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Tuesday, 20 October 2009


To the General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea,
Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK,
Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army,
Great leaderComrade Kim Jong IlPyongyang, DPRK

Dear Comrade Kim Jong Il!
On behalf of the Central Committee AUCPB and myself personally, I heartily congratulate you, the great son of the Korean nation, and through you, the heroic Korean people on several major Korean dates in October -- - 64-year anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea (October 10, 1945),- 83-th anniversary of the Down With Imperialism Union - DIU (October 17, 1926)- 12-th anniversary of your election to the post of General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea (October 8, 1997).

The DIU, established in 1926, by the still very young Kim Il Sung from among his young friends - new generation of revolutionaries, became the first in Korea, truly revolutionary vanguard organization, marking a new phase of the Korean revolution. It subsequently grew into the Workers' Party of Korea and the Korean People's Army (1932 - Anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army, 1936 - The Korean People's Revolutionary Army, 1948 - The Korean People's Army).
The forming by the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung of a Revolutionary Communist political organization - the Workers' Party of Korea, is hard to overestimate. Without the creation of the WPK it would have been impossible to create in 1948 the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, impossible to build a socialist society that could not only successfully and consistently develop its socialist economy based on socialist principles, but also to defend its political system, and the peaceful labour of the citizens of the country, becoming the over the last twenty years –the standard bearer of the anti-imperialist struggle, for struggle for peace throughout the world.
After passing through many difficulties of organizational and party-building to achieve ideological purity and unity of the party, through tremendous obstacles created by international imperialism, since the first days of the establishment of the DPRK and to this day (mostly from the leading imperialist powers in the world - the United States), through all the difficulties in the construction and development of a free, independent socialist state, the Workers' Party of Korea today is a precious alloy of all the best and most patriotic in the society, thus becoming a powerful core for consolidation and unity of all sectors of society, all its citizens around a single idea - the creation of a prosperous socialist State with a strong economy, using the latest technology and modern science and technology, with the presence of powerful armed forces, reliably defending the peaceful labour of its citizens.

By becoming a nuclear power, North Korea has thus a policy of nuclear deterrence in Northeast Asia in response to continued threats to the DPRK from Washington, which adopted a policy, especially the last decade, to destroy the DPRK and eliminate its political, socialist system.
The U.S. has been pursuing provocative incitement propaganda through the media, aimed at fanning the myth of the non-existent fact of a threat from North Korea to its neighbours. Besides, I all seriousness this demagogic embittered and failed pro-American propaganda media, neither China nor Japan nor South Korea, or Russia have taken seriously, knowing the true state of affairs, knowing the desire of the DPRK, its leadership, and good-neighbourly relations with all who sought it.

Without exaggeration we can say that now on earth there is no other state, where emphasis is so great, on the responsiblity for the fate of the country and so valuable is the role of the ruling political party in the inner and outer life of the state, as is the case in the DPRK.
Songun Politics, based on the ideology of Juche, provides strength, consistency and unwavering policy developed by the politico-ideological headquarters - the Central Committee of the WPK and the NDC under the leadership of Kim Jong Il.

The Workers' Party of Korea on the 64th year of its inception, boldly and confidently stormed the height of the victorious ascension to the peaks of Juche socialism, showing the world the enormous advantages of the socialist system of world order, the highest rate of development in extremely unfavorable conditions for this.

In the memorable days of October, we emphasize the importance of the outstanding politician and statesman of our time - General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea - the Great Kim Jong Il in strengthening and developing socialism and communist ideology in the world at large, in maintaining and consolidating peace in Northeast Asia despite the provocations of the U.S., aimed at destabilizing the situation and attempting to ignite a world war in this region of the world.

Congratulating Kim Jong Il on the 12-th anniversary of his election as General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, we sincerely wish the Supreme Commander of the KPA, the Chairman of the National Defense Commission of the DPRK Kim Jong Il great inexhaustible vitality to lead the Korean revolution and defending socialism throughout the world.

Long live the Workers' Party of Korea - which cements unity, solidarity and invincibility of Korean society!

Long live the heroic and courageous Korean people, confidently building socialism, becoming an example for all peoples fighting for freedom and independence!

Long live the glorious Armed Forces of the DPRK - the guarantor of peace and stability in Northeast Asia!

Long live the political headquarters of the Korean revolution - the WPK Central Committee, along with the National Defence Commission of the DPRK headed by the outstanding politician of our time, Comrade Kim Jong Il!

Long live international solidarity of the peoples of the world in the struggle for peace against the instigators of local and world war, against the criminal U.S. foreign policy - the international terrorist and sponsor of all major terrorist organizations in the world!

NA AndreevaGeneral Secretary of the CC AUCPB

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