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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

January 8 in the DPRK celebrated the birthday of Kim Jong UN

January 8 in the DPRK celebrated the birthday (1982) of the country's top leader, Comrade Kim Jong-un. After the demise of the Great Kim Jong Il, on December 17, 2011, Kim Jong-un, at the enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK, was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the KPA, Supreme Leader of the Party, Army and People on 30.12.2011. In the future, all these statuses were confirmed at the relevant high-level state political meetings and congresses. Today, he occupies all senior positions in the state.
Despite the continuing monstrous economic blockade on the part of the United States and the isolation of the country, the DPRK has been experiencing a certain economic uptick recently. The reason for this is, in all likelihood, the cautious economic reforms conducted by Kim Jong-Un, with the introduction of a system of so-called family ties, which can be called a "family contract."

Reform in agriculture consists in the creation of family production links (of 5-6 people) that can work on the site of the cooperative field for several years and retain a part, previously 30%, and now 60%, of the crop, with the right to market it. Such a system can be called a partial privatization in agriculture, while retaining ownership of land in the hands of the cooperative. Peasants can also lease personal plots up to 33 hectare and produce agricultural products on them. Thanks to this, agriculture has succeeded in substantially increasing the production of food products and now the DPRK itself practically provides itself with food (with only 20% of arable land and a mountain landscape).

Something similar is practiced in the industrial sector of the economy, where family contracts can produce some goods (consumer goods) and sell them on the market. Especially family contracts in the industrial sector function in the sphere of consumer services and partly in the manufacturing industry.

Moreover, this new type of management system is carried out under the political control of the state. At the same time, any ideological deviations are suppressed.

Many analysts in South Korea estimate the rate of economic growth in the DPRK in recent years under Kim Jong-un at 2-3% annually, probably due to the introduction of a family contract system.

The DPRK is experiencing a recovery in the construction industry. With Kim Jong Un, there is a real construction boom, which primarily embraced the capital of Pyongyang, which became one of the most beautiful modern capitals in the world. In April 2016 in Pyongyang on the coast of the river Taedon put into operation a miracle of modern urbanism from high-rise buildings with comfortable apartments for living from 80 to 140 m2, which are already populated by ordinary citizens. Recall that the authorities of the DPRK provide apartments for FREE and already with fully installed kitchen equipment and furniture.

Under Kim Jong
Un, the Korean pioneer camps "Artek" began to function, in which thousands of children from different countries annually rest. There has been created an amazing water park, which is so loved by Korean children. The House of Science was built, also a miracle of modern and elegant urban planning.

In general, it is possible to talk a lot about achievements in the development of the DPRK during the period of Kim Jong-
Un’s governance. But perhaps the most important thing is the successful completion of the development of the nuclear program, as Kim Jong Un said at the launch of a new type of Hwaseon-15 intercontinental ballistic missile on November 29, 2017. "Hwaseon-15" in its navigational and military-technical parameters is already capable of carrying a powerful nuclear charge and reaching any point in the continental US. In other words, for any preventive nuclear strike by the DPRK, its ICBR will deal a crushing blow to the United States. (With the predominance of the mountain landscape, it is not difficult for the hard-working heroic people to have ICBMs in mountain ranges). The angry scared squeal from the US for the successful launch of Hwaseong-15, the introduction of new inhuman sanctions against the DPRK and the carrying out of intimidating joint military maneuvers by the armed the forces of the United States and South Korea near the borders of the DPRK are just clanking the teeth of an arrogant predator with no teeth, without the possibility of biting his opponent.

The acquisition of the DPRK
of the ICBR, which covers the territory of the United States, has become a reliable guarantor of the DPRK's protection against bandit threats from the United States. America, absorbed in the acquisition of a new mass of dollars by continuing the robbery of other countries, dollars to organize somewhere else a new war, somehow missed one very important moment in describing its opponent - the DPRK - the monolithic unity of the Leader, Army and People, welded together by one faith and love of his Fatherland. The United States overlooked the fact that the entire 25 million people of the DPRK are a single Army well armed and ready at any moment to stand up for the defense of their beloved homeland and their leader.

Despite continuing threats from the United States, the people of
the DPRK live a normal peaceful life, raise their children and build their own socialist independent state.

The Central Committee of the AUCPB congratulates Comrade Kim Jong-un on his Birthday and wishes the heroic people of the DPRK and its leader the clear sky and the Sun over their beautiful country of morning

Long live the invincible people of the DPRK!

                                       Central Committee of the AUCPB


On December 21, 2017, the 138th anniversary of the birth of J.V. Stalin was widely noted by the Communists and sympathizers of Moscow. A column of people wishing to lay flowers at the grave of JV. Stalin at the Kremlin wall walked past the grave continuously for an hour and consisted of many more than a thousand participants. All this time, at the grave of .V. Stalin was standing with the standard of the AUCPB, a representative of the Moscow organization AUCPB

Activists of the left-patriotic forces of Belarus celebrated the 138th anniversary of the birth of J.V. Stalin

On December 21, 2017 delegations of parties and public associations that formed the Coordinating Council of the Left-Patriotic Forces of Belarus "Unity" and their supporters, in connection with the 138th anniversary of the birth of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin in a solemn atmosphere laid flowers to the bust of J.V. Stalin, which is located on the territory of the historical and cultural complex "Stalin's Line", located 30 kilometers from Minsk.

The event was attended by members of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCPB), the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), the organizing committee for the creation of the Belarusian Communist Party of Workers (OPF), activists of the International Public Association "For the Motherland! For Stalin! ", The movement" Immortal Regiment "(Minsk), the military-patriotic complex" Patriot ", representatives of the Georgian public association, as well as students of the school № 83 named after G.K. Zhukov (Minsk).

Before laying flowers at the bust of J.V. Stalin, the leaders of the above-named parties and public associations made speeches. All the speakers were unanimous in the main: "Under the banner of Stalin we will win again!"

In memory of the exceptionally great role of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the USSR, the Generalissimo of the Soviet Union, J.V. Stalin in the defeat of Hitler's fascism, the laying flowers at the bust of J.V. Stalin was conducted using the flags of the USSR, the BSSR, depicting the coat of arms of the USSR and the famous slogan-appeal of the leader of the party and the Soviet state: "Our cause is right, victory will be ours!"

The activists of the AUCPB distributed a large number of Bolshevik newspapers, which were in demand among those assembled at the time of the imposition.

As for the Historical and Cultural Complex "Stalin Line", established near Minsk, it should be noted: the name "Stalin Line" is an anti-historical one, in the area of ​​the city of Minsk, there really were defensive structures called "Minsk Fortification". The name "Stalin's Line", as reported by SOVINFORMBYURO during the war, was invented by German fascist propaganda to justify the losses of the Hitlerites, and at the present time it is used by Western media.

Happy New Year 2018!

Dear comrades! Members of the AUCPB, VMGB, our friends and like-minded people in Russia and abroad! We congratulate you all on the coming New Year, the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx, the founder of scientific communism, and the 30th anniversary of the revival of Bolshevism!
We wish you all good health, courage in our common struggle for socialism, for the revival of our great Motherland-the USSR! We wish all of you the solidarity of our communist ranks, the ranks of the fighters of the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist front. The truth is on our side and therefore Victory will be ours.
Central Committee of the AUCPB

Tuesday, 12 December 2017


Down with the "pseudo sports" political intriguers!

No participation in the Olympics The International Olympic Committee (IOC) at its meeting on December 5 considered the question of the participation of Russian athletes in the Olympics in 2018 in Pyeongchang and decided: IOC is ready to admit to participation in the Olympics of Russian athletes representing both personal and team appearance sports, but only under the Olympic flag (neutral). Individual Russian athletes will be able to participate in the Games in Pyeongchang under the name "Olympic athletes from Russia". They will compete under the Olympic flag, and at ceremonies of their awarding will be performed an Olympic (not Russian national) anthem.

To whom "will be allowed" and who "will not be allowed" to participate in the Olympics - the same Olympic "gang" will decide again. IOC stated that it can partially or completely withdraw "penance" from Russian sports if all the requirements he put forward to Russian athletes and the Russian Olympic Committee will be fully and unconditionally fulfilled.

What do these demands mean? This is an ATTEMPT for an arrogant Dictation, an attempt to "drag" into the sport an unacceptable legal position about the COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY of all Russian sport, and not individual athletes who violated the Olympic rules. The infamous decision of the IOC instantly "stirred up" the whole country. On the Internet, public opinion polls are conducted: should Russian athletes participate in the Olympics on the terms of the IOC, or not? On one of them the result was this: out of 64 000 people 69% said - no! And only 31% said yes! LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky called for a referendum on the possibility of participation of athletes from Russia in the 2018 Olympic Games under a neutral flag. "Let the people decide. We must take a tough position and make us respect. " - he said at the plenary meeting of the State Duma.

In fact, the decision of the IOC has only an indirect relation to the sport. This is business. And, first of all, it is politics. Go on about the infamous decision of the IOC about the order of Russia's participation in the 2018 Winter Olympics, provoked by the next downfall of Russophobic persecution inspired by the dirtiest world forces and realized through the mentally ill "specialist" Grigory Rodchenkov, will undoubtedly be another betrayal of honor and dignity of our Motherland only the development and expansion of the baiting of our country by the world's pack of sharks, frantic with their impunity. We must put an end to this!

The sports team is sent to participate in the Olympics the whole country, sending athletes to protect the athletic honor. And the team must be accepted at the Olympics precisely as a team of the country. At all events, all state attributes of the sending country should be presented. In the current difficult conditions, only a boycott of the Olympics will allow the Russian state to preserve its honor and dignity.

We owe our boycott of the 2018 Olympics to show that we will not succumb to any Western blackmail - this is a thousand times more important than anything else. Only the people can solve this issue. Do not sway, write, call, wire to sports and state authorities about your opinion on this issue, participate in Internet surveys. The intermediate stage is the Olympic Meeting on December 12. And we will fight - before the Olympics.

                                                                                                                                                                                S.V. Khristenko


and why Russia is simply obliged to supply Pyongyang with the S-400 system,

able to sober up the US

In ancient Greece, as is known, the Olympic Games were the time of establishing universal peace, when sports competed in place of all the state quarrels. Then, in the epoch of slavery, all state decisions were taken by the aristocratic elite, capable of stopping for a while any war and declaring peace during the games.

In our time, all decisions are made by the financial elite, whose sphere of management is money, i.e. the banking system. And the Olympic Games from amateur status turned into a professional one, thereby becoming an integral part of the business, where each medal means more money. But sport for the majority of people remains a sporting contest and the population of the vast majority of countries looks at them habitually as a peaceful competition, under which the war charge can not be laid.

Nevertheless, during the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, the pro-American authorities in Tbilisi launched military operations against South Ossetia, launching a flurry of fire on Tskhinval. And only Russia's intervention in this conflict did not allow the mad nationalists from Georgia to destroy the population of South Ossetia. What caused great discontent in the West, where the information machine was already working for this war, although NATO soldiers did not express any desire to enter into a war with Russia because of Saakashvili's regime in Tbilisi.

The situation with the 2018 Olympic Games in South Korea's Pyeongchang threatens to exclude Russia from the list of competitors because of "doping", which the Moscow Anti-Doping Commission of the Olympic Committee is trying to impeach Moscow, which was very actively supplied with information by dissident defectors from Russian sport. Of course, on the basis of individual cases of established doping, the entire Russian Olympic team can not be punished. Nevertheless, it is a matter of exactly this outcome, and the Russian authorities in this situation are more like worn-out travelers than leaders ready to defend the interests of the leading sports power. As a result, the Russian Olympic team may be out of the sport. What in fact means a loud slap in the face of Russian sport.

However, to believe in sanctions against Russian athletes as a contraband scandal would be a big fallacy. For the scandal lies a lot of money for which the West is ready to sacrifice not only the national team of the Russian Federation, but also to go on military provocations, trying to drag Russia into a big war.

It's no secret that all sanctions against Russia, anyway, are closed to the Moscow oligarchs, whose accounts in offshore zones look like to banks, primarily the United States, a tidbit that you want to swallow, ousting Russian owners first with travel bans, then to arrest the accounts themselves. Accordingly, the ban on the performance of the Russian team at the Olympics in Pyeongchang will exacerbate the situation with sanctions to the limit, since no one will agree with such a decision in Russia. This kind of inflation of the political situation is most similar to the magnet that attracts US financiers to the poorly lying petrodollars of oligarchs, which can be sue in the wake of a scandal, after which it will be possible to demand the spread of their influence on Russian resources, first of all, the wealth of the storerooms of Siberia.

Of course, Russian oligarchs could show patriotism and urgently transfer these petrodollars to the domestic economy and give it additional overclocking. Only this step the oligarchs will not do, because it is not inherent in financial capital and can be interpreted as weakness. That is why such a sluggish reaction of the Russian authorities to all US political maneuvers, although they clearly see the desire to imprison many Russian politicians in the United States in the image and likeness of how they have already managed to imprison special services for "arms trafficking" or "drug trafficking."

But the Olympic team of Russia is the pride of the whole country, because for their preparation there are thousands of money spent for their preparation, the pain and sweat of the athletes who managed to prepare for a very difficult program, in which they also do not recognize the weak, is worth the pain. Therefore, the removal of the Russian national team will be equivalent to spitting, which the West will direct towards the whole people. What this people just so bear it is unlikely to want.

But at the stage of the US readiness for this spitting, Russia may well take preventive measures that can soothe the entire West, both financiers and those who receive money from them in the Olympic Committee, as well as in its anti-doping affiliates. Since it is not a secret for anybody that the United States is preparing this strike against Russia, Russia should also be responded by the USA, selling, say, to Pyongyang the S-400 systems capable of sobering the US.

STATEMENT by the SECRETARIAT of the Central Committee of the AUCPB in connection with the successful launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile Khwason-15

On November 29, 2017, a successful launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile Khwason-15 was carried out in the DPRK. With a vertical launch to an altitude of 4,475 km, the missile flew 950 km falling into a given section of the East Korean Sea (the Sea of ​​Japan). The claimed technical and tactical characteristics of the missile clearly indicate that the mainland of the United States is within reach of the new Khwason-15 missile created in the DPRK.

The successful test of the new development of ICBD testifies to the achievement of the previously set goal in the DPRK - to be able to adequately respond to any military provocations by the United States.

The furious, angry reaction of Washington confirms that now the DPRK on an equal footing with the United States is the world's leading nuclear power.

By launching the Khwasson-15 ICBM, the DPRK has hit the world's predator in the teeth, threatening freedom and independence for any state that defends its original right to its own independent political course.

It should also be noted that, firstly, the present success of the DPRK has been achieved despite an unprecedented frantic campaign of sanctions, organized by the Western imperialists led by the United States against Socialist Korea. Secondly, the statement of the Government of the DPRK states: "We once again solemnly declare that this will not pose a threat to any countries and regions until the interests of our state are violated. The DPRK, as a responsible nuclear power, as a peace-loving state, will do its utmost to fulfill the noble goal of protecting peace and security in the world. " This Statement completely exposes the slanderous assertions of the US leadership that, allegedly, "Pyongyang is a threat to the whole world."

We congratulate the people of the DPRK on their outstanding victory in the development of a new type of powerful weapon that is truly capable of restraining the bestial appetites of the United States in destroying unwanted states and their leaders.

We wish the heroic industrious people of the DPRK, under the leadership of the country's leader, Comrade Kim Jong-Un, further successes in protecting his socialist state from foreign encroachments on its independence.

We wish the people of the DPRK success in accelerating the construction of the Korean socialist state in spite of suffocating sanctions from the US and their accomplices.

Long live the industrious people of the DPRK - a stronghold and defender of peace in Northeast Asia!

              Leningrad, 30 November 2017