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Thursday, 19 May 2011


18.05.2011 20:20

On May 18, Krasnoyarsk police suddenly attacked a picket on the sale of Bolshevik press. AUCPB member N.M. Shafranov was holding a one-man picket on one of the central city streets, selling newspapers, "Hammer and Sickle" and handing out leaflets. He was approached by two men in civilian clothes, and providing ID proof of the Interior Ministry, started talking, more like an interrogation.
They were particularly interested in the "where are the" newspapers from, where they are printed and who else in town sells / distributes the Bolshevik press. The police presented to Shafranov copies of the Hammer and Sickle "Sim" from 2008 and demanded he admit to whether or not he sold the newspapers. Reasonable demands by the comrade as to explain why this interest is connected, were ignored by the thugs.

Writing down the answers of our comrade, the gallant fighters with the literature suggested that he sign a paper. He gave a categorical refusal. The plain clothes cops left, soon to return together with the department head, who also tried to get Shafranov sign a "protocol". After his second refusal to sign, the policemen decided to draw in few passers-by as witnesses, although the right to refuse to sign as yet has not been abolished. The police left.

The incident is unusual enough in that this is not Shafranov's the first year of distributing the Bolshevik literature - newspapers, "Hammer and Sickle", "Workers' and Peasants' Truth" and various brochures, and the recently added the newspaper "Revolution" - in this place, and to this day the police did not interfere with his work.

Obviously, the increased interest in the police to our newspapers is dictated by the desire to prevent the spread of Bolshevik press in town, and the entire described incident was a thoroughly planned provocation. To that we declare: IT WILL NOT PASS!

Bureau of the CC AUCPB in Siberia and the Far East


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