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Wednesday, 15 February 2017


South Korea signed the "mutual defense assistance agreement" with the US on Jan. 26, 1950, 67 years ago.

The "agreement" is a product of the US brigandish aggressive scenario to strengthen military domination and subjugation of south Korea under the signboard of "alliance" and realize its wild ambition for invading the DPRK.

The "agreement" granted the US limitless rights to deploy its aggressor forces and set up military bases anywhere in south Korea while oppressing and exploiting its people. Contrary to this, it obliged the south Korean authorities to meekly meet any US brigandish demand.

After the conclusion of the “agreement”, the US has shipped huge military hardware into south Korea while reducing south Korea into a colossal military base and instigating the south Korean traitorous group to provoke a war against the north.

The typical instance is the Korean War started by Syngman Rhee on June 25, 1950 at the US instigation. The last Korean War clearly showed what grave consequences were caused by the criminal scenario pursued by the US to dominate the whole of Korea after signing the above-said "agreement."

Trumpeting about non-existent “DPRK’s provocation and threat”, the US and south Korean military have conducted joint military exercises under the pretext of coping with it to browbeat the security of the former and fan up the tension on the Korean Peninsula with potential outbreak of nuclear war.

The Park Geun-hye regime, steeped in pro-US and inter-Korean confrontation proclivities to the marrow of its bones, extended the transfer of wartime operation control without date, soliciting permanent occupation of the US.

It is one facet of tightening the alliance with the US that the south Korean authorities have made frantic bid to deploy THAAD in defiance of strong opposition of the south Koreans of all social strata, while justifying the deployment of THAAD as a “defensive step” to cope with “DPRK’s nuclear threat”.

Of late, they asked officials of new US administration to develop bilateral relations and showed submissive attitude to accept the US brigandish offer including an increase in upkeep of the US forces in south Korea. They invited newly-appointed US defense secretary to Seoul to tighten their military nexus.

The south Korean authorities’ pro-US sycophancy and inter-Korean confrontational move to lengthen their remaining days trigger off towering rancor of the Korean nation. Their foolish moves only help their ruin.

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The UK Korean Friendship Association extends its sincere congratulations to the people of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on the occasion of the Day of the Shining Star- the 75th anniversary of the birth of the great leader generalissimo Kim Jong Il the eternal general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea.

      Comrade Kim Jong Il was born the son of guerrillas on February 16th 1942. He did not come from a privileged background but was brought up in clothes made from old uniforms and spent his childhood in a simple log cabin. He witnessed the severe anti Japanese war and later as a young boy also witnessed the Fatherland Liberation War against the American imperialist aggressors the sworn enemy of the Korean people.

Comrade Kim Jong Il  lived a most simple life . As a student he participated in the construction of Pyongyang. He also worked a textile machinery factory at the number 26 lathe. Thus comrade Kim Jong Il was a true people's leader , always with the people sharing both hardship and joy with them. Often comrade Kim Jong Il did not celebrate his own birthday and dressed in an old parka
  At the beginning of the 1960s Kim Jong Il gave guidance to the historic Seoul Ryu  Kyong Su 105 Guards Tank Division of the KPA . In June 1964 he started work at the central committee of the Workers' Party of Korea. As well as  practical day to day leadership he developed the ideology and theory of the WPK . He systematised the Juche Idea and created Kimilsungism . Because of his skills as theoretician and ideologist plus his modest style as a people's leader he was acclaimed as the successor to the great leader President  Kim Il Sung .
The great leader comrade Kim Jong Il steered the DPRK through the difficult period of the "arduous march  ". Even though the DPRK faced difficulties he made sure that a high level of social benefits was maintained . Vans with soya milk for children were always seen on the streets of the DPRK in this period.
   Declaring "Expect No Change " from me , comrade Kim Jong Il combated the pressure and machinations of US imperialism . He upheld the banner of Juche  further supplemented it with the Songun idea and Songun politics  the treasured sword for defending independence.
Today the DPRK is the world's most independent country . It is seen as a country that does not take nonsense from any imperialists or big powers . This is the legacy of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il, a legacy that is today further developed and carried forward by the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un , the one and only successor the Juche cause.
     UK KFA joins with the Korean people in commemorating the great leader generalissimo Kim Jong Il on the 75th anniversary of his birth .

Read the special article by Dr Dermot Hudson KFA Official Delegate UK  here


More nonsense and lies from the DPRK bashers .

 Apparently a travel website "Destination Tips " said that Pyongyang is one of the 11 worst travel destinations (along with Skegness it seems) this rubbish was then repeated by the "Daily Mirror" . No evidence was put forward as to why Pyongyang is such a bad place to visit . The capital of socialist Korea was put in a category along with Kiev, Port Au Prince and Mogadishu ! A most ridiculous and absurd comparison.

Myself and many KFA members have visited Pyongyang and in my case 12 times . Pyongyang is the best holiday destination . It has no crime . There are no riots .There is no pollution , no noisy aircraft or police helicopters flying over head. In fact one of the most calmest atmospheres in the world. Pyongyang is safe for women as the DPRK is does not have the sexual culture of Western countries .Having a guide actually helps and makes visiting more easier , whereas in other countries you are left to fend for yourself , sink or swim basically.   
Price of commodities are very cheap you can buy a bottle of beer for less than one Euro . The Korean people are very hospitable and you are well looked after. What more could you want ! Do not believe the lies of "Destination Tips" go and visit the DPRK for yourself

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So the new President elect of the United States Mr Trump is talking about non-intervention or less intervention by the US in the world. We can reality check this. If he is serious about not intervening and interfering in the affairs of other countries one of the first things he could do is to completely end the so-called "human rights " campaign against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea . This is gross interference in the internal affairs of the DPRK and actually contrary to the UN charter and international laws. The " human rights " campaign aginst the DPRK by the US is simply an attempt by the US to impose its values , its unilateral viewpoint on another country by bullying and diktat. It is really the US saying "we don't like your system so are going to call it a dictatorship and make you change your system" . The US should drop it now. The Commission of Inquiry should be scrapped. Billions of US taxpayers dollars have been wasted on this campaing . Really the anti-DPRK brings no benefits to the citizens of the US and indeed other countries such as the UK , Australia etc , etc they have backed it . So Mr President are you going to end it ?

UK Korean Friendship Association

Nuclear safety in the hands of the monopolies

Nuclear Power Plant Explosion in North West France

The Flamanville nuclear power plant operated by energy monopoly Électricité de France (EDF) in North West France, 30 miles from Jersey and opposite the Isle of Wight, was hit by a large blast and fire on Thursday, February 9, when a ventilator exploded in the engine room. People in the locality and workers are reported to be affected by smoke inhalation, though there were no casualties.

The seriousness of the incident is being downplayed and it has received little coverage. In a statement, EDF described the explosion as "minor", dealt with "as per normal procedure", and claimed that "there were no consequences for safety at the plant or for environmental safety."

While officials stressed that it was a technical, not a nuclear incident, Neil Hyatt, professor of radioactive waste management at Sheffield University said: "Any incident of this kind at a nuclear power plant is very serious, and the national and international regulators will want to undertake a thorough investigation to understand the cause and lessons to be learned."

John Large, a respected nuclear engineer, said that the explosion and fire "could have a knock-on effect" because of the "close proximity" of the engine room, steam production and spent fuel stored in nearby ponds.

The incident comes in the wake of a damning investigation last year into the state of EDF's nuclear facilities, which resulted in 13 of its 58 plants being taken offline in December. It is also not the first such incident: in June 2011, the Tricastin plant in Drôme in the Rhône valley was also hit by an explosion and fire, days after authorities had raised a catalogue of 32 safety issues at the plant.

A new third-generation reactor at Flamanville is under construction, set to be the largest in the world. The project has gone massively over schedule and budget, which stands at €10.5 billion; completion is currently expected in 2018, having being originally planned for 2012.

EDF owns and operates the world's largest fleet of civilian nuclear reactors, including eight of Britain's ten nuclear power stations. The monopoly is currently on course to build three new reactors in Britain, at Hinkley Point C in Somerset, Sizewell C in Suffolk and Bradwell B in Essex.


Building solidarity with Korea

By New Worker correspondent
Korean Friendship Association (KFA) activists met in south London last weekend to plan future work and celebrate the birthday of Democratic Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The meeting was chaired by Dermot Hudson, who said Kim Jong Un had pushed forward the Songun and  Juche revolutionary cause following in the footsteps of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. Though western media had focused on Kim Jong Un’s remarks about Democratic Korea’s ballistic missile deterrent it had totally ignored the rest of his New Year address. In that call, Kim Jong Un put forward the great slogan "Let us accelerate the victorious advance of socialism with the great spirit of self-reliance and self-development as the dynamic force!"
 Self-reliance and self-development are the The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRK's) secret weapons to smash the unjust and crazy US imperialist and UN sanctions. Moreover, self-reliance and self-development will protect the DPRK from "reform" and "opening up", and from the restoration of capitalism. Without a doubt self-reliance is the only correct way to build socialism and win final victory over the imperialists, Dermot said.

In the Donetsk Peoples Republic Givi - the commander of the battalion "Somalia" has been killed

According to the operational command of the DPR, on morning of February 8 at 6:12 Moscow time, as a result of a terrorist act,the commander of the battalion "Somalia" Colonel Mikhail Tolstoy, known as "Givi" was killed.

At the scene of the terrorist attack, the investigative team believe that an unknown assailant fired an RPG "Shmel" (rocket infantry flame-thrower) into the battalion commander's office window and fled the scene. According to another version - a bomb exploded in the office.

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic confirmed - a fire in the office had been extinguished, the charred body of the battalion commander had been recovered from the wreckage. The murder of Givi has been classed as a continuation of the terrorist war launched by the Kiev fascist junta against the people of  Donbass.


Stalin and the Red Army

The peace building period of our history is full of events of great importance. In recent years, not rivers but oceans of water have flowed . All around us there have been huge changes in a different way to present our perspective and have been completely overturned by recognized scope and volume. All these events inextricably linked to the rich and multi-faceted revolutionary activity of Comrade Stalin. Over the past five or six years, Stalin stood in the focus of the unfolding and bubbling struggle. Only under these circumstances can we explain the value of Comrade Stalin as one of the most prominent organizers of the victories of the Civil War that has been to some degree obscured, and has not yet received a proper assessment ...

In the period of 1918-1920. Comrade Stalin was perhaps the only man whom the Central Committee cast from one battle front to another, selecting the most dangerous, the most terrible places for revolution. There where it was relatively quiet, and well, where we had been successful - there was no sign of Stalin. But where for a number of reasons the red army had cracked , where the counter-revolutionary forces, developing their successes, threatened the very existence of Soviet power, where confusion and panic might at any moment turn into helplessness and catastrophe, that is where Stalin Stalin. He did not sleep at night, he organized, he took into his own hands the tough leadership, where he smashed, and was merciless - and created a turning point towards a healthier environment. Stalin himself wrote about it in a letter to the Central Committee in 1919, saying that he "has been converted into a specialist in cleaning the stables of the military department" ...

Kliment Voroshilov
(From the article "Stalin and the Red Army")