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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

For Bolshevism - No 1 (118) JANUARY 2013




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Monthly AUCPB bulletin on workers’ movement in ex-USSR with additional reports specific to Britain’s hardest hit

No 1 (118) JANUARY 2013


There are many glorious dates in Soviet history. They are 1945 - the year of the Great Victory, 1961 - the year of the launch into space of the world's first astronaut - Yuri Gagarin. There are also tragic years - 1941 - the year of the attack on the Soviet country by fascist hordes, 1953 - the year of the death of Great Stalin. But what about 1937, a year with a distance from us of now 76 years? What is so special about that year? Is it the year of the "great terror", something that has already for many decades been hammered into our heads by various democrats-anti-Soviets? Or is it something else? Why is it that during a discussion with any anti-Soviet, the talk inevitably "rolls" into the subject of 1937? What role and what point do these "truth-seekers" try to make of 1937, and why do they need this? Here on these important issues we try to find answers.
Two incompatible viewpoints "collide" “head to head”. The first viewpoint is the Soviet one, which says: "The year 1937 revealed new information about the Bukharin-Trotsky gang of monsters. The trial of Pyatakov, Radek and others, the trial of Tukhachevsky, Yakir and others, and finally, the trial of Bukharin, Rykov, Krestinsky, Rosengoltz and others - all of these processes have shown that Bukharinites and Trotskyists have for a long time constituted a common gang of enemies of the people under the guise of the "bloc of Rights and Trotskyites". The trials found that the Trotsky-Bukharinite fiends, by fulfilling the will of their masters – the foreign bourgeois intelligence services, they were hell-bent on destroying the Communist Party and the Soviet state, undermining the country's defence capability, opening the way to foreign military intervention, training towards the defeat of the Red Army, dismemberment of the Soviet Union, the destruction of the gains of the workers and peasants, and the restoration of capitalist slavery in the USSR."
The second viewpoint is the anti-Soviet view that asserts the complete opposite to the first viewpoint: every person (and this bit is important – as they mean every single person!) convicted at the trials in 1937 were in no way to blame and were completely innocent; they did not carry out any anti-Soviet activity, and that all these "enemies of the people" were invented by Stalin to realize his own personal plans and hide the "sins" of his own biography (the imaginary service in the tsarist secret police, etc.). And in general - Stalin was "a born villain" who "ate little children." Overall - "there were no enemies of Soviet power and neither could there be." (The exploiting classes were eliminated after being deprived of their private property. Well, who then would go against Soviet power ..?).
* * *
So let us count up all those real enemies of Soviet power, of Stalin, of that path of socialist construction which he proposed. Ryutin’s group (the Ryutin Affair) in the platform "Union of Marxists - Leninists" (beautifully sounding, is it not?) wrote: "The economic policy of Stalin, ... has led ... not only to an unprecedented economic crisis all across the whole of the country, but has also discredited the very principles of socialist construction and pushed us back in economic terms by at least 12-15 years... Errors committed by Stalin and his clique ... have turned into crimes.. ... The Party and the working class in their overwhelming majority are against Stalin and his clique. We need only to unite these scattered and terrorized forces... and begin work on eliminating the Stalinist leadership ... The liquidation of the dictatorship of Stalin and his clique."
What did Trotsky write for many years in his "Bulletin of the opposition?" He wrote - Down with Stalin! E.A. Dreitzer who was close to Trotsky admitted in 1934 that he had received a written directive by Trotsky about preparations for a terrorist act against Comrades Stalin and Voroshilov. The content of the letter by Trotsky was kept short. It began with these words: "Dear friend! Convey that today we have the following main tasks before us: 1 - To remove Stalin and Voroshilov, 2 – To unfold work for organising nuclei in the army, 3 - In the event of war, to take advantage of every setback and confusion to capture the leadership."
Well, good. These are individuals, groups. And indeed in the course of the Great Patriotic War, it became clear that the Soviet government and the policy of Stalin had many thousands of real enemies. These were the Vlasovites (ROA - Russian Liberation Army members who wanted to liberate the country from the Bolsheviks and the Soviet regime), people such as Bandera, Konovalets and others who murdered tens of thousands of Soviet citizens. Then there were the "forest brothers", who fiercely fought against Soviet power for many years after the war had ended. Most of the prisoners were in the camps not in 1937, but in 1946-1947. And most of them were Vlasovites, Banderites and police.
Was it possible that maybe by the beginning of perestroika the enemies of Soviet power were all "dead"? Far from it. There were more than enough supporters of the capitalist counter-revolution. Let's read what Mother "Bison" of perestroika - Anatoly Chubais had to say about this: He says, "... The fact is that I hate Soviet power. Moreover, I have hated very little in life in the same way that I hate Soviet power. It started with the morning turn-on of the radio and a cheerful voice with such a deliberate hideous Soviet tone: "Hello, comrades! Let’s begin with our morning exercises!" For many normal people of school years, this was a happy childhood. But I hated my school. The school taught advanced military-patriotic education. We went to the building in uniform with collars like the sailors wore, and sang the song: "The sun is shining bright, hello, beautiful country!" My school does not rouse tender feelings in me. And my main memory is that my friends and I once decided to smash it to pieces or better still, burn it down. We managed to tear off and damage just one part of a wing of a seagull that was welded onto the military-patriotic monument. We were unable to inflict a lot of damage to it. But me and my friends all hated it." Someone might say, "Well nothing terrible! It's just crazy behaviour." But no, it's not that simple. This is a conscious, deliberate hatred for the fundamental values that are at the core ideology of Soviet man, and deep ideological unity with Ryutin and the "Bonapartist" Tukhachevsky without exception.
It is hardly necessary to dwell on the anti-Stalin Khrushchev report to the 20th Party Congress of the CPSU in 1956. The defamatory statements contained in it were thoroughly debunked in the book by American researcher Grover Furr "Anti-Stalin Falsehoods" (“Anti-Stalinskaya Podlost”), M., 2007. The author rightly concludes, "Of all the assertions listed in the "secret report" directly exposing Stalin and Beria, not one turned out to be truthful."
About the processes themselves in 1937. Here it is interesting to note the evidence by J. Davis, a former U.S. Ambassador to the USSR from January 1937 until the spring of 1938, that is to say, right at the peak of the political processes taking place. His he set out his memories of that time in his book "Mission to Moscow", on which President Roosevelt left the following inscription: "This book is a phenomenon, it is for all times." On June 25, 1941, that is three days after Hitler's attack on the Soviet Union, Ambassador Davis gave a lecture at Harvard University. He was asked about what he could say about the presence inside the Soviet Union of a "fifth column." A short answer followed: "It no longer exists – they have all been shot." In one of the letters included in the book and written in April 1938, Davis wrote about the trial of the "Bloc of Rights and Trotskyites ": "... And there is hardly a foreign observer who would have after following the course of the processes, questioned the involvement of the majority of defendants in the conspiracy, which had the goal of eliminating Stalin." Davis comes to the conclusion that the Soviet leadership was preparing for war, not only by increasing its defence capability, but also by a thorough purging of their leadership cadres, whatever the high position they may have occupied: "The Russians had their own quislings, by analogy with that same Norway, and they destroyed them."
A film was made under the same name of the book by Davis. Immediately after the Second World War, under President Truman, members of the notorious un-American activities committee were engaged in an all-out tough purging of all films carrying the truth about Soviet Russia. And, of course, "Mission to Moscow" was included, which, as claimed by the bloodthirsty McCarthy Commission, was staged in Hollywood, "along a Stalinist scenario."
Objective observers who lived in the Soviet Union and who had seen the situation from within, evaluate the end of the 1930-s in the Soviet Union quite differently than the anti-Sovietchiks do. Here is a small excerpt from the memoirs of Zhukov: "Every time of peace has its own special features, its own colour and beauty. But I want to say a good word about the pre-war period (in the USSR). It featured a unique, original elevation of mood, optimism, a certain spirituality and at the same time, efficiency, modesty and simplicity in human communication. We began to live well, very well!"
By combining the above facts, one begins to understand that the conspiracies against Stalin and against the Soviets in the 1930-s could well have, and more than that, HAD to have taken place, given the intensity of the class struggle of those years. To say that there were “no enemies of Soviet power” causes natural mistrust and fury among people. There were enemies of Soviet power and very dangerous ones! But to honestly talk about these conspiracies has always been very difficult, because immediately one comes up against a mass of opponents who reject any versions and facts surrounding the attempts by associates of Stalin to have him removed from the political arena. The argument of the opponents is "iron-hard": They say that recognizing the existence of a conspiracy against Stalin - is to recognize the legitimacy of the repression against the political figures close to him. According to anti-Stalinists, anyone who tries to prove the existence of anti-Stalinist conspiracies in the USSR, indirectly justifies the political processes of the 1930-s. On this issue, the top echelons of the Khrushchev-Brezhnev CPSU were united as one, together with Soviet "dissidents" and their accomplices and supporters abroad.
Mao Zedong and Enver Hoxha in a joint statement "About the Birthday of J.V. Stalin" on December 21, 1964, prophetically wrote about what the rejection of the Stalin experience of building a communist society can lead to (and did actually lead to):"The criminal acts of Khrushchev and his handy-men will have long-term repercussions, as they will lead to the degeneration and then the destruction of the Soviet Union and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union."
It turns out that the "cudgel" of 1937, running on full power by Khrushchev in 1956, appeared in his "work" far beyond its original purpose - for discrediting J.V. Stalin. It "crushes" (and not without some success) Soviet history along with all the heroic feats of the Soviet people, who built the world's first state of workers and peasants. It is on this 'cudgel', like on a main support that the whole "structure" of the anti-Stalinist and anti-Soviet LIE relies upon. Read the newspapers: On July 3, 2009 in Vilnius, Lithuania, the 18th Annual Session of the OSCE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe) Parliamentary Assembly was held. At this session, the OSCE adopted a resolution entitled "Divided Europe Reunited." The resolution clearly equalized Nazism and Sovietism (Stalinism, Communism). It stated that the Soviet Union was a criminal state carrying out genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. On February 1, 2011 in Yekaterinburg, Russia, a meeting of the Presidential Council for Development of Civic Society and Human Rights was held. At the meeting in the presence of the President of the Russian Federation, a member of the Presidential Council S. Karaganov made a detailed and far-reaching statement on the de-Sovietization of society. The proposed program of the Council included the following:- the need to recognize that "the people of Russia over the last 100 years, have almost no self-respect whatsoever," and it is necessary to recognize the Soviet period of our history as a great crime, and the Soviet Union - a criminal state, along with the need to recognize that "the whole of Russia is one big Katyn" (referring to the view that the mass graves at Katyn was the work of the NKVD). The program also included the need to recognize that in the Soviet Union, "genocide" was carried out, that is, the Soviet government deliberately exterminated the Soviet people, together with the need to recognize the USSR as a "totalitarian state”, and on this basis, to consider it the same as Hitler's Germany. It must also be recognized that the Soviet Union was responsible for the outbreak of the Second World War, along with Germany, and that it is necessary to rewrite history books to reflect everything about the genocide in the Soviet era and the USSR as a criminal state. Also it is necessary to prohibit people from working as civil servants who doubt that the Soviet Union was indeed a criminal state, and it is necessary to conduct an audit of special anniversaries and special holidays in order to eliminate or rename all the dates associated with the history of the Soviet Union. So there you have it. Nice, simple, and - most importantly – democratic.
The roots of this savage program would certainly grow from out of the anti-Soviet interpretation of the events of 1937, from the "secret" report by Khrushchev. The purpose of this program is to trample Soviet history in mud and turn into ashes the history of our ancestors, grandfathers and fathers. So do not think that Chubais is alone in all this, or that Chubais is with the Democrats, all ten a penny. The Democrats are dashing people. Polls show that the vast majority of people in Russia, after twenty-odd years of indoctrination can not stand "liberal values" - do not care a jot about an organized second perestroika! Who cares about the critical economic situation or the crumbling structure of government – the main thing is we still havn’t made it like in America. Well when we do, then everything will work out. All of this has great resemblance to the classic "Pili, Shura, Pili!"
What should we Bolsheviks do in this hard time for the country, for the people of the time when opposition to the current bourgeois regime is torn to shreds, with no end in sight, when ordinary people are being repeatedly deceived by advertising that promises fabulous wealth, and in fact people do not believe anyone or anything anymore? There is one great and powerful feeling in every former Soviet person - a sense of belonging to the former great Socialist Motherland. I am sure that this powerful feeling, this feeling of Soviet patriotism will be the main driver in our struggle for the liberation of our great and beautiful country from the current snare of capitalist slavery and humiliation.
Moscow, November 2012


The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics TO BE!

APPEAL BY THE CC AUCPB on the occasion of the 90th anniversary since the forming of the USSR
The victory of the proletariat in October 1917, driven by the Bolshevik Party led by Lenin, was one of the most outstanding events of the twentieth century which opened a new page in the history of mankind - the possibility of creating a society free of violence, oppression, exploitation, a world of peace, increased use of science and technology for the benefit of the working man - the creator of all material and cultural values. The forming on December 30, 1922 of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - the world's first multi-ethnic state of the dictatorship of the proletariat - was the logical design of the Great October Socialist Revolution, the socialist state where working people became the masters of life and where peoples' friendship and equality of nations became the basis for further successful construction of a new society on the road towards communism.
Common peoples’ public ownership made us the richest country in the world that brought about an incredible rise in the economy, far out of reach for even the most highly developed capitalist countries.
During the years of Soviet power, we stepped a long way ahead towards the heights of science, knowledge, culture, growth, welfare and health of the people. We became the most highly literate country in the world. Children were cared for and loved by the state. They were all guaranteed secondary education, free university education anywhere in the country together with the provision of state scholarships. Each chose a profession they wanted. University graduates were sent to enterprises to gain practical skills for entry into adult life.
The housing problem was successfully solved. We pioneered the peaceful use of the atom and were the first to launch a manned spacecraft. The constant growth in labour productivity provided lower prices for basic foods, daily necessities and housing and communal services (the amount of payment of which was purely nominal). Young people had the opportunity to develop their natural talents in the construction during the Soviet era of palaces and houses of culture, and relax in many sports arenas, free youth summer camps and vacation homes. The most honored and highly paid professions were miners and scientists. Trips to the best holiday resorts in the country were available to every Soviet family. Each had full confidence in the future, and old age was materially provided for by the state together with the choice to have free spa treatment once a year. All kinds of medication were available at a very low cost with many given out for free. All operations, including the most complex surgeries were performed free of charge by highly qualified specialists. Song lyrics of those years reflect the mood and the fullness of life of the people very well. "Everywhere life is full and broad, like the Volga River, in full flow. Young people everywhere are valued. Old people everywhere are honoured." We lived in a beautiful Soviet country where constitutionally "a person always had the right to the study, rest and work."
That was under socialism! Compare all of that to what we have now in Russia and republics of the former USSR?
Our magnificent victories in the building of socialism in the first thirty years of Soviet power were achieved under the leadership of the great successor to Lenin, the great statesman and politician of the first half of the twentieth century, Josef Vissarionovich Stalin. The military genius of Stalin, who led the warring Soviet people against German fascism to bring peace and freedom to the people of Europe, initiated the start of a broader national liberation movement in the colonies and the imperialist metropolises.
It is namely SOCIALISM that became the key to our great victory over Hitler's fascism and the salvation of many people from complete destruction during the Second World War.
Trotskyist Nikita Khrushchev slandered Stalin, and turned the construction of socialism in the USSR in the opposite direction by introducing capitalist production principles into the socialist economy. This turnaround towards capitalism immediately had effect by slowing down economic growth and rising prices on consumer goods and food products. Khrushchev’s slander against Stalin the beloved leader of the oppressed peoples, led to quarrels between the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) and the Communist Party of China (CPC), and the steering away of the USSR from the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) (North Korea - fb).
Across the country under the banner of anti-Stalinism, began the degeneration of the ruling CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) and its gradual separation from the people, from the working class, whose interests it was intended to uphold and defend. Opportunism which started corroding the CPSU, withdrew from the policy of class-based peaceful coexistence content, which in turn led to a weakening of the influence of socialism in the "third world" and undermined the position of the international communist and workers' movement.
The loss of socialist perspectives in the leadership of the CPSU gradually led to liquidationism which initiated the collapse of the workers and peasants state. Because of the distortions and violations of the laws of socialist construction in the Soviet Union, capitalist elements began to grow. All of this by the 1980-s actual led to the emergence of a class of underground bourgeoisie (mafia – fb), which together with the fifth column which had raised its ugly head under traitor Mikhail Gorbachev, carried out a counterrevolutionary coup with the assistance of international monopoly capital, which in turn, destroyed and tore the USSR into pieces. Illegal and unconstitutional fraudulent "privatization" stole our national property from the people, which earlier no one had ever dared to privatize. The privatization of public property is legally a crime, a gross violation of the Constitution of the Soviet Union and has to be returned to the people. The destruction of the Soviet Union was carried out with complete disregard for the results of the All-Union referendum held in March 1991 (on whether or not Soviet people wanted the USSR preserved as a integral state- fb), and is a crime carrying severe consequences.
World imperialism led by the United States gained a breathing space on the backs of the well-organized breakup of the USSR, and shifted forward its inevitably impending comprehensive crisis of imperialism by 20 years. The collapse of the USSR delayed the collapse of the system of imperialism, but did not eliminate it. Today the imperialist world is again gripped by a systemic crisis, with no doping available to get it anywhere out of the crisis.
The counter-revolution plunged the Soviet economy into a ditch, plundering the country and transforming our untold wealth to the major banks of international capital. The vast majority of people are at the lower depths of social life. This particularly applies to pensioners, who are not secured even by a miserable minimum pension necessary for existence, as well as to young people who are deprived of a future. Young people (as well as the entire main working population) now receive scant wages, with which it is not even possible to get into paid higher education or purchase a home due to the high cost, therefore preventing them from creating a family. Paid medical services are now so expensive and still going through the roof, making them out of reach for most working people. Millions of people have become unemployed and homeless, deprived of human living conditions.
WE CAN NOT CONTINUE THIS WAY! WHAT IS TO BE DONE? Rise up to the struggle for the revival of our great Socialist MOTHERLAND - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
Because now the slogan of the day is - FOR the Soviet Union!
According to a recent online survey, the vast majority of respondents were for the revival of the USSR. The bourgeoisie are afraid of this, and because the regime throws big money on weapons and improving the means of fighting against its own people, it has resorted to violent repression of any lawful action of workers defending their constitutional social rights.
Today, DEMOCRACY exists only for the FIFTH COLUMN. For working people though – it is used for the suppression of any actions by working people against the bourgeois system.
On the issue of revival of the USSR, the pro-bourgeois leaders have found a loophole in order to deceive the workers. Servants of the bourgeoisie are also FOR a union But WHAT KIND of union? Naturally, they are for a bourgeois union! They are for the preservation of the power of the bourgeoisie in a revived USSR (according to Kurginyan, who is “in favour of a USSR-2”), an “honest” bourgeoisie "caring for their hired slaves and interested in the development of the state." Can this really be? NO, it can’t! In other words, the preservation of ruthless exploitation of wage slaves under a cute heart of a paper wrapper - For the USSR!
We, BOLSHEVIKS are in favour of the revival of the Soviet Union as a socialist state, because the USSR and SOCIALISM are inseparable concepts. Thus, in fighting for the USSR, we are fighting for SOCIALISM. But a changeover from the capitalist system to a socialist system is not possible without a socialist revolution.
Thus we are for a SOCIALIST REVOLUTION! However, without victory over opportunism in the communist movement, and without uniting the communists of the Soviet Union across the territory of the USSR, uniting on the positions of Bolshevism, the revival of the Soviet Union will NOT BE POSSIBLE.
The bourgeoisie will not hand over power to the working people without a fight or a struggle. So, we will have to fight hard and not without loss. We must be prepared for this.
SOCIALISM is the future of mankind on the road to a classless society. This is a fair system, and therefore we are bound to win!
Long live the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, reborn from the ashes of a defeated counter-revolution, once again uniting the different nationalities into a single fraternal family of peoples!

General Secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB)

November, 2012, Leningrad

Ps. Note by For Bolshevism-AUCPB editor. Much of what is written in the above article applies not just to Russia and the former Soviet republics, but also applies to all capitalist countries including Britain which is in economic and systemic crisis with no way out. Millions of people are becoming even more impoverished especially under the neo-liberal Tory government agenda of fierce cuts that are ideologically driven to finish off what Thatcher began with worse to come. Hence the slogan Workers of all Countries, Unite, is as actual today as it was in Marx’s time. The only answer for working people is to organise, rise up, fight then overthrow the power of capital!


Contrary to today’s lies by corrupt journalists- "historians", representatives of bourgeois power and simply amateurs, the October Socialist Revolution uprising in Petrograd in October 1917, was not at all "bloody".
During the storming of the Winter Palace, no more than ten people were killed. In
today's bourgeois Russia, in some cities in a day more people are killed in car accidents alone or other man-made catastrophes.

A bloodless revolutionary process.
Lackeys of the present Russian bourgeoisie often intimidate people by saying
that socialist revolutions bring about many victims, "a sea of blood" and similar nonsense. However, we have seen in the example of the October uprising in Petrograd in 1917, that when it is well organized and has strong support among the masses, plus the fact there are a lot of allies and sympathizers, and the correctly selected moment for the overthrow of bourgeois rule, the number of victims, despite the large scale of this process, is extremely low.
If in 1917, the victorious October uprising of the proletariat in the Russian capital Petrograd was characterized by a very small number of people killed, then the number of people killed in cities such as Nizhny Novgorod, Izhevsk, Penza, Chelyabinsk, Samara, Tver, Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Novonikolaevsk (Novosibirsk, Russia), Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and others, then actually Soviet power was established with almost no armed struggle at all. In Russia, Lenin called this triumphal procession of Soviet power that was held, as a bloodless revolutionary process.
The Civil War in Russia did not start in 1917, but in May 1918, when the bourgeoisie had lost power and British and French spies incited the Czechoslovak Corps against supporters of Soviet power. Already starting in January 1918, the imperialists of Britain, France, USA, Japan and other countries had landed troops on Russian soil and then launched an armed struggle against the Red Army. In the Don and North Caucasus, Generals Kornilov, Alekseev, Denikin, Krasnov and Mamontov with their troops organized revolts against Soviet power. They are the ones who actually provoked and started the Civil
War. Hence, the above counter-revolutionary forces are also responsible for those killed in the period of 1918-1922.
The Great October Socialist Revolution was characterized by a much smaller number of victims. If it were not for the October fighting in Moscow, then the establishment of Soviet power in Russia would have limited itself to quite a small number of victims. The more organized an uprising and the more support and sympathy it gains from the masses, the fewer the victims. Therefore, you have nothing to be afraid of with socialist revolutions, especially since capitalism with its inherent poverty, famine, local armed conflicts, disasters, disease, and genocide exterminate more people around the world than in any world war. For example, during the years of capitalist slavery in the former USSR (1991-2012), when we are even further away from socialism, and when there have been no socialist revolutions, the "CIS countries" (the so-called capitalist Commonwealth of Independent States – the title given to the territory of the former USSR and made up of the republics of the USSR before it was destroyed - FB) has lost more people than the USSR did in the Great Patriotic War (more than 20 million people). In Russia alone as a result of social genocide, war, disease, famine, disasters, the population has been declining by one million people each year. Better to shed blood, if it came to that, and destroy the cannibal
system entirely and put a stop the annual loss of so many people. Nowadays, capitalism is far worse than any civil war, since it leads to the death of many more people than the class struggle does, even at its highest point of intensity.

The disease has been allowed to spread too far.
A socialist revolution can be compared to a surgical operation, when herbal treatments, pills or injections do not help and surgical intervention is needed. Yes, it is, at times, unpleasant, and yes, it's blood, but what other option is there if a person is to survive? If a seriously ill person who needs a surgical operation is treated with pills, he will eventually die. Such is also the case with social
development. There are times when in order to save the working classes (workers, peasants etc), the people and the country as a whole do not need reforms ("pills") as proposed by the Zyuganovite followers of Mr Genadi Zyuganov from the CPRF (a social democratic, reformist party under the title Communist Party of the Russian Federation with seats inside the Russian parliament – the state Duma - Fb), but should have "surgical intervention", i.e. a socialist revolution, otherwise many people will suffer and die, and the country will disappear from the map. A similar situation
developed in Russia in October 1917, when the bourgeois Provisional Government headed by Kerensky was planning to surrender Petrograd, a capital city, as well as other areas, to the German troops and, therefore with this, provoking the break-up of Russia into separate principalities. Lenin, Stalin, the Bolsheviks and Russian workers coming to power by the revolutionary, "surgical intervention” route, halted the process of disintegration of our country, then markedly raised the standard of living, freeing the people from misery and poverty, and turning the country into a powerful state - the USSR.
Our Motherland now needs "surgical intervention” in order to survive. The disease has been allowed to spread too far.
Russia today is seriously ill and can not be cured by "pills"- reforms, as proposed by the bourgeoisie from Zyuganov to Putin, but only
by a "surgical operation" – in other words, by a Socialist revolution, which, if an uprising is well organized and the right moment chosen, there is a chance for it to be almost bloodless as in the example of the Triumphal
march of Soviet power in 1918.
With this in mind, it is worth remembering that a socialist revolution can not be
artificially created or “done” purely out of nothing, because it has to mature in the class
struggle of the oppressed against the bourgeoisie, and here it is important not to miss the
moment, as it was not lost in October 1917.
By S. Kuz'min



The Bratsk Town Court recently sentenced Yevgeny Ivanyug, Mikhail Lamykin and Alexandra Sushkov. They were found guilty of organizing an extremist
community and burning down the office of the ruing "United Russia Party”, reports
Taygi.info on October 18, 2012
According to the Prosecutor General of Russia, in court, Sushkin and Lamykin
pleaded guilty to the offences. Ivanyug in pleading guilty to the offences did not agree with their characterization as criminal offenses.
We remind readers that the town office of the ruling "United Russia Party" located on Lenin Street, was torched on the night of April 30, 2011, after petrol bombs were hurled through the windows of the office which was empty at the time. The injured parties in the case were the municipal education which owns the premises, and a private individual whose
property was destroyed by the fire.
The media then reported that the arson was committed by members of an extremist organization linked to the former mayor, a member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Alexandra
Serov, who in February 2011 was arrested on charges of extortion. The suspects in the crime were arrested in June 2011.
The court found that Ivanyuga, Lamykin and Sushkov had indeed in March-April 2011, created in Bratsk, an extremist community, in order to prepare and commit crimes "based on political
and ideological hatred" under the name, "A Fighting Organization of Communist Revolutionaries."
Besides the torching of the office of United Russia Party, the accomplices attempted
arson at a local printing shop, which they had carried out at the end of June. These
actions were stopped by police.
The Court sentenced Ivanyug to six months' imprisonment with a sentence in a penal colony. Sushkov and Lamykin were sentenced to
five and four months imprisonment respectively and suspended for two and a half years.
Source- "Taiga-Info"

Comment from AUCPB “Revolyutsia” editor.: Whilst generally not approving of the form of activity of the new "communists-revolutionaries ", we state that the hatred in the people towards the official ruling bourgeoisie and its official party "United Russia" has reached a level that requires real action to deal with. Therefore all anger and outrage by ordinary working people must be directed not towards material objects
but towards eliminating of human-hating capitalism the revolutionary way. For the remaining at large "militants", this way is open
Together with this, it is also worth noting that by using the method described above (individual acts of torching and property damage, etc), any gravitation towards the communist movement by the masses of working people could be undermined, because that method may have the reverse effect on the peoples hatred towards the bourgeois ruling United Russia Party....(FB additional comment.... and indeed, yes, it may seem that a lot of people may get some temporary satisfaction at seeing damage to capitalist property (thereby in real terms having an effect of defusing social tension for a time), but it real terms, damage to property will not change the system at all. Building mass social tension and directing it along the communist revolutionary path is one the key elements which will result in the final destruction of the capitalist state machine as a whole i.e. system change – FB ed.). Thus faced with such a situation, the torching of the “United Russia Party” by people who identify themselves as part of a militant organization of
communists would most likely be used by the authorities to demonize the communist movement and lead to further suppression of its most active elements.


On December 17, 2011, the leader of the DPRK, outstanding statesman and politician of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century passed away suddenly, after having for more than 20 years led the life of the country, and managed in a short time to do so much that the country under him not only defended its sovereignty in a severe economic, political and media blockade imposed by the United States and its satellites, but also did not allow the U.S. to ignite the fire of a new world war, starting in Northeast Asia.
Under the leadership of Great Kim Jong Il, according to his plan of restructuring the economy in the interests of the people, and not having sufficient arable land (due to the mountainous topography of the surface of North Korea), the DPRK was able to:
- create highly mechanized agriculture to re-cultivated crop lands
- master a vast territory of salt marshes previously unsuitable for agriculture
- introduce new varieties of agriculture crops,
- set up fruit farms on the slopes of hills and mountains,
- develop grazing and build goat farms,
- Organized commercial fisheries of highly valuable species of fish, and more.
Thanks to the leadership of Great Kim Jong Il, the country had largely solved the food problem, having becoming fully independent from the supply of food from abroad.
Huge transformations have been carried out in industry, both in heavy industry (in particular - the production of steel by a new technology, developed by Korean scientists), and in light, chemical and other industries.
Under Kim Jong-Il, a powerful energy base was created by way of the construction of a mass of hydro-power plants on small rivers as well as on artificial reservoirs.
Kim Jong-Il lived for the people, tirelessly working for their benefit, for continuous improvement to housing in both urban and rural cooperatives. The issue of housing today in the DPRK has been completely solved by the state – every family lives in a comfortable separate apartment (or house), and newlyweds receive the keys to a new apartment if they wish to live separately from the older generation. The issue of universal compulsory secondary education has been completely solved, and all students receive a state grant and free food within the walls of a university, and children attend pre-school or comfortable kindergartens free of charge as all costs undertaken by the state. At a high level, with the latest achievements in world medicine, using medical equipment and the latest generation of national traditional Korean medicine, great advances have been made in the field of health. Great attention is paid to the environment (Korean towns and cities are the cleanest in the world according to the degree of air pollution, especially with regard to Pyongyang).
The armed forces, the flesh of the people created by the Great Leader and fostered by Great Kim Jong-Il, not only vigilantly guard over the peaceful labour of the DPRK citizens, but also actively participate in the creation of the future of society.
But in our view, one of the main issues successfully solved thanks to the leadership of Great Kim Jong-Il, has been the development in aerospace research and the launching of satellites into space. Thanks to the wise leadership of Great Kim Jong Il, the DPRK has become a world nuclear power. Thus now, the possibility of pre-emptive nuclear strike on the DPRK by the U.S. has been removed, which the Americans constantly threatened the DPRK with during the 60 years since the ending of the Great Fatherland Liberation War of 1950-1953, which ended in defeat for the United States. The successful launch of the Earth satellite on 12 December 2012 produced a shock in the Western world and scared the instigators of a new world war who suddenly became aware of the new opportunities of the DPRK – to have the ability to crushingly deflect or, more precisely, to prevent any new provocations or threats against the DPRK on their part. Evil, sooner or later, is always punished, Master Imperialists!
The launch of the Earth space satellite was carried out using a ballistic long-range missile on the 100th anniversary of the Great Leader Comrade KIM IL SUNG. Great KIM JONG IL wanted this and worked towards it.
It is very difficult to list everything great that was created or done under Kim Jong-Il thanks to his Leadership and his high sense of patriotism. His sudden departure from life is a great loss not only to the DPRK. Great love to him by the people was expressed in the fact that he is now eternally the General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) – the leading and guiding force of socialist construction. Thus Great Kim Jong Il forever remains in the ranks of the WPK.
Today, the country continues its steady path forward, implementing the plans of Great Kim Jong-Il under his successor Kim Jong-Un, who has for already one year successfully been leading the state, always following the line of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and Great Kim Jong Il. To be a successor to their cause is a great honour and an enormous responsibility.
The state recently passed a law on land management - a new step in the development of agriculture for a better quality food supply for the population and landscaping foothill arrays (environmental issues). Transformations have been initiated towards improving and expanding the general 12-year education for young people and enhancing their patriotic education to become worthy, competent successors to the Korean revolution.
Paying tribute deepest respect to the memory of Great Kim Jong-Il, his great work for the good of his people and the struggle to prevent the outbreak of a new world war by the empire of evil - the United States, we believe that all the initiatives and plans of Great Kim Jong Il will certainly be successfully implemented and the DPRK will become even more beautiful and more powerful. We sincerely wish success to Comrade KIM JONG UN.
Bon voyage to you into the future - great Socialist Korea!

N.A. Andreeva

General Secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks
Leningrad 12/13/2012



Blacklists in the dock
In the non-stop dirty war that capitalism wages against the workers from whose sweat all profit derives, the role of spies and snoops is of great importance to the bourgeoisie.
The fine of £5,000 for data offences that the courts imposed on one such, Ian Kerr, in 2010, whilst derisory, pulled aside a veil on the corrupt and crude forms which exploitation takes – the more so as the capitalist crisis grows more acute.
The public was shocked to learn how no less than 44 construction firms, including household names like Balfour Beatty, Costain, Corillian, Wimpey and, most notably, McAlpine, had long been availing themselves of Kerr’s services, paying him handsomely to finger any worker who had at any time been dubbed a ‘militant’ or ‘troublemaker’ by a boss.
To earn such a soubriquet from Kerr’s Consulting Agency one needed do no more than express concern about some health and safety issue on the job, or just join a union. Job offers for the individual concerned then mysteriously dried up all over the UK.
Information on the database included names, birth dates, home address, NI numbers, car number plates, previous jobs, union membership and details of all previous involvement in union activity or disputes. The list even included details of friends and relations. Moreover, this vast reservoir of hearsay information was hoovered up not only from the client companies alone but also from informal police and security service contacts.
On one of Kerr’s files, for example, a worker was said to have been ‘apprehended’ at an anti-racist protest. Since ‘apprehension’ (as opposed to actual arrest) would not register on an official police file, the obvious inference must be that such juicy titbits were being fed to the snoopers by informal police contacts – suggesting the same corrupt connections as have been revealed between police and the media.
Needless to say, the then Labour government was eager to bury the issue as fast as possible on behalf of capitalism – to this end cobbling together a hasty law which pretended to offer workers protection from this outrageous intrusion upon their privacy and arbitrary destruction of their career prospects. This new legislation was hastily shuffled onto the statute book to make it ‘unlawful’ to deny a worker employment on the basis of a blacklist.
Crucially however, these new measures did nothing to criminalise the keeping of blacklists as such, making a nonsense of the supposed protection offered. In order to claim redress, victims need to prove not only the existence of a blacklist, but also that they were refused work solely because of that blacklist.
To prove that in court is obviously very difficult, faced with the massed ranks of highly-paid company lawyers and a judiciary more temperamentally suited to picking holes in strike ballots than defending workers’ rights. Just to make it more difficult to get justice, workers have had to ask the Information Commissioner’s Office (the body which investigated Kerr) whether or not they are among the 3,213 building workers targeted on Kerr’s blacklist, rather than the onus being on the ICO itself to contact all the victims individually (as eventually happened over the phone-hacking scandal).
As a result of all these obstacles to justice, to date not one of the 44 companies implicated has had to pay a penny in compensation for the lives they have wrecked.
However, thanks to the workers’ own efforts this might be about to change. Eighty-four of them are pushing lost earnings claims through the High Court, which, if successful, could cost the industry tens of millions in compensation pay-outs. More damaging still to capitalist interests was the confession by the ICO that when they raided Kerr’s files in 2010, they confiscated a mere 5 percent of the total, leaving the other 95 percent in the tender care of Kerr.
ICO spokesman David Smith grovelled: “I do accept we could have done more.” If the 3,000+ construction workers on Kerr’s list represent 5 percent of the total files, that suggests a potential total of 60,000 victims drawn from across the employment spectrum, with the rail, car and shipping industries constituting likely fishing grounds.
Two years on, and with Labour back in ‘opposition’ (but not to capitalism), Ucatt is responding to the new revelations – by printing thousands of postcards for people to send to their MPs demanding that they support Early Day Motion number 609 put up by Labour MP Steve Rotherham! This EDM states that “it should be a criminal offence to supply, compile, solicit or use information in connection with a prohibited list”.In other words, it is asking that the ConDems do now what Labour in government signally failed to do then: ban such blacklists outright.
When Ucatt’s Jim Kennedy attended a session of the Scottish affairs committee, now investigating blacklisting in employment, Labour MP Pamela Nash asked him about the 2010 legislation. Kennedy soon put her straight on this point, retorting sharply “It is not illegal to collate and keep a blacklist.” (Morning Star, 31 October)
The real purpose served by such parliamentary gestures as this latest EDM is not to champion the rights of snooped-upon workers but to provide a distraction for workers, in the hope of breathing fresh life into the corpse of the Labour party. Ucatt would do better to spend less money on printing postcards and funding Labour, and more on building up a strike fund for the struggles ahead.
McAlpines, against which company the current High Court action is being taken, made a vast amount of money from construction of the Olympic Stadium. During preparations for that work in the second quarter of 2009, McAlpines made 5,386 individual checks on Kerr’s blacklist. Curiously, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna, addressing the Ucatt conference back in May, hailed the Olympics, along with Ellesmere Port (where workers submitted to a two-year pay freeze in the hope of keeping their jobs) as “a shining example of trade unions as a force for economic progress for our country, working in partnership with management and the government”.
Workers should shun such ‘partnerships’ like the plague – and in particular the paralysing ‘partnership’ between unions and the Labour party.
The RMT has drawn attention to one blacklisting website, hrblacklist.com, which is so crass that it is tempting to believe it must be a spoof. It is being taken deadly seriously by the RMT, however, a number of whose leaders and activists figure on its pages.
Visitors to the site, which describes itself as “an ethical human resources community for employers and employees”, are invited to act as paid informers (“HR Agents”). Under the job description, potential candidates are advised “You will work at home. You will introduce CV’s in the HR Blacklist database, together with your own evaluation of the employees ... [You] will receive 1 USD, each time a user will pay for a CV you introduced in our database. Any taxes, bank fees, and any other additional expenses that might occur will be your own responsibility ... [I]f you upload only one CV, this will not get you very rich, very fast. But if you upload 1000 CV’s this month, and these CV’s will be accessed just once every week, this is a whole different story!”
The reality is that snooping on workers in order to pick off potential leaders and disorganise the workers’ movement did not start with Ian Kerr’s seedy outfit in Droitwich and will not end with Early Day Motion 609. As we pointed out when the scandal first hit two years ago, “this story in fact begins in 1919, when British capitalists, understandably nervous about the revolutionary example being set by Russia, set up an espionage agency to spy on workers deemed to be overly militant.
This class-war agency, the Economic League, festered on until the early 1990s. At that point, having attracted some unwelcome attention, the league officially ceased to exist. In practice, however, it effectively went underground, changing its name to the Consulting Association and entrusting the bits of the database relating to the building trade to one of its employees – one Ian Kerr!” (Proletarian, February 2010)
We can be certain that neither closing down Ian Kerr’s freelance snoop shop nor passing any law at Westminster is going to make any serious difference to the regular blanket surveillance which workers suffer daily, knowingly or not, under bourgeois governments of whatever political stripe. That is a requirement of the crisis-stricken capitalist system and will end only when bourgeois class rule ends.
Ian Kerr and his chums are to be congratulated for bringing that day a little nearer by revealing the hollow pretence of ‘democracy’ and ‘individual liberty’ in capitalist Britain.
Source- Proletarian – CPGB ML

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