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Saturday, 21 May 2011


The empire’s untenable position

May 19, 2011

No one can be sure that, in its agony, the empire might not drag humanity into a catastrophe.

As is known, as long as human life exists, everyone has the sacred responsibility to be optimistic. Ethically, any other type of behavior would be inadmissible. I remember well a day, almost 20 years ago, when I said that one species was in danger of extinction: the human race.

Before a select group of bourgeois rulers enamored of the empire, including the massive, well fed German Helmut Kohl and others of his ilk who dutifully followed Bush Sr. – less sinister than his own son W. Bush, I couldn’t resist expressing that truth, which I consider very real in all sincerity, although still far removed today.

Turning on the television at approximately 12:15 midday, because some one had told me Barack Obama was making a speech about foreign policy, I paid attention to his words.

I don’t know why, despite the piles of dispatches and news that I read daily, I hadn’t seen any reporting that this individual would speak at that time. I can assure readers that there are more than a few foolish items and lies that, among dramatic truths and events of all kinds, I read, listen to or view as images every day. This was, however, something special. What was he going to say this time with the world bearing the burden of imperial crimes, massacres, unpiloted aircraft dropping deadly bombs, that not even Obama, now responsible for some life and death decisions, could have imagined as a Harvard student just a few dozen years ago?

No one assumes, therefore, that Obama owns the situation; he only manages a few important words that the long-standing system which originally conceded to the “Constitutional President” of the United States. At this point, 234 years after the Declaration of Independence, the Pentagon and the CIA hold the fundamental instruments created by the imperial power: technology capable of destroying the human species in a matter of minutes and the means to penetrate societies, shamelessly trick and manipulate them whenever they need to do so, thinking that the empire’s power is limitless. They expect to manage a docile world, with no disturbance whatsoever, well into the future.

This is the absurd idea upon which they base the world of tomorrow under “the reign of liberty, justice, equality of opportunity and human rights,” incapable of seeing what in reality exists with poverty, a lack of elemental educational and health services, employment and worse: the failure to satisfy basic needs such as food, potable water, shelter and many others.

Curiously, someone could ask, for example, what will happen with the 10,000 deaths every year caused by violence related to drugs, fundamentally in Mexico, to which could be added Central American countries and several others, among the most populous in the continent’s south.

I do not wish to offend these peoples in any way; my intention is to indicate what happens to others almost everyday.

One question which does need to be asked immediately is: What will happen in Spain where the masses are protesting across the country’s principal cities, because 40% of young people are unemployed, to cite only one of the reasons this combative people is demonstrating? Are the bombings, by any chance, about to begin in this NATO country?

Nevertheless, at this time – 4:12 p.m. – the blessed official Spanish version of Obama’s speech has yet to be published.

I hope you will pardon me for this improvised Reflection. I have other things with which to occupy myself.

Fidel Castro Ruz
May 19, 2011
4:16 p.m.

Thursday, 19 May 2011


18.05.2011 20:20

On May 18, Krasnoyarsk police suddenly attacked a picket on the sale of Bolshevik press. AUCPB member N.M. Shafranov was holding a one-man picket on one of the central city streets, selling newspapers, "Hammer and Sickle" and handing out leaflets. He was approached by two men in civilian clothes, and providing ID proof of the Interior Ministry, started talking, more like an interrogation.
They were particularly interested in the "where are the" newspapers from, where they are printed and who else in town sells / distributes the Bolshevik press. The police presented to Shafranov copies of the Hammer and Sickle "Sim" from 2008 and demanded he admit to whether or not he sold the newspapers. Reasonable demands by the comrade as to explain why this interest is connected, were ignored by the thugs.

Writing down the answers of our comrade, the gallant fighters with the literature suggested that he sign a paper. He gave a categorical refusal. The plain clothes cops left, soon to return together with the department head, who also tried to get Shafranov sign a "protocol". After his second refusal to sign, the policemen decided to draw in few passers-by as witnesses, although the right to refuse to sign as yet has not been abolished. The police left.

The incident is unusual enough in that this is not Shafranov's the first year of distributing the Bolshevik literature - newspapers, "Hammer and Sickle", "Workers' and Peasants' Truth" and various brochures, and the recently added the newspaper "Revolution" - in this place, and to this day the police did not interfere with his work.

Obviously, the increased interest in the police to our newspapers is dictated by the desire to prevent the spread of Bolshevik press in town, and the entire described incident was a thoroughly planned provocation. To that we declare: IT WILL NOT PASS!

Bureau of the CC AUCPB in Siberia and the Far East


S. Korean Authorities’ Moves to Internationalize Theory of “Unification through Absorption” Blasted

A spokesman for the Disarmament and Peace Institute of the DPRK Foreign Ministry on May 6 issued the following statement:
The south Korean authorities have recently taken an ill-boding move to peddle the theory of “unification through absorption” in the international arena.
“Unifying the systems” in the reality of the Korean peninsula precisely means “unification through absorption”.
It is well known that the present authorities of south Korea adopted “unification through absorption” as a state policy from the outset and have persistently pursued it.
They advocated “no nuke, opening and 3 000 dollars” right after they took office, called for instituting “unification tax” last year and advanced a proposal for “three-phase unification.” All this was a policy for confrontation based on “unification through absorption”.
They invited the ambassadors of neighbouring countries to a debate on unification in Seoul recently and staged a farce of advertising the above-said theory.
Nonsensical and dangerous is the theory of “unification through absorption” touted by the present rulers of south Korea.
The US and Japan lost as many as 20 years due to repeated failures in their DPRK policy under the miscalculation that the DPRK would collapse just as the Eastern European countries did. It is a stark reality that they compelled the DPRK to have access to nuclear weapons in the end.
Under the situation where there is deep-rooted distrust between the north and the south and huge armed forces are standing in confrontation with each other, any attempt on the part of a side to swallow up the other side would inevitably spark a war.
The neighbouring countries are required to ponder over what consequences would bring to the Korean peninsula by their behaviour following in with the above-said theory.
If they are truly interested in the reunification of the Korean peninsula, they should pay attention to the proposal for achieving reunification by the federal formula already solemnly clarified by the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration at home and abroad.
The said proposal of the DPRK is the best one for peaceful reunification which guarantees feasibility and helps avert war, because it presupposes the co-existence of the present systems in the north and the south.
It is also a reasonable proposal which concurs with the interests of the neighbouring countries, because it presupposes the neutrality of a unified state.
A sinister aim is lurking behind the south Korean authorities’ moves to internationalize the above-said theory in a bid to make the debate on it heated.
The “waiting strategy” pursued by them in inter-Korean relations is now going bankrupt.
The international community is now aware that the tense situation on the peninsula reached the brink of war last year entirely because of the south Korean authorities’ confrontation policy. It is now, therefore, becoming increasingly assertive for resuming the inter-Korean dialogue to defuse the climate of confrontation.
Much upset by this, they are going busy to step up the debate on “unification” in a bid to create an impression that “contingency” is imminent in the DPRK and “unification under liberal democracy” led by them is drawing near.
Pressurized by the public at home and abroad to resume dialogue and negotiations, they are giving lip-service to “open-hearted” dialogue but, in actuality, making it impossible for dialogue to open by craftily raising unreasonable preconditions unacceptable to the DPRK.
It is a base scenario for them to justify their “waiting strategy” and bar their allies from coming out for dialogue with the DPRK or feeling any need to give humanitarian aid to it.
Those who study the reunification issue at home and abroad would be well advised to pay due attention to the truth about such debate on “unification” taking place in south Korea these days.


17.05.2011 10:36

On May 12, the tenth pensioners protest was held in Novosibirsk against the decision of the Governor Yurchenko to abolish unlimited free travel on public transport. The Governor hoped that by the building of his residence, angry people would no longer meet, but - the struggle continues!

Although this time were about 400 people, significantly less than in previous times, this was associated with the beginning of the summer season. High social tension and anger by pensioners towards the policy of the governor remains.

The authorities are enraged, fearing the people's wrath. After exhausting all means to extinguish the protest, the government turned to the servants of crime. On April 29, on the eve of the last protest, one of the organizers of the protest was kidnapped, beaten and taken to the woods, where he was threatened with physical violence if he did not end the pensioners’ struggle.

The judiciary has also come out against the popular protests. If the district court found the actions of the mayor's office prohibiting protests illegal, then the regional court acquitted the mayor action, thereby denying pensioners the right to express their views freely. It is clear: the decision of the regional court –is an order given by the authorities!

The authorities, police, judiciary and criminal elements are demonstrating their incredible unity in the fight against the people.

On May 11, active pensioners who are members of the Organizing Committee met with the Governor, for holding public actions in the interest of protecting the rights of pensioners. The pensioners demanded from the governor that he reverse his disgraceful decision and adopt a regional law, which guarantees the right to unlimited free travel for pensioners. The governor "promised" to expand the category of pensioners (eg, veterans of the Leningrad blockade), who would be returned unlimited travel, but refused to revoke the decision.

But the people do not need half-solutions, they demand the complete abolition of the shameful decision.

Several political parties and organizations involved in the protests, are trying to minimize the protest by people against governor Yurchenko, supposedly wanting to direct the protest against another clan of the bourgeoisie - Tolokonski-Gorodetsky, and use the protests only to get the votes of the electorate in the upcoming election. This amounts to plotting with the government against the pensioners.

It is no coincidence that at the rally at the Governor's residence on May 12 there was no banner of the "Patriots of Russia and the Movement Against Illegal Immigration (NPNI), which amounts to a manifestation of "loyalty" to the governor. On the eve of the rally, the AUCPB was dismissed as the leading representative, and instead, the rally was led by the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR). The leitmotif of the speeches made by these "politicians" were no longer the demand of the return of unlimited free travel, but instead, praises towards the governor, by saying, that there have been "real changes in the actions of the governor." These political parties are making moves towards these protests being shifted away from the residence of the Governor to the Opera House, where they you can easily rattle hot air and "catch" future votes from the naive electorate. Only thanks to the speeches and actions of the AUCPB and “Trudovaya Rossiya” was a strong position voiced: as long as the governor does not reverse his disgraceful decision, public protest will continue, and in the autumn - the people hit with renewed vigour.

The leading force of the same rally, giving it the proper tension and political orientation, was a representative of the AUCPB.

We Bolsheviks believe that between "warring" clans of the ruling criminal regime there is no essential difference, and that they are biting at each other to get first place in robbing the working people.

The representative of the AUCPB announced (despite opposition from some) the meeting time and place for the following actions during the summer period, as was customary at the Organizing Committee: on the 12th of each month (June, July and August) at 12.00 people will gather in front of going to the residence of governor Yurchenko. The struggle continues!
Ours cause is right - victory will be with us!
Down with the power of big capital!
Grigory Pavlev, AUCPB

P.S. Unfortunately, the other communist forces (RCWP-RPK, AKM, Komsomol) are afraid to take the lead as the organizers-statesmen or leaders of the rallies and marches, preferring only to participate, thus giving leadership in the struggle to bourgeois parties. In addition, the representative of the RCWP stands for the ending of the protests for the summer (in fact - for the elimination or transfer of the leadership to other parties), and wash to its hands from active participation in the preparation of a leafleting campaign, handing over the cause to its political opponents. In fact, it's the same defeatist attitude.




17.05.2011 10:34
For the second day in the capital of Greece there are riots and protesters clash with police. Protesters against the austerity measures announced by the Greek government, set fire to bus stops, garbage cans and smashed the windows of banks and shops as well as throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at police. In response, police fired tear gas.
At time of reporting there was no accurate information about how many people were hurt in the clashes, according to RIA Novosti. However, we know that the fury of protesters brought about, in their view, brutal actions by the police on the eve - May 11, during confrontations with law enforcement agencies where dozens of people suffered at the hands of them, with one of the demonstrators injured is in a coma with severe head injuries. Police said 15 officers were injured.

The country's authorities have promised to investigate all incidents of the police forces and punish the perpetrators. It is reported that four riot police have already been suspended from duty because of brutally beating of one of the demonstrators, which local television stations filmed on camera.

Mass protests began in Greece in May 2010 after authorities announced spending cuts in the country, in return for financial assistance from the EU and the IMF to the amount of 110 billion dollars. The country was on the verge of default, so the government was forced to take unpopular measures.

17.05.2011 10:29

More than 130 Uzbek workers involved in the construction of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) on the island of Russky in Vladivostok, refused to come to work because of delays in salary, told RIA Novosti on May 11 press secretary of the Far Eastern Branch of ZAO "Crocus" - the construction contractor, Ekaterina Chernenko.

In preparation for the APEC summit in 2012 on the island of Russky, large-scale construction projects are underway. In particular, the construction of the Far Eastern Federal University, which will host the 2012 APEC summit, employs 10 thousand people from 12 nationalities.

"Over 130 Uzbek workers have come to us with statements about the delay of salary, employed in the subcontracting company Budai, which employs several hundred people who are working on the island," - she said, without specifying the amount owed.

During the proceedings, representatives of the contractor found that workers should get paid on 5 May, and the money for this purpose will be transferred on time.

"However, due to holidays, the money is stuck in the bank. Payment of wages has already begun and will end on May 13," - she said.

Last week it became known that a claim for wages was expressed by 180 Turkish workers engaged in the construction of FEFU. However, after negotiations with the contractor, most of them expressed a desire to work again on the construction of the university,” the deputy director of the Far Eastern Branch of ZAO "Crocus", Yaroslav Vokresensky told journalists.

In February, the construction company did not timely pay its workers employed in the construction of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in Vladivostok, and was suspended from work at the facility and denied accreditation from government customers. In autumn 2010, about 250 Chinese construction workers, employed in this company, because of delays in salary suspended work on construction of the FEFU.

The APEC summit will be held in Russia in the Far East, in September 8-9, 2012. Much of the summit facilities will be built on the island of Russky. The main objects are the bridge across Zoloty Rog and the bridge onto the island of Russky, as well as the Far Eastern Federal University.

RIA Novosti 05/11/1911


17.05.2011 10:27

Today in the port of Kaliningrad there was a strike by the crew of the ship «Polaris», the reason for that was the notorious arrears of wages to the seafarers. Fortunately, the labour dispute was resolved fairly quickly thanks to the participation in this case of the inspector of the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) in Kaliningrad, Vadim Mamontov. By the way, setting this little transport in port and the subsequent protest coincided with a court hearing taking place in Klaipeda, the bankruptcy of the shipping company UAB «Passat», which by the end of last year belonged to the «Polaris» under the name «Vigo».

Having changed its name, but kept the crew, ship moved to the new operator - «MD Shipping Co» (Odessa, Ukraine). On this the crew found out that on this trip that they had worked several months on «Passat» for "free." When the ship with the new name called «Polaris» had a new owner, the boys had a legitimate question: how to deal with the wage debt? The answer to this was given to the sailors in the port of Nouadhibou (Mauritania): the Superintendent of Odessa, who came on board to deal with this unpleasant situation, promised to settle the matter by paying the money. In the text of telegrams, sent on behalf of management of «MD Shipping Co», said: "The whole salary for the period worked will be paid at a port of change." That was to be Kaliningrad.

What a surprise sailors had when the ITF inspector Vadim Mamontov when visiting the vessel contacted the shipowner in the presence of seafarers to confirm the information already received, and heard in reply that no promises were given to the crew. And so then they declared the strike, which the stevedoring company and all cargo owners received notice of. As noted by Vadim Mamontov, the reaction of businesses in the recipient of goods from Vologda to Petersburg was pleasantly surprising. They all wondered what had happened, but in the end wished the sailors good luck.

The very next day all the money in arrears, including costs to return home, were transferred to the families of sailors: the strike was over, and unloading began. Two days later the guys went home. "During the protest, from one side to the other sounded harsh words, justified by the exigencies of the moment only, but the blame was initially due to some uncertainty when re-signing contracts in Mauritania” - summed up the ITF inspector in Kaliningrad. - The ship’s crew remained in arrears, hence the strike. "

Russian Trade Union of Seamen

17.05.2011 10:26

On May 10, workers of the construction company "Continent" (Tomsk) went on strike because of delays in salary.
“Today we have started an indefinite strike to demand payment of wage arrears. Management promised to pay back the money in February to the end of March. But they say that there is no money because the apartments are not sold” - quoted one of the strikers, foremen Alexander Kiselev – internet portal tv2.tomsk.ru at 13:21 local time.

Also, according to the foreman, the director of “Continent" promised the 27 striking workers to pay the debts to the nearest Friday and threatened with dismissal if they did not continue to work today. Arrears of wages for February and March of this year for to each worker, said Alexander Kiselyov, amounts to about 35,000 rubles.

However, there is a likelihood that the builders will not have to wait until the end of the week for this money. Within five hours after getting news about the strike, management of Continent made a statement.
- “The incident has been dealt with, the wages shall be issued over the counter…

solidarnost.org 10.05.11

17.05.2011 10:24

Schools are not working, the buses pass by the stops, airports have reduced the number of flights - Life in Italy is today paralyzed by a general national strike. Urban transport has not worked since 4:00 in the morning, and drivers are not going to go out on route in the evening "rush hour". The railroad workers are on strike from 14.00.

What do residents of the capital do in such a situation?
"Return home is the only thing- says a woman. - I was hoping that all is not so bad, not at this scale. Still, I thought I can get to the pharmacy at the Vatican. But apparently, I have to return home. "

Not only overland but also underground transport is working sporadically. Civil servants demand the Government cut taxes and provide more employment.
Tourists in Rome, Naples and other Italian cities today have the opportunity not only to walk a lot, but to see mass demonstrations of workers.

IA euronews

17.05.2011 10:23

In Primorye, because of wage arrears, over a hundred employees of various departments of the mining and chemical complex Bor have stopped work
This is a city-forming enterprise of Dalnegorsk. The representative of the trade union at the enterprise Sergey Matveyev said that the total debt has reached 27 million rubles. More than half of "Bora" workers have not received money, Interfax reported.


Friday, 13 May 2011

Victory Day in Krasnodar

13.05.2011 09:46
In the city of Krasnodar on May 9 a march and rally in honor of 66 anniversary of Soviet people's victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 was held.Th the city organization of the AUCPB laid flowers at the "Flame of Eternal Glory", at the monument to G.K. Zhukov and the monument to the Soldier Liberator. The AUCPB Standard, Red Flags of Victory were raised, newspapers: "Hammer and Sickle", "Workers'and Peasants' Truth " and fliers with the portrait of J.V. Stalin were distributed .

Together with the Bolsheviks, the Union of Soviet officers, CPRF of
Krasnodar also took part in the ceremony and paid tribute to the victors in the Great Patriotic War.
Glory to the Red Army-the Victor!
Glory to Comrade J.V. Stalin!
Eternal memory to the victims of our Soviet Motherland!
Krasnodar CC AUCPB


Thursday, 12 May 2011


11.05.2011 07:59
Bureau of the CC AUCPB for Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria

On May 9, 2011 marks the 66-th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War over the Nazi invaders (9 May 1945). The Soviet people's victory marked the superiority of the socialist way of life and the Soviet social system over the imperialist system of Nazi Germany, the advanced nature of the ideological, theoretical and moral superiority of the Marxist-Leninist ideology over the fascist ideology of racial hatred, and the advantage of the socialist planned economy, over the imperialist economy. At the heart of the Victory laid also the brotherhood and friendship between the peoples of the USSR, proletarian internationalism and Soviet socialist patriotism, love by the peoples of the USSR to their socialist Soviet Motherland, the heroism of soldiers on the front and workers of the rear, the indestructible unity of the party and the people, the Soviet military superiority of science over the fascist military school of Germany, the talent and strategic skills of Soviet commanders.

The main source of the Great Victory was the entire leadership of the struggle of the Soviet people by the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks), headed by the successor and the continuer of great Lenin, the leader of the Soviet people and working people around the world Generalissimo Joseph STALIN. One in two Communists and millions of Komsomols laid down their lives on the battlefields.

Nowadays, the nationalists have questioned our great victory, the decisive role of the CPSU (b) and Stalin's role in it. With hatred and gnashing of teeth, the nationalists, these heirs of Bandera, servants of the fascists oppose the flying of the Red Banner of during the days of Victory, destroying monuments to Stalin (in Kiev) and pulling down the monuments to Lenin. In particular, in the village of Shishaki in Poltava region, in April wretches in the area near the district administration pulled down from the pedestal a 4-metre high bronze statue of Lenin. In Poltava, the scum desecrated a monument to the Grieving Mother and daubed the crazy inscription "Death to Judeo-Muscovites”. But on the spot where this monument stands, the Nazis during the war shot up to 30,000 Poltavians, both civilians and prisoners of war. A nazi concentration camp was housed there too.

In Lviv, as reported by the head of the Lviv City Council on Education, V. Ogura, focus will be on the national liberation struggle and the participation of soldiers of the UPA (the so-called "Ukrainian Insurgent Army") and Metropolitan Sheptitsky will play a role in this struggle.

The working people of Ukraine are well aware of the role of Bandera and the OUN-UPA fighters during World War II. Nationalist leaders, Bandera, R. Shukhevych, A. Miller and others were employed by the German Nazis and were agents of the Abwehr, and other intelligence agencies of Nazi Germany. They were awarded top prizes of the Reich, such as Wehrmacht captain R. Shukhevych, he was Chief of the UPA. Up to half a million Ukrainians, Poles, tens of thousands of Jews, Russians, Belarusians, Gypsiesy, people other nationalities became victims of these "fighters for freedom and independence of Ukraine", brutally tortured and killed by the Banderovites. And the Greek-Catholic Church headed by Metropolitan Sheptitsky inspired the warriors of OUN-UPA to carry out the atrocities and crimes against property and the neighboring peoples, in faithful service to the Fuhrer, Hitler's Reich,

Against the flying of the Red Banner during Victory days was expressed the ByuT faction, saying that the Red Flag will not feed the veterans and that "victory in the Second World War was won the people, not the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and Stalin." This entire phrase is a thoroughly cynical and hypocritical statement.

Veterans well remember how they lived in the Soviet Union and Soviet Socialist Ukraine under the red banner and how they are dying out now on a miserable average pension of 1000 UAH under the yellow-blue flag of Bandera (no matter what faction of the bourgeoisie is in power: the orange Yushchenko-Tymoshenko or the blue-white Yanukovych- Azarov). The history of World War II and the Great Patriotic War as its most important part, shows "how the people were victorious in World War II." By the time of the attack on the Soviet Union (22 June 1941), the Wehrmacht had already captured the majority of European countries: in 35 days was Poland defeated, Denmark has fallen in a few days and Norway, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg were occupied. The French army resisted a total of 44 days. The British expeditionary force suffered a major defeat by the Nazis, and was forced to evacuate the British Isles. The Nazis seized a number of countries in the Balkans. In the capitalist world, there was no force which was able to stop German fascism.

Only entry into the war by the Soviet Union reversed the course of hostilities. The Soviet Union became a decisive force, the first to stop the aggressor, and then defeated Nazi Germany and its satellites, and also defeated Japanese militarism. Already by 6 May 1942 under the influence of Red Army's victories, U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt wrote: "From the standpoint of grand strategy ... it is difficult to escape the obvious fact that the Russian army destroyed more enemy soldiers and weapons than all other 25 member states of the United Nations taken together." On January 29, 1943, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was forced to admit: "... all our military operations are carried out on a very small scale compared to the vast resources of England and the United States, and even more so compared with the gigantic efforts of Russia."

Over 73% of the total losses inflicted by the German fascist army were suffered in battles with the Soviet Army. Manpower loss caused by the Wehrmacht on the Soviet-German front, was 4 times more than the Western European and Mediterranean theaters of operations, combined, and the number of killed and wounded - 6 times. On the Soviet-German front, the bulk of the military equipment of the enemy was destroyed: Up to 75% of tanks and assault guns, over 75% of aviation, 74% of artillery shells.

The Soviet Union made a decisive contribution to the liberation of peoples of other countries from the Nazi yoke. About 7 million Soviet soldiers took part in the liberation of 11 European countries, 1.5 million - in the liberation of Northeast China (Manchuria) and North Korea.

All these facts are irrefutable evidence of the decisive contribution of the USSR towards a great victory.

At present, the United States and in the service of the U.S. Western imperialism-NATO has replaced fascist Germany in the struggle for world domination. The barbarous bombing of Yugoslavia, the aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq, the current bloody war waged by the imperialist predators against the people of sovereign and independent Libya is caused not only by the aggressive nature of imperialism, unable to find a way out of its own universally generated crisis, except by ways of aggression and war, but also by the lack of the mighty Soviet armed forces, capable of standing in the way of the aggressor and to protect the world from an all-out world war.

Only the struggle for the revival of the Soviet Union and the reconstruction of the mighty Soviet Army can end the bloody conflicts and wars and the further expansion of imperialism in the East, to end the bloody plans by the world’s madmen to dismember and occupy Russia.

GLORY to the Soviet Army - the Army-Victor!

GLORY to the ALL-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks), the leading and guiding force of the Soviet people, the organizer and inspirer of the Victory over Fascism!

GLORY to Generalissimo Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet people, the leader and creator of the Great Victory!

May 9, 2011


11.05.2011 07:40

On May 9, 2011, Minsk Bolsheviks took part in laying flowers at the Eternal Flame on Victory Square. After laying flowers,the Bolsheviks worked among the Minsk residents and guests of the Belarusian capital, spreading Bolshevik newspapers "Hammer and Sickle" and "Vperyod" and fliers with the portrait of J.V. Stalin and CC AUCPB congratulatory messages on the reverse side.

V. Zelikov
Minsk, 10.05.2011 r



11.05.2011 07:35

On May 9, 2011 in Moscow, two meetings were held, organized by leftist communist forces dedicated to the 66-th anniversary of Victory Day.

The first rally took place at the monument to Vladimir Lenin at Yaroslavl railway station. The rally was attended by several hundred members and supporters of both left communist parties and organizations (RCWP-RCP, AUCPB, the CPSU, Komsomol (b), and others), and the breakaway "zyuganovskoy" mass of CPRF supporters of the newly elected Moscow Committee of the CPRF, headed by V.I.Lakeev. Places at the microphone were distributed on a strictly equal basis. Speakers emphasized the crucial role of the Communist Party and Comrade Stalin in securing the victory, the victory of great importance to the friendship of Soviet peoples. Many stressed that even now, before the present generation stands an important task to strengthen our fight against the criminal aggressive policies of U.S. imperialism, anxious to rule the world, in fact, not differing in any way in their goals from Hitler's plans for a “new world order”. In front of world peace-loving forces stand the most important tasks: to gather into a fist all the forces in rabid opposition to the U.S. imperialists, to widely explain the falsity and hypocrisy of American methods of handling public opinion, to restore and strengthen the Soviet Union - a reliable support in confronting the forces of aggression and war.

The second rally in Pushkin Square, was organized by the International Union of Soviet officers (Lieutenant-General A.G. Fomin, Captain B. Eremenko). At that rally, one of the leading themes was the subject of the criminal destruction by the so-called "democrats" of the powerful fighting efficiency of the Soviet Army, the Soviet military-industrial complex, the current beggarly military pensions to veterans, curtailing aid to them. IUSO representatives from the regions gave vivid examples of this situation. The summary of the speakers was that the present Russian army is totally unfit for action. Our borders are open to the enemy.


"We demand:

1) dissolve the State Duma and Federation Council, as organs that betray the interests of Russia.

2) The immediate resignation of President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin, as the persons responsible for the collapse of the Army, undermining the country's defense, stealing and exporting abroad their loot.

3) Create an Extraordinary Commission for the return of stolen funds from the people and to investigate economic and other crimes, thieves and traitors: the oligarchs, bureaucrats and officials.

4) To send all those responsible to trial for treason.

5) Restore our motherland - the Soviet Union, as more than 80% of the citizens of the USSR demanded on March 17, 1991.

Adopted unanimously.

The rally ended with a march to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and laying wreaths and flowers.

At both meetings the representatives of the AUCPB, distributed Bolshevik newspapers.

S.V. Khristenko



11.05.2011 07:18

On May 8, 2011 in the village of Il'sky in Krasnodar region, the 66-th anniversary of the signing of the Berlin Act of the unconditional surrender of Germany and its armed forces was marked by laying flowers at the memorial to Soviet soldiers who fell for Soviet power, socialism and the USSR in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

Organizers of the event were activists from the AUCPB, TOCA № 12, Trudovaya Rossiya and the CPRF.

On May 9 Victory Day of Soviet people over fascist Germany, the Bolsheviks in the village of Il'sky carried out agitation and propaganda work among the masses, through the distribution of AUCPB newspapers Workers'and Peasants' Hammer and Sickle, Workers' and Peasants' Truth and leaflets on the theme of the day.

L.A. Derbeda



11.05.2011 07:00

In Pyatigorsk on May 9, 2011, the Bolsheviks early in the morning, placed a wreath with bright red tape with the words: "To those who died for our Soviet Motherland - from the AUCPB" with a portrait of Stalin and flowers to the Flame of Eternal Glory.

The local Administration after being notified, banned the Pyatigorsk AUCPB and CPRF from holding a rally, “in connection with the strengthening of measures of public security, based on a letter sent in by the head of Internal Affairs in Pyatigorsk. "

To the administration and police of Pyatigorsk, a wreath with a portrait of Stalin seemed dangerous... and it was categorically suggested to us that it was moved from the Flame of Eternal Glory to the opposite side before the laying of flowers by the Administration, and only then after that, set the wreath in its place.

The Bolsheviks set up on a bench the Red Flag of Victory, the standard of AUCPB and a alongside set up the wreath. Residents of the city and the veterans were angered by transfer of the a wreath with the portrait of Stalin.

At a wreath with a portrait of Stalin photographs were taken of it by people and veterans with children, flowers were place and leaflets taken with a portrait of Stalin together with AUCPB newspapers "Hammer and Sickle" and "Workers 'and Peasants' truth."

After the Administration of Pyatigorsk placed their flowers, the Bolsheviks, to the great delight of those present placed at the "Flame of Eternal Glory" their wreath with a portrait of Stalin and flowers. Residents and tourists gladly photographed the wreath with a portrait of Stalin.

After that a gala was held in the evening in honor of the 66-th anniversary of the Soviet people's victory over Nazi Germany. Presentations were made by Comrade N.A. Degtyarenko - member of the Central Committee of the AUCPB and talked about the Victory and the role of the Bolsheviks, headed by J.V. Stalin in defeating the Nazis and today's struggle of the AUCPB for socialism.

Glory to Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin! "

Long live the 66 th anniversary of the Soviet people's Victory over fascist Germany!

Eternal memory to the defenders of the Socialist Fatherland!

Source and photo


Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Congratulations to our readers, all workers of the ex-USSR, war veterans and the Soviet Armed Forces on the 66 th anniversary of the Great Soviet people's victory over the Nazi invaders.

The victory over fascism was achieved under the leadership of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks), headed by Generalissimo J.V. STALIN. At the basis were the advantages of the Soviet socialist system and the planned socialist economy over the capitalist economies of Nazi Germany. There was friendship and brotherhood among peoples of the USSR, Soviet patriotism and proletarian internationalism, courage, bravery and heroism of Soviet people in the front and rear, the superiority of Soviet military science over the vaunted Prussian military schools. There was also the leadership talent of our military commanders, indestructible unity of the Party and people, passionate love to their socialist country and leader of the Soviet people, Joseph Stalin.

Under the slogan "For Stalin, for the Motherland!", soldiers, commanders and political workers clambered into attack and beheaded the fascist beast in its lair in Berlin on May 9, 1945.

The Soviet Army, together with the Warsaw Pact allies for almost half a century kept the peace throughout the world, allowed the people of the USSR and the countries socialist commonwelath work in peace, to build and develop socialism ...


As a result of the counter-revolution, carried out by the treacherous leadership of Gorbachev and the temporary breakdown of the USSR, the glorious Soviet Armed Forces were also destroyed.

U.S.-NATO imperialism, aiming for world domination and subjugation of all nations and peoples, the seizure of raw materials, minerals and petroleum resources, meeting no resistance, systematically unleashes one after another wars of aggression across the planet.

At the service of Zionists US-Israel NATO, the UN with its Security Council 18 March unleashed another war of aggression against independent Libya, seeking to put under control the rich oil resources of this small Arab country. An extremely ambiguous ostrich stance in the Security Council was adopted by Russia and China who did not support the Security Council resolution, but did use their power of veto which allowed US-NATO aggressors to wage war against the proud people of Libya and its leader, Muammar Gaddafi under the hypocritical guise of "protection of civilians" from the "oppressive regime".

Hundreds of bombs and Tomahawk missles rained down on the small country. According to the Health Ministry of Libya, in the first week of the aggressive actions the number of victims of bombing, missile attacks amounted to 114 peaceful civilians in the country, with more than 400 injured. In just two weeks of fighting, the cost to the United States amounted to nearly half a billion dollars and they handed over command of operations to NATO, headed by a Canadian general.

Now the aggressors are widely discussing the possibility of transition to a ground operation and supply of weapons to the "insurgents" who are actually serving the West and betraying their own people and country.

But the majority of Libyans rallied around their leader Muammar Gaddafi and declare: "We are free people and, if necessary, wll give up our lives for our freedom. We hate the American jackals and will fight with them until the end. We will not surrender and will not betray."

Today the sands of Libya have turned in a battleground between the combined forces of reaction and the forces of progress, between imperialism that is increasingly immersed in the depths of the biggest, intrinsically (internally) inherent crisis, and the people who have opted for free and independent development.

We wish the freedom-loving people of Libya and their courageous leader Muammar Gaddafi to withstand this unequal fight, to defend the integrity of their country, their freedom and independence.

(All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks)


10.05.2011 05:40
On May 9, in Novosibirsk, the All-Union Communist Party Bolsheviks and Trudovaya Russia laid wreaths with red ribbon to the "Siberian guardsmen from the Communists of Novosibirsk" at the Eternal Flame of the Monument of Glory.

Over the column of demonstrators soared red banners of the AUCPB and Trudovaya Russia, and a portrait of the Supreme Commander J.V. Stalin. The AUCPB distributed Bolshevik newspapers "Hammer and Sickle", "Workers'and Peasants' Truth" and "Revolution."

Eternal memory to the soldiers who fell in the struggle for the freedom and independence of our Soviet Motherland!

AUCPB -Novosibirsk




10.05.2011 05:49

The 66-th anniversary of Victory Day in Krasnoyarsk, as well as in many towns and villages, was met by concerts, rallies, processions and other festive occasions, trying to fully express their appreciation to surviving veterans, as is done once a year. For the Krasnoyarsk Bolsheviks, this is a day of remembrance for yet another reason: exactly three years ago on May 9, an incident occurred, subsequently costing the life of our fellow comrade Rim Shaygalimov.

We recall, May 9, 2008, during a celebratory rally at Victory Square, the chief of city police, then a colonel of the militia tried to take away from Rim Karimovich Shaygalimov a red Soviet flag. As a result of this clash, R.K. Shaygalimov was sentenced to 5,5 years in prison under a strict regime on false charges of beating a government official (a cop) with the red flag and June 27, he 2009 died in prison under mysterious circumstances. If he had still been alive, he could by now have qualifed for parole.

By tradition, the activists of the Krasnoyarsk AUCPB organization participated in the ceremonial procession to the stele of the 40 anniversary of Victory on the street of Academician Vavilov. Apparently, remembering how last year the veterans drove out of the column of the procession those people who came with Vlasov tricolor flags, the organizers (district administration) decided to play safe and place cadets of the River Training School at the head of the procession, shaded with the white-blue-red tricolor. In the festive crowd, they were immediately called "Vlasovites”, although the children themselves, as revealed in a conversation, still had a fairly vague concept about the history of the flag.

In the blue spring sky soared the red flags of the USSR and the Krasnoyarsk Committee of the AUCPB, the standard of the party. A a large portrait J.V. Stalin was also raised up. At the end of the procession, by the tank on the stele of the 40 anniversary of Victory Day a Bolshevik rally was organized. Together with activists, the rally was attended by our friend and ally, Vasily Ivanovich Yeroshin, who fought in skies during the Great Patriotic War, along with Vasily Stalin.

At the front of the tank was attached a portrait of Supreme Commander-in-Chief, and the tower was decorated with red flags. The red banners on the fighting machine fluttering in the wind, it seemed, made it look as if it was about ready to tear off from the spot and into attack. Passers-by, especially children and youth, were continually taking pictures of the portrait of Stalin and the party logo, and willingly took the AUCPB Bolshevik newspapers - "Hammer and Sickle", "Revolution" and expressed their support for the activists. Nearby almost immediately struck up a heated argument between the supporters of Stalin and a few of his opponents.

One veteran, laid flowers at the tank, and for a long time stroked it with his hand and repeating: "This is my tank, and I fought on such a tank at Konigsberg!". Another two soldiers came and saluted the Soviet generalissimo and commemorated him with a kind word. On a nearby stage in the meantime, a concert was being held, which by some strange whim of the organizers, not a single Soviet or military song was heard.

The current May 9 Victory Day showed once again that the efforts of the bourgeoisie to erase from the minds of the people's memory the value of the Soviet people's victory over fascism did not succeed. Workers, pensioners and veterans, young people intuitively gravitate to the Soviets, in spite of any of the so-called "revelations" and "reconciliations." This alone makes it clear that the bourgeois campaign of "de-Stalinization" of the Victory day failed. The victory was and remains our – Soviet Victory.

Bureau of the CC AUCPB in Siberia and the Far East



Tuesday, 10 May 2011

9 May Soviet Victory Day Rememberence in London

Wreath Laying at Soviet War memorial in London

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Nazi German invasion of the USSR on 22 June 1941 and the 66th anniversary of the Soviet and allied Victory over Fascism in WWII. An Act of Remembrance took place at 11am at the Soviet War Memorial.

Embassy officials from republics of the ex-USSR, war veteran organisations and representatives of the Stalin Society, CPGB ML, NCP, CPB and others laid wreaths at the Soviet War Memorial. Speeches were made and followed by refreshments and a film showing of "Hurricanes to Murmansk", a one-hour documentary organised by the Soviet Memorial Trust Fund in co-operation with the Imperial War Museum tookplace after the ceremony.


Sunday, 8 May 2011


May 9 - Victory Day of the Soviet people
in the Great Patriotic War!

Dear fellow citizens of the great Soviet Union, members and heirs of the
Great Victory of the Soviet people over fascist imperialist
Germany, over Hitlerism in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 1945!
Soldiers-internationalists, who fought with us in World War II!

Congratulations to all of you on great Victory Day - May 9! Glory to all who defended our country from the bloody boot of fascism and saved the people of Europe from slavery, who paid with their blood for our 50-year existence on earth without war. May all those be cursed who betrayed the great banner of victory and crushed the exploits of our fathers and grandfathers fought for by centuries of honor and independence of Great Russia, Great Motherland - the USSR. May they be cursed for centuries, Nikita Khrushchev and his followers, whose actions were corroding like rust our socialism fought for in battels, those who betrayed the oath of allegiance to the people who completed the filthy cause of Nikita Khrushchev – the counter revolution in the 1990-s of XX century – by the werewolf Gorbachev, Yeltsin the drunk and their henchmen.

We will still win because our cause is - RIGHT!




One of the organizers and active participants in the mass protests against the abolition of unlimited travel for pensioners in Novosibirsk, Igor Lobarev on the eve of another rally was kidnapped and beaten up by unknown persons. On April 30, Тайге.инфо was able to contact Lobareva, who spoke about how in the morning on April 29 he was forcibly taken to a forest and kept there for several hours.

According to Igor Lobarev, around 9:30 am (6:30 am Moscow time) on Demakov street in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok someone shouted out to him from behind. Turning around, the activist was violently assaulted, and then a sack was pulled over his head, then he was bundled into a car. In the car, 56-year-old Lobarev tried to resist the kidnappers but was beaten up.

The political activist was taken into a forest, where he was told that there was nothing for him to do at the protest rallies and to stay away from them. In addition, according to Lobarev, the kidnappers said that it was they who had set fire to his car a few weeks ealier - shortly before another previous rally.

Approximately at 15:00 (12:00 Moscow time), Igor Lobarev was released. It was just at this time that on Lenin Square a rally at which he was to speak had ended. The kidnappers broke the sim-card in his mobile phone, and because of that, on the evening of 29 April he was unavailable.

Igor Lobarev examined his injuries from the beatings and reported the incident to the law enforcement bodies. According to Тайги.инфо (Taygi.info), the attack on him is now already under investigation.


05.05.2011 10:46

The city administration wants to close secondary school № 10, situated in the village of Popov, referring to the supposedly lower class size. The school now teaches about 80 children from four villages - Halgaso, "Northern Town", Start, Popov. Another 100 children growing up, who in the coming years will also have to go to school.

The authorities are offering teachers and children to go to school number 35, which is located in the urban neighborhood of “Druzhba”. They will need to get there by bus that takes about an hour in each direction. In this case, shuttle buses from the village of Popova are to to town eavry 2.5 hours. Today in the village there are two kindergartens, and a House of Culture closed and abandoned. The school is the last centre of culture, and closing it down, means the authorities are abandoning the villagers “in the dark".

The residents of the village, parents and teachers are outraged by such indifference bythe city administration towards the people.

Therefore, a group of villagers together with representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) had filed a notice to the authorities about the holding of a march and rally in defense of the ten schools.

A group of people marched along the pavement of Lenin Avenue and Prospect Mira from Lenin Square to Youth Square. The column was full of flags of the CPRF and the Komomols, with their own banner and placards.
At the rally the villagers, the parents of pupils, the teaching staff, and members of the Communist Party of the RF made speeches.

All speakers find it unacceptable to force children to travel about on buses, to deprive them of leisure time, healthy food, the possibilities of supplementary education in the afternoon, etc.,

At the rally, a resolution was read out, which was immediately handed to the management of the city administration since the head of the city did not want to meet with the teachers.

During the rally, members of the Communist Party held a popular referendum among those present.

"Sovyetskaya Rossiya" [30/04/2011]


05.05.2011 10:13

In Troitsk, Chelyabinsk region, more than a hundred workers at Teploenergoremont - Urals went on strike in front of the administration building of the company to demand payment of wage arrears, a pay rise and improvement in working conditions. This was reported by 1obl.ru.

According to company welder Andrey Tokarev, production per worker amounts to 60 thousand rubles, whilst wages remain at the 2003 level. "Moreover, they are cutting wages" – said the angered worker.

This is not the first protest by the employees. Earlier they expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation. In turn, from the management, there were no promises about the timing of payment of wage arrears and better working conditions. Reportedly, the situation has been taken under the control of the Troitsk city adminstration, however, there is to date, still no positive result.

05.05.2011 10:06

Workers at the 14/1 metallurgical production (MP) at AvtoVAZ, having announced an "Italian strike" in protest against the unlawful deprivation of bonuses for "quality of work done”, have won their fight: their saleries will be recalculated for March and April. Attempts by management to smooth over the conflict have been unsuccessful, as workers have acted publicly and unitedly. Management had to issue an order that restores the bonuses - it was published on April 28 in press-volga.ru.

We recall that about 300 workers on shopfloor 14/1 of metallurgical production at AvtoVAZ for almost a month carried out an "Italian strike", refusing to work overtime because of nonpayment of bonues for March. Chairman of the official trade union ACM Nicholas Karagin denied this information and ignored the conflict, but alternative trade union activists of "Unity" supported the strike with advice and tips and help in organising.



05.05.2011 09:56

Sixty miners from one of the "Kazchrom” mines in Aktyubinsky region came to a protest rally in the town of Khromtau.

They are dissatisfied with wages and working conditions. The workers were dispersed by the police, the problem remained unsolved, so the miners have promised to begin a general strike very soon.

Donskoy Mining – is one of the world's largest chrome ore mining complex. This is a structural unit of AO TNK Kazchrom, which, in turn, is part of the holding company Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation (ENRC) and is located in Khromtau in Aktyubinsky region. Here at the two mines in the plant last year, they have extracted more than four and a half million tons of ore.

Donskoy GOK gives Khromtau more than seven thousand new jobs and it is city forming enterprise. Sixty miners came to the square. According to the factory workers, the leadership deliberately set out a plan that is impossible for the miners to fulfil, to avoid paying decent wages. The miners feel that the the company has put such terms forwards because they know: another job in such a small town can not be found.

People do not believe that their problem will be solved so easily, so are promising to begin a general strike.





05.05.2011 18:13



The murder of Osama Bin Laden
(Taken from CubaDebate)
THOSE who pay attention to these issues know that, on September 11, 2001, our people expressed solidarity with the United States and offered the modest support we could provide in the area of emergency care for the victims of the brutal attack on the Twin Towers in New York.
We also immediately offered our country’s runways to U.S. aircraft with no place to land given the chaos which reigned in the first few hours after the strike.
The Cuba Revolution’s historic position in opposition to acts which endanger the lives of civilians is well known.
Unwavering participants in the armed struggle against the Batista dictatorship we were, but opposed, in principle, to any terrorist act which would lead to the death of innocent people. Such a position, maintained over half a century, allows us the right to express a point of view on this delicate issue.
In a massive public event that day at [Havana’s] Ciudad Deportiva, I expressed the conviction that international terrorism would never be ended through violence and war.
He was clearly, for years, a friend of the United States, trained by it, and an adversary of the USSR and socialism, but whatever the acts attributed to Bin Laden, the murder of an unarmed human being surrounded by his family constitutes an abhorrent deed. This is apparently what the government of the most powerful nation ever to exist did.
The carefully crafted speech given by Obama announcing the death of Bin Laden affirms, "…we know that the worst images are those that were unseen to the world. The empty seat at the dinner table. Children who were forced to grow up without their mother or their father. Parents who would never know the feeling of their child's embrace. Nearly 3,000 citizens taken from us, leaving a gaping hole in our hearts."
This paragraph contains a dramatic truth, but it does not deter honest people from remembering the unjust wars unleashed by the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan, the hundreds of thousands of children forced to grow up without their mother or their father and the parents who would never know the feeling of their child's embrace.
Millions of citizens fled far from their peoples in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba and other countries of the world.
Nor have hundreds of millions of people forgotten the horrific images of human beings in Guantánamo, occupied Cuban territory, filing by silently, subjected to months, even years, of unbearable, maddening torture. They are individuals kidnapped and transported to secret prisons with the hypocritical complicity of supposedly civilized societies.
Obama cannot conceal the fact that Osama was executed in the presence of his children and wives, now being held by authorities in Pakistan, a Muslim country of almost 200 million inhabitants which has seen its laws violated, its national dignity offended and its religious traditions debased.
How will he prevent the women and children of the person executed outside of the law, without a trial, from explaining what happened and the images from being transmitted around the world?
On January 28, 2002, CBS journalist Dan Rather reported on this television network that on September 10, 2002, the day before the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks, Osama Bin Laden was treated with kidney dialysis in a Pakistani military hospital. He was in no position to hide or seek refuge in deep caverns.
Murdering him and consigning his body to the depths of the ocean demonstrates fear and insecurity, making him a much more dangerous figure.
After the initial euphoria, public opinion in the very United States will eventually turn against the methods used, which far from protecting its citizens, will multiply the hatred and vengeful feelings against them.

Fidel Castro Ruz
May 4, 2011
8:34 p.m.
Translated by Granma International

A fire which could burn everyone
(Taken from CubaDebate)
ONE can be in agreement or not with Gaddafi’s political ideas, but nobody has the right to question the existence of Libya as an independent state and a member of the United Nations.
The world has still not accomplished what, from my point of view, constitutes an elemental question for the survival of our species today: the access of all peoples to the material resources of this planet. There is none other within the solar system which possesses the most elemental conditions of life as we know it.
The United States has always tried to be a melting pot of all races, creeds and nations: Caucasians, Africans, Asians, Indian and people of mixed race, with no differences other than those of master and slave, rich and poor; but all within the limits of its borders: Canada to the north, Mexico to the south, the Atlantic to the east, and the Pacific to the west. Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii were simple historical accidents.
The complicated aspect of the matter is that it is not about a noble desire of those fighting for a better world, which is as worthy of respect as the religious beliefs of the peoples. Just a few types of radioactive isotopes emanating from enriched uranium consumed by electronuclear plants in relatively small quantities – given that they do not exist in nature – would suffice to put an end to the fragile existence of our species.
Burying those growing volumes of nuclear waste under sarcophaguses of cement and steel, is one of the greatest challenges of technology.
Incidents such as the Chernobyl accident or the Japanese earthquake have exposed those mortal risks.
The issue I wish to approach today is not that, but the shock with which I observed yesterday, via Walter Martínez’ Dossier program on Venezuelan television, the footage of the meeting between Robert Gates, chief of the Department of Defense, and British Defense Minister Liam Fox, who visited the United States to discuss the criminal war unleashed by NATO on Libya. It was almost hard to believe, the British minister took the Oscar; he was a bundle of nerves, he was tense, he spoke like a madman, he gave the impression that he was spitting out words.
Of course, first he arrived at the Pentagon entrance, where a smiling Gates was waiting for him. The flags of the two countries, that of the former colonial British Empire and that of its stepchild, the empire of the United States, fluttered on high on both sides while the anthems were played. The right hand on the chest, the rigorous and solemn military salute of the host country’s ceremony. That was Act I. After that the two ministers entered the U.S. Defense department. One would imagine that they talked at length given the footage I saw when each one returned with a speech in his hands, doubtless previously drafted.
The framework of this whole spectacle was constituted by military personnel. From the left hand angle one could see a young soldier, tall, slim, seemingly red-haired, shaven head, a cap with a black visor rammed on almost to his neck, presenting a rifle with a bayonet, unblinking and apparently not breathing, the very stamp of a soldier ready to fire a bullet or a nuclear missile with a destructive capacity of 100,000 tone of TNT. Gates spoke with the smile and naturalness of a lord and master. The Briton, on the other hand, did so in the way that I detailed.
It was one of the most horrible things I have ever seen; he exhibited hatred, frustration, rage and threatening language toward the Libyan leader, demanding his unconditional surrender. He seemed to be indignant because NATO’s powerful aircraft had been unable to crush the Libyan resistance in 72 hours.
He only needed to exclaim, "Blood, toil, tears and sweat!" like Winston Churchill did when calculating the price to be paid by his country for fighting Nazi aircraft. In this case the Nazi-fascist role is being played by NATO with its thousands of bombing missions with the most modern fighter planes that the world has ever known.
The last straw was the U.S. government decision authorizing the use of drone aircraft to kill Libyan men, women and children, as in Afghanistan, thousands of kilometers distant from Western Europe, but this time against an Arab and African people, right in front of the eyes of hundreds of millions of Europeans and no less than in the name of the United Nations.
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin stated yesterday that such acts of war were illegal and exceeded the framework of the United Nations Security Council agreements.
The gross attacks on the Libyan people, which are acquiring a Nazi-fascist nature, could be utilized against any Third World nation.
The resistance that Libya has put up really amazes me.
Now that bellicose organization is dependent on Gaddafi. If he resists and does not comply with its demands, he will go down in history as one of the great figures of the Arab countries.
NATO is fanning a fire which could burn everyone!
Fidel Castro Ruz
April 27, 2011
7:34 p.m.


The restless and brutal North
(Taken from CubaDebate)
I was reading a large amount of material and books to keep my promise and continue my Reflection of April 14th about the Bay of Pigs when I took a look at yesterday’s latest news items, which were abundant, as they are everyday. Mountains can pile up every week, ranging from the earthquake in Japan, Ollanta Humala victory in Peru over Keiko, daughter of former president Alberto Fujimori.
Peru is an important exporter of silver, copper, zinc, tin and other minerals and has extensive deposits of uranium which powerful transnationals hope to exploit. The most terrible weapons known to humanity are made with enriched uranium, as is the fuel used in nuclear power plants which, despite the warnings of environmentalists, are being built at an ever increasing rate in the United States, Europe and Japan.
It would not be fair, of course, to blame Peru for this. Peruvians did not create colonialism, capitalism or imperialism. Nor can the people of the United States be blamed, also victims of the system which has engendered there the most confounding policies known on the planet.
This past April 8, the masters of the universe produced their usual report on ‘human rights’ violations, provoking an astute analysis on the Rebelión web site, by the Cuban Manuel E. Yepe, based on the Chinese Council of State’s response, citing facts which demonstrate the disastrous condition of human rights in the United States.
"… The United States is the nation which most seriously violates human rights, both within the country itself and around the world and is one of the nations doing the least to guarantee the life, property and personal security of its residents.
"Every year, one of every five people is the victim of crime, the highest rate on the planet. According to official figures, those older than 12 years of age, suffer 4.3 million violent attacks.
"Crime increased alarmingly in four cities within the country (Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York) and significant increases over the previous year’s rate where recorded in two other cities (Saint Louis and Detroit).
"The Supreme Court has ruled that the possession of guns for self-defense is a constitutional right which cannot be abridged by state governments. 90 million of the country’s 300 have 200 million firearms.
"There were 12,000 murders committed with firearms, while 47% of robberies committed involved the use of guns.
"Under the protection of the ‘terrorist activities’ section of the Patriot Act, torture and extreme violence are common practice in extracting confessions from the accused. 266 persons, 16 on death row, serving unjust sentences in the U.S. were absolved of any crime with the use of DNA testing.
"Washington advocates for Internet freedom in order to make use of the network as an important tool of diplomatic pressure and hegemony, but places strict restrictions on cyberspace within its own territory and is trying to establish a legal framework to attack the challenge represented by Wikileaks.
"With a high rate of unemployment, the proportion of U.S. citizens living in poverty has reached a record level. One of every eight citizens resorted to the use of food stamps last year.
"The number of families seeking refuge in homeless shelters increased by 7% and remained in such facilities longer. Violent crime against homeless families continues to increase.
"Racial discrimination permeates every aspect of social life. Minority groups face discrimination in the workplace, are humiliated and are not considered for promotions, benefits or hiring. One third of Blacks suffered workplace discrimination, although only 16% dared to submit a complaint.
The unemployment rate among whites is 16.2 %, among Latinos and Asians it is 22 %, and among Blacks, 33 %. Afro-Americans and Latinos represent 41% of the prison population and the proportion of Afro-Americans serving life sentences is 11 times that of whites.
"90% of women have faced gender discrimination of some kind within the workplace. 20 million women are victims of rape; almost 60,000 female prisoners have suffered sexual aggression or violence. A fifth of young women who are university students have faced sexual aggression and 60% of the rapes on campuses occur within dormitories.
"Nine of every ten homosexual, bisexual and transsexual students have faced harassment at school.
"The report devotes a chapter to the violations of human rights perpetuated by the United States beyond its borders. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, led by the U.S. have caused an exorbitant number of civilian deaths within these countries.
"U.S. anti-terrorist efforts have been plagued by serious scandals around abuse of prisoners, indefinite detentions without trial or charges, in centers like that in Guantánamo and other places around the world, created to interrogate ‘high level prisoners’ applying the worse torture techniques.
"The Chinese document also recalls that the U.S. has violated the right of the Cuban population to life and development, ignoring world opinion expressed by the United Nations General Assembly which, for 19 consecutive years, has reaffirmed ‘the need to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade of Cuba.’
"The U.S. has not ratified international human rights conventions such as the International Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women; the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities or the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
"The facts which support the document presented by the Chinese government substantiate the sinister history of the U.S. in this area and disqualify it as the ‘judge’ of human rights around the world. Its human rights diplomacy is pure hypocrisy and double standards in the service of its strategic imperial interests. The Chinese government advises the U.S. government to take concrete steps to improve its own human rights situation, examine and correct its activities in this area and desist in its continuous hegemonic activity manipulating the human rights issue in order to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries."
The significance of this analysis, in our opinion, is that such a denunciation is made in a document presented by the Chinese state, a country of 1,342 million citizens, which holds two trillion U.S. dollars in reserve, and without whose trade the empire would sink. I thought it important that our people be aware of the precise facts contained in the Chinese Council of State document.
If Cuba had said this, it wouldn’t bear the same significance; we’ve been denouncing these hypocrites for 50 years.
Martí said more than 116 years ago, in 1895: "… the policy which we must thwart, which we are thwarting with our blood, is the annexation of the peoples of Our America by the restless and brutal North which disparages us…"
"I lived within the monster and I know its entrails."
Fidel Castro Ruz
April 23, 2011
7: 32 p.m.
Translated by Granma International


Wednesday, 4 May 2011



03.05.2011 03:55

On May 1, 2011 in Moscow a march and rally was held in Pushkin Square to mark the Day of proletarian solidarity of workers. The event was attended by several hundred members and sympathizers of leftist communist parties and organizations, representatives of labour collectives in Moscow, environmentalists, fighters against the destruction of our education system, a representative of the French trade unions, and one member of the "newly-elected", opposition to Zyuganov, Communist Party of the Russian Federation City Committee.

Speakers noted those terrible privations and hardships that the working class in the current bourgeois Russian Federation are forced to carry, and emphasized that only the joint struggle of the workers can improve their situation. They talked about the treacherous role of the official "shmakovsky” trade unions, called for the creation of truly workers’ trade unions, independent from the administration and official trade union. Many speakers stressed the futility of hopes for "parliamentary" methods of struggle, and finished off their speeches with the words "our choice - revolution." The rally attracted many members of the media, and pamphlets and newspapers of the AUCPB were distributed.

Moscow organization of the AUCPB (All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks)

Photo Moscow May 1




1-May in Novosibirsk, Siberia the traditional May Day demonstration and rally took place, which attracted the AUCPB, Trudovaya Rossiya, RCWP, Komsomol and AKM, to form a separate column. At the head of the column soared flags of the USSR and the AUCPB along with portraits of Lenin and Stalin.

1 st MAY is an international workers' day of solidarity in the struggle for their social, labour and other rights in the struggle against capitalism, poverty and war for socialism, for the accomplishment of the socialist revolution. On this day, workers of all countries of the world take to the streets to demonstrate to the world of capital their strength and unity in the struggle for a better world and justice to defend the won in a tough fight their vital rights and to manifest solidarity with the peoples of the world, fighting for their independence.

And no matter how many atrocities are committed by imperialism, which is now experiencing the agony of seeking to maintain its position in the world, with bombs, strangling freedom-loving nations, to strengthen the chains of slavery for the workers - the collapse of imperialism is predetermined by the course of history. The DPRK (North Korea), Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Libya, Syria, Iran – are ever more countries and peoples filling the ranks of fighters for a better world for freedom and sovereignty of peoples and nations!

In Novosibirsk, a review the fighting forces of the people also took place. The mood was festive, and militant. The demonstration was attended by workers, who organized the march of popular protest against anti-social policy of the ruling "United Russia" Party. More than 3000 people gathered. The authorities are afraid of the anger of the people. So, on the eve of another protest action on April 29 in defence of the rights of pensioners, one of the organizers of the protest was captured by unknown person, taken into forest and beaten up. By using bandit-style methods, the authorities are seeking to intimidate and demoralize the organizers of popular protest, however, on May 12, already another protest is scheduled to take place. The people are continuing to struggle.
During the rally, the AUCPB Bolsheviks distributed en-mass their Bolshevik newspapers “Hammer and Sickle", "Revolution." The Youth Bolshevik newspaper "Revolution" has brought about increased interest, especially among the youth, who are interested in the activities of the All-Union Young Guard of Bolsheviks, now carrying together with their senior comrades, the banner of Bolshevism and Revolution.

Long live the solidarity of the peoples of the world in the fight against imperialism!

Down with the power of capital! All power – to the working people!

Grigory Pavlev, AUCPB -Novosibirsk


Mayday Novosibirsk photos


02.05.2011 17:28

In the city of Pyatigorsk, near the entrance to the park, flower garden, on 1 May 2011, a meeting was held in honour of May 1 - International Workers' Day of Solidarity.

The AUCPB standard, red flags and banners were set up. Bolshevik newspapers: "Hammer and Sickle", "Workers' and Peasants' Truth" were sold, together with leaflets with the text: "Speech by the chief prosecutor V. Ilyukhina at the military trial by the All-Russian officers' meeting on the case of the illegal and destructive activities of Vladimir Putin on Feb. 10, 2011 in Moscow ".

The rally was attended by the Parties AUCPB, the CPRF and veteran organizations.

A speech was made by the Secretary of the Stavropol Regional Committee of the AUCPB N.A. Degtyarenko, reading out a congratulatory message by the Central Committee of the AUCPB on the occasion of 1 - May - International Workers' Day of Solidarity. The audience greeted it with applauses. Representatives of all parties and veterans' organizations made speeches and poetry was also read out.

A resolution was adopted.

The rally end with the Internationale.

Long live the 1 st of May - International Workers' Day of Solidarity!

Workers of all countries, unite!

Piatigorsky CC AUCPB



02.05.2011 17:37

International Workers' Day of Solidarity in Krasnoyarsk met with demonstrations and rallies, organized under the auspices of the regional branch of the AUCPB. The event was attended by activists of the Revolutionary Patriotic Union of Krasnoyarye (AUCPB, "Trudovaya Krasnoyare, RCWP-RCP, VMGB), the regional public organization "Union of Communists”, the International Union of Soviet officers and RKSMb.

The column revolutionary communists marched down the main street on the right-hand side of the river bank – along "Krasnoyarsk Worker" Prospect (named after the newspaper). Revolutionary and Soviet songs sounded out, and slogans chanted: "Long live international solidarity of workers in struggle," "Our country is the USSR," "Re-vo-lu-tion!" "We do not trust Capitalists!" "Down with the government of looters and cheapskates!", "Stalin - yes! Putin - no!”

At the rally, held on Lenin square at the monument to V.I. Lenin, there were calls for unity and solidarity of all citizens in the fight for their rights, condemnation of the 'de-stalinizators" of Russia and the NATO aggression against Libya. It was emphasized that May 1 is a showcase of the forces of the working class and communist movement before the coming class battles.

After the meeting, some of the activists in an organized fashion marched to "Stolby" for participation in a political May day meeting dedicated to the 95 th anniversary of the II Party Congress of the RSDLP in 1906 in Krasnoyarsk. In commemoration of this event on one of the cliff tops a red flag was raised up.

Bureau of the CC AUCPB in Siberia and the Far East

Mayday Krasnoyarsk photos





In the city of Pyatigorsk, on April 22, 2011, communists held a rally in honour of the 141-th anniversary of the birth of V.I. Lenin at the monument to the leader of the proletariat.

The red flag was raised, along with the AUCPB banner, fliers were distributed with the portrait of V.I. Lenin, together with Bolshevik newspapersd "Hammer and Sickle", "Workers 'and Peasants' Truth". Flowers were laid at the monument to V.I. Lenin.

Revolutionary songs about V.I. Lenin were played. This solemn event was attended by the AUCPB, the CPRF and veteran organizations.

The rally was opened by the Chairman of the North Caucasian Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB, N.A. Degtyarenko who congratulated everyone on 141 th anniversary of the birth of V.I. Lenin. At the rally, a speech was also made by member of the Piatigorsk committee of the AUCPB, Honoured Artist of Russia, Anatoly Nikitovich Madatov who sung Soviet songs.

In conclusion, it was said that there is growing third wave of a proletarian revolution that would sweep imperialism from the face of the earth. The AUCPB, led by General Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB Comrade N.A. Andreeva, is confident in the correctness of its Marxist-Leninist position and is confident that victory over the bourgeoisie is inevitable.

In the city of Krasnodar, near the monument to V.I. Lenin April 22, 2011, in honour of the 141-th anniversary of the birth of V.I. Lenin - the founder of the Bolshevik Party and the socialist state of workers and peasants, a picket was held. By the Lenin statue, flowers were laid.

On April 22, 2011, the Seversky district party organization of the AUCPB held a rally in the village of Ilsky dedicated to the birthday of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

At the rally sounded Bolshevik revolutionary music, and Bolshevik newspapers and leaflets were distributed.

At the rally after a speech by Secretary of the primary party organization of the AUCPB of Seversk, L.A. Derbeda, the participants discussed the plight of the social situation in the village of Ilsky and adopted a resolution.

Our cause is right - victory will be ours! Lenin's ideas are immortal!
North-Caucasian Bureau of the AUCPB




On April 22, Novosibirsk, on Lenin Square, near the monument to Vladimir Lenin, a meeting was held, devoted to the 141-th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - the founder of the Bolshevik Party and Soviet State, the fierce proletarian fighter, the leader of the working class and all workers and oppressed of the world.

The organizers of the rally were the AUCPB, Trudovaya Rossiya, the movement "FOR STALIN!" and also the CPRF.

Under the leadership of Lenin, the world's first socialist state was created, not knowing social and national oppression - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

It is impossible today to give an answer to any of the burning questions of our time, without resorting to the extensive experience and theoretical heritage of Lenin.

Lenin taught that capitalism can be defeated only through a socialist revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat, and that the the bourgeoisie through peaceful means will not give up power.

Today the authorities once again raise the smear campaign against the Soviet state, its leaders - Lenin and Stalin. The bourgeoisie can not, except with the help of lies and deception, to keep the masses in servitude and obedience.

United Russia is demanding the removal of Lenin's mausoleum from Red Square, the country's main square. They lie when they say they just want to bury Lenin. They are afraid of Lenin, his ideas. Lenin's tomb - this is the burial of Lenin, a burial andpreservation of the body of the leader, as a tribute to him and recognition of his immortal merits for the people and the Fatherland. For the workers, Lenin is a symbol of the struggle for a better world, a world without exploitation and war. It is this that the exploiters fear the greatest.

Stalin was the successor to Lenin. Under Stalin's leadership, our country carried out a giant leap into the future, first of all – in the victory of socialism in our country the USSR, which still infuriates and terrifies the enemies. For over half a century, a dirty campaign against Stalin was waged, but - Stalin's reputation continues to grow steadily. Even the notorious Human Rights Council under the Russian president has been forced to admit that the campaign of "de-Stalinization of the Russian consciousness” has failed, and have started a new campaign under the title "de-communization of the public conscience", and piling all responsibility for World War II on the Soviet Union and Stalin, and demanding "eternal repentance of our nation for alleged "crimes of totalitarianism." But this campaign will fail too. The truth of history can not be killed or hidden away, but will prevail.

Today, people are waking up, young people are striking, demanding accessible education, and work. The socialist revolution will soon be carried out again!
Lenin's ideas live and conquer! Lenin is always with us!
Alex Denisyuk, AUCPB-Novosibirsk

Photo report

Tuesday, 3 May 2011




On the 20 th anniversary of the All-Union Referendum held in the USSR.

March 17 this year marked 20 years from the date of the All-Union referendum held in the USSR on the preservation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The results of the tragic for our Soviet homeland in 1991 referendum are now kept quiet about by the present-day bourgeois reformers, but true Soviet patriots, by contrast, do not allow them to forget. They constantly remind citizens of the former once-united country, that their will is sacred, and the actions of the leaders at that time, against the will of the majority of Soviet people, are criminal.
The All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCPB) since the very first days of the betrayal carried out by the counter-revolution has been leading the fight against the destroyers of the Socialist Fatherland, who ignored the results of the referendum which has supreme legal force. The AUCPB was the first communist party in the former Soviet territory, where in its program it stated that the restoration of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is its strategic objective.
However, while we, Bolsheviks, as consistent Marxist-Leninists examining various historical events from class positions, we consider it necessary to bring to the workers the truth, in connection with the holding of the referendum of March 17, 1991.
In matters of nation-building, we first of all proceed from the Marxist theory of the state. Thus, "the state - is a machine for maintaining the rule one class over another" (Lenin), and "a machine in the hands of a ruling class to suppress the resistance of its class enemies" (Stalin). The class nature of the Russian state until October 1917 was the dictatorship of the landlords and capitalists. As a result of the Great October Socialist Revolution, the Russian proletariat, in alliance with the peasantry, the state eliminated the bourgeois-landlord and created a fundamentally new type of state - the dictatorship of the proletariat.
Natural continuation of the revolutionary change in Russia was in the creation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The Declaration on the Establishment of the USSR, adopted on 30 December 1922 at the I Congress of Soviets of the USSR, stated: "Only in the camp of the Soviets, only under the dictatorship of the proletariat, rallying around itself the majority of the population, was it possible to destroy the root of national oppression, create a climate of trust and lay the basis of fraternal cooperation among nations ... The very structure of Soviet power, international in its class nature, pushes the working masses of the Soviet Republics to unite into one socialist family.
... The will of the peoples of the Soviet republics, who gathered recently at the congresses of their Soviets, unanimously agreed to the formation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and is a sure pledge that the union is a voluntary union of equal peoples, that in each republic is guaranteed the right to freely secede from the Union. .. "
The basic principles of the Declaration were specified in the Treaty on the formation of the USSR, adopted at the same I Congress of Soviets.
Thus, under the leadership of V.I. Lenin, according to his plan, which was implemented by J.V. Stalin, had created a multi-national socialist state - the voluntary union of equal and sovereign republics, built on the principles of proletarian internationalism and the unity of the socio-economic and political organization of society. In the Soviet state, the national question had been resolved completely and the best way possible, which until now had never existed in world practice of nation-building.
In 1924, the II All-Union Congress of Soviets adopted the first Constitution of the union of the proletarian state, and on December 5, 1936, the VIII Extraordinary Congress of Soviets of the USSR adopted the new Stalin Constitution - the constitution of victorious socialism in the USSR. In the Constitution was enshrined that the USSR is a federal state, formed on the basis of the voluntary association of equal Soviet Socialist Republics. Article 14 of the Fundamental Law of the State clearly identified the authority and running of the higher union bodies of power, and issues of self-determination were determined as follows: "The sovereignty of the union republics is limited only within the limits specified in Article 14 of the Constitution of the USSR. Outside these limits, each union republic exercises state power independently."
It is namely the voluntary delegating of separate state functions to the Union centre (Moscow) and the presence of Article 17 which guarantees to each union republic the right to "freely secede from the USSR" that allowed one the talk about genuine sovereignty of the Soviet republics.
After the death of J.V Stalin, Khrushchev's leadership in its policy abandoned the dictatorship of the proletariat, and proclaimed the idea of an all-peoples state. This was reflected in Article 1 of the Constitution, adopted in 1977 under Brezhnev. However, despite the introduction into the Constitution of the USSR of individual elements opportunistic in nature, Khrushchev, Brezhnev reformers and revisionists failed to completely emasculate its socialist base. The bourgeois remaking of the Soviet Constitution continued under Mikhail Gorbachev.
Yet the legal status of all the republics was clearly defined, and there was no reason to doubt their validity and the legal soundness of what Gorbachev's reformers waited for. Approval of all Soviet constitutions, the admission of new republics into the USSR and the introduction of amendments and additions to the constitution were carried out by legally elected deputies of the higher organs of Soviet power, representing the interests of all workers of the Soviet republics. With regard to the independence of republics which bourgeois democrats most care about, even in the last Soviet Constitution in Article 76 stated: "The Federal Union Republic (Russia) is a sovereign socialist state, which has united with other Soviet republics into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics." Hence, there were no weighty legal reasons for initiating the All-Union referendum.
Statements by the bourgeois democrats during Gorbachev's perestroika on the legal imperfection of Soviet constitutions, the requirement that they review the alleged violation of freedom of the Soviet peoples and the representation of our country as a unitary totalitarian state from beginning to end, have been invented. The friendship of Soviet peoples, proved by years of joint work and struggle, multiplied by the socialist rule of law, did not require any referendums: the working people, freed from exploitation and under the dominance of public ownership had nothing to carve up. Therefore, the initiation of a referendum by the Gorbachevites should not be viewed as a campaign to preserve a unified state, but instead as a campaign to achieve their ambitious goals. What goals?
The policy of perestroika, the ultimate aim which put forth the task of a return to capitalism, started under the demagogic slogans: "More democracy," "More socialism." Since a sharp immediate return to capitalism, according to Gorbachev himself, was dangerous for him and his team, and so populist ideas "about the independence of enterprises," was thrown into society together with “the use of human factors to improve production efficiency" (i.e. propaganda about enrichment at any cost ), “the need for greater autonomy for the republics," etc. This policy revived petty-bourgeois elements in society, brought about the element of individualism, nationalism and separatism. The socialist foundations of life and a single state began loosening. This was the very thing that the reformers-Gorbachevites sought: removing barriers towards to capitalization and the creation of conditions for rapid implementation of the long-known principle: Divide - and Conquer!"
However, to remain at the helm, the “men of perestroika” under the pressure of public opinion had to manoeuvre and create the appearance of “necessary corrective action” in an “extremely complex situation” that the Soviet state “was in”. Gorbachev put forth the idea of signing a new Union treaty. But if you look into its essence, it becomes clear that this was a ticking time bomb under a single Soviet socialist state. The insidious idea was carried out by Gorbachev subtly and gradually from the beginning until the last days of his rule. Simultaneously, two goals had been achieved: on one hand - it soothed public opinion, lulling the vigilance of workers and on the other – it pushed forward the bourgeois reform of the country.
We follow the chronology of events.
On April 9, 1989 was the first action carried out by the nationalist forces in Tbilisi, Georgia.
22 August 1989 in Vilnius, Lithuania, the opinion of the Supreme Soviet of the Lithuanian SSR was published, where it said that the declaration of national Seimas of Lithuania on its entry into the Soviet Union (21 July 1940) and the USSR Law on the adoption of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic the USSR (August 3, 1940) was illegal, null and void.
January 1990 laid the start of ethnic conflict with human victims between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the status of Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Region.
On June 12, 1990, the Supreme Soviet of Russia adopted the so-called Declaration on State Sovereignty of the RSFSR.
To many Soviet citizens it became clear: over our great country, over our united common Motherland the Soviet Union, dark clouds were hovering; drastic measures had to be taken to rectify the situation. But Gorbachev's leadership of the Soviet Union, for whom the policy of the dictatorship of the proletariat was an alien thing, did not take any decisive action, but only published a series of useless statements and appeals. Moreover, continuing the disastrous policy of perestroika, on October 17, 1990, Gorbachev sent to deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR "Guidelines for the stabilization of the economy and the transition to a market economy", which for the first time, presented a plan for reforming the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics into a Union of Sovereign Republics. Of course, this Union was not to have anything to do with the proletarian state - the Soviet Union.
On December 17, 1990, at the IV Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR, Gorbachev made a speech in which he promulgated the idea of having an All-Union referendum: "... I submit to the Congress a proposal - to hold a referendum across the entire country, so that every citizen can vote “for” or “against”, the preservation of the Union of sovereign states on a federal basis." Note: There was not even a mention about the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Here is the true aim of the conceived idea!
After stormy debate, on December 24, people's deputies of the USSR adopted a resolution stating: "In connection with numerous appeals by the working people expressing their concern about the fate of the USSR, and given that the preservation of a single union state is a major issue of public life, affecting the interests of everyone and the entire population of the Soviet Union, the Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR orders: the Soviet Union is to hold a referendum to decide whether to preserve a renewed Union as a federation of equal sovereign Soviet Socialist Republics in the light of the results in each republic individually.
Finally, the question of the referendum, scheduled for March 17, 1991, was formulated and published in the following form: "Do you consider it necessary to preserve the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics as a renewed federation of equal sovereign republics, which will fully safeguard the rights and freedoms of all nationalities?” Hence it is clear: despite the mention of the full name of the Soviet people’s beloved Motherland, in the formulation of the question remained what seemed a minor detail - "a renewed federation of sovereign republics." What this is becomes clearer when one reads the published texts of the Union treaty. Well, what kinds of "rights and freedoms" were prepared by the bourgeois reformers in 1991 would become clear to working people just as soon after the implementation of their plans: the absence of the right to work at decent wages, the right to free education and medical care, etc.
In parallel with preparations for the All-Union referendum, work continued on editing the text of the so-called Union Treaty. The first draft of the Union Treaty was published on November 25, 1990. In it we read: "The USSR and the Republics allow the free development and protection of all forms of property ... The republics are the owners of the land, its mineral and other natural resources on their own territory ...". In the draft, you will not find even a mention of socialist republics, but instead, they appear as "sovereign" republics.
On the eve of the referendum of March 12, 1991, the draft "Treaty on the Union of Sovereign Republics" was published which is almost identical to the main provisions of the so-called Union Treaty. Within it, for the name of the union state, the drafters used the phrase "Union SSR" without giving any of its acronyms full transcripts. It was nothing other than a sheer mockery of 300 million people!
Little changed, even after the referendum. On June 27 and August 15, 1991, the newspaper Pravda printed the other drafts of the treaty, the last one marked with "Agreed on July 23, 1991”. Making reference in the preamble to the referendum on March 17 and having "blessed" finally, the citizens of their country with a new name – the "Union of Soviet Sovereign Republics" (and not Socialist Republics - FB) – the Gorbachevites with a stubbornness worthy of better use, retained the treacherous-perestroika essence of the previous documents, and continued the policy of capitalization and the collapse of a single federative socialist state.
And finally, after the August counter-revolutionary coup in August 1991, two weeks before the signing of the Belovezh Accords, on November 27, 1991 Gorbachev announced his latest document - a draft "Treaty on the Union of Sovereign States." In it was no mention of the referendum on March 17, and about the state structure of the Union, it reads: "The Union of Sovereign States (SSG) is a confederative democratic state ... The States forming the Union, reserve the right to decide independently all questions about their own development ... ". As you can see, it was suggested to the peoples of the Soviet Union that instead of the federation, which they voted in favour of, even if not fully realizing its meaning, an amorphous confederative formation was put forward, which in principle could not be created because it was based on a bourgeois basis, where each pursues its own interests. That is to say, that draft can be regarded as the last step towards the signing of Belovezh Accords which destroyed a great country – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
Nevertheless, despite the above arguments about the disguised plans of the Gorbachevites to use the referendum on the USSR for the bourgeois reform of the country, a fight around it broke out in all the republics. Outspoken nationalists and compradors led a hysterical campaign against the preservation of the Union state. In Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia and Estonia, the local authorities, fearing an outcome of voting unfavourable to national-separatists, took the path of blocking the All-Union referendum.
And yet in most of the republics the referendum took place. Across the whole country, in the voting lists were 185 million citizens, out of which 80 percent took part in the referendum who had the right to vote. In accordance with the Law in the USSR on the popular vote (referendum in the USSR), from December 27, 1990, voting results should be counted across the whole country, which was done by the Central Commission of the referendum in the USSR. According to the Central Commission, 76.4 percent of Soviet citizens said "Yes" in favour of preserving the Union state. In accordance with the decision of the Congress of People's Deputies, the results of voting on each republic were reviewed individually. The results were as follows: in the RSFSR (Russia) 75.4 percent of the adult population took part in the voting, 71 percent answered "Yes". In Ukraine, respectively - 83 and 70 percent, in Belarus - 83 and 83 percent, in Uzbekistan - 95 and 93.7 percent, Kazakhstan - 89 and 94 percent, Azerbaijan - 75 and 93 percent, Kyrgyzstan - 93 and 94.5 percent, Tajikistan - 94 and 96 percent, Turkmenistan - 97.7 and 98 per cent.
In the republics, where the Central Republican Committees had not been established, many people went to the polls, which, despite the obstacles by the authorities, were still open on this day. In the South-Ossetian autonomous region of Georgia, about 50 thousand people expressed their will, in Estonia - 300 000, in Latvia - more than 500,000, Lithuania - 600 thousand, and in Moldova - more than 800,000. The vast majority of them left on the ballot papers the word "Yes."
Thus, the majority of citizens who participated in the referendum voted in favour of the need to preserve the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The results of the referendum have supreme legal force, and in the Law in the USSR "On the popular vote (referendum in the USSR)," it is stated clearly: "A decision taken by referendum in the USSR, is final and binding throughout the USSR, and may be revoked or modified only through a referendum."
References to the Ukrainian bourgeois democrats’ republican referendum, which was held on 1 December 1991, are absolutely untenable for the reasons mentioned above. In addition to the question of the referendum "Do you agree with the Act of Ukraine's independence?", there never was talk about the separation and independence of Ukraine outside of the USSR. According to Soviet Constitutions, as noted earlier, the sovereignty of all the union republics was guaranteed in the makeup of the union state, that is, the results of Ukrainian referendum from a legal point of view, in principle, did not change anything.
The leaders of Russia, Byelorussia and Ukraine, who met in Belovezha Pouche, crudely ignoring the will of the Soviet peoples to live in a single unified state, signed an agreement establishing the so-called Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). This act should be viewed as nothing other than a state crime with all its consequences: sooner or later there will be a peoples’ court trial held over the traitors of the Motherland, who must suffer the inevitable punishment.
Summarizing the above, we Bolsheviks note: The All-Union referendum held on March 17, 1991 should be considered from two sides.
On the one hand, there was no objective need for the referendum, but it was needed by the opportunist leadership of the country to push the idea of "renewal", i.e., capitalization, and making the process appear to have legal legitimacy. This political line on the creation of a "renewed union" is continued by the present day heirs of Gorbachev - the opportunists of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), the Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU), the Communist Party of Belarus (CPB) and others. We Bolsheviks are conducting a relentless struggle against these opportunists- "renovationists, exposing their pernicious ideas aimed at compromise with the bourgeoisie.
On the other hand, our party makes extensive use of the positive results of the All-Union referendum as the legal justification of our struggle to fulfil the sacred will of the Soviet people - the revival of the Great Motherland – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. This revival is only possible by way of a socialist revolution, the prerequisites of which are the result of the crisis throughout the world capitalist system that will all the more clearly mature in all the former Soviet republics.
V.B. Zelikov


A.A. MAYEVSKY, secretary of the CC AUCPB.
Report on the meeting of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB for Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria

One year has passed from the date of assumption of office (25 February 2010) of the 4 th President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich. To commemorate this event, Viktor Yanukovych held a four-hour press conference at which answered questions from the audience and tried to sum up his first year. The results of a year of Yanukovych were summed up in the bourgeois weekly publication "2000", on the pages which questions were answered by the president of Ukraine, Vice Prime Minister Tigipko, ministers, MPs and other politicians, including NATO Secretary General, Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

The unprecedented attack by the regime of big capital of Yanukovych-Azarov on the rights of working people
The main result of Yanukovych's team is that in the words of the president "we have returned the country to the field of a real economy." Yanukovych also said that in 2011 "we will have it more difficult, but from 2012 things will begin to improve.
Why "we" will have it more difficult? (Similar to Cameron’s “We are “all” in this altogether” – But are we really “all” in it together?- FB)
The President named a number of reasons, but, summing up, the key is in the negative legacy that the current rulers were left with after the past Orange government predecessors. (Similar to Tory Cameron blaming the past Labour government for the mess Britain is in now– FB)
In particular, this is the world record in the economy's decline by 15%, the landing of the economy on a credit needle, resulting in the government on a monthly basis repaying debts of its predecessors amounting to $ 8 bln. (One billion U.S. dollars); the adventurous policies of the Tymoshenko government, which "instead of reforming the country, took to bribing the electorate," and virtually no headway in the Ukrainian economy during the five-year reign of the Yushchenko-Tymoshenko, when over 5 years, total GDP grew by 3.2 % ", etc. The president noted the positive dynamics of growth of GDP over the past year that was 4%.
And the President promised the citizens of Ukraine by the end of this year to bring the average pension ... right up to 1380 UAH(!), that all pensioners were "overwhelmingly happy" (Editor's note: $ 1 is approximately equal to 8 UAN).
The "crocodile tears" of pity flowed also from Deputy Prime Minister Tigipko. In an interview with a reporter from the weekly publication "2000", he had already publicly declared that he "does not like the proletariat." Vice versa. Now our esteemed Deputy Prime Minister is convinced that "citizens will accept and support the reforms."Well how can we not support them if, in his words, 2 million 800 thousand people receive a pension at the level of UAH 800, and 4 million 100 thousand receive 900 UAH, i.e. 7 million pensioners, about half of the available 14 million people of retirement age, receive a pension, on which you can not live. For this amount of pension, you can only pay for housing communial utilities and buy the cheapest medicine. There is not even enough money left over for bread. Therefore, our Deputy Prime-banker is confident that workers would support Ukraine's pension reform to extend the retirement age of women from 55 to 60 years, and men - from 60 to 62 (first – by separate categories, and then for all men). After all, this will bring further annual revenues of 500 million UAN to the Pension Fund (with a deficit in the fund of 40 billion UAH). The Deputy Prime Minister remains slyly silent that the average life span of men in Ukraine is those same 62 years old. Therefore, it is not the 500 million UAN that will plug a multibillion-dollar deficit in the pension fund (PF), but the fact that a pension that will not have to paid to the average man, because after 62 years of age, there will be a lot fewer men. And women will have to work another 5 years and plow on for the bourgeoisie in order to earn that same very pitiful 800-900 UAH. In this case, Tigipko himself does not need such a pension. And although officially it is believed that he has walked away from banking activities, his personal capital however, keeps growing. Currently Tigipko is among the 25 richest people of Ukraine with a capital of 510 million dollars (http://news.finance.ua/).
Much more open is loyal ally of Yanukovych, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov. He said from the beginning and still says that the reforms (adoption of Tax, Labour and Housing Codes, as well as carrying out pension and land reforms) will be arduous and painful. True, he does not say that they will be difficult and painful only for workers in Ukraine, but not for big business, for whom all these reforms and being carried out for.
As a result of more talks with the IMF mission in Ukraine, held from 1 to 14 February, according to Azarov, compromise has been reached "on most points of the memorandum on economic and financial policies of the Government of Ukraine in the next revision of the program of cooperation between Ukraine and the IMF."
And this compromise is that the price of gas for the population will be increased from April 1, not by 50%, but only by 30%, and this increase will take place in two stages: by 20% to 15 April and another 10% - July 1. But to compensate for gleaning from the population 20% for gas, the Government has obligations to the IMF to increase this year tariffs for public utilities on the whole by 62 %(!!). Their growth is also planned in two stages - twice by 26%: before 15 April and from 1 October 2011. And in Kiev, utility rates have increased by 30%.
The President had promised before the year-end an increase in average pension up to 1380 UAH a month. This will immediately be "eaten up" by the growth of tariffs for gas and utilities.
But the prices are rapidly growing not only on gas prices and utility bills. From February 1, a 30% rise in tariffs for the population for electricity if consuming over 150 kilowatt / hour per month.
Bread prices are rising. Analysts dealing with with agriculture, place responsiblity for this increase in bread prices on the worldwide trend rise in price of food. At a time when on the world market, a tonne of wheat costs at least $ 370-380 (about 2960-3040 UAN) in Ukraine the cost of procurement of 3rd class wheat (bread wheat, which goes to the production of flour) increased from 1,5 thousand UAH last summer to 2 - 2,1 thousand UAH per ton in early February 2011 and continues to rise. (P. Cherednichenko, "Commentary” № 755, 28.02.2011). Therefore, the flour mills are forced to raise the price of flour. And in Kharkov, for example, bread has risen in price by 15-36 kopecks. And in the Luhansk region, workers in some cities, for example, in Sverdlovsk, in general have been left without bread for several days, as flour mills have stopped supplying baking flour at a cheap price to achieve a price increase for flour and maintain "decent" level of profit. (For example, the capital of a Mr Yuri Kosyuk, owner of Mironovsky Bread Products stands at 930 million dollars. How can this "esteemed" gentleman sell bread at a cheap price, at a loss to his dear self?). At the same time in the same Sverdlovsk, in a large supermarkets, bread was in stock, but its price had jumped to 6-8 UAN a loaf.
Two years ago, Fidel Castro, in his "Reflections", wrote that the use of agricultural land for crop planting of canola and other crops that are used for biofuel production will lead to mass starvation in third world countries, due to a sharp rise in the price of food. Here in Ukraine, this process has begun.
The same excitement with buckwheat and soaring prices for this essential food for the people has been is caused by one thing. In Ukraine, the area under crops of buckwheat has been drastically reduced. As a result, the production of buckwheat during the years of "independence" in Ukraine has decreased by 2,3 times, from 420 thousand tons (1990) to 180 thousand tons (2009), while its yield dropping from 11.6 ton/ha to 7,6 ton/ha. But the amount of rapeseed production has increased from 90 thousand tons (1990) up to 1 million 14 thousand tons (2009), i.e., 11.3 times!
Generally, the attempt by Yanukovych to place full responsibility for the disastrous situation in Ukraine on his predecessors the Orange regime is sown with white thread. It's not about what kind of grouping of the bourgeoisie was or is in any given period in power. Yes, and Yanukovych before his presidency, was twice prime minister, and the second time already under Yushchenko, i.e., he occupied a key post in the Orange government.
The case lies in the willful destruction of the Soviet Union, the destruction of a single national economy and the transition to a capitalist path of development of Ukraine, as well as all the other republics of the former Soviet Union. That is shown by the immediate impact by the enrichment of small social stratum of property owners and reconstruction of a bourgeois class, on the one hand and, on the other, that led to massive impoverishment of many millions of working people, suddenly robbed and deprived of common ownership of means of production and turned into proletarians. Common ownership which was the economic foundation of socialism and the Soviet government, which ensured full employment and decent salaries, stipends, pensions, mass housing and the cheapest rent in the world; extremely cheap utilities and transport services (for example, one kilowatt per hour of electricity costed 4 kopecks., travel in a tram, trolley, bus, metro – 3 - 5 kopecks; for all the utilities we paid to ZhEKah, which, incidentally, carried out all its functions and ensured the maintenance of housing and communal services at the proper level; in Soviet Ukraine cars didn’t sink under asphalt due to breakage as a result of deterioration of sewer pipes, and pedestrians were not boiled alive in the sewers of hot water after falling down manhole covers that had been stolen for scrap metal), free education and health care, the rapid development of science, the highest level of culture, national in form and socialist in content. The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was among the ten most developed countries in the world, and the production of major industrial and agricultural production per capita occupied 1 - 3 place in Europe.
And now?! Statistics better than anything say everything. We present some of them (based on ZUBR-propaganda and the Cominform, www.cominformua.com), comparing the figures in 1990 and 2009.
Electricity production, in billions of kWh: 298.5 (1990) - 173.6 (2009), a decrease by 1,7 times, coal mining, in millions of tons: 155.5 and 55.0, respectively, i.e. an almost 3-fold reduction, and that, among other things, means the closure of hundreds of mines, massive unemployment among the miners and the complete decline of mining towns and villages, steel production, in millions of tonnes: 52.6 (1990) and 15.7 (2009 ), a decrease of 3,3 times, production of machine tools, per thousands of pieces: 37.0 and 0.1, i.e., a decrease of 370 times (!!), and indeed, metal cutting machines are the foundation of modern industry, and so without machine tools, can be no talk of any independent industry, and in fact, wholesale destruction of the industrial potential of Ukraine has occurred, production of sugar, in tons: 6791 - 1274.8, i.e., a reduction of almost 5.5 times. Ukraine under Soviet power provided the entire Soviet Union with cheap and good quality sugar (78 kopecks per kg, but now more than $10 / kg), and now sugar, as well as buckwheat is being bought from overseas (what an utter disgrace!), and 20 thousand tons of GM buckwheat which our "beloved" government of Azarov is promising to bring in from China. Over this period, over a hundred (!) sugar factories have been DESTROYED.
The destruction of socialist collective agricultural production and the destruction of agricultural engineering has led to the complete degradation and decline of all agribusiness. For example, the production of tractors during the period of "independence" has decreased from 106.2 thousand units to just 1,4 thousand units, i.e., more than 75 times (!). The rate of decline, or more accurately, destruction of livestock is shocking. Over the past 20 years, the number of cattle has decreased from 24 million 623 thousand heads, to 4 million 827 thousand, a decrease of 5 times; pigs – from 20 million 88 thousand heads to 7 million 677 thousand, a drop by 2.6 times, sheep and goats has decreased by 5 times! (These figures are fairly indicative of one thing: agriculture, and its animal breeding base has been deliberately destroyed by the current resurgent bourgeoisie. This is just the way it was done as in the early 30's by the Kulaks and semi-Kulaks, White Guards and their priests and the like, representatives of the former exploiting classes, who penetrated the rural Soviets councils and the kolkhoz (collective farms) . Modern nationalist propaganda falsely blames this on Stalin. But look now then, who is to blame, good gentlemen!? You cannot answer that? They will certainly answer for all their crimes against the working people of Ukraine, as well as against the entire Soviet people, they can be in no doubt about that. Remember, that their ruthless, barbaric attitude towards the people, the national wealth of our country, the USSR, and the plundering of its natural resources and raw materials will nurture a new STALIN, and all their campaigns of "de-Stalinization" of the public consciousness will certainly lead to the opposite result).
But one can not say that everything in Ukraine is so bad and that everything is in decline. There are "positive" dynamics. The production of vodka and alcoholic beverages increased from 30.9 million up to 55.4 million, 1.8 times; beer production, from 147.6 million given to 300 million, i.e., more than twice .
And it is not for nothing that Ukraine, according to WHO (World Health Organization), occupies an "honorable" in fifth place on alcohol consumption per capita. First place in this infamous list is Russia, followed by Hungary, the Czech Republic and Moldova. In this "honorable" five, as we see, there are three former Soviet republics, as well as two former socialist countries. People are drinking out of despair.
Our task, the task of the Bolsheviks, is to show a way out to the working people, which lies is one thing only - the destruction of bourgeois power.
And yet another thing the president of Ukraine said on the occasion of the anniversary of his presidency - the preparation of land reform, which will create a land market in Ukraine. The president will place the task in the first half of the year of drawing up and publishing a program of land reforms to get the land market up and running in 2012, It is the land of Ukraine, and its black soil remained the last of the national wealth of our country. And the present modern bourgeois rulers want to give the land to major local and foreign transnational capital, transnational corporations and banks. And no one should be misled into thinking that under the Constitution and relevant laws, the land is the "right of ownership by the Ukrainian people" (Constitution, article 13). Under the legal guise of fake owners, the real masters of the land will be Ukrainian oligarchs, as well as TNCs and TNBs. That will be the final enslavement of the Ukrainian peasantry, so cleanly robbed over 20 years of bourgeois reforms.
Of course, the workers of Ukraine are not sitting silently. Systematically, they break out in protest. I will cite some examples.
In early March, a rally in Kiev by small businesses was held against government reforms in the early winter, a strike took place by Kharkov drivers of electric transport (trams and trolleybuses). Medics at several district hospitals in Lvov region protested against health care reforms. Thus, the chairman of the trade union at Khodorovskii district hospital notes that there is not enough money to pay doctors and for current needs about at 1,6-2 million UAN. Deputy Minister of Health calls the legitimate demands of doctors and nurses, lies, claiming on television that in the Ukrainian health care system, everything is supposedly all right. As if debating with him, a health worker-union committee chairman says - try living on her salary at 1116 UAH: Bills have to be pay, a child sent to school and provided with all necessary things, and if one ends up hospital for a simple appendicitis operation, we'll write out a list of essential drugs and medications, as the hospital does not receive them, and then see how you can be treated on such a miserly salary.
A few words about local Mukachevo problems.
Yanukovych said that we are "going in to Europe."
The same way "we are going into Europe" in the town of Mukachevo.
The town central heating system has stopped working. And from next winter, in apartment buildings of Mukachevo, there will no longer be any centralised central heating. For over 4 months the elevators of 9 storey apartments blocks have not been working and our senior citizens, as in "civilized" Europe, climb to the 6 - 9-th floors up the stairs on foot. A family, mother and two children turned to the Editor of the AUCPB Bolshevik newspaper “Raboche-Krestyanskaya” (Workers 'and Peasants' Truth): the woman in her apartment in the early winter had her electric, then gas and heating cut off. It looks like we are going to be forced to have to live under such "European" conditions...

The task of the Bolsheviks is to instill class revolutionary consciousness in the ranks of the militant proletariat, unite and rally them to rise up to the struggle for the revolutionary destruction of capitalist rule, the struggle for the revival of our untied single Soviet Socialist Motherland.

About the events in the Middle East and North Africa. Libya
Since last December, there have been a series of so-called "colour revolutions" in countries of North Africa.
Tunisia. During the mass unrest from December 17, 2010 to January 14, 2011 the government of Ben Ali was overthrown.
Egypt. Mass rallies lasted about a month (from January 25 to February 11). The government of Hosni Mubarak was overthrown.
The social basis of these actions was the poverty of working people, on the one hand, and the extraordinary wealth of the ruling elite, on the other. Everything went along as Lenin said: the lower classes do not want to live in the old way, and are willing to do anything, even die in order to change their lives for the better, and the upper class is not in a position to rule in the old way. These are the objective factors of a revolutionary situation. But in order that the revolution was a true revolution, in which the change was not just a change of different factions of the exploiters at the pinnacle of power, but a change in the socio-economic system of the country where the working masses take power led by the working class, a “revolution” lacks the subjective factor of a true Revolution - a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary party, a party closely associated with fighting for the liberation of the people.
Therefore, all these "revolutions" are controlled by the West and implemented according to the Western scenario. These are the so-called first "internet revolutions" using the latest information technology (IT), social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. And the driving force behind these pseudo-revolutions was the well-do-do young people, including Western-educated people, using computers, the Internet, mobile communication, through which, so-called "Western values", Western-style democracy is imposed. (That is, advancements in IT technologies are used by the West against the masses, in the interests of monopoly capital, just as atomic energy can be used for peaceful purposes for the benefit of humanity and for war aims, destroying humanity in the process).
However, with the departure from power of the presidents of Tunisia and Egypt, the massive unrest continues. And they are due to the fact that the authorities have remained virtually the same ruling group, except for the presidents removed from the political arena, as the most notorious figures in the eyes of the people. For example, in Egypt, following the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, power is in the hands of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces of Egypt, of pro-American pro-Western orientation, the main pillar of the Mubarak regime.
In fact, we in these Arab countries are seeing the same tendency of the imperialist circles of the USA-Israel-NATO circles to replace the bankrupt pro-Western pro-American ruling regimes with others that will just as certainly not serve their people but their Western masters instead, just as was done earlier in Yugoslavia, then in Georgia, and Ukraine. The imperialists are trying to keep under their control and ideological influence the social mood of the masses, directing the legitimate grievances of peoples into the desired channel of imperialism. Therefore, we talk about these "revolutions" with quotation marks, because after they have been carried out, one grouping of pro-Western bourgeoisie pro-American orientation is replaced by another to the pinnacle of power, already openly serving their Western masters, openly betraying the national interests of their country, their people.

No sooner had the "colour revolution" in Egypt toppled Mubarak, a few days later on 15 February, protests began in Libya. But they were not as widespread as they were in Tunisia and Egypt, when the protests involved hundreds of thousands, millions of workers, so cannot be called even a “colour revolution”. Rallies in Libya were attended by a thousand, or maximum of two thousand people.
The demands of the protesters were the same as those in Tunisia, and Egypt: the toppling of Muammar Qaddafi from power. To date, Libya is divided into two parts: the western country with the capital Tripoli, under the control of al-Qadhafi and his supporters, and the eastern city of Benghazi (the second largest city in Libya) under the control of the so-called "insurgents." In Benghazi, an interim government was formed, headed by former Justice Minister Mostafa Mohammad Abdul Jalil.
According to Western media, a number of senior Libyan diplomats broke off relations with the regime of Gaddafi and the Libyan representative to the UN accused Gadhafi of genocide and demanded his resignation.
The UN Security Council imposed sanctions against Libya, including banning a series of senior government officials and of al-Gaddafi, as well as their families from leaving the country; Libyan accounts in Western banks worth more than $ 30 billion were frozen, Libya was expelled from the UN Council on Human Rights; the supply of weapons to Libya stopped. On March 10-11 in Brussels at a meeting of the NATO Council and the European Council, use of sanctions against Libya was discussed, including the possibility of using military force, of the introduction of the so-called "no-fly-zone" where Libyan planes would be forbidden to fly over Libyan territory, etc.
Directly off the Libyan coast there are several U.S. Navy ships, including the largest aircraft carrier "Enterprise" with 65-85 aircraft on board (fighters, attack planes, anti-submarine and reconnaissance aircraft), Mount Whitney ship, amphibious "Kersadzh ship. In general, off the coast of Africa, at time of writing were 23 warships and vessels supporting the 2 nd and 6 th U.S. Naval fleets, which, according to U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates "were ready for use when the appropriate decision was made." The composition of the group's ships also includes several amphibious ships with 1600 Marines, armed with tanks, artillery, helicopters. Finally, strategic nuclear submarines armed with ballistic nuclear missiles arrived.
It should be noted that the situation in Libya is fundamentally different from the situation in Tunisia and Egypt.
Libya is the richest country in Africa. It has the largest oil reserves in Africa (2% of world supply, 8-th in OPEC). According to the World Bank, the Libyan economy in terms of GDP, equals to $ 62.36 billion (2009) is 63rd in the world, in terms of GDP per capita, equal to $ 14,594 per year, Libya is among the 50 most highly developed countries, ranking 43rd place (2007). It should be noted that Ukraine on this indicator, is equal to 6,9 thousand dollars per year, occupies 81-st place.
Until 1943, Libya was a colony of Italy and then it was occupied by France and Britain.
On September 1, 1969 in Libya, there was a revolution. A group of young officers (the so-called "The Free Officers Movement, Unionists and Socialists") led by Captain Muammar Gaddafi (now a colonel, born 07/06/1942), overthrew the monarchy of King Idris I. Afterwards, the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (from the Arabic "Jamahiriya" – the masses) was formed.
Exports of crude oil gives 90% of state budget revenues. These payments are not stolen and no one aquires them, but they are forwarded to the welfare of the people.
As a result, in Libya there is strong social security of workers. Allowance at the birth of each child is 5 thousand euros (about 55 thousand UAH.) and Libyan families on average, have three children. The average salary is one thousand dollars a month (in Ukraine, according to Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, the average salary in Ukraine is 2300 UAH, i.e. less than $ 300 a month). In Libya, education and health are free. One child in each family gets education abroad paid for by the state. Gas for domestic use is free. Fuel at petrol stations is sold at prices subsidized by the state, i.e. at very low prices. At the expense of the state's care of its people over the last 30 years, the population in Libya has increased 3 times and reached 6.3 million people. (And throughout the years of independence, since 1951, it has grown by 6 times). The average life expectancy is 77.5 years, for Libyans (including women - almost 80 years (79.88) Men - 75), i.e. comparable with the average life expectancy of Western Europeans. At the same time in Ukraine, the average life expectancy during the years of "independence" from the USSR has fallen to 67 years, including women - 73,4 years, men - 61,5.
The population of Libya are Arabs, and there are a small number of Berbers and Tuaregs, as well as remnants of former conquerors - the Turks and Italians. There are several communities of Copts.
Muammar Qaddafi himself came from the nomadic Bedouin tribe of al-Gaddafi. In the early 80's, Gadhafi renounced all offices of State, lives in a Bedouin tent and left himself the single title of "leader of the Libyan revolution." The power base in Libya are the people's committees.
The West played on ethnic-tribal contradictions, as well as on the desire of individual tribal leaders to enrich themselves on oil rent at the expense of the people. The colonizers, leaving Libya in 1951, left power to the tribes inhabiting the eastern region (Cyrenaica), now held by the "rebels", and if without the quotation marks, then counter-revolutionaries.
The Western world's media – the loud mouth of US-Zionist capital, presents information from Libya in a totally distorted view that is favorable to them. The Libyan air force is bombing not peaceful demonstrators but military bases and weapons caches seized by counter-revolutionaries.
On 22 February, Gaddafi spoke in an old barracks building, half-destroyed by an American airstrike in 1986, with a television address to the nation (we recall that during one of the U.S. airstrikes on Libya, predators killed Gaddafi's adopted daughter).
In a televised speech Gaddafi said that he could not leave the government because he is "no ordinary man, or even a president, but the leader of a revolution." "This is my country, the country of my ancestors!" proudly stated the leader of the Libyan people. Gaddafi emphasized that groups of teenagers under the influence of drugs attacked police stations and army bases, that the riots in Libya were "initiated from outside” that armed mercenaries from Africa arrived in Libya to overthrow his regime. He promised to form new people's committees.
In his televised speech Gaddafi said that the unrest in Libya is part of a foreign plan - "to break up Libya into several warring Islamic emirates – similar to Afghanistan, then U.S. and NATO troops could enter and seize the country's wealth." "Where were you all when Muammar Gaddafi fought against America, and then rebuilt Benghazi brick by brick?" rhetorically asked the leader of the Libyan revolution. Gaddafi also read a few articles of the criminal law, envisaging the death penalty for various crimes against the state. And Gaddafi finished his speech off with a promise to purge Libya of opponents of the regime "from house to house."
In Tripoli, weapons were handed out to all the supporters of al-Gaddafi.
It is clear that if the regime of Gaddafi did not enjoy an overwhelming majority of popular support, the government never would have taken such a step as the distribution of weapons among the people.

The struggle for oil and natural raw materials is
economic basis of contemporary world politics

Since October 1, 2008 the United States Africa Command, (AFRICOM) became operational, the decision on the establishment of which was taken by President Bush in February 2007. Within the scope of "AFRICOM" enter the entire African continent except Egypt, which remained "under direct responsibility” of the Unified Combatant Command unit / U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) responsible for operations in the Middle East and Central Asia. As stated by the U.S. military leadership, the new command was created to help "stabilize the situation in African countries, promoting peace and security." In addition, the command will "coordinate the work of the Pentagon's support of U.S. government programs in Africa in diplomacy and development."
According to experts, the creation of this command marks the beginning of a new U.S. policy on the African continent, in particular, an opposition to increased Chinese influence in Africa, because China has so far become the second economic partner after the United States of the Black continent.
TNCs and TNBs are attracted to Africa’s vast reserves of gold, platinum, diamonds, rare earth elements, etc. But the main thing is that it attracts foreign capital, especially the U.S. imperialists and the West to Africa, in this case, to the Arab countries in North Africa and the Middle East for of course, the oil.
Experts estimate that proven world oil reserves will last another 40 years, i.e. until about 2050. There are still undiscovered oil reserves, which may last another 10 to 40 years.
In other words, oil is rapidly running out.
In his reflections, Fidel Castro noted that coal is the energy base of capitalism, article 19.; oil is the energy base of modern capitalism, i.e. imperialism of the 20th and early 21th century.
With the depletion of oil, the era of the domination of capitalism in its higher imperialist stage will end.
The current level of development of productive forces has created a new nuclear energy base, and creates thermo nuclear energy, an energy that will become the base of the coming communist formation (based on what we know from the current level of development).
Imperialism can not emerge from the crisis into which it plunges more and more, without unleashing new wars and military conflicts in order to establish full control over the oil resources of the planet to renew their worthless existence.
On March 11, mass unrest broke out in Saudi Arabia, the biggest oil exporter in the world. There are continuing mass demonstrations in other countries in the region.
On the background of developments in North Africa, the joint military exercises conducted by the United States-South Korea, which were taking place off the coast of the DPRK were somehow overshadowed during that same time period. In different regions of the world, the imperialists are aggravating the situation, provoking conflicts in order to destroy rebels, to force their will on all countries and peoples, to force all nations to work for US-Zionist capital.
Imperialism is economically obsolete. But by itself it will not go away from the historical arena. To the objective factors of a revolution must be added the subjective factor. Namely, we need a Marxist-Leninist party of a Bolshevik revolutionary type which is closely connected to the masses.
This party is our party - the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks – the AUCPB. And our urgent task is to connect our daily party work with the masses struggle for their rights, to instill into the ranks of struggling workers Bolshevik revolutionary consciousness, to lead the struggle of the masses to free themselves from exploitation and oppression.
March 12, 2011, KIEV

By the Bureau of the CC AUCPB for Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria
Having heard and discussed the report of the Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB, chairman of the Central Committee of the Bureau of the AUCPB for Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria "Only in struggle can we win the right to a decent life!", the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB

1. The world situation continues to steadily deteriorate. Modern imperialism, mired in a global financial and economic crisis, finds no way out of it, except by way of inciting new wars and military conflicts in the struggle for full control over natural resources and raw materials of the planet, primarily oil and gas.
2. In this regard, one should also consider developments in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East, as the first so-called "Internet revolutions" carried out to replace the discredited pro-Western regimes (Tunisia, Egypt) with other regimes, loyal and totally controlled by Western imperialism, U.S. imperialism, Israel and NATO. Mass protests are happening and in other countries: Algeria, Yemen, Kuwait, Oman and others. Mass protests started in Saudi Arabia, the largest manufacturer and exporter of oil in the world.
3. Under this same scenario is happening the so-called "revolution" in Libya. But here, the West has been faced with the stubborn resistance of the people, in their mass, devotees to Muammar Gaddafi and ready with weapons in hand to protect the gains of the Libyan Revolution in 1969.
Drawing on all sorts of comprador and treacherous elements using ethnic-tribal conflict, US-Israel-NATO imperialism threatened (and carried out-FB) to use force against Libya to overthrow the Gaddafi regime and take control of the largest oilfields in the country. (Libya is the largest oil producer in Africa and 8 th country among the members of OPEC).
4. US-Israel-NATO seek to take full control of the Suez Canal and the Persian Gulf to monitor the transport of oil and other natural raw materials and goods, including into China, which has now become the second largest economy after the U.S., a country with its own financial and economic influence in Africa, as well as to pursue to further ruthlessly exploit and plunder the peoples and nations throughout Africa, with its rich deposits of gold, platinum, uranium, petroleum, copper, cobalt, rare earth elements and other natural raw materials and mineral resources.
5. The strategic aim of U.S. imperialism is the conquest of Iran, DPRK (North Korea), Cuba, Venezuela, to get rid of unwanted regimes conducting separate and independent internal and external policies, and to establish full control over the world. In this regard, US-Zionist capital is conducting incessant work on the final enslavement of Russia and its transformation into a colonial raw material appendage of the West, as well as to prevent the transformation of China as imperialist China, into the largest economy in the world.
6. In Ukraine, the Yanukovych-Azarov regime, a regime of big business, using the passivity of the masses, continues an unprecedented attack on the rights of working people. By negotiation with the IMF, there are planned regular increases in gas tariffs for households by 30%, 62% - for utility bills. The plans of the bourgeois power include a pension reform with higher retirement ages: women - from 55 to 60 years, men - from 60 to 62 years, land reform with the creation of a land market for agricultural purposes, i.e. with the actual transition of Ukrainian black soil over to ownership by local oligarchs and transnational capital, and the transformation of peasants into slaves on land taken from them, the adoption of a Labour Code, sharply undermining workers' rights, the Housing Code that effectively deprives workers' rights to housing, etc. The AUCPB

1. Continue to conduct active agitation-propaganda work to expose the aggressive essence of contemporary U.S.-Western imperialism, which is on the verge of death and trying to slow down its inevitable end by fomenting wars and military conflicts, in order to establish full control over the natural raw materials and oil and gas resources of the planet, with a view of enslavement of all peoples and nations to delay imperialism’s inevitable death.
2. To expose the regime of Yanukovych-Azarov, the regime of big capital, conducting an exit policy of Ukraine from the crisis on the back of an unprecedented assault on the rights of working people and further rapid decline in living standards in Ukraine.
3. Explain to the peoples’ masses that to achieve a radical improvement of their lives, the power of capital has to be destroyed, and Soviet power restored, Ukraine returned to the socialist path of development, the Soviet Union revived, and that this is only by way a socialist revolution, when millions of working people will rise up to fight for their rights, for their liberation from exploitation and oppression.
4. Instill Bolshevik class consciousness into the ranks of the working class, working people, spreading Bolshevik press and literature, increasing subscriptions to the Bolshevik newspaper “Workers' and Peasants' truth” (Raboche-Krestyanskaya Pravda”. Local party organizations are to move over to the systematic production of leaflets on topical issues of everyday life of working people, exposing the anti-national character of the local bourgeois power.
March 12, 2011, KIEV

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