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Thursday, 19 May 2011


17.05.2011 10:36

On May 12, the tenth pensioners protest was held in Novosibirsk against the decision of the Governor Yurchenko to abolish unlimited free travel on public transport. The Governor hoped that by the building of his residence, angry people would no longer meet, but - the struggle continues!

Although this time were about 400 people, significantly less than in previous times, this was associated with the beginning of the summer season. High social tension and anger by pensioners towards the policy of the governor remains.

The authorities are enraged, fearing the people's wrath. After exhausting all means to extinguish the protest, the government turned to the servants of crime. On April 29, on the eve of the last protest, one of the organizers of the protest was kidnapped, beaten and taken to the woods, where he was threatened with physical violence if he did not end the pensioners’ struggle.

The judiciary has also come out against the popular protests. If the district court found the actions of the mayor's office prohibiting protests illegal, then the regional court acquitted the mayor action, thereby denying pensioners the right to express their views freely. It is clear: the decision of the regional court –is an order given by the authorities!

The authorities, police, judiciary and criminal elements are demonstrating their incredible unity in the fight against the people.

On May 11, active pensioners who are members of the Organizing Committee met with the Governor, for holding public actions in the interest of protecting the rights of pensioners. The pensioners demanded from the governor that he reverse his disgraceful decision and adopt a regional law, which guarantees the right to unlimited free travel for pensioners. The governor "promised" to expand the category of pensioners (eg, veterans of the Leningrad blockade), who would be returned unlimited travel, but refused to revoke the decision.

But the people do not need half-solutions, they demand the complete abolition of the shameful decision.

Several political parties and organizations involved in the protests, are trying to minimize the protest by people against governor Yurchenko, supposedly wanting to direct the protest against another clan of the bourgeoisie - Tolokonski-Gorodetsky, and use the protests only to get the votes of the electorate in the upcoming election. This amounts to plotting with the government against the pensioners.

It is no coincidence that at the rally at the Governor's residence on May 12 there was no banner of the "Patriots of Russia and the Movement Against Illegal Immigration (NPNI), which amounts to a manifestation of "loyalty" to the governor. On the eve of the rally, the AUCPB was dismissed as the leading representative, and instead, the rally was led by the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR). The leitmotif of the speeches made by these "politicians" were no longer the demand of the return of unlimited free travel, but instead, praises towards the governor, by saying, that there have been "real changes in the actions of the governor." These political parties are making moves towards these protests being shifted away from the residence of the Governor to the Opera House, where they you can easily rattle hot air and "catch" future votes from the naive electorate. Only thanks to the speeches and actions of the AUCPB and “Trudovaya Rossiya” was a strong position voiced: as long as the governor does not reverse his disgraceful decision, public protest will continue, and in the autumn - the people hit with renewed vigour.

The leading force of the same rally, giving it the proper tension and political orientation, was a representative of the AUCPB.

We Bolsheviks believe that between "warring" clans of the ruling criminal regime there is no essential difference, and that they are biting at each other to get first place in robbing the working people.

The representative of the AUCPB announced (despite opposition from some) the meeting time and place for the following actions during the summer period, as was customary at the Organizing Committee: on the 12th of each month (June, July and August) at 12.00 people will gather in front of going to the residence of governor Yurchenko. The struggle continues!
Ours cause is right - victory will be with us!
Down with the power of big capital!
Grigory Pavlev, AUCPB

P.S. Unfortunately, the other communist forces (RCWP-RPK, AKM, Komsomol) are afraid to take the lead as the organizers-statesmen or leaders of the rallies and marches, preferring only to participate, thus giving leadership in the struggle to bourgeois parties. In addition, the representative of the RCWP stands for the ending of the protests for the summer (in fact - for the elimination or transfer of the leadership to other parties), and wash to its hands from active participation in the preparation of a leafleting campaign, handing over the cause to its political opponents. In fact, it's the same defeatist attitude.




17.05.2011 10:34
For the second day in the capital of Greece there are riots and protesters clash with police. Protesters against the austerity measures announced by the Greek government, set fire to bus stops, garbage cans and smashed the windows of banks and shops as well as throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at police. In response, police fired tear gas.
At time of reporting there was no accurate information about how many people were hurt in the clashes, according to RIA Novosti. However, we know that the fury of protesters brought about, in their view, brutal actions by the police on the eve - May 11, during confrontations with law enforcement agencies where dozens of people suffered at the hands of them, with one of the demonstrators injured is in a coma with severe head injuries. Police said 15 officers were injured.

The country's authorities have promised to investigate all incidents of the police forces and punish the perpetrators. It is reported that four riot police have already been suspended from duty because of brutally beating of one of the demonstrators, which local television stations filmed on camera.

Mass protests began in Greece in May 2010 after authorities announced spending cuts in the country, in return for financial assistance from the EU and the IMF to the amount of 110 billion dollars. The country was on the verge of default, so the government was forced to take unpopular measures.

17.05.2011 10:29

More than 130 Uzbek workers involved in the construction of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) on the island of Russky in Vladivostok, refused to come to work because of delays in salary, told RIA Novosti on May 11 press secretary of the Far Eastern Branch of ZAO "Crocus" - the construction contractor, Ekaterina Chernenko.

In preparation for the APEC summit in 2012 on the island of Russky, large-scale construction projects are underway. In particular, the construction of the Far Eastern Federal University, which will host the 2012 APEC summit, employs 10 thousand people from 12 nationalities.

"Over 130 Uzbek workers have come to us with statements about the delay of salary, employed in the subcontracting company Budai, which employs several hundred people who are working on the island," - she said, without specifying the amount owed.

During the proceedings, representatives of the contractor found that workers should get paid on 5 May, and the money for this purpose will be transferred on time.

"However, due to holidays, the money is stuck in the bank. Payment of wages has already begun and will end on May 13," - she said.

Last week it became known that a claim for wages was expressed by 180 Turkish workers engaged in the construction of FEFU. However, after negotiations with the contractor, most of them expressed a desire to work again on the construction of the university,” the deputy director of the Far Eastern Branch of ZAO "Crocus", Yaroslav Vokresensky told journalists.

In February, the construction company did not timely pay its workers employed in the construction of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in Vladivostok, and was suspended from work at the facility and denied accreditation from government customers. In autumn 2010, about 250 Chinese construction workers, employed in this company, because of delays in salary suspended work on construction of the FEFU.

The APEC summit will be held in Russia in the Far East, in September 8-9, 2012. Much of the summit facilities will be built on the island of Russky. The main objects are the bridge across Zoloty Rog and the bridge onto the island of Russky, as well as the Far Eastern Federal University.

RIA Novosti 05/11/1911


17.05.2011 10:27

Today in the port of Kaliningrad there was a strike by the crew of the ship «Polaris», the reason for that was the notorious arrears of wages to the seafarers. Fortunately, the labour dispute was resolved fairly quickly thanks to the participation in this case of the inspector of the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) in Kaliningrad, Vadim Mamontov. By the way, setting this little transport in port and the subsequent protest coincided with a court hearing taking place in Klaipeda, the bankruptcy of the shipping company UAB «Passat», which by the end of last year belonged to the «Polaris» under the name «Vigo».

Having changed its name, but kept the crew, ship moved to the new operator - «MD Shipping Co» (Odessa, Ukraine). On this the crew found out that on this trip that they had worked several months on «Passat» for "free." When the ship with the new name called «Polaris» had a new owner, the boys had a legitimate question: how to deal with the wage debt? The answer to this was given to the sailors in the port of Nouadhibou (Mauritania): the Superintendent of Odessa, who came on board to deal with this unpleasant situation, promised to settle the matter by paying the money. In the text of telegrams, sent on behalf of management of «MD Shipping Co», said: "The whole salary for the period worked will be paid at a port of change." That was to be Kaliningrad.

What a surprise sailors had when the ITF inspector Vadim Mamontov when visiting the vessel contacted the shipowner in the presence of seafarers to confirm the information already received, and heard in reply that no promises were given to the crew. And so then they declared the strike, which the stevedoring company and all cargo owners received notice of. As noted by Vadim Mamontov, the reaction of businesses in the recipient of goods from Vologda to Petersburg was pleasantly surprising. They all wondered what had happened, but in the end wished the sailors good luck.

The very next day all the money in arrears, including costs to return home, were transferred to the families of sailors: the strike was over, and unloading began. Two days later the guys went home. "During the protest, from one side to the other sounded harsh words, justified by the exigencies of the moment only, but the blame was initially due to some uncertainty when re-signing contracts in Mauritania” - summed up the ITF inspector in Kaliningrad. - The ship’s crew remained in arrears, hence the strike. "

Russian Trade Union of Seamen

17.05.2011 10:26

On May 10, workers of the construction company "Continent" (Tomsk) went on strike because of delays in salary.
“Today we have started an indefinite strike to demand payment of wage arrears. Management promised to pay back the money in February to the end of March. But they say that there is no money because the apartments are not sold” - quoted one of the strikers, foremen Alexander Kiselev – internet portal tv2.tomsk.ru at 13:21 local time.

Also, according to the foreman, the director of “Continent" promised the 27 striking workers to pay the debts to the nearest Friday and threatened with dismissal if they did not continue to work today. Arrears of wages for February and March of this year for to each worker, said Alexander Kiselyov, amounts to about 35,000 rubles.

However, there is a likelihood that the builders will not have to wait until the end of the week for this money. Within five hours after getting news about the strike, management of Continent made a statement.
- “The incident has been dealt with, the wages shall be issued over the counter…

solidarnost.org 10.05.11

17.05.2011 10:24

Schools are not working, the buses pass by the stops, airports have reduced the number of flights - Life in Italy is today paralyzed by a general national strike. Urban transport has not worked since 4:00 in the morning, and drivers are not going to go out on route in the evening "rush hour". The railroad workers are on strike from 14.00.

What do residents of the capital do in such a situation?
"Return home is the only thing- says a woman. - I was hoping that all is not so bad, not at this scale. Still, I thought I can get to the pharmacy at the Vatican. But apparently, I have to return home. "

Not only overland but also underground transport is working sporadically. Civil servants demand the Government cut taxes and provide more employment.
Tourists in Rome, Naples and other Italian cities today have the opportunity not only to walk a lot, but to see mass demonstrations of workers.

IA euronews

17.05.2011 10:23

In Primorye, because of wage arrears, over a hundred employees of various departments of the mining and chemical complex Bor have stopped work
This is a city-forming enterprise of Dalnegorsk. The representative of the trade union at the enterprise Sergey Matveyev said that the total debt has reached 27 million rubles. More than half of "Bora" workers have not received money, Interfax reported.


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