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Wednesday, 15 February 2017


So the new President elect of the United States Mr Trump is talking about non-intervention or less intervention by the US in the world. We can reality check this. If he is serious about not intervening and interfering in the affairs of other countries one of the first things he could do is to completely end the so-called "human rights " campaign against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea . This is gross interference in the internal affairs of the DPRK and actually contrary to the UN charter and international laws. The " human rights " campaign aginst the DPRK by the US is simply an attempt by the US to impose its values , its unilateral viewpoint on another country by bullying and diktat. It is really the US saying "we don't like your system so are going to call it a dictatorship and make you change your system" . The US should drop it now. The Commission of Inquiry should be scrapped. Billions of US taxpayers dollars have been wasted on this campaing . Really the anti-DPRK brings no benefits to the citizens of the US and indeed other countries such as the UK , Australia etc , etc they have backed it . So Mr President are you going to end it ?

UK Korean Friendship Association

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