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Monday, 2 November 2015


Workers of all countries, unite!




On October 4, 1993 on the orders of Yeltsin, the Supreme Soviet of Russia was executed by firing squad.
The bourgeois counter-revolution in our country passed through three stages.
On AUGUST 1991 - A POLITICAL COUP organized by the "democrats" with the help of the provocation of the State Emergency Committee (GKChP), LED TO THE CONCENTRATION OF POWER BY THE PROTÉGÉ OF THE NEO-BOURGEOISIE.
SECOND STAGE (from August 1991 to October 1993) - THE POWER STRUGGLE BETWEEN THE MEDIUM AND LARGE BOURGEOISIE. VICTORY OF THE LARGE BOURGEOISIE. The prohibition of the activities of the CPSU. The unconstitutional Belovezhsky collusion of three presidents (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine), the Soviet Union collapses into the "sovereign states" (December 8 1991).
On October 3-4, 1993 on the orders of Yeltsin, the Supreme Soviet of Russia was surrounded and tank shells fired at the building.
The Soviets even though they had ALREADY been parlamenterized still did not suit state-monopoly capital. And they (the Soviets) were removed by force with the help of Yeltsin. INTO THE POLITICAL ARENA ARRIVED BIG CAPITAL.
THIRD STAGE of the counter-revolution (October 1993) - THE IMPERIALIST STAGE OF THE RESTORATION OF CAPITALISM. In politics a policy was adopted on authoritarianism and limitation of bourgeois democracy and in ideology - the transition to the ideas of stateliness, statehood and bourgeois patriotism.
(From the program of the AUCPB).

By the end of 1992, the retail prices of consumer goods increased by 26 times. Average wages by 12 times. The real incomes of the population by the end of the first year of the reforms amounted to 44% of the far from brilliant 1991 level. Decent hard working people spent from 60 to 90% of their income on food. The population was deprived of their saving that people accumulated their lifetime.
During only a few months! - 30% of Russia's oil exports and 70% of exports of metals slipped from government agencies into private hands. Literally everything from strategic reserves, metals and food to awards and soldiers' belts was stolen and shipped abroad.
... Chubais with the sweeping gesture of a magician put everything up for sale at once: the major oil companies, metallurgical and mining companies, timber processing complexes, car factories, tractor factories, engineering plants, ports and fleets of ships ... And all this wealth was "sold off" by the rules of gamblers. Almost everything put up for sale turned out to be bought at ridiculously low prices, and did not have anything to do with the real cost of profitability.
At the same time in the country at a very frightening rate, the number of private banks multiplied, almost more than in the rest of the world. The new-born banks quickly mastered the new kind of production out of thin air of tangible real money. The central bank gave out loans at 120%, and private banks were doing the same thing at already 300%. The officials accepted bribes, and the banks - money.
Thus, the vast majority of former state property was sold at bargain prices.
Sverdlovsk industrial giant plant "Uralmash", was sold for 3 million 720 thousand dollars, the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant - 3 million 730 thousand, Kovrov Mekhzavod (the largest producer of small arms) - 2 mln.700 thousand., Chelyabinsk Tractor plant - 2 mln 200 thousand. For comparison - the average European bakery is worth 2 million dollars, and a workshop for the production of "lining" - 4.5 million ...
In 1995, it was suddenly discovered that the government has no money. And with the Soviet "mismanagement", like, all over and done with, and the masters at the industrial giants announcing that, as we were lied to, we shall immediately take care of our property, grooming and cherishing it, and trickle in state tax deductions, but there is no money!
Unsold by that time were only the shares in defence, oil and partially metallurgical packages, enshrined in the federal property, and some other things. But too many tidbits – how could our predators not allow anything from falling into the clutches of their greedy hands! Especially as because there was nothing else left to sell off.
It was definitely a primitive TRANSFER of the mentioned enterprises into private hands - for virtually nothing. "Norilsk Nickel" - the world monopoly on the manufacture of a number of precious metals, a supplier to the world market of more than 40% of platinum and the so-called Platinum Group, a manufacturer of more than 90% nickel and 60% copper in Russia, a producer of gold and silver, secured with ores over the next hundred years. The annual profit of the plant was about 1.5 billion dollars. And all of this grace fell into the hands of Potanin and his team ... for just one hundred and seventy million dollars! For next to nothing!
And then there is tycoon Abramovich. The struggle for "Sibneft" helped him beat another future oligarch - Berezovsky. It is not necessary to explain how "Sibneft" was privatized, how one-day firms were created, how the auction itself was conducted and how competitors were rubbed out. One thing we can say, and that is the Audit Chamber estimates that the state in the privatization of "Sibneft" that was bought up for 100 million 300 thousand dollars, lost 18 trillion 600 billion rubles in the process.
And here we have oligarch Khodorkovsky. Having received "Yukos", he arrived at Nefteyugansk and for a week in rubber boots climbed about on wells. The workers complained of low pay and difficult life. The answer was simple: "If you do not want to work for this money, then I’ll bring the Chinese here, and you lot can all clear off!" So, the workers had to work for the money offered, and even for less, because the restructuring plan at "Yukos" which called for a triple reduction in the number of workers! And the other workers, respectively, were squeezed even harder - for the same salary. "The company has no other reserves, other than reducing wages," - said Russia's richest man, whose wealth was already estimated at $ 7 billion.
Marx "nails it" in capital, saying that there is no crime whatsoever that capital would not commit, in the interest of making a three hundred percent profit. He added that for the sake of profit, capital does not hesitate to betray and spit on the fate of its own country. And examples of this in the country's history amount to many.
To crank out all the above operations, and make huge profits, needs not just one sophisticated and resourceful mind. The acquisition of former Soviet public property, ours and your property, was a colossal operation, with its own HQ and army, with agents of influence skilled in misinformation and propaganda.
For the arriving "new Russian" public, they were accustomed to buying everything they you needed. And in the new world, everything had become a commodity - power, influence, knowledge. Everything bought and sold - ostensibly opposition parties, the press and TV, Duma deputies and all other smaller minds, purchased by the authorities. The system is rotten from top to bottom. And this situation was provoked by the state.
In preparing this material, fragments of letters were used.

E.N. Makarova


3 October celebrated 25 years of "German unity". These 25 years are considered the "success story" of Germany. But we say that there is nothing to celebrate!
We recall: On October 2, 1990 the GDR, according to article 23 of the Constitution, acceded to the Federal Republic of Germany. It was the end of a process that began in the summer and fall of 1989, continuing the opening of borders on 9 November 1989 and the election of the People's Chamber of 18 March 1990. The end of the German Democratic Republic, the first socialist state on German soil, which for 40 years defeated the power of capital - became a reality. Thus disappeared from German soil a country where the working class and its party, the SED, in alliance with other social forces for 40 years were building socialism. It was a country that enjoyed respect across the world due to the fact that it stood for peace, mutual understanding of peoples and international solidarity with the other socialist countries.
After liberation in 1945, German and Soviet socialists as well as communists took a firm decision to maintain a unified Germany and re-establish a democratic country without fascists and militarists, to really build a new democratic and peaceful Germany. This was assumed in Potsdam agreement of the four victory countries. But the situation evolved differently. "Better half a Germany united as a whole, than a whole Germany that was divided " - that was the motto of the Adenauer Foundation, through which the country was split.
After the founding of West Germany on May 23, 1949, there was no other choice but to establish in turn their own state. It arose on October 7, 1949. The end of the GDR in addition to external, objective historical, economic and political reasons - also had subjective reasons. These are, as in other socialist countries of Europe, and above all, in the Soviet Union, the processes in the ruling party, the SED, which during the 70s and 80s were increasingly losing confidence among most people.
The processes that led to October 3, 1990, were also the result of external and internal counterrevolution. Since the beginning of the GDR, there were attempts - primarily from Western Germany - to strangle and destroy socialism on German soil: economic pressures, trade blockades, massive over-recruitment of specialists, sabotage and terrorist attacks, up to the planning of Day X and military threats. But there was also ideological subversion, and finally, politics, planned and carried out primarily by West German Social Democrats - "Change through rapprochement". All possibilities, including also the errors of the GDR and its political leadership were used. This happened in 1989-90.
Economic and Monetary Union at the beginning of July 1990 meant that the GDR was fast becoming the property of West Germany, with East Germany being handed over to big capital, completely subordinated to it, and without any chance of its own, independent development.
They had achieved what they aspired to for 40 years: the question of property and power was decided in favour of West German corporations, banks and insurance companies, and none of them had the slightest desire to preserve in eastern Germany possible competitors. Treaty 2 plus 4, the final declaration of accession of the People's Chamber of the GDR, the merger agreement - this is only legally and politically perpetuated actually prevailing political circumstances.
Consequences of Economic and Monetary merger, which was followed by a political merger on October 3, that is to say, the annexation of the state, for the majority of the citizens of the GDR, were utterly devastating. The people's property after the annexation of the GDR became noone’s and with the aid of the "Treuhand", was systematically plundered and divided. The "winners" were the West German banks and insurance companies and concerns: among other things, they excluded the competition for themselves, adopted trade ties, gained an expansion of markets.
Since 1990, the industry of the GDR - not counting the few 'tidbits' – has been destroyed, and state institutions, as well as many cultural institutions have been "rebuilt". Hundreds of thousands of graduates of universities and institutes have been sacked. From 1990 to 1995 in East Germany, 3 million jobs were destroyed. In 1997, in the field of industry were working only a third of the number of employees, who were there in 1989.
From citizens having rights under the Labour Code of the German Democratic Republic, and as a rule, successfully implementing these rights, in the months and years since 1990, many residents of the GDR had turned into beggars and recipients of handouts. As a result, in some regions, especially young, highly qualified specialists began to leave their homes on mass.
The fact is that layoffs and "transfers", but also the legal and political consequences, especially touched those who had been an active supporter of the GDR and socialism.
Due to the destruction of enterprises and public institutions, there followed the step by step destruction of many areas of economy, science and culture, the constant uncertainty about whether or not some kind of work will be found, constant de-legitimization and defamation of socialism, the forced "Stasi" -hysteria and so on, followed by the massive destruction of the solidarity of those who only together can defend their rights.
The unequal attitude towards East Germans survives until today. As before, in eastern Germany are lower wages, longer working hours, lower pensions and higher unemployment rates than in the "old federal states."
But also in western Germany since 1990 the situation has changed for many: in many regions, especially in recent years, the number of unemployed and the poor has grown dramatically. German big business was strengthened by the defeat of socialism in Europe and the annexation of the GDR, and that all strengthened its economic and political influence in the EU and worldwide. The balance of power has fundamentally changed. It is time for the offensive to achieve even greater power and strength.
And it is not only East Germany that since 1990 has become the experimental field for the privatization of big capital, de-regulation, the destruction of social gains and democratic rights. The "experience" gained had been used throughout the country, and then to the EU-Europe. The then chairman of the German Industrial Association 16.12.2004 explained in a PHOENIX tv channel interview: on "09/11/89 with the opening of the Berlin Wall, we have lit the fuse for the destruction of the welfare state. Following the laws of Harz-4 follow-Harz and Harz-5 to 8. This is a class struggle, and thus it is good that the enemy on the other side is almost indistinguishable."
With the defeat of socialism in Europe and the end of the GDR, "rose up" Germany's role in European and international politics, and the path was free to participate in foreign wars and military actions by the Bundeswehr in the interests of capital. Today, the war is also based on the area of the former GDR. At the modern army training ground in Europe, at combat training centers (GÜZ) in Saxony-Anhalt, soldiers are trained to wage war and to suppress uprisings. But that is not enough. There was a loud demand "to take on more responsibilities" (Hauk) worldwide...
This policy has greatly contributed to the escalation of wars and armed conflicts - the main reason for the emergence of millions of refugees. And murderous war against the refugees at the EU borders with Germany has led to many thousands of victims. The danger of war in Europe is growing.
However, we are talking about even more: the destruction of social and political rights, the deterioration of living and working conditions in the country for many people, is clear evidence of the fact that in today's balance of forces, even at large demonstrations across the world, as well as strikes at enterprises reach far less than 25-26 years ago – and all this is crippling resistance.
In this situation, right-wing populists and fascists, not only in the east, but also in the west of Germany, as in many other European countries, offer imaginary exits from the social and political impasse. This process is very dangerous.
All this was impossible for many years until 1989/90, before the death and destruction of the socialist countries in Europe and East Germany. Then, the lust for power by the aggressive circles of West German monopoly capital and its political representatives could be inserted into a frame.
25 years after October 3, 1990, bourgeois propaganda again spins: that there was a peaceful "revolution" against the "illegitimate regime of the GDR," against the "lack of freedom", and the "Stasi", and that all this has led to "German unity." Distortion of history and attempts to de–legitimise the GDR continue to this day, because people have to believe that there is no social alternative to capitalism that exists.
But that trace that the GDR left, is too deep in spite of the ongoing anti-communist propaganda, and today many people remember that there was a country where there was social security, where no had fear of losing ones job, a country with a progressive education system, health system, having its faults, but equal for all. People remember that in this country has been achieved much more for women's equality with men, it was a country which had never started wars, where the state doctrine was solidarity with the oppressed and exploited, peace and anti-fascism.
We, the Communist and the Communists retain the memory of the GDR, a better Germany, the possibility of social alternatives. But we also say, the struggle against war, for peace, for social and democratic rights, against the fascists and the change of ownership relations should be strengthened.
Socialism today is needed more than ever!


The Bulgarian Slavic Movement expresses its alarm and concern over the events in Ukraine. Chaos, clashes and confrontation in the civil war in this country puts at risk the lives of innocent people, children, women and old people. The wanton destruction of the civilian population of Donbass, which has been forced for a whole year to be on the defensive, the countless victims and the destruction of the habitat of the people - all of this goes beyond the imaginable and unimaginable scope of international law and the Constitution and laws of Ukraine itself.
We are indignant at the denial of the rights to free expression of opinions and beliefs, the destruction of any democratic rights, the mockery over man.
After the killings in Odessa, the brutal persecution of communists, even the prohibition of the very existence of communist parties, we can now talk of the establishment of an illegitimate, criminal regime that can only be described as fascism. The history of Ukraine knows already knows the colour and smell of this disaster, the revived corpse of Bandera, which in the past brought so much misery and suffering to the Slavic peoples. Today, this ugly phenomenon serves U.S. imperialism that in turn seeks to take possession of the riches of a single corner of the planet where no conqueror set foot - NATO and the US - Russia.
Therefore underway is a dirty campaign of inflating nationalism and intolerance in Ukraine. The Ukrainian people, the brotherly Slavic people are being put into the position of a slave and an assassin. Anyone who opposes this policy is pursued and destroyed.
The Bulgarian Slavic Movement is outraged at the number of political prisoners who crowd the prisons of Ukraine. The people incarcerated are being bullied, tortured and humiliated, kept in isolation, without any good reason. We protest against the violation of international law and the laws and the Constitution of Ukraine, against reprisals against dissenters.
In Uzhgorod prison for a year without any bases include, without conducting a trial, the editor of the AUCPB newspaper "Workers' and Peasants truth" Anatoliya Arkadevich Maeyevsky. He was denied even house arrest, deprived of the right to a lawyer and his loved ones, and made impossible to even talk on the phone. Here is a violation of human rights in all areas. The judges and the prosecutor of Uzhgorod play comedy, continuing to postpone the consideration of the case under various pretexts, breaking Procedure. That is, there is complete demoralization of the judicial system of Ukraine in respect of the rights of prisoners, denial of the presumption of innocence, etc.
We, loyal to the traditions of the Slavs, are driven by our sense of justice, solidarity, comradeship and mutual aid, to INSIST ON THE URGENT RELEASE OF THE JOURNALIST ANATOLY MAEYEVSKY, who has the right to belief, opinion and defending his beliefs and opinions orally, in writing or electronically.
We consider it our duty to urge the Ukrainian people, the fraternal Slavic nation to recover and stop the fratricidal war in favour of foreign forces alien to Slavs. We - the Slavs, will never start a war, we ALWAYS END THEM.
PRESIDENT of BSM: Boris Nikolov
Secretary BSM, member of the Presidium of the International Slavic Committee
Candidate of Historical Science
ALLA GIGOVA Varna, 08.09.2015

On September 20, 2015 in the Moscow hotel "President Hotel", Russia’s anti-globalization movement held the world's first conference entitled "A dialogue of nations. Peoples’ right to self-determination and the building of a multi-polar world". Arriving there were dozens of political figures from around the world advocating for the inalienable right of every nation to self-determination, a multipolar system of international relations. The parties represented were "Catalan Solidarity for Independence", the Irish Republican Socialist Party, the party of "Sinn Fein", Italian party "Millenum", front "Polisario" (Western Sahara), the movement for the rights of blacks in the United States "Uhuru", Puerto Rico State "Borinquen", the Kingdom of Hawaii, Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic. The conference was also attended by representatives of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. It was attended by representatives of the Texas Nationalist Movement and Scottish patriots ", but none were allowed to participate in the event by their authorities.
The right of nations to self-determination, the right to secede and form an independent national state - is one of the fundamental sovereign rights of each nation; one of the basic demands of the Marxist-Leninist program of solving the national question. "... the self-determination of nations means the political separation of these nations from alien national bodies, and the formation of an independent national state (V. I. Lenin, Collected Works, 4th English Edition,
Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1964 p 397.
The right to self-determination is not, of course, the obligation to separate, and it does not mean that a nation always has to exercise this right. It equally implies both freedom of secession, and freedom of rapprochement and unification. Marxism-Leninism is strictly delimits the demand for the right to secede from the question of the expediency of secession. In solving the national question Leninism proceeds from a comprehensive analysis and consideration of all socio-historical conditions, both domestic and international, taken in their change and development.
It is important to note that the right of nations to self-determination is enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations (Article 1, paragraph 2) . The Declaration "On the Principles of International Law concerning Friendly Relations and Cooperation among States in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations" on October 24, 1970 states: "By virtue of the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, all peoples have the right freely to determine, without external interference, their political status and to pursue their economic, social and cultural development, and every State has the duty to respect this right in accordance with the provisions of the Charter.
The establishment of a sovereign and independent State, the free association or integration with an independent State, or the emergence into any other political status freely determined by a people constitute modes of implementing the right of self-determination that people.”
De facto for self-determination, as an example, forty million Kurdish people have to fight, a fierce fight, at the "mercy" of the British colonialists a century ago, who divided it up between Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran. And the American imperialists, "snapped off" for themselves Texas, annexed from Mexico, and Hawaii, and Puerto Rico and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
The conference "A dialogue of nations" began with the opening words of the president of the anti-globalization movement of Russia, Alexander Ionov. In his speech, Alexander Ionov drew attention to the ultimate goal of this conference: "Our ultimate goal - is the destruction of the principles of intervention in the affairs of sovereign states by political, military and economic impact, the localization of humanitarian disasters and the cessation of armed conflict, respect for human rights and guarantees of a decent life of indigenous people, the cessation of repression and recognition of crimes against humanity and civilization.
"We want to find allies in our struggle – stated Vladimir Sverzhin, a member of the Commonwealth of Donbass Militia Veterans- not so much in the local struggle in Donbass, as the global confrontation of that globalist policy, which made hostages of Donbass and Ukraine as a whole. That was the detonator of Ukraine against Russia.
The chairman of the state building committee of New Russia (Novorossiya) Vladimir Rogov noted that New Russia - is "probably the youngest state formation that has been born in the throes of the post-Soviet expanse." "New Russia de facto exists in the minds and hearts of people, a small - legal registration of sovereignty. The historical processes can not be stopped, they still go ahead. The main task is it to be bloodless.
"A huge dissatisfaction by Texas of Washington's actions, as well as in the homeland of the current US President Barack Obama - State of Hawaii. Representatives of the "Texas Nationalist Movement" could not come to Moscow, so in support of the rights of US citizens, Lanny Sinkin, who identified himself as the chief adviser to the king of independent and sovereign State of Hawaii had this to say:
"In 1993, the US Congress passed a resolution apologizing to the Hawaiian people for the illegal annexation in 1898. It said that the Hawaiian people never lose their right to sovereignty and has the right to their national land. The resolution called for reconciliation, but the Hawaiian people are still waiting for when it will happen "- said Sinkin.
Omali Yeshitela, chairman of the “Uhuru movement" made a speech. This movement protects the worldwide rights of black people. Omali immediately warned: "I am the head of the revolutionary organization. Nothing can change our attitude towards US imperialism, we can not deal with them by peaceful means. " According to him, American "democracy" does not allow blacks to exercise their constitutional rights. The Conference, which was held in Moscow, would have been impossible to hold inside the "main torchlight of democracy." "We want to be free and to be able to create the future with our own hands, and not do what we are told by any minister" - said the human rights activist.
As Fedor Biryukov noted in his speech "Any protest against the dictatorship of America is seen as separatism ... Everyone of those present is to fighting for their own homeland, because homeland - is first of all sovereignty. Every person, opposing the vampires from Washington, is part of a common front of struggle. We are in favour of a multipolar world, which will enable us to remain human beings”.
The main demand of the freedom fighters was to eliminate the dominant position of the United States. According to all accounts, Washington and leading European states have created a system that allows them to extort resources from other countries. One percent of the world's population controls the world, which objectively hinders the normal development of non-Western economies. And without an adequate economic base, it is meaningless to talk of true sovereignty. It is important that those present heard the history from every representative speaking for self-determination of their own region. They were able to hear the answer to the question as to why these people are fighting for independence.
At the conference, all participants signed a resolution in which was presented not only their vision of what is happening, but also proposing a way out of the situation. This resolution was sent for consideration to the UN General Assembly meeting that was to be held in late September. It is also known that the participants of the congress agreed to create a working group. Its task will be determined after the UN respond to the signed resolution.
The positive response to the invitation of the initiators of the conference, was in no small part due to the fact that under the US diktat, people see in Russia a new centre of power, while our country, Russia is a permanent member of the most influential body of a world organization - the UN Security Council. However, to speak of Russia being ready to lead the global anti-American struggle, is no doubt, premature.
Meanwhile though, Russia is just testing the waters. However, by itself it is very important that the congress of fighters for freedom took place in our country.
S.V. Kristenko

Note from the Editorial of the AUCPB website. Membership of Russia in the UN Security Council did not stop in time the pushing through by this body of an aggressive resolution paving the way for the enslavement of Iraq and Libya by US imperialism. The true friend and protector of all oppressed peoples fighting for their right to self-determination, was the Soviet Union. And Russia will be able to adequately take over the USSR only after the liquidation of the bourgeois dictatorship, the dictatorship of capital through revolution.


Dedicated to the 77th anniversary of the socialist revolution in Bulgaria -
Ninth of September 2015
The General Meeting of Communist organizations in Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria, dedicated to the 77th anniversary of the socialist revolution in Bulgaria - the Ninth of September, expresses its solidarity and sympathy to all the Communists of the world fighting for the overthrow of the capitalist system and termination of imperialist wars.
Today we remember all those no longer with us. And express our concern at the growing wave of repression against our comrades in the capitalist countries. We are alarmed by the fact that on a global scale raises its head a counter-revolutionary hydra of fascism. Fascism is becoming the only weapon of imperialism, primarily American. Georgi Dimitrov warned us all that "fascism is the most cruel, and perhaps therefore the most efficient weapon of imperialism. It allows the capitalists to shuffle people, like cards in a deck and burn dissidents in crematoria." And we see how the dissenters were burned alive in Odessa, then push the brainwashed a part of the people to fratricide in the civil war in Ukraine. Any voice against this folly is muted by repression. Ukrainian prisons are overcrowded with fighters for freedom and democracy.
We are concerned that for almost a year in jail in the city of Uzhgorod (Ukraine) without any consideration of his case has been detained 66-year-old editor in chief of the AUCPB Anatoly Maeyevsky, the chairman of the Central Bureau of AUCPB in Ukraine, Moldova and Transdniestria, Secretary of the CC AUCPB. He was arrested even before the law on the prohibition of three communist parties in Ukraine. Comrade Maeyevsky has been kept in complete isolation, not allowed to see a lawyer, relatives, and means of communication had taken away from him. All of this is not only a violation of the still acting Constitution and laws of Ukraine, but also contrary to international standards of detention of political prisoners and a violation of the legal norms of the Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN in 1948 and the European Convention on Human Rights.
Since the existing Ukrainian illegal fascist regime does not recognize any rules of human coexistence, we express our protest and DEMAND THE IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF THE POLITICAL PRISONER JOURNALIST who has still not yet been tried by the court, under various pretexts, and who is not released under house arrest.
From the meeting of communist organizations in Sofia, Bulgaria
Secretary of BRP (k) Penka Betovska
Sofia, 05.09.2015

Round table meeting in the DPRK embassy in Moscow
On September 30, 2015 at the Embassy of the DPRK in Moscow, a round table meeting dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea October 10, 1945. Present were Ambassador Kim Hyun Joong, embassy officials, representatives of political parties, public organizations and movements of the Russian Federation. After the introductory speech of Comrade Ambassador representatives of parties and movements in their speeches mentioned the great importance of the creation of the Workers' Party of Korea for the successful struggle of the Korean people for socialism, stressed various aspects of the party's activities in the years of peaceful construction, bloody war with US imperialism, and ended on the issue of peaceful reunification of the Korean people. Speaking at a roundtable was representative of the AUCPB - secretary S.V. Khristenko where special emphasis was made on the thesis of Kim Il Sung - "The Main Thing In Party Work Is To Educate, Remould And Unite All The People."

dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea
The date, September 1945 in Korea. The war has just ended. The Korean people free from the yoke of Japanese blood, which lasted several decades. But the Korean landowners and their hangers-on, servants or the Japanese colonialists have not gone away. Everything needs to be build anew. Build a party. Build a state. Build a new people's army. Urgent cases - a huge avalanche. But the Korean communists, their great leader - Kim Il Sung do not lose heart, do not give in to difficulties.
On October 10, 1945 the Workers' Party of Korea is formed. Immediately intense party building ensues, party movement into the depths, to the masses. Huge socio-economic changes in Korean society begin. Factories restored, agriculture reborn, dams and canals built. And immediately - cultural development of the people, building schools and universities. The people's army - protector and the support of the working people is created and strengthened.

The achievements of the Korean people for decades of people's power, are striking. Here and the victory over American imperialism, which unleashed a bloody war on the Korean peninsula, here, and the creation of their own nuclear weapons and Korean satellites, and here also relentless progress towards building a prosperous life for Korean workers.
What is this extraordinary power of the Korean communists that ensured steady progress forward that provided strong unity of the Korean people? I think that the best way this is explained is by the quotations from the speech of President Kim Il Sung at the general meeting of the Party organization in the village Rihenri on 23 January 1961. Here are some excerpts from that speech.
"In revolution and construction, to believe in the inexhaustible power of the masses, rely on them, consult with them, to awaken their intelligence and creativity - this is the method of working, which has been consistently adhered to by our party";
"This method of working of giving instructions to all members of the party and bringing everything into motion, must be firmly adhered to and developed further. Orders must be given correctly, necessarily taking into account the character and ability of each person";
"The party has consistently pursued the policy to rally around itself all sections of the population, by the elimination of the influence exerted on human by the aggression and the subversive activities of the imperialists, and the conversion of people infected with the old ideology";
"Our members of the party do not sit above the masses and do not shout at them but go to the masses and by persuasion and education enlighten them, and pull forward the backward sections, so that they themselves exerted themselves and by their efforts stood in the ranks of the advanced workers";
"There is no harder business than re-educating people. Now our party and its members have taken to this precisely because it is the most difficult thing - to educate and transform people. Members of our party not only have boundless trust in the party and love it, but for sure begun to fight for the unity of all the large masses around their own party";
"The most important thing is that the chairman, with the direct participation in the work, while in the midst of the masses and working together with them, can know the emotions of the masses, and breathing with them, become their close friend";
"We have no reason to become conceited. Our party is always against conceit and resting on its own laurels ... For revolutionaries, stagnation and routine are totally unacceptable. We revolutionaries can only be continuous in innovation and moving forward";
"Members of the party are not such people, only engaged in farming and earning a decent living. They have a higher and more noble mission than the solution to the issue of food, clothing and shelter for oneself, namely - the mission of the whole of society. The ultimate goal of the party members is to build our socialist country, and then - communism."
Let me conclude by congratulating those present colleagues, and all the Korean people on a glorious anniversary - the 70th anniversary of the creation of the Workers' Party of Korea, and to wish the Korean people new successes in advancing along the way, charted by the Great President Kim Il Sung.
Secretary of the Central Committee of the CC AUCPB S.V. Khristenko


To the First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea,
First Chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission
Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army,
Marshal of the DPRK
Kim Jong Un
Pyongyang, DPRK

Dear Comrade Kim Jong-Un!
On behalf of the Central Committee of the AUCPB and myself, I cordially congratulate you and through you the members of the Workers' Party of Korea and the people of the DPRK on the glorious 70 th anniversary of the revolutionary Party of Korea - WPK.
Congratulations also to you personally, and the heroic people of DPRK on an outstanding event - a successful test launch on 3 October of submarine ballistic missiles, recently developed by Korean scientists and engineers. This event we qualify as another serious warning to American imperialism and their puppets - the ruling circles of the Republic of Korea, not stopping their provocation adventures against the DPRK on the Korean peninsula. The successful launch of ballistic missiles from a submarine is not only another victory in the building of socialism in the DPRK, but a great gift not only to the heroic Korean people on the glorious anniversary of the WPK - 10 October, but to all people of the world, opposing the aggressive human-hating US policy aimed at the destruction of sovereign states and the overthrow of progressive governments in all regions of the globe.
We wish the people of the DPRK under the leadership of the glorious WPK under your leadership, Dear Comrade Kim Jong-Un, new successes in building a prosperous socialist state of a united nation.
Long live the peace-loving people of the DPRK!
Long live the glorious Workers’ Party of Korea headed by its First Secretary of the Central Committee of the WPK, faithful continuer of the revolutionary cause of his great predecessors - the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il!
Long live the victory of the progressive forces of the world who are fighting against US aggression!

N.A. Andreeva
General Secretary of the CC AUCPB
4 October 2015.

By Dermot Hudson
Visiting the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea for the 10th time I was able to travel to places such as Sinchon , Mt Myohyang and the West Sea Barrage thus afforded me with an excellent opportunity of seeing large areas of the countryside on the way . I was also able to walk around Pyongyang at night and see much of the city including pedestrian underpasses.
The US imperialists and all sorts of reactionaries have over the past few years made wild allegations about "human rights violations " in the DPRK and even press-ganged some other countries to pass anti DPRK resolutions in the UN .
So where were these giant 'forced labour camps' and 'concentration camps' that the imperialists allege exist in the DPRK ? I could not see such a thing in fact I did not even see one barbed wire fence in the countryside nor large numbers of police or security personnel. It also should be mentioned that the DPRK countryside was free from crop failure, famine . There is also a good level of social equality in the DPRK countryside with no big houses, no big private landed estates (or latifundia) , no rich farmers or landlords, a genuine peoples countryside , a socialist countryside with the red flag flying high.
The imperialists claim that there are hundreds of thousands of people held in camps in the DPRK , such camps would have to be massive and with a huge number of guards but I did not see such a thing in the DPRK countryside. Moreover the DPRK is very peaceful and calm you rarely see emergency vehicles rushing through the busy streets. If it what the imperialists say about "human rights" and "forced labour camps " in the DPRK, then you would see police or security personnel on the streets arresting many people and putting them in lorries to go to "labour camps " or "concentrations camps " but I saw no such thing happen. I did not see heavily armed police on the streets that you sometimes encounter in London, either on the streets or at railway stations or at airports. Indeed I was able to go for a walk near the Mansudae Assemby Hall the home of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly , the highest organ of legislative power in the DPRK and roughly equivalent to the parliament. Now in London the area around parliament is a restricted area where movement is controlled and armed police units patrol. However in Pyongyang I see no police or security personnel in the area surrounding the Mansudae Assembly. Of course the DPRK is a stable and harmonious unified society based on single hearted unity so there is no terrorism and no riots. In the DPRK there is unity between the armed forces and civilians so people do not fear or despise the armed forces.
I did not see the police oppressing anyone on the streets . I did not see anyone get arrested or the police in the DPRK shoot anyone dead! In the USA , the so called "land of the free ", which is the country behind the clamour about " human rights in the DPRK , the police regularly shoot down people most of them black. The British newspaper "The Guardian" said so far this year 944 people had been killed by police in the USA so far this year! In the UK armed police units have been responsible for the loss of life notably innocent Brazilian electrician Jean Charles De Menezes and Mark Duggan (which sparked the 2011 riots ).
Visiting the newly modernised and expanded Sinchon Ri Museum I could see just who the real human rights abusers are ! Sinchon ri is the fateful place where the US imperialists and local class enemies committed the crime of murdering 35383 people or one quarter of the population (can you imagine the death toll if the same thing was done in London , it would 2.2 million people dead!).It is an understatement to say the the US imperialists are just as bad as Hitler’s Nazis.
Thus visiting the DPRK for the 10th time, I could see very clearly the stories about "forced labour camps" in the DPRK are just hokum and nonsense , nothing but lies . There is no 'human rights' problem in the DPRK . People enjoy the right to housing , to education , to free medical care , to work and even have holidays paid for a state expense ! . Many Western critics of the DPRK ignore the fact that everyone in the DPRK supports dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN and the Workers Party of Korea and they are happy to build socialism. The great Juche Idea which stresses the independence and creativity of man and also always stresses the role of ideology so there cannot be such a thing as a "human rights "problem".

Dermot Hudson.
Chairman JISGE
President ASSPUK
KFA Official Delegate UK

http://www.uk-songun.com/index.php email juche007@yahoo.co.uk
London 28th of October Juche 104(2015)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK (ASSPUK) and the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) issued a joint statement regarding the speech of the dear respected leader Marshal KIM JONG UN to the Military Parade and Public Procession of Pyongyang Citizens on the 10th of October :
Without any doubt the speech delivered by dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN to Military Parade and Public Procession of Pyongyang Citizens on the 10th of October is a very powerful speech that inspires not only the Korean people but the world revolutionary people who fight for independence and socialism. Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN in his address says that the military parade that is about to be held will demonstrate the inexhaustible strength of the Workers Party of Korea.
Dear respected comrade KIM JONG UN neatly and adroitly presented the speech in four sections , each of which focuses on a particular aspect of the strength of the Workers Party of Korea.
Firstly, it is a people orientated party. Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN says
" President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il built ours into an invincible revolutionary party, a genuine political leadership organization, which serves the people and advances in unity with the masses, the first of its kind in history.
Since it inscribed a hammer, a sickle and a writing brush in its red flag, our Party has never been separated from the people and advanced the revolution always believing in them as in heaven"
The most important thing here is that the WPK has never been separated from the people. The WPK has been able to splendidly build socialism despite all kinds of trials and difficulties such as the destruction of the war and sanctions and blockade because it relied on the people.
Secondly, the WPK leads and commands the most powerful revolutionary armed forces that defend the destiny of the revolution and the independence of Peoples Korea. A nation without powerful armed forces is a ruined nation. Now Peoples Korea possess the most powerful armed forces as dear respected
Marshal KIM JONG UN says " Today our Party can proudly state that our revolutionary armed forces are capable of fighting any type of war the U.S. imperialists opt for, and have made full preparations for firmly defending the blue sky over the country and the security of the people."
These words sent a shiver down the spines of the US imperialists and international reactionaries who dream of invading and destroying Peoples Korea !
Thirdly, the strength of the WPK is based on the fact it pays attention to youth the vanguard and the future of the nation. The WPK has always attached great importance to the role of youth and built up the DPRK as a youth power . As dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN said
" That our revolution is still advancing vigorously filled with unflagging energy and vitality without stagnation and marking time is because it has a steel-strong legion of young people who always march straight forward following the Party."
This aptlly sums up the role of youth in Peoples Korea and their dynamic role.
Fourthly, the strength of the Workers' Party of Korea comes from the fact that it is based on the immortal teachings of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG and eternal chairman KIM JONG IL . It is based on KIMILSUNGISM-KIMJONGILISM which is essentially the people first principle. Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN points out that
"The Korean revolution advances not by dint of any mysterious divine power but on the great strength of our people including the heroicKim Il Sung's and Kim Jong Il's working class who follow and safeguard their Party with a single mind."
This is a very wise teaching indeed , it is very true that the Korean revolution advances by the strength of the people based on single-hearted unity and no other force.
We in the ASSPUK and JISGE are greatly inspired by the speech of the dear respected leader Marshal KIM JONG UN as it fully encapsulates the great truth of KIMILSUNGISM-KIMJONGILISM . It contains precious teachings and guidelines for advancing the Korean revolution under the unfurled red banner of the WPK . We believe that victory and glory are in store for the Korean people under the leadership of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN. Moreover we resolve to study this speech hard ourselves as it contains many valuable lessons for the world revolutionary movement.

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