The All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCPB), inheriting Bolshevik principles of the R.S.D.W.P. -R.S.D.W.P.(b) - A.U.C.P.(b) - of Lenin's policiy in the CPSU, is the highest form of proletarian class organisation, advanced detachment of the working class, acting in unity with the peasantry and labour intelligentsia, standing on the Party's positions for: the gain of political power - overthrowing the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, the destruction of private ownership over the instuments and means of production, the revival of the USSR, the further strenghtening of the proletarian interests for the complete victory of socialism and gradual transition to communism. The ideological and theoretical basis of the AUCPB is formed by Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, is their doctrine in its creative application and development in modern conditions. The AUCPB is a component of the global communist movement with the aim of communism triumphing over the whole planet.

Monday, 2 January 2012






Dear friends, associates, comrades in our common struggle for socialism in the world!
The Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks congratulates members of the AUCPB and all those around us - all our friends and allies abroad for the New Year 2012! The new year should be a year of further development of the revolutionary struggle of the workers on all continents for their lost social rights, for permanent peace in the world without wars and violence, a year of acceleration of the revolutionary movement in the direction of the change history from the bloody inhuman crimes of imperialism to socialism - the only humane and democratic social and political system, where everyone who comes into this world, has a full, equal with the other, right to happiness and enjoyment of the benefits of civilization, regardless of race, religion, social status in society. The new year should be a year of strong anti-globalization and anti-imperialist struggle. The main direction of the struggle of the Soviet Communists and patriots of the Soviet homeland should be a continuation of the active struggle for the rebirth of our great Soviet Motherland - a multiethnic state of equal nations and nationalities of a state in which each other is a brother and comrade.
The main guarantee of our victory – lies in unity of action! The progressive forces in the world! Close ranks and join forces in a single fulminatory fist! The strongest wins in struggle. Us - the poor, oppressed and crucified by imperialism – are millions and therefore our strength is inexhaustible! Each one of us depends on our common victory. Rise up under the revolutionary banner of the brave heroes of past generations - Heroes of the Paris Commune, under the red banner of the Heroes of the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia, under the banner of victory of Soviet Heroes, which broke the back of fascism and Hitler's armada, which was regarded as invincible.
The PEOPLE are the creator of history!
So bolder and firmer steps are needed in the fight against the outmoded historical period of criminal imperialism!
We are going to win! WE are the creators of the future!
Long live SOCIALISM!
N.A. Andreeva
General Secretary of the CC AUCPB



Speech by Secretary of the CC AUCPB, S.V. Khristenko at the Fifth Congress of citizens of the USSR

November 5-6, Kuibyshev (Samara)

What am I going to talk about? About the history of our common Motherland - the Soviet Union. About the great historical community which is called the Soviet people. Well, first of all - about how we can restore the Soviet Union, about the difficulties along the way, about the methods that should be applied in this work.
The Russian state, then - the Soviet Union, has grown over the centuries from a small principality of Moscow, which in fact from its inception, pursued a policy of consolidation of the first purely Russian lands, then attachesd the non-Russian kingdom, Khanate, ulus, principalities, etc. This was largely random, but usually successful, advancement was called "meeting the sun", i.e. a movement to the east. We got to Kamchatka, Chukotka, and went to America. We gained vast expanses of the earth - 1/6 of the habitable land area with enormous natural resources, and bordering with the United States and China, and to India - a stone's throw, and the to Arab world – not that far. As geopolitics say, Russia occupies the HEARTLAND - "the heart of the world."
In our history there were many great and heroic things, but the regime firmly stuck at the stage of feudalism - serfdom, for the protection of the interests of landlords. The people had to overthrow tsarism, to make the Great October Socialist Revolution. And the people showed what "liberated labour" looked like. Within a few decades a century of economic and social growth slipped by, fascism was defeated, and we became a superpower under Stalin successfully resisting the furious economic, political and military pressure of world imperialism. We created a "man-made miracle" - the Soviet Union.
There have been many statements with kind words addressed to this time from those who then lived and worked. Marshal GK Zhukov writes about it in his memoirs: "Every time of peace has its own features, its own colour and its beauty. But I want to say a good word about the time before the war, as it differed in its unique elevation of mood, optimism, a spirituality and at the same time, work-like, modesty and simplicity in people’s attitude. We started to live well, really well".
Not such was the post-Stalin period in Soviet history. This was the time of delivery of the conquered positions, retreats, and under Gorbachev and Yeltsin - blatant capitulation. With the victory of the bourgeois counterrevolution in the USSR, the world has become unipolar and we have witnessed rampant global expansion of U.S. imperialism. American politics are an endless chain of aggressions in America - Cuba, Grenada, Guatemala, and in Asia - the bloody examples in Iraq, Vietnam, Africa - Libya, and in Europe – Yugoslavia, torn apart by greedy imperialist predators.
In opposition to the imperialist dictates of the U.S. as the world's people lack the strength of the once mighty Soviet Union. The world socialist camp was crushed, carrying to the world the idea and practice of alternatives to the bourgeois of globalization - communist globalization. The Soviet Union, led by the Bolshevik Party, in its historical development has shown how to solve the national question and is valid, ensuring equality of rights and opportunities for large and small nations, and made great strides in its economic, social, scientific and cultural development.
In its best years - the 1930-s, 40-s and 50-s, the USSR was, without exaggeration, a beacon for all progressive people who came here, admired what they saw, people like Bernard Shaw, Henri Barbusse, H.G. Wells, Rabindranath Tagore and many others. In January 1946, in a forecast prepared by the staff of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, they spoke directly about the Soviet Union being "in the next twenty years able to grow faster than all other countries and become comparable with the U.S. in economic power."
Alas, the bourgeois counter-revolution triumphed, falsely calling itself "perestroika", "improvement" of socialism. The forces dressing themselves up early in the counterrevolution in a lush "democratic" fashion, those false slogans which the "democrats" originally worked on the spectacular crowds of thousands at anti-Soviet demonstrations of the time, completely exposed themselves in the minds of the masses. People realized that the power was needed by these “democrats” for only one reason - to steal the people's wealth created by the labour of generations. The word "democrat" has become a dirty word and its anti-people nature of this clan has become clear to all.
However, the economy has been destroyed and the whole country lives only due to reckless selling off of its natural resources. Most of the revenue from this sale goes to the fat pockets of the newly minted capitalists, and we buy in shops second-rate clothes and products marketed to us from the West. Our domestic factories stand idle and our fields are overgrown with weeds.
The worst crime by the "democrats" - is that in acting in favour of their patrons over the ocean - U.S. imperialism, they destroyed the Soviet Union, our great common Motherland, causing resentment, mistrust, even hatred, among the first close-knit family of Soviet peoples, which led to the numerous ethnic conflicts, genocide, refugees and millions of ruined lives.
It was nationalism, the promotion of national exclusiveness, that was the most enduring component of the "democratic heritage", as evidenced by the almost daily reports of murders on national soil, massive clashes of various nationalities, appeals to national pogroms. Bourgeois nationalism is a very handy tool for explaining to the masses, why everything is so bad - to blame "people of Caucasian nationality," guest-workers, whoever you want to blame, but just not the capitalists themselves - the true "instigators" of all this horror!
How can we today's Communists act in this situation? How do we restore our Motherland today? What forces can do this? The fact that the Soviet Union has been destroyed, is something regretted by most of Belarusians, Russians and Ukrainians, Kyrgyz and Tajiks. On the question of what we lost with the collapse of the Soviet Union, they answer: the people have lost a sense belonging to a great power, a unified economic system has been destroyed, ties with relatives, friends have been broken, the feeling that you are everywhere at home has been lost, and instead, increased mutual distrust and bitterness. But the USSR is still the "historical homeland" for the majority of Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and other peoples inhabiting the territory of the USSR. And a desire to achieve in this space a new integration project - will be supported.
De jure, the Soviet Union is there - on the basis of the All-Union referendum on March 17, 1991 - the highest act of international law. Nobody deprived us of Soviet citizenship, for only through a referendum would it have been possible to deprive 280 million of Soviet citizenship in the light of Article 15 of the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights." No one has lifted the Soviet military oath. It is necessary to restore the Soviet Union de facto!
Of course there are powerful forces, especially among the "democrats" who deny the urgency and importance of restoring the Soviet Union. One hears cries from democrats such as: "Everyone wants to take all of Russia", "Russia is no longer a cash cow," "All of the republics were like free loaders - without them is easier for Russia," etc. And Ukrainian, Kazakh or Uzbek people, in turn, say, get rid finally of those Russian colonizers, who stole all our cotton (lard, diamonds, substitute with whatever you want). A question that is very clear: the economy of the Soviet state was the common property of all citizens of the Soviet Union, and as a single economic system, it was optimized so that both Russian, Uzbek and Tatar women had the opportunity to wear a dress made from Uzbek cotton, and in a Russian, Uzbek, and Tatar family they had plenty of Russian bread so all the Soviet people had access to goods made in Tartary.
Just a reminder of how far the enemies of our country hated the strong fraternal friendship of Soviet peoples, can serve as the words spoken by Stalin on Victory Day, May 9, 1945: "Three years ago Hitler publicly stated that his task included the dismemberment of the Soviet Union and breaking the Caucasus, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic and other regions away from it. He said bluntly: "We shall destroy Russia so that she will never be able to rise again." The famous American, Henry Kissinger said: "The collapse of the Soviet Union is certainly the most important event of our time, and the Bush administration has shown in its approach to this problem striking art ... I would prefer chaos in Russian and civil war, rather than the reunification of it into a united, strong, centralized state. " The same task was carried out actively by Gorbachev and Yeltsin. The goal, whether it be Hitler or Yeltsin, is one - to prevent a single strong Soviet state from existing.
Here we come, perhaps, to the main problem in connection with the restoration of the Soviet Union - the Soviet Union can be restored only by the Soviet people, that is, by people who say, my Motherland is the Soviet Union, I am Soviet. Only people with such a world- view can be the motor of this process. The struggle for the restoration of the Soviet people, the exaltation of the concept - the Soviet people - is, perhaps, the key point in our struggle for the restoration of the USSR. The greatness of the Soviet Union was given by the Soviet people! People decide everything! And we say - the Soviet Union was great, because of the great Soviet people! It was those people who were in the throes of a bitter struggle and triumphed in the Civil War after the invasion of fourteen leading world powers, overcoming internal counter-revolution, and the people who during World War II were able to victoriously resist the invasion of all Europe, as behind Hitler was the whole of Europe. These are the people who carried out miraculous feats of labour!
Someone will say, you're talking about the Soviet people, but there are many nations, individual nations. Well, let's look at the well-known Stalin definition of a nation. A nation is a historically constituted, stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language. A common feature of the Soviet people became Russian language. Russian language is known to all people of the Soviet Union. They know it now. Common territory - this is obvious. Common economic life - more than fair. The entire Soviet industry was one national - economic complex. The collapse of the USSR had a monstrous impact on industry, and led to its demise. And last - common psychological make-up manifested in a common culture. Was there a Soviet culture? Yes, of course. It was really a great culture. And when we remember the best movies today - we remember "Chapayev" and "Potemkin", when we remember ballet - we remember Ulanova, when we remember the singers - we remember the galaxy of Soviet legendary singers. Soviet culture is a huge achievement. Thus, we have every reason to speak of a Soviet nation.
What was the reason for the victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War? The socialist social and political system? Yes! Of course! The wise leadership of the country under Stalin! Yes! Of course! The heroism of Soviet people, who stood shoulder to shoulder and died defending their Socialist Motherland? Yes! Of course! But there was also a great irresistible force - the friendship and mutual support of all the Soviet peoples, people of different nations and nationalities! For every Soviet citizen there was a common Soviet Motherland - from Brest and to Kamchatka. And They defended their Motherland without sparing of life, whether he or she was a Kazakh, Armenian or Russian, or in Brest, Moscow and Kursk or in the Crimea. The great strength of friendship of Soviet peoples in battle and at work was that steel barrier, which destroyed all hopes of the Nazis in a split, hostility, or panic in the hearts of Soviet people. We must always remember about this great lesson - the unity of the fraternal nations and peoples - is a great force! We must now be united in our common struggle against the criminal capitalist regime, to be united in the struggle for the restoration of our common Socialist Motherland - the Soviet Union!
So what methods do we have to act by in restoring the Soviet Union, and what must we be guided by? It may be useful even the very principles on the basis founded by the Bolsheviks in the creation of a multinational federal socialist state. Working to restore the Soviet Union, we must not engage in empty sobs, not ultra-babble, but hard work to restore confidence between the former Soviet nations, explaining to people the essence of the tragic events that occurred over the past twenty years, we have to call on people on practical matters, to include them in the overall work.
I think that:

- The real shift in our work can only happen if Communists come to power in Russia. This is a key element. Otherwise - if power will be in our hands in any other (s) of the former Soviet republics, - then namely bourgeois Russia will transform into an insurmountable obstacle to integration.
- After taking power in Russia, one must be extremely careful. With the current state of the economy, an economic embargo is tantamount to death.
- In relations with the Union republics – there should be no pressure (even more so - force). The basis for the interaction is mutually beneficial economic cooperation, the maximum extension of programs of scientific, industrial, military and cultural exchange.
- A special role in the consolidation of the union republics will almost certainly be played with relationships in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Here we need to be especially cautious.
- There must not be the slightest sign of "Russification" – as this will inevitably lead to an increase in the nationalist movement. In the framework of the Union should be placed the principle of full national and political development of the republics as the basis of fraternal unity.
- Immediately, without delay, should be authorized the establishment of a permanent supranational body such as the Union Central Executive Committee TsIK as in the 1920s.
- The political basis of the fraternal union of peoples should be addressed by a revived Communist Party.
- In the first stage the main thing is the parallel increase in the standard of living of the working people and revival of industries-locomotives of the economy (oil, gas, construction, transportation, weapons).
- Direct opposition to the U.S. - is, of course, wonderful. We are "indebted" to U.S. policy and the "duty of a good turn deserves another!" But so that such opposition was not declarative, first we need to become really strong, non-dependent, consolidated.
The restoration of the Soviet Union is not a legal issue, it is a political problem, the problem is moral, it is the restoration of the great heritage that has been left to us by our ancestors. We must actively promote the great Soviet legacy. The only way out for our country so that it never finally became a colony andhe cash cow of the West – is the revival of Soviet power across our land. This power will take the best from the rich experience of the Soviet Union and once again bring together all peoples of our country into a single family and allow it to cast off from itself finally, the greedy clutches of global capital.
I conclude with the wise words of great Soviet artist, journalist, writer - Ariadne Zhukova:
Has the Soviet Union been destroyed? No, not true!
It is alive in our hearts!
And given us great happiness -
to fight for its resurrection!

Let us be loyal to this cause! Victory will be ours!


In this article we will briefly acquaint the reader with the key organizations of the leftist youth in Russia.
Typically, these organizations represent youth "wings" of the various parties and are following the leadership of these parties. Therefore, the assertion of some left-wing youth organizations of their supposed "independence" (which, moreover, they consider it a big advantage) of the parties is simply a fraud, or mistake, because no independence from politics and political parties exists (Lenin wrote about this more than once). As practice shows, this or that youth leftist organization joins in the activity of a particular party.
The All-Union Youth Guard of Bolsheviks (VMGB) is the youth squad of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCPB led by N.A. Andreeva). VMGB stands for the destruction of the established in the USSR capitalist system, for the revival of the USSR, Soviet power and socialism through a socialist revolution, the dictatorship of the proletariat and the victory of communism. The VMGB has a website and on a regular basis (monthly) publishes its newspaper "Revolution" and the organization is not only in Russia but also in other republics of the former Soviet Union. Today, into the ranks of the fighters in the VMGB is arriving a new youth, there are cells in cities throughout Russia and beyond. The VMGB firmly stands for Bolshevism, consistently advocating the revolutionary path of development and social integration of youth in the struggle on the basis of revolutionary Marxist-Leninist ideology.
The next leftist youth organization is the Revolutionary Communist Youth League - Komsomol (b). Established in 1996, based on the split of the youth organization Komsomol (b) of Igor Malyarova, it supports the dictatorship of the proletariat and the construction of a classless society, declares its "organizational independence", but "firmly on the ideological positions of the RCWP-RPC", i.e. the youth wing of the RCWP-RPC (led by V. Tyulkina). However, these "ideological positions" of the RCWP-RPC are not Marxist-Leninist but primarily to attract the RCWP-RPC into parliamentary elections, and anti-Stalinist in the assessment of the Soviet past, Trotskyism in ideology.
The initiative of the Komsomol (b) on the organization of student and youth resistance deserve attention and support. Komsomol (b) maintains its website and publishes the newspaper "Bumbarash 2017."
Now we shall place the attention of readers to the Red Youth Vanguard (AKM) - once a single youth organization in the movement of B. Anpilova "Working Russia" (Trudovaya Rossiya).
Since 2003, AKM has divided in two: the abandoning V. Anpilova AKM led by Sergei Udaltsov (first joined the Communist Party of Shenin, but then based on the AKM led by Udaltsov formed the "Left Front" (Rot Front)) and the second AKM-TR ("Vanguard of Red Youth" Trudovaya Russia " headed by Maria Donchenko). The AKM led by Udaltsov, after formation of the "Left Front", which merged with the main organization of the AKM, practically ceased to exist. At the moment, the central site of the AKM (Moscow) is not updated (an unsuccessful attempt was made to recreate the site by the Novosibirsk AKM), the AKM newspaper "Control Shot" began to appear very infrequently (once again in Novosibirsk). Note that AKM-Novosibirsk is adjacent to the RCWP-RCP. The program of the AKM is very far removed from Marxism-Leninism, scientific communism, declared by the AKM as their ideology.
AKM-TR, also came out from under Anpilovsky care and recognized the political leadership of the All-Russian Communist Party of the future (deliberately set abbreviation as the AUCPB (Bolsheviks) an acronym to confuse and deceive the citizens). It should be noted that the Communist Party of the Future is in no way a Communist Party and is currently in effect ceased to exist. The AKM-TP is an organization mainly in Moscow publishing the newspaper "Moscow - the Sadovoye Kol’tso."
The next organization is the Russian Young Communist Youth League - Komsomol (RKSM), formed on the basis of the youth organization of Igor Malyarov previously closely related to the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) (Komsomol leader Darya Mitina who was a State Duma deputy from the CPRF). Komsomol is a weakly growing site, and a central newspaper is absent. Komsomol organization exists in Novosibirsk (more precisely - Academgorodka), which works closely with the Soviet District Committee of the CPRF and supports the CPRF in every election. Occasionally it publishes its own newspaper - "Novosibirsk Komsomol."
One of the leftist youth organizations which should be considered is the Leninist Young Communist League of the Russian Federation, the former Young Communist League of the CPRF. The statutory objective of Youth of the Russian Federation is stated as "the protection of the rights and interests of Russian youth." For the most part members of the Leninist Youth is to play the role of mass backup of the CPRF at rallies, in their free time engaging in campaigns and other cultural events. Youth of Russia "shares the policy objectives of the political party the CPRF and is involved in achieving them." The CPRF Party is so severely contaminated by opportunism and parliamentary cretinism, which is not surprising there is an ideological crisis, which remains in its youth organization. Many members of it fall into the ranks of the organization by accident or by ignorance, are disillusioned with the movement and go in more radical or "more communist" youth associations.
We need to tell you about a certain form of unification of youth in protest, as independent trade unions. In 2011 in Russia was organized by independent Student Union "Student Defence", actively engaged in a campaign to protect affordable education. In Ukraine, there is a network of independent student union entitled "Pryamaya dіya" ("Direct Action"), operating since 2008. during the last year, activists of independent trade unions carried out a few actions for free quality education, against the decline of educational standards. Of course, these actions are not as widespread and effective, as thousands strong marches in Latin American and European youth, but they suggest that our students are beginning to wake up from a political slumber.
To an ordinary layman, after reading this review a logical question could arise: why don’t all the young left unite into one organization? After all of these in the review are in favour of socialism. The answer to this is that at the present time, a merger of rather different in terms of ideological groups do not give a positive effect, and in addition, all leftist youth organizations are close to one or another party. As for more dense coordination: holding of joint activities, participation in the same campaign to uphold the rights of youth, all that is called unity of efforts aimed at achieving a common goal (the organization of youth resistance to capitalism) - this should be an integral part of our of work.
The further development of capitalism, the associated decline in living standards of workers, especially workers and students, the improvement of the apparatus of suppression - will inevitably lead to an increase in youth dissatisfaction with their situation and what is happening in the country, as well as - in the long term - to a closer unity of all real opposition left-wing youth organizations on a revolutionary basis.

E. Fatyanova



Without the leadership of a revolutionary communist party, any anti-capitalist revolt will not reach its primary goal.
With the passage of time, the significance and experience of the Great October Socialist Revolution carried out in Russia in 1917 is not becoming tarnished, but rather on the contrary, it is becoming more and more urgent.
We see this as an example of overthrowing the pro-US Mubarak regime in Egypt, on the example of mass popular unrest in Yemen, the recent (September - October 2011) mass demonstrations and clashes with police in Western European countries (Greece, Italy, France, Britain) and the U.S.. The population of many countries in Latin America (Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador), led by leftist orientated Social democratic governments have begun to carry out progressive reforms, such as the nationalization of major industries. All this occurs against the backdrop of the global economic crisis of overproduction, the dollar decline, and attempts by the imperialist powers to divide the world anew (events in Libya, Syria). All the predictions come true of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin on the inevitability of crises and wars under capitalism, the inevitability of mass popular demonstrations against the bourgeois order. The world is rapidly shifting left and revolutionary socialist reforms are approaching.
And in this regard is invaluable the experience of the Great October Socialist Revolution. So, what were the main reasons for its victory, its triumph? What dictates what we experienced in the October uprising, carried out under the leadership of the Bolsheviks, on the instructions of Lenin and Stalin?
The main reasons for the victory of the socialist revolution in Russia in 1917 are:
1. Revolution was confronted by a relatively weak, poorly organized, politically inexperienced enemy as the Russian bourgeoisie. Once in power, it basically continued the policy of the hated Tsar Nicholas II, who was overthrown in February 1917. And the people with all his hatred of the monarch transferred power to a Provisional Government of capitalists. And the Mensheviks and SRs (Socialist Revolutionries) who supported the government, exposed themselves as agents of the imperialist bourgeoisie.
2. At the head of the socialist revolution was the working class of Russia, which had won a reputation in the struggle for peace against imperialist war, for land, freedom and socialism.
3. The working class had such an important ally in the Revolution, as the poor peasants.
4. The most important (in the light of events in 2011) reason of the Great October Socialist Revolution is the fact that the head of the working class in 1917 and tested in political battles was a force, as the Bolshevik Party. It managed to combine general democratic demands for peace, the peasant-democracy movement for the seizure of the landed estates, the national liberation struggle of oppressed peoples for national equality, and the socialist orientation of the working class dictatorship of the proletariat into a single powerful revolutionary stream against capitalism in Russia.
5. The October Revolution began in the middle of an imperialist war, when the main bourgeois countries were not able to immediately and actively oppose the insurgents operating in Russia and their allies. This would greatly facilitate the victory of the October uprising.
6. The Bolshevik Party would have been unable to win, if its leading fighter had not mastered the theory of Marxism-Leninism, if they had not learned to look at this theory as a guide to action, if Lenin and Stalin did not develop it, enriching new experience of the class struggle of the proletariat (working class).
The October Revolution deprived the bourgeoisie and the landlords of Russia of the means of production, by turning factories, land, railroads and banks into the national property. It was the first in history to destroy to the ground the state machinery of the capitalists and in its place create a new type of state - Soviets as a form of dictatorship of the proletariat. The Great October Socialist Revolution opened a new era in world history, "gave people not only freedom but also the wealth, the possibility of a prosperous and cultured life" (Stalin).
What conclusions should we draw from experience of the October Revolution?
First, genuine Communists both in Russia and the world should try to lead any mass action of all working people against the capitalist order. If in 2011 a revolutionary communist party managed to take over the leadership of the mass unrest of the workers and petty bourgeoisie in Egypt, Tunisia, Greece, Italy, then would come a chance if not to seize power in these countries, at least to get the most important experience of leading the huge popular protesters masses, and if not today then tomorrow to overthrow the capitalist government.
The main thing is that real Communists, Bolsheviks do not miss the maturing of a revolutionary situation, so the masses have the willingness to undertake radical actions against the capitalist regime.
What do genuine Communists need to lead protesters?
First and foremost, to strengthen the relationship with the working class and poor peasantry, to try to win over the representatives of the petty bourgeoisie. Genuine communists Bolsheviks must fight gain prominence and prestige among the workers and trade unions not only in talks, agitation and propaganda, but also in concrete assistance to workers, peasants in their struggle for their rights. Secondly, the experience of the October Revolution, says that the real Communists- Bolsheviks were bound to expose the opportunism and compromises of the fake communists of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) and its counterparts abroad. Otherwise, they will lead the insurgent masses into the quagmire of peace with the bourgeoisie, into a morass of betrayal of the revolution that will ultimately lead to the preservation of the capitalist system.
Thirdly, the experience of the October Revolution teaches us to consistently and routinely study Marxism-Leninism, which according to Stalin is a compass that points the way to the victory of socialism.
Fourthly, the real Communists-Bolsheviks must join Communist agitation and propaganda with the peace movement and the struggle against war, against nationalism and fascism for internationalist unity of all peoples in the overthrow of the bourgeoisie.

-------------------------------------------------- -


On 24 october 2011 at the enterprise "Izhmashstanko", a machine operator hanged himself. His name was Yuri. As the workers said, he often stayed to work in two shifts, sometimes even spending the night in the enterprise. But he did not always get paid in full for his work. Either the accountant calculates his pay or promises to and forgets (to pay). In general, as the saying goes, he was “thrown” away.
And then there's the drunken security guard caught stealing: he cut the phone cord and stole from the work sites everything he could lay his hands on, even the brass shavings, etc., He got caught and still accused Yuri of being an accomplice.
Security said they caught Yuri red-handed. He called them dogs. Everything got on top of him. Here is a man who could not endure it all – and hanged himself. Do not exit this unequivocally.
But our "free" and "democratic" media is unlikely to write about this tragedy or report about it. And the Communist Party of the Russian Federation will make it appear that they do not know anything, and won’t "blink an eyelid." At "Izhmashstanko" the owners pretend that nothing had happened, all the usual, everything is fine. "All Quiet in Baghdad, quietly, quietly ..."
But what next? A future in store for us is being prepared by the bourgeois - Moscow oligarchs, M. Kuzyuk (a fellow of the American company in Boston, who now heads (?!!) Russian defence enterprises). They want to push all the workers in 2012 into the barrel like herring. That is, abandon machine building, its production and everything. The rest of the territory will be sold off ("released").
And then what? Connect machine building to military production. Then what? And then - all the rest cover over, mothball and slam shut. But before that, squeeze what they can get from the workers. And throw them away as waste material.
And what kind of attitude to the workers? Hired slaves, brainless cattle – and that is the most "harmless" nicknames we are given, comrades, given to us by the crazy with impunity bourgeois. But now it's time to put them in their place, because we, the workers are the majority. Together, united, we are able to show them our power. Meanwhile we give no resistance to the bourgeois dogs. Can we workers, only gather in order to get drunk?
It is time to realize that "... either we will forever put up with this and sink to the level of dumb slaves - or rise up to the common struggle for our common demands" (Stalin).



In December, all the many decent people of Earth celebrate important dates in our glorious Soviet history, the history of struggle and victory, building first time in history a new socio-economic formation, the FORMATIONS OF THE FUTURE - SOCIALISM.
On DECEMBER 21, 1879, Joseph Stalin was born - a brilliant successor to the teachings and work of Marx, Engels and Lenin, the organizer together with Lenin of proletarian victory, of soldiers and sailors of the Great October Socialist Revolution, the leader of the Bolshevik Party, the creator of with Lenin of the first workers and peasants state in the world - the USSR, the beloved leader of the multinational family of peoples of the Soviet Union, the organizer of socialist construction, the organizer of the Great Victory of the Soviet people over fascism in World War II and the organizer of the socialist camp in the People's Democracy.
On December 30, 1922 - Under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was formed – a socialist multinational state of workers and peasants, a union of free and equal citizens.
December 5, 1936 is the Day of the Stalin Constitution of victorious socialism, the most democratic constitution in the world.
The people, freed from the yoke of the landlords and the bourgeoisie has shown what free labour truly means. For three decades, during which armed struggle continued in the south against robber bands, everywhere - from the bourgeois-kulak underground - pests and saboteurs - belching and not wanting to leave the scene of the old world, were sent to us from the West in the same suit, saboteurs and enemies of the Soviet authorities and the Trotskyists, during these three decades we have gone a century, and came out with this at the forefront of economic and military development, science and education. The period of life under Stalin, was marked by soaring culture, literacy, confidence in the future, when every next day became better than today. Under Stalin we had grown from a poor illiterate Russia into a powerful industrial state, laid a strong economic base of society, laid the foundations of our new nation - the Soviet people. We were proud of our great Motherland and proudly carried its Hammer and Sickle Soviet passport.
After the Stalin period in Soviet history followed the period of giving away the positions previously conquered, with lower GDP growth. With the statement of class struggle in society and the world being absent, we made a political deal with the West, wanting to please them and like our enemies. Although, as we know, the class struggle is the driving force of history. Talking like brothers with our Western "friends" of the imperialists, we forgot the historic words of Stalin, uttered in the Victory Day May 9, 1945: "Three years ago Hitler publicly stated that his task included the dismemberment of the Soviet Union and peeling away of the Caucasus, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic and other regions. He said bluntly: "We shall destroy Russia so that she will never be able to rise up." Has this not already been done by our Democrats today about the dismemberment of our country? And who are those who so gently "sing" about the uselessness of our Caucasus, Belarus and dependency on others? All the same enemies of the Soviet people, dressed in robes and high government status. How much evil has bred in our beautiful homeland, which will have to be seriously "cleaned up". That’s ok! We can do all everything. We have enough strength and forces.
Under Gorbachev and Yeltsin, we openly surrendered to the West, allowing the ruin of our great multinational alliance of nations and nationalities. Primacy was given throughout to the United States, betraying the international communist movement, with the collapse of the socialist camp. As a result of our betrayal – the United States became the lords of a unipolar world and acted as the international banditry and violence against the countries that are considered "their vital interests." President Dmitry Medvedev humbly plays to them, the United States, alternately surrendering our Soviet friends: Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria (?) occupies a middle position on the DPRK, not counting it necessary and obligatory to pay our debts to the DPRK. Returning to the West with gold Russia billions of tsarist debts, taken at the time by the imperial government to conducted World War I, robbed of its citizens through "voucher" and direct savings schemes in State Bank robbery, the Russian government we do not consider possible to give for these "rainy day" accumulated crumbs stating that "it is not envisaged by the Russian government." WHAT is envisaged? - Further looting of the population, bringing it to physical exhaustion with a beggarly pension and health care unfit only to kill? It envisages destroying the older generation, to clear the road for nouveau thieves, murderers, money-grubbers, and other non-humans?
Comparison of our modern life with the life under Stalin, under socialism, is not any comparison. Because the poll "of the Agency for Cultural and Social Studies," Society Know where it lives" (AXIO, head S.E. Kurginyan) more than 80% of the population today vote" for "socialist values”.
The “Democrats” say, we shall not revive the Soviet Union. Lies! WE will restore our great Motherland the multinational Soviet Union, leaving behind the old mistakes which are inevitable when you first go along a new path. We will create a society better and more beautiful than it was. We must renew our strong USSR and the fraternal friendship of our multinational Soviet family.
The dishonest will not always rule
Wake up suffering Russian people,
And the thunder tocsin in high places:
"For the Motherland, for Stalin - Forward!"
In order not to have been slaves to our children,
High in the battle the slogan calls on us,
Great slogan - a true key to victory:
"For the Motherland, for Stalin - Forward!"
Bring to an end the entire liberal gang
Great Stalin leads us to battle.
Into battle by order of combat command:
"For the Motherland and Stalin - Forward!"
People, rise up hero-soldier
From our mighty shoulders let’s shake off the market rabble.
We will win, as the bright 1945,

(Lyrics by A. Pugachenkova and A. Harchikova


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