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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Statement by the Central Committee of All Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB) in connection with the sharp deterioration of the situation on the Korean Peninsula

27.03.2013 04:54

At the moment, because of the constant provocations by the U.S. against the DPRK, the United States, the use of sophisticated attempts to in any way force the DPRK to respond to the actions of the U.S. and South Korea, the Korean Peninsula has come close to a dangerous line of open hostilities between the opposing sides - the U.S. and the DPRK. The presence of nuclear weapons in both countries makes it possible to they can be used it in this confrontation. This means that the world once again by the imperialists is on the verge of a new start of a World War III, only this time, a thermo nuclear war. Obviously, war is the only way to maintain their rule in a state of profound systemic crisis and agony of the imperialist world. To any clear thinking individual, it is obvious that a World War with nuclear weapons will inevitably destroy all life on Earth, and will be the end of civilization.

We call on all people of the Earth, regardless of their political beliefs and orientations, religions and nationalities, race and age, to think seriously about the inevitable consequences of a nuclear war fomented by the U.S., where there will be no winners. This war will affect everyone, regardless of where they live, and their distance from the Korean peninsula.

We call upon all citizens of the Earth to do everything possible to prevent a thermonuclear world slaughter for the criminal interests of the furious and frantic financial tycoons of the world.

We appeal to the UN Security Council - to stop playing the role of an obedient servant of the U.S. and remember their responsibilities as an organization designed to act in the interests of all mankind.

Stopping the crazed American aggressors and preventing another world war being started is the duty of all peace-loving peoples of the world and the only chance for survival, which history gives us now.

Hands off the Democratic People's Republic of Korea!

26.03.2013 22:30


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