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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Stalin and the Red Army

The peace building period of our history is full of events of great importance. In recent years, not rivers but oceans of water have flowed . All around us there have been huge changes in a different way to present our perspective and have been completely overturned by recognized scope and volume. All these events inextricably linked to the rich and multi-faceted revolutionary activity of Comrade Stalin. Over the past five or six years, Stalin stood in the focus of the unfolding and bubbling struggle. Only under these circumstances can we explain the value of Comrade Stalin as one of the most prominent organizers of the victories of the Civil War that has been to some degree obscured, and has not yet received a proper assessment ...

In the period of 1918-1920. Comrade Stalin was perhaps the only man whom the Central Committee cast from one battle front to another, selecting the most dangerous, the most terrible places for revolution. There where it was relatively quiet, and well, where we had been successful - there was no sign of Stalin. But where for a number of reasons the red army had cracked , where the counter-revolutionary forces, developing their successes, threatened the very existence of Soviet power, where confusion and panic might at any moment turn into helplessness and catastrophe, that is where Stalin Stalin. He did not sleep at night, he organized, he took into his own hands the tough leadership, where he smashed, and was merciless - and created a turning point towards a healthier environment. Stalin himself wrote about it in a letter to the Central Committee in 1919, saying that he "has been converted into a specialist in cleaning the stables of the military department" ...

Kliment Voroshilov
(From the article "Stalin and the Red Army")


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