ulji Freedom
Guardian " military exercise in south Korea later this month . They
stated that they would incorporate into these drills their so-called
"tailored deterrence strategy " and include a practice operation for
nuclear war. This does clearly show the evil and aggressive intent of
US imperialism to provoke a war against the Democratic People's
Republic of Korea and to stifle Korean-style socialism by force.
These exercises
follow on from other US and south military exercises held these year
such as Foal Eagle/Key Resolve, Max Thunder and other aggressive
exercises . The DPRK has made numerous peace proposals as well as some
concrete measures to improve inter-Korean relations but these are
being wilfully ignored by the south Korean puppets who are now rushing
headlong into yet more military exercises with their US imperialist
overlords and masters.
The US imperialists and their south Korean puppets have
hypocritically taken issue with the the DPRK's self defensive missile
tests carried out on its own soil but plan to carry out nuclear war
exercises on the land of Korea thousands of miles from their shores.
We ask ; Where is the condemnation of the UN Security Council ?
Ulji Freedom Guardian is not only an affront to the dignity
and sovereignty of the DPRK but because it involves a test drill for
a nuclear war it is a very serious threat to world peace .

We fully support the call of the Korean National Peace Committee for
the cancellation of the exercises.

Full statement of DPRK National Peace Committee see link below
On August 15th the DPRK will celebrate the 69th anniversary of
liberation from Japanese imperialism . Korea's liberation was not the
the gift of big powers but the fruit of the 20 year long armed
struggle led by the great leader
President Kim Il Sung.
Japan, an ally of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy, had annexed Korea in
1910 . They had severely repressed the Korean people even forbidding
the use of the Korean language in Korea as well as plundering Korea of
valuable resources. The Japanese imperialists committed unspeakable
atrocities such as forcing Korean women into sexual slavery and
killing many Korean people.
The anti-Japanese armed struggle led by the great leader general Kim
Il Sung was a thunderbolt of independence that shattered forever the
oppression of Japanese imperialist colonial rule over Korea. Korea
became a nation instead of being part of the "Greater East Asia
Prosperity Sphere" of the deranged fascist Samurai's. With the
achievement of independence on August 15th 1945 the Korean people
gained a new life of independence and creativity becoming masters of
their own fate. A new era of national resurrection under the banner of
the Juche idea began on August 15th 1945.

Today under the leadership of respected Marshal Kim Jong Un and the
Workers' Party of Korea the DPRK is further consolidating its
independence .

On the 25th of August the Democratic People's Republic of Korea will
celebrate the Day of Songun (Army first policy ). August 25th was the
day when 64 years ago the great leader generalissimo Kim Jong Il began
his Songun -based revolutionary leadership at the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su
Guards no 105 Tank Division
of the Korean People's Army. This is now a public holiday in the DPRK.
Read more about the Songun-based revolutionary leadership here
The Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea(AINDF)
was founded on the 25th of August 1969 by south Korean patriots . It
had been formed as the Revolutionary Party for Reunification in Seoul
.It's first leaders comrades Kim Jong Tae and Choi Yong Do were
executed and the party heavily repressed by the south Korean puppet
fascist regime . Today the AINDF
heroically struggles to uphold the torch of Juche in south Korea and
fights for reunification. UK KFA salutes the 45th anniversary of the