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Monday, 12 March 2012


On March 5 at Krasnoyarsk, a rally was held in memory J.V. Stalin, illegally banned by the city administration. At the monument to "Kandalny Poot” activists gathered from the AUCPB, RCWP, International Union of Soviet Officers, Stalin bloc and other ordinary concerned citizens.

We recall how the administration of Krasnoyarsk illegally banned a rally at the specified location on the pretext that the on the adjacent territory, searches will be carried out in a water system accident. Indeed, even before the rally, near the monument, the area was fenced off and the square concrete slabs were broken up. No construction machinery was anywhere in sight.

The number of policemen at the rally was about the same number as were participants. At first they tried to prevent the deployment of attributes, but in the course of events did not intervene, and limited their activity to shooting everything that happens on a camcorder.

As always it was an open mic, so anyone could speak. Thus, the Bolshevik N.M. Shafranov, in his brilliant speech, criticized the "destalinizers" from Khrushchev to Putin and Medvedev, exposing their myths of "Stalin's repressions." The Secretary of the Regional Committee of the RCWP-RPC, E. Postovsky stressed the importance of modern communists in studying the theoretical papers J.V. Stalin.

And the latest "election" was not ignored with reference to Putin the top manager of the bourgeoisie. Among those present were distributed newspaper "Hammer and Sickle", "Revolution." Speeches were trying to drown the roar of machinery, which suddenly started up and began to dig the ground near the monument exactly the same time the meeting started, but that turned out badly.

After the meeting, the participants began to depart in a group, because the police that were present did not conceal their aggressive intentions. An assault by the police was still carried out- kettling the event participants, the police started violently pushing them, including people of retirement age, the organizers were pushed and dragged away into a police van.

As a result, the organizers of the rally were arrested Bolsheviks, as well as the head of "Stalin bloc" E.A. Goncharov. He was charged for holding an unauthorized rally.
Note that the Stalin rally was banned for the first time in several years - obviously, after the "victory" in the "election". This gives new impetus to the legitimacy of the ruling power, the power that most definitely no longer stands on ceremony with the Communists and not embarrassed in the choice of means of dealing with them.

Krasnoyarsk organization AUCPB

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