The All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCPB), inheriting Bolshevik principles of the R.S.D.W.P. -R.S.D.W.P.(b) - A.U.C.P.(b) - of Lenin's policiy in the CPSU, is the highest form of proletarian class organisation, advanced detachment of the working class, acting in unity with the peasantry and labour intelligentsia, standing on the Party's positions for: the gain of political power - overthrowing the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, the destruction of private ownership over the instuments and means of production, the revival of the USSR, the further strenghtening of the proletarian interests for the complete victory of socialism and gradual transition to communism. The ideological and theoretical basis of the AUCPB is formed by Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, is their doctrine in its creative application and development in modern conditions. The AUCPB is a component of the global communist movement with the aim of communism triumphing over the whole planet.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Dear friends and supporters in our country and abroad!
The Central Committee of the AUCPB congratulates you on the May 1, the day of international solidarity of workers of all countries, on the Day of the freedom struggle of peoples for their independence against the threats of a new, all-destroying, now nuclear war. We wish you all good health and success in our common struggle against bestial predatory U.S. imperialism. We wish you success in our common struggle for a world without war, a free and independent choice of each sovereign nation, every people to build their state without orders from the U.S.. We wish you success in the struggle for independence and real democracy, not democracy of moneybags.
Today we are living in a very tense time when the U.S. and its ruling Zionist lobby, maddened by permissiveness and excess of always printable blank dollars, which buy everything and everyone, from the U.S. not serviced at all by the gold reserves of the U.S. (ie, empty wrappers), can afford, coupled with kowtowing to the imperialist governments in Europe and the Russian Federation, including acquiescence to the world beyond the aggressive imperialist policy of world conquest robbery. The government of Russia is constantly in a state of desire to spare the rulers of the United States, prepared to lick their heels with delight as a creeping vassal, having given up the country of socialism and the Soviet people to the evil empire - the United States. On March 30, flunkey Dmitry Medvedev, signed a decree on Russia's accession to the UN Security Council sanctions against the DPRK.
The new policy of U.S. military doctrine gives them free hands and justifies the need for "preemptive nuclear strike against North Korea and Iran, who do not want to live under the dictate of the U.S.. Dazed from power, the madmen in the U.S. - the shadow ruling Zionist Committee - would destroy the entire world and civilization itself, forgetting that on the ashy ground from nuclear explosions, there will not be any life left. And they themselves could not be saved in their present-day bunkers from those same terrible weapons.
We call on all freedom-loving peoples to rise up against American imperialism and evil everywhere firmly and strongly oppose it.
Long live May 1 - Day of struggle against U.S. evil imperialism, for peace and security, for free labour and prosperity on our beautiful planet Earth!

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