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Thursday, 24 November 2011


The Proletarian of all countries, unite!
ALL-UNION COMMUNIST PARTY of BOLSHEVIKSCentral Сommittee_______________________________________________________________________

198516. Leningrad, Petrodvorets-6, box 50 "22"novembre 2011
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To the President of the III Anti-Imperialist Conference of the International Anti-Imperialist and Coordinating Committee of People's Solidarity,
General-Secretary of the IAPSCC Comrade Manik Mukherjee
Co-organizer of the International III Anti-Imperialist Conference
President of the Socialist Party of Bangladesh
Participants of the International Forum

Dhaka, Bangladesh 27-29 November 2011.


The Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCPB) greets all participants and organizers of this very important forum. We sincerely wish the Conference success and taking crucial decisions.
The forum is being held during the acute tense international situation caused by the U.S., Israel and European countries - participants of the aggressive NATO bloc. The political and military thuggery adopted in U.S. foreign policy, violating all norms of international agreements and the UN Charter, today is most brutally cracking down on leaders of independent states carrying out their own policy, despite the cry from the U.S.. The armed bandit extermination of the flourishing state of Libya by massive bloody bombing by NATO Air Force of civilian quarters of cities and the Libyan capital, the sadistic destruction of its leader Muammar Gaddafi on the orders of the United States causes pain, resentment, anger and hatred towards the usurpers, who imagine themselves as democrats and advocates of human rights. People have to realize that these are not the last victims of the mad maniacs - crusaders of the twentieth and early twenty-first century. It is imperative that the military and political gangsterism drunk with permissiveness USA be stopped at all costs!
Our organization we call an organization of the anti-imperialist struggle, our main aim must be, above all, to carry on a truly anti-imperialist struggle against the crazed monster, against the United States, which imagines itself as the ruler of the world that has become unipolar by the collapse of the Soviet Union, and which the USA had a direct hand in. The frank recognition of the period in 1992 by U.S. President Bush senior, confirms the U.S. involvement in the collapse of the Soviet Union: "We spent $ 4 trillion dollars to win the Cold War and in comparison with the sum of $ 24 million dollars which the U.S. intends to spend now – this is certainly small change. The democrats in the Kremlin are able to guarantee our security much more reliably than did nuclear missiles (and 166 times cheaper!) (newspaper “Izvestiya”, ru 11.04.1992).
Today, the empire of evil is in a state of protracted crisis and pre-default, all the while delaying its onset artificially by printing unlimited paper dollars, not secured by gold reserves. The imaginary power of the United States now relies on the fact that many countries are known to hold their foreign reserves in U.S. dollars, and with the crash of the dollar, will lose their money. That is what forces the rescuing of the dollar as the world currency, thereby prolonging the U.S. madness. But this is temporary. Soon everything will change. The Euro is not going away from the scene. China expresses its desire to make the yuan the currency of the world.
Today, U.S. power rests not on the U.S. economy, giving strong slippage, but to a large extent on U.S. military power. The U.S. has enveloped the whole world with a dense web of military bases, of which today there are more than 1,000 (including being directly in conflict zones), they have powerful naval fleets in every ocean, a global air network, military satellites in space, as well as nuclear missiles on high alert, targeting of potential adversaries and their military installations.
The PENTAGON is one of the largest landowners in the world. Its military bases occupy 12.726.668 hectares with a staff strength of about 2 million troops and civilian support personnel amounting to 2.303.280 people. Over the past 10 years, the U.S. has expanded its military network around the world. The Pentagon has recently opened six new bases in Colombia. In Australia in the near future will be posted a further 2500 infantrymen. Lately, the U.S. has created a network of secret military bases in different parts of the world deploying unmanned MQ-9 Reaper in them. These are shock-reconnaissance UAV-s capable of carrying guided bombs, remain in the air 24 hours and climb to an altitude of 13 km. These UAVs will be deployed in secret U.S. bases in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, Ethiopia and the Seychelles. Aircraft of this type are already in use in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, and Oceania. Now, a plan in being implemented to create floating military bases, mobile, well equipped with modern military equipment and nuclear weapons, but with a smaller contingent of troops.
The United States, whose population is 4.54 per cent of the world's population, are investing in wars and preparations for war, more than all other countries combined.
President Obama has asked for military spending in 2012, including operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, amounting to 729 billion dollars (comparable to all the expenses of the Second World War). Compared with 2001, the regular budget for the Ministry of Defense in 2012 has almost doubled.
Obama Administration Statements and actions it has taken recently, indicate that U.S. military activity in the world will continue to grow. According to reports and available documents, the future of America is in war, and even more ambitious than ever.
Obama vigorously continues the wars started by the Bush administration, and enhances the unparalleled military might of the U.S.. Of the four-year defense policy review (the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR), it follows that the U.S. is preparing for a new world war, taking advantage of nuclear weapons. (http://www.stoletie.ru J.A.S.USA 26.05.2010). The United States feels its main adversaries to be China and Russia (although they are not called this out loud.) The U.S. has surrounded China, Russia with anti-missile bases, which will be able to block any retaliation by them in the event of a U.S. attack on these countries. Against Russia, the U.S. has long developed a combined system of precision-guided weapons and creating today a layered missile defence system.
Americans in the event of a global conflict are planning to destroy Russia's nuclear potential with a "preventive" pre-emptive strike from areas where the U.S. is based. The remaining missiles when launched on American soil the Pentagon will plan to catch using the new "laser" missile defence group, intercepting them via space. A few days ago the U.S. had already made statements that they will not give Russia any legally binding guarantees about the U.S. missile defence system being directed against Russia, that is, they say directly, against whom they have directed their defence systems. If Americans realise their missile defence system, they will actually have the monopoly over nuclear weapons, and then a new Hiroshima and Nagasaki are inevitable.
According to military expert of China, Cai Xu "China is inside a dense anti-missile ring, which begins in Japan and extends through the South China Sea to India and ends in Afghanistan. It is absolutely clear that China and Russia heads the U.S. list of "potentially hostile states."
Minister of Defence of the last two administrations - Bush and Obama says: "Success in future wars will depend on success in the wars we are in now." The minister did not specify what "future" wars he had in mind. The report further states that the U.S. victory in Iraq and Afghanistan is only a "first step towards achieving strategic goals."
The Obama administration states the "need for a powerful force capable of protecting U.S. interests in the face of numerous threats, including those originating from two simultaneously hostile states," [+]. "Plus" – this scheme involves large-scale "anti-terrorist" operations like the one now taking place in Afghanistan. Other implicit objectives are "Al Qaeda" and "failed" states like Somalia and fully defensible countries, unwilling to submit to America such as Syria, Iran, DPRK (North Korea), and soon perhaps Venezuela.
Syria. The situation in Syria is being aggravated dramatically: the opposition has already created a "Liberation Army", there is an active arming of thed opposition from neighbouring countries (Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon). The "Arab" Arab League (League of Arab States, which set the tone for oil monarchies of the Persian Gulf are faithful allies of the U.S.) apply pressure on Syria, making an ultimatum, recalling ambassadors, imposing sanctions, etc., after the Arab League is Turkey. They failed to push through a resolution by the UN Security Council, now filed a new resolution (the same trio - France, England, Germany) in the General Assembly, etc. ., France insisted on the introduction of a "no-fly zone" as in Libya. The same Libyan scenario is being worked through, and the UN Security Council disagreement («VETO» Russia and China), et will not stop the United States, just as it was with Iraq.
Venezuela is also already in the queue. Chavez has repeatedly warned that in Venezuela a military coup in connection with the presidential elections next autumn is being planned.
Frequent, demonstrative, in fact, the maneuvers "unknown" large submarines in the territorial waters of Venezuela (the last - in November this year) confirmed forecasts for the presence of a comprehensive plan to overthrow the Bolivarian government. The region has almost completed the deployment of air and naval bases in the "privatization" of the armed forces of allies - Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, has made a number of islands in the Caribbean Sea to land aircraft carriers, with which (according to Pentagon intelligence development) is planned to put missile-bomb strikes on the territory of Venezuela in the "Hour X-Men."
The U.S. military is preparing a course in Spanish. "It is quite possible - say politicians - that these men, dressed in the shape of the Bolivarian army would be used for sabotage." Plan "Hour X-Men" includes:
tightening campaign against "the Chavez regime," which allegedly violates "human rights and democratic freedom" spread through the media "predictions" about the threat of regional conflict (the fault of Venezuela) in order to justify military intervention in U.S. domestic affairs. Then getting to the projected parts of Venezuela and Special Forces intelligence to enhance the combat power of counter-revolutionary groups, establishing a reliable connection with the "coalition forces", which will skolochena modeled on the one that operated in Libya. With the help of a "fifth column" will be destroyed most loyal commanders to Chavez. Particular attention will be paid to carrying out acts of sabotage against air defense systems to create favorable conditions for airstrikes.
The Brazilian military, of course, disregarded the fact of activation of the Fourth Fleet US and U.S. strategic nuclear submarines in the Atlantic. The Pentagon is concerned not only the "neutralization" of Venezuela and other "populist" states, but also "care" for rich hydrocarbon deposits off the coast of Rio de Janeiro and in the shelf state of Espírito Santo. «Petrobras» estimates potential oil reserves in Brazil at 35 billion barrels!
President Chavez has no illusions with regard to the aggressive nature of U.S. imperialism, and therefore from the outset of his presidency, fought for the creation of a regional security system. Now in the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), a council on the defensive.
Iran. Muammar Gaddafi has just been just killed, and the IAEA, a body established under the UN, which should be in the service of peace in the world, presents a report that puts the world on the brink of war with nuclear weapons against Iran, a war that the American empire, together with the UK and Israel, has long and carefully planned for.
Israel, which has never recognized its status as a nuclear country (nuclear weapons, were given by the U.S.), currently has 200 to 500 nuclear units. Scientists warn that an explosion of 100 units of strategic nuclear weapons would be enough to put an end to life on the planet. All living things suffer as a result of the ensuing death followed by a nuclear winter. Note also that Israel is at the center of the region, where there is concentrated a huge portion of energy - oil, gas) ... In this region of the Middle East, Israel has nuclear weapons, acts as a tool of imperialism (primarily American), and colonialism. It should be remembered that Israel destroyed a nuclear reactor at Osirak (Iraq) in 1981, a Syrian reactor in Dir al-Zara in 2007. The world was not informed of this, although the UN and the IAEA knew about these events. Both the destruction of reactors was carried out with the support of U.S. and NATO. Recently, "AP" - the most informed agency of the U.S. - reported: "The supreme Iranian leader warned the U.S. and Israel that if his arch-enemies carry out a military attack on Iran, Iran's response will be devastating ..." The publisher of the American magazine «EIR» believes that an attack on Iran start a World War III. One of the U.S. Undersecretaries of State said: "Israel and the United States will take part in joint manoeuvres - the most important ones" and "in the most transcendent one" in the history of the Allies. In the exercises will take part American and Israeli troops (over 5,000) and a test carried out to test Israeli defence from ballistic missiles. On 11/13/2011, U.S. ambassador to the UN told the television channel "BBC," that a military invasion of Iran ... is a realistic option for action ... The American administration is coming to the conclusion that it is necessary to put an end to the current regime in Iran in order to prevent the creation of nuclear weapons in this country... I'm a convinced supporter of the idea that a change of regime in this country is our sole choice... "
The DPRK has practically been in a long time state of undeclared war with the U.S., which is constantly organizing on the border of the DPRK military exercises - "exercises" with the presence of nuclear weapons, "exercises" with the armed forces of South Korea and often Japan. Only the presence of nuclear weapons by the DPRK is saving the country from its barbaric destruction by the U.S..
As we can see, the U.S. going crazy by doing what it wants and leading the world perilously close to the beginning of World War III, which can not be but nuclear. There will be no winners in the coming world war!
Why has this happened? HOW is it that human development has brought itself to the end of its own existence? We have to admit that now we have entered a stage of profound systemic crisis of civilization, which is manifested in all spheres of human activity - the deepest crisis of the world economy, accompanied by a global political crisis with the destruction of all aspects of the existing world order and the social fabric of life (the UN, at least, is no longer able to perform its functions), an ecological crisis as a result of anthropogenic activities of civilization. All this is interfaced with the crisis of the human beings, a spiritual crisis, a crisis of consciousness, the loss by man of each and every orientation.
Imperialism is looking for a way out through the organization of war. "War is inevitable under capitalism, especially in its imperialist stage." (V.I.Lenin,The Compete Works.v.26, p.165. ru) According to Stalin - imperialism carries the contradictions of capitalism to the extreme (which we are witnessing today), from which revolution begins. A socialist revolution. "Without socialism there is no salvation of mankind from war, famine, and the death of millions of people" (V.I.Lenin, The Complete Works.vol.31, p.130. ru). "To eliminate the inevitability of war, imperialism needs to be destroyed" (J.V. Stalin, Works, vol.16, p.179. Under editorial of R. Kosolapov.ru).

The course of world history of the early twenty-first century, the anti-imperialist processes in Latin America, the systemic crisis of imperialism, the imperialist world now sweeping the community, indicate that we are on the verge of great social change and we must be prepared to correctly understand and correctly to realize the. The development of modern history shows that the twenty-first century to be the century of socialist revolutions, a century for the victory of socialism in most countries.
The duty of every Communist, every honest man is to take an active part in the anti-imperialist and anti-globalization struggle, as it is - a kind of struggle for SOCIALISM, because it links in with the single struggle for SOCIALISM.
Today to remove the oppressive situation is possible only through a return to a multipolar world, as it was when the Soviet Union existed. But the opposing block should really confront the United States and therefore must be anti-imperialist, such as the ALBA block (Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia and Ecuador).

WE, the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, appeal to all delegates of the III Anti-Imperialist International Conference to:
Demand from their governments:
Removal from the territory of their country of U.S. military bases as sources of increased danger of independence;
Refusal to support U.S. policy, because everywhere its goes, it is to the detriment of the country, its people and all humanity.
We call on the ordinary citizens of the USA - to stop the madness of their authorities!
After all, nothing will be left unanswered. And retaliation on the part of the downtrodden in the world can be expected at any moment. But in these acts of retaliation will suffer ordinary people, people of America guilty of nothing.
U.S. Citizens! Get up in the ranks of our common struggle against American imperialism bandit!
Join our ranks of our common struggle against American bandit imperialism!
Take part in anti-imperialist demonstrations! The authorities are afraid of only one thing – the organized people on the streets and squares.

Imperialism is now obsolete and historically will be compelled to give way to a more progressive and humane system - SOCIALISM.
We believe in it and fight for it!

N.A. Andreeva
General Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB

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