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Monday, 12 March 2012

Statement by AUCPB

Statement by the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the
All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks

In connection with the situation on the Korean Peninsula

As you know, on February 23-24 in Beijing a third round of summit talks between the DPRK and the U.S. were held.

The United States reaffirmed their commitment to no longer be at odds with the DPRK and improve bilateral relations in a spirit of respect for sovereignty and equality and to take several measures to build confidence as one of the links in efforts to improve DPRK-US relations.

The U.S. promised to make efforts (only!) To provide 240 tons of food to the DPRK. (Russian proverb - the promised three-year wait.)

At the talks, the U.S. made it clear that their sanctions against the DPRK are not directed at the civilian sector, including the standard of living of the population (this means, the U.S. sanctions are aimed directly against the DPRK leadership, as was the case in Egypt, Iraq, Libya, now in Syria and Iran ...) In other words they are aimed at overthrowing the socialist system in the DPRK.

The DPRK at the talks, at the request of the United States, in the aims of maintaining a positive atmosphere for the Korean-US negotiations, decided on a moratorium on nuclear test launches of long-range missiles and uranium enrichment activities at Yongbyon and allow IAEA inspectors to monitor the freeze on its uranium enrichment program (? ? Did they believe their worst insidious enemy?).

After curtsies and smiles at the talks, the United States, probably through its "agreement" with the DPRK, obtained by deceit due to the honesty and trust of the Koreans, practically the next day began the "next scheduled" military exercises with South Korean troops. During the period of negotiations and before that, a huge number of American troops and their offensive weapons had already been relocated to South Korea. A large contingent of all South Korean troops put on alert that can be seen as preparation for the beginning of large-scale military aggression against the DPRK.

"The so-called joint military exercises" Key Resolve" and "Eagle" involve American troops stationed in South Korea, and a large contingent of reinforcements from the United States and the Pacific, as well as a huge number of attack means. Now, the whole South Korean land has gone into military readiness. There is now a forced hot atmosphere of a war of aggression against the North. "This is stated in the Statement of the Representative of the DPRK and the NDC Foreign Ministry of the DPRK statement late February of this year. Thus, not shrinking from anything, the Americans have ignored all the agreements reached in Beijing.

In conjunction with the military exercises, the South Korean side launched foul information-ideological propaganda campaign, which includes an insult and a mockery of the Supreme Leadership of the DPRK. The people of the DPRK are angered at the South Korean vicious, offensive information-ideological campaign.

The Statement of the DPRK Supreme Command on February 25, states that "... we will wage a merciless holy war of our type in order to wipe out a clique of traitors. The holy war of our type, based on physical strikes, will continue as long as the clique of traitors has not completely removed all traces of the insults to our highest dignity ... "

Our dear Korean friends! Is it worth responding so strongly to the weakness and wickedness on the part of the pro-American huskies, as Lee Myung-bak and his entourage? Swearing has always been and is a sign of WEAKNESS, and not STRENGTH. YOUR STRENGTH, our dear Korean friends, lies in YOUR possession of nuclear weapons. You are publicly recognized by the U.S. as a global nuclear power. As long as you own nuclear weapons, carry out nuclear research and develop nuclear technology - you keep your independence, autonomy and your own chosen by the people, path of historical development. Great KIM JONG IL was able to stand even "tougher" historical situations. Remember, at least three years of consecutive drought and consecutive three-year torrential rains that destroyed much of the already small arable land in the DPRK. Great Kim Jong Il carried out restructuring of arable land, mechanized agriculture, and got out of the emergency.

Now, there is little doubt that the terrible disasters in the DPRK that period were caused by American "scientists" - who studied the influence of laser effects on the uppermost layers of the atmosphere. The U.S. leadership is made up of a bunch of lunatics who are ready to destroy the entire world for the sake of an imaginary, already slipping away from them primacy in the economy and politics, yet retain their status due to an insane number of military bases around the world and who have taken aim at everything in living humanity. Regarding the dirty insinuations and insults against the Supreme Leadership of the DPRK, we consider this as a desire by the Americans to provoke the DPRK into starting first any military action, as was the firing on the island of Yeonpyeong. Americans desperately need to provoke the DPRK to begin FIRST attack South Koreans. The mousetrap is set up and the U.S. is impatiently waiting for results.

We wish You as always, to firmly and confidently, united around the Party and its leadership, to boldly go forward along the path outlined by the great leader Kim Jong Il, forward under the banner of Juche! You are sure to win. Because you are heroic people. No concessions to the treacherous aggressor - the U.S. and their running dogs. Only forward, sweeping away from the path the stupid dog barks to the accompaniment of U.S. writers. And, like the famous proverb - dogs bark, but the caravan MOVES ON!

We wish the selfless hard-working people of the DPRK new successes in building a prosperous socialist state under the leadership of the WPK and the supreme leader Kim Jong UN. So it will be, because it is a historical necessity.

N.A. Andreeva

General Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB

March 11, 2012 Leningrad


On March 5 at Krasnoyarsk, a rally was held in memory J.V. Stalin, illegally banned by the city administration. At the monument to "Kandalny Poot” activists gathered from the AUCPB, RCWP, International Union of Soviet Officers, Stalin bloc and other ordinary concerned citizens.

We recall how the administration of Krasnoyarsk illegally banned a rally at the specified location on the pretext that the on the adjacent territory, searches will be carried out in a water system accident. Indeed, even before the rally, near the monument, the area was fenced off and the square concrete slabs were broken up. No construction machinery was anywhere in sight.

The number of policemen at the rally was about the same number as were participants. At first they tried to prevent the deployment of attributes, but in the course of events did not intervene, and limited their activity to shooting everything that happens on a camcorder.

As always it was an open mic, so anyone could speak. Thus, the Bolshevik N.M. Shafranov, in his brilliant speech, criticized the "destalinizers" from Khrushchev to Putin and Medvedev, exposing their myths of "Stalin's repressions." The Secretary of the Regional Committee of the RCWP-RPC, E. Postovsky stressed the importance of modern communists in studying the theoretical papers J.V. Stalin.

And the latest "election" was not ignored with reference to Putin the top manager of the bourgeoisie. Among those present were distributed newspaper "Hammer and Sickle", "Revolution." Speeches were trying to drown the roar of machinery, which suddenly started up and began to dig the ground near the monument exactly the same time the meeting started, but that turned out badly.

After the meeting, the participants began to depart in a group, because the police that were present did not conceal their aggressive intentions. An assault by the police was still carried out- kettling the event participants, the police started violently pushing them, including people of retirement age, the organizers were pushed and dragged away into a police van.

As a result, the organizers of the rally were arrested Bolsheviks, as well as the head of "Stalin bloc" E.A. Goncharov. He was charged for holding an unauthorized rally.
Note that the Stalin rally was banned for the first time in several years - obviously, after the "victory" in the "election". This gives new impetus to the legitimacy of the ruling power, the power that most definitely no longer stands on ceremony with the Communists and not embarrassed in the choice of means of dealing with them.

Krasnoyarsk organization AUCPB

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Congratulations by the AUCPB on International Women's Day - 8 March

Dear women – working women, our mothers, sisters and daughters!

CC AUCPB congratulates you on the International Day of Solidarity of women around the world – International Women’s Day on 8 March! We want you - our loyal companions in life, and our helpers, and our allies in the fight - good health, happiness and success in today's difficult life and success in our common struggle for a brighter future of the younger generation. Let all of you always shining sun literally and figuratively. Let the spring bring you good spirits and confidence in a better future, for which we are fighting together with YOU.


Monday, 5 March 2012

On the death of J.V. Stalin

On March 5, 1953 Joseph Stalin died - the greatest statesman and political figure, a prominent theoretician of Marxism-Leninism, the disciple and continuer of great Lenin, the head of the world's first multinational state of workers and peasants - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the greatest military leader, the leader of the working class and working people around the world.

Under the leadership of Stalin, backward, illiterate, peasant Russia in a historically short period of time became a world superpower - the Soviet Union, which had an advanced socialist economy, industry and high-grade large-scale mechanized agriculture, advanced science, culture and morality, quality education and health services to the population .

The world's greatest achievements of the Soviet Union after Stalin's death were - the launch of Soviet man into space, the development of peaceful nuclear energy, etc., and had been achieved only because of the tremendous scientific and technological, socio-economic, moral and political potential, created by J. V.Stalin.

The victory of the Soviet people under the leadership of Joseph Stalin over German fascism, the peoples of the world rallied around the Soviet Union against a new imperialist war, and the establishment of Soviet power's strategic nuclear forces held back the aggressive plans of U.S. imperialism and ensured peace on Earth for 50 years.

Just moving along the path of Stalin under the banner of Bolshevism, working people will be able to revive their great motherland - the Soviet Union, to become a barrier to the plans of hated Zionist-American imperialism, now fighting for world domination, the de-fusing of any new wars and bloody conflicts against countries and people standing in their way, and "guilty" only in that they hold oil and gas, or dare to carry out domestic and foreign policies independent of the U.S.. The U.S., Israel and their NATO allies are preparing a new bloodbath now already against Syria and Iran.

In all, the next victim of U.S. imperialism and NATO is Russia (and, hence, the Ukraine, and Belarus, and the rest of our great republic of the Soviet homeland.)

Therefore, today more than ever, the words of Joseph Stalin: "To eliminate the inevitability of war, imperialism, must be destroyed." This is the covenant of Stalin to the international working class and working people all over the world.

On March 4, 2012, in Russia ended a well played out power play, called "Presidential Elections". As expected, the "overwhelming victory" in the first round scored Vladimir Putin a protege of of big business, gaining 64, 75% of the vote (according to preliminary results, with 87% of the processing of ballots). Mironov and Vladimir Zhirinovsky "congratulated" the winner and declared "ready for dialogue." Zyuganov just got was issued him by the regime of 17% of the vote, again, eternally unhappy, believing the election "illegitimate, unfair and non-transparent," though how can it be different under the dictatorship of big capital. The same Zyuganov said about the results of December's parliamentary elections, however, this did not stop him, and companions amicably divide the Duma committees, sitting in comfortable chairs in an illegitimate Duma.

To destroy the domination of big capital, it is necessary to break the oppressive bourgeois state machine (to disperse the Duma, to abolish the institution of the presidency, etc.) and establish a dictatorship of the proletariat - in the form of Soviets, ie, the working class in its struggle to follow the laws of the class struggle. Stalin laid down -

"The dictatorship of the proletariat cannot arise as a result of the peaceful development of bourgeois society and bourgeois democracy - it can occur as a result of smashing the bourgeois state machine, the bourgeois army, the bourgeois bureaucratic apparatus of the bourgeois police" (Collected Works, v.6, p.116);

"... The law of violent proletarian revolution, the law of the smashing of the bourgeois state machine, as a preliminary condition for such a revolution is the inevitable law of the revolutionary movement in the imperialist countries of the world" (Works, v.6, p.117).

Sunday, 4 March 2012


Comment about the information in the press about the Summit held in Beijing, the third round of DPRK-US talks (23-24 February 2012) and representative of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK Statement dated February 25, on the aggravation of the situation on the Korean peninsula.

We note with satisfaction that the policy of the current Supreme leadership in the DPRK after the death of Great Kim Jong Il remains the same: to defend the independence, sovereignty and independence, provided by the existing high level of training and equipment of the KPA. The firm determination to defend Korean style socialism characterises the NDC Statement, and that there can be no talk about any concessions! And at the same time - carrying out the policy of preserving peace on the Korean Peninsula through coercion of the U.S. leadership to conduct equal negotiations: the complete equality of the parties, the effective recognition of the sovereignty of the DPRK, addressing the root issues of relations between the DPRK and the U.S..

We fully support the policies of the successor to Kim Jong Il, the Great People's leader Kim Jong UN and wish success in moving the country towards building a prosperous socialist state.


The General Secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCPB)

March 3, 2012 Leningrad

Thursday, 1 March 2012

For Bolshevism No 03 (108) MARCH 2012





No 03 (108) MARCH 2012


On March 4, 2012, elections will be held to elect the President of the Russian Federation. For the choice of head of state will be current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin put forward by the "United Russia", the Communist Party of the Russian Federation leader Gennady Zyuganov, "Fair Russia’s" Sergei Mironov, chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky and self-promoted oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov. And, apparently, this list is exhausted. The other candidates are not likely to remain involved in the presidential race.
The Russian Central Election Commission refused to register Grigory Yavlinsky a candidate for president of Russia, the founder of the "Yabloko" party, having found in the signatures submitted to them 25.66% mistakes, which is 5 times greater than the acceptable 5%. Also denied registration was self-nominated governor of Irkutsk Region Dmitry Mezentsev. Leader of "Volya" Svetlana Peunova put into the CEC only 243 thousand signatures, saying, that in 20 days, collecting more signatures is simply impossible: "This is a real figure and those who claim to have gathered 2 million either falsified them or attracted administrative resources." Only oligarch Prokhorov managed to do this successfully.
Presidential Elections are a well rehearsed show with a predetermined outcome and with a specified percentage of voters who voted "FOR" the darling of big business. With brazen cynicism already at the Congress of "United Russia" on September 24, 2011 it was announced that Vladimir Putin will once again become President, and the post of prime minister will be taken by the current President of Russia today (or substituting for one presidential term Vladimir Putin) Dmitry Medvedev (who has also been predicted as "leader" of "United Russia", a party that has lost all credibility among the citizens). As a result of the numerous online surveys Putin has gained no more than 25% of the vote, but the official media and the polls “crank up” the increase in his rating to the desired 52%.
Should one participate in the presidential election, when the "winner" is determined 100 percent in that same uncontested election? The position of the AUCPB is: boycott the elections – do not go to the polling stations.
Vladimir Putin is a protege of big business over the past two presidential terms, and in one term of Prime Minister went on a course of "reforms" to destroy Russia in full consensus with the demands of the United States. There is no doubt that, once again having become president, he will continue the policy of betrayal of national interests of Russia and the destruction of the country. "Mr. Putin began a new phase in dialogue between Russia and NATO, I would say, unprecedented in its breadth and depth of the phase," said Deputy Assistant Secretary General of NATO, James Appathurai after the September Congress of "United Russia", who remained "satisfied" its decisions.
The destructive policy of Vladimir Putin was well shown by V.Ilyuhinym in his speech in Moscow on 10 February 2011 at an officer meeting with a report on the illegal and destructive activities of Vladimir Putin.
Zyuganov, as in the previous presidential campaign, hands out unrealistic pledges to win elections, drawing in the citizens of the futility of playing by the rules of the financial oligarchy. Zyuganov himself does not intend to seriously fight for power. In his policy statement, Zyuganov recognizes the legitimacy of oligarchs stealing property and is not going to take it away from them for return to the working people: "Nationalization (with compensation! i.e, the same people's money, - Ed.) affects only a narrow circle of people ... Those who gained (stole! - Ed.) from the good folk in the 90s, but then invested in the development of production, we will offer a decent (!) compensation. These people ... we are ready to invite them to participate in interesting projects as investors. Our team is ready for dialogue and reasonable compromise ... ".
Zyuganov is a servant of big business, like any other candidate for the presidency.
Mironov and Zhirinovsky are the "eternal contenders for the presidency," as well as Zyuganov, candidates clearly impassable but allowed by the Kremlin as decorations to the scenery of apparent "alternative" and "democratic" elections, and ready at any moment to give their votes to his Kremlin patron.
Prokhorov - the billionaire tycoon, ranked third among the largest businessmen in Russia, with a fortune of $ 18 billion, and included in the one hundred biggest businessmen in the world, and is the Kremlin project in case of a second round of voting. Alarmed by a failure to "United Russia" (from which Putin is now distancing himself by associating himself with the "All-Russia People's Front"), the results of parliamentary elections and the ensuing widespread citizen dissatisfaction, the ruling Kremlin elite is playing the next spectacle to draw the votes of protesting citizens (who voted "AGAINST" the"United Russia" party) over to Prokhorov in the first round and in the second round of voting, if it takes place, send them over to Putin for the "brilliant" victory. Prokhorov himself does not hide this, saying: "My task in this election is to become the main anti-Putin man", i.e. attract the votes of those voters who do not want to vote for the ruling party.
Prokhorov’s program is a program of the final destruction of the country and its enslavement to the West. His program includes the following:
1. Memorialize the victims of the Leninist-Stalinist terror, declare the November 7 Day of Remembrance for all Russians, who are victims of wars and revolutions of the twentieth century, to remove Lenin's mausoleum and rebury the body of Lenin,
2. Dismantle the system of state owned corporations, eliminate the concept of strategic sectors, privatize railways and roads, pipelines, and airfields;
3. The liberalization of labour relations, the introduction of a 60-hour working week (in other words, the introduction of six-day working week with 10 hour day. - Ed.), Abolition of registration for citizens (freedom to illegal immigration);
4. A radical reform of land relations, removing restrictions on the use of land;
5. Abolish conscription for Russian citizens for military service, thereby completing the transition over to a contract (professional) army;
6. To transform the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation into a significant sector of the national economy (that is into a business! - Ed.)
7. Maximum liberalize access by foreign companies into the Russian market, and so on ...
The Kremlin withdrew from the presidential race, "Yabloko," Yavlinsky, the votes of the electorate "liberal opposition", "office plankton", "middle class" rebelling on Bolotnoy and prospect Sakharov, going over to Prokhorov to give to his very "liberal" program. Many of the votes of students, dissatisfied with the policy of "United Russia" (in the parliamentary elections having voted for any other party, if only "against" United Russia), will also go to Prokhorov, who has positioned himself as a "young and successful businessman" (with this, he does not tell young people how he used the fake "loans for shares" and for a song appropriated the assets of Norilsk Nickel and other assets), in contrast to all the other "Duma elders."
Kremlin spin doctors have calculated all the details. Voters are just pawns in the dirty game of deception and fraud. Even if something "does not work," the ruling elite always has the "fallback": of gross falsification.
In Moscow are continuing, as in other regions, mass protests of citizens against the dirty elections. Assessment of current events and our position on participation in protest actions are determined on the basis of the parliamentary elections in the statement of the Central Committee of the AUCPB "We firmly hold the step towards socialist revolution!". Using the discontent of citizens, the fifth "liberal" column in Russia (whose activists are frequent visitors to the new U.S. ambassador to Russia, "the expert" on Russia and the "orange revolution" Michael McFaul, who, according to him, came to Russia to make a revolution ... ) already puts the task on implementing "perestroika-2 ', i.e. breakup the Russian Federation as a single state, followed by its disappearance from the map. Another protest is scheduled (took place) on February 4 - on this day in 1990 in Moscow hosted a mass rally organized by the "democrats" against the sixth article of the Constitution of the USSR on the leadership of the Communist Party, which from its removal was one of the detonators of the collapse of the Soviet Union. The aim is for mass demonstrations after the presidential election. We, Bolsheviks, need to closely monitor the situation and be prepared for any developments, and adjust our positions according to specific circumstances.
Our participation in the elections should be to promote our widest, communist, Bolshevik ideology, exposing the crime of capitalism and the urgent need for the revival our Soviet Socialist Motherland - the USSR. Our position is firm Bolshevik, the same as four years ago: "The future of Russia is not voting for a puppet of the West, serving the interests of global capital, but in uniting the working class and working intellectuals in towns and villages, in the common struggle for their social rights, for the establishment of the true power of working people. In this regard, I consider it necessary to recall Lenin's statement - "Changing the bourgeois state into a proletarian state is impossible without a violent revolution..." (Lenin, Collected Works, t.33, p.22) "(see N.A.Andreeva . March 2, do we (?) "choose" the President of the Russian Federation / / "Hammer and Sickle», № 2, February 2008.).



We Bolsheviks have been closely following the growing struggle of many years of Kazakh workers for their rights.
The objective conditions of the struggle is great social inequality, poverty and misery of the working masses of Kazakhstan as a result of capitalist reforms in Kazakhstan during the years of so-called "Independence" - the "independence" due to the treacherous destruction of the USSR, the "independence" of the bourgeoisie from the Kazakh working people of the country.
It is also symptomatic that the most severe bloody repression of the oil workers of Western Kazakhstan happened in the 20 th anniversary of the so-called "independence." This once again clearly demonstrated to the working people of the republic, that the current Kazakh state faithfully serves the recreated bourgeois class, primarily large oligarchic capital.
Kazakhstan is a country with rich natural and raw materials, mineral resources, and ranks: first in the world in proven reserves of zinc, tungsten, and barite, second in silver, lead and chromate, third in copper and fluorite, fourth in molybdenum, sixth in gold (in the country are registered more than 170 gold deposits), eighth in iron ore (more than 70% of mined ore is exported, the largest steel company Mittal Steel is in Temirtau). By volume of mineral resources, Kazakhstan is the first among the CIS countries in chrome ores and lead, the second - on oil, silver, copper, manganese, zinc, nickel and phosphorus raw material, the third - on gas, coal, gold and tin.
According to the results of geological and economic evaluation of the available mineral resources of Kazakhstan, the largest weight on economic importance are coal, oil, copper, iron, lead, zinc, chromite, gold and manganese. Ferrous and nonferrous metals mined in Kazakhstan, are exported to Japan, South Korea, USA, Canada, Russia, China and the EU.
Prospected uranium reserves account for 21% of world reserves (2nd place in the world as of 2005). In 2009, Kazakhstan moved into first place in the world supply of uranium concentrate to the world market, ahead of Canada, which was in second place and was formerly the world's leading uranium mining for 17 years.
Significant oil and gas reserves are concentrated in the western region can be attributed to Kazakhstan as one of the largest oil-producing countries. Oil production in Kazakhstan ranks second among the CIS countries. Extracted and exported oil as the Kazakh and Russian majors (Lukoil and Rosneft - their share in 2008 on the oil market in Kazakhstan accounted for nearly 6% of oil produced), American and European (42% - respectively), Chinese (24.5% ) and some other companies.
Kazakhstan's economy in 20 years of "independence" has acquired a distinct raw materials character. The structure of Kazakhstan's export share of oil and petroleum products amount to 35%, non-ferrous metals - 17%, ferrous metals - 16%, ore - 12%, grain - 9%. Ie, natural raw materials and mineral resources of Kazakhstan are mercilessly plundered and sold.
With the temporary defeat of socialism and the elimination of public ownership of the means of production, privatization (ie, looting the national wealth of the country) in Kazakhstan, as in all other Soviet republics, there was a restoration of the bourgeois class, the formation of large oligarchic capital.
In June 1996, the British "Financial Times" related the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to number 25 of the richest people in the world with a wealth amounting to about $ 5 billion. It should be noted that approximately the same amount was at that time the total external debt of Kazakhstan. In August 1998, the Turkish newspaper "Milliyet" reported on the new acquisition of the Nazarbayev family - another villa on the Mediterranean coast (see "The working class in Kazakhstan» № 1, 2001, "RCP» № 1 (58), 2002 ..)
According to the magazine Forbes, billionaires from Kazakhstan are among the world's richest people. For example, in 2011, the president and major shareholder of "Kazakhmys" corporation, VS Kim took the 223 in the world and 1 st - in Kazakhstan, according to riches with a personal fortune of $ 4.7 billion. In second place (297 th in the world) with a wealth of $ 3.7 billion was Ibragimov AR, co-owner of the company «Eurasian National Resources Corporation» (ENRC - «Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation"). - The third in-law of President Nazarbayev Kulibayev with a wealth of $ 1.3 billion, a member of the Board of Directors of RAO "Gazprom", one of the owners (the other is a Chinese corporation CITIC) Company "KazMunayGas" (Nazarbayev dismissed from that post in the president's visit to Mangistau region. when he hypocritically promised that the culprits will be dealt with in the shootings of peaceful demonstrations of oil workers). In fourth place, with the same wealth is Dinara Kulibayev, the wife of Timur Kulibayev, the middle daughter of the president of Kazakhstan, the only female billionaire in Central Asia. Nursultan Nazarbayev heads the National Education Foundation. In fifth place - Subkhanberdin NS - Banker, chairman and principal shareholder of Kazkommertsbank, with a fortune of $ 1.1 billion. A billion personal fortune is estimated to have Baysetova BR (2009) - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank Center, and Utemuratov BD (2008) - a big businessman, in different years, business manager, a freelance adviser to the president of Kazakhstan. In addition, the largest billionaires of Kazakhstan, with a personal fortune of each of $ 3.7 billion, are two other co-owners of the company ENRC: Mashkevich AA, who lives in Tel Aviv, the 6th wealthist in Israel, a citizen of Kazakhstan and Israel at the same time, the president of Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC), one of the four sections of the World Jewish Congress, and Shodiev PK, who is a citizen of Kazakhstan and Belgium, who lives in London, 1st in wealth in Belgium.
The concentration of wealth at one pole leads to misery, poverty, unemployment and lawlessness - in another. Thus, in the largest oil-producing region of Kazakhstan - Mangistau region where oil workers and their supporters in local residents are in a long struggle for their rights, unemployment, according to official data, was in 2010, 6.4% of the working population. According to unofficial data, in rural areas unemployment reaches 60-80% of the total working population.
Relatively high wages, which oil workers in Mangistau get, is due, primarily, to the determined workers' struggle for their rights, since 2008. Also in Mangistau region. The subsistence minimum established by the authorities, is much higher than in Kazakhstan as a whole and due to the fact that the oil town of Aktau Zhanaozen is in the desert region, where it is necessary to deliver the most necessary supplies, including water.
In the early days of struggle, the workers put forward purely economic demands. This is not surprising. Economic demands can be made by workers themselves as they based on the actual conditions of their lives. Proletarian class consciousness in the ranks of struggling workers is formed by a communist revolutionary party – a Bolshevik Party, the vanguard of the proletariat, what we learn from Lenin, beginning with his famous work, "What is to be done?".
The beginning of the current bloodshed in Zhanaozen - as the material of the analytical group of SDK witnesses (the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan) – starts as a labour dispute that began in December 2010 between the workers' of Karazhanbasmunai "(a subsidiary of the state oil company" KazMunayGas "), united in their own union, and the owners of the company in the face of Chinese managers of the corporation CITIC (China International Trust Investment Company - China International Trade and Investment Company, founded in 1979 by Ron Yirenom with the consent of Deng Xiaoping). In this labour dispute, the union leader sided with the company's management and the workers re-elected him. However, the owners did not consider the opinion of the staff and left on the spot the docile head of the union. This led to the beginning of the hunger strike, announced on May 9 by workers last year, which then turned into a seven-month standoff of oil workers, their families, residents and owners of the company Zhanaozen. Moreover, in protests were involved from 5000 to 8000 people.
Then began the persecution, intimidation and murder of trade unionists and labor activists and their families. On August 8, union lawyer Natalia Sokolova was sentenced to 6 years in prison for "inciting social hatred" on trumped-up charges, supplied by the Chinese director of "Karazhanbasmunai" Yuan Mu. Although all of her demands were not beyond the bourgeois law of the Republic of Kazakhstan. She provided legal assistance to workers to protect and defend their rights.
The culmination of the confrontation between the workers and the bourgeoisie, were the events on December 16 in Zhanaozen, when a peaceful protest oil workers and supporters of their local residents were drowned in blood. At least 70 dead, hundreds injured and missing. In the following days on December 17-18, went on further executions, arrests and torture of people participating in the protest at Zhanaozen, in the village of Shetpe, in its brutality that rivals the Nazi atrocities of the executioners.
But workers are not broken and demand the government free from prison Natalia Sokolova and other trade unionists, to stop the arrests and torture, to reinstate all illegally fired, (of whom there are over two thousand) to provide the ability to create working teams for the protection of public order and etc.
Moreover, they are already beginning to put forward political demands, inter alia: the establishment of independent trade unions united class unions, united around the trade union "Zhanartu" to create a mass political party of working people in order to develop an effective program against the domination of capital, and for socialism.
It was at this stage in the transition from the economic struggle to the political fight by the working class of Kazakhstan that awaits the greatest dangers, the chief among which is Trotskyism.
The thing is that the Socialist Resistance of Kazakhstan took an active part in the creation of SDK (Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan, the leader - Ainur Kurmanov) and is its integral part which is a section of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI).


The International Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) is an international association of Trotskyists, has a section in more than 40 countries, including the Socialist Party in England and Wales, the Socialist Party in Ireland, the Democratic Socialist Movement - the name of the sections in South Africa and Nigeria, the group using the name "Socialist Alternative" in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Germany. It is the second largest Trotskyist organization after the Fourth International. It was formed in 1974 following the withdrawal from the Fourth International of the British Revolutionary Socialist League. Its headquarters are in London.
The CWI rejects completely the experience of building socialism in the USSR during Stalin's leadership.
Thus, in the document of the CWI "World capitalism in crisis and turmoil - the struggle for a socialist alternative," emphasized: "We completely reject the grotesque distortion of "socialism" that existed in the former Stalinist Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, where the planned economy was under the guidance of a privileged bureaucratic dictatorship".
There are sections of the CWI in Russia and Kazakhstan.
The Manifesto of the Russian section of the CWI under a high-sounding title, "The Socialist program for the overthrow of capitalism," talks about the inability of the capitalist system to solve world problems, lys out detailed programs of struggle for young people in education, right to work, military service and its reform, workers rights and union activities, the equality of women, against attacks on the rights of pensioners, the fight against corruption, etc., etc. But all of these demands and direction of the fight do not go beyond capitalism, the capitalist relations of production.
In the economic sphere the following task is set: "As socialists we believe that the economy should not work in the interests of private profit, but in a harmonious manner to meet the needs of workers. This will be possible only when the key industries are nationalized and become part of a democratically controlled economy." As you can see, we are talking only about the key economic sectors. The question of the abolition of private property, except in general declarations, in practical terms is not raised. "After the October Revolution, the transformation of the Soviet economy over to planning enabled the country to develop into a global superpower. The planning was destroyed by parasitic bureaucratic elite, with its undemocratic practices that deprived the economy of all the vital forces."
Uniting the ununitable is the most important feature of Trotskyism. No wonder Lenin called Trotsky a "Judas" for his ability to join eclecticly completely opposite things and turni back around as much, on his own words, etc. Likewise do and his followers of the Russian section of the CWI. First, they argue that the Soviet economy after the October Revolution becoming planned, allowed our country to develop into a global superpower. And then it has had no qualms in arguing that the planned economy was destroyed by "a parasitic bureaucratic elite, with its undemocratic methods." All of these incongruous and totally false allegations about bureaucracy, undemocratic Soviet leadership, etc. are drawn from the book by Trotsky, "The Revolution Betrayed," which Kazakh Socialists (Socialist Resistance of Kazakhstan) is recommended for reading.
Stalin, speaking with a report at the XVIII Congress of the CPSU (b) on 10 March 1939, noted that "our industry has grown in comparison with the pre-war level by more than nine times, while the industry in the major capitalist countries continues to mark time around pre-war level, exceeding it by only 20-30% "(J.V. Stalin, Works, vol.14, p.304 (Russian)). At the same time we must bear in mind that the First World and the Civil War in the Soviet Union ended in 1920 (and in the Far East fighting continued until 1922). The country's economy was in ruins, industrial production was 7% of the prewar level, and only in 1925 as a result of selfless labor of the people, our industry was restored. That is, in fact, in 13-14 years, the Soviet Union, led by the Bolshevik Party under Stalin's leadership made a huge leap forward, becoming the economic potential of the first country in Europe and the second - in the world. Annual growth rate of industrial production amounted to 15-20% or more. These figures have not yet been surpassed by any nation in the world. And could this truly heroic feat be accomplished if the country was led by bureaucrats (?!), as the Trotskyists claim? This breakthrough was made because of the Bolshevik Party and Comrade Stalin personally which had the closest ties with the working class, with all Soviet people. The unprecedented enthusiasm of the masses, the Stakhanovite movement, mass socialist competition for fulfillment and over-fulfillment of plans became the basis of the outstanding achievements of the Soviet people. During these years were eliminated unemployment, illiteracy, and many peoples who had not even their own written language, thanks to the fraternal assistance of all peoples of the USSR, were attached to the heights of human culture. Buildings, theaters, museums, cinemas, houses and palaces of culture, libraries, stadiums - were open to the workers throughout the country. In the same report, Comrade. Stalin said: "In the field of socio-political development of the country's most important achievements during the reporting period, it is necessary to recognize the final elimination of the remnants of the exploiting classes, the unity of the workers, peasants and intellectuals in a common labor front, the strengthening of the moral-political unity of Soviet society, the strengthening of friendship between the peoples of our country and as a result of all this – the full democratization of political life, the creation of a new Constitution "(ibid., str.302).
It should be noted that the construction of socialism was held in sharp class struggle, the remnants of the exploiting classes were not going to leave the historic arena without a fight, and waged a bitter struggle against Soviet power. Political representatives of these classes and social strata - the kulaks, landlords and the bourgeoisie, priests, White Guard, were the Trotskyites, Bukharinites, Zinovievites, uniting up into an anti-party anti-Soviet anti-state front. In the "Short Course of the History of the CPSU (b) it states:" In 1937 were revealed new facts about the monsters of the Bukharin-Trotsky gang. The trial of Pyatakov, Radek, and others, the trial of Tukhachevsky, Yakir and others, finally, the trial of Bukharin, Rykov, Krestinsky, Rosengoltz and others - all of these processes have shown that the Bukharinites and Trotskyites it turns out, were long ago part of a common band of enemies under the guise of the "right-Trotskyite block". The trials showed shown that these dregs of humanity, together with the enemies of the people - Trotsky, Zinoviev and Kamenev - were in a conspiracy against Lenin and the Party and the Soviet state from the first days of the October Socialist Revolution. The provocative attempt to disrupt the Peace of Brest in early 1918, a conspiracy against Lenin and collusion with the "Left" Socialist-Revolutionaries of the arrest and murder of Lenin, Stalin and Sverdlov in the spring of 1918, the villainous shot at Lenin and wounding of him in the summer of 1918, a revolt of the "Left Socialists” in summer of 1918, the deliberate aggravation of disagreements in the party in 1921 in order to undermine and overthrow the leadership of Lenin from the inside, trying to overthrow the leadership of the party during his illness and after Lenin's death, giving state away secrets and espionage, the supply of foreign intelligence with information; the villainous murder of Kirov , sabotage, sabotage, bombings, the atrocious murder of Menzhinsky, Kuibyshev, Gorky, - all these and similar crimes, it appears, were carried out for twenty years with the participation or leadership of Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Bukharin, Rykov and their hangers-on - on the instructions of Foreign bourgeois intelligence. The trials found that the Trotsky-Bukharin fiends, fulfilling the will of their masters - the foreign bourgeois intelligence services, set out to damage the party and the Soviet state, undermining the country's defense, relief of foreign military intervention, the training of the defeat of the Red Army, the dismemberment of the USSR, the Soviet return to the Japanese Maritime, Poles return of Soviet Belarus, returns to the Germans of the Soviet Ukraine, destroying the gains of workers and collective farmers, the restoration of capitalist slavery in the USSR .... These worthless lackeys of the Nazis have forgotten that the Soviet people should only lift a finger and they were gone. The Soviet court sentenced the Bukharin-Trotsky fiends to death" ("History of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks). A short course. OGIZ, Russ, 1945, pp. 331-332).
That's what caused the anger of Trotsky against Stalin and the Stalinist leadership of the USSR, as well as the current rage of the Trotskyists, the heirs of Trotsky - namely the fact that at that time they failed to break up and destroy the Soviet Union. To guard the gains of socialism stood the Soviet state as an organ of the dictatorship of the proletariat led by the CPSU (B) and a true Leninist, successor of the great Lenin, the leader of the Soviet people, the oppressed and exploited masses of the world comrade Joseph Stalin. The bureaucratic degeneration of the same party and the state began after the death of Stalin, when the Trotskyist Khrushchev's leadership came to power, and slandered Stalin at the Twentieth Party Congress, in the spirit of Trotsky, and carried out the anti-Stalinist policies in the field of economics, politics, party and state affairs. Anti-Stalinism, eventually led to the degeneration of the party forming in it the anti-communist treachery of Gorbachev's leadership (in the CPSU Central Committee formed the headquarters of counter-revolution, says Nina Andreeva), which, under the name of perestroika (reconstruction), carried out a bourgeois counterrevolution in the USSR.
All that was planned by Trotskyites and behind them their Zionist-imperialist masters, and that could not be implemented under Stalin, they, the Gorbachevites were able to do after his death - the heirs of Trotsky and Bukharin, successor of the "right-Trotskyite block" traitors of the Communist Party and Soviet people, one of which is Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Kazakh president, a former member of the Politburo.
In the Manifesto of the Russian section of the CWI there are a number of other vicious attacks against Stalin, for which we Bolsheviks have repeatedly given a rebuke. In general, the whole Trotskyist anti-Stalinism fully in the spirit of evil anti-Stalinism ideologues of imperialism, Zionist-American imperialists, completes the fate of the dying capitalist world and most hating Stalin, because they know very well that when the working class takes in its hands the invincible banner of Lenin and Stalin, the days of their existence will be numbered.
Trotskyism is an anti-Communist policy in the labor movement, while putting on a false mask of Marxism, which fully meets the interests of the imperialists. In its evil criticism of Stalin, the Russian section of the CWI solidifies itself with the ruling in Russia Putin-Medvedev regime, as well as the so-called "Democrats," "democratic opposition", fully maintained by Zionism.
And so all of the words about socialism is an empty phrase. Moreover, they urge to build a "democratic" socialism in the spirit of Gorbachev in the practice of Trotsky’s dreams.
It should be noted yet another moment. Russian Trotskyists advocated the removal of all imperialist institutions - IMF, World Bank, NATO, the EU and the CIS. Wow - an amorphous CIS equated to NATO and the EU. At the time, the heads the US-NATO promised Gorbachev that after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, NATO would be dissolved. Well, where is NATO? This aggressive block has not only not been dissolved, but boosted in numbers at the expense of the former Soviet bloc, as well as the Baltic republics and moved close to the borders of Russia. The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), of course, is no match for the great and mighty Soviet Union. But Zionist capital, fighting for world domination in the face of the US-Israel-NATO destroyed the Soviet Union not to have any opposition to them from any merging of these states, even on a capitalist basis. The U.S. Israel-NATO imperialists need natural raw materials, especially hydrocarbons, the resources of Russia, as well as cheap, almost free labor. The whole policy of Zionist-American imperialism is directed at the capture and dismemberment of Russia. After the impending aggression against Iran and Syria will follow aggression against Russia. And the demand by the Russian Trotskyites to dissolve the CIS promotes the interests of the American-Zionist capital.
And, moreover, that the interests of the world imperialist predators are meet the program demands of the Kazakh Socialist Trotskyites (Socialist Resistance of Kazakhstan) on the refusal of Kazakhstan to participate at the CES, the EurAsEC Customs Union and the dissolution between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. With this demand, the Kazakh Socialists completely reinforces the main enemy of the international working class and the international communist and workers movement, the main enemy of all mankind - U.S. imperialism, Israel and NATO, are on their side, no matter what anti-imperialist anti-capitalist slogans they may proclaim.
The program Statement of the Socialist Resistance of Kazakhstan (adopted at the III Conference, the SotsSopra 26/03/2010, see socialismkz.info) is written in a much more revolutionary spirit, than the Russian Trotskyites. It raises questions about the socialist revolution, and the "abolition of private property relations," and the destruction of the bourgeois state, etc.
But in neither program, either in the Russian or in the Kazakh one, is there a question of establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat. But Lenin stresses: "The Marxist is only one who extends the recognition of class struggle to the recognition of the dictatorship of the proletariat. This is the most profound difference between the Marxist and the ordinary petty (as well as big) bourgeois. On this touchstone must have a real understanding and recognition of Marxism "(" The State and Revolution, "Collected Works, v. 33, p.34). Without this recognition, without seeking to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat, the class struggle does not go beyond bourgeois politics, beyond the bourgeois society, not frightening the bourgeoisie and is acceptable to it, emphasises Lenin.
And this is clearly shown by the shooting of the oil workers on December 16. All organs of the bourgeois state: the police, army, special forces, courts, prosecutors, defend the ruling capitalist class, and carried out the brutal massacre of the workers.
Only a state of proletarian dictatorship is the guardian of the interests of the working class, working people and to defend the achievements of the socialist revolution against internal and external enemies. This is precisely the function performed by the Soviet state under Stalin's rule. And that is what scares most of the imperialists and their lackeys, the Trotskyists, who accuse Stalin, and Stalin's leadership in bureaucracy, undemocratic, etc.
Thus, the Socialist Resistance of Kazakhstan, despite the much more revolutionary nature of its mission statement, under the ideological influence and being a part of the Trotskyist CWI, sooner or later will come under control, will be the plaything of the imperialist forces. And this is not just the result of a forecast or theoretical analysis. The newspaper SotsSoprotivleniya Kazakhstan "Solidarity» № 3, April 2011 carried an article by the leader of CWI Peter Taafe "Revolution of the Arab peoples," and in number 4, November 2011 - editorial entitled "Everything in the hands of the working class."

This name was given to the so-called "Arab revolution" by the original organizers and their puppeteers - the U.S. imperialists, the U.S. State Department.
The desire to hide this fact can be seen in both the above articles.
Of course, the basis of all color, "orange" revolutions is great dissatisfaction of the masses to the anti-popular policy of the ruling elites, poverty and hopelessness of their lives, which involves political activities in the huge mass of people, previously completely apolitical. Well, of course, a complete failure of the upper to rule in the old way (these are signs of a revolutionary situation, according to Lenin, see "The collapse of the II International," MSS. V.26, str.218-219, "Left-Wing" Left-Wing "Communism," PSS, V.41, pp. 69-70). True, in order for a revolutionary situation to have developed into a revolution, some objective factors are not enough, thus we also need a subjective factor, ie the ability of the revolutionary class to take revolutionary mass action that is possible only if there is a revolutionary party, which is closely associated with its class.
The imperialists have well learned the lessons of the Great October Socialist Revolution and during the so-called colored "revolutions" they were themselves playing the role of the subjective factor (represented by various non-governmental organizations, private foundations and structures, etc.), directing the revolutionary energy of the mass in the right channel and replacing a bankrupted former protege with a new, fully obedient and controlled by them. I.e., no revolution actually took place. At the top, a protege of the bourgeoisie, by the hands of the masses was replaced by another true servant to his American masters and betrayed the national interests of his own people. This is what happened in Georgia when the Soviet people's traitor Shevardnadze was replaced by the American puppet Saakashvili. It happened in Ukraine, where more and more growing discontent of the masses towards Kuchma’s policy could lead to social upheaval. American puppeteers directed the energy of the masses in the right channel towards them - based on the fair discontent of the people, they erected a throne for the presidency of the orange puppet Yushchenko, investing in this pseudo-revolution hundreds of millions of dollars.
Exactly the same scenario took place in the "revolutions" in Arab countries. Only here modern information technologies have been used to achieve the aim: mobile phones and the Internet. Social networks channelled the mass energy in the right channel of the American puppeteers. And some discredited rulers were replaced by others, obedient to their masters overseas, which led them to a wave of popular discontent towards the power. In the struggle for full and absolute control over the oil and gas, Zionist-American imperialism is trying to secure solid rears.
Quite another matter are the events in Libya. Trotskyists argue that the people of Libya had been unhappy with their "dictator" Muammar Gaddafi. That is, the events in Libya, they put on a par with events in Tunisia, Egypt ... But here - is another matter. Revenues from the oil were used by the leadership of Libya for the people: Libya achieved the highest standard of living in Africa, its people were provided with free education and medical care, housing, thousands in child birth allowance ($ 50K) and other benefits. The population of Libya was growing rapidly, reaching a population of 6 million. Gaddafi prevented the U.S. NATO-Israel imperialists, in their struggle for world resources, and they just destroyed him. As a result of NATO's naked aggression in Libya, 50,000 people have been killed, more than 200 thousand wounded, and two million have become refugees. And the Trotskyists cynically and hypocritically claim it to be a revolutionary struggle in Libya, about rebels, completely in the spirit of the imperialist aggressors. Without the support of NATO, these so-called "rebels" would be instantly destroyed.
All of this confirms our Bolshevik conclusion that that the Trotskyists are the servants of Zionist-American imperialism and its agents of influence in the international labor movement.
Both articles speak of fighting against the dictatorial regimes in the course of this so-called "Arab spring". Here we should recall the Marxist-Leninist theory of the state, that the state is an organ of the ruling class. The bourgeois state, in whatever form it may exist (a parliamentary republic, presidential, mixed form of government, etc.), is a state of the bourgeois dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Democracy in this state is provided only for the ruling minority, for the bourgeoisie, for the money-bag. Against the majority of the population, directed against the working people, is pitted all the repressive machinery of this state, using violence to keep the people in check. During a socialist revolution, the bourgeois state is destroyed and replaced by the proletarian state, the dictatorship of the proletariat. Democracy in this state is the most extensive and provides for the working masses, for the vast majority of the population. At the same time, violence is used against the exploiting minority, the representatives of the overthrown exploiting classes in the event of their attempts to restore the old order. On this question Lenin elaborates in "State and Revolution" and other works, standing on a solid foundation of the Marxist theory of the state.
It is namely such laws of the proletarian state in relation to counter-revolutionaries (Trotskyites, Bukharin and the like) that the imperialists and the Trotskyites at their service cannot forgive Stalin for.

* * *
The labor movement in Kazakhstan is at a crossroads.
It stands on the path of transition from the economic struggle over to political struggle. But this struggle will be successful only when at the head of the working class will be a genuine proletarian party, a party armed with Marxist-Leninist theory and its ability to apply it in everyday practice, a revolutionary Leninist-Stalinist Bolshevik Party.
But for this you get rid of the influence of Trotskyism in the labor movement in Kazakhstan. This is now the most important task of the Bolsheviks.
We support the heroic working class of Kazakhstan and wish them every success in the struggle to destroy the power of capital, for socialism!

A. MAEVSKY, secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB)

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