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Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Congratulations to our readers, all workers of the ex-USSR, war veterans and the Soviet Armed Forces on the 66 th anniversary of the Great Soviet people's victory over the Nazi invaders.

The victory over fascism was achieved under the leadership of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks), headed by Generalissimo J.V. STALIN. At the basis were the advantages of the Soviet socialist system and the planned socialist economy over the capitalist economies of Nazi Germany. There was friendship and brotherhood among peoples of the USSR, Soviet patriotism and proletarian internationalism, courage, bravery and heroism of Soviet people in the front and rear, the superiority of Soviet military science over the vaunted Prussian military schools. There was also the leadership talent of our military commanders, indestructible unity of the Party and people, passionate love to their socialist country and leader of the Soviet people, Joseph Stalin.

Under the slogan "For Stalin, for the Motherland!", soldiers, commanders and political workers clambered into attack and beheaded the fascist beast in its lair in Berlin on May 9, 1945.

The Soviet Army, together with the Warsaw Pact allies for almost half a century kept the peace throughout the world, allowed the people of the USSR and the countries socialist commonwelath work in peace, to build and develop socialism ...


As a result of the counter-revolution, carried out by the treacherous leadership of Gorbachev and the temporary breakdown of the USSR, the glorious Soviet Armed Forces were also destroyed.

U.S.-NATO imperialism, aiming for world domination and subjugation of all nations and peoples, the seizure of raw materials, minerals and petroleum resources, meeting no resistance, systematically unleashes one after another wars of aggression across the planet.

At the service of Zionists US-Israel NATO, the UN with its Security Council 18 March unleashed another war of aggression against independent Libya, seeking to put under control the rich oil resources of this small Arab country. An extremely ambiguous ostrich stance in the Security Council was adopted by Russia and China who did not support the Security Council resolution, but did use their power of veto which allowed US-NATO aggressors to wage war against the proud people of Libya and its leader, Muammar Gaddafi under the hypocritical guise of "protection of civilians" from the "oppressive regime".

Hundreds of bombs and Tomahawk missles rained down on the small country. According to the Health Ministry of Libya, in the first week of the aggressive actions the number of victims of bombing, missile attacks amounted to 114 peaceful civilians in the country, with more than 400 injured. In just two weeks of fighting, the cost to the United States amounted to nearly half a billion dollars and they handed over command of operations to NATO, headed by a Canadian general.

Now the aggressors are widely discussing the possibility of transition to a ground operation and supply of weapons to the "insurgents" who are actually serving the West and betraying their own people and country.

But the majority of Libyans rallied around their leader Muammar Gaddafi and declare: "We are free people and, if necessary, wll give up our lives for our freedom. We hate the American jackals and will fight with them until the end. We will not surrender and will not betray."

Today the sands of Libya have turned in a battleground between the combined forces of reaction and the forces of progress, between imperialism that is increasingly immersed in the depths of the biggest, intrinsically (internally) inherent crisis, and the people who have opted for free and independent development.

We wish the freedom-loving people of Libya and their courageous leader Muammar Gaddafi to withstand this unequal fight, to defend the integrity of their country, their freedom and independence.

(All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks)


10.05.2011 05:40
On May 9, in Novosibirsk, the All-Union Communist Party Bolsheviks and Trudovaya Russia laid wreaths with red ribbon to the "Siberian guardsmen from the Communists of Novosibirsk" at the Eternal Flame of the Monument of Glory.

Over the column of demonstrators soared red banners of the AUCPB and Trudovaya Russia, and a portrait of the Supreme Commander J.V. Stalin. The AUCPB distributed Bolshevik newspapers "Hammer and Sickle", "Workers'and Peasants' Truth" and "Revolution."

Eternal memory to the soldiers who fell in the struggle for the freedom and independence of our Soviet Motherland!

AUCPB -Novosibirsk




10.05.2011 05:49

The 66-th anniversary of Victory Day in Krasnoyarsk, as well as in many towns and villages, was met by concerts, rallies, processions and other festive occasions, trying to fully express their appreciation to surviving veterans, as is done once a year. For the Krasnoyarsk Bolsheviks, this is a day of remembrance for yet another reason: exactly three years ago on May 9, an incident occurred, subsequently costing the life of our fellow comrade Rim Shaygalimov.

We recall, May 9, 2008, during a celebratory rally at Victory Square, the chief of city police, then a colonel of the militia tried to take away from Rim Karimovich Shaygalimov a red Soviet flag. As a result of this clash, R.K. Shaygalimov was sentenced to 5,5 years in prison under a strict regime on false charges of beating a government official (a cop) with the red flag and June 27, he 2009 died in prison under mysterious circumstances. If he had still been alive, he could by now have qualifed for parole.

By tradition, the activists of the Krasnoyarsk AUCPB organization participated in the ceremonial procession to the stele of the 40 anniversary of Victory on the street of Academician Vavilov. Apparently, remembering how last year the veterans drove out of the column of the procession those people who came with Vlasov tricolor flags, the organizers (district administration) decided to play safe and place cadets of the River Training School at the head of the procession, shaded with the white-blue-red tricolor. In the festive crowd, they were immediately called "Vlasovites”, although the children themselves, as revealed in a conversation, still had a fairly vague concept about the history of the flag.

In the blue spring sky soared the red flags of the USSR and the Krasnoyarsk Committee of the AUCPB, the standard of the party. A a large portrait J.V. Stalin was also raised up. At the end of the procession, by the tank on the stele of the 40 anniversary of Victory Day a Bolshevik rally was organized. Together with activists, the rally was attended by our friend and ally, Vasily Ivanovich Yeroshin, who fought in skies during the Great Patriotic War, along with Vasily Stalin.

At the front of the tank was attached a portrait of Supreme Commander-in-Chief, and the tower was decorated with red flags. The red banners on the fighting machine fluttering in the wind, it seemed, made it look as if it was about ready to tear off from the spot and into attack. Passers-by, especially children and youth, were continually taking pictures of the portrait of Stalin and the party logo, and willingly took the AUCPB Bolshevik newspapers - "Hammer and Sickle", "Revolution" and expressed their support for the activists. Nearby almost immediately struck up a heated argument between the supporters of Stalin and a few of his opponents.

One veteran, laid flowers at the tank, and for a long time stroked it with his hand and repeating: "This is my tank, and I fought on such a tank at Konigsberg!". Another two soldiers came and saluted the Soviet generalissimo and commemorated him with a kind word. On a nearby stage in the meantime, a concert was being held, which by some strange whim of the organizers, not a single Soviet or military song was heard.

The current May 9 Victory Day showed once again that the efforts of the bourgeoisie to erase from the minds of the people's memory the value of the Soviet people's victory over fascism did not succeed. Workers, pensioners and veterans, young people intuitively gravitate to the Soviets, in spite of any of the so-called "revelations" and "reconciliations." This alone makes it clear that the bourgeois campaign of "de-Stalinization" of the Victory day failed. The victory was and remains our – Soviet Victory.

Bureau of the CC AUCPB in Siberia and the Far East



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