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Thursday, 26 June 2014

For Bolshevism -No 7 (136) July 2014

For Bolshevism inside the communist and workers’ movement JULY No 7 (136)
All- Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks
Workers of all countries, Unite!

The working people came to the fore front of HISTORY on May 25 in Ukraine where presidential elections took place, which the junta prepared in a hurry, trying to quickly legalize itself in the eyes of Western "partners".
The voting result - a victory to oligarch Poroshenko - was quite predictable. President-elect Poroshenko funded "evromaydan" before successfully passing the test of allegiance to the United States, and on May 25 was only formally approved by the electoral farce. On May 25 Ukraine had only a changeover of power from one oligarchy group to another more pro - American oriented one. If the previously oligarchic bourgeoisie hired officials to implement the policies of the largest capital, it is now the largest capital that stakes its claims to political power itself, not wanting to trust hired officials. The petty bourgeoisie was thus partly on the same side with the proletariat of Donbass.
The May 25 elections were accompanied by mass fraud, egregious violations of electoral procedures, and the conducting by Kiev of a military "anti-terrorist" bloody bandit military operation to pacify the rebellious people of Donbass.
Barack Obama and European leaders of leading imperialist states - sponsors of the anti-state fascist coup on February 22, along with the bloody anti-terrorist operations against the Dontetsk Peoples Republic (DPR) and Lugansk Peoples Republic (LPR), and the heinous burning alive of civilians in Odessa on May 2 - rushed immediately to recognize the "legitimacy" of the elections. It does not matter to the West that in Donbass (6.6 million people) did not participate in the vote, or a number of other regions had a turnout of less than 50 % of voters, that voting in some places actually went at gunpoint (with threats from the "right sector" - "if you do not come to vote, we will come to you ... ").
One of the first orders of Obama's to the newly appointed President Poroshenko was the strengthening of the military operation against the people of Donbass using rockets, bombs, multiple rocket launchers and other heavy weaponry – which drowned Donetsk, Slovyansk and other areas in blood.
The actions of Nazi Poroshenko that came to power brought a final end to the possibility of creating a federal or even confederal state of Ukraine.
A statement by Yatsenuk (premiere in the new government) on the introduction into each ministry another additional deputy minister - "consultant on European integration" - indicates complete surrender Ukraine to its plunder by the US and the West, a failure to conduct independent policy and the voluntary surrender of the Ukrainian people into slavery.
What is being now done to Ukraine by the oligarchy of Nazis Kolomoysky, Poroshenko and their associates (pro-American forces) can not but cause a mass explosion of popular indignation and strengthening of ubification processes not only in the South-East of Ukraine, but also across the entire country. In view of the imminent total economic collapse, there is the approaching terrible impoverishment of the working people of Ukraine. The "West" is not interested in improving the lives of the people and thus any hope of any help is illusory. This is evidenced by at least the EU demand for reduction of social benefits to the population, reducing wages, rising prices for everything and so forth as one of the main conditions for granting Ukraine the financial "aid".
Antiwar protests in the country are gaining strength.
Today at the forefront of history enters the working people ...
On May 24 in Donetsk at the Congress of People's Representatives the creation of Novorossiya – a Union of two independent people's republics - Donetsk and Luhansk took place. It was announced that other areas can join the Union, as soon as they pass a referendum on independence.
The Congress of People's Representatives received delegates from Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, etc. (145 delegates from 8 regions of the South-East of Ukraine). The Congress on May 24 also created the "Popular Front" – a social and political unification of the South-East which will be extended to other regions of Ukraine.
The tough opposition by the insurgent people to the criminal oligarchy in Ukraine is increasing. On May 27, miners in Donetsk announced an indefinite strike to demand the withdrawal of junta troops from the territory of Donbass and on May 28, they held a peace march under the slogan "Fascism will not pass!" and a rally during which that pledged to enforce its demands with weapons in hands .
The war against fascism is becoming more of a class war. In the DPR before the presidential election, an intention was announced to nationalize the property of the oloigarchs, the common peoples property that was stolen from the people during the destruction of the USSR.
With a further aggravation of the situation in Ukraine, class war can naturally turn into a revolution. "Every revolution signifies a drastic change in the lives of the vast masses of the people. If such a revolution is not matured, then a real revolution can not happen." (V.I. Lenin, Poln.sobr.soch., V34, p.55). According to V.I. Lenin (ibid.), "... During a revolution, millions and tens of millions of people every week will learn more than in a year of a usual, sleepy life." It is this rapid revolutionary insight of the people, the working class and the miners of Donbass that is happening in Ukraine. And the coming revolution can become and it will become a socialist revolution.
Down with fascism on Ukrainian land!
Down with the fascist dictatorship - the power of capitalist oligarchs!
Workers of Ukraine, unite!

May 28, 2014

By the Bureau of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB) for Belarus and the Kaliningrad region and patriotic public association "Fatherland" to the leadership of the Republic of Belarus in connection with a plan to send Belarusian observers to the Ukraine presidential elections on May 25, 2014
As we learned from the media, to monitor the early presidential elections in Ukraine, that were scheduled for May 25, 2014, observers would be sent from the Central Election Commission of Belarus. It should be noted that the position of our ally Russia on this issue remained more consistent and principled, as stated in the State Duma: the Russian court decided not to send observers to the elections, while the bloodshed in Ukraine continues.
The decision to hold early presidential elections on May 25, 2014 was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada after the coup d'état by the neo-bandera paramilitary troops of the "right sector" and "Freedom" party thus trampling over the agreement of February 21, 2014, signed by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych with officials and foreign ministers of Germany, France and Poland, and representatives of the Ukrainian political opposition that called for the disarmament of illegal military formations and withdrawal of enforcement structures from the centre of Kiev.
After the coup in the country, an open terrorist fascist dictatorship was established, so decisions made by Rada deputies under pressure (practically at gunpoint) and threats of physical violence against them and their families, can not be considered legitimate. The purpose of the current presidential election is to make the current fascist power legitimate and accountable to the U.S., the EU and NATO. In these circumstances, when the power in Ukraine has become totally dependent on Zionist pro-Western circles of the Ukrainian oligarchy, there is no doubt that whoever is chosen from "independence " circles, it will be a protege of Washington. (This is indeed how it turned out with Poroshenko - FB). Apparently, the U.S. government did not in vain, as the State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Psak put it, listed the Ukrainian government about $ 11.4 million for the organization of the presidential election, which would naturally be "free and fair".
The leadership of NATO does not sleep either. Four days before the designated election, sensational news was spread around the world: NATO troops had sent its experts to Ukrainian nuclear power plants, and world opinion expressed surprise that working in the atomic sphere of Ukraine is the NATO military block, and not the IAEA.
As regards the possibility of legitimate elections in Ukraine today, we can not but agree with one of the statements made by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on 23.03.2014 at a polling station during the local elections: "What can be done to unite Ukraine? Ukraine today needs help. It is necessary to hold normal elections. I do not believe that it can pass as normal presidential election in a situation where there are several law enforcement groups and subdivisions."
Yes, indeed, under a punitive operation by armed forces deployed by the Kiev junta against the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, where the people overwhelmingly supported the proclamation of state independence of the republics and refused to participate in the planned Ukrainian presidential elections election, a sham electoral process even in bourgeois democracy. No wonder, seeing all this, well-known Ukrainian politicians O. Tsarev and P. Simonenko withdrew from the presidential race.
However, the illegitimacy of the elections in Ukraine is still not the main problem for its people. The main trouble is that the shadow of medieval barbarism is looming over Ukraine. The republic after 70 years of liberation from fascism is again under its heel. The whole world was shaken by what the Ukrainian national fascists created in Odessa, which now this entire tragedy is called the Odessa Khatyn. Blood runs cold in one’s veins when you see footage of the execution of civilians in the South- East of Ukraine, not to forget the ruthless murder of police officers and residents in the city of Mariupol on sacred Victory Day of May 9. Unfortunately, in the Belarusian media, unlike the Russian media, little is written about this. And this is in a partisan-republic, where one in three people were killed during the Great Patriotic War.
We must not forget the lessons of history. Hitler's Nazis to come to power not only using assault troops, financed by Krupp, Flick, Thyssen and others (the prototype in Ukraine are neo-bander gangs of the "right sector" (D. Yarosh ) and "Freedom" party (Svoboda) (O. Tyagnibok) now funded by Kolomoisky, Firtash, Taruta ...). Hitler's National Socialists also used legitimate presidential elections and parliamentary elections to the Reichstag towards the establishment of a fascist dictatorship in Germany, where deputies were elected (the spiritual heirs of the Nazis, representatives of neo-bander extreme nationalist parties are also currently have a significant number of seats in the Ukrainian parliament – Upper house).
The election on May 25, 2014 in Ukraine, which the imperialist reactionaries aimed to hold, will not eliminate the crisis in Ukraine. On the contrary, a situation that may arise after them will exacerbate the international situation in Europe and throughout the world to the limit with the prospect of a new world war.
Summing up the above, the Patriotic public association "Fatherland" appealed to the leadership of the republic with the demand not to send observers from Belarus to Ukraine 's presidential elections May 25, 2014.
The authority of the Republic of Belarus will only grow if its leaders condemn the fascist regime established in Ukraine and call on the international community to organize a Nuremberg trial of major neo-banderite criminals.
21.05.2014, Minsk

Donbass Fighting On
First of all, we welcome the results of the national referendum in DPR (Donetsk Peoples Republic) and LPR (Lugansk Peoples Republic) and congratulate the people of the region, who declared loudly about unity in the struggle against the present-day, now American fascism. Results of the successfully held referendum (in the People's Republic of Donetsk with a turnout of 74.87 % of the electorate, 89.07 % voted "for" national sovereignty of the DPR, and in the People's Republic of Lugansk with a turnout of 81 %, 90.53 % votd "for" state sovereignty of the LPR) today are recognized only by Cyprus and the Crimea. Russia remains silent, forgetting about its recent slogans - "We are one!" etc.
Fighting Donbass never received humanitarian aid from Russia, to which an appeal and a request for help was made. On 14 May 2014 the Russian State Duma in the person of its Chairman (Speaker) S. Naryshkin declared only parliamentary discussions with parliaments of other countries (about parliamentary useless demagoguery).
President Vladimir Putin "DID NOT HEAR" the call for help. We also have not had a response to our open letter to the President on May 6 - "Prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in the South- East of Ukraine." It turns out that Putin chickened out, because he is afraid of an angry shout from across the ocean in Washington, and instead placed the people of Donbass at the mercy of the fascist junta of Kiev.
The same U.S. which organized the brutal chaos in the Ukraine, and spent billions of dollars over the past 20 years on the preparation and implementation of an armed coup in Kiev, does not want to miss out on tasty morsels and so coveted a prey - resource-rich Ukraine "in the underbelly" of Russia and continue the bloody orgy by strangers’ hands (as always) – in the war against the people of the South- East, directing their obedient corrupt puppets in Kiev.
Rebellious Donbass is not giving up fighting. The number of civilian casualties is growing, having being shot at by heavy weapons (mortars, heavy machine guns , grenade launchers, multiple launch rocket systems "Grad" and howitzers "Acacia", BMD, helicopters, etc.) by the army of Ukraine sent from Kiev along with well-armed bandits of the "right sector" and other vermin formed in the "Volunteer Army of Ukraine."
The war in South- East Ukraine is not a civil war, but a war against fascism, nurtured in the U.S. over the last 20 years in Ukraine. Nurtured as thugs and any criminal scum trained up in special military camps in western Ukraine, Belarus, Poland ... In Donbass is a class war against thieves of the criminal oligarchy, swallowing up all the country's wealth.
Donbass is known for its revolutionary and anti-fascist tradition. It was here, in what is now the People's Republic of Lugansk, in Krasnodon during the Great Patriotic War that was formed and operated the underground Komsomol organization "Young Guard". On the land of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics is now fighting the organized working class.
Donbass workers have realized that freedom and independence do not fall from the sky, they have to fight for them.
In early May, workers of all seven mines in the town of Krasny Luch instead of working in the mine arrived at the checkpoints with guns to rise up to defend their land. On the eve of the referendum, five mines were taken under the control of the insurgent workers - Bulavin, Olhovatsky, Poltavaskya, Enakievskaya, Ugledarskaya and also Enakievskiy Metallurgical Plant owned by oligarch Akhmetov and Enakievskiy Coke Plant.
The mayor of Sloviansk, Ponomarev, spoke of the need to nationalize industry: "So no one has any illusions, I want to say that the entire industry in the city will be nationalized. We can not leave the industrial potential of the city in the hands of unscrupulous businessmen." DPR Prime Minister Alexander Boroday also spoke of his intention to nationalize property of the tycoons sponsoring the Kiev junta.
Crimes committed by American fascism in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria and now in the lands of Novo- and Malorossiya (New – and Little Russia) suggest that global capital is gradually losing its power over the world and therefore has become especially dangerous and aggressive.
The world Zionist supreme government, which the Ukrainian oligarchy belongs to, has stated its claim to the wealth of Ukraine and the direct destruction of its people. Without waiting for victory, the U.S. hawks have begun to divide the coveted prey.
The duty of ALL honest people is to help the just struggle of peoples against American fascism.
We deeply empathize with the tragedy of the insurgent people of Donbass and wish them VICTORY in spite of the unequal balance of force.
CC AUCPB, May 17, 2014, Leningrad
Miners from Krasnodon get pay rise from "Metinvest"
Miners on strike since April 22 from the association "Krasnodonugol", part of the group "Metinvest" of the richest businessman Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine, on April 27 unblocked mine administration building and started back to work.
"The parties have agreed that there will be increased wages by twenty percent, and created a commission on bonuses and the adoption of a new collective bargaining agreement," the union said in a statement.
On April 22 at the five mines of the association "Krasnodonugol” a strike began with the demand for a salary increase. 80 percent of the miners did not come to work and blocked the administration building of "Krasnodonugol." During the first 3 days of downtime "Krasnodonugol" lost about 16 million hryvnia, according to company representatives.
"Krasnodonugol" is the largest company in Ukraine (now Luhansk People's Republic) coking coal. The composition of "Krasnodonugol" includes five coal mining units, two coal preparation plants, repair, transport and energy units. The company has its own medical service, as well as a developed social sphere.
At the coal mining and service units of "Krasnodonugol" work about 15.5 thousand people.

In the Donetsk Republic, mines and factories have been nationalized
As the official "Twitter " account of the People's Republic of Donetsk reports, on May 8 in Yenakievo five mines had passed into control of the insurgent people: Bulavin , Olhovatsky, Poltava Enakievskaya, Ugledarskaya.
Apart from them, the people placed under their control Enakievskiy Metallurgical Plant, owned by oligarch Akhmetov and Enakievskiy Coke Plant.
According to Ukrainian media, flags of the Donetsk People's Republic are flying from buildings.

At the Petrovskyaya mine a solidarity strike was declared.
On May 8 at 15:00, the miners went on strike. Work at the coal enterprise was temporarily suspended.
Thus, the miners showed their solidarity with the DPR and supported the referendum on the status of the Donetsk region on May 11.
How long the strikes will continue is still unknown.
The Petrovskya mine is a coal mining company (in Donetsk). It has been in operation since 1903. The production capacity is 300 thousand tons per year. Actual production is abound 123 tonnes (2003).

Kiev drivers sent stale bread to officials in protest.
On April 29 in Kiev a protest took place under the name "Bread and water - driver's food." The organizers of the event were the "Free Trade Union of Railwaymen." The purpose of the event was to draw attention to the authorities and the public that the embezzlers are stealing proceeds from "Kyivpastrans" but for drivers there remains virtually nothing.
The action was attended by drivers of KP "Kyivpastrans."
Protesters gathered outside the metro station "Khreschatyk" from where they proceeded to Shevchenko RGA to hand over to chairman of KGGA Bondarenko a symbolic loaf of stale bread.

Department of the Central Committee of the AUCPB on interaction with the workers and the trade union movement

05.12.2014 8:37
Preliminary results of the referendums in Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics were announced.
As at 6.00 on May 12 Moscow time,100 % of the ballots had been counted in both republics. Observers from the Organization "For clean elections" did not find violations that could affect the outcome of the referendum. They also noted the high level of voting, given the fact that it was almost a referendum on the battlefield.
"The high turnout of citizens shows the great interest of the population to this referendum and that there was no compulsory voting, since to the polling stations arrived not just representatives of the public sector," - said in a commentary the federal housing coordinator of observers Mikhail Polyakov to the press service.
At the same time, the fact that the referendum emphasizes independence in decision-making and "lack of outside influence on members of initiative groups of Luhansk and Donetsk regions."
In the People's Republic of Donetsk, the turnout was 74.87 %. "For" national sovereignty of the DPR voted in favour 89.07 % of those arriving to vote. Against sovereignty - 10.19%. Spoiled ballots - 0.74 %.
In Lugansk People's Republic, turnout was 81 %. "For" state sovereignty - 90.53 %. For "a single Krai" and against sovereignty - 9.04%. Spoiled ballots - 0.43 %.
Vote from residents of Luhansk living in Russia will not be counted. Results of Moscow and St. Petersburg were cancelled in order to avoid accusations of illegitimacy of the referendum.
Journalists, observers and election commissioners noted an unusually high turnout - in localities took part in the referendum up to 90 % of the population. In the photos from the event (Donetsk, Lugansk Mariupol , etc.) you could see huge queues of well-dressed citizens wishing to vote. In Moscow, the work of the polling station was extended until midnight due to the influx of citizens.
Some participants in the referendum, according to them, had voted for the first time since 1980.
Despite the military junta provocation (a checkpoint under fire in Slavyamsk on the night of May 11, an arson attack on a military unit in Mariupol, attempts to disrupt voting in the Luhansk region in the Novoaydarsky district by an armored invasion by the junta into Krasnoarmiysk where employees punitive battalion "Dnepr" killed two and seriously and injured a citizen), the referendum was held. Donbass residents exercised their right to self-determination.

Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- U.S. President Obama visited south Korea on April 25-26.
Early in April, an official for East Asian and Pacific affairs at the U.S. State Department claimed, to justify Obama's Asia visit, that there should be no doubt about the U.S. commitment to protecting its Asian allies. Then, was his visit prompted by a good intention for regional peace? It's not at all.
Obama's recent junket to south Korea is censured as a crime because it egged on the treacherous Park Geun Hye regime to aggravate the unstable situation of the Korean Peninsula and the region.
This visit, the fourth after the emergence of his administration, is bringing dark clouds of conflict and nuclear arms race to the region, as part of the implementation of the U.S. pivot to Asia-Pacific strategy.
Its reactionary purpose was fully revealed by Obama's remarks that the U.S. would cooperate with its allies and partners to tighten the pressure on the DPRK.
During his junket, he had confabs to further strengthen the U.S- Japan-south Korea cooperation under the pretext of "threat" from the DPRK. The keynote of confabs was that the three parties would continue intensifying their political, diplomatic and military cooperation and deepen their "alliance" in aspects of joint military exercises and missile defense.
Obama also inspected the U.S.-south Korea "Combined Forces Command" in Ryongsan, Seoul, with Park. It was the first time for the U.S. president to visit the "command" since its birth in 1978. During the inspection, he said the U.S. would not hesitate to use the military strength in order to defend its allies and the way of its life, and called for the "powerful U.S.-south Korea combined defense capability".
His assertion is little different from an awful logic that a gangster protects the owner of a house.
Nevertheless, Park, a witch, was engaged in confrontation with the fellow countrymen, slandering the DPRK more viciously than her master, Obama.
At the "summit" and "joint press conference", she took issue with the DPRK over its nuclear deterrence with the assertion that the "line of simultaneously pushing forward economic construction and the building of nuclear force would be bound to failure", keeping mum about the U.S. nukes.
She even went the length of crying out that Obama's trip to south Korea would be a "resolute message to the north's provocation", calling on its neighboring countries to take stronger measure against it.
The U.S. made a "promise" to reexamine the period of transfer of wartime operation control, scheduled to be expired by late 2015, in the plea of jointly countering "threat" from the DPRK as demanded by the south Korean puppets.
The south Korean puppets asked the U.S. to further postpone the period, talking about what they called "security environment".
Such disgraceful behavior of Park Geun Hye in league with the outside forces is a treachery that declared the all-out confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north while disregarding the opportunity presented by the nation.
Park is doomed to the same miserable destiny met by the "Yusin" dictator.
The U.S. and the south Korean puppets can never evade the blame for the serious consequences to be entailed by their anti-DPRK plot laid with Obama's trip as an occasion.

Pyongyang, May 5 (KCNA) -- The Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Reunification of Korea and the North Headquarters of the Nationwide Special Committee for Probing the Truth behind GIs' Massacres on Monday released a memorandum disclosing the monstrous crimes and hideous human rights abuses perpetrated by the U.S. against the Korean nation for a long period.
According to it, the U.S. launched its aggression against Korea by infiltrating its aggressor ship General Sherman in 1866. This was followed by its ceaseless plunder and invasion by its Shenandoah and other warships in 1867, 1868 and 1871.
Finding it hard to attain its aggressive purpose due to resistance of the Korean people, the U.S. sided with Japan during the 1894-1895 Sino-Japanese War and 1904-1905 Russo-Japanese War, openly supporting Japan's aggression of Korea. In 1905 the U.S. concluded the "Katsura-Taft Treaty" which recognized Japan's occupation of Korea, using it as a shock brigade for invading Korea.
After occupying south Korea under the mask of "liberator" in September of 1945, the U.S. started its bestial atrocities against the Korean nation.
It openly revealed its ambition for aggression of the DPRK and finally launched invasion of the DPRK on June 25, 1950.
The U.S. suffered a disgraceful defeat in the Korean war but has fully turned south Korea into its colony and a tundra of human rights, keeping it under its occupation since the post-war period.
It massively introduced all types of WMDs including nukes, turning south Korea into the world's biggest nuclear arsenal.
It has staged ceaseless dangerous nuclear war drills for decades, posing constant danger of nuclear disaster to the Korean nation.
The U.S. imperialists have committed unheard-of monstrous massacres of Koreans since they launched aggression against Korea.
The U.S. imperialist aggressors killed Koreans by the cruelest and most brutal methods baffling human imagination during the Korean war.
During the Korean war, they killed at least 1.23 million people in the northern half of Korea and more than 1.24 million in south Korea.
They committed sexual abuses against Korean women to satisfy their carnal desire and mercilessly killed them even in the vortex of the war.
They committed hair-raising atrocities against many innocent people, lording it over south Korea after the war.
There occurred ceaseless GI crimes last year alone. To cite just a few examples, GIs gang-raped a woman in her twenties on a subway electric car, GIs made shooting spree against passers-by in the center of Seoul, driving their car over a local policeman before taking to flight and a drunken GI drove his car at breakneck speed, causing a traffic accident, and beat the victim who chased him.
The U.S. imperialists perpetrated barbarous air raids during the Korean war, massacring Koreans and reducing the country to ashes.
The flying corps of their air force made 800 000 sorties and those of their marines and navy over 250 000 sorties against the northern half of Korea in the entire period of the war. They dropped bombs and napalm bombs totaling almost 600 000 tons or 3.7 times those dropped over the Japan proper during the Pacific war.
Due to the U.S. barbarous air raids perpetrated during the Korean war 50 941 industrial establishments, 28 632 buildings of schools at all levels, 4 534 buildings of healthcare facilities including hospitals and clinics, 579 buildings of scientific research institutes, 8 163 buildings of media and cultural institutions and 2 077 226 dwelling houses were severely destroyed, 563 755 hectares of farmland devastated and 155 500 hectares of paddy and non-paddy fields decreased.
Environment was also seriously polluted due to the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces' several decades-long presence in south Korea.
The U.S. has desperately obstructed the reunification of Korea, blocked the independent development of the Korean nation and stood in the way of achieving its peace and prosperity.
The human and material damage done to the Korean nation by the U.S. aggression and crimes against humanity amounts to at least 114 trillion U.S. dollars.
The U.S. has committed too many crimes against the Korean nation to count for more than a hundred years, the memorandum said, adding there is no such country of barbarians in the world as the U.S.
The Korean nation will certainly settle accounts with the U.S., the sworn enemy, it warned.
Ideology, Economics, Politics
On June 12, the entire Russian bourgeoisie celebrates its main festival, the day of the destruction of the Soviet Union. Namely on that day the "Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Federation" was signed. Calling this "holiday" Independence Day, the country's ruling criminal "elite" cynically distorts historical facts to serve their needs and interests.
The USSR was dependent on noone. Our Soviet Motherland was fully independent in matters of foreign and domestic policy, not only provided all the necessary own citizens, but also assisted the allies in the socialist camp. Only in such a state can workers and peasants be truly free. True independence - from external loans policy of other states, etc. - our country found only with the establishment of Soviet power.
Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and their henchmen, committing a counterrevolutionary coup and establishing the dictatorship of the big bourgeoisie, made all workers fully "independent" - from the state. Now the only duty of workers is to bring profit to their masters, and the only right – to sell oneself to somehow survive.
Bourgeois "independence", whose arrival is diligently celebrated in Russia every year, has turned into the brutal exploitation of workers without any guarantees for the future. Thousands of fired workers each year annually, the closure and looting of hundreds of companies together with exorbitant price rises that has made wealth virtually inaccessible to those whose hands they are made with. That's what the advertised bourgeois "independence" is truly all about.
Only Soviet power made people truly free and independent, while giving an irreplaceable sense of stability and confidence in the future. In the field of international politics, bourgeois authorities of the Russian Federation do only what is beneficial to the imperialist government of the United States and financial corporations. Hence the massive withdrawal of military bases from the once friendly countries (Cuba, Vietnam, CIS), a fierce attack on the leadership of the DPRK on the nuclear issue, endless flirtation with Ukrainian fascist junta and, in fact, condoning her crimes against the insurgent people of Donbass, etc. Only a socialist state can be truly independent in its domestic and foreign policy.
That is why workers have absolutely nothing to celebrate today. "Independence" of bourgeois police –state Russian Federation is ephemeral, it exists for a handful of rich in power. This is their independence from their conscience, from the law and from the courts. And for the average citizen of his country, not having a few stolen millions of dollars at their disposal, it has long become a bondage from which there is no way out except from a socialist revolution. For only a revolution will return independence to Russia and all its citizens, disadvantaged by the new authorities. It is therefore essential to organize and prepare for the accomplishment of a proletarian revolution.
UK KFA Bulletin
The great leader comrade Kim Jong Il, a true people's leader, started his work at the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea on the 19th of June 1964. The WPK is the ruling party of socialist Korea, the supreme
general staff of the Korean revolution. Comrade Kim Jong Il had joined the WPK on the 22 July 1961.
The great leader comrade Kim Jong Il worked hard at the central committee of the WPK to defeat the internal enemies of People's Korea and to eliminate alien and impure ideologies such as capitalism and revisionism.
Working at the Central Committee of the WPK comrade Kim Jong Il guided all sectors of work; the military, ideology, the economy and culture.
He took a special interest in the film industry and wrote the immortal treatise "On the Art of the Cinema".
Comrade Kim Jong Il built up the WPK as the motherly party taking care of the people's lives. Korean people benefit from free education, free health care and abolition of taxation.
When socialism was frustrated in some countries the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il made sure that the WPK held high the red flag of socialism.
The decades of leadership and guidance to the WPK given by the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il had been decades of victory and glory in which the socialist citadel of People's Korea was consolidated. Today the cause of Juche party building is carried forward by dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un the First Secretary of the WPK and successor to
the cause of Juche.

The UK Korean Friendship Association together with the ASSPUK and Juche
Idea Study Group of England issued a joint statement supporting the just demand of the DPRK Red Cross for the return of DPRK sailors to the DPRK;
The Central Committee of the DPRK Red Cross Society pointed out on Thursday 5th of June that crewmen of the DPRK met distress in the East Sea of Korea recently while fishing.
In this regard the DPRK side demanded the south Korean authorities send three distressed crewmen of the DPRK and their fishing boat back immediately.
But the south Korean authorities repatriated one crewman only via Panmunjom and unreasonably held two crewmen in custody, asserting "they expressed their will to defect" and the like”.
It is an intolerable human rights violation on the part of the south Korean fascist puppets to hold two sailor of the DPRK in custody and refuse to let them meet representatives of the
DPRK. It does look like a trick of the south Korean puppet reactionaries to kidnap people from the DPRK and make it look like a defection.
Our organisations, the ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA, demand the south Korean
authorities return the DPRK sailors to the DPRK, their homeland.



Monday, 16 June 2014

Security Service of Ukraine persecuting our comrade

Documents of the CC AUCPB
15/06/2014 17:29

Persecution is underway of at the hands of the Kiev junta of Bolshevik editor of "Workers 'and Peasants' Truth", the Secretary of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB in Ukraine, Moldova and Transdniestria Anatoly Arkardevich.

On June 14, Saturday, at 7:00 am, Ukrainian Security Services (SBU) ransacked his residence and confiscated his computer. On June 16, Comrade Mayevsky was marched before an investigator of the SBU to explain himself in "a conversation." Currently all contact with our party members has been lost.

The Kiev neo-nazi junta continues its reprisals against the communist movement, thus demonstrating its fascist nature. The struggle in these conditions is becoming more violent and dangerous. We will follow closely the fate of our comrade.

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

For Bolshevism JUNE No 6 (135) 2014

For Bolshevism inside the communist and workers’ movement JUNE No 6 (135)
All- Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks
Workers of all countries, Unite!
A three-month standoff in the Maidan ended. As a result, more than a hundred people were killed just for tying another rope around their neck where one gang of robbers and exploiters gets replaced by another, but even more brazen, cynical, hypocritical and corrupt.
If the regime of Yanukovych - Azarov, deposed as a result of a fascist coup, just profited fabulously by enriching himself, his family, his entourage, then the rulers of the Bandera nationalists will not only continue to rob and ruthlessly exploit further the working people of Ukraine. They will also openly sell Ukraine and its population to the imperialist West, US- Zionist capital, and the largest American and European multinational corporations and banks.
And it immediately began to pay back its overseas hosts for the opportunity to reign in Ukraine. The media reported that on March 7 at 2 am from the airport "Borispol" in the United States secretly without customs clearance, gold reserves were taken out of Ukraine amounting to, including Scythian gold a total value of more than $ 27 billion. This was reported in social networks by director of the Moscow Lev Gumilev Center Pavel Zarifullin with links "Yatsenyuk stole Scythian gold and sent it to America” (http://varjag-2007.livejournal.com/5877391.html).
The newly elected Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada , acting President of Ukraine A.Turchynov is not only one of the activists of the "Fatherland" organisation but is Yulia Tymoshenko’s right hand. He is, moreover, pastor of the Baptist church "Word of Life ." In the United States is the center of the Baptist World Alliance. Most U.S. presidents are Protestants, including and Baptists.
Prime Minister A.Yatsenyuk, chairman of the political council of the "Fatherland", in turn, is a Scientologist, and his sister, who lives in the United States, worked as a psychologist (according to other sources - the head one) at one of the largest Scientology organizations of the United States (Interfax, 5.03.2014). The International Church of Scientology was founded by American science fiction writer Ron Hubbard. According to a former auditor (priest) of the church, Kharkiv resident Andrei Savitsky, the Hubbard church followers is a mechanism for siphoning money. "Raising money is put on stream. The U.S. send the order on how much be collected by the Ukrainian branch, and from there begins the hunt for suckers"(according to website "Vzglyad", 12.08.2013).
It is clear in whose interests both A. Turchynov and Yatsenyuk operate in Ukraine.
All key positions in the state and the government are held by representatives of the "Fatherland" and "Svoboda" parties - two of the three parties, organized the national-fascist coup.
Head of Presidential Administration S. Pashinsky and his deputy A.Senchenko are members of the "Fatherland" party (previously - BYT (Timoshenko bloc). A.Senchenko, when he was head of the Crimean organization of the "Fatherland" party was, according to the "Criminal Ukraine", closely associated with OPG (joint criminal gang) "Salem” (www.cripo.com.ua, 18.04.2008).
Representatives of the "Fatherland" party are A.Paruby, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine and the National Bank Chairman S. Kubiv. A. Paruby, head of Maidan defense and actual commandant of his camp in 1991 with Tyagnibok was one of the founders of the Social - National Party of Ukraine (SNPU), renamed in 2004 in "Svoboda." He then entered the "Front for Change" party created by Yatsenyuk and was incorporated later in the "Fatherland" party. Former chief of the security service SBU Maj. Gen. A.Yakimenko in an interview with Russian television on March 12 said that the snipers who killed demonstrators and law enforcement officers in Kiev during the events of February, were in the building of the Philharmonic, which was under the control of Parubiya. He reckoned Parubiya to be of those representatives of the current Ukrainian authorities, who are directly linked to the U.S. secret services. S. Kubiv was one of the most active leaders of the fascist coup, was commandant of Evromaydana closely related to Yatsenyuk and headed the Lviv organization "Front for Change."
Of the 20 government ministers of Yatsenuk: 7 people are members of the "Fatherland" party, including the prime minister, 4 are members of the "Svoboda" party, the other a non party, but somehow related to the aforesaid parties and are either activists Maidan. Most portfolios in the government are natives of the Lviv region - 6, just as people from Western Ukraine received 16 portfolios. As part of the Government there are no representative of South-Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Also, there are no representatives of the Party of Regions and the Communist Party.
In the government, in the newly formed higher echelons of power are no representatives of the UDAR party (the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform ) V.Klichko except for V. Nalyvaychenko SBU head of state security.
Obviously V.Klichko decided to fully concentrate on preparations for the presidential elections scheduled for May 25, and decided not to associate himself or the party with the "kamikaze"government.
But we should not think that Klitschko and "UDAR" somehow does not fit into the National Bandera block of Turchinov - Yatsenuk - Tyagniboka.
Thus on January 10 at meeting with Berdichev youth to mark the 70th anniversary of its liberation from Nazi invaders, Vitali Klitschko said: "In the countries of Eastern Europe that were in the zone of influence of the Soviet Union, near the mass graves of Soviet soldiers stand memorial crosses of German soldiers ... simple soldiers - forced people, carrying out orders. But war crimes were committed by both sides, both by the Germans and the Soviet command." And then he proposed to drop the name "Great Patriotic War" to get rid of "stereotypes of the Soviet past." According to Klitschko, it turns out that the Soviet soldiers who defended their homeland from the Nazis, carried out criminal orders. Such an outlook is fully consistent to the ideology of the fascist neo-banderov "Svoboda" party that slanders our Soviet past, and beaten up Soviet war veterans.
Klitschko’s worldview formed in Germany, where he lived for more than 10 years, was awarded the Order "For Services to Germany" and pays all taxes in this country. His commercial company «K2 Promotions» and «KMG (Klitschko Management Group)» registered in the U.S. and Germany, and paid taxes to the budgets of these countries, not Ukraine. His children were born in the United States and, accordingly, are citizens of the United States. It is clear that Vladimir Klitschko, like Turchynov, Yatsenuk and Tyahnibok will not defend the national interests of Ukraine. (I.Cherkaschenko "Whose interests Vitali Klitschko defends?" 13.01.2014, based on material from the website "Geopolitics and World Politics").
And about another key figure in the current government.
Prosecutor General of Ukraine O.Mahnitsky, a member of "Svoboda" since 2004. He represented Oleg Tyagnibok in the trial of the leader of “Svoboda’s” statements made on the mountain of Yavoryna in Ivano-Frankivsk region in the summer of 2004 where he spoke in favour of the suppression of the "Moscow- Jewish mafia, now ruling Ukraine." Litigation in the case ended in acquittal in 2007. Currently the Prosecutor General's Office has been instructed to deal with the crimes that led to the deaths of more than a hundred people. It is clear how and in whose interests the proceedings will go in favour of.
About his presidential ambitions has spoken the leader of the "right sector" Dm.Yarosh. We have already mentioned in the previous issues the ideology of the All-Ukrainian S. Bandera Association "Trident" led by him.
Here we want to draw attention to two points.
Back in 2008 during the war in South Ossetia, Yarosh said that we are doomed to fight Moscow : " ... I want to note that the Caucasus region, Ukraine, and Belarus, as well as the Baltic republics, and the rest of Eastern Europe will be doomed to constant tension while there is the Moscow empire. The only guarantee of peace and civilized development of peoples who rebuild their life next to Russia will be in the complete liquidation of the empire and the building on its territory of national government entities."
Said frankly, completely in the spirit of establishing a "new world order", which is embodied in the life of Zionist- American imperialism and the US-NATO bloc. Only the US-NATO leaders do not talk about their plans so openly. They play the role of "peacekeepers" in an effort to assign responsibility for everything that happens in the Ukraine and in the Crimea to Russia, seeking to portray Russia as the aggressor.
And more from the statements by Yarosh: "Now we have a clear and unambiguous understanding of those who must be neutralized in the first place, in particular, in the case of the outbreak of hostilities between Russia and Ukraine. And this is, above all, the leadership gangs "Party of Regions" and the top of the so-called "Bloc of Lytvyn"; and besides, of course, any red rabble – the Communist Party, the Socialist Party, the Progressive Socialist Party, and the like. It is their complete neutralization and total "cleansing" by Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and concerned citizens that is the key to future victory in a possible war between Russia and Ukraine."
And after such frank statements in the spirit of Adolf Hitler and, most importantly, action during the bloody fascist coup, the current rulers of Ukraine wonder why the popular uprising has sparked up in the eastern and south- eastern regions of Ukraine and Crimea.
During the Euromaidan, roles were very clearly defined.
Leaders of the then opposition, Yatsenuk - Klitschko and Tyahnibok, stated about the "peaceful" nature of the protests.
Meanwhile, gunmen of the "Right Sector", which allegedly came from subordination to leaders of the Maidan seized administrative offices in Kiev and the regions. The "peaceful" protesters armed with bats, chains, shields, Molotov cocktails and other incendiary mixtures, and then firearms, constantly provoked the authorities into adequate response.
Naturally, all these "peaceful protesters" relied upon the moral and most importantly, financial support from the West.
One of the greatest provocations was the shooting of protesters and police by snipers during the February 18-20 actions. It was during this period that the highest number of people were killed on both sides. The blame for the loss of life was passed to the authorities and coward Yanukovych who fled, whose greed closed his eyes and made it impossible for him to think adequately and clearly.
More precisely, Yanukovych and Co never thought in terms of the state. They then were brought to power by the oligarchs to be able to cash in and become enriched. Of course with this, enabling thus the "Family” to also become enriched. But this regime was strictly to carry out the will of the oligarchs and standing behind them large foreign Zionist capital, transnational corporations and banks . The will was the same that would go to Europe, inside domestic banks where oligarchs keep their loot. When Yanukovych - Azarov dared disobey the real masters of the country, they were immediately hit by all TV channels and all the media in the hands of the oligarchs. Postponing the signing of an association agreement with the EU, Yanukovych also violated the will of US- Zionist capital. U.S. imperialism needs Ukraine as a springboard for further capturing Russia, appropriation of its natural resources and enslaving its people. By refusing to execute the will of his masters, Yanukovych resigned himself to a political death, and at the moment only a political death.
Thus to power came the political forces completely controlled by the West.
In order to legitimize their arrival to power, what was needed was a blood spilling drama. And for this, snipers were needed.
The role of snipers was talked about on February 26 in a telephone conversation with Catherine Ashton, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Estonia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Paet. Of particular interest were the words of Paet, who referred to the words of Olga Bogomolets who was assisting the victims on the Maidan, about the snipers: Moreover, Olga said that according to all available evidence, the people who were killed by snipers on both sides, both among the police and people in the street, it was the same snipers who had killed people on both sides." "And all the more people are wary of the fact that the new coalition is unwilling to investigate the exact circumstances of the incident. There is a rapidly growing understanding that behind these snipers was not Yanukovych, but behind them was someone from the new coalition," - said Paet. The Estonian Foreign Ministry confirmed the authenticity of the recording of the telephone conversation (http://ria.ru/world/20140305/998305265.html).
A more detailed account on the sniping incident was given on 12 March by A.Yakimenko, former head of the SBU, answering questions from Vesti.ru reporter Evgeny Popov. In the interview, Yakimenko said: "Shots were fired from the Philharmonic Hall ... Paruby headed this building. From this building operated snipers and people worked with automatic weapons on 20 February (February 20 - Ed.) ... They supported the deadly sniper attack on the police... they took them out in the dash, and police fled in panic. The police were then pursued by armed men, who were armed differently. At this point, firing then began at those persons on the street who had attacked the police, and then they started suffering losses. Thus both sides started losing people. And the sniper fire all happened from inside the Philharmonic Hall. When the first wave of shootings ended, many people recorded the exit from this building of 20 people - well-dressed, specially dressed, with sacs carrying sniper rifles, and AKM automatic rifle with optical sights. This was also seen. And the most interesting thing is that this was seen not only by our operational staff, but also by representatives of the Maidan - representatives of "Svoboda", the "Right Sector", "Fatherland" party and "UDAR".
Yakimenko further notes, that one group of snipers made up of 10 people, took up position in the hotel "Ukraina". The killings continued.
"In any case , - says Yakymenko - the killers came out of the lair of commandant Parubiya of the Maidana." Now he is Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine and obviously justified confidence. According to Yakimenko, the snipers were mercenaries.
Naturally, the new government will not search for any mercenaries, but will lay all the blame for the incident firmly on Yanukovych and his team.

Under such a scenario is it any wonder that the east of Ukraine and Crimea have revolted.
The residents of Eastern Ukraine can not accept of forgive the massacres, killings, destruction, destruction of monuments to Lenin, and Kutuzov (the vandals even demolished a monument to sailor Koshka in Vinnitsa region – a Hero in the defense of Sevastopol in 1854), attempts to ban the Russian language, the desire to rewrite history, the humiliation of the war veterans of the Soviet Army who defended the country and who saved the world from fascism, the glorification of the fascist Banderites - servants fascists, torturers and murderers.
Of course, this revolt is not yet a socialist revolution. The insurgent leaders are representatives of the petty and middle bourgeoisie oriented relations with Russia, to strengthen friendship and brotherhood between the two nations.
And how differently the authorities relate to these events.
In the west, attacks on the administrative offices, the arrest and capture of governors, prosecutors, etc. is seen as a "revolution." In the east - a violation of law. Leaders put forward by ordinary people are persecuted arrested, intimidated, etc.
And the fact that the fascist coup was paid for by the oligarchs, is seen from the fact that oligarchs have been appointed by the new government as regional governors: Dnepropetrovsk - Kolomoysky , Donetsk - Tarut. Oligarchs have been given free reign to plunder these two regions, so that they can be compensated at the expense of the workers, naturally, for their costs.
Yatseniuk stated the need for a multi-billion loan from the IMF under all conditions. And the terms of the IMF loan are as follows:
- Raise the price of gas for the population by 2 times and for schools, kindergartens, hospitals, etc. by 50%. Increase the cost of electricity by 40%. Remove all regulations on increasing utility rates;
- Raise the retirement age by 2 years for men, 3 - for women, cancel early retirement, hazard retirement pension, pensions for special services, etc.;
- Abolish benefits and raise taxes on transportation by 50%;
- Not to raise the living wage. Abolish state support for childbirth, free meals, textbooks;
- Privatize all mines, allow the sale of agricultural land and others.
Naturally, with the fulfillment of all these requirements, the standard of living will plummet.
And then not only east will boil over nut also the west of Ukraine when people realize that their relatives died in vain at the Maidan and that they just sacrificed another gang of robbers who will ride on the backs of the people.

No matter how the authorities tried to prevent the referendum in Crimea, the peninsula residents overwhelmingly (96.77 % with a turnout of 83.1 %) voted in favor of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. And no matter how the Ukrainian authorities have spoken about the illegitimacy of the referendum, you should have seen the happy faces of people when historical justice triumphed, and Crimea returned to Mother Russia.
We Bolsheviks have always favored the territorial integrity and indivisibility of Ukraine. But this can only be achieved in a truly democratic state, which was the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic within the USSR. The current Bandera power will bring Ukraine to complete collapse. Hungary may request the return of Transcarpathia, which for centuries was part of Hungary and Austria-Hungary. Romania does not hide its claim to Bukovina and Moldavia. In Poland there are plans for the return of western Ukrainian regions.
Lenin pointed out that Ukraine may be an independent state only in alliance with Russia. Without such a union there can not be any question of independence for Ukraine. This warning by the leader whose monuments were demolished with such hatred by the Banderites and drugged up crowds with them, is beginning to come true.
Of course, the imperialist West led by the U.S. has already said it will not recognize the results of the Crimean referendum, though, according to the "International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights" ( adopted at the twenty-first session of the UN General Assembly December 16, 1966) "All peoples have the right to self-determination" (Article 1).
In trying to isolate Russia, they accuse it of aggression and therefore threaten with sanctions, etc.
The question arises: what would have happened if Russia had remained indifferent to events in Ukraine and would cast adrift the millions of Russians and Russian speakers. In the eastern, south-eastern regions of Ukraine the fascist Banderites would triumph, and the Russian, and other minorities would remain, at best, in the position of second-class citizens.
From the Crimea in the near future, the Russian Black Sea Fleet would have be driven out, which would have then immediately been replaced by the U.S.- NATO Naval forces – thereby putting them fully in control of the Black Sea and the Black Sea border countries, enormously increasing the threat to Russia. But Russia is already surrounded by a ring of NATO military bases. All this would have only pushed the aggressors towards military intervention against Russia. The return of Crimea to Russia gives Russia an opportunity to strengthen itself by the Black Sea, and possible delay the increasingly imminent aggression.
If the U.S. and its NATO allies dare to start a war with Russia, using its considerable military superiority, the war will inevitably turn into a third world war, including using nuclear weapons. Russia would then be at the brink of military defeat.
And then again onto the arena of history will enter the Russian masses, rising up to the revolutionary struggle. A Third World War will inevitably turn into a revolutionary struggle of all peoples of the world, which will destroy the rotten capitalist system, forever bury capitalism and the fascism generated by them.

A.MAEVSKY, Secretary of the CC AUCPB, March 18, 2014


The Central Committee of the AUCPB congratulates you, dear participants of the Great Patriotic War, of the Soviet rear and workers, as well as all the Soviet people on the 69th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War!
The bright day of May 9 is now overshadowed by the Bandera fascist coup in Kiev. The outrages committed by the "junta" are offensive and intolerable for every Soviet citizen.
Heartiest congratulations we send to the workers of Ukraine, who meet the May holidays in the proletarian struggle, now in fact, in occupied territories.
Dear Comrades! Today is not the time to stand aside. It is now time for every person to take their place in the ranks of the new united Anti-Fascist Resistance.
We will preserve the glorious traditions of our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers – the winners over fascism. We need to restore our great motherland - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
The struggle will not be easy. But
Documents of the CC AUCPB 05/06/2014
An open appeal by the Central Committee of the Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks
In view of the continuing military (punitive) operations by the Kiev fascist junta on the territory of Donbass, the number of victims which is already in the hundreds or more, while the situation regarding the civilian population of the region is close to critical, we appeal to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, to the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Puchkov, calling on them to organize a humanitarian operation to help the citizens of the Southeast.
We urge them to organize the collection and delivery of humanitarian aid - especially medicines, bandages and food to Slaviansk, Kramatorsk and other towns caught in the combat zone.
We urge voluntary medical workers of the Emergency Medicine Centre to be sent to Odessa and the necessary equipment for them to share with colleagues in Odessa to assist the victims of the fire in the House of Trade Unions on May 2 and assess their condition. Transportable victims we urge them to be sent to continue treatment in hospitals in Rostov- on-Don, Moscow and other Russian cities, as well as the Republic of Crimea.
Given the immediate threat to life of the activists of the Odessa "Antimaydan" by militants of the Nazi group "Right sector", we call for their evacuation to the territory of Crimea and central Russia with the possibility of providing them in the future the status of political refugees. The "Antimaydan" is made up of peaceful civilians threatened by persecution and death for their opposition to the unbridled Russophobia by the self-proclaimed Kiev authorities .
We also appeal to the Minister of Defence of Russia, S.K. Shoigu, as the leader of the MES in the recent past, having a positive personal experience in extreme emergencies, with a call to assist in relief operations.
The humanitarian operation has special importance on the eve of May 9 Victory Day of Soviet people over fascism in World War II. The Kiev junta prohibits today the celebration of this holiday, the most common and revered for the peoples of the former USSR. Under the threat of criminal punishment, wearing St. George ribbons and Soviet awards has been banned, which is an insult to the feelings of both war veterans as well as relatives of the victims of fascism. The tragedy on May 2 in Odessa demonstrated the misanthropic, fascist character of the fascist gang that seized power in Kiev by a coup in February.
Under these circumstances, a rejection of the humanitarian operation, leaving in danger the residents of South- East of Ukraine, may be perceived by Russian citizens as an indirect approval and encouragement of the massacres of civilians committed by militants of the Kiev junta, as well as recognition of the spiritual kinship of the Russian government and the self-proclaimed fascist 'authorities' in Ukraine. All this can not but have a negative effect on the rating of President Vladimir Putin, which grew on him making the right decision to allow Crimea and Sevastopol to rejoin Russia.
We can not leave our fellow citizens without the help and expect a positive effect of diplomatic negotiations in the near future. For the opposing side to Russia, their entire diplomacy is a way to conceal their intentions and departure from real, much needed now action to protect the civilian population of South- East of Ukraine in distress from the neo-fascist, Nazi scum.
Once again we call on YOU to provide real assistance to our compatriots in Ukraine. Just such a solution is awaited from YOU as soon as possible by Russian citizens and citizens of South- East of Ukraine.
General Secretary of the CC AUCPB
N.A. Andreeva
May 6, 2014

Documents of the CC AUCPB
We bow our heads before the blessed memory of the civilians-antimaydan activists killed by the fascist Kiev junta.
On MAY 9, all progressive humanity celebrates Victory Day, the defeat of German fascism aiming at conquest of the world by Germany, the Aryan race, and the elimination by killing of "unfit" from the point of view of the Nazis of other nations and races. The whole world paid a hefty price for the defeat of fascism. But the greatest contribution to the victory over fascism was brought by the Soviet Union, sacrificing 25 million Soviet lives. We thought that fascism will never be reborn on Earth. But we, as we see are deeply mistaken. Recent events in Ukraine announced the revival of this hateful ideology and even on Soviet soil.
The heroic confrontation of the people in the South- East of Ukraine against the fascist scum previously earlier raging on Maidan, now sowing death among citizens resisting in conquered Donbass, today attracts the attention of those who value the future. Monstrous in their misanthropic by essentially burning alive civilians in the city-hero of Odessa shocked everyone who is able to experience human feelings. Present day Nazis, fed by Zionist capital of billionaires (in particular, Kolomoysky who is continuing the funding of fascist gorillas of the "right sector" and other "worthy" heirs of the bloody criminal Bandera) continue to commit excesses in the land soaked by the blood of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War who defended PEACE.
We bow our heads before the blessed memory of the citizens of Donetsk, Lugansk and other People's Republics ( Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Lugansk, Donetsk, Donetsk ... ), who died in defense of their towns, the citizens of Odessa , which has become the second Khatyn in the history of mankind.
We express our deepest condolences to the families, friends and comrades of those who died in those cruel days of confrontation with the Kiev fascist junta.
In history, everything repeats itself ... During World War II, someone was sent to Auschwitz, and someone was enriched on military supplies to Hitler - Fritz Mendel, Reynold Gesner, Max Warburg, Rothschild, etc. Now, the latter-day neo-Nazis have burned alive, beaten to death and mutilated peaceful civilians of Odessa. The massacre of unarmed civilians in Odessa, who came to Kulikovo Field on May 2, inspired Yulia Tymoshenko (Kapitelman) and was organized by the Kiev fascist junta Oleg Tyahnibok (Frotman) Yatsenyuk (from Theresa Gur line), and the like, U.S. henchman in Ukraine for the post of president of the newly appointed billionaire Poroshenko (Waltsman) ...
"Fascism is the open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, most chauvinistic, most imperialist elements of finance capital ... Fascism - is the power of finance capital itself.
It is an organization of terrorist reprisals against the working class and the revolutionary section of the peasantry and the intelligentsia. Fascism in foreign policy - is chauvinism in its crudest form, cultivating zoological hatred against other nations ."
Dictatorship of the bourgeoisie is always anti-communist in orientation.
Until then, while the world is dominated by the U.S. - the pro-Zionist fascist state, brazenly claiming world domination, the number of victims among freedom-loving people in the future will multiply ...
Only socialism can provide a world without war, with free creative activity and life of the citizens of the planet.

May 5, 2014

Challenges of the XXI century
Letter by the Anti-imperialist Camp
For a democratic and social alliance against the regime of Kiev and NATO

Resistance of the people of Eastern Ukraine to Kiev 's pro-Western government reaction should be supported from a both democratic and anti-imperialist perspective. Why do people have to obey the neo-fascists, nationalists, pro-Western, and anti-Russian capitalists? One can not support a return to the presidency of Yanukovych and his capitalist clique, which are responsible for the social and poverty in the region of Donbass in particular.

Anti-imperialist Camp www.antiimperialista.org

Appeal by "Borotba", Ukrainian peoples anti-capitalist forces
The new self appointed Kiev authorities are trying all possible ways to prevent a democratic referendum on self-rule in the south-eastern regions of Ukraine, where protests against the regime of the new Kiev burn brighter ... Ukraine 's new rulers are trying to present these protests only as "pro- Russian" or "Kremlin inspired", but the union "Borotba" is effectively fighting for their liberation from the influence of pro-Russian nationalism.
We are irreconcilable opponents of Putin's regime, against which are fighting our Russian comrades.
We are against war and any interference in the Ukrainian conflict, as this may cause a military confrontation between the two imperialist powers. Expecting an intensification of the current crisis, we are preparing to take part in the process of organizing mass protests against anti-social reforms and the extreme right terror of the new authorities.
And in this context, any international support is crucial for us. We are grateful for the attention and solidarity.



On May 2 from burns in a fire at the House of Trade Unions of Odessa, our comrade - Alexander Gerasimov was seriously injured. He is the Editor of the Youth page in the newspaper "Workers' and Peasants truth" (AUCPB in Ukraine), a former political prisoner in the Odessa case (№ 114), and a communist.
Now he is in hospital, and we need to raise money for his treatment.
Details (for mail transfer of money): index 65001, Ukraine, Central Post Office, receive on demand, to Gerasimova Lyudmila Vladimirovna (mother).
(In Russian language: индекс 65001, Украина, Главпочтамп, до востребования, Герасимовой Людмиле Владимировне (мамa)).
The post offices in Odessa are now working, so please take advantage of postal orders.

Documents of the CC AUCPB
Statement by the CC AUCPB
On the Mayday 2014 events in Ukraine
The Kiev junta has shown its true "face" - the fangs of fascism. In imitation of Hitler's hordes, the junta troops and militants of the "right sector" attacked the city of Donetsk in the Slovyansk People's Republic on May 2 at 4 am. Their exercises to prepare their assault were symbolically held in Kiev on the night of May 1 (according to Germanic mythology, this is - Walpurgis Night, when, according to popular belief, there is a coven of evil spirits).
During the violent clashes, Sloviansk defenders managed to shoot down three junta helicopters that had led rocket fire on the city. The wounded pilot, abandoned by “his own” (according to witnesses, the Kiev warriors were only interested in grabbing the weapon the pilot had), was taken to hospital by local militia.
The junta attacks were repelled. After failing to storm Sloviansk, the militants of the Kiev junta moved to Kramatorsk and tried to break into the city, but also failed. Both sides suffered casualties.
As of 4:05 am Moscow time, the situation in Kramatorsk and Slavyank, according to eyewitnesses, remained "relatively calm. Shot were heard only on the outskirts."
At the same time, on May 2, the junta sent into Odessa, fighters of the Nazi group "Right sector" and radical football fans, the so-called "Ultras" en-mass. They attacked the encampment movement "Antimaydan" on Kulikovo field, crushed and burned it. In front of the superior forces of the Nazis, the unarmed members of "Antimaydana" ( many of whom are women and the elderly) were forced to retreat and take refuge in the House of Trade Unions.
Brutal thugs of the "right sector" set the building ablaze by throwing their Molotov cocktails. At time of writing, 43 people were killed in the fire –either suffocated by carbon monoxide or burned alive. More than 170 people were injured in the mayhem, 10 of them – local police. These data are reported in the Department of Information and Public Relations of the Odessa City Council.
Those who managed to escape from the windows of the burning House of Trade Unions, were bludgeoned to death by the Nazis using batons and clubs. The Nazis prevented medical and fire crews from entering the building. According to eyewitnesses, some of the wounded were loaded into "paddy wagons" and without applying basic medical care, they were taken away to be massacred by the "Right sector."
Those junta militants who had gathered at the entrance to the building chanted "Ukraine is above all!". Their actions were supported by the governor of Odessa region Vladimir Nemirovsky who himself was designated to that post by the junta authorities of Kiev.
Victims of the pogrom consisted of 15 citizens of Russia and five of the Republic of Transnistria. According to representatives of the organization "Borotba", among the dead were activists of leftist organizations. Odessa militia did nothing to hinder the excesses being committed by the Nazi militants.
The crimes being committed in Odessa by the Kiev junta has been called the Second Khatyn. Here are some statements which fill the Internet today: "Such atrocities against the civilian population and peaceful civilians of Ukraine has not been seen since WWII. The junta has been brutalized by its own impotence, and in its agony before its death is more than willing to bring about the death of hundreds and thousands of victims. Damn you, fascist scum and the toadies backstage. Your time is over. Your "heroes" writhe in hell since 1945. And your rotten place is with them." "The monstrous crime carried out in the Belarusian village of Khatyn in 1943, when all the inhabitants were burned, were committed by the Germans (20%) and Ukrainian nationalists (80%). Now in Odessa, descendants of Nazi collaborators committed a new heinous crime against the Ukrainian people - also burned on May 2, 2014 the citizens of Odessa with the connivance of the authorities and law enforcement agencies." "Banderites are not people. From now on, the word "banderovets" for us the most terrible curse. From now on, the word "banderovets" loads guns. We will not talk. We will not be resentful. We will kill." "What happened in Odessa, where old men and women were burned in the Trades Unions House defies understanding. We now you see as the Wehrmacht punitive operations against the civilian population, which they carried out during World War II. Everything is happening in exactly the same way with you in front of our very own eyes." "Today, the war began. That is a fact. We did not start it, but we will end it. When the last Nazi gets what he deserves ... ".
The Kiev junta is being openly financed by international imperialism – on the eve of the massacre on May 2, the IMF had approved a loan to the Ukrainian fascist "government" of 17 billion dollars. Also $ 17 billion from the IMF for two years, the country's Nazi leadership will immediately receive $ 1 billion from the United States, 1.6 billion euros from the EU until the end of the current year and $ 1.5 billion from the World Bank. That is how the imperialists pay martyred Ukrainian citizens who do not want live in fascist captivity.
Not only financially, but also the junta has NATO military assistance. In the fighting in Slavyank, on the side of a Ukrainian Nazis are involved English-speaking and Italian mercenaries - this has been eyewitnessed. Back in April, it was reported about the blocking on the territory of the Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR) of a bus with soldiers among whom were speaking in English including of African origin and armed with foreign made military weapons.
Events in Ukraine last month confirmed that imperialism has exhausted itself as a socio-economic system and has entered the stage of deep agony. Leading imperialist powers - the United States, headed by Zionist financial world government are no longer able to impose across the whole world their will and have tripped themselves up on the position of Russia which speaks out in defence of the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine.
Wide demonstrations on May 1 that swept around the world, everywhere under anti-imperialist slogans, indicate the approach close to the historical inevitability of revolutionary transition to a new socio -economic system - socialism. But the struggles of the people, working people against criminal imperialism is difficult and requires unity of all progressive forces in the world. As never before that communist slogan - "Workers of all countries, unite!" carries weight and now stands visibly on the agenda of the historical progress of civilization. All those who cherish the future of humanity, boldly raise their voice against tyranny and slavery!
Long live the impending socialist revolution!
May 3, 2014

Our struggle
On the International Workers' Day of May 1, activists of the AUCPB took an active part in public events. The leitmotif of most of our actions on May 1 was the expression of solidarity with the people against the fascist junta in Ukraine. Information and photos on the main AUCPB website (vkpb.ru) of the regions are presented. As new information emerges, the section will be updated.
Vladivostok. A demonstration and rally was held organized by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation; almost all the leftist forces available in the city participated in them - AUCPB, RCWP, "Rot Front". Our demonstration took place on the Lenin street (now Svetlanskaya street) - the main street of the historic centre, a meeting was held at the memorial of Military glory.
The Bolsheviks came with AUCPB flags and a portrait of J.V. Stalin, distributing leaflets, newspapers "Hammer and Sickle" and "Revolution".
Krasnoyarsk . Bolsheviks organized a demonstration followed by a rally in the workers’ Leninsky district. The AUCPB organised event was joined by representatives of several political parties and movements, including the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.
Despite the resistance of the police, part of the way the demonstrators marched along the roadway, chanting slogans in support of the militant proletariat of South- East of Ukraine and "cheers" to the Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv and Odessa People's Republics. Together with the party and general communist symbolism we carried a homemade flag of the Donetsk Republic decorated with the hammer and sickle.
Chelyabinsk. A demonstration and rally was held at "Alom Polye" at the monument to Lenin on the Day of International Solidarity of Workers. The demonstration and rally was held under the slogan "Russia without the bourgeoisie!" put forth by the Chelyabinsk Bolsheviks.
Activists of the Chelyabinsk City Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCPB) issued with this slogan and emblem of the USSR the podium of the rally.
An AUCPB supporter, a worker at the Chelyabinsk plant Uralavtopritsep addressed the rally. Bolshevik newspapers were actively distributed among the demonstrators.
Izhevsk. A demonstration and rally was held here on the occasion of the International Workers' Day. The event was attended by activists of Izhevsk city committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks. They spread the Bolshevik newspaper "Workers and Peasants' Hammer and Sickle ", "Workers' and Peasants' Truth", "Revolution" and conducted other propaganda work.
Demonstrators carried actual slogans of the day: "No to fascism! No to capitalism," "Bandera - this is fascism," "We are for free education for all", "Children of War - deserve benefits and attention", and others.
Pyatigorsk. In the park named after Kirov, Bolsheviks with party symbols and red flags, together with the trade unions and social organizations took part in a festive rally.
Bolshevik newspapers and leaflets were distributed and propaganda work was conducted.
N.A. Degtyarenko - Secretary of the Piatigorsky town committee of the AUCPB addressed the rally and was warmly greeted. He delivered a message of communist and workers' parties of the world: "United States, NATO, the EU, the Nazis: HANDS OFF THE PEOPLE OF UKRAINE”.
After the meeting, the Bolsheviks held a solemn assembly.
Moscow . On 1 May in Moscow, marches and rallies took place to mark the International Day of proletarian solidarity of workers. In the march and rally of leftist communist parties and organizations, about 600 people took part, including - the representatives of the Moscow organization of the AUCPB.
Numerous speakers, including representatives of the workers groups, activists, trade union movement, focused on the economic situation of the labour collectives in Moscow and the situation in Ukraine, where the heroic struggle of the population unfolds for their social and national interests.
Bolshevik literature was widely distributed among the protesters.
Our UK KFA Facebook page now has 400 likes , 11 up from last week .
Sign up to the page to get regular updates on the situation in the
DPRK and news from UK KFA . Our page is smashing through the mirror of
lies created by the capitalist media about the DPRK !
May Day the day of international working people was celebrated in the DPRK
with meetings, sports and picnics. In the DPRK working people hold state power
in their hands and do not need to organise protests against capitalist
exploitation and oppression but instead they celebrate the gains of
people-centred socialism and their defence.
On May the 1st in the DPRK there were many colourful
celebrations and the government hosted a banquet for ordinary factory
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4fiNDgV46E .
Some commentaries in the Western media have alleged that the DPRK is somehow
racist , apparently citing an article that does not appear in the
English language edition of KCNA .Some so-called experts cite a book
by a so-called academic expert BR Myers as evidence. As a matter of
fact the DPRK has close relations with many African countries, in some
case going back for 50 years . The DPRK helped many African liberation
movements and gave military training to newly independent African
countries . It is quite inconceivable that the DPRK is in any way
racist .
Read the refutation of Myer's book here
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK, Juche Idea Study
Group of England and the UK Korean Friendship Association issued the
following commentary about the so -called "collapse " and "contigency
" rumours being trumpeted by the imperialist media;

It goes without saying that the reports are nonsense and without
foundation. The original source for the stories is the "Daily NK" a
notorious anti propaganda organ of the south Korean puppets and the US
imperialists . Some Western experts admit that many of the stories
originating from the "Daily NK" are later proved false. In this
particular case the south Korean puppets spread the rumour about a
so-called "contingency " plan of another country for the DPRK . The
country concerned denied the reports saying it was based on wild
guesses .
The rumour of the so-called "collapse "
of the DPRK is not new , it is an old one but the south Korean puppets
and the idiotic capitalist media of the West have chosen to recycle or
resurrect this old threadbare lie. Throughout the 1990s the US
imperialists and other imperialist forces continually clamoured about
the "collapse " of the DPRK , even go as far to say that it would
collapse in 3 months or 3 years . Of course no such collapse happened
nor could it happen as the DPRK has the most durable and solid
socialist system centred on the popular masses and based on the
single-hearted unity of the leader, party and masses. The DPRK was not
like some past socialist countries which were crippled by revisionism
and bureaucracy . In fact socialism in the USSR and other socialist
countries did not collapse but was frustrated by the intrigue of
internal revisionist traitors and the imperialists, socialism did not
collapse it was betrayed . The DPRK has always maintained
revolutionary and class principles and it recently defeated modern
-day counter counter revolutionary anti-party factional clique .
Under the leadership
of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN the DPRK is prospering and an
upsurge is sweeping the construction sector and all parts of the
economy . In the past 2 or 3 years the DPRK has built several new
hospitals and health care facilities such as the Munsu Recovery
Centre, the Ryugyong Dental Hospital, the Okryu Children's Hospital ,
the Taesonggang General Hospital and the Breast Tumour Institute of
the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital. In addition a large number of
cultural and leisure facilities such as the Maskikryong Ski Range,
Mirim Riding Club, Ryugyong Skate Park, Rungna People's Pleasure Park
and the Munsu Water Park . New housing has beenconstructed in Changjon
street and many other areas. Public spending is increasing unlike the
austerity-ridden capitalist countries where cutbacks are the order of
the day . The DPRK is based on the Juche-based self-reliant
independent national economy. It is unaffected by any sanctions of the
The people-centred
socialist system of the DPRK is not a creation of another country nor
it is a gift of another country , it is deeply rooted in the Korean
people and their hearts and minds. The idea of collapse or contingency
is totally inconcievable ! It is the dependent south Korean puppet
regime that faces the prospect of collapse due to mounting internal
contradictions . The south Korean puppet economy is saddled with an
external debt of $417 billion and an internal debt of $771.8 billion,
which is unsustainable.

Thus the propaganda of the imperialist media is completely false .


This year it will be in Belgium and will be on the 15th and 16th of November.
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6.UK KFA will hold a meeting on Human Rights and the DPRK in the next few
coming months.
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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

For Bolshevism Inside the Communist and Workers Movement

Workers of all countries, Unite!
May 2014 No 5 (134)


About events in the South-East of Ukraine (April 2014)
Opinion of the CC AUCPB

Following the March 16 national referendum on the status of the region and the almost unanimous decision of the people for reunification with Russia, on March 18, Crimea and Sevastopol legally became part of the Russian Federation as two separate entities of the Russian Federation. Life in the Crimea and Sevastopol is gradually entering into a normal rhythm. Russia in this process is intensely and comprehensively assisting the region's population. Simultaneously, in Crimea the formation of the Russian political system (party building) is underway. From the Russian Federation have rushed to Crimea the parties "United Russia", "Fair Russia", the Liberal Democratic Party, and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation...
The successful removal of Crimea and Sevastopol from the fascist Kiev maydan junta was a good example for the Russian-speaking regions of South-East of Ukraine.
The formation of the People's Army of the South-East has begun in order to defend these areas from the militants' of the “right sector" who are being constantly guided by the Kiev authorities of Ukraine towards the east to carry out punitive operations against the "separatists". In response to this, a popular uprising began engulfing Luhansk, Kharkiv, Donetsk, and other cities. Donetsk became the epicenter of the protest.
On April 7, Donetsk and Kharkov citizens protesting against the new "authorities", seized and occupied buildings of the regional administrations, and in Lugansk the SBU building was seized.
The People’s Soviet of Donetsk region, the establishment of which was announced on April 7 at a rally in the region, announced the creation of the People's Republic of Donetsk and the desire to join the Russian Federation after the referendum on the matter no later than May 11 (RIA. news from the scene).
"The People's Republic of Donetsk is being created within the administrative boundaries of Donetsk region. This decision shall enter into force immediately after the referendum "- one of its leaders who read the decision of the People’s Soviet at a meeting in the building of regional administration, at which protesters took control yesterday.
From the flagpole near the regional administration building, the Donetsk region flag was removed and replaced with the flag of the "Donetsk Republic" organization (a red-black-blue tricolor). The anthem of the Soviet Union was played at the same time. After the announcement of the declaration of the People’s Soviet of Donetsk region on the establishment of the Donetsk People's Republic in the central square of Donetsk, the "Internationale" also sounded out.
The People’s Soviet was formed in connection with the refusal of the former authorities to hold a referendum on the status of the Donetsk region.
Similar events developed in Kharkov. In Kharkov at a rally in the square came the words: "Arise, great country! Rise up to a fight to the death!" which a call for an assault of the regional administration and the proclamation of the People's Republic of Kharkov.
The confrontation of the Kiev junta awoke Donbass.
Unrest also covers Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa. People are running out of patience ... The protesters are demanding the cancellation of elections in May, a referendum on the status of the extended regions of their autonomy. They are demanding a federal state instead of a unitary one and demanding the Russian language have official status, as well as opposing fascism. The confrontation of the people of South-East of Ukraine and Kiev the fascist junta is growing with each passing hour. According to latest information, the uprising joined by Nikolaev. Protesters chant slogans "One for All" and "All for one!". The participants are going to storm the building of the regional administration. The chronicle of events is very quickly updated.
The Kiev government is in turmoil. At a meeting of the Anti-Crisis HQ on the night of April 7, a decision was made to carry out "anti-terrorist" operations, ban political parties and organizations that call for "separatism", and to prosecute political activists. The Kiev junta on April 7 sent three military combat units into Donetsk and Lugansk regions. It is preparing to transfer more police units and "right sector" militants. The head of the "right sector" Yarosh in the April 7 statement about a general mobilization to fight the rebels in the southeast of Ukraine ended with the words: "Death to the Kremlin occupiers!".
On April 7, in the sky over the rebellious cities warplanes of the fascist Kiev junta circled overhead. It has been learned that included in the punitive operation of violent suppression of the protest movement in the South-East of Ukraine by the Kiev junta have been involved 150 American military experts of the Private Military Organization, disguised as special forces of the MIA of Ukraine "Falcon" (“Sokol”).
Recognizing the inherent right of peoples to self-determination up to the formation of independent states, we Bolsheviks support the creation of Donetsk and Kharkov Peoples’ Republics.
We are in full solidarity with the struggle of the people of the South-East of Ukraine against the "new power" in Kiev which gained this power through unconstitutional state coup which is openly fascist in its aims and methods, and that the authorities are openly terrorist and anti-people, with emphasis on Ukrainian ultra-nationalism preaching hatred to neighbouring countries and peoples.
We support the demand for a federal structure of Ukraine, according to which citizens (in particular, in the South-East) will determine their own economic, political, and social policy in the region.
We consider the opposition of the people to the "new power" in Ukraine as a class opposition to the core. People are opposed to the criminal oligarchy robbing people of Ukraine, who made them poor and organized the Kiev Maidan, with urgent amendment to the rights of Ukrainian citizens. It should be remembered that the oligarchy on both sides of the barricades - and the one who brought Yanukovych to power, and the one who organized the maidan - are opposed to workers and, the oligarchy action is always directed against the working people.
Ukraine's population is experiencing these days a great period of revolutionary struggle against the fascist regime, fighting for their basic social and national interests. As Lenin said: "Revolutions teach, of course, with such rapidity and such thoroughness that it seems impossible in the era of peaceful political development." Here is the rapid development of skills and self-organization, establishing a clear structure and, above all, finding - with whom you can go into battle, who is an unreliable ally, awhere the real enemy is. Developing events in the South-East of Ukraine clearly confirm the validity of Leninist principles. You can be confident in the future development of a social, Soviet leap in heroic struggle unfolding in Ukraine.
Working people of Ukraine! More actively lead the fight for a socialist country!
Only by becoming socialist, will Ukraine be able to regain its independence as a nation and gain true independence from foreign capital.
Victory will be ours!


The Bandera National Fascist coup in Ukraine has ended, in which extreme reactionary treacherous forces have come to power and have now surrendered Ukraine over to the slaughter by the West. They are now doing everything in order to pit Ukraine against Russia, to pit the two fraternal peoples in an internecine slaughter.
Of course, the followers of Bandera- Shukhevych did not expect that in eastern Ukraine and Crimea a popular resistance against fascism in Ukraine would rise up. Still strong in the eastern regions is the historical memory of the exploits of the Soviet Army defending their homeland and saving the world from fascism, as well as the memory of the Banderites shooting Soviet soldiers in the back and ruthlessly destroying peaceful civilians.
Now in the Ukrainian media, in connection with the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, has been raised chauvinist anti-Russian propaganda, calling the Russians aggressors, invaders and occupiers therefore trying to show Russia as an enemy of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.
As we have repeatedly said, the West, the US-Zionist capital does not need Ukraine itself.
The purpose of this fascist coup was to prevent two friendly nations reuniting to deprive Ukraine of Russia, to turn it into a springboard for throwing US-NATO armies on Russia (i.e, for waging war with Russia) to colonize Russia, capture its natural resources, enslaving its people.
What is the likely course of future events?
Reunification of Crimea with Russia, is being used by the U.S. and the West as a pretext for increasing tension, to achieve international isolation of Russia and to prepare and launch military aggression against Russia.
All talk about resetting relations has been forgotten, which were conducted in 2008-2010 to encourage Russia to sign a completely unequal START-3 Treaty on Strategic Offensive Reductions. As a result of this Agreement, as shown by a number of military experts (see my pamphlet "START-3 - a betrayal of national interests of Russia" and the book "U.S. Army"), the STRATEGIC NUCLEAR FORCES of Russia by 2015 and maximum to 2018, will cease to be a real threat to the United States. At the same time, the U.S. continues to build up its military potential.
This build-up goes in two directions:
1. A multi-layered missile defence system (missile defence) is being formed to prevent even possible break through of Russian ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles) onto territory of the United States;
2. U.S. naval and air forces are armed with cruise missiles and other precision offensive weapons, equipped with both conventional and nuclear warheads (and not subject to the START-3 Treaty, i.e. not subject to control and reduction). The quantity of such cruise missiles from the U.S. at the beginning of the 2010-s amounted to already several thousand and is steadily building up pace. This weapon has been created in order to hit the mine-shaft installations of Russian ICBMs and not to allow the launch of these missiles in order to strike back (which the United States is always so afraid of, and is what kept them from starting a war against Russia).
In addition, Russia is already surrounded by a ring of US-NATO military bases. In particular, the Air Force bases in the Baltic, from airfields which (former Soviet Air Force airfields, by the way) the flight time to Moscow and Leningrad is from 10-20 to a maximum of 30 minutes. At these bases are available now NATO Air Force aircraft equipped with tactical nuclear weapons (also not subject to any international control and not subject to reduction).
With the signing of an association agreement with the EU (and the political part of this agreement the Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk already had recently signed), Ukraine, in fact, is drawn into the NATO military chariot. In Ukraine, under the pretext of protection against "aggression" from Russia, military units from NATO can be placed, and placed on the border with Russia.
In fact, under the patronage of the West, the fascist coup in Ukraine has put the world on the brink of nuclear war.
World imperialism sees no other way out of a comprehensive crisis that hit it, except in the ways of unleashing new wars and conflicts, further conquest of countries and peoples, capturing their natural raw materials and enslavement of peoples.
US-NATO imperialists believe that they have all necessary military, political, ideological, diplomatic, financial, economic and other conditions for starting a war against Russia and to achieve victory in the war. Moreover, it is not excluded that the US-NATO can, to achieve full and unconditional victory over Russia, also use tactical (and, perhaps, and strategic) nuclear weapons. Ultimately, a weapon is not created for it to lie rusting in warehouses and then discarded. The weapon is created with the purpose of its use in war. In addition, plans are well-known for a U.S. nuclear attack on the Soviet Union, which existed since the advent of the nuclear bomb and then nuclear missiles. The only thing holding them back is the inevitable retaliatory destructional strike. Now this inevitability is practically reduced to zero (or close to zero), so that now the U.S. military is unlikely to feel restrained.
The time factors should also be noted, namely, the coincidence in time of the national-fascist coup in Ukraine with the time of weakening of the nuclear missile potential of Russia.
This coup was planned by Western experts for the end of 2014 or early 2015, i.e. for the period of the imminent presidential election campaign in Ukraine to replace Yanukovych with other politicians fully obedient to the West and acting in its best interests.
But the Yanukovych-Azarov refusal to sign an association agreement with the EU in the form of one quite unfavorable for Ukraine accelerated by exactly one year, the carrying out of the fascist coup.


The question arises, what do we do?
The answer - prepare for war. Hence the well-known postulate: If you want peace - prepare for war.
But can we win this war? I think that current bourgeois Russia, with its weakened armed forces for more than 20 years, can not win in the coming war. It may become prey for the US-NATO.
And then onto the historical arena will inevitably enter the Russian people that will destroy the bourgeois Putin regime and take power into their own hands.
And what is going to happen, is being showed the course of events in Ukraine. No one (neither the present temporary rulers, nor their Western hosts) expected that the eastern regions of Ukraine and Crimea would rise up to resistance to the Nazi regime. And no matter what the current rulers or repression used, the people awoken will not be driven back to sleep.
The eastern regions of Ukraine are Russian and pro-Russian Ukrainians, i.e. Ukrainians loyal to fraternal friendship and remembering our common history, our lives in the same motherland - the Soviet Union, our common mother - Kievan Rus.
The masses of duped Western Ukrainian people will rise to the struggle when they realize that the sacrifices made during this pseudo-revolution were completely in vain, that their relatives were killed just for placing one more bourgeoisie rope around their neck in the place of another bourgeoisie. Note that those who died were completely unprepared and naive people who believed in the fact that Ukraine was actually carrying out a revolution. Fighters of that very same fascist "right sector", are highly trained for combat in urban areas and thus avoided casualties.
Of course, contempt will not arise immediately, and will be very painful. Still, nearly a quarter of a century has passed with brainwashing in the direction of fascist Bandera-Shukhevych, OUN-UPA fighters are heroes, and Lenin-Stalin communist Bolsheviks are torturers and traitors of the people of Ukraine.
We Bolsheviks understand that the beginning of disarmament and ideological degeneration of the Soviet people began with Khrushchev starting off with his anti-Stalinism and his anti-Stalin policies. Thus, the brainwashing desired by Zionist-American capital has almost been carried on for nearly 60 years, immediately following the death of Stalin.
In the eastern regions of Ukraine and, I think, in Russia, anti-Stalinism is not so strong and not everyone has been hit with this anti-communist virus.
But Putin's rating, at least as reported by the sociological service, is currently, especially in connection with the firm position taken by the Putin regime in the resolution of the Crimean issue, is very high and surpasses 70-75%. And only the threat of a possible defeat of Russia in the coming war will save the Russian people from all illusions still taking place.
Working people of Russia, the working class will understand that it must take its destiny into its own hands, otherwise they will for a very long period become slaves of the West, transnational corporations and banks and will be doomed to extinction, and Russia then will become a colony of the West, until its breakup and, following Ukraine, disappear from the political map of the world in its present historical form.
What forms the struggle will take on for liberation is now difficult to say. Perhaps it will be a guerrilla war (a war for the liberation of Russia from colonization). It is possible that Russia may pass through a stage of military dictatorship, as Ukraine is now plunged into the maelstrom of fascism.
But, in any case, onto the arena of the historic struggle will enter the working class, the toiling masses of Russia, which inevitably will be supported by their class brothers in other Soviet republics. At least, already making its way is the alliance of the toiling masses of the eastern regions of Ukraine with their Russian brethren.
Of course, nuclear war could lead to the destruction of humanity. But I think that the imperialists are not suicidal, they need a war to achieve world domination in this world and not in the hereafter.
But, we have no right to hope on the off chance.
We must prepare now for the coming and increasingly likely war. And this primarily refers to the revolutionary youth: to engage in physical training, learn to master weapons, to go to serve in the army (I am talking about Russia and concerning the so-called Ukrainian army which is drawn up as seeing Russia as an enemy is another question), to acquire the most advanced knowledge, study and master computer technology, perfectly able to work in cyberspace (victory or defeat in this area can cost a victory or defeat in a war as a whole). Well, of course, master Marxism-Leninism and to be able to apply this knowledge in their practice.
The task before us, in case of war by the U.S. - NATO imperialists against Russia is to turn the imperialist war into a revolutionary war, a civil war, a war for victory of labour of the yoke of capital, in the war for the liberation of all mankind from oppression, exploitation and poverty.
The strength of the bourgeoisie lies with money (in this way, and its weakness, because everything is done for the sake of money and money alone). Our strength lies with the truth. Convey our Bolshevik truth to the masses - this is our main task.
I finish off with the words of Lenin: "Communists should know that, in any case, the future, belongs to them; therefore we can (and must) combine the most intense passion in the great revolutionary struggle, with the coolest and most sober appraisal of the frenzied ravings of the bourgeoisie" (PSS, v.41 , p.87 Russ.)(Lenin:Left Wing Communism:An Infantile Disorder - several conclusions.)

A. Mayevsky, Secretary of the CC AUCPB,
March 29, 2014
Challenges of the XXI century
(A recap on recent events in Ukraine)
According to media reports, during the period 23 - 28 January there were cases of supporters of “Evromaydan” seizing office buildings in some regions of Western Ukraine and forming shadow government structures.
On January 23, protesters seized the premises of the Ternopil regional council, which is the regional state administration. On January 25, Ternopil Regional Council revoked the powers that it had delegated the regional administration, and formed an executive committee.
Parallel authorities were created from among the activists of the bourgeois nationalist parties "Udar", "Svoboda" and others also in Ivano- Frankivsk, Lviv and other areas. A certain shadow "peoples upper house" (Rada) was also formed by the deputies of the regional council at the request of the opposition in the Transcarpathian region, but there, according to our comrades (at time of writing), the situation remained calm.
Attempts to storm regional state administration buildings were undertaken by nationalists also in Odessa, Nikolaev, Simferopol, but were repelled by local activists. In Lugansk, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Poltava, and others formed the headquarters of the National Resistance (opponents of the “Evromaydan”), including the participation of the Communists.
In Kiev, clashes continued between supporters of "evromaydan" and units of special forces "Berkut". In clashes, the nationalists were actively using Molotov cocktails and other weapons against law enforcement bodies and losses were suffered. According to statements from "Berkut" officers, cited on the Internet, they were not allowed to use force and lethal weapons, even in self-defence.

Yanukovych surrenders Ukraine to the fascists
On the demands of the participants in 'Evromaydan’, Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov was dismissed. Yanukovych invited nationalist leaders - Klitschko and Yatsenyuk to take the vacant post - but they refused. Yanukovych afterwards, according to media reports, was in hospital with acute respiratory disease.
Fascism carries disaster, oppression and poverty of working people.
According to reports from the regions where the nationalist opposition had seized power, the population is at a loss with the "new government", which has suspended payment of salaries, pensions and benefits. In addition, municipal utilities threaten disconnection of water, electricity and gas, as they have not received funding from the "new government", including arrears.
In the near future, (at time of writing), as promised by representatives of the nationalists, they will appeal to the EU to immediately provide money to pay for the social demands of the population.
In regions occupied by the Nazis, the Communist Party of Ukraine has been banned.
Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil Regional Councils (shadow councils) the activities and the use of symbols of the Party of Regions and the Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU flag - red with a picture of a sickle, hammer and star with the inscription "Communist Party of Ukraine") have been banned. Both parties are banned as they are deemed to go "contrary to the national interest and violate the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Ukraine." Representatives of the local fascist parties appealed to members of the Communist Party with a call to leave the party.
Comment from AUCPB editorial board: We believe the CPU to be a bourgeois party that served the interests of capital, but the fact about banning the Communist Party, as well as a red flag with hammer and sickle eloquently characterizes the essence of the "new government" in Ukraine.
Red Flags have been burned at the "Evromaydane"
Near Kiev, a monument to V.I. Lenin has been demolished
In Fastov (Kiev region) on the night of January 30, unknown people demolished the statue of Lenin – a 7 ton steel figure with a height of about 6 meters, standing near the city administration. The sculpture itself was damaged.

Challenges of the XXI century
(On events in Ukraine from late January 2014)
Dear Comrades! We continue to publish materials devoted to the analysis of the events taking place in Ukraine.
The Bandera national- fascist opposition, supported and instigated from outside of Ukraine, have more and more escalated the situation, trying to climb to the summit of power, replacing the Yanukovych - Azarov regime - with the price of complete surrender of Ukraine to the West, at the cost of depriving Ukraine of any residues, and any semblance of independence and sovereignty.
And this whole fight is covered with false slogans of concerns about Ukraine and its long-suffering people .
On January 19, the confrontation finally began to lose peaceful character.
On the part of the opposition in the course of events, along with stones, bats, chains, sticks, Molotov cocktails were hurled. Not just law enforcement officers, but right-wing militant gangs were armed with traumatic weapons (no doubt that the Bandera gangs with own firearms were just waiting for a certain hour and appropriate command for their use). Not only buses and buildings were burning, but also internal troops, the Berkut were set on fire. Medical centres received dozens of police (according to Ministry of Internal Affairs - more than two hundred) with burns, fractures and other wounds and injuries.
Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych on January 20, addressed the Ukrainian people, in which he made a call to refrain from violence and to take the path of those "who are sacrificing human blood for the sake of taking power."
But the blame for everything that happened lies with the ruling regime, which allowed the National Fascists onto the political arena of Ukraine. And now we hear the calls of the Greek - Catholic priests to talk with the enemy in bullet language, with the use of weapons, for the destruction of communists ("Father" M.Arsenich, Cardinal Lubomyr Husar UGCC). Just like their predecessors during the second world war, they sanctified the Banderites and called on them to faithfully serve Adolf Hitler, the "liberator of nations and the creator of a new world order", and to fight struggle against communism and Moscow.
In Ukraine, the working class has still remained silent and is watching what is happening.
We Bolsheviks declare that both bourgeois clans, locked in a deadly battle for power, are equally alien to the working people of Ukraine both in Western and Eastern Ukraine. The bourgeoisie deliberately divides us on regional - linguistic and religious grounds. In fact, Ukraine is divided on the basis of class: the majority of working people have been robbed and humiliated and the minority of people are the bourgeoisie of all colours, shades and factions.
Overthrowing the power of capital and restoring the power of the working man is the task of today's historical moment facing the working class and its allies in Ukraine: the labouring peasantry and the working intelligentsia.
This is the only way out of the crisis, the only chance to prevent the final enslavement and colonization of Ukraine by the imperialist West.
A. MAYEVSKIY, Secretary of the CC AUCPB,
January 21, 2014
(Written in February 2014)
One could write legends about how Odessites – the people of Odessa love their city. Any sane citizen of Odessa would never ever come up with the idea or dream a terrible nightmare that our glorious hero-city could be "seized by fascist Banderites." Idiots do not even dream of this. In this regard, everyone agrees. "Fascism will not pass!"
For this purpose, quite a powerful resistance from various political parties and public organizations has been formed. A call on people has been announced for joining the "All-Ukrainian Youth Unity" movement. And this is the formation of national defence groups, when for restoring order from the demagogy of politicians will start to provide and cross over to real actions of forceful influence. The Cossacks are ready for this. Ordinary people, from which one could often hear: "I'm not interested in politics", have instantly become interested and have started across all channels of local TV to declare their opposition to supporters of "maydans." They even call them "banderlogs". My countrymen struggled against these in the "Marches for Odessa!" There were several of these events. Previous marches were organized by the social movement "Borotba." And they passed not without fights, although participants organised peaceful "marches", united together in an organized column, chanted : "We are Russian," "No to Nazis!".
The fascist thugs appear suddenly, at a time when there are still few people present. They wrest placards and banners from the hands the marchers. They need to be resisted.
On the day of the Young Anti-fascist, February 8, 2014, a march was organized by the " All-Ukrainian Youth Unity" movement. It staged a peaceful rally with slogans: "Odessa - Hero City", "No to civil war!" "No to Nazis!" "For the Customs Union!". Thousands of people marched from the in a column from10 APRIL Square singing the song "Arise, great country! Arise to the fight to the death!" by the Aleksandrov Choir, which sounded out through the speaker of a car, where a portrait of Generalissimo Joseph Stalin was fixed to. They began their march along the avenue towards Shevchenko Regional State Administration for a rally. Local councillors and leaders of anti-fascist orientation were expected to participate.
On the one hand it is good that people finally remembered what they had in the heroic actions during the defence of the country during the Great Patriotic War. On the other hand I want to ask them when they will return to the coat of arms of the city - hero both the Gold Star and the Order of Great Lenin? Odessa was one of the first cities of our Soviet Motherland that was named a Hero City.
The governments of "independent" Ukraine removed Soviet symbols, and renamed streets of the Soviet Army, Lenin, Karl Marx. They removed monuments to Potemkins and Lenin and rewritten history books. It's disgusting to hear how they are pushing out speech at rallies, calling themselves anti-fascists, "We have won ... ". Yes, you all owe with your bourgeois guts to all those WHO DIED FOR THE LIBERATION OF OUR HOMETOWN fighting the German- Romanian invaders! You who line your pockets with foreign currency ... you won? ... You have regenerated the neo-Nazi scum.
The fact that there was some fascization of structures of the Ukrainian Parliament, takes no convincing for anyone. Just about everything has been long understood: they began to defile monuments to Great Lenin, then made it up to the Walk of Fame. At the monument to the Unknown Sailor, as I can remember, students stood watch, and still watch now. The Eternal Fire still burns. Requiem the sound and lyrics by R. Rozhdestvensky "Remember!" And we do remember ...
Every Odessa family has fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters and grandparents who never returned from the front. My grandfather, a fighter in the Gregory Kotovskovo brigade never returned after he was killed in Poland. And the power of the bourgeois in Poland has now forgotten about the death camps and crematoriums, and now considering removing a monument to General of the Army Ivan Danilovich Chernyakhovskiy, twice Hero of the Soviet Union..
More than two thousand inhabitants of Odessa have demonstrated to the Ukrainian neo-Nazis their willingness to obliterate those fascist thugs armed with sticks, baseball bats, hiding their bastard faces behind masks... Only we have not met them on their way. They will not come out against so many people with their three hundred or so “hirelings." Besides megaphones and posters and banners, the people taking part in the “March for Odessa” were armed with nothing. The local militia guarded the order with no more than a hundred of them present.
On the eve before the last march on February 7 in Lenin Komsomol Park, the monument of Great Lenin was desecrated. Vile inscriptions in dark blue paint were left at night which read: "Hang the Moscovites", "Glory to the heroes of the UPA" and "Death to Moscovites".
Even the Yanakovich-Azarov government resented this. Television journalists commented : "This is our history."
We Communists of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, speak a different language. "This is not only our history!" This is our future and that of our descendants. Socialism will triumph! Ukraine will be part of the Great Power - the USSR! Our Motherland is the Soviet Union!
It is a pity that hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens are not together with us today. They are have not yet in their minds strengthened the belief that fascism is generated by bourgeois society. Crushing fascism means defeating bourgeois power, casting it into oblivion and establishing the dictatorship of labour. It is the capitalist system that generates social inequality and ethnic strife. From the depths of animal arbitrary power of the capitalists emerge fascist elements. They recruit under their false slogans about "Vilnu Ukraїnu" people cheated and dissatisfied with the Yanakovich-Azarov government, and get them to organise pointless riots and unrest. Rushing to take a place at the feeding trough, for the redivision of the loot, and not for the sake of national interests, they throw people to the barricades, while they themselves get nice and fat and multiply their own income as well as those of the millionaires and billionaires. Bourgeois nationalists are neither patriots (they habitually appeal first to Europe, then to America ), nor advocates of the people. They simply manipulate the consciousness of the crowd in order to seize power.
The Blue replace the Orange, then the Orange will again replace the Blue and the robbed people will be put on their knees. A handful of arbiters decide their fate, under whom will lie Ukraine, and whom to give back borrowed loans. And not only our children will have to repay the loans, but also our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have to if we do not fight against their regimes. There is only one way out: to convince those citizens who are becoming more active – and that is to head towards a socialist revolution!
It is in this direction that the Odessa Bolsheviks carried out their propaganda work on the March for Odessa. Our AUCPB newspapers “Serp I Molot" and "Raboche-Krestyanskaya Pravda" were willingly taken by people from our distributors. Even little leaflets always help. People then say, "We’ll read it, maybe even from you get to know the truth." They really will know the truth only from us, and can understand, at the end of it all, that in the words of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin:
"Our cause is just ... the enemy will be defeated ... ".
In Odessa catacombs, the flames of guerrilla warfare are still warm.
"For our Soviet Motherland!" "For the cause of Lenin and Stalin!"
"FOR SOCIALISM!" "Our Motherland is the USSR!"
Xenia Volovik, member of the AUCPB in ODESSA

SUN -102ND

April 15th is the 102nd birth anniversary of the birth of the great leader
comrade KIM IL SUNG the eternal president of the Democratic People's Republic
of Korea . President KIM IL SUNG was the saviour of the Korean nation who won
independence for Korea that had been ruled by Japan . He defended the
independence of Korea from encroachment and intervention by US
Under the leadership of President KIM IL SUNG illiteracy and poverty were
wiped out and a socialist system centred on the people came about . On the
auspicious occasion of the anniversary of the birth of the great leader
President KIM IL SUNG , which is being celebrated by the Korean people and
and progressive people throughout the world we send greetings to all
UK KFA members and activists.

The UK Korean Friendship Association today issued a statement
to mark the Day of the Sun, the 102nd anniversary of the birth of the
great leader President KIM IL SUNG the eternal leader of the Korean
people and world progressive people. UK KFA salutes the memory of the
great leader President KIM IL SUNG on the anniversary of his birth.
The great leader President KIM IL SUNG is
rightly regarded as the father of the Korean nation who gave
independence to the Korean people after the long dark rule of
oppressive Japanese colonialism . President KIM IL SUNG led the 20
year long armed struggle against Japanese imperialism which culminated
in the liberation of Korea on August 15th 1945. Without a doubt the
greatest and most precious thing a people can enjoy is independence.

The great leader President KIM IL SUNG was a true son of the
people . He was born into a humble poor peasant family in Mangyondae.
He always believed in the people and shared their joys and sorrows .
He dressed in simple clothes and went amongst the people. He kept an
old 'Mokran' television set made in the DPRK instead of a luxurious
foreign made one.

The great leader President KIM IL SUNG defeated
US imperialism when it tried to conquer and destroy the young people's
democracy in the DPRK in the 1950s. Although whole parts of the DPRK
were obliterated President KIM IL SUNG led the struggle to rebuild
the DPRK 10 and a 100 times better than before. Under the banner of
Juche and self-reliance he led the struggle not only to rehabilitate
and restore industry in the DPRK but to achieve victory in the drive
for socialist industrialisation . He built an independent national
economy and an advanced socialist system creating a socialist paradise
of Juche for the people.
The great leader President KIM IL SUNG
consistently fought for Korean reunification and for the withdrawal of
US troops from the south of Korea. He put forward countless
reunification proposals and authored wise strategies for bringing
about Korean reunification on the basis of independence without the
interference of outside powers.
The great leader President KIM IL SUNG was a true
internationalist, a great internationalist who supported
anti-imperialist independent struggles throughout the world. Pyongyang
was a veritable Mecca for liberation fighters from all lands . The
Juche idea authored by the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG was and is
a powerful tool and inspiration for those aspiring for independence
from imperialism. President KIM IL SUNG upheld the red banner of
socialism even when others dropped .

UK KFA remember the great leader President KIM IL SUNG for his many
achievements which are today carried forward by the dear respected
On Thursday 27th of March the UK Korean Friendship Association
supported by the Juche Idea Study Group and the New Communist Party
picketed the US embassy in Grosvenor Square London from 1650 hours to
1800 hours. The picket was to protest against the holding of the
"Foal Eagle " and "Key Resolve " exercises of the US imperialists and
the US hostile policy against the DPRK including the "human rights"
racket .
The picket was carried out under conditions of imperialist
media attacks on the UK KFA and JISGE as well survelliance by
reactionary forces
A speaker from the UK KFA and JISGE opened the picket saying"The US
imperialists are again staging "Foal Eagle and " Key Resolve "
military exercises threatening peace .
Despite the peace overture
made to south Korea in the New Year Address of the supreme leader of
the DPRK dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN the south Korean puppets
and their US imperialist overlords have decided to push on with the
holding of Foal Eagle and Key Resolve from the end of February. These
exercises will be massive in scale . They are about invading the DPRK
and effecting "regime change " by force as they envisage taking
control of nuclear facilities in the DPRK and occupy Pyongyang in case
of "emergency in the north". This leaves the observer in little
doubt as to the true nature of the exercises ; the a practise
operation to invade the DPRK and stifle Juche-based socialism centred
upon the popular masses.
It is a lame excuse and a sophistry
to claim that the exercises are defensive as they include landing
craft which are a means to wage offensive and invasive warfare. It is
a nonsensical sophistry to assert that as they are "routine " so do
pose a threat. The analogy can be used of a fire drill in an office
building or factory , these are not held for the sake of "routine" but
as a practice for the real thing . It is the same with "Foal Eagle "
and "Key Resolve ".

Last year the extreme warmongering moves of the US imperialists and
the south Korean puppets brought the situation on the Korean peninsula
very close to actual war which could have turned into a nuclear
catastrophe which would not have been confined to the Korean peninsula
or East Asia.
We demand that Foal Eagle and Key Resolve are stopped at once
and US troops withdrawn. The US must end its hostile policy against
the DPRK and the lift the sanctions

The KCNA report "U.S. "Human Rights" Racket against DPRK's Sovereignty
Is Doomed to Failure " was also read out .

The picketers chanted " US out of Korea " , "Korea is One " , "Yankee
Go Home " "Long Live the Workers' Party of Korea " and "Long Live
Kim Jong Un "
The statement of the DPRK NDC on the US hostile policy was
also read out. The UK KFA spokesman in his closing remarks said that
the US imperialists must end their hostile policy towards the DPRK .
The NCP general secretary Brooks made a rousing speech thanking the

Banners of the UK KFA and banners calling for an end to the UNSC
sanctions were displayed along with the flag of the DPRK.