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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

For Bolshevism No5 (110) May 2012

WORKERS OF ALL COUNTRIES, UNITE! ALL-UNION COMMUNIST PARTY OF BOLSHEVIKS SOCIALIST REVOLUTION FOR BOLSHEVISM INSIDE THE COMMUNIST AND WORKERS’ MOVEMENT FOR BOLSHEVISM-AUCPB website: http://aucpbenglishwebsite.blogspot.com No 05 (110) MAY 2012 ==================================================== AUCPB REVIEW ON THE SHOW CALLED "ELECTIONS" FOR RUSSIAN PRESIDENT HELD IN MARCH 2012 Review on the results of the Russian presidential elections that were held on March 4, 2012 On March 4, 2012, Russian presidential elections were held. On March 7 Central Electoral Commission (CEC) announced the official results of the presidential campaign. Vladimir Putin was elected President of Russia for the next six years, having collected 45.6 million votes, representing 63.6% of all voters. The results of the remaining presidential candidates are as follows: for Zyuganov voted 17.18%, for the self-promoted Prokhorov - 7.98%, Vladimir Zhirinovsky collected 6.22%, and Mironov closes the list with 3.85%. The official voter turnout was 65.34%. The judgement of the elections in the Statement of the Central Committee of the AUCPB "Presidential Elections - Boycott!" has been fully confirmed: "The Russian Presidential election is a well orchestrated play with a predetermined outcome and with a specified percentage of voters who voted "FOR" the stooge of big business." The Kremlin spin doctors had sufficiently "methodically" lined up the election "campaign" and "mobilized" all possible means to provide a "convincing victory" for Vladimir Putin in the first round of voting. The in-the-pocket "opposition" involved in the "elections" had only to "implicitly" recognize the election results and "embed themselves" (or "just get themselves in") into the hierarchy of the ruling power. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, S. Mironov and oligarch M. Prokhorov immediately after the elections, "congratulated" the future president on his "victory" and at a meeting with him, expressed their willingness to "work together". Zyuganov, though not congratulating Vladimir Putin, saying that the elections were "illegitimate, fraudulent and non-transparent" (as if they could ever really be "honest", as they say, "he discovered America"), but coupled with the others, he "agreed to a dialogue with the ruling authority" for the sake of "solving pressing problems in the country." In the "election" of the Russian president were involved the same methods of fraud, as in the State Duma elections on December 4. To create the appearance of "fairness" of the elections, "web cameras" and "transparent ballot boxes" were set up in polling stations. This time, "victory" to Putin was ensured not so much by fraud, but mainly by monopoly over the media ("brainwashing") and the involvement of powerful government machinery to put pressure on the voters - state employees and employees of companies who were forced to vote for the "sole candidate "("command voting" under the threat of job losses in the order of administrative pressure, etc.), and military retirees received another "handout" on the eve of the elections. Experts estimate that the implementation of just the social pre-election pledges alone made by the Vladimir Putin will cost the country 5.1 trillion rubles, and that is half the size of the budget ... Even if some of these pledges are fulfilled, inflation will quickly "gobble them up." "I promise to pledge" has become the maxim to describe the "pledges" of the current government. Official propaganda insists that "most people" voted "FOR" Vladimir Putin, that is, "FOR" the GOVERNING AUTHORITY (although the governing authority "forgot" about the 40 million citizens who did not go to the polling stations). So, did the people really vote "for" Vladimir Putin? Observers from various social organizations summed up the primary protocols and compared the results with the official data of the CEC. The result of Putin, according to observers, ranges from 50% (about as much as Putin won in Moscow ) but the CEC gives a figure of 63.6%. Thus, about 14% was added to Vladimir Putin after the polls had closed, and in the primary protocols is hidden the share of the "daily falsifications" (the number of voters with absentee ballots and voting at home, the of which number in comparison with previous elections had increased several times, making up another 10% of total votes, not counting the "carousels", etc.). To all this we must add the areas of ​​"special electoral regime" - the North Caucasus, Tatarstan, Bashkiria, Chukotka, etc., where as in previous elections on December 4, indicated extremely high "turnout" and an incredibly high percentage of "votes cast" "for" Vladimir Putin - people either to vote under the threat, either to "vote" for them, and to be an independent observer in these regions is dangerous to life (in Chechnya, with a turnout of about 100%, the same 100% voted for Putin. In Tatarstan – with the "appearance" of 83.5% of voters, 82,9% of votes were cast "for" Putin, etc.). Etc. How many actually voted "for" Vladimir Putin - no one knows and no one will never ever know. But the fact remains that "popular support" Putin is a soap bubble, the result of total manipulation and administrative pressure from the authorities. After all, even compared to previous presidential elections in Russia in 2008 and 2004, at these presidential elections, Putin won a few million votes less. Note that a significant number people who came to the polls voted "for" Vladimir Putin. This is noted by many observers, even. But under capitalism, there and can not be another way: "Capitalism would not be capitalism if it, on the one hand, did not condemn the masses to a state of the downtrodden, oppressed, fearful, darkness - if it (capitalism), on the other hand, did not give the bourgeoisie the giant machine of lies and deception, the mass fooling of the workers and peasants, stupefying them, etc. "(Lenin CCW v.40, p.15, Russ.). Many voters voted "for" "stability". But this is only apparent stability. Kremlin spin doctors skillfully used the Moscow meetings of the liberal opposition on Bolotnoy and Sakharov Avenue , opposing Putin – to the Orange , eager for Perestroika-2. But rising prices for housing and food services, in connection with Russia 's WTO accession, with the connivance of the U.S. unleashing a new round of confrontation between Russia in the Middle East , etc. quickly dispel any hopes for Putin "stability." The U.S. State Department and U.S. President Barack Obama were among the first to congratulate Putin on his victory in the elections and expressed U.S. willingness to work with Vladimir Putin - "a clear leader, elected by an overwhelming majority of citizens." U.S. President Barack Obama in a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin expressed hope that the "emerging in recent years, positive developments in bilateral relations will be consolidated," the Russian government aide for international affairs, Yuri Ushakov reported to ITAR-TASS. Putin, in turn, stressed the importance of cooperation between Russia and the United States to provide security in the world, but also noted significant progress made in recent years in bilateral relations, as expressed, inter alia, (!) with the conclusion of the Treaty on Strategic Offensive Arms and the in the successful negotiations on Russia's accession to the WTO. Vladimir Putin said during the conversation that there is every reason for there to be a quality (!) breakthrough in bilateral relations. The policy of betrayal of national interests pursued by the Russian leadership, will continue under the new presidency of Vladimir Putin, as it was in the first of his two presidential terms, and one time prime minister (indeed Vladimir Putin’s wealth is kept in Western banks) - there is no doubt . Like the fact that the U.S. will "cooperate" with Putin, while continuing to implement plans to destabilize the situation in Russia - using the liberal fifth column. On March 5 in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities, rallies were held demanding the rejection of the election results of the President of the Russian Federation. The "Bolotnaya" opposition and the "league of voters'” formed with its participation, demand that the Russian presidential elections be void and illegitimate. In December last year, the AUCPB supported the protests of citizens against the dirty, rigged elections to the State Duma on December 4, putting forth the task of righteous rebellion of the citizens into the mainstream of the struggle in defence of political, social and other workers' rights. In some regions of Russia , protests went in this direction through the efforts of the Bolsheviks and their allies. In Moscow and other regions, the liberal opposition seized the podium, behind which stand the U.S. and its money. In Moscow , money decides everything. The AUCPB was not involved and is not involved in these actions fuelled by U.S. dollars, in which ordinary people, young people are held hostage to anti-state actions of corrupt politicians. The main slogan of the "Bolotnaya" in Moscow – is ' Russia without Putin"! But WHO is saying this? Navalny, Kasparov, Boris Nemtsov, Kasyanov and others like them. But the arrival of these "leaders" at the heart of Russia will only mean one thing: the collapse of Russia, with the separation from it of territories, and with its the disappearance of the geopolitical map of the world, which is today the main strategic objective of the U.S. - after the destruction of the Soviet Union. The Meeting in Moscow on March 5 and subsequent actions with the same demands have nothing to do with the struggle of workers for their rights. This is the desire of the liberal opposition to organize a Perestroika -2, and "earn" their own political capital on the backs of ordinary citizens. With the Liberals are now cooperating some people calling themselves "leftists" such as Sergei Udaltsov (leader of the "Left Front") or Ilya Ponomarev (State Duma deputy from "Fair Russia", a former Communist Party member, and businessman in the oil sector). Their goal is not a struggle for the basic interests of working people, but for a political "image" to further "embed" into existing bourgeois political system. The current government has already thrown a sop to the "Bolotnaya" opposition in the form of initiating a series of bills to facilitate the registration of parties, etc. As a result of the election of the President of Russia, working people were once again convinced that: "Only scoundrels or fools may think that the proletariat must first win a majority in the polls, made under the yoke of the bourgeoisie, under the yoke of wage slavery, and then to win power. This is the height of hypocrisy or stupidity, it's - the replacement of the class struggle and revolution by voting under the old system, under the old regime "(VI Lenin, Collected Works, v.39, p.219). The task of the Bolsheviks today is to continue to educate, agitate and spread propaganda work among ordinary citizens, to organize them to fight for their social and other vital rights, to prepare the masses for the accomplishment of a socialist revolution. As Lenin said: "We do not need hysterical outbursts. We need the steady advance of the iron battalions of the proletariat." CC AUCPB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ RALLIES IN MOSCOW Who is against whom and what they are rallying for today (March 2012) From the beginning - about the actual rallies themselves. The start of the "epic rallies" began after the elections to the State Duma in December 2011, last year. The rally on December 10 held at Bolotnya Square area was attended by tens of thousands of people - about 50% -of whom were students, and it was felt - more than ever they had never been to a rally, and approximately 30% of intelligentsia, the middle-aged and elderly. The rest were from an undefined social status. The main slogans were that the elections were "completely" rigged, thus - they were not legitimate, as well as elected members of the Duma, "Churov – the magician" (that is – he can "draw" any outcome of the elections, as ordered) and the "Russia - without Putin" . First on stage was author of the song "Our madhouse votes for Putin" Alexander Yelin. Those gathered periodically were chanting "Putin - Skis - Magadan" and " Russia without Putin". The journalist Leonid Parfenov criticized Russian television and offered to pay half of the opposition airtime. Former Prime Minister Kasyanov called on to organize new elections. "4 March, the situation will be different - he said - we will not allow Putin to the Kremlin." The former "Yeltsinite" minister Nemtsov declared - we have not restructured Russia enough, we need a Perestroika-2. As a result of the "Bolotnya" rally, those who had gathered adopted the following resolution: to cancel the results of the elections to the Duma and call for new ones, to call for the resignation of the head of the Central Election Commission, Vladimir Churov and investigate all cases of violations and falsification of election results. In addition, the rally demanded the release of all political prisoners detained during the street protests on December 5-6, and have the opportunity to register all the opposition parties. In the event of failure of all these demands within two weeks, the organizers of the rally promised more action on December 24. The "Bolotnya" rally served as a tuning fork for all subsequent rally activity of that element of the "protest movement", which is appropriately called the "orange" element – the Orange element (though many of the protesters - are OUR audience, but the orange elements skilfully used and skilfully manipulated them). All of their subsequent meetings were "a rehash of" variations on the theme of the meeting on December 10. What is important to understand here? Undoubtedly, these protests were prepared ideologically and organizationally, in advance, before the election. The "title" slogan "for fair elections!" found wide response was needed and answered to the realities - the level of fraud in the elections was high. Criticism of Russian television, the complaints about Russian legislation on political parties were reasonable and fair. Was this a criticism of the existing bourgeois regime in Russia ? Not at all! It was a criticism of individual shortcomings, of individuals, but not the system itself! Neither the collapsed thousands of factories, nor weeds or overgrown fields, nor the hard life of millions of people interested the Orange element. They were interested in only one thing - to raise people up to a protest struggle against Putin, and wider - against those who are "in power". Who are these Orange elements? In the majority they are the so-called creative intelligentsia with the addition of those who have been "in power" - Nemtsov, Kasyanov, Yavlinsky. Action gives birth to reaction. The first to respond was political scientist Sergei Kurginian and the recently created by him Movement "Judge of Time." The broad masses got to hear of Kurginian in popular television, where he fought with famous "democrats" like Svanidze. What does Kurginian stand for? What does he call for? His words are: "We are principled opponents of Putin's policies ... Our differences with the current policy are not limited to philosophical questions. We do not accept Serdyukov’s defence reforms, the education reforms of Fursenko, and we do not accept the policy of health care, housing, or domestic energy prices. We do not accept current industrial policy. We do not accept economic liberalism as such. The list of our fundamental disagreement with Putin's policy is very long," and "in the next few years all will become clear that ... our forefathers who dreamed of the Third Rome, and the Bolsheviks who had transferred the capital to Moscow, were dreaming of a righteous kingdom, and that the great Russian messianic idea is relevant now, as never before. It is with this intention we shall lead the world in the XXI century, not as a trail in its wake." From the speech by Kurginyan on March 5: "Americans believe they can "discover" other countries like tin cans," "We will restore the USSR," "We shall live in a great sovereign country," "An Orange Revolution is impossible without a fifth column," " We pledge allegiance to the Soviet legacy, loyalty to the cause of our ancestors." Thus - Kurginian warned about the terrible danger of the "orange threat". This explains the widely distributed by "Orange elements" blatant lie that Kurginian is a "hidden pro-Putinite", an "agent" and so on (we do not support the action by Kurginyan on holding a rally at Poklonnaya Gore on February 4 jointly with organizations from Putin and the ONF with numerous posters "We are for Putin!" as well as his" idea "to create the country's "new political force", i.e. a party under the guise of another communist curtain). Third, the pro Putin wing of the "epic rallies" came into effect later - on 23 February, a grand parade and rally at the stadium in Luzhniki. Putin speaks to his supporters. He is confident of victory in the elections. "The Battle for Russia continues! Victory will be ours! "- said the candidate who ran for president a third time. After the speech, Putin spoke to the assembled group "Lube." Pro Putin rallies after the election at the Manege Square were more like theatrical performances than demonstrations, acts of the triumph of the "winner" and because of this- they were of little interest. The Orange rallies that took place before and immediately after the presidential election, have important features. The Orange openly declared that they do not recognize the results of the presidential election, that they might be called "illegitimate" in any case, whatever the results were. The second important point is that at these rallies, all the plans and objectives of the rallies of the orange were fully disclosed. At an Orange rally in Pushkin Square on March 5, it was estimated that 15 - 20 thousand people took part. Participants at the rally on Pushkin Square were protesting the election results, the "victory" in which 63.6 percent of the vote was won by Vladimir Putin. Leading the rally Vladimir Ryzhkov read the resolution of the meeting. To the December resolution was added the an extra demand – for new and fair presidential elections in Russia . The fact that the campaign "For Fair Elections" on March 5 would end in an unusual way became clear after the speech by leader of "Left Front" Sergei Udaltsov. He suddenly ended his speech by saying: "I will not leave this square until Putin goes." And so no one doubted the seriousness of his intentions after the end of the rally Udaltsov reiterated via the microphone: "Whoever is ready to remain here on the square, I remind you that you can stay." Most of the participants left the square went off onto the underground railway station, but Udaltsov, who had descended from the platform and stood on the square, was still surrounded by several hundred people. "Let's stay in the square, and it will be a round the clock vigil. Please, no one leave the square!"- Udaltsov shouted into a megaphone. "Give us tents! Tents! "- shouted the crowd. Udaltsov promised that tents were about to be brought in, but for some reason they did not appear. Meanwhile, 9:00 pm passed, which was agreed upon for the opposition rally in Pushkin Square . Bringing back order by riot police was imminent. After 22-00, riot police drove the "remaining protesters" off the square into the subway and into the neighbouring streets. About 250 people were arrested. About the events on Pushkin Square immediately responded "specialist on orange revolutions", U.S. Ambassador to Russia , Michael McFaul. "It is alarming to observe the arrest of peaceful protesters in Pushkin Square " - McFaul wrote in his tweet, reminding that "freedom of assembly and freedom of speech were universal values." The new phase of the March 5 protest is not over, it has just begun. On March 6 at the same Pushkin Square and on Red Square were detained small groups trying to organize unauthorized activities. All detainees in police custody after an explanation were released. The actions of Orange element on March 5 and in the following few days clearly show their main goal - to organize a "maidan" (tent occupation)- a permanent street centre for consolidation of its supporters, which law enforcement agencies "do not touch", and which can be turned into a "brand" label, a movement . By creating a "maidan", they can try to implement their plans further. We see that Kurginyan’s concerns about the plans for an "Orange Revolution" have turned out completely fair. We have examined the above "facts" of the rally struggle. It's now time to "dive deeper" into understanding what forces are in this struggle? What did they achieve? What factors can determine the success or failure of the "Orange Revolution"? What role in all this is given to the masses? What role does and should the left, the communists play in these events? What is the position of Zyuganov, leader of the CPRF? Who is Udaltsov actually? What can we learn from all this "rally element"? Speaking of the driving forces of the events, we must always bear in mind that the "power elite", "people in the Kremlin" is not as monolithic as it is commonly thought. Of course, it is ridiculous to think that, for example, Putin is a hidden leftist, a Soviet patriot, an ideological enemy of the U.S. imperialists, etc. Not at all! His entire career says just the opposite. And the "law enforcement bodies" of Putin and the "liberals" of Medvedev are concerned above all that the bourgeois government does not collapse and that the chair under them stands firmly. But, in the "power elite" there are different views on the most important issues, and there is a mortal struggle for "lucrative" seats, as well as group and clan interests, along with "winners" and "losers." There is also of great importance the outside "American" factor. And we must take this into account when analyzing the situation. Igor Jurgens, chairman of the Institute of Contemporary Development (INSOR) (a kind of a think tank of the outgoing President Medvedev - the interview is in Russian on the Internet) talks about the struggle in the "ruling elite" in a well-shaped and informed interview in the newspaper «MoscowTimes». Basically, he deals with the "under-the-carpet" opposition between Putin and Medvedev on the issue of who should be the next President of the Russian Federation ("We lost to the power clan. Exactly four years ago, Dmitry Medvedev was elected as president of Russia . Then there was a faint hope that the power clan would be moved away from the levers of power. Hopes for this happening were finally dashed on September 24, 2011, when Medvedev waived his constitutional right to run for a second term and the struggle of the "conservatives", "power clans” and “hardliners” against the forces of "progress" seeking to westernize Russia on all counts, and the particular circumstances of Russia's refusal to veto in the UN Security Council on Libya, and talk about the forces firmly behind Medvedev – the liberal intelligentsia, the faculty, students, scholars, and the emerging middle class. For Putin, on the other hand, are the military-industrial complex, oil and gas, agriculture, defence, - these forces perceive the word "modernization" (more precisely - "Western modernization") as something hateful. Jurgens expressed an opinion that the post of prime minister for Medvedev is up for the firing squad. How is all this information to be treated? Is it trustworthy? Or should it be ignored? It is interesting that all this is reminiscent of the old, old tune, roving around Russian history from the post-Peter the Great era and repeated from generation to generation - the confrontation between "Westerners" and "natives." And the story above is almost certain - though this is a story of the traditional confrontation at this present stage. For us at this point naturally raises an important practical question - about the "relationship" of the Orange rallies with the current Russian President Medvedev, who will still be president until the inauguration of Putin in May. Thus until May, he will still be supreme head of all power structures of Russia . It is a complex question! One has to take into consideration the powerful "American" factor. So far this "relationship" has not appeared in any way, but what does the future hold? Already, we must clearly understand that the essence of "rallying" is a confrontation between two clans, the "ruling elite": Nemtsov, Ryzhkov, Yavlinsky, Kasyanov, Ksenia Sobchak, Kasparov, Parfenov, and others like them - a newish clan, but with some formerly partially in power, and Putin's clan, firmly (so far), holding in their hands the "enforcement" and "industrial" sectors. The people of either are assigned the role of extras - one section assigned to throw the papers into the ballot box, the other section – to shouting at rallies. Analyzing the situation with the rallies, which have brought about real activity from hundreds of thousands of people across the country, one natural wonders – but why have they are "risen up" after years of hibernation? What, in general, are the objective causes of discontent that exist in the country and in society as a whole. There are many reasons. This could be: 1. The anti-people’s (yes, and in essence, anti-constitutional) system of elections to the Duma, the President, the appointment of governors and judges. The people are gradually starting to understand that indeed Soviet democracy was in fact, a democracy for everyone, regardless of the size of the purse, looking for a (so far - in the framework of the existing social order) a more active and constructive role. 2. The imbalance of the modern political system in the country forms a combination where you have a disproportionately large amount of influence of liberal-minded public figures in government, and indeed in the political life of the country, and their actual amount of support from the population. Liberal views and the liberal value system caught on only in part of the ruling elite, in part - in the circles of the capital city’s intelligentsia. Anti-liberal sentiments of the majority of the population appear more and with more apparent discord with the liberal and capitalist commitment of the ruling group, which is not how to deal with this aspect of civil society. The USSR is perceived by people increasingly as the golden age of the country. 3. The "American" liberal methods of economic management time and again come in irreconcilable contradiction with the experience, insights of specific people – of both managers and those carrying out the tasks. Therefore, the ruling group is often forced to seek a compromise between the liberal paradigm of the strongest liberal lobby of the government and the real needs of the state. 4. The absence of a coherent, shared by most ideological concept, even at the level of the ruling group, not to mention the bulk of the population. The inability of the ruling group to create and show the public some idea of ​​combining a digestible and even ready-built logical program of reform, an agreed upon and non controversial program to address the pressing problems of the country. Perhaps the most sensitive issue on the subject of the "Rallies in Moscow " is the position of the various parties calling themselves communist parties and organizations (the AUCPB from the beginning pointed out the orange character of the "Bolotnya" rallies in Moscow ). They stubbornly kept silent, either due to not knowing what to say about who is a friend and who is an enemy, or were waiting for the right moment. Three months of silence - both in person, and in the newspapers and the Internet. Here are a few exceptions. This is the Zyuganov CPRF and the "Left Front", headed by Sergei Udaltsov. The "Left Front" of Udaltsov from the very beginning was an active participant in various committees and meetings of the Orange element. Zyuganov's position was more cautious, but actually "pro-Orange." Thus, the agreement of the "Left Front" of Udaltsov and Gennady Zyuganov on 18.01.2012 essentially repeated the demands made by the Orange element at their rallies. All of this means, in fact, a complete loss of at least the remnants of "leftism", the transition into the camp of the liberals - the deadly enemy of the communists, and a turn towards "Eurocommunism," the total oblivion of Lenin’s judgements. Participation in the Orange rallies by supporters of leftist, communist beliefs could not significantly change the orange nature of the rallies, or the decisions they made. For these participants the only way to "influence" was by way of particularly loud whistling at arrogant bourgeois speakers. The organized labour movement at the meetings was not presented at all. How should we Bolsheviks assess the situation, and to formulate our position? First, we must clearly understand that, both the Orange element and Putin are equally implacable enemies of communists and communist ideology. Second, we must understand that to solve the problems of our country and to determine its future, only we, Soviet people have the right! We will not tolerate any interference in our internal affairs - whether by the Americans, Europeans or anyone else! Gentlemen, you are better to leave and sort out your own internal affairs! For full and unconditional sovereignty for our Motherland! Third, we have the best resources and enormous experience to be able to solve our problems ourselves, by relying upon our own strengths! We threaten no one, but we also will not put up with threats against us! Having examined the essence of the “rallying campaign”, we see that the situation with rallies is nothing “new” to us. Here we see the similarity with the pseudo struggle between Yeltsin and Gorbachev which led to the tragic consequences for the fate of the Soviet Union, and the similarity with the pre-election “struggle” between Yanakovich and Yushenko in Ukraine with the desire to revive in Moscow the Kiev “Maidan”. Gene Sharp’s “methods” of carrying out orange revolutions are seen and heard at these rallies (G. Sharp “From Dictatorship to Democracy. A Conceptual Framework for liberation”, see on the Internet) We are lucky to have lived in a great country. This is our Earth, our heroic and great Soviet History. Only we with you have the right to this land and define its destiny. Only we ourselves –Soviet people have the right to determine how we should live, what to do, what is good and what is evil. Only great love to the Motherland will help us overcome the obstacles standing in our path! CC AUCPB --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the socialist countries A GREAT DATE On April 15, in many countries around the world a significant date is marked - the centenary of the birth of the Great Leader - Kim Il Sung – the DPRK’s Eternal President, - A great military leader - the liberator of Korea from Japanese slavery (Restoration of the Fatherland Day celebrated August 15, 1945) - Creator of the Korean People's Army (celebrated on April 25, when Kim Il Sung formed Korean People's Revolutionary Army in 1932, which became later the foundation of the Korean People Army) - Founder of the first socialist state in north-east Asia (September 9, 1948) - Creator of the Juche idea and Songun policy developer, - Creator of the Workers' Party of Korea (October 10, 1945). Comrade Kim Il Sung was born into a poor peasant family in a suburb of Pyongyang , Mangyongdae. His childhood was spent under the patriotic and revolutionary influence of his parents. In early 1925, Kim Il Sung, left his homeland occupied by the Japanese (1905 - 1945.), vowing to return only in a liberated Korea . In October 1926, he and his revolutionary-minded students formed the Down With Imperialism Union (DWIU). Kim Il Sung proclaimed the Juche idea as a revolutionary ideology and theory of building a socialist society, and more - the idea as a way of Songun revolution - by force of arms. Around the Kim Il Sung formed a significant group of revolutionary-minded youth, which grew rapidly in numbers and matured in the fight against the Japanese invaders. In difficult conditions, a shortage of ammunition and weapons, clothes and food, the guerrillas under the leadership of Kim Il Sung formed the Korean People's Revolutionary Army, which carried on a savage anti-Japanese armed struggle, supported by the population of Korea . Finally, in 1945, long-awaited peace was delivered to the long-suffering land of Korea . Under the leadership of Comrade Kim Il Sung, rising from the ashes of the Japanese colonial slavery and the destruction of World War II , Korea embarked on unifying the Korean Peninsula . But world imperialism, in the face of the U.S. occupied after World War II , South Korea and refused to withdraw its troops from the Korean peninsula, and began to build in South Korean military bases and established the Republic of Korea with a pro-American puppet government. The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung started intensive construction of a socialist state in the north of the Korean peninsula - the Democratic People's Republic of Korea . Thus Korea was divided into 2 parts by the Americans along the 38th parallel. From the very outset of the division of Korea through the fault of the U.S. the Great Leader made every effort for its reunification. He proposed the Programme for great national unity, a proposal for founding of the Democratic Confederal Republic of Koryo - three charters of national reunification, and created a foundation for the unification of Korea . National unification was the greatest dream of President Kim Il Sung. And on the eve of his last day (July 8, 1994) he worked on a document to unite the country and put his signature underneath it. To this day, the U.S. has put up enormous resistance to the implementation of the unification of the Korean nation. World imperialism, represented by the United States would not "tolerate" the presence of a socialist state on the Korean peninsula. On June 25, 1950 U.S. troops, with the participation of 15 countries of the U.S. satellites, as well as the South Korean Army and the Japanese of the old Japanese army (more than 2 million troops of the armed forces) committed armed aggression against the DPRK with the use of a huge number of new types of military equipment. Thus began the three-year Fatherland Liberation War. The young republic thanks to the genius of generalship of Kim Il Sung and the patriotic spirit of the people, united around the great commander, was able to not only survive, but also to provide decent resistance to the imperialist predator who unleashed a war against the DPRK. The Koreans took captive more than 1.5 million men of arms, and shot down and captured more than 12,000 aircraft. For the first time in its history the United States were defeated by small newly-born socialist Korea . An armistice agreement was signed on July 27, 1953 (and not a treaty) and is still the subject of political speculation in the U.S. and fueling the desire for the imperialist hawks to take revenge for their defeat in the past. The United States during the past 60 years, have been trying to destroy the DPRK, and wipe out its unconquered people, with constant provocations and demonstration of its military power and the latest tools of modern warfare, not to mention the hosted by the U.S. economic blockade of the DPRK the holding of so-called "military exercises" in cooperation with the South Korean puppets, as well as espionage and the use of global media feeding slanderous material about the lives of people in the DPRK. But the firm Juche leadership of socialist construction, the implementation of Songun politics, the monolithic unity of the Leader of the People, the Party and the Army has created an impregnable fortress for any aggressor. On the day of the 80th anniversary of the Great Leader in Pyongyang , the Pyongyang Declaration was published, "Let us defend and advance the cause of socialism", which to date more than 270 political parties and movements have signed. This declaration gave a powerful impetus to the socialist movement in the world and its development along a new line, confirming the idea that socialism is the ideal of humanity, calling for the progressive parties of the world to unite and fight for a new rebirth and rise of the socialist movement. Over the years, under country's leadership and the party under President Kim Il Sung, the DPRK has powerful steps forward, becoming an industrial power and successes made in developing agriculture, despite the presence of a very small amount of land suitable for agricultural use (80% of Korea is mountainous). In 1958, the DPRK established a socialist system. The Constitution of the DPRK provides citizens the right to receive free housing from the state (in the form of separate apartments for each family), education and modern health care for every citizen of the country. In Korea there are no taxes. During the years of socialist construction, a lot of industrial enterprises were built, new sectors of the economy were organized, agriculture was developed thanks to the reconstruction of land and the introduction into circulation of new crops that have not previously been used in Korea (potatoes, for example). Many monumental buildings have been built glorifying the exploits of the Koreans in peaceful labour as well as praising the union of the sickle, hammer and brush (peasants, workers and intellectuals), a beautiful monument to the JUCHE idea in the centre of Pyongyang , a monument with a height of 170 meters - the highest in the world. North Korea has become one of the most beautiful cities in the world with a clean atmosphere. Korean townspeople do not know what smog is. The state takes fatherly care of every citizen from birth to old age. Very elderly people on behalf of the country have a rich table covered and celebrate with relatives and neighbours. Why do I emphasize these seemingly not so important moments, when talking about the merits of KIM IL SUNG? Because a head of state is judged by his deeds and his real concern for every human life of the country and their welfare. Kim Il Sung with paternal love, loved his people, and therefore enjoyed great affection of his people, who often met him at the enterprises, cooperatives, scientific institutions, army units. In other words, he was always with the people. Because Koreans called him the FATHER of the nation and his birthday is always celebrated as the Day of the Sun. Kim Il Sung was very humble in life, extremely polite and considerate to the other party. He was an outstanding politician of his time, a revolutionary, military leader, theoretician and a gifted practitioner of socialist construction. The Juche idea is now being studied by many revolutionaries and discussed at ongoing international congresses and conferences. Many countries have established a Society for the Study of the Juche idea. At two of these congresses worked our secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB, Comrade Zelikov - At the International Congress in Colombo ( Sri Lanka , 2002) and in Paris (2003). This year's World Congress for the Study of the Juche idea is going to Pyongyang and is timed for the 100th anniversary of President Kim Il Sung. The Great Leader has published many papers on the theory and practice of socialist construction and excellent personal chronicle "With the Century", a highly artistic eight-volume work, telling the life in the anti-Japanese struggle and life and struggle to build socialism. The great leader was an internationalist, and provided spiritual and material assistance to the peoples of many countries in their national liberation and anti-imperialist struggle. During his life, the Great Leader met with political and community leaders from 136 countries around the world. He has numerous awards from political parties, heads of states, research institutions and universities, international organizations and specialized UN agencies. One of the merits of the Great Leader is that he had prepared a dignified replacement in the face of Great Kim Jong Il, who multiplied the achievements of the DPRK, led the country into the category of the world's nuclear powers, thus took on a preventive factor in the face of constant threat of U.S. attack on the DPRK. The great merits of Kim Jong Il do not pale in comparison with the value of outstanding work of the Great Leader. Everything today that Korea has achieved is a result of realization of the plans and ideas of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung. The brainchild of Kim Il Sung is the Korean People's Army, meeting on April 25 its 80th anniversary. We congratulate everyone on this jubilee date who is part of the Armed Forces of the DPRK. The soldier - a warrior, the soldier - a builder of socialist society. The KPA is not only a reliable defender of the peaceful labour of the citizens and socialism, but also a powerful main force in the building of socialism. The nuclear-armed KPA vigilantly stands guard over the peace against the threat of a new world war being unleashed by dying imperialism. Today at the helm of socialist People's Korea now stands leader Comrade Kim Jong Un. Recent events have shown that the Americans relying on the longed-for change in DPRK policy is not necessary. The DPRK under the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Un firmly continues the course of socialist construction, designed by the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, very successfully continued by the great leader Kim Jong Il and has taken the run towards acceleration in the construction of a prosperous socialist state by Comrade Kim Jong Un. Beautiful Korea , is a country of morning calm! Its flies like the Winged Horse Chollima Statue, forward to the starry heights of a highly developed socialist state, showing an example of independent development of all people who choose the path of socialism. As for imperialism, it is threatening mankind with nuclear war, showing his teeth, and bristling, gradually leaving the stage of history, giving way to a future society - communism. Congratulations on the remarkable date - the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung - National Leader Comrade Kim Jong Un and in the face of him - the heroic Korean people. We wish good health to every Korean, success in work and in the service for the sake of advancing the country towards socialism for the sake of peace on earth, for the sake of civilization. CC AUCPB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ RESOLUTION by the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB for Ukraine , Moldova and Transdniestria Having listened and discussed the report of the Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB, chairman of the Central Bureau of the AUCPB for Ukraine , Moldova and Transdniestria Comrade Mayevky, the CC Ukraine Bureau of the AUCPB NOTES THE FOLLOWING: 1. The ruling regime of Yanukovych-Azarov continues the policy of his predecessors - Kravchuk, Kuchma, Yushchenko-Tymoshenko, leading to a further class stratification of society, to the enrichment of the bourgeoisie, especially big business, to the impoverishment of working people and the extinction of Ukraine and aimed at the final transformation of Ukraine into a colonial raw-material appendage of the imperialist West. Over the years, of so-called "independence", Ukraine 's population has decreased from 52.2 million to 45.5 million people and continues to decline. And given who went abroad in search of work and bread, at least 6-7 million people. Ukraine 's population is now less than 38-39 million people. 2. The so-called "new social initiatives," by President Yanukovych are nothing more than a campaign stunt, barebone from the master's table billionaire oligarchs who abandoned the poor working people during the election period. As soon as the parliamentary elections in Ukraine end, the government will immediately forget about all the campaign promises and will do everything to return (by raising prices and rates) spent the money. 3. As evidenced by historical experience and the conclusions of Marxism-Leninism, the working class, the toiling masses can not come to power by parliamentary means and the bourgeoisie, especially big business, will never volunteer to part with their stolen loot. The only way to destroy the power of capital – is the path of revolutionary struggle. 4. The development of productive forces within the capitalist socio-economic system - the rapid development of robotics and computer technology, the Internet, automation, etc. - Displacing people from the manufacturing process, leading to a steady decrease in the rate of profit, puts natural limits to the development of capitalism in its imperialist stage higher. Growing objective contradictions between social production and private capitalist appropriation of labour cause more profound crisis of global imperialism, which shake all its foundations, and demonstrates the incompatibility of modern society's productive forces and capitalist private property relations of production. Five. In order to delay its inevitable collapse, to reduce the intensity of the growing conflict between labour and capital, the imperialists are resorting to well-tested means - outbreak of wars and armed conflicts around the world, to seize sources of raw materials (especially oil and gas) and cheap labour. There is the rapidly growing threat of military intervention by the aggressive imperialist bloc US-NATO-Israel in the internal affairs of Syria along the Libya scenario, and the threat of aggression against Iran . The next object of imperialist military expansion is Russia . Stopping war is the duty of all progressive and peace-loving forces! The AUCPB ORDERS THE FOLLOWING: 1. Party organizations to continue to work actively in the masses of working people to promote Bolshevik ideas and opinions, party documents, the Program and Charter and AUCPB materials by the Secretariat of the Central Committee, of the Central Committee of the Ukraine Bureau of the AUCPB. 2. Use the upcoming election campaign on elections of people's deputies of Ukraine to explain to the workers that the parliamentary path of struggle against capitalism only helps to strengthen the power of capital, as evidenced by the many years of practical experience of opportunistic parliamentary parties: the Communist Party of Ukraine, Communist Party of the Russian Federation, PCPM and the like. 3. To collect signatures for the release of political prisoners, communist revolutionaries, Odessa Komsomol heroes from prison torture chambers of the regime. 4. Conduct systematic work aimed at increasing the number of subscribers to "Workers and Peasants' Truth' that enhances our Bolshevik influence among the masses. March 17, 2012, Kiev AUCPB ======================================================== E-BOOKS BY AUCPB The Global Market As A Manifestation Of A World Of Violence - By Vladimir Ryabov http://www.lulu.com/shop/vladimir-ryabov/the-global-market-as-a-manifestation-of-a-world-of-violence/ebook/product-18939310.html;jsessionid=CC940F50C3C134137453834F2A3DEBA5 Modern China by A.A. 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