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Monday, 2 April 2012






Program minimum for anyone who wants the rebirth of our great Soviet Motherland – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Look all around you! In place of the free and mighty Soviet motherland - the Soviet Union, "rights activists" (their own of course) for twenty years, have built an ugly "chicken coop" where only the new "masters of life" – the bourgeoisie thrive and get fatter. Everything for the bourgeoisie! Workers can only survive to next pay day - if you could call it pay! Prostitution, pedophilia, embezzlement, corruption and endless killing of competitors are an everyday reality.
And "legitimacy" the current regime produces with more of a "scrape", by fraudulent, thieving "elections" that cause uproar in the community, grand protest rallies, which the so-called "liberals", "democrats" immediately tried to "lay hands on", who in the early 90's b deceit and lies drew people into the market reforms. It is enough to remember the cynical Nemtsov, with his "famous" characteristic move as one of the participants of protest rallies, as "internet hamsters" and called upon to organize a "perestroika-2."
What is to be done? Grieve like the old intellectual habit? - i.e. "Here we have in Russia, as always - not like civilized people but everything all over the stump-deck. It’s better the way they do things in the civilized West and in the United States." And these are the thoughts needed by our enemy - the United States. Spending trillions of dollars on the dismemberment of the Soviet Union, they want to "finish off" the Soviet civilization, its geopolitical rival, to realize, finally, Hitler's words: "We shall destroy Russia so that she will never be able to rise again."
To destroy a nation, its people need to be deprived of love to their country and respect for its history. When we have these elements, the people and the country is indestructible and eternal, when they are not - people are doomed to destruction, to withdrawal from the world stage. Will people succumb to those insults and mud flows like it is poured upon them from radio, TV, newspapers, like the "man-eater Stalin," "bloody Bolsheviks," "Gulag horrors" the unleashed by the Soviet Union World War II? There I no end to the lies and falsification of accounts that fall on the common man. But for all that, there is the unrestrained praise of the traitor Vlasov and Krasnov, the fascist hireling Bandera and the SS. What does one want to do with such bourgeois propaganda? Turn into simple Ivans, not remembering where one is from? To turn the great Soviet people into human scum that is ready to randomly splutter: "if we had lost to Hitler we would all now have been drinking Bavarian beer!" Betrayal is preached along with rejection of ones own country, of our great Russian and Soviet history, the history of our ancestors.
The greatness of the Soviet Union was given by the Soviet people! People decide everything! And we say - the great Soviet Union, because it had a great Soviet people! It's the people who are in the throes of a bitter struggle and defeated in the Civil War the invasion of fourteen leading world powers, overcame internal counter-revolution, the people who during World War II were able to victoriously resist the fascist invasion of all Europe, and behind Hitler followed the whole of Europe. It's the people who carried out miraculous feats of labour! In Soviet times, we were all together in work and battle, and built a miracle, a handmade dream, our Soviet Motherland - the USSR.
It is time to separate the false propaganda of the bourgeoisie from the historical truth! It is time to spit in the face of the homegrown teachers - the "democrats" and their "universal" and "civic" values, and to understand, finally, that all these "values" are the same - the justification of banditry, looting, corruption, right to lies (so-called pluralism), the justification of the lowest of human vices. It is time to realize that the troubles which have fallen on our country over the past twenty years, are natural and not accidental. All this - the inherent properties of capitalism, which can only be destroyed by destroying capitalism itself. Capitalism – is drug profits, whether in Marx’s day or today, whether in America or Russia.
So what do we do? First of all - take a close look at yourself - Ivanov, Petrov, Sidorov, etc. What have you done for your Motherland and for yourself? Do you tell your wife and friends in the kitchen about how hard it is to live now? You instil hope in yourself that – “I'm strong, I’m smart, I’m still young, I’ll make it.” Well, break through then. But understand - our strength is great, when we are together, when we are united, when we go to an open fight for our interests, for our Motherland. If you're going to sit at home, people will soon be found that are from "your name" protecting "your interests" and will arrange their own personal affairs on the backs of you. Think of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU). Remember the type of party it evolved into, with the apathy and indifference of the masses, where they say – “I’ll lie down next to the stove, and let them do some work!” Do you want that again? No? Then come out to rallies, stand up for your understanding of the truth and fight!
We have something to fight for! With a destroyed economy, the whole country lives only due to its reckless sales of natural resources. Most of the revenue from this sale goes to the fat pockets of the newly minted capitalists, and we buy in shops second-rate clothes and products marketed to us from the West. Our own factories stand silent and our fields are overgrown with weeds, with a rapidly shrinking population, and with the level of education, health and culture down, people have no confidence in the future. But we do have the strength and opportunity to fix it thanks to the incredible reserve of firmness of the Soviet legacy: in science and technology, education, health, military and defence industry, industry and energy of the highest culture. And above all - thanks to people who have kept the ideals of collectivism, fairness and comradeship.

PRIORITIES. The current political situation in Russia has a tendency towards an increase in the systemic crisis in all spheres of government and society. Instead of developing, the country is increasingly slipping onto the path of degradation with the prospect of destabilization and the subsequent destruction of statehood and territorial integrity. The power-oligarchic clans have lost the trust by the people and to retain control over the situation, the pursuit of further looting of Russian wealth, the impoverishment of the masses and the subordination of the country to external control, they are moving over to the another plot, having started an imitation of elections, and pocket-size change over of power by the formula "the president-prime minister ". It is necessary to work together and carry out concerted actions against this illegitimate government that is formed on the basis of false, which means - illegal elections. A pre-revolutionary situation in developing in the country, when the "upper classes can not rule the old way," and "the lower classes do not want to live the old way," when people understand their complete exclusion from participation in government, are more and more inclined towards radical ways of saving the Fatherland. The Russian Constitution (Article 3) and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations, oblige people to free themselves from the power, if it does not focus on the development of cultural, economic and other needs of the nation, but instead, on their violation.

POWER. Immediately after the transfer of power to the people, Putin, Medvedev, Serdyukov and other traitors responsible for the collapse of the country's defence, Army and Navy, the looting of national wealth and national wealth, will be tried for treason. In the future, the Soviet should be the basis of power, which forms a single vertical of popular power - from the Supreme Soviet to the Village Soviet, with direct election of deputies at all levels, proportional representation of all social classes and groups, and the right to recall deputies of all levels.

PUNISHMENT OF CRIMINALS. Create an Extraordinary Commission of Inquiry into economic crimes. All state criminals, thieves and privateers must be arrested and convicted, and deported or if they remain in the country, their stolen finances must be returned to the state and made to serve all the people. Amend the Criminal Code with changes that involve the introduction of penalties up to life imprisonment for the theft on a large scale, bribery and use of official position for personal gain, but also to extend the procedure for confiscation of property of persons convicted of these crimes, as well as their family members. Regularly verify that the income and expenditure of public servants and managers of state enterprises, to identify any excess in expenditure over income. Detection of abuse should entail an investigation and appropriate punishment.

NATIONAL ECONOMY. Banks, railways, air transport, maritime and river transport, railways, major industries and areas of industry, strategic defense enterprises, housing and utilities, communications, agriculture and science should be nationalized. Order needs to be restored in which the land and its resources are public property and can not be traded. For business activities, they are transferred for use by relevant organizations. State property may be used only in the interests of the people of Russia. Independence of the country should be provided on key commodities and resources, in the first place, food sovereignty, which requires intensive development of domestic agriculture. Restore directive planning in the nationalized key sectors of the economy, creating a single plan of restoration and development of the Russian economy, applying the latest achievements of modern theory of planned economy.

BANKING AND FINANCIAL SYSTEM Restructure the domestic banking system, providing effective control of the state to orient monetary policy to achieve economic self-sufficiency of the country, the competitiveness of the economy and finance projects as a defined plan for the restoration and development of the Russian economy. Later, after the socialist revolution, the banks are nationalized into a single state bank.

SOCIAL ISSUES. The very first decree of the national government is to restore truly free education, medical care, a fair level of payment for housing, and provision of social benefits. Resume the practice of mass construction of housing for residents, with provision to citizens for social rent. At the same time to prevent abuse of its distribution there will be a ban on its privatization. Ensure full support of the family, and on that basis overcome the demographic depression. Eliminate the embarrassing phenomenon of social neglect.

HEALTH CARE. The development of a system of free medicine like in the USSR, was one of the best in the world. Restoration and improvement of such areas as health disease monitoring, and chemical-pharmaceutical and medical instrument industry is necessary. A sharp increase in public investment in research and development in cutting-edge areas of the struggle for human health. Emergency response in all that relates to large-scale diseases, drug addiction and other features created by the "invisible hand of the market."

ARMY. MILITIA. The army and the security forces must be the flesh and blood of the working people and serve as protection of their interests. Abolish the infamous name "police" and return to the truly peoples’ name and nature of militia, as the people's security forces. Enter a rigid system of control by the state and society to ensure the unconditional compliance with the law by each militia officer. Abolish the so-called "plan" on violations. Ensure the revival of respect and trust towards the Interior Ministry in the community. Achieve a radical increase in the level of the country's defence by restoring military enterprises, supplying the army with the latest military equipment of domestic production, wealth and moral state of the officer corps of the Armed Forces. Alter the prevailing post-perestroika years of negative social attitudes towards the army and navy, and in the Armed Forces, revive the traditionally inherent in them camaraderie.

EDUCATION. SCIENCE. The country needs creative, open-minded, responsible members of society. Therefore it is necessary to ensure that every citizen of Russia, regardless of their social position has the possibility of completing their education. Radically change the attitude of the state of science and the scientific community, raising its social status and material security. Create conditions for the development of fundamental science and to ensure its priority funding. Carry out a policy of respect for the national cultures of the peoples of Russia, providing real equality of all peoples of Russia.

PEOPLE. CULTURE. With the power of the people, people of emancipated labour will certainly be in a position to change themselves, and should be on par with new challenges. Absolute priority is the development of each person, the growth of their educational and cultural level of competence, professional qualifications and political activities. To achieve the objectives stated above, it is necessary to create conditions for their spiritual growth and realization of their best human qualities. It is necessary to restore the highest priority of culture, provided by public funding on a competitive basis only towards highly artistic works of art: film, television, literature, theatre, music, painting, etc. Counter the propaganda of violence and vulgarity on television, radio, film and publishing businesses, as the most mass media influence on people's minds.
If they shout holy, "Abandon you Russ, live in paradise!"
I say: "I do not need your paradise, give me my Motherland."

S.A. Esenin



Speech V.B. Zelikov, Secretary of the CC AUCPB, chairman of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB for Belarus and Kaliningrad region at the plenary session of the 12th international scientific-practical conference "The Slavic world on the path towards the future," 2/25/2012, Minsk

Dear Comrades!
The end of last year marked the 20th anniversary of a tragic date in the history of the peoples of the Soviet Union, which was based on three Slavic republics - Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. In December 1991 the leaders of these republics, against the will of the people expressed in a referendum on March 17, 1991, signed the criminal Belovezh agreement that ended a great state. This agreement was made with the support of internal counter-revolution and the imperialist circles of Western countries.
The destruction of unified Soviet economic relations, the looting of public property and the introduction of market capitalist relations in the national economy of one country dealt a blow of enormous force. This led to a decline in industrial and agricultural production, reduction of living standards of working people in all Soviet republics, including Slavic, rising prices, unemployment and population decline. If, before the destruction of the Soviet Union, the Soviet economy occupied 2nd place in the world, now, such as Russia, according to economists, it has been abandoned to 10th position and turned into a raw materials appendage of the leading imperialist countries.
Dismemberment by the traitors to the Soviet homeland of a once-mighty Soviet Army between former Soviet republics caused enormous damage to our defense. The situation for the Slavs developed extremely dramatically. The drama is compounded by the fact that some Slavic countries opposed other Slavic countries, some belong to NATO and threaten others who are out of this aggressive bloc.
As for Russia - the main power center of the Slavic world and its defense has been undermined to a considerable extent. If at the beginning of the so-called reforms (to put it simply, destruction) the number of servicemen in the army, was 3.9 million people, but currently around - 1 million. Unjustified multiple reductions affected all types and kinds of troops, including Army, Air force, navy, and concluded with the United States a Treaty on Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty (START-3), that undermines the foundations of Russia's defense capability and provides a one-sided advantages to the American side.
Unfortunately, the destructive process at the turn of XX-XXI centuries affected two other Slavic countries: Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. The tragedy of the situation in Yugoslavia is that the destruction was preceded by bloody conflicts in which Slavs killed Slavs: the war in Slovenia (1991), the war in Croatia (1991-1995). the war in Bosnia (1992-1995) and conflicts in the Albanian regions: Kosovo war (1998-1999), the conflict in Presevo Valley (1999-2001), the conflict in Macedonia (2001). During the civil wars from Greater Yugoslavia in the late XX century, four of the six republics (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia) separated. In 1995, NATO intervened on the side of the Muslims in the war in Bosnia, and in 1999, NATO launched a war against sovereign Yugoslavia with the brutal bombing of Belgrade. After that Yugoslavia was transformed into the Union of Serbia and Montenegro, and with the exit on June 3, 2006 from the union by Montenegro, Yugoslavia, finally ceased to exist.

During the fighting in former Yugoslavia, 250 000 people (out of 20 million people) were killed, and 4 million have fled abroad. A handful of impotent dwarf countries are all that remains of the mighty powers who fought Hitler who had a six hundred thousand-strong army. Its majesty had turned to dust: one republic to survive at the expense of beach tourism, others begging and asking for money from the West and NATO forces with private facilities located on the territory of Bosnia, Serbia and Macedonia.
The dismemberment of Czechoslovakia that took place on January 1, 1993, is called by some politicians a velvet divorce, as it was peaceful and an officially legalized chapter of the union state, but the consequences of this breakup were not velvet: the Czech Republic and Slovakia are currently experiencing difficult times.
All these facts make us think about the fate of the Slavs. History teaches us that bitterness came to the lands of the Slavs, when they acted separately. How can one not to remember the tragic fate of the Polabian Slavs: the obodrits, lyutiches, luzhichans, pomoryans who, having failed to unite, were conquered by the German invaders and Germanised. How can one not remember that just because of feudal Russia that was divided into separate principalities, it could not withstand the Mongol invasion and for 250 years, fell into slavery.
In contrast, the Slavs were invincible when acting together. In 2010, we celebrated the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald, where the army of the Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania united and defeated the Teutonic Knights of the Teutonic Order. As part of the combined armies, fought those from present-day Poland, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic. This battle forever undermined the strength of the Order, permanently halted the expansion of German feudal lords into the Slavic lands and contributed to consolidation of the Slavs. Otherwise, the Slavs were threatened with Germanization, as happened with the fragmented Slavic tribes living on the river Labe (German-Elbe).
A grateful mankind will never forget the crucial role of the peoples of the Soviet Union, primarily Russian, all the eastern Slavs, acting together, in the defeat of German fascism that threatened the world with the establishment of a terrorist dictatorship. The question of the unity of our peoples in the Great Patriotic War, when some hours or even minutes could decide the outcome of the war, as it was at Stalingrad, in fact, it was a matter of life and death. Besides the peoples of the Soviet Union, Slavic nations contributed towards the victory over fascism: Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Serbs, Croats, Bosnians, Bulgarians and others all fought. As you know, the Nazis planned to destroy all the Slavs. And the greatest losses during World War II were suffered by non-Western nations, namely, the Slavs, with the Slavs bringing to the altar of victory the ultimate sacrifice.
Also, thanks to the power and authority of the Soviet Union, as well as firmness in difficult talks with the Western allies of Stalin, the native Slavic lands west of East Prussia, West Pomerania (Vorpommern), and Silesia were returned to the Slavic country of Poland in 1945. That's the real fruits of Slavic unity.
The currently growing global economic crisis is leading to an increase of all the contradictions of capitalism. The cause of the current economic crisis, like the previous ones, is the main contradiction of capitalist society: between social production and private ownership of appropriation of the products of labor. The imperialists, as always, are looking for a way out of the general crisis of capitalism by way of an arms race (the U.S. produces 40% of all arms of the world), and starting wars, carrying out one after another acts of aggression against peace-loving countries and peoples, for the mastery over nature and the natural resources of the planet and free labor to extend their inhuman existence. The world is increasingly slipping into a dangerous line of a Third world nuclear war, the main force behind which is aggressive U.S. imperialism, Israel and NATO. Zionist-American imperialism in its quest for world domination has committed aggression against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, organized the "orange" revolutions in the Arab East, and is now preparing an act of aggression against Syria and Iran. But this is the precursor, the preparation for the main goal, the main goal is Russia. Against Russia, the West is preparing a "Perestroika-2", ie, if "Perestroika-1" led to the destruction of the Soviet Union, the idea of Western strategists behind "Perestroika-2" should lead to the destruction of Russia by dividing it up among the imperialist predators, leaving for Russians, just a few regions of Central Russia.
In order to undermine Russia from within, the West is preparing an "orange" revolution, relying on the opposition in the face of bribed Nemtsov, Kasparov, Yavlinsky, etc. What the left warned public about before, has now become obvious to many, that's why the recent rallies in the Russia voiced the loudest "anti-Orange" slogan. As they say, it has baked long enough.
What is the solution? The All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks sees the way out of the crisis in the revival of socialism, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the powerful Soviet armed forces. That's when we can return to the question of the destruction of imperialism, to rid the planet of war. This is our strategy.
But in today's real situation, when our people are not ready for such an alliance on a socialist basis, it is necessary to unite under those conditions that are available. At a time when the Western imperialist powers really threaten our freedom and independence, when, as they say, they smell the oil, for us, the Slavs, and, above all, the Eastern Slavs, like fresh air we need unity. And not just declarative unity, but, firstly, state unity, with the unification of the economies and armed forces, the elimination of borders, as is the case between Belarus and Russia. To promote unity and friendship through the stone fences erected is an absurdity. In this case we need not a lose confederation, but a federation with a common government. In history, there are no examples of a confederation that was durable: they either fell apart or become a single federal state. (Incidentally, Switzerland is a confederation in name only, and is actually a federation.)
Secondly, promoting the idea among the masses of uniting the Slavs, we should not proceed from the sausages-dollars approach of selfish interests and calculations - how much should someone owe who, that is more characteristic of Western civilizations, but from our approach to the great Slavic spirituality. We must say that we come together not just for oil, gas, fat, and bulbs (or the potato as the Belarusians say), not only for the exchange of goods, services, labor and capital, ie for the sake of economic benefits, but, above all, because we are Slavs. We are family by blood and language, have common roots in our common history, and we have common traditions and psychology.
The Slavs are a great and proud people. It is the Romans that first invented the myth of our backwardness, as we are supposedly the younger people, and we need to learn good sense. This myth was caught on by the Germans, who then turned it into the "Dranh nach Osten!" (turn to the East) doctrine. But 200 years ago, exceeding much research, the great Russian scientist M.V. Lomonosov stated that "the Slavs are not young, but one of the most ancient civilizations."
What is the strength of the Slavs? The strength of the Slavs lies in spirituality. Small wonder that in 1945 the famous Dulles doctrine was drawn up which stated: "Sowing chaos out there, we shall silently replace them with false values and make them believe these false values. How? We'll find like-minded people, our allies in Russia itself.
Episode by episode will be played on the grand scope of the tragedy of the death of the rebellious people, the ultimate, irreversible extinction of their self-consciousness. From literature and art, for example, we will gradually root out their social nature, alienate artists, beat out of them the will to engage in art ... in the study of the processes that occur in the depths of the masses. Literature, theater, film - all will portray and glorify the basest human emotions. We will do our best to support and glorify the so-called artists who will plant and grind into the human consciousness the cult of sex, violence, sadism, betrayal - in short, any immorality. In the administration of the state, we will create chaos and confusion." Thus, it is in accordance with these directions, the Soviet Union was destroyed.
In the destruction of the Soviet Union, tanks, artillery or aircraft were not used. The media being in the hands of traitors, performed the dirty deed. The word was a formidable weapon more terrible than atomic bombs. Therefore, to revive our Slavic unity we will also use the word, but our own, righteous words, as told in the old days.
Some work at a state level to integrate albeit slowly is being done. Thus on December 8, 1999, a treaty was signed establishing a Union State of Belarus and Russia. More recently, on November 18, 2011, the presidents of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan signed the Declaration of Eurasian economic integration. At the same time the signatories to this Declaration, the presidents announced their plans to move from the Common Economic Space (CES), to the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).
This, of course, is good. Although there are concerns about the so-called pre-election public relations campaign that has already happened. But, unfortunately, standing apart from the unifying processes of eastern Slavs remains Ukraine - the largest Slavic republic, the population equal to Britain and France. The key to the further integration of the Eastern Slavs are now located in Ukraine.
Therefore, the Slavic patriots of Ukraine should intensify their work on influencing the republic's authorities for Ukraine's accession to the unifying processes of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. This concrete step towards unity will be of great value. Ukraine's accession to our Union will dramatically change the balance of power in Europe in favor of the Eastern Slavs and have a positive impact on the future of all the Slavs in general.
I want to conclude with words of Joseph Stalin, when he said, referring to the Soviet people, in 1941 (and now the situation is worse than in 1941): "Our cause is just, - victory will be with us!"


December 2011

Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB for Belarus and Kaliningrad region, the Presidium of the Republican Civil Committee "Fatherland"

The currency crisis and subsequent devaluation of the Belarusian ruble beginning in April 2011 eventually led to a spike in prices and unprecedented inflation in recent years. Thus, according to the National Statistics Committee, inflation in November 2011 was 8.1%, and the consumer price index for goods and services grew by 104%. The prices of industrial products in November compared with October increased by 15.6%, including for capital goods - 9.1%, intermediate goods - 21.7%, consumer goods - 7.9%. Food price index in November was 108.5%, compared with December 2010 - 220.9%. Prices and tariffs for paid services in the past month increased by 13.9% from December 2010 - 59.9%. The bourgeois Republic of Belarus for several months has been a leader among European countries on the growth of consumer price inflation in January-August 2011 that broke the record of the last decade (http://tut.by/).
We have repeatedly pointed out: the main causes of difficulties experienced at present in Belarus, is the destruction 20 years ago of the Soviet Union and the introduction of a capitalist market economy into the country. All other reasons are a consequence of the main reason.
It is known that in the USSR there were no crises. All the crises that periodically shook the countries of the capitalist world did not touch the Soviet economy and the Soviet people were confident about their future. And now in the international media reports about the economic situation in the vast majority of countries, the most frequent word is the word "recession", i.e. decline in production and a slowdown in economic growth. Recessions have many signs of cyclical economic crises, including rising unemployment. On the recession report most often the vaunted West: The U.S. and EU countries (Greece, Portugal, Italy, etc.), Japan, slowing growth and capitalized Chinese economy.
Marxist-Leninist science, examining the nature of economic crises under capitalism, has long clearly established that the main reason for their occurrence is a fundamental contradiction of capitalism "a contradiction between social production and private capitalist form of appropriation of the results.
Therefore, the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB for Belarus and Kaliningrad region and the Presidium of the Republican Civic Committee "Fatherland" declare, that we have never supported, do not support and will not support the policy of the capitalist path of development of our republic and the continuation of market reforms like it is now under the current leadership of the bourgeois Republic of Belarus and power-hungry pro-Western flunkies in the opposition.
In this case, we note that current inflation in Belarus, although it is one of the components of the economic crisis does not allow us to talk about a full-blown crisis of the Belarusian economy, as businesses continue to operate as usual and a sharp decline in production in the main has not been observed. The unemployment rate still remains at the same level.
As for the reasons that are a consequence of the main reasons, we should mention the following ones.
Firstly, as you know, Belarus from the Soviet era was one of the "assembly plants" of the Soviet Union, which received raw materials, energy, components and materials, and in return, delivered into the republics of the USSR, cars, tractors, production instrumentation, electronic, chemical industry and others. The currently delivered from Russia to Belarus oil and gas is now under the control of Russian oligarchic structures, which inflated the price of energy so that the cost of energy at the Belarusian enterprises does not cover the revenue derived from sales of Belarusian products in Russia. There is a growing deficit in trade of Belarus with Russia.
Secondly, in Belarus there is pressure from Western countries who are not satisfied with the Belarusian government policy because it does not allow complete Western control ove the Belarusian economy, as happened in the Baltic republics, the Caucasus and Central Asia. The policy of sanctions against Belarus was a natural occurrence.
Thirdly, the rigid adherence of the bourgeois Belarusian economy to foreign currency led to the currency crisis which began in April 2011 and which played a major role in the outbreak of hyper-inflation that followed, reducing real wages and living standards, as well as the pensions of retirees.
And although as a result of measures taken by the leadership of the country (multi-billion dollar infusion into the Belarusian economy by Russia, China and the IMF) the currency crisis is over, and currency exchange offices appeared in Belarus, the Belarusian ruble devaluation was unheard of since the "swashbuckling" 1990-s. When in early 2011, the Belarusian ruble against the U.S. dollar was 3070 rubles per U.S. $ 1, now in December of 2011, it is 8450 rubles per U.S. $ 1.
In this case, we note: to attract foreign currency into the domestic economy of any country, as we know, is always accompanied by costs associated with the loss of a certain part of independence, but the most severe consequences for Belarus may be the case for further borrowing IMF loans.
Fourthly, some of the responsibility for the current rise in prices in Belarus implicitly rests on the so-called fifth column of Belarus of the West, for which the position remains unchanged: the worse the economic situation in the country, the better for it and its Western masters. Their goal is to "hand over Belarus to western capital (They do not even hide this fact.) For example, the spread of Western puppeteers by puppets through various Internet rumors of panic, in order to enhance speculative sentiment among the population and to maximise destabilization in the country also played a role in the unfurling of the currency crisis in April 2011.
And finally, fifthly, a huge share of responsibility for the current economic situation in Belarus lies with the leadership of the republic, and, above all, to President Alexander Lukashenko.
As you know, after the counterrevolutionary coup Belarus, as well as other former Soviet republics, embarked on the capitalist path of development, and although President Alexander Lukashenko’s transfer rate of the Belarusian economy over to capitalism was slower than in other republics, for us, the Bolsheviks, we had no doubts about the bourgeois character of the reforms.
However, after the last presidential election, these reforms have started to accelerate. Of particular note is the following policy documents, signed by President Alexander Lukashenko to the further development of market reforms:

1) Directive № 4 of 31.12.2010 "On the development of entrepreneurship and stimulate business activity in the Republic of Belarus" for the development of private property, the transition to market-based pricing that eliminates interference of government in the process of price formation of business entities; lifting restrictions on allowances in the wholesale and retail trade.

2) Decree № 72 of February 25, 2011 "On several issues of regulation of prices (tariffs) in the Republic of Belarus" under which it states that "... exceeding the individual entrepreneur or legal entity established by limiting changes in wholesale prices index (goods) for goods (works, services) in implementing them without registration prices (tariffs) in the prescribed manner ... are not offenses:"

3) Decree № 181 of May 10, 2011 "On several measures to improve state regulation of wages", which is to empower employers to establish terms of compensation of employees has granted to businesses and individual entrepreneurs the right in determining the conditions of payment of workers, almost not even to reckon with the unified pay scale of employees of the Republic of Belarus.

The National Bank has made its own contribution to the creation of chaos in the foreign exchange market of the Republic and since the May 11, 2011 released free floating exchange rates for transactions in the population, and expanded corridor fluctuations of the ruble to a basket of currencies to 12%.
All the above reasons in the end could not but only destabilize the situation in the monetary sphere of Belarus, and then lead to a spike in prices, inflation and lower living standards of Belarusian workers.
The leadership of the republic has recently made attempts to normalize the situation in the consumer market. In addition to the purchase of new loans, as discussed above, a policy of gradually further privatization of state property and its transfer to private owners is being carried out. The position of the Belarusian president on this issue has been repeatedly voiced, and is this: he is not against the selloff of enterprises, but only for big money.
For example, in response to this directive of 25/11/2011, the State Committee on Property for Belarus and OAO "Gazprom" signed a contract for the sale of 50% shares of "Beltransgaz" valued at $ 2.5 billion. The first half of the shares of "Gazprom" acquired in equal instalments over the period 2007-2010 and also for $ 2.5 billion. Thus, "Gazprom" acquired 100% shares of "Beltransgaz".
The Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB for Belarus and Kaliningrad region, and the Presidium of the National Civic Committee of "Fatherland" resolutely declare the inadmissibility of the sale of state property in Belarus under any pretext and calls on Belarusian workers to actively oppose the transfer of national property to private owners of the republic, in the creation of which took part more than one generation of Belarusian workers, peasants and intellectuals.
In order to eliminate negative trade balance of Belarus in trade with other countries, inside the republic a program is being carried out of import substitution, whose main purpose is to produce cheap Belarusian products instead of purchasing the more expensive imports for hard currency. On 12/16/2011, in Minsk a seminar was held by managers of central and local authorities on import substitution. Speaking at the seminar, President Alexander Lukashenko demanded to speed up the work in this area.
In this regard, we see two contradictory effects: on the one hand, of course, the development of national industry is welcome, but on the other hand, in conditions of a capitalist market, profits from sales will go primarily into the pockets of the owners of the private enterprises and bourgeoisified top state-capitalist enterprises. In addition, the laws of the capitalist market wolf-like competition, will inevitably lead to a drop in income of those non-Belarusian enterprises, the products of which we will reject, and that will affect the income and the fate of the proletarian working at them. As hard-line followers of the Marxist-Leninist doctrine, we declare that out of this vicious circle of the capitalist market which would suit all workers simply does not exist.
In order to somehow restrict the unrestrained growth of prices, the government again returns to the issue of state control over them: a provision to control prices of basic foodstuffs and industrial goods is envisaged. Prices are to be regulated. We note that such measures have repeatedly been made in the past, but the laws of the capitalist market inevitably demand their release from custody of all. Therefore, we warn the Belarusian workers: these measures do not eliminate the main cause of rising prices, that is to say, there are only temporary and unreliable.
An important event in the life of the republic is the intensified process of its integration with other former Soviet republics. Since November 18, 2011 the presidents of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan signed the Declaration on Eurasian economic integration. The document stated the transition from January 1, 2012 from the Customs Union (CU) to the next stage of integration – a Single Economic Space (CES). At the same signatories to this Declaration, the presidents announced plans of a transition from the CES to a Eurasian Economic Union (EEC). The presidents also voiced the objective of this integration – being the free movement of goods, capital, services and labour. But most of all they tried to convince their citizens not think that they are talking about the revival of the Soviet Union.
And this is true, as this union, unlike the Soviet Union – a state of workers and peasants, is created on a capitalist basis. Therefore, it is primarily beneficial to the bourgeoisie in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, as it allows them to accelerate the movement of goods, capital, services and labour to extract more profits.
But this union will also benefit working people and our republics, as it allows them to unite against the common enemy - the bourgeoisie. Therefore, the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB for and the Kaliningrad region and the Presidium of the National Civic Committee of the "Fatherland" declare their support for this integration even on a capitalist basis.
However, we believe it is necessary to note the following. As you know, on 17 December 2011 in Geneva, a protocol was signed on Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), which conceals the danger of the most negative consequences for the Russian economy. In connection with the signing by Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, the Declaration of the EES talks were revived on Russia's assistance to join the WTO, along with Belarus. The Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB for Belarus and Kaliningrad region and the Presidium of the National Committee "Fatherland" state the danger of such a step both for Belarus and for any former Soviet republics. This path is fraught with danger for our economies by the uncontrolled importation of foreign goods, which ultimately lead to the destruction of our industry and agriculture.
At present the Belarusian pro-Western opposition have raised the heart-rending howl of surrender of the sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus, and called for an anti-integration process of the three former Soviet republics. Moreover, in the opposition press pages you can read statements like: "After the events of December 19, 2010, nobody has any illusions about the possibility of changing the nature of power by parliamentary means." Therefore, we warn Belarusian workers about the possibility of any provocation on the part of paid hirelings of the West, right up to and including another attempt to seize power and bring in the armed forces of NATO. The scenario for "colour revolutions" has already worked out in Yugoslavia, Georgia, and the latest example of "North African countries, in particular, in Libya, where reprisal by the imperialist NATO bloc with the patriots of the motherland was the most bloody. NATO bosses also will not be sorry for Belarusian blood.
As you can see, nothing good has come out of the capitalist policy in Belarus for the past 20 years, has brought nothing to the working people and cannot in principle. The capitalist market is rust that corrodes our economy, leading to hostility and conflict (the recent example is the bloody events in Kazakhstan).
The Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB for Belarus and the Kaliningrad region, and the Presidium of the National Civic Committee "Fatherland" declare that the only condition for the full redemption of our country from crises, inflation, rising prices, unemployment, and the protection of sovereignty is the restoration of the planned socialist economy and truly friendly relations of the republics of the former USSR, like they were before its violent destruction by traitors of the united Soviet Motherland.
Our strength lies in the unity of the proletarians, and, above all, workers, peasants and intellectuals of the former Soviet Union. We urge the Belarusian workers along with workers from Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet republics to fight for the restoration of Soviet power as a dictatorship of the proletariat, socialism, and our Great Motherland – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Only we can decide their own destiny, and we must rely on our unity and dedication.

Minsk - Gomel, December 18, 2011

In February, television reports about the number of people frozen to death from the cold in Ukraine sounded like the front-line reports. On February 6, the latest number was given - 135 people frozen to death. And no heating point could save the homeless people. And further, the authorities ceased to give reports on the ever-increasing with each passing day number of deaths from the cold. At the same time the TV continues to provide news summaries about Europe. When the figure reached 135 in Ukraine, the number of people frozen from the cold in Europe was given as - 200 people killed by frost. Then the number of dead from the cold in Europe grew to 400, and after that - up to 500 people. But in Europe, there are 400 million people, and in Ukraine - 40 million, i.e. 10 times fewer, and the death toll is about the same as in Europe.
But in the Soviet Ukraine in the Soviet Union, no one could not imagine that someone could freeze from the cold. In those times, this phenomenon did not exist. Everyone was provided with comfortable housing or apartments by the state, or built by people themselves at their own expense in small towns and rural areas, where building materials were available at a price cheap enough for every working person with a secured job and decent wages.
Capitalism without war kills people just because for the bourgeoisie, the bourgeois state as a whole at the heart of everything, man is not the main thing as it was in the Soviet Union, but maximum profits, i.e. gain, money. Money now rules the world and for the sake of money all the crimes committed.
It is clear, was a trick of our media - to show that not only in Ukraine people die from cold, but also in "safe" and well-fed Europe. But these days, the media has voiced a different figure: in the EU there are 23 (twenty-three!) million people unemployed. But a person losing their job, lose their means of existance, and have no money to pay for housing and is thrown onto the streets. Frosts destroys these unfortunate people and "surplus people " (surplus for capital and the powers that be).
But not only homeless people are dying.
Again, we give a small summary of our information from the Ukrainian media at just the beginning of February:
- Ivano-Frankivsk - in the city centre a two-storey house collapsed;
- Kramatorsk – for 5 days (as of 10.02) in many areas of the city residents are sitting at home without heating, the temperature in their homes does not exceed 12 ° C, the radiator pipes, due to wear, break, and either the heat does not reach the house, or in apartments floods occur;
- Makeevka – a wall collapsed of a 3-storey building, as during the years of "independence" nobody repaired the apartment building;
- Feodosia - a gas explosion in a boiler room left 29 dwelling houses, kindergartens, schools were left without heat.
- Mykolaiv region - a fire in the farmhouse killed seven children aged 2 to 14 years from carbon monoxide.
And the list goes on. This information is announced on TV every day and comes from all regions of Ukraine
And these incidents and accidents are caused by only one thing – the anti-peoples nature of the predatory power of our "independent" of the Ukraine (from the traitor Kravchuk, Kuchma, Yushchenko, Tymoshenko and Yanukovych-Azarov), which have only for the past 20 years have been robbing the people of Ukraine and making profits for themselves. Communal housing has been completely neglected over these past 20 years,.
Thus the walls of apartment blocks crumble or the entire block collapses, pipes burst (according to official figures, into homes arrive no more than 52% of the heat, the rest "warms" the land, residents also pay 100%) and people are freezing in their homes. Currently, the average per year , 3 million m2 of housing is available (according to official figures), but 6 million people alone live in the dorms and the authorities recognize that there are virtually no opportunities of settling these people. At the same time, according to media reports, the cost per m2 of housing in a three-room apartment is (at the beginning of the year): from $ 697 (in Kiev) to $ 1319 (Odessa), that is, on average, $ 1,000 / m2 . Can workers get an apartment, when the price is $ 40-50 thousand or more. No, of course not.
Unemployment creates homelessness and homelessness leads to death.

About our law enforcement system we have spoken.
Again, some examples from recent media reports.
In a Kiev jail – a 21-year-old boy was killed by an electric current. In those same days, one person died in Khmelnytsky jail. According to the Human Rights Commissioner Nina Karpachova, in 2010, 25 people died in Lukyanovka prison. In 2011 - already 30 people. All this shows how our law enforcement authorities respect the rights of man, his fundamental right - the right to life enshrined, by the way, in the Constitution, in Art. 27 "Everyone has the right to life ... The duty of the state is to protect human life ...". That's how our "law enforcement" (without the quotation marks, one cannot write the word) complies with the Constitution of Ukraine and "protects" human life.

By hook or by crook.
We all remember last year's autumn campaign by the veterans of the Afghan war, and Chernobyl victims, who nearly captured the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. And people took action for just one thing - to preserve their well-deserved benefits. The chief thing they were protesting against was their demand to have excluded from the bill proposed by the Government of a provision allowing the Cabinet to establish randomly (means testing) the amount of benefits - whether they pay the full amount, or reduce them, in connection with "financial means".
At that time, the government backed down, hypocriticaly agreeing with the demands of the Afghan war vets and victims of Chernobyl. But it was a false move by Mr. Azarov in order to knock down the wave of protest. When all went calm, the government through the Constitutional Court of Ukraine dragged through the bill, which legitimized it, and gave the government the right to arbitrarily determine the amount of benefits to be paid out. This move by Azarov once again shows that the bourgeois authorities can not be trusted and that the bourgeoisie and its designee government act only in their own interests - the interests of profit at the expense of working people, at the expense of their legal rights.
Ukraine's population is rapidly declining. Following 11 months in 2011, the population amounted to 45 million 644 thousand 419 people. Each year, 16-17 villages disappear from the map of Ukraine. We would like to remind you that at the beginning of 1992, Ukraine's population stood at 52 million 250 thousand people., i.e. a reduction in the 20 years of so-called "independent" of nearly 7 .million people. And about the same number went abroad to escape from unemployment, homelessness, poverty and extinction.
As noted by physicians, Ukraine is leading in Europe by the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease, exceeding the European figures several times. Moreover, mortality from these diseases affects more and more groups of young people aged 30 to 44 years. And even the bourgeois sociologists, political scientists have to admit, if Ukraine will continue to follow the current disastrous (capitalist - we will specify) path, then in ten years the population of Ukraine will be reduced by another 10 million people. The process of extinction of the population of "independent" Ukraine is gaining momentum, growing in scale.
Unemployment, homelessness, poverty, neglect of basic human right, the right to life are the constant companions of capitalism, and to live like human beings, capitalism must be destroyed!


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