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Friday, 29 November 2013

For Bolshevism - No 12 (129) December 2013

Workers Of All Countries- Unite!



The AUCPB fully supports the just indignation of our Korean friends regarding yet another undemocratic provocative action by the South Korean authorities in trying by all means to disrupt the process of peaceful reunification of the Korean nation. We condemn the actions aimed at disrupting the unification movement that is gaining strength. And no matter how enraged the opponents of reunification are, historically this process - the unity of the Korean nation – cannot be broken by anyone.

CPRK Secretariat Denounces S. Korean Regime for Moving to Disband Unified Progressive Party

Pyongyang, October 24 (KCNA) -- The south Korean conservative group urged the puppet Ministry of Justice to form a "team of experts to take measures against political parties and organizations violating constitution" and staged the farce of making legal examination for the disorganization of the Unified Progressive Party. It decided to request the puppet constitutional court to try the case and is inviting lawyers for the trial.
The coteries of the "Saenuri Party" at a state inspection of the "National Assembly" set the disbandment of the Unified Progressive Party as an issue top on agenda and are fanning up hysteria, talking about "enemy of liberal democracy".
The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea in its information bulletin No. 1048 on Thursday said the south Korean puppet conservative group's moves for the disbandment of the Unified Progressive Party are a shocking fascist rowdyism unprecedented in history.
The group calls for disbanding the Unified Progressive Party, linking it with the DPRK. This is an unpardonable provocation and challenge to the DPRK, the information bulletin said, and went on:
The group is talking about "political party following the north" and "plotted rebellion". This is illogical sophism that can be made only by those obsessed by confrontation with fellow countrymen.
It is quite natural that the south Koreans of all social standings are denouncing the group's moves for the disbandment of the Unified Progressive Party as "an act violating democracy", "neo-fascist act" and "an act of raising wind of McCarthyism".
The group is also trying to disorganize the Teachers Union, calling it the "heart of forces following the north" and "inside enemy". It even seeks to shut down Jaju Minbo, a progressive internet paper.
Its suppression is aimed to remove the core of the progressive forces in south Korea, shrink all the forces standing for reunification through alliance with the north and forces for democracy and reform and lay a springboard for its long-term stay in power.
The prevailing situation clearly proves that the puppet group is a horde of hideous fascist hooligans and confrontational maniacs who put the past military dictators into the shade.

Ideology, Economics, Politics

On the 95th anniversary of the Leninist Komsomol

Leagues of workers and peasant youth – these are organizations of the proletarian youth, arising after the February bourgeois revolution of 1917 in Russia. Until February, the Bolshevik Party, by and large, did not need separate youth structures. First, the party operated underground, and splitting it into age groups was useless, and, secondly, and perhaps most importantly - the Bolsheviks in their majority, during the struggle against the tsarist government were led by young people. Only by 1917 had the Bolsheviks had noticeably grown older: V. I. Lenin was already 46 years old, and J.V. Stalin - 37. After the overthrow of Tsarism in February 1917, the Bolshevik party emerged from the underground and there was a need to unite the worker-peasant youth around the Party.

The socialist leagues of working youth were organizations of young workers encountered during the preparation for the October Revolution. They originated in Petrograd, Moscow and other Russian cities with leading participation of the Bolsheviks. By May 1917 in the district associations of young workers in Petrograd there were already thousands of young people. The members of the youth leagues took an active part in the demonstration on May 1, and the youth demanded the introduction of a 6- hour work day and labour protection of adolescents, the right to vote at 18, and opposed the continuation of the imperialist war.

In June 1917, in the workers and peasants Bolshevik newspaper "Pravda" a model charter of the League of Working Youth of Russia was published written by Nadezhda Krupskaya, which indicated that its main purpose is to train fighters for the overthrow of capitalism and the victory of socialism.

In Moscow, the first league of young workers was set up in March - April in the Zamoskvoretsky district at the Mikhaelson factory, then other cells of the revolutionary youth in other plants were formed.

In the spring and summer of 1917 young workers unions were formed in many cities, mainly in the industrial centres. In March -April, the Sevastopol Youth League was created, and a league was formed in March, under the name of "Progress" in Kostyantynivka (Donbass). In April the Youth Organization was formed under the Yekaterinburg Committee of the RSDLP (b). In Riga was the beginning of the League of Youth for the Social- Democratic Labour Party of Latvia and a league set up in the Nizhny Novgorod region. In May, a league of young workers was formed in Kostroma, in Kiev – an action group for league organizing; In Tallinn a Social- Democratic league was set up. In June alliances arise in Tula and Voronezh. In July the Kazan Socialist League of Working Youth was created and in Rostov- Nakhichevan, a league of the proletarian youth was formed.

During the struggle with Kornilov, young workers of Petrograd, Moscow, Kharkov, Kiev and Donbass, Belarus and the Urals entered into the Red Guards.

In August – September, socialist youth labour unions in Motovilikha, Zlatoust, Perm, Vladivostok, Baku, Odessa, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinoslav and Tiflis were created. By the time of the October Revolution, youth leagues were also set up in the Urals, Siberia (Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Novonikolayevsk), Ukraine, Crimea, Belarus and elsewhere.

Socialist leagues of working youth under the leadership of the Bolshevik Party took an active part in the Great October Socialist Revolution. In his plan of the October armed uprising, V.I. Lenin emphasized the role of young workers: "Divide the most decisive elements (our "shock workers" and young workers, as well as the best sailors ) into small groups so that they can occupy all the main important points and participate in them everywhere, in all important operations ... "

In Petrograd, many activists of the youth workers league participated in the storming of the Winter Palace, in taking the telephone exchange, the cadet school, in the protection of the headquarters of the revolution - Smolny. In Moscow, league supporters also took an active part in the fierce fighting for Soviet power.

Youth leagues were involved in the building of socialism, in the struggle for the defence of the gains of the revolution. The first mobilized fighters of the socialist league of young workers in the Civil War took place in late 1917 - early 1918: in the fight against the Dutov gangs in the Urals, and in the south against the Krasnov White Cossacks. When as a result of the German troop invasion in February 1918, and the Socialist fatherland was in danger, many youth organizations went to the front almost at full strength. In May - July 1918 a massive mobilization of the Youth to the front took place for the suppression of the rebellion of the Czechoslovak Corps. The fighters of the league of young workers participated in the requisition, in the suppression of the kulak uprisings, by forming a guerrilla movement, and underground work behind enemy lines.

For the further development of the youth leagues, a single united centre and a single program was needed. On August 4, 1918 an organizational bureau was set up to convene the All-Russian Congress of Unions of young workers and peasants. The 1st Congress was opened on October 29. This day is considered the birthday of the Komsomol. The Congress proclaimed the establishment of the Russian Communist Youth League (Komsomol).

Ahead of the Soviet Komsomol stood a great history: Young Communists crushed the enemy in the Civil War, and then built socialism: in Magnitogorsk and the Dnieper hydro-electric power plant, Komsomolsk–on-Amur railway line and Turksib, they dekulakized the rural bourgeoisie and plowed collective farm fields on Soviet tractors.

In 1941, when grown up, the Komsomols and their grown up sons joined the ranks of the Red Army in the fight against the Nazi invaders. The Komsomol organization of Young Guards covered itself with Eternal glory, which operated on the territory occupied by the enemy, in the Donbass city of Krasnodon. Most of the Krasnodon Young Guards were killed, setting an example of courageous struggle for their socialist homeland.

The counter-revolution in 1991 once again (as in the Civil War ) has mobilized the best part of working and student youth on the path of resistance to the nouveau bourgeois fascists. In 1992, the All-Union Young Guard of Bolsheviks (VMGB) was formed - the successor of Leninist Komsomol. The name for the organization was not chosen by chance: if the word "Komsomol" for most of the young people is associated with peaceful times, the Young Guard – is an organization that fights against the invaders. In October 1993, the VMGB fighters fought on the barricades in Moscow against Yeltsin’s executioners and murderers. In the 2000’s, in Odessa, the local activists of the Odessa Komsomol League and VMGB were arrested by the secret police – the police accused them of planning to overthrow the bourgeoisie and establish a Black Sea coastal Soviet republic .

Comrade ! If you are young – join the All-Union Young Guard of Bolsheviks (VMGB) to fight for the victory of socialism. If your town has no VMGB organization - unite with young fellow like-minded people and establish communications through the newspaper "Revolutsiya" with the VMGB leadership for forming a local organization.

But be vigilant ! The bourgeoisie to distract workers and students has created fictitious "Komsomols" that do not carry on proletarian struggle. Moreover, the ruling elite in the Russian bourgeois party "United Russia" has established its own youth branch, calling it a "youth guard" . But their "youth guard" has nothing to do with the heroism of the Krasnodon Young Communists during the Great Patriotic War. Napoleon Bonaparte called his army recruiting "Young Guard". In this sense, the title for United Russia shoots as very fortunate, because United Russia members are the real followers of Napoleon's marauding hordes that invaded Russia in 1812.

The task of young proletarians who understand their class interests is to join the ranks of VMGB. A branch of the VMGB must be formed in all cities of the country and in each working village.

Comrade, come join us! Raise red flags over our cities!

Ivan Vasiliev


On 16 December 2004, the Russian State Duma passed in three readings at the same time the introduction of a new holiday "Day of National Unity." Earlier, Boris Yeltsin decreed that from November 7, 1996 "in order to mitigate the confrontation and aid reconciliation of various layers of Russian society, the former name of the holiday (November 7) " –the Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution – be changed to "Day of Accord and Reconciliation ." By Decree of President Vladimir Putin on December 29, 2004, November 7 since 2005 has ceased to be a day off - it has simply been abolished (eliminated), and proposing the people the other "festive" day for Russia1 - November 4 as the " Day of National Unity " ostensibly to commemorate the liberation of Moscow from the Poles in 1612 .

Let's analyze this manipulation of public opinion by the authorities who sell to the illiterate through the falsification of historical fact, the dates November 7 and November 4.

November 7.

1. It is absurd to celebrate November 7 as a day of accord and reconciliation in a situation where as a result of the counter-revolutionary coup the people of the USSR were suddenly robbed through the "privatization" of public property using a monstrous unconstitutional act, as national property under no circumstances can be privatized ever. We were offered reconciliation and accord with the thieves and traitors to the Fatherland.

2 . Is it even possible under the capitalist system to have "consent" and "reconciliation" between two antagonistic classes - the oppressed proletarians have nothing but their hands, which they sell for a meager meal and for deplorable housing, for actually losing their social rights and guarantees - and assigned to work for the bourgeois class, which lives in full prosperity, luxury and with the blasé use of our "privatized" natural resources and the wealth created by the toil of the Soviet people, who are now transformed into a slave of capitalist exploitation?

3. November 7 is not subject to any "modernist" interpretation of its historical significance. November 7 was, is, and will forever remain in history as a great Victory Day of the Russian proletariat in the class struggle against the bourgeoisie, as the day of victory of the dictatorship of the proletariat over the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Because renaming the Day of the Great October Socialist Revolution "day of Accord and Reconciliation " was a political farce of the counter-revolutionaries .

4 . Manipulations with the renaming of November 7 were carried out in the interests of the bourgeois counter-revolutionary power - to completely erase the memory in the people, especially in the young people who have come into the world in the last 20-30 years, not only the date of the Great October Socialist Revolution, but at the same time the entire Soviet period, the heroic the life of the Soviet people and the history of a great country - the USSR.

The blockhead "democrats", by deceit and treachery of the Soviet people seized power, and with a complete lack of ability to develop and offer a progressive ideology (they have nothing but bourgeois pathological desire for money and live only for the sake of money), the inability of the them to formulate a Russian national idea, and the searching by the "democrats" are continuing to no avail in their its third decade in power (replacing their hated Marxism with something "new" and "progressive" has been impossible), and has led them to conversion to the archaic heritage of the church, dating back over 2,000 years. Their hatred of all things Soviet, together with the fear of future inevitable peoples retribution is so great that now instead of building affordable housing for the people, all over the place both in the cities and in the countryside, at the expense of the state budget (taxes on the population) unimaginable numbers of various churches, chapels, etc are under construction. (in St. Petersburg, churches have grown and continue to grow in almost all corners of the central streets). What for? It is well known that any religion neutralises in man the desire to resist the evil of violence ...

The newly introduced by the power of another far-fetched (besides religious in essence) public holiday on November 4th (supposedly a historical date of the liberation of Moscow from the Poles in 1612), and the growing influence of the church in matters of the state, indicate that the Russian Federation’s declared secular state is all increasingly turning into a clerical state (with the dominant ideology of the church). The powers and the church both at the same time against the working people. The initiative for replacing November 7 with 4 November as the "Day of Unity" belongs to the former head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Alexy II.

The manipulations by the authorities and church authorities have gone so far as to proclaim the newly introduced festival on November 4 adequate to the Soviet state holiday on November 7, presenting it as just a simple replacement of one day to another. In this case, the liberation of Moscow from the Poles has been artificially tied to November 4 as the Christian church date. (The liberation of Moscow from the Poles took place much later than November 4.)

We regard this fact as an information and ideological fraud subservient to the intellectual powers that be.

Thus November 4, 1612

As already mentioned in the beginning of the article - "On 16 December 2004, the State Duma passed in three readings at the same time the introduction of a new holiday "Day of National Unity."

Added to the Bill is an explanatory memorandum which greatly distorted, falsified historical facts on events about November 4, 1612 in Moscow, ostensibly referring to major Russian historians who actually gave just the opposite of the events on the liberation of Moscow from the Poles. In the memorandum, for example, it notes the follwing:

"On November 4, 1612, soldiers of the peoples militia led by Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky stormed China Town, liberating Moscow from the Polish invaders and demonstrating the model of heroism and solidarity of all people regardless of their origin, religion or social status ... ". The Duma members’ perverse modern historical picture of the events of that time continues to be successfully replicated now by the Russia media.

In fact, for example, the major Russian historians S.M. Solovyov (1820-1879) , and V.O. Klyuchevskii (1841-1911) stated that China Town (near the Kremlin), on November 4 (old style calendar - October 22) was taken by storm by a detachment of Cossacks but the militia of Minin and Pozharsky did not take part in this, having laid siege to the Moscow Kremlin, which hid the Poles and the Russian boyars, along with the 16 -year-old heir to the Russian (then - Moscow ) Mikhail Romanov throne - the founder of the Romanov dynasty. The militia of Minin and Pozharsky besieged the Kremlin for a month, forcing the besieged into submission. A month later, the besieged Poles and Russian nobles were released from the Kremlin under the displeasure of the Cossacks, who wanted to rob those who were released.

The nobles and Cossack militias represented the different social forces and were constantly at odds with each other. The noble militia did not dare to storm the Kremlin. That was done by the Cossacks.

Thus, the date of November 4 is the liberation day not of Moscow, but only of China-town (the trading part at the foot of the Moscow Kremlin) from the Poles, and the whole idea by the modern Democrats with the celebration on November 4 as the date of the unity and cohesion of the Russian society is their necessary rigging of historical facts in order to over-emphasise attention from November 7 to the church date November 4 (feast of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God). Feast of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God was introduced to Rus by the son of Mikhail Romanov of Russia (Alexei ) in 1649.

We Bolsheviks celebrated and always will celebrate the Day on November 7 as the beginning of a new historical era - the era of socialism on the way to communism. As for the Russian national idea, then we formulate it as follows:

GO FORWARD ON THE PLANET in the development of civilization to the heights of a classless society - communism.

We started this way on 7 November 1917 and will go on to win it!


November 7 –

Documents of the Central Committee of the AUCPB

The Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks congratulates the members of the party, as well as those who work with us, on the 96th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution!

On this significant day in human history, we also congratulate our allies abroad, those who in difficult circumstances under the universal fascism of ruling regimes and who do not stop their agonizing struggle against imperialism, which is trying by all means to unleash a World War III, in which there will be no winners.

Nowadays, in terms of development of new monstrous technologies of war involving chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, and recently, the most monstrous – the climate weapon (with its impact on the geophysical structure of certain regions of the planet), already planned by the empire of hate - the U.S. - and tested by them in Vietnam (1961 - 1975) over the DPRK (1996- 2000) in 2013 over Brazil and Russia (Amur region), the main goal of all progressive mankind is to prevent the implementation of the criminal plans of the Zionist world government, based in the U.S., for world domination by the ambitious criminal hierarchy in the U.S., and the final transformation of the rest of mankind into dumb slaves.

We invite all who are able to resist the world’s evil- the United States, for unity in the struggle for the preservation of life on Earth, for the unity in actions against criminal imperialism and for socialism - the only socio-political system that belongs to the future.

Glory to the Great October Socialist Revolution, the 96th anniversary of which we celebrate today!

Long live the new socialist revolution that will end all oppression, slavery, poverty and disease in the world and will provide the right to enjoy the benefits of life only to those who create them!


The editorial board of the central site of the AUCPB congratulates all party members, supporters, our friends abroad, allies in the communist movement and all of our readers on the 96th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution!

We live and work in difficult historical conditions. At a time when the global financial and economic crisis deepens, carrying workers into unemployment, rapid impoverishment, and growth of bourgeois oppression. Imperialism is frantically searching for a way out of the impasse, which it drove itself into. To this end, the Washington "hawks" are preparing a new war of aggression, which can easily turn into a Third World War, using the most lethal weapons of mass destruction.

Around the world simmer fierce class struggles. Workers, peasants, office employees, young people, senior citizens – are all rising up to fight against the moribund, corrupt capitalist system. In response, the bourgeoisie uses military force, special riot equipment, gas and water cannons. But the course of history can not be stopped .

No matter how difficult, we will not stop fighting for the dictatorship of the proletariat for socialism, to complete victory. Only the elimination of capitalism and the transition to the socialist path of development will be the salvation for the working people of Russia and the whole of humanity. The revival of our country - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – will do away with national hostility and hatred, poverty and disenfranchisement of millions.

We wish all our comrades health and strength, the courage and the will for an active and successful struggle for the restoration of Soviet power and socialism.

Let all of us always have the strength, the ability and determination to work so that each day of ours brings a new victory of the socialist revolution!

Long live the 96th anniversary of the October Revolution!

Long live the new victory of the proletarian revolution!



Documents of the Central Committee of the AUCPB


We congratulate all the members of the AUCPB on this date!

We call for even more active work towards the revival of our great country - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics!

We call to our ranks all who are weary of the archaic criminal capitalist system established in the country by traitors and enemies of the Fatherland with strong support of the West.

We call to our ranks all who stand for the great friendship of the people that was in the Soviet Union, where every citizen, irrespective of nationality, race or religion was a welcome guest in Russia and the Caucasus, and in the steppes of Central Asia, and the vast expanses of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and the Baltic States.

We wish everyone who is with us in a common struggle for socialism, good health for many years, courage, strength of mind, happiness, love and joy of life.

We believe that the future belongs to us!

Boldly forward in the struggle for socialism, to the starry heights of COMMUNISM!

N.A. Andreeva
General Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB

Our struggle

The General Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB comrade N.A. Andreeva and the Central Committee of the AUCPB received congratulatory messages on the 96th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution from fellow members, as well as our allies abroad. Below we publish some of them.

Dear Nina Alexandrovna!
The party organization of the AUCPB in Seversky district headed by the Secretary CONGRATULATES you on the 96th anniversary of the victory of the Great October Socialist Revolution, as well as the 22nd anniversary of the birth of our beloved party the AUCPB.

We wish you, as the creator and head of the AUCPB, good health, long life and continued success in the organization, uniting our avant-garde, which is sure to lead the working class to the new socialist revolution.

The Secretary of the Seversky District Committee of the AUCPB in the Krasnodar region

L.A. Derbeda


Dear Nina Alexandrovna!

Congratulations on the 96th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. We wish you good health and growth of the ranks of your party and your supporters. We believe in the ultimate victory of socialism across the whole earth!

November 7, 2013

The Kuznetsov family.


(From the Editor: Comrades from the Crimea have sent poems dedicated to the Soviet Union)

Dear comrades, supporters and friends! Our Great day of celebration has arrived - November 7, the day of the 96th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. I congratulate you on this remarkable event and call for unification of all the truly progressive forces against evil that are corroding our Russia.

I call upon unification into people's power to unite to fight the anti-people policies of the current corruptioneers, thieves, and greedy scammers of all ranks and grades.

Veteran of the Great Patriotic War,

True Member of the Academy of Military Sciences,

Retired Major-General of the Soviet Armed Forces of the USSR, A.V. Pyltsyn.

(From the Editor: The question of unification of communists has been on the agenda of the AUCPB since its formation, and the point here is those who claim to be communists, wanting to be called such, at the same time retain a seat in the bourgeois parliament, or by all means to climb into it. The unification process is long and complex, and our position on this issue, we have repeatedly explained in the pages of our newspapers, brochures and websites) .

From the Bulgarian Communist Party (Bolsheviks ) arrived a parcel with an artistic mural, which depicts Lenin and Stalin in Gorki (from 1922).
And with the following text:

Dear Comrade N. Andreeva!

On the anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, we send you communist greetings from the members of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party.

We wish YOU and all the Russian people and the peoples of the former Soviet republics good health, including the communists in the former Soviet Union.

Sincerely, BCP (Bolsheviks)
First Secretary Cyril Stanev Minchev (signature)

Dear Comrades! Congratulations of the greatest – on the Great October Socialist Revolution!

The Central Committee of the Bulgarian Workers' Party (communists) wishes the Russian Bolsheviks continuity in the exploits of their predecessors, to bring Russia into the orbit of revolutionary change, to defeat the enemies of the revolution, by the working class and the wisdom of Leninism and Stalinist conviction.

Secretary of the Central Committee of the BWP (c) Penka Betovska


Manuel Humberto Lopez Rodriguez,



Congratulations were also sent by the publisher of the newsletter "News from the USSR" Comrade Jacques Lejeune (France), editor of "NorthStar Compass" Comrade Michel Lucas (Canada) and others.

The Central Committee of the AUCPB thanks all of our friends and allies for their congratulations and warm wishes to our address.

Our struggle

In Moscow, in the evening of November 7, riot police rigidly prevented the holding of two separate marches and rallies organized by left-wing communist blocs - the "Forum of Left Forces" and "RotFront"(Red Front). The FLS event was attended by members of the Moscow branch of the AUCPB.

By the Nikitsky Voroty in order to further the march into Pushkin Square and hold a rally there, gathered about three hundred people. No less in numbers were riot police who blocked the boulevard, preventing the march. Lengthy negotiations with the authorities were to no avail – and led to the usual "NOT ALLOWED". We finished up being restricted to meeting on the gathering area with State Duma deputy and member of the local authority, who clearly confirmed the complete illegality of the authorities – as notice of the march had been filed on time and in proper form. But the response required by law from the authorities to the organizers of the rally was complete silence.

After meeting with members of parliament, the assembled people of the failed event departed peacefully in their mass moving down the pavement toward Pushkin Square. But the story is not over yet. Around Pushkin Square riot police attacked the demonstrators on their way into the square arrested six people. The rest were "forced" down into a train subway.

At the underground station Barrikadnaya, where there was the gathering place of participants in the second event, the events developed along a similar scenario. In exactly the same situation with the earlier application for the march and rally – came the decisive rejection of riot police of the "permitted" event. After a short "meeting" at the site of the gathering began the almost indiscriminate detention by riot police. The total number detained amounted to about thirty people.

Comparing the events in these two places, you see that there was a pre -planned and coordinated provocation by the authorities. The fact that a surgical strike was inflicted on the left, non-system opposition – held no doubt. Beat on people's memory the Great October Revolution and to drive through a fake Day of Unity and Accord - that was the global goal of the bourgeois regime.


In the city of Pyatigorsk in the square near the monument to S.M. Kirov November 7, was a solemn meeting dedicated to the 96th anniversary of the victory of the Great October Socialist Revolution and the 22 th anniversary of the AUCPB, organized by the Pyatigorsk Town Committee of the AUCPB.

In the square were unfurled Bolshevik symbolisms. At the monument, flowers were laid, and photographs taken.

Leaflets and newspapers "Hammer and Sickle", "Workers' and Peasants' Truth", "Revolution" were distributed. Revolutionary songs of the proletariat were played through a sound system.

The meeting opened with the singing of the Stalin Soviet anthem. Speeches were made by N.A. Degtyarenko - Secretary of the CC of the Pyatigorsk AUCPB, who congratulated everyone on the 96th anniversary of the victory of the Great October Socialist Revolution and the 22 th anniversary of the establishment of the AUCPB, then he read out the message of congratulation by the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB, N.A. Andreeva, which was warmly greeted by the audience.

The Secretary of the Mineralovodsky town committee of the AUCPB V.P. Skvortsov read poems and sang revolutionary songs of the Resistance, and other comrades also made speeches. Then comrades N.A. Degtyarenko, T.I. Cherkasova, V. Skvortsov, I.V. Yangazova answered questions from the audience.

Piatigorsky TC of the AUCPB

In Krasnodar, on November 7 at the Station Square a rally was held. At the foot of the monument to Vladimir Lenin, flowers were laid.

The Bolsheviks distributed their newspapers, leaflets and AUCPB calendars for 2014, and carried out explanatory work.

The rally was attended by the CPRF, RCWP, and the CPSU.

Kursk. The Bolsheviks in the Kursk organization of the AUCPB took an active part in the demonstration and rally dedicated to the 96th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

Despite the bad weather, a demonstration was attended by veterans of both the AUCPB and the youth. Great interest was shown by the audience in the newspapers "Hammer and Sickle", "Revolution", and various leaflets of the CC AUCPB.

Samara. Young Bolsheviks of Kuibyshev (Samara) participated in a joint event wuth the party "Rot Front" dedicated to the 96th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

It was held at the monument to the fighters of the revolution in 1917 exactly at 18.00 Moscow time.

Young fighter laid flowers to the monument, thus honoring the memory of all the workers, peasants, soldiers and sailors who gave their lives for the victory of the socialist revolution in October 1917. The red, Bolshevik banner of the VMGB was unfurled and covering a rotten swastika, which was desecrated at the monument, where the fighter took pictures.

In Chelyabinsk, on November 7, the City Committee of the AUCPB and other left-wing organisations organized a march and rally on Revolution Square, devoted to the 96th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

The event was organized at the initiative of the Bolsheviks, but the RCWP- CPSU and its clone - the party "Rot Front" refused to participate in it. During the rally, AUCPB leaflets, newspapers, and calendars for 2014 were distributed, and agitation and propaganda work conducted. At the monument to Vladimir Lenin flowers were laid.

Krasnoyarsk. In the march organized by the Bolsheviks in the workers’ Leninsky District, which took place from the beginning to the end of the highway (and, unusually, agreed with the authorities), and a subsequent rally was attended, apart from AUCPB and VMGB, by organizations such as the RCWP, "Communists of Russia ", the "International Union of Soviet Officers ", the "Stalin bloc", " Another Russia", "Women of native Krasnoyar", "The Russian socialist Movement", etc.

Delegates were sent from Sosnovoborsk, Eniseisk, Emelyanovsky district.

The common slogan of the demonstration was "enough of being afraid, it's time to fight back" - it was enthusiastically chanted by all participants. The leitmotif of the list of speakers was not so much a tribute to the greatest event in history, which is what the October Revolution of 1917 is, but mainly the preparation for the future socialist revolution. As a resolution, a decision was made to send to all the labour groups an appeal by revolutionary communists calling for unity and the preparation for a general strike. The only demand to the current government made – is for the release of political prisoners.

On November 7 in Novosibirsk, the traditional march was held, dedicated to the 96 anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. As always, the activists of AUCPB, AKM, RCWP and RotFront organized a separate column.

The rally attracted about 1,500 people. Unfortunately, the organizers could not agree on the march going along the roadway, and had to walk down a narrow alley in Krasny Prospect. The column with the AUCPB was chanting revolutionary slogans: "All power to the Soviets", "Revolution," " Enough of asking for bourgeois handouts. Worker, prepare for an all-Russian strike ," "Glory to labor, death capital!" etc.

At the rally after, the Bolsheviks actively spread the Party newspapers and calendars for 2014.

Vladivostok. On the railway station forecourt at the monument to V.I. Lenin a rally was held, organized by the CPRF. All the leftist forces present in the city - CFS, EIF, Red Front, and "Another Russia" participated in it.

The demonstration was banned by local authorities this year under the pretext of street noise, although in recent years the demonstration was and never stopped by anyone. The Bolsheviks distributed at the meeting the newspapers "Hammer and Sickle" "Revolution" and flyers.

In Voronezh, activists of the AUCPB and VMGB took part in the traditional demonstration on November 7.

Minsk. On November 7, activists of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks and the national organizing committee of the Belarusian Communist Party of Workers laid flowers at the monument to the leader of the world proletariat – V.I. Lenin, who is in the centre of Minsk on the eponymous square. The Bolsheviks have traditionally come with portraits of Lenin and Stalin, the Soviet Union and the Byelorussian SSR flags, banners , "Long live the socialist revolution!", "Only the dictatorship of the proletariat will lead to the victory of socialism."

After laying flowers, the secretary of the AUCPB, chairman of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB on Belarus and the Kaliningrad region V.B. Zelikov made a speech, and member of the organizing committee of the BKPT, V.V. Draco did the same.

In his speech, Comrade Zelikov said that the bourgeois legislators had excluded from the official name of the holiday celebrated the word "socialist", which is key. That Great October Socialist Revolution is different from all previous ones in that it does not change from one form of exploitation to another, but abolishes it completely, opening a new era in the development of humanity - an era without any exploitation of man by man.

Comrade Zelikov was particularly focused on the fact that despite the advertised republic's leadership fable of a "socially oriented state ," the Bolsheviks spoke and said that Belarus is now, like other former Soviet republics, a bourgeois state where private property is already in a strong position in the Belarusian economy. Moreover, the Belarusian authorities openly talk about willingness to sell to the private sector the remaining large state-owned enterprises for profit. But we Bolsheviks declare that no one has the right to sell off public property for any amount of money.

Ukraine. On November 7, 2013, activists from Vinnitsa, Kiev, Ladyzhynskaya, Mukachevo, Sumy and Uman AUCPB organizations, and members of the Central Committee of the UkrByuro of the AUCPB, the editorial staff of the newspaper "Workers 'and Peasants' Truth" under the leadership of Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB comrade A.A. Mayevsky took part in the events in Kiev in honour of the 96th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. During the event, Bolshevik press and literature were circulated: newspapers "Hammer and Sickle", "Workers ' and Peasants' Truth", " Forward", "Revolution", the pamphlet "Modern China", "START -3 - a betrayal of national interests of Russia ", and various flyers distributed.

The Bolsheviks carried out explanatory work on the Great October Socialist Revolution and socialist construction. Only by moving along the path of the October Revolution, in preparation for the revolutionary struggle for the overthrow of the power of capital, the struggle for the restoration of Soviet power, socialism and the revival of the Soviet Union, it is possible to stop the negative course of events, to prevent World War III, and to achieve a decent life for working people for working people of all races and nationalities.

Activists of the AUCPB gave interviews to several television channels

See link for photos



On the 7th of November from 1645 hours to 1800 the south Korean puppet
embassy was picketed to protest against the so-called "state visit "
of the fascist puppet Park Geun Hye .
The picket was organised by the UK KFA and supported by the Juche Idea
Study Group of England and the New Communist Communist Party. At the
picket were members of the UK KFA , JISGE as well the New Communist
Party including general secretary Andy Brooks. A member of the
Communist Party
of Great Britain (Marxist -Leninist ) also attended.
Dermot Hudson KFA Official Delegate and chairman of the Juche Idea
Study Group opened the picket with a speech . He said that the south
Korean embassy is a joke and should not exist as south Korea is not a
state .south Korea has no independence , south Korea is totally
dependent on the United States and indeed was created by the US .
Today south Korean puppet ruler Park Geun Hye is on a state visit to
the UK and is being entertained at the expense of the British taxpayer
despite huge cutbacks in public spending. Park is a dictator like her
father . Park Chung Hee came to power in a military coup and ParkGeun
Hye came to power through an intelligence service coup. Park has
banned the Unified Progressive Party as well as the Teachers Union.
South Korea is occupied by US troops who exploit the south Korean
people by taking upkeep expenses-. Park Geun Hye is a front-woman for
this puppet regime so is not welcome here. "
The DPRK flag was waved in front of the puppet embassy as well as our
UK KFA banner. Slogans such as "Down with the fascist puppet regime "
and "south Korean fascists go home " were chanted as well as "Korea Is
one " and "Long Live the DPRK " , "Long live the Workers Party of
Korea "
and "KIM JONG UN " . There was some harassment from the puppet gang
who came out of the embassy and took close up photos of people and
also tried calling the police on us as well. We also had a couple of
characters from the "NK News " an anti DPRK news agency that is a
front for the CIA come along also photographed us and making
slanderous remarks about the DPRK. Lastly a so-called "defector " Joo
Il Kim " came up and run around like a monkey playing tricks and
making provocations. Picket concluded at 1800 hours.
pictures of the picket

Pyongyang, November 12 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Committee for the
Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) gave the following answer to
the question raised by KCNA Monday as regards the malignant backbiting
made by Park Geun Hye against the DPRK during her European junket:
Park Geun Hye again let loose a whole string of rubbish
malignantly slandering the DPRK, urging it to "dismantle its nukes"
and settle "human rights issues" during her recent trips to various
countries of Europe.
It is a fact well known to all that Park liked to spend time
making foreign trips rather than staying in south Korea and each time
she was busy letting loose a torrent of vituperations against the DPRK.
When she talked about "summit talks" with an axe to grind before
flying for recent European junket, the DPRK sent a message strong
enough for her to understand that if she sincerely hopes those talks,
she should have proper etiquette and not to peddle the issue of the
inter-Korean relations among outsiders in a bid to elicit
"cooperation" in the campaign against the DPRK.
Nevertheless, Park this time, too, busied herself making more
provocative remarks.
What she uttered during her recent European trips clearly proved
that "summit talks" and the like touted by her were nothing but sheer
hypocrisy and her ulterior motive is to stand in confrontation with
the DPRK to the end.
An adage says once you get a bad habit, it will stay with you.
Park likes to speak ill of compatriots in foreign countries, forgetful
of "presidency." She looks like a meddlesome countrywoman fond of
backbiting others, lost to shame.
Moreover, she changed her dress several times a day and made
flattery towards others, uttering some words in their languages like a
parrot. She was so disgraceful to behave so.

Useless puppet Park's foreign trips
One stark contrast, amongst others , between the Democratic People's
Republic of Korea and the south Korean puppet regime very clearly ;
since taking power as puppet ruler Park Geun Hye has spent most of the
time travelling around the world . In November week she visited Britain, as
well as France and Belgium. Early during her rule she went off to her
masters in the US . She has also visited Russia , China , Vietnam,
Indonesia , Philippines, a total of 9 countries . These must have
cost a lot of money and been an enormous drain on the resources of
south Korea. Of course the US really runs south Korea so may be Park
does not need to be there much.
In contrast the supreme leader of the DPRK dear respected Marshal Kim
Jong Un has not visited any foreign countries but instead putting his
energy into guiding socialist construction and improving the people's
living standards. Supreme leader Marshal Kim Jong Un visited many
construction sits such as the one of the Munsu Water Park . Supreme
leader Marshal Kim Jong Un is a true leader of the people.

Statement by the Central Committee of the AUCPB

On 13 November 2013 at the invitation of the President of the Republic of Korea Pak Kin Hyo Russian President Vladimir Putin visited South Korea on an official visit. As a result of bilateral negotiations a joint statement of 35 points.
The statement, in particular, the question of military cooperation between the two countries, which is expected to develop and strengthen. The company "Rosoboronexport" has informally invited South Korean fighter T-50 (PAK FA), which may be purchased under the revised FX-III of the tender for the supply of 60 combat aircraft. The purchase of armored South Korean government plans to spend 8.3 trillion won (7.5 billion dollars), having made a deal in the shortest possible time.
Note that the supply of Russian military equipment to South Korea carried out a long time. For example, the National Police of the Republic of Korea is using to patrol and carry out special operations one of the modern versions of helicopters Mi-8/17 series - MI-172, which is available at the Kazan Helicopter Plant. MI-172 - the only type of helicopter fleet department, where possible flights over the sea at a distance of 250 kilometers. Russian helicopters are also used by the Colombian authorities for military operations against the radical leftist group FARC («Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia").
Speaking about the need to maintain peace and stability on the Korean peninsula, the bourgeois leadership of the Russian Federation, in fact, took the side of the aggressor in a carefully planned coming conflict by arming South Korea against North Korea. Moreover, in opposition to the capitalist and socialist systems, taking place on the Korean peninsula, and the workers are drawn into Russian defense plants, whose hands are made weapons and equipment that will be used by the authorities of South Korea against North Korean people in the event of armed conflict.
Project to link the railways of Russia - North Korea, which we wrote on our website on September 25, was nowhere near as rosy as we thought. From the text of a joint statement issued IA «REGNUM» November 13, 15:21 (http://www.regnum.ru/news/cultura/1731796.html), it follows that: the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan "... welcomed the successful implementation of the pilot project Connection Trans-Korean Railway with the Trans-Siberian railway line - the completion of the Russian JSC "Russian Railways" Reconstruction of the railway section Hasan (Russia) - Rajin (DPRK), as well as the modernization of the third pier port of Rajin. In this regard, the parties agreed to promote the smooth implementation of the companies of the two countries cooperation programs in the field of use of the said railway and port infrastructure. " In fact, we are talking about sharing Russia and South Korea of the railway, located on the territory of the DPRK (whose sovereignty and views on this issue arrogantly ignored?).
The most noteworthy paragraph 31 of the Joint Declaration, which states: "The parties confirmed their mutual rejection rate of Pyongyang's acquisition of nuclear and missile capabilities in defiance of the international community and the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council. The sides noted that, in accordance with the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation North Korea can not have the status of a nuclear weapon. (North Korea already has nuclear weapons. And no one has any moral, political or international law prohibit the possession of nuclear weapons North Korea, because North Korea it is the only possible force to protect the country from the aggression of the United States in the face of fierce opposition to the modern imperialist world. Out of all the countries nuclear weapons, the United States alone used a weapon (at least three military conflicts - in 1945 against Japan, in 1991 against Iraq in 1998 against Yugoslavia) and because, above all the United States itself does not have the right to know them).
The parties stressed that the DPRK must comply with international obligations and commitments in the area of the denuclearization of the (sovereign country, North Korea, and no one owes nothing, and least of all - kowtow to Washington's puppets), including the relevant UN Security Council resolutions and the Joint Statement of China, the DPRK, Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia and the United States on September 19, 2005 The parties agreed in mind the objectives of the Joint Statement of 19 September 2005, together with other members of the six-party talks to make efforts to create the conditions for its renewal. "
As we can see, President Putin has once again proved that he was acting in the interests of the Russian criminal oligarchy. Leaders of the Russian Federation in order to protect the business interests of the big bourgeoisie once again sold the DPRK.
November 14, 2013

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