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Friday, 3 December 2010

Trial over timeservers

Trial over timeservers: some results of a popular vote in the television show "Court of Time"

01.12.2010 10:10

Svanidze and Co. have decided to judge the great Stalin era, having started a TV show "Court of Time” (judge of time) following the instructions of timeserver Medvedev about "de-Stalinization of the public conscience", but like the TV show by anti-Soviet Lyubimov, we got the opposite effect - the people with their votes judged the time-servers, and pay tribute to Stalin .
Below are the published pictures from the TV program "Court of Time" with the results from the national (phone-in) vote. The results of the voting by the brain-washed by Svanidze & Co. TV show audience were completely the opposite, or roughly equal, that many of the facts of our history are so striking and obvious that no lies and falsification can hide them.

Question 1:
Perestroika: Was this a way out of a dead end, or a catastrophe?

Results from phone-in vote:
A way out of a dead end: 7%
A catastrophe: 93%

Question 2:
“Soviet Man” – Was this an ideological myth or a historical achievement?

Results from phone-in vote:
An ideological myth: 6%
A historical achievement: 94%

Question 3:
The Stakhanovite Movement: Was it a Soviet “propaganda campaign” (“kampaneishina”) or a true labour uplift?

Results from phone-in vote:
Soviet “propaganda campaign”: 6%
A true labour uplift: 94%

Question 4:
Was the Constituent Assembly a democratic step forward or guaranteed chaos?

Results from phone-in vote:
A democratic step forward: 8%
Guaranteed chaos: 92%

Question 5:
Ukraine and Russia: Are they better apart or together?

Results from phone-in vote:
Apart: 8%
Together: 92%

TV Photos:

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