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Monday, 6 January 2014

For Bolshevism - January 2014 No1 (130)

Workers of all countries, unite!

ALL-UNION COMMUNIST PARTY OF BOLSHEVIKS Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB in Ukraine, Moldova and Transdniestria


On December 8th in the afternoon in the centre of Kiev the monument to the leader of the world proletariat, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was destroyed. This barbaric act was carried out under the leadership of Bandera fascist organisation "Svoboda” (Freedom), whose leader Oleg Tyahnibok said that a "political murder of the communist leader had been carried out."
Mr. Tyahnibok is profoundly mistaken. This action was political self-disclosure of "Svoboda" as a Bandera - fascist organization. The Nazis in the 1930s on the streets of Germany burned books of Marx and Engels, nurturing the German people into a docile blind and ruthless tool of their aggressive policies to capture and dismember the USSR and gain world domination. How Hitler and the Bandera Shukhevich at his service ended up, who are the current "heroes" of "Svoboda" - is well known.
Similarly, will follow the rapid collapse of the end and the pursuit of "Freedom" to establish in Ukraine a Bandera fascist totalitarian regime, completely subordinated and controlled by the West, the world's largest US- English, European transnational capital. Ukraine is needed by the US-EU (NATO) as a springboard to capture and conquer Russia, and the Ukrainian people is a bargaining chip in this Zionist geopolitical struggle for world domination of capital and the continued existence and extension of the imperialist world system on the verge of destruction– a system of exploitation, wars, violence and robbery.
The working people of Ukraine will very soon work out that to the current "leaders" of the Maidan, the interests of the working people of Ukraine are deeply alien to them - as the regime of Yanukovych - Azarov, the regime of big capital are the agents of the will of Zionist transnational capital, handing over Ukraine to the slaughter of the West.
There is only one way out of the crisis for the working people of Ukraine – to rise up climb to fight for the overthrow of the power of capital in all its colours and shades.
The Monument to Vladimir Lenin will certainly be restored!

December 8, 2013, A. MAYEVSKIY, Secretary of the AUCPB, editor of "Workers' and Peasants' Truth"



Passions around the proposed entry of Ukraine into the European Union do not cease. In the centre of Kiev continue the speeches by supporters of European integration - the so-called "Evromaydan" (by analogy with the Maydan in 2004, when came to power pro-Western liberal bourgeoisie protege Yushchenko). Activists at the "Evromaydan" captured the mayor office of the Ukrainian capital and demanded signing of the agreement with the EU and adding to this demand and the government's resignation.
What this would mean for the country's accession to the EU and for Ukrainian workers can be seen in the former Soviet Baltic republics and countries of the former socialist countries - Bulgaria, Hungary and others. The European Union is bondage for workers of Ukraine, the final collapse of an almost non-existent industry destroyed by capitalism over the past 20 years, the predatory plundering of the natural resources of the country - including export to Europe (Germany) of Ukrainian black soil that is already spoken about by the FRG leadership. The European capitalists declare their intentions to turn Ukraine "into a European backyard." Hitler's Nazi plans implemented after 70 years!
Standing behind the protesters at the "Evromaydane " are the U.S. and the EU, whose business is vitally interested in the final subjugation of Ukraine. It should be noted that for Western strategists, Ukraine is just the interim target (small change) for their main goal - the destruction of Russia as an independent state and the establishment of a single global domination of Western powers in the world. Rather indicative of the fact is that at the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow, Boris Nemtsov expressed his support for the "Evromaydan" – the known apologist for the neo-liberal economic model, along with 10 of his supporters.
Participants of the "popular" protests in Kiev are paid 100 hryvnia by the puppeteers for their "work", a day, or, with an active "throat" - 50 hryvnia per hour, and no one hides this fact. Thus, not the people of Ukraine requires merging with the European Union but a handful of liberal fascist provocateurs , which takes advantage of the darkness, ignorance and a desire to earn money from some of the population .
It should be noted that the refusal by Yanukovych to sign an agreement on EU membership was - in fact he did not refuse , but only postponed the signing - is not any "goodwill gesture" or a signal of his special affection for Russia. Yanukovych initially represented the interests of the large Ukrainian capital, orientated towards Russia. Now he continues to operate at the behest of those whose business from EU integration will suffer. The Russian leadership has repeatedly demonstrated its ability "deprive oxygen" to undesirable business, including recently banning the import of Ukrainian chocolates.
Yanukovych’s fluctuations are unrelated to concern of working people. He takes care of business. Meanwhile, the neo-Nazis in Ukraine are quite capable of a coup. For the Western "puppeteers Democrats" it will be better to allow a fascist coup in Ukraine (even with fatalities) than the establishment of economic ties between Ukraine and Russia.
The Ukrainian fascist party "Svoboda" is using traditional tactics of leftist forces, calling on the population to a general strike. This call has already been responded to by the Lviv leadership, reporting on the start of the strike. The fascists want working people of Ukraine to drag "the chestnuts out of the fire," for them by voluntarily thrusting their heads into the "loop" of European integration. Those who yesterday fiercely advocated "for the Ukrainian people," for "independence" and cursing the "Muscovites" and lying about an alleged "Soviet occupation", are today vehemently demanding to drive the Ukrainian people into the bondage of the IMF and the EU, running about with flags of the United States and the European Union. Here is the true face of "svobodovtsev." They are deeply hostile to the working people of Ukraine, in fact, they are the spiritual heirs of those who waited on the Germans during the Nazi occupation.
How should the working people, workers, peasants, students and employees of Ukraine respond to this, and whose side to take in the conflict of interests of the capitalist groups? First of all, one must realize that joining the EU with its associated demands on Ukraine, is alien and hostile to the interests of workers. A general strike - yes, not under the slogan of the purchased "evromaydana", but under the red banner on which our proletarian the Bolshevik slogan reads - "Long live the new socialist revolution! Long live the dictatorship of the proletariat!" Do not choose the "lesser of two evils" between a neo-liberal fascist dictatorship and "his" Ukrainian capitalists - and down with every bourgeoisie, down with the dictatorship of capital, make it the revolutionary socialist path!
That's how all people of Ukraine and other former Soviet republics should respond to the paid provocateurs, who are trying to drag them into bondage. Workers should recognize and defend their interests.
The salvation of Ukraine, Russia and the whole of humanity is in socialism, in the elimination of capitalist relations and the revival of the fraternal union of our peoples.


All-UNION Communist Party of Bolsheviks
Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB in Ukraine, Moldova and Transdniestria


Starting from November 30, the orange-brown opposition ("Fatherland" A.Yatsenyuk, V. Klitschko - "Svoboda" O.Tyagnibok ) put on the streets, thousands of citizens advocating " Ukraine's European choice " in protest against the suspension of the signing of the Agreement EU association .
The leadership role in this outdoors play were members of fascist organizations neobanderovskoy "Svoboda" O.Tyagniboka calling for a nationwide strike to the resignation of the government and president . Befuddled by " Svoboda ", the masses are already chanting slogans by Bandera " Glory to Ukraine ! " - " Heroes of glory! " Not realizing that the "heroes" of " Svoboda " Bandera , R.Shuhevich , UPA fighters - were fascist henchmen, torturers and punishers , on whose hands the blood of hundreds of thousands of Poles , Jews , Ukrainians, Russian , Gypsy , Belarusians , people of other nationalities . These "heroes" , were trained and armed by the Nazis , shot and killed with axes , sawed up people alive , living children nailed to trees , whole families slaughtered and people savaged in different ways in an attempt to establish a bloody-thirsty National Fascist regime the Ukraine.
After the defeat of fascism, by the mighty Red Soviet Army -led by J.V. Stalin, victory was won and over the remnants of the Bandera gangs.
But , with the anti-peoples destruction of the Soviet Union and the temporary defeat of socialism, in "independent" Ukraine, nationalism has flourished again in the face of the Orange opposition that gave rise to fascism .
For 22 years in Ukraine in power is big business . Successive regimes by Kravchuk , Kuchma-Moroz and Yushchenko - Tymoshenko , Yanukovych - Azarov of Ukraine have turned the country from a highly developed European power, as it was part of the USSR , into one of the poorest and most backward countries in the world, with its peoples dying out.
It is on this basis , hypocritically speculating on troubles and miseries of the people, that revived nationalist fascism ( Bandera ), the most prominent representative of which is "Svoboda" of Oleg Tyagniboka .
In this sabbat of National fascism also to blame is the Azarov Yanukovych regime , the regime of big capital , which came to power under the pro-Russian slogans , and then announced the "European vector " of Ukraine and in this issue closened contact with the opposition. Temporary suspension of the agreement with the EU allowed the orange brown "leaders" to bring the petty-bourgeois nationalist philistine mass and woozy deceived youth onto the streets.
Why does the EU need Ukraine?
The imperialist world - the U.S., EU , and other capitalist countries - is immersed in the depths of the most severe financial and economic crisis . Out of the crisis the imperialists seek a way through war , enslavement of backward countries and peoples, capturing their raw natural resources, oil and gas resources .
The so-called " peripheral countries " of the Eurozone : Spain, Italy , Portugal , Greece, Cyprus are on the brink of economic disaster . Unemployment in these countries is about 20-25 % , and hundreds of thousands of people thrown into the streets , their families are left without means of subsistence. But the leaders of the EU are providing loans to rescue the financial and banking institutions, demanding the bourgeois governments of these countries to cut budget spending , reduce social benefits by shifting the burdens of the crisis on the shoulders of ordinary people. In full blossom in "civilized" Europe are promoted gay marriage , gay pride parades , asserted are the "rights" of sexual minorities and all to divert the attention of workers towards suspending their growing struggle for their rights .
Ukrainian inhabitants dream that once in the EU as an associate , ie inequitable member ( full EU membership Ukraine is not on offer), then Ukrainians will heal in paradise –which is an illusion and self-deception.
American and European multinational corporations and banks , big Zionist capital – the current real ruler in the world, need Ukrainian workers as slaves , servants, working for their new masters, and the territory of Ukraine – as a stepping stone to jump to the East, to capture and conquer Russia , to seize it natural resources and enslave the people. Ukraine's transition to European standards means the transition to NATO standards , rearming the Ukrainian – with NATO weapons , weapons units spearheaded and aimed at Russia .
The Orange-brown opposition in Ukraine , expressing the interests of the Zionist pro-Western comprador capital and nurtured by this capital , is the conductor of the interests of US- NATO imperialism , handing Ukraine over to EU slavery and trying to pit in fratricidal slaughter two brotherly - Russian and Ukrainian - people.
The Customs union - the union of Russia , Belarus and Kazakhstan is an alliance of bourgeois states. But even created on a bourgeois basis , it becomes a competitor to the U.S. and the EU , allowing its participants to jointly increase their economic potential.
Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union to revitalize the work of metallurgical and petrochemical complexes due to lower gas prices , and other businesses slow down another round of multi-million increase in unemployment.
Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union will also restore torn down communication between the brotherly peoples , allow workers of the four republics to deploy in joint struggle to overthrow the power of capital in all colors and shades, to campaign under proletarian red banner , the banner of human labour. This is what the bourgeoisie fears most.
We appeal to the workers of Ukraine:
- Stop "Svoboda!" Stop Fascism!
- Advocate for Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union !
- Rise up to fight for a worthy future , the struggle for the overthrow of the power of capital , the restoration of Soviet power and socialism !
- From the bourgeois Customs Union – to the revolutionary struggle for the revival of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics under Lenin and Stalin's Red Banner of Victory!

"Proletarians of all countries, unite !" - This great Marxist slogan is now also relevant as a half century ago.

December 4, 2013 A.Mayevsky , secretary of AUCPB , editor of " Workers 'and Peasants' Truth"



"Antolin" Workers Strike Again

November 4 at 22:45, factory workers at " Antolin " in St. Petersburg went on strike again . The previous strike at the company was held on October 15-17, and ended with an agreement between management and the strikers . However, this agreement was short-lived .

The enterprise administration refused to recognize the election results into a single body representing the employees , which were held on October 24 and brought success to the MPRA union . The employer offered a salary increase of 3% in the 1st quarter of 2014 which the union called ridiculous . According to chairman of the trade union " Antolin " Constantine Vedernikova , it does not even cover the loss of workers from inflation (according to official projections , by 2013 it will reach 6%). Given all this, as well as numerous instances of pressure on workers by the employer , MPRA decided again to stop production on the night of 4 to 5 November .

Signalers at Khakassia picketed

Employees of city and regional structural units at the Khakassky telecommunications center of OJSC "Rostelecom" walked out on November 1 and held a rally .

On October 1 in " Rostelecom " indexation of salaries for the year 2012 was passed, the percentage was calculated using the indexation formula in the new Regulations on wages , which was introduced from the year 01.10.2013 . In the center of Khakassia telecommunications indexing ranged on average from 1 to 4 %. Though the rate of inflation was 6.6 %.

Protest action held outside in Abakan House of Trade Unions .
All protests near the building of the republican government were prohibited.

In Khabarovsk, timber company workers go on strike

Workers of one of the region's largest timber joint ventures "Arkaim" in Khabarovsk Krai on November 5 went on strike . Wage arrears and empty promises over many months by the company's management were the reasons.

In October the arkaimovtsam workers were given salary for July, promising that by November 5 to pay the entire debt. But at the appointed time the promise was never fulfilled.
In addition, salary for February, March, April were frozen .

We recall that the protest at arkaimovtsy was held in April , but then the conflict was smoothed out . Now the strike is going to be until all demands are met.

In the village of Kozhevnikovo (Tomsk region) builders on strike

Workers employed in the construction of a school in the village of Kozhevnikovo refused to work because of wage arrears . Salaries stopped being paying in August this year .

"In October, we had to pay for August. And to this day we are waiting for the money for August, September, October , "- said one of the strikers.

Kozhevnikovo school was started in May last year. Construction is paid for by the federal budget. During the year most of the work was done , with all that remains is to lay the roof and do interior decoration. At this point began the funding shortages . According to the workers , the management of the construction company was each time finding new excuses to delay salary.

Sakhalin miners on strike

More than 200 miners at LLC " Sakhalinugol 2 " went on strike on November 12. The reason was to reduced labor and a conflict over bonus payments due to non- production plans.

On November 14 , after the company's management promised to " consider increasing premiums ," the miners returned to work .

Workers ' Svetlozersklesa " suspended work

Most of the labor collective at the timber company JSC " Svetlozerskles " ( Arkhangelsk region ) suspended work until payment of wages. The total amount owed to the company's employees is about 6 million rubles. Last time salary to the staff was paid in July.

JSC " Svetlozerskles " is one of the leading enterprises of the holding timber , the main supplier of sawlogs and balances for SPPM and SLDK .

Workers at Vladikavkaz enterprise " Spetsekosluzhba " strike

Workers at Vladikavkaz enterprise " Spetsekosluzhba ", which carries waste removal in Vladikavkaz, refuse to go to work. They say that drivers and loaders salaries have not been paid since July. They plan to continue the strike until the money is paid in full . Management at " Spetsekosluzhby " has not commented on the situation. The strikers have written to the prosecutor service.

The city administration promised to use all possible levers to bring the company out of the crisis , but urged the workers to stop the strike . To this call, the people responded quite clearly : they are ready to work in the enterprise , and most importantly - they want to , but they want to get paid for it , and their money owing them.

Now the drivers , loaders and supervisors at 'Spetsekosluzhby" have prepared statement to the prosecutor . These people do not count to for help by the company's management and municipal authorities. The strike will continue as long as the salary will not be paid to all employees.

Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant workers on hunger strike

ZMZ ( Zlatoust , Chelyabinsk region) hot-rolled mill section, first secretary of the Communist Party of Zlatoust department and a member of the deputies ZGO Alexander Negrebetskikh went on hunger strike . The protest is related to the current crisis situation in the factory .

The protest was supported by three more - and two deputy factory workers . We recall , on November 1, Zlatoust held a rally in support of workers of ZMZ . Its members - the workers and their families , as well as pensioners , students and workers of other enterprises city demanded the clarification of the decision on the transfer of the steel plant over to state ownership.

Compiled by Department of the Central Committee of the AUCPB on interaction with the workers and the trade union movement


On December 3, U.S. media reported on a letter that 66 U.S. senators, Democrats, Republicans and Independents, sent to President Barack Obama in the case of U.S. citizen Alan Gross, who is serving a sentence of imprisonment in Cuba. Senators urged President to give humanitarian priority to the release of Mr. Gross and to take any steps in the "national interest" of the U.S. to obtain his release without delay, at the same time saying that they, the senators, will offer their support to achieve this goal.
In this regard, the Director General of the Office of the U.S. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Josefina Vidal Ferreiro, made the following statement:
"The Cuban government reiterates its readiness to immediately establish a dialogue with the U.S. government to find a solution in the case of Mr. Gross on a reciprocal basis, including humanitarian concerns of Cuba, associated with the case of four Cuban anti-terrorist fighters, who are incarcerated in the United States.
Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon LabaƱino, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando Gonzalez, who are part of the group of Five are serving unjust prison sentences for crimes they did not commit, and which have never been proven. Their conclusion is of high value for them and for their families. They did not see their children grow up, they had lost their mothers, fathers and brothers, faced with health problems and were separated from their families and their homeland for over 15 years. "
Director Josefina Vidal also referred to the statement made by the Office of the Press Secretary, U.S. Department of State on December 2, in which the latter insisted on the immediate and unconditional release of Mr. Gross, arguing that his detention is unreasonable, and recalled that "Mr. Alan Gross was arrested, prosecuted and sentenced for violation of Cuban laws, when he implements the program, funded by the U.S. government to destabilize the Cuban constitutional order by creating illegal and covert communication systems using non-commercial technology. Such acts are serious crimes that are strictly punished in most countries, including the United States.
Mr. Gross in Cuba received decent and humane treatment from the very moment when he was arrested. Cuba understands humanitarian concern in the case of Mr. Gross, but believes that the U.S. government is directly responsible for his situation and his family members, so it should work with the Cuban government in finding a solution.
Havana, December 3, 2013
(Newspaper Granma on 12/04/2013)
* Translation Ukrainian National Committee of "For Freedom of Cuba Five Heroes"


On December 17, 2011 at the age of 69, the DPRK leader , leader of the Workers' Party of Korea, beloved leader of the Korean people , and follower of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung Great KIM JONG IL died suddenly.
The whole life of Kim Jong Il was a campaign for the independence of Korea , for the happiness of his people, in the name of growth of its wealth in the name of growing economic and military potential of the country , in the name of the incoming light of the future life of the young generation. Thanks to the titanic work of Comrade Kim Jong Il, the DPRK has strengthened defence capabilities in conditions of constant tense economic , informational and military conflict, and the blockade of the DPRK from the U.S. Socialist Korea is creating their own ballistic missiles and satellites , among the powers of the world , creating its own nuclear-weapon . Henceforth, the U.S. did not dare to threaten the DPRK more applying for pre-emptive nuclear strike, realizing the inevitability of devastating retaliation. And no one has any moral , or political , or international law to prohibit the possession of nuclear weapons by the DPRK , since it is the only possible force protecting the country against U.S. aggression in modern conditions in rigid opposition to the imperialist world. Of all the countries possessing nuclear weapons , only the one U.S. has used this weapon against another country because , first of all , the U.S. does not have the right to possess nuclear weapons. It should be banned primarily for the United States .

Owning its own nuclear weapons, the DPRK has its own powerful deterrent against the very possibility of unleashing by the U.S. a Third World War in Northeast Asia , to which the world came very close this spring. It is the presence of nuclear weapons in North Korea that this time saved the world from nuclear disaster and pushed hour "X" to the world.

Under Kim Jong-Il were built many large hydroelectric power plants to provide fully the energy needs of a rapidly developing heavy and light industry. Underway is huge modern housing construction, and the commissioning of new metro stations in the capital. Pyongyang has an exceptionally clean environmental atmosphere and in large cities people's lives have been made more comfortable and convenient.

Widely developed is education in the country. A lot of research institutes in various fields have been opened. Reconstruction of farmland and the creation of new high yield crops have significantly improved the maintenance of the population with domestic organic food. Also started is the cultivating of new for the DPRK food - potatoes. Widely developed are horticulture and gardening. Fish breeding of valuable fish species, and middle sized cattle and pigs are being carried out. This and much more has significantly improved the diet of the citizens and improved their lives.
Under Kim Jong-Il, the state and party have paid increasing attention to the state of health of the citizens and the development of health care with the latest treatments. The level of education and the state of physical culture are constantly rising. Widely developed are a variety of sports, and as a result are bringing in a lot of gold and silver medals to Korean athletes at the most prestigious international sporting competitions. Much attention is paid to the country's cultural rest of its citizens, urban greening and the establishment of special highly comfortable seating areas.
Pyongyang is now considered one of the most beautiful modern cities in the world with a clean environment and a well-developed infrastructure of life. And all this has been achieved largely under the leadership of the country and the party under great Kim Jong Il.
The work of Kim Jong Il is highly appreciated by the people of the DPRK, under the decision of which of Kim Jong Il 's body now rests in a sarcophagus at the Kumsusan Memorial Palace in Pyongyang.
Comrade Kim Jong Il was an outstanding statesman, politician and visionary at the same time - very open to people, simple, and an extremely modest and charming man.
Kim Jong Il died early after devoting all of his life without reserve to the service of the Korean people and the great cause of preserving peace in the world in terms beyond the aggressive policy of the U.S. aggressors.
Today, the grandiose plans that great Kim Jong Il did not have time to implement, are successfully being implemented by his successor Kim Jong Un.
Because Koreans believe that Kim Jong Il remains to this day with the people and they continue their tireless efforts to develop the country to defend its independence and inaccessibility for any possible aggressor.
Great Kim Jong Il remains alive in our memory forever.


An article on the DPRK health care system
(from a recent UK KFA newsletter)

My son was reborn under the benefits of the free medical care system

Ri Sun Ae living in People´s Neighborhood Unit 106, Sangsin-dong,
Sosong District, Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People´s
Republic of Korea, has this to say:

?I am now writing with an urge to tell a story about our grateful
socialist health system. It was in January last that my son Song Jin
was carried to a hospital by an accident. I was told that he was in a
critical condition and hurriedly went to the hospital. Medical workers
were doing their best, taking emergency measures.

My son was in a coma because of serious cerebral contusion and
intestinal rupture. Several hours´ operation was successful but my son
was still unconscious. My son had a high temperature and his blood
pressure dropped occasionally.

The medical workers gave medical treatment skipping their food and
sleep in order to improve his condition. His blood pressure got back
to normal in 14 days but he was still unconscious.

All medical workers of the department in charge of him turned out as
one and applied new treatment methods suited to his changing
condition. Thanks to their utmost sincerity, my son recovered his
consciousness in more than 20 days. He took a turn for the better
enough to answer the questions. It was really surprising.

Of course I have often heard about similar stories. But when I myself
experienced such a miraculous story, I felt gratitude for the
socialist health system all the more.

Once I read a publication which said in a country, general checkup
costs $2,000 US dollars, operation on the heart $30,000 US dollars and
a day´s hospitalization hundreds of US dollars. But I never worried
about money and medicines for my son´s treatment.

During his medical treatment my son underwent three operations which
would cost a great deal. Consultations were frequently held and a lot
of medicines were administered every day. It is unimaginable in other
country that the state bears such a lot of expenses for treatment of
an ordinary man.

Indeed, endless are the state benefits shown to my son free of charge
for more than 100 days since he entered the hospital. On the day of
leaving the hospital, my son and I visited the bronze statues of the
great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il on Mansu Hill and
made a bow to them as a token of our thanks. I really express my
thanks for my son´s rebirth.

Even after he left the hospital, however, the doctor in his charge
regularly calls on him for his medical examination and treatment, lest
he should feel any difficulty in study because of health problem.

Thanks to the warm sincerity, my son is preparing himself to be a
future architect. But for the grateful socialist health system and the
devoted medical workers with beautiful human love, it would have been
impossible to think of my son´s survival.
Tens of years have passed since the enforcement of the free medical
care system in our country. In those years all people have enjoyed the
benefits and my family and I have lived under such benefits. So I
regarded it as normal.

I was helpless for my son. But thanks to great loving care of the
motherland, my son, once at a jaw of death, was revived. I was moved
to tears, too grateful to the motherland.

I want to proudly say that my son was reborn thanks to our grateful
socialist health system and under the benefits of the free medical
care system.