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No 11 (116) NOVEMBER 2012
The Great October Socialist Revolution and its impact on world history

"Give us an organization of revolutionaries
and we will overturn Russia" V.I. Lenin.

95 years ago on November 7 (October 25 old style calender) 1917, under the leadership of the Bolshevik Party, led by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the Great October Socialist Revolution was carried out. The working class, the toiling masses of Russia took power into their own hands.
The exploiting classes having lost power - the bourgeoisie and the landlords, unleashed a civil war in order to regain their lost privileges, and to continue to ruthlessly exploit the working people. Their class brothers from abroad came to their aid. 14 imperialist countries launched a military intervention against the young Soviet Republic.
In the crucible of the Civil War, the mighty Red Army was born which was tempered and shaped the future of the Soviet armed forces of the great power.
Lenin emphasized that a people will never win when the workers and peasants for the most part will not know, feel and see that they are defending their own, Soviet power - the power of the working people, that cause, victory for which they and their children will provide an opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of culture, all created by human labor (CW, v. 38).
After defeating the White Army which defended the old order and driving out the forces of the interventionists, our country began peaceful socialist construction.
On December 30, 1922, by the will of the peoples of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - the voluntary union of equal and fraternal peoples and states was created.
After the death of Lenin, the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks), was headed by a faithful disciple and close associate of the leader, Joseph Stalin.
Under Stalin's leadership, the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks), carried out industrialization, collectivization of agriculture, the Cultural Revolution, during which it did away with private property and the exploitation of man by man. By the mid-30s, the foundations of socialism in the USSR were built. The victory of socialism was enshrined in the Constitution of the USSR, adopted on 5 December 1936 and rightly named after Stalin – the Stalin Constitution.
By the end of the 1930-s, the Soviet Union in just 15 years (by 1925 the economy of the Soviet Union entered the pre-war level of 1913) caught up and passed most of the developed capitalist countries and, according to its economic potential, had turned into a superpower, becoming the 2nd most powerful economy in the world.
Extraordinary heroism and courage was displayed by Soviet people, defending the socialist motherland from Nazi invasion. It was the Soviet Union which played a decisive role in the defeat of fascism, grinding down on their own fronts over 70% of German troops. "For the Motherland, for Stalin!" - With this slogan the Soviet soldiers rose in the attack on the bestial enemy.
The Soviet Union suffered its greatest human and economic costs of the war, having put on the altar of Victory 20 million (out of 50 million in total) of their sons and daughters. But after 4 years - despite the malevolence of enemies and the enemies of the USSR that allegedly took several decades to lick wounds of war – the Soviet national economy was restored. The Soviet Union made confident strides forward, laying the foundation for the gradual transition from socialism to communism.
The questions on the transition to communist construction were considered in the outstanding work J.V. Stalin’s "Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR." The core of it was in the further gradual reduction and, ultimately, the destruction of commodity production and commodity-money relations. "We Marxists adhere to the Marxist view that the transition from socialism to communism and the communist principle of distribution of products according to needs, exclude any commodity exchange, and therefore, the conversion of products into commodities, and at the same time and turning them into value" ( Stalin, Vol.16, page 222- Russian).
However, the death of the leader interrupted further progress.
J.V. Stalin stood firmly on the Leninist path. Lenin had created the organization of revolutionaries, but Nikita Khrushchev began the process of its destruction.
Anti-Stalinism, unleashed by the petty bourgeois neo-Trotskyite group of Khrushchev came to power in the party and the country after the death of Stalin, and openly proclaiming at the Twentieth Party Congress, interrupted the onward march of development. The country then began gradually losing its position in the struggle against imperialism. In the Brezhnev era, anti-Stalinism was somewhat muted, but it continued its devastating effect in the economy, politics, ideology, Party and State.
The transformation of the party from the vanguard of the proletariat into a party of "all the people", the rejection of the dictatorship of the proletariat and its replacement with a so-called "people's state", the rejection of Stalin's policy of annual decline in prices of essential commodities and staples based on sustained and rapid development of the socialist economy, expansion of commodity-money relations, instead of its restrictions, as recommended by Stalin, and that is the most important tenets of Marxism-Leninism - all this, as well as other anti-Stalinist (and, therefore, anti-Leninist, anti-Marxist) actions and steps led, ultimately, to the degeneration of the Communist Party and the Soviet state, and contributed to the formation of the treacherous Gorbachev leadership.
Under the guise of perestroika (reconstruction) under Gorbachev and K °, a bourgeois counterrevolution was carried out in our country. The Soviet Union was broken up and socialism treacherously destroyed in the USSR, and the People's Democracies in Eastern Europe suffered a temporary defeat.

It should be noted that the construction of socialism in the Soviet Union took place in a bitter class struggle.
The civil war and foreign intervention, sabotage in industry; fierce resistance during the collectivization of the kulaks, which resulted in the murder of Party, Soviet and YCL activists, the burning of grain and barns, the destruction of agricultural machinery and equipment, the mass destruction of livestock, led to a sharp reduction in its livestock, etc. - All that complicated our progress.
J.V. Stalin said: "It has never happened and never will happen that the obsolescent classes will voluntarily hand over their positions without trying to organize resistance. It has never happened and never will happen that advancement of the working class to socialism in class society would go ahead without struggle and turmoil. Conversely, progress to socialism is bound to lead to resistance from the exploiter elements of the progress, and the resistance of the exploiters can not but lead to the inevitable aggravation of the class struggle. That is why the working class can not be put to sleep by talking about the secondary role of the class struggle "(Works, v.11 page 172).
The views of the hostile class elements were expressed in the party of Trotskyites, Bukharinite, and other Zinovievite groups that merged into a single anti-party, anti-state Rightist, Trotskyite bloc, and were severely punished by the Soviet government for anti-state activities.
As stated in the "History of the CPSU (B)" Short Course": the trials found that the Trotsky-Bukharin enemies, fulfilling the will of their masters – the foreign bourgeois intelligence services, were bent on destruction of the Party and the Soviet state, undermining the country's defense, easing foreign military intervention , preparing the defeat of the Red Army, the dismemberment of the Soviet Union, the Japanese out of the Soviet Primorye, the Poles out of the Soviet of Belarus, the Germans out of the Soviet Ukraine, the destruction of the gains of the workers and peasant, and the restoration of capitalist slavery in the USSR".(OGIZ, Gospolitizdat, 1945, pp. 331-332). It is these evil plans of the Trotsky-Bukharin and traitors and anti-Soviets that managed to realize the Gorbachev leadership.
All anti-party anti-Soviet elements in their work enjoyed great support from foreign countries. The imperialist governments of the major Western countries for a minute did not stop the fight against the Soviets, were desperately trying to destroy the world's first multinational state of workers and peasants, which just by its very existence, by example, the grand success in building a new socialist society had an enormous impact on the working masses around the world.
The governments and major capitalist monopolies and banks in the U.S., Britain, France in the hands of the Zionist capital provided huge financial and economic aid to the Fascist regime in Germany to restore the destroyed during World War I economy, to revive the German armed forces and did everything to incite Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union and by Nazi hands strangle our country. The heroic struggle of the Soviet people and its mighty Soviet army did not allow these insidious plans to come true.
After the victory in the Great Patriotic War and the Second World War over German fascism and Japanese militarism, socialism went beyond a single country. A world socialist system was formed, which included the people's democracies in Eastern Europe and China, the DPRK, socialist Vietnam and Laos in Asia. In 1959, was the victory of the socialist revolution in Cuba.
However, the negative processes in the Communist Party, could not affect the state of the world communist movement, the relationship between the socialist countries. For the abandonment of proven in past life and the severe school of military trials of the Leninist-Stalinist way of building and defending the gains of socialism, the CPSU under Khrushchev was severely criticized by the Chinese comrades, as well as some of the other communist parties.
Relations between the CPSU and the CPC, the USSR and China, which reached outright military conflicts, only fed the hand of world imperialism. Here the anti-Stalin policies of Khrushchev's leadership played a very negative role.

Nowadays, world Zionist-American capital dominates. The islets of socialism remain only in the DPRK and Cuba, who proudly carry the banner of socialism unbowed on the planet. Together with this, along the path of socialist transformation now follows Venezuela and Bolivia, and in a number of capitalist countries (Colombia, the Philippines, etc.) there are armed groups of people guided in the struggle by the revolutionary theory of Marx, V.I. Lenin and Che Guevara. Sympathy of the oppressed workers towards socialism has not been destroyed because of the destruction of the USSR.
Meanwhile, the world of capital is increasingly immersed in a severe financial and economic crisis. Crises by their very nature are inherent in capitalism, especially in its highest imperialist stage and are a reflection of the insoluble and increasingly deepening contradiction between the social character of production and the private capitalist form of appropriation of the results of labor. This was written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, even in the "Communist Manifesto": "For several decades, the history of industry and commerce is but the history of the revolt of modern productive forces against modern conditions of production, against the property relations that are the conditions of existence of the bourgeoisie and its domination. Enough to mention the commercial crises that by their periodical return, more and more menacing question the existence of the entire bourgeois society "(" The Communist Manifesto ", Moscow, Politizdat, 1987, p.31).
And as usual, the imperialists seek a way out of the crisis by way unleashing more and more wars and violent conflicts. Only in the last 20 years (since the collapse of the world socialist system) the US-NATO predators have committed acts of military aggression against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, bombed Libya, fomenting civil war in Syria, more and more, along with its close ally of Israel, to escalate the situation around Iran.
In this case, it serves only one purpose - to capture new sources of natural resources and raw materials, especially oil, to convert workers exposed to aggression into cheap labor for multinational corporations and, thus, extending their worthless inhuman existence. The main object of attacks by Zionist-American imperialism is Russia with its vast territory, countless natural resources, oil and gas storage, cheap and still quite skilled labor. To conquer Russia and, its people turned into rightess slaves of the TNCs and TNB-s is a cherished goal of today's "masters of the world." To achieve this purpose, they openly assist the bourgeois government and the president of Russia conducting anti-national policies in favor of the U.S. and NATO.
To stop the presumptuous predators who by their reckless policies can destroy all of humanity is the duty of all freedom-loving peoples of the world, the international working class and working people, all those who are fighting against the omnipotence of capital, for ensuring that the true masters of the world became the working man - a creator of wealth and achievements of civilization.
At the forefront of history as a century ago, by the course of historical development, advances the working class, the working people of Russia and the other republics of the USSR exploded by counter-revolution.
The revival our great Soviet Motherland is the most important task of all communist revolutionaries, all fighters against imperialism and for the triumph of the ideals of socialism and communism and the victory of labor over the yoke of Capital.
Long live the Great October Socialist Revolution!
Down with the power of capital?
Revive our great motherland - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics!

October 2012 - CC AUCPB


On 4 October 1993, after the executing the Supreme Soviet using tank canon fire, power in the country went into the hands of the big bourgeoisie, led by Boris Yeltsin.

An excerpt from a letter written by Valeriya Vorontsova just before she committed suicide:

"In the autumn of 1993, I was outside the “White House" (the building of the Supreme Soviet in Moscow- fb). (Maybe someone remembers the green-eyed blonde called Lera). I went there because I hate lies, cynicism, meanness, narrow-mindedness, stupidity, human cruelty and rudeness - in short, everything that is in abundance in Mr. Yeltsin, his henchmen and his regime. I came along because I believed Rutskoi, because I had always respected Khasbulatov (although at first, I did not understand how such an intelligent, smart person could have anything in common with this disgrace Yeltsin).
Whilst there I behaved quietly, modestly, and did not scream out loud, and did not clamber to get in front of TV reporters - there were many other things going on: a man named Anatoly was suffering from a severe head wound and a woman (I think her name was Galina Yevgenovich.), had had a sudden heart attack and many others were injured ...
And when the real massacre began, in front of my eyes my friend was shot dead, with whom we had been friends for more than 10 years ... And then I was caught in between a man who was wounded after he had been shot in the abdomen and the Spetznaz commando who had shot him with a contorted face full of hatred. I shouted to him: "Do not shoot, he's wounded!" - On that the commando replied: "He is wounded, but not yet dead...". I ran and stood over covering that wounded man, and thought to myself - that bastard will not fire on woman, but all the same, the bullets were fired straight into my back ...
And then, in a filthy, dirty stairwell and wounded, all the time losing consciousness, I was raped by two OMON (riot policemen). I can still hear their words to the effect of saying, well, this agony is "due to Rutskoi and Khasbulatov, but we will not get to them because you will get the full monty ..."
I woke up after 4 days in the hospital (thanks to the person who found me and sent me there). And I left the hospital on March 1, 1994. Normally after a back injury people leave in a wheelchair. But I was able to get back onto my feet thanks to the doctors. I returned again into life outside, and what did I see? My country is still being robbed, with everyone bowing their heads even lower in front of America. On television are the same figures from the insincere Alexis II to prostituted Mark Zakharov, but onto the people whom I respect, a double portion of dirt poured over them.
Avenge to them all for my friend who was dying in my arms saying, "All the same - Rutskoi is the President", and whose parents still do not know where her body is or where she was buried, as well as for me, for other women and girls? I myself would like to avenge, but I'm a woman, I'm only 21, I have no strength and experience. I'm not complaining (on the contrary, if we had to repeat everything over again, I would do the same as then), but I appeal to the healthy, strong, intelligent, honest men: but if it were me as your sister, daughter, mother or wife? ..
I ask my dear Alexander Vladimirovich Rutskoi and Ruslan Imranovich Khasbulatov: how can you safely write books or work in your department? Are you not getting cold blood and do your hearts not stop?
I do not know how to fight the Yeltsin beast - with a weapon or an appeal to arms, but I personally know that I can not live under this regime, with whose hands I have been humbled, humiliated and crushed. You know, coming out of the hospital, I could not live in Moscow. I can not see my native city and its residents. In every OMON riot policeman I see one of those two who raped me. And to this day since (more than six months ago!), I still wake up screaming at night. I went to a friend in a quiet village in the heart of the Urals, but you see, silence, nature, forest, fungi, berries, fresh milk - they do not help save me. I still every night dream of that massacre. When I was in hospital, I screamed at night, and that would wake the entire ward up; the doctor even prescribed me narcotic drugs….
I repeat: I'm not complaining about anything and have no regrets. I just want to live up to the hour of reckoning. Will the hour of reckoning ever come?
Some might say it is a personal tragedy. Yes, today maybe it is personal, but what about then, way back in October? I was shot not by some criminal, but by a man armed by Yeltsin and his regime. And for being so cruelly tortured by the two men in a smelly dirty stairwell, because they hated me so much? They said: "For Rutskoi and Khasbulatov."
Understand that the October tragedy did not end, for some people it is continuing and will continue until Yeltsin, Filatova, Grachev, Erin, Yakovlev Shakhrai Burbulis and others pay the price for what they did...
With love and respect from Valeriya Vorontsova"

From the editorial.: Valeriya Vorontsova committed suicide in March 1994.
On October 4, on the anniversary of the execution by tank cannon fire of the building of the Supreme Soviet of Russia by Yeltsin's executioners, the Bolsheviks held a rally in memory of the defenders of the Supreme Soviet.
In Krasnoyarsk on Red square, a memorial stele to Krasnoyarsk residents-fighters in the Civil War, a Bolshevik rally took place. It was attended by representatives of the bloc "For Stalin!", the International Union of Soviet Officers, the local branch of the "Communists of Russia", and others.
The AUCPB standard and red flag were deployed. On the stele was attached a placard "To those who fell in the struggle for Soviet power" (that is its name, but a few years ago, after the repair, the letters were broken off along with plating and the stele painted over in brick colour). The placard angered representatives of the police, who demanded "not to aggravate the situation."
At the rally poems were read out about the events of October 1993 and today's capitalist reality, and there were calls for unity in the struggle against the counter-revolution. Common to all appearances the idea can be described as "We do not forget, We do not forgive". Bolshevik newspapers "Hammer and Sickle", "Revolution", "For Stalin" were circulated.
In Novosibirsk on October 4, along Krasny Prospect, a protest was held in the form of a series of pickets. The participants were pensioners, who for more than a year have been fighting for their rights with their regional administration. At the end of pickets, with the participation of the AUCPB, flowers were laid in the Square of the Heroes of the Revolution - in honour of those who fell in the struggle for Soviet power on October 3-4, 1993.


On 24 September, 17 specialists in the reproduction section of a poultry factory in Klimovsky, a village near Cherepovets, refused to work because of non-payment of wages. The last time the workers received money was on August 22. After that, neither advances or holiday money was seen by anyone.
According to experts, because of the work stoppage in the section, in just one day, the poultry factory suffered losses amounting to several hundred thousand rubles.
After a few days, some of workers in the reproduction section of the "Cherepovets broiler" factory started getting their money.
Once the workers had achieved their goal, the strike was suspended, but the situation remains tense. From the words of the same employees, they say that if the delay of salary again continues, they will again fight for their rights.

On September 22, in Moscow as part of inter-regional action against the collapse of the health service, a rally was held. Participants of the rally were holding placards and banners "Impoverished doctors - a sick society", "Doctors are not slaves to work for food", "Do not let the red cross become a tomb," "Enough of lying about our salaries," "Officials, are you not ashamed to type 03? ", "No to budget cuts "," Stop the reforms with strikes at schools, colleges and universities, "" A hospital is not a market! Free and quality healthcare for all", and others.
All the speakers talked about the low salaries of doctors, teachers and social workers (in sharp contrast to the constantly increasing salaries of the state-security services), funding cuts and reorganization of hospital medicine - that is, a merger of institutions and staff reduction.
Many speakers called for physicians to join independent trade unions to effectively defend their rights and the rights of their patients. One speaker pointed out that a simple change of president and government officials in the so-called "opposition leaders" will not change dramatically the deteriorating situation in the social sphere.

Several workers at the Abrasive Plant in Perm on September 26 began a hunger strike, demanding the payment of salaries, which they have not seen since 2010.
"So far we only have four, but at the weekend, we expect that more people will join. The situation is at the limit - the total debt of the company to the employees is more than 6 million rubles. We are on hunger strike in the regional branch of the Communist Party building "- the workers say.
In turn, the Communist Party office site in the Perm region promises to broadcast events in real time.
The next day the governor of Perm region V.Basargin met with the hunger strikers. After his visit, the workers agreed to suspend action for a week.

At the Minsk Tractor Plant in one of the workshop, a hidden strike has been running for several days. People are demanding higher salaries, which they have had cut by almost half from the beginning of the year, according to the publication "Belarusian partisan" referring to one of the plant's workers.
According to him, about 500 tractors have accumulated in the workshop. However, the management of the plant is still not responding and does not want to hold a general meeting. In this regard, the shop workers are preparing for an all out strike. The company's administration continues denying any problems with production.
The same is being said in the official union. "There is no strike. The company is working in the former regime. There is no interruption "- said the head of the trade union committee of the company Alexander Kartsev.

In Azerbaijan, over 200 employees at the Balakhani Oil gas production Administration (OGPU) began strike action on September 27. The strikers are unhappy with working conditions and mistreatment of workers from the new management. They also need to resolve the issue of social insurance, employment contracts, and familiarizing them with payrolls, etc. Management is threatening the oil workers with dismissal for participating in the protest.
On September 20, oil workers held a protest and summitted their demands to the management of Balakhani Oil and gas production Office. However, the management has not addressed these demands, so the oil workers have decided to go on strike.
After the first 4 hours of strike action, representatives of «Balaxan Oil Company» met with the strikers. Representatives of the company started the dialogue with a humiliation of workers, and demanded that they immediately returned to work. However, seeing that the situation was heating up, they changed their tone and promised to look into the strikers' demands. Only then did the oil workers return to their work.

On September 28 in the Kazakh city of Zhanaozen, which gained fame in the largest oil and gas industry workers' strike and in which a peaceful rally was gunned down by police in December 2011, a new strike took place.
This time, the protest was started by staff at "Munay Field Service." Dozens of people boycotted the company, demanding payment of wage arrears and improved social conditions.
"Munay Field Service" has been suffering for several months. In the spring, attempts were made to lay off all employees, but after the intervention of the local authorities, layoffs were prevented from taking place, but then they started having problems with the payment of wages.
At the moment, the private company that provides services to oil facilities, supposedly can not afford to pay full salaries to its workers. Although the amount of work the company has, according to the strikers, is sufficient. The oil workers are also unhappy with the social benefits and claim that the company has not adhered to the collective agreement.

Recently, transport workers in Munich, Nuremberg and Augsburg have taken strike action to demand higher wages and better working conditions. According to the union, which organized the strike, such action was during the beer festival "Oktoberfest" and be very effective.
The festival is already under threat.

Pilots of American Airlines spent the night of September 21 at A rally at the International Airport in Chicago "O'Hara" to protest against cuts in salaries and bonuses in connection with the reorganization of the business.
The action was attended by about 200 pilots. They called for a merger with another U.S. carrier US Airways.
Earlier in the week, in the U.S., airlines cancelled hundreds of flights, citing the strike by pilots. The picketers in "O'Hara" rejected the accusations.
The third-largest U.S. carrier may cut up to 11,000 employees as part of the reorganization of its business. In addition, in September-October American Airlines plan to reduce flights by 1-2%.
In February, the company already announced a possible reduction of staff by 14 000 people in connection with bankruptcy.

A demonstration in Madrid on 25 September, attended by several thousand people turned into violent clashes with the police and protesters attempting to seize the parliament building.
People took to the streets to protest against the introduction of tough austerity measures. Protesters marched with slogans: "They have destroyed the country," "The government of traitors" and "Democracy Kidnapped", demanding a new election.
Clashes with police began when protesters who gathered at the Plaza de Neptune a hundred metres away from Parliament, decided to storm the building.
To disperse the protesters, the police used batons and rubber bullets. According to preliminary data, 65 people were injured. About forty protesters were arrested. As a result of the action, which the organizers called "Surround Congress", the MPs were blocked inside the parliament building for several hours.

Chinese factory Foxconn, which assembles the latest "iPhone" and "iPad” gadgets, had to be closed after a mass clash occurred between workers and security, reports NEWSru.com.
The publication said the brawl, which was attended by about two thousand employees of the plant, was put down by five thousand police officers. At three o'clock in the morning the police arrived on the scene, and only by nine in the morning was the raging crowd dispersed.
As a result, 40 people were taken to hospital, and the plant was closed due to a police investigation.
The first disturbing reports that workers at the plant in Taiyuan were on strike, which resulted in a mass brawl with security and police, have appeared in the Chinese microblogging service Weibo. Users published photos of the crowd of people at the plant and the armed police. The cause of the mass action by workers of the plant was when a security guard was beating one of their work colleagues.
We recall that the company Foxconn is a notorious employer whose employees receive meagre salaries, work too much overtime and commit suicide out of despair.
Events such as this have already occurred in Foxconn factories: in early June, employees almost completely smashed up a male dormitory.
The company Apple, whose products are manufactured by Foxconn, have often thought about refusing the services of this notorious firm. To solve the problem, Apple and Foxconn have agreed to share the cost of improving working conditions, but shortly after the deal, a factory worker committed suicide due to intolerable working conditions.
Foxconn employees regularly throw themselves out of the factory windows – and the company has even had to equip the building with anti-jump netting to prevent suicide.

Overview prepared by the Central Committee of the All-Union communist Party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB) on interaction with the workers and the trade union movement

The party, founded by the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, was born in the flames of almost 50 years of revolutionary struggle against the Japanese, then grew and gained strength in the battle against the United States in the Fatherland Liberation War, after which it matured in the everyday work of building socialism, and has become a seasoned, proven, mature party which enjoys the absolute support and trust of the people. The history of the WPK is a chronicle of the revolutionary activities of President Kim Il Sung.
The origin of the party was the creation (on 17 October 1926) of the Down with Imperialism Union (DIU) by the very young Kim Il Sung out the young revolutionaries, his peers and associates. The young patriots, members of the DIU, had already declared their aim to overthrow imperialism, to achieve liberation and independence of Korea. The ultimate goal was the construction in Korea of socialism, communism, and the construction of world communism. In June 1930, the DIU set the course for the creation of the Communist Party of Korea in the unfolding anti-Japanese struggle and the creation of a United National Front.
The Communist Party of North Korea was proclaimed by the Great Leader on October 10, 1945. A year later it was renamed the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK). The General Secretary of the Party from its foundation until 1994 was the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung.
In 1997, on 8 October, a year after the death of the Great Leader, Kim Jong Il was elected Great Leader of the highest party post. His successor at this responsible position in the status of First Secretary of the WPK is currently working Comrade Kim Jong Un.
The emblem of the party since 1946 at the suggestion of the Great Leader is a steel sickle, hammer and brush, joined together, which means the class alliance of peasants and workers and their class layer - the intelligentsia. The ideology of the WPK is the communist ideology of Juche, which defines its basic principles - independence, autonomy, self-reliance. As pointed out in his speech, Comrade Kim Il Sung "We shall even more demonstrate the superiority of socialism in our country» (I IX Session of the Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK convened on 24.05.1990) - "The Juche idea is a truly communist idea," "the Marxist-Leninist Juche idea." The Juche idea was formulated into a coherent theory by Kim Jong Il. In the work of the "Workers' Party of Korea, the party of the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung" (10/02/1996), Kim Jong Il writes: "For our Party, the establishment of Juche principles has become an all the more important and topical issue because of the situation in which our country has found itself in and the historical features of our revolution "(the change of the political situation in the communist movement after the Twentieth Party Congress, due to the geographical position of the DPRK - between the Soviet Union and China, or the CPSU and the CPC – along with the difficulties of the Korean revolution, they we could only rely on their own strengths- ed.) .
In "Left-Wing Communism, an infantile disorder," Lenin wrote, "... The unity of the international tactics of the communist labour movement in all countries demands diversity, not the destruction of national differences, but the application of the fundamental principles of communism (Soviet power and the dictatorship of the proletariat), which would correctly modify these principles in certain particulars ways to correctly adapt and apply them to national and national-state differences "(PSS.t.41, p.77)
The 67-year Party traversed path shows that at the heart of the WPK were always place the interests of the people and the struggle for the constant improvement of their lives. The spiritual closeness and unity of the leader, the Party and the people transformed Korean society into a monolithic fortress, beyond any natural or storms or political provocations by imperialism. The people are looking to the future with enthusiasm and building their own prosperous socialist society, showing heroism in everything. The Armed Forces equipped with nuclear weapons under Kim Jong-Il, are a reliable protection for the peaceful labour of citizens. The Workers' Party of Korea as the leading and organizing force of society, taking responsibility for everything from the principle of self-reliance, in accordance with the realities of the country and the interests of the revolution can guide the people forward on the road of victories and glory.
The WPK, now under the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong-Un, continue the ideas and achievements of the cause of Great Leader Kim Il Sung and Great Leader Kim Jong Il.
On the day of the 67-th anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea, we congratulate the First Secretary of the WPK Kim Jong-Un, and through him, all the Korean people on the anniversary of birth of WPK – the Party of Comrade Kim Il Sung.
We wish the people of the DPRK under the leadership of their party, new victories in the development of the Korean revolution.

Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB)

In the name of the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the WPK Kim Jong-Un to mark this significant date in Pyongyang a greeting message was sent by General Secretary of the AUCPB N.A.Andreeva
In Krasnoyarsk, in October 6, a march took place by the united left opposition "Anti-capitalism." About fifty people - activists from the AUCPB, VMGB, Komsomol (b), the International Union of Soviet officers, the party "Communists of Russia", "Stalinist bloc," the CPRF Komsomol and anarchists, and also non-party youth took part in a single column marching from the Yenisei embankment to the monument of Alexander Matrosov, where a rally took place. Apart from a few well-known older activists, the bulk of the protesters were young people under 30.
The main slogan of the event was: "No to the anti-social policies of the state! NO to anti-labour laws! NO to the police state, corrupt politicians, lobbyists and bureaucrats! NO to imposition of religious obscurantism! NO to insane neo-liberal reforms, destroying science, education and medicine. We do not want to pay for their economic crisis. Capitalism in Russia Means Death to Russia! ".
Leading the rally was the leader of the All-Union Young Guard of Bolsheviks, E. Fatyanova. Also, the floor was given to Bolshevik, and member of the Central Committee of the AUCPB V.N. Komarov. In general, the speakers at the rally explained speakers explained to the youth of the need for an organized struggle for their rights. Moreover, that the attacks by the ruling bourgeoisie on these rights are growing rapidly.
One of the goals of the event was to identify the active young people, ready to take part in the work of our organizations. Interaction with them will be continued outside public actions. With the successful "Anti-capitalism - 2012" march, an almost forgotten tradition may be revived in order to hold such actions every year.
Recently, on the website "Red TV" interesting material was published about the regional elections in the Czech Republic, beginning with the words "Total victory of the left ...". Our friend from the Czech Republic (Petr Khodil), who has a wealth of experience in party and public work since the 1950s, sent to us, the AUCPB, his own opinion on this material with the words: "I consider it my duty to add something." The material of the Czech comrades, taken in conjunction with the published material in "Red TV", gives a fuller, brighter and objective view of the political developments in the Czech Republic, allowing us to look at them through the eyes of a wise by experience communist - Bolshevik.
Below we publish the first original material from "Red TV", and then the commentary by the Czech communist. On the author's request to transfer the material to "Red TV" we, the AUCPB have fulfilled that request.
“Total victory of the left! The candidates of the Communist Party of Czech and Moravia to the Senate, have the largest number of seats in the regional government for the Communists since 2000.
The communists are generally regarded as the winners of the regional elections, although the Social Democrats won the most votes. In contrast, the Social Democrats, who have lost 75 regional seats, the Communist Party of Czech and Moravia (KSČM) won 68 seats more than the last regional elections in 2008.
The elections alone become a huge victory for the left, and at the same time, the defeat of the right. There was also a fairly small voter turnout: 36.9%. The Civic Democratic Party (CDP) is defeated, having lost 78 seats, the right alliance STAN and TOP 09, who did not exist in the 2008 election, won 37 seats. The People's Party won a total of five seats more. In nine regions, the Social Democrats (CSDP) won, the KSČM won in two, the Civic Democratic Party (CDS) won in only one region (Pilsen), and in the Liberec district a group called "Mayors for Liberec region won."
"I am pleased that the KSČM has confirmed its overall growth," said Vojtech Filip, chairman of the Central Committee of the KSČM. He is satisfied with the success of the Communist candidates among the largest than ever range of political parties and movements involved the defeat of socialism in the elections to the regional political offices.
"Success on such a large scale is a measure of achievement in the status of the KSČM as a modern left-wing party, with experts in the right places, able to resist corruption in the Czech Republic and to solve the problems of the Czech Republic," - he said. He believes that the recent representation of the KSČM in the regional governments of Moravia-Silesia and Karlovy Vary, which was appreciated by voters, contributed to the growth in the overall results.
"Our strategy is clear: to outline a coalition and maintain the principles of proportional representation" - Vojtech Filip replied to a question about agreements after the election.
Chairman of the Social Democratic Party, Bohuslav Sobotka on Saturday evening, told reporters that in relation to a coalition, the closest to the CSDP are the communists and members of the People's Party. On Sunday on a television show, he repeated, "I can not imagine any cooperation with the KSČM." The CSDP won the overall vote of 23.6% of voters, with KSČM in second place with 20.4%. As for the number of seats for a total of 182, which means that the largest number of representatives from the KSČM first regional elections in 2000. Third place belongs to the CDP with 12.3%, the People's Party (albeit under different associations) claims to have 9.9% of the vote and TOP 09 / STAN - 6,6%. No other party was able to exceed 5% on a national level.
The first round of elections to the Senate (upper house of parliament), also witnessed a historic success. In total, out of 27 electoral districts, 12 candidates of the KSČM passed thought to the second round, and four of them were in first place. Among them up to the present day, Jiri Doleys, member of Parliament and Deputy Chairman of the KSČM, has the right to sit in Prague.
At present, in the Czech Senate, are two senators from the KSČM. To create a faction in the Senate, it is necessary to have at least five seats. The Czech Senate now has the most leftist seats. Just before the second round of Senate elections (to be held October 19 and 20) it is clear that the left have increased their majority, which is politically very important."

Comment by Czech Communist-Bolshevik Petr Khodil: "Unfortunately, this is not a victory of the communists! Very few voters took part in the election, only 36.9%! The «KSČM» (Communist Party of Czech and Moravia) is not party of true communists, Marxists - Leninists! This is an opportunist, revisionist, social-democratic party. The leaders of the party reject the idea of overthrow of capitalism through revolution, do not recognize and reject the period of our socialist construction (especially in the fifties), and on the contrary, always apologizing to "the people" for this time. They condemn and do not recognize even the role of Comrade. Gottwald and present themselves as ardent anti-Stalinists. They actively support our membership to the European Union, are seeking more opportunities to expand their participation and involvement of their party in the governing of the bourgeois state. After these "successful" elections, they nourish the hope to get at least one ministerial seat, (at least a seat of deputy minister of any Ministry). In January of next year, we will have (for the first time) to choose a new president. It is possible that they will even dare to put forward a "communist" candidate. He will not be President, of course, as they will not allow it. But even if he was selected, this would lead to anything good happening. After all, we remember that not so long ago in Moldova, there was also a president-“communist”(?). The average age of members of the Communist Party of Czech and Moravia is 75 years old! For nearly 30 years, the party has not carried out any form of political education, education, and exhibits nearly negligible activity. Members of the party in the majority do not really understand what is happening and at the election vote in a disciplined way, but only by inertia, for the "communists."
The fact that this time at the elections, the "communists" have as many votes is only a manifestation of that our politically illiterate, without class consciousness people with petty bourgeois thinking, express their dissatisfaction, but not knowing who the real communists are. But even these people are already fed up, and starting to protest and express their grievances against the government, with its implementation of any reform and dissatisfaction with the social and political situation in the country.
Unfortunately no one, not our "communist" party, nor our toothless and anti-communist, classless "democratic" unions do not want to say clearly and openly to the people, and explain that the only right decision, and the way out is the elimination of capitalism and the establishment of socialism again. It is possible that our current, bourgeois coalition, right-wing government will not survive and will soon fall and in his place the Social Democratic opposition will settle in to power (with the support of our democratic, pro-European "communists"). Unfortunately, again, few realize that in this case there is nothing to be happy about, because not better will come from this.
I have not "registered" to "Red - TV" and not know anyone to hand this to them, but could you somehow pass my current "work" over to them? I understand that Red-TV is not Bolshevik, but still a leftist media channel, and I think that it has a great deal of influence and deserves to get this addition, passed to them through the AUCPB, information regarding the questionable victory of our "communists" in the latest election in the Czech Republic?"

With Bolshevik greetings. Petr Khodil

According to media reports

In the midst of the election campaign, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has unexpectedly discovered salary arrears for workers amounting to $ 1.5 billion US dollars, and has demanded the government repay it. It is clear that as soon as the elections are held, our rulers will immediately forget about the people of Ukraine. However, they do not think about the people now either and the entire presidential “concern” is just for effect. Around one billion hryvnia is being spent on installing video cameras voting booths during the elections. If they were concerned about the people, the money would be spent on paying off workers’ wage arrears.

More than 70 schools have been closed down this year in Ukraine. In all, over the past 2 years 300 schools have been closed down. And President Yanukovych called those people who opposed the closure of rural schools, provocateurs.

One in four citizens of Ukraine are living below the poverty line. But by European standards, 80% of the population live (or rather, try to survive) below the poverty line today. Such data are cited by the Institute of Demography and Social Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NAN), headed by Academician Ella Libanova (note, the institution is completely official).

In 2011, ten thousand people in Ukraine committed suicide. Clearly, “because of a good life."

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