The All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCPB), inheriting Bolshevik principles of the R.S.D.W.P. -R.S.D.W.P.(b) - A.U.C.P.(b) - of Lenin's policiy in the CPSU, is the highest form of proletarian class organisation, advanced detachment of the working class, acting in unity with the peasantry and labour intelligentsia, standing on the Party's positions for: the gain of political power - overthrowing the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, the destruction of private ownership over the instuments and means of production, the revival of the USSR, the further strenghtening of the proletarian interests for the complete victory of socialism and gradual transition to communism. The ideological and theoretical basis of the AUCPB is formed by Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, is their doctrine in its creative application and development in modern conditions. The AUCPB is a component of the global communist movement with the aim of communism triumphing over the whole planet.

Friday, 1 January 2016


Workers of all countries, unite!




Another court hearing on the case of A.A. Maeyevsky was held on 03/12/2015. The accused in the case was brought to the courtroom at 14.30, although the hearing was scheduled earlier at 10.30 am (moved without notifying anyone about the transfer of time of the hearing).
The courtroom was attended by judge Ferenc, Attorney Ivanina, lawyers Yesenov, Kovalenko, witnesses – Pilnik, Markov, Tkachev, Kozlov, N. Boychuk, M. Boychuk, and Bulgakov. After the announcement of the hearing, the lawyer Yesenov asks to question the witnesses - 7 people. The prosecutor protested this because the witnesses were at the previous court sessions. Defendant Maeyevsky stated that 4 of the witnesses he sees only for the first time, and the rest did not attend the meetings at which the case was addressed in substance. The judge accepts the prosecutor request.
The court proceeds to the examination of the accused Maeyevsky.
Prosecutor asks: Mr Maeyevsky, you are accused of inciting the split of Ukraine, inciting ethnic hatred, calls to overthrow the legitimate government.
Maeyevsky: I do not consider myself guilty on any one count. In the newspaper Workers Peasants Truth №6 2014, I published an article in which I criticize and accuse the current government. Yes, this power is Banderite, fascist.
Prosecutor: You call the people of Ukraine Banderites?
Maeyevsky: No, not the people, they are not the power. Look at the Program of Tyagnibok of the Freedom Party, the party of the "Right Sector" of Yarosh and compare it to "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler. One to one and the same. Fascist ideology, the main enemy is Russia and communism, Russophobia. Under Hitler, communists were in prisons and camps, their leaders were killed. And what do we have in the new government that came to power in February 2014? the Journalists have been killed and communists imprisoned. In Odessa, in 2014, were burned alive or killed more than 300 people.
I am against accusations of calls to the split of Ukraine. Please attach to the case an article in newspaper №3 for 2014, in which says that we communists are against the split of Ukraine. (This article is on file at the insistence of the witness from Vinnitsa A.N. Bilanik to the protocol of the search. By the way, only in Ukraine in fourteen regional centres were printing houses, apartments, offices raided.)
I am a communist, I am opposed to the split of Ukraine. Indeed V.I. Lenin created the Republic of Ukraine in 1917. Before that there was no such state. JV. Stalin in 1945 expanded the Western Ukraine due to the former Polish and Romanian territories –and these are 5 regions. In 1944 Ukraine was joined to Transcarpathia. Ukraine was among the ten leading countries. The population in 1991 was 52 million. And now? In fact, 35 million people, but 7 million are "guest workers" (working abroad), who work around the world. And the war in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions? People want federalization, not separating from Ukraine as in the referendum was not raised the question of secession.
Lawyer Yesenov: I ask the court to invite linguist do carry out expertise on newspaper WPT№6, because she is a Ukrainian philologist and raided Maeyevsky’s article in this newspaper is in Russian.
Prosecutor: Objection.
Judge: Objection accepted.
Maeyevsky: The examination indicated that the article could lead to the split of Ukraine and a change of power. Is there proof of assumption of guilt? On the contrary, assumption as absence of evidence should relieve the defendant from prosecution.
Prosecutor: Please attach to the case records of all searches, health certificates, statements that are not registered in the narcological, psychiatric, records of questions to neighbours, etc.
Judge: Questioning is now over. The Court will now begin the debate.
Prosecutor: I beg to move the debate over to the next trial.
Judge: Why? Are you not ready?
Prosecutor: Yes, the prosecution is not ready.
Judge: The court session is over ended. Date of the next hearing will be determined later.
5 December 2015
Freelance correspondent
For the past quarter of a century, our country exists as a capitalist state. As a result of the counter-revolutionary coup of 1991, the main achievements of socialism have been destroyed, built by the painful labour of millions of workers and peasants, defended in the Great Patriotic War by the unprecedented heroism of the Soviet people. The heinous economic crime – privatization was committed, i.e. theft from the people of its legitimate domain. Where did all the wealth go to? Yes, simply they were concentrated in the hands of a bunch of thieves, who are now usually sedately called "oligarchs."
Along with the economic looting, powerful ideological pressure was conducted on the minds of people by advertising the "charms of the free market", human values, human rights, shameless slander against our Soviet country and the entire history of the Soviet Union. With great diligence mud was smeared on all "Soviet" figures, whether it be Pavlik Morozov or Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya, or even Lenin and Stalin.
The collapse of Soviet power was the result of the simultaneous action of a number of factors: the powerful ideological attacks of world imperialism and betrayal of the entire leadership of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union the cause for which she existed - the construction of a communist society, and the fact that millions of ordinary people fell for bourgeois propaganda about a "happy capitalist future" (just wait for 500 days - the program of Shatalin - Yavlinsky), the lies about two "Volga" cars for each share voucher (Chubais), etc.
After some time, the ideological fog cleared, illusions slowly disappeared and before the "audience" of this historical drama appeared whole terrible truth about the reign of capitalism, Soviet industry has almost been completely destroyed, and the second of its power in the world economy has been reduced to the sale of oil and gas to the wealthy Western bourgeoisie, millions of hectares of agricultural land are not cultivated, overgrown with weeds (many of them have already been sold to Western owners), food security has been lost, the crisis in everything - education, medicine, science. Any kind dissident of the Novodvorskaya type were finally able to say frankly: "I am personally fed up with human rights. At one time we along with the CIA, and the United States used this idea as a battering ram to destroy the communist regime and bring about the collapse of the USSR. This idea has served its purpose, and now we need to stop lying about human rights and about human rights defenders. And how about we not cut the branch on which we all sit ... ".
The current sad state of former Soviet society can be characterised in the following way: "We sit. Everything is bad. And ahead – nothing any good. Yes, a heap. What do we do now?" The social fabric of society has changed a lot. There are significantly fewer workers and peasants (often many thousands of labour collectives at the plants have been reduced to just a few hundred, and still awaiting further redundancies). The only ones being added - is the number of merchants, various wheeler dealers, and speculators. The multi-million strong CPSU has spread like a piece of jelly – with the top made of “oligarchs", and the others lying on the bottom or written into the pseudo CPRF – the direct heir to the criminal CPSU. Those who are worried about their future, and who are interested in the revival of the country and people, are looking painfully as to where the exit is? The "Democrats," deceived us, "the CPSU has also deceived us."
On November 8, 1991 in Leningrad was established All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, the party that clearly and openly said - yes, we are the Bolsheviks, yes, we are the direct heirs of Lenin and Stalin and Dzerzhinsky. We firmly believe that the course, which Stalin adhered to was correct, the only correct course in the historical conditions. That course was a course of nation-building, movement towards the ultimate goal - communism. Stalin's Soviet Union brought out love and admiration from working people in all countries, with it their hopes to escape finally from wild bourgeois bondage. About Bolsheviks of the 1920-30s were composed verses:
Nails would be made out of these people:
No harder nails made in the world.

(Tikhonov, 1922).

Over the past 24 years, the AUCPB has been able to overcome a number of hurdles that have threatened its unity and cohesion. The reasons for that were different, but they could not cause significant damage to the party. But now there is a new danger, which bears the character of inner-party connected with a leftist slant, on the attitude of our Bolshevik party, towards the ruling bourgeois regime, to its domestic and foreign policy actions in character, which calls into question the fundamental slogan of the 4th Congress of the AUCPB (2005): "To work towards revolution!"
In assessments of representatives of the leftist slant prevails an unwillingness (and these are communists, proud of their dialectical thinking!) to cover a whole matter under consideration in all its aspects, to give sober and objective assessment of the situation (whether it’s the situation in Ukraine, or the problem of the Islamic State – ISIS in the Middle East, or something else). So, for example in relation to Putin, they only have only one thing to say – Down with Putin! That's right – Down with a bourgeois politician conducting a disastrous economic policy that serves the interests of Western "patrons" of the bourgeois regime of the Russian Federation, conducting a series of measures that infringe upon the interests of the working people (for instance - plans to raise the retirement age). Down with Putin!
Only here the question - why do the white-ribbon liberals, i.e., - the fifth column, the agents of the United States, also cry out - Down with Putin! Strange?!. Not very. The leftists, not taking into account any of its forces and capabilities, nor the state of society, are shouting - "Give us a proletarian revolution" in the hope that after the overthrow of Putin will be re-established Soviet power, etc. In doing so they completely fail to see that in their struggle for power is a very strong opponent – the liberals- white ribbons. The liberals are strong and dangerous not due to its influence on the masses, but by their dominant influence over the ruling political and economic elite of the Russian Federation and by the powerful financial support (or rather, its maintenance in the face of the United States).
The goal of liberals is simple – to "tighten right up" and to bring to its logical conclusion interrupted (in their view) perestroika, to finally make everything in Russia as it is in the United States. The same liberal goals serve also the economic sanctions taken against the Russian Federation, made by the United States, the EU and NATO. Would it not be more correct if these leftists revolutionaries in the conditions outlined in the above situation to direct efforts at confronting the liberals, at the destruction of the myths about the "Shining America", "gold capitalism" and other nonsense? By eliminating the explicit and implicit US influence in the political and economic life of Russia, it will be easier to start the "restoration of socialism in one single country."
Let's return to the party slogan - the requirement "To work towards revolution!" The leftists which were discussed above, understand this slogan in a very primitive way, believing that every printed material (it is hardly an exaggeration) is necessary to complete with the slogan: "Give us the proletarian revolution." After this, according to them (nowhere) steel columns will rise up and move (led by leftists) towards smashing the damned bourgeois regime. It is surprising from where people have such a primitive understanding of the revolution, its preparation, its implementation? Indeed they would have read in the Soviet era many wonderful books talking about the heroes of the underground partisans and may even remember - what skills and knowledge they possessed, why the most skilled of them committed deeds and remained at large until victory. Today, one does not need to even leave ones home to go to learn about the revolution. Before you is the Internet, where there is literally everything! Learn everything you need revolutionaries. Read and study Lenin, Stalin, be curious. That's how you will perform the party requirement: "Working for the benefit of the revolution!"
In conclusion, a few quotes of the classics:
"The whole art of governance and policy is to promptly consider and to know where to focus our attention and the main force." (VI Lenin Complete works., vT.40, p.85)

"No revolution can be made by a party, it is done only by the people." (Marx and Engels. Soch., Vol. 45, s.475)

"When the majority of the people do not want to take power into their own hands, because it is not yet understood, then the minority, no matter how revolutionary and however clever, cannot impose its will on the majority of the people." (VI Lenin Full. Coll. cit., t.32, p.50)

"The revolution can neither be made nor set up in a queue. A revolution cannot be ordered - a revolution grows. "(VI Lenin Poln.Sobr.soch., Vol. 31, s.398)

"Uprising is an art, just like war, like other forms of art. It is subject to certain rules, neglect of which leads to the death of the party, which makes them guilty of non-compliance. "(Marx and Engels. Soch., Vol.8, p.100)

"If the revolutionary party does not have a majority in advanced detachments of the revolutionary classes and in the country, there can be no question of an uprising." (VI Lenin Full. Coll. Cit., T.34, C.337)

"... Not out of every revolutionary situation arises a revolution, but only from a situation where the above-mentioned objective changes are accompanied by the subjective, namely, the ability of the revolutionary class to take revolutionary mass action strong enough to break (or dislocate) the old government, which will never, not even in a period of crisis, "fall", if it is not "dropped". (VI Lenin Poln.Sobr.soch., Vol. 26, p. 219)

"For a successful uprising what is needed is a long, skillful, and persistent worthwhile training with great sacrifices." (Lenin V.I.Poln. Sobr.soch., 40, s135)

November 2015 CC AUCPB

Kirov is one of those outstanding, remarkable people of a heroic era of onslaughts and storms, an ardent revolutionary, a true Bolshevik, a tribune of the people, a loyal ally and friend of Stalin.
On the eve of the 1905 revolution Kirov participates in the Tomsk Social-Democratic organization. He's head straight into revolutionary work.
There comes a stormy 1905. Kirov in Tomsk organizes a demonstration of workers on 18 January. It became a revolutionary baptism of fire for young Kirov.
After the defeat of the December armed uprising, reaction rears its head. In Tomsk there are mass arrests. In prison, Kirov determinedly studies Marxist-Leninist literature.
In 1908, Kirov is released from prison and travels to Vladikavkaz (called Ordzhonikidze at the time). The tireless energy Kirov knows no boundaries. He restores the Bolshevik organization, establishes a relationship with the workers, conducts propaganda work, gathers workers en-masse, and liaises with the mountain people.
In August 1914, Russia entered the imperialist war. Kirov deploys intense activity in the North Caucasus.
In the days of the February Revolution in Vladikavkaz, a Soviet of Workers 'and Soldiers' Deputies is set up, which Kirov is actively involved.
Every day at meetings and rallies, Kirov makes speeches. His simple use of language, figurative speech, with the temperament of a fighter and passionate devotion to the revolution took possession of the minds of the public. The sharpness of his tongue and ridicule infuriated the Mensheviks and SR-s.
The mountain people elect Kirov as their delegate to the II All-Russian Congress of Soviets. Kirov is not only involved in the work of the Congress, but also directly involved in the October fighting.
The counter-revolution raised its head in the North Caucasus and incites ethnic hatred. Kirov exposes the machinations of the counter-revolution, unites the mountain peoples and seeks an end to the inter-ethnic fighting. But the counter-revolution did not sleep. Almost the entire North Caucasus is dominated by hordes of White Guard. Denikin seized Tsaritsyn and moved north. The Fatherland is in danger! - That was the call by the leader of the revolution Lenin.
Lenin and the Central Committee ordered Comrade Stalin to organise the defeat of Denikin. Tsaritsyn was liberated. Under the leadership of Kirov and Ordzhonikidze, the Red Army finally realizes the defeat of Denikin and liberate the North Caucasus.
After the civil war, the difficul period of peaceful construction began. In the struggle against Trotskyism, Kirov consistently and firmly upholded Leninist positions.
At the X Congress in March 1921, Kirov was elected candidate member of the Central Committee, and at the XII Congress in April 1923 - a member of the Central Committee.
The party sends Kirov to Azerbaijan. Kirov is takes on the restoration of the oil industry realises the tasks of the Leninist-Stalinist national policy in Azerbaijan. Kirov was one of the founders of the Transcaucasian Federation, working on its formation together with Ordzhonikidze.
During 1923 - 1924. Kirov leads a fierce struggle with the anti-Party groups and especially with the Trotskyites. Kirov gives a rebuff to attempts by the Trotskyites to undermine the unity of the party, to push it away from the Leninist path.
"... To work hard to strengthen the unity of the iron unity of our Leninist Party."
In December 1925, Kirov took part in the XIV Congress of the Party, in which Stalin had raised the question of the transformation of our country from an agrarian into an industrial country, economically independent from capitalist countries.
The Zinovievites opposed the Party's policy of industrialization, against the construction of socialism in the USSR and undermined the unity of the party, diluted by squabbles and confusion. They dug in in Leningrad, trying to tear the Leningrad party organization from the party, and intrigued against the Central Committee and Stalin.
To Leningrad to defeat the Zinoviev opposition was sent the loyal party fighter - Comrade Kirov.
"The opposition needs to be apprehended in the strongest, hardest and most ruthless manner."
The vast majority of members of the Leningrad organization approved the decisions of the XIV Party Congress and condemned the new Zinoviev opposition as anti-party.
Kirov cut short on the vine the Zinovievites intention to tear form the party its young reserve - the Young Communist League. The Zinoviev leadership of the Leningrad Komsomol was defeated. Active young Bolsheviks, rallied around the Central Committee. Kirov called on young people "to study hard, patiently."
The defeat of the Zinoviev opposition showed as Kirov said that "the Party has been living and is still living a healthy life."
Sergei Kirov - a loyal ally of Stalin - becomes the head of the Bolsheviks of Leningrad.
The wonderful organizational talent of Kirov unfolds at this difficult time in breadth. Everywhere felt his guiding hand, his sharp eye. He looks at the people and quickly assesses, on whom he can rely, advises, in a friendly way corrects possible errors in the early stages of work and in everything always inspire the same confidence, of which he has himself. By his personal example he lights up with passionate word in every employee, a faith in victory.
Kirov said: "It's all about us, in the organization of our work".
In December 1927, the XV Congress of the Party adopted a directive on a determined offensive against the kulaks. Against the policy of the party was the Bukharin-Rykov group. A victory by the Right deviation in the Party would mean the restoration of capitalism.
Kirov played a huge role in the fight against rightist restorers in the party.
At the XV Congress, Kirov passionately and fervently calls on the party: "All that is trying to trip us up must be rejected, and we are with you forwards along the road only, and only towards victory!"
In Leningrad, Kirov from day-to-day directed the work of the largest factories, providing technical reconstruction of Leningrad industry and mobilizing all forces to carry out the decisions of the Party's collectivization and liquidation on its basis of the kulaks as a class, the mechanization of agriculture, led by the construction of socialism in all spheres of economic and cultural life of Leningrad. Kirov lifts and inspires the working masses of Leningrad in the great work for the implementation of Stalin's five-year plans.
By measure of the new successes in building socialism in the country, the class struggle is exacerbated.
"The enemy does not sleep. Wherever we have weakened the revolutionary class vigilance or been complacent, there the enemy lies in wait for us. Defeating the enemy is not enough, it must be finished off completely to the end."
"Bad is that communist, who cannot recognize who the class enemy is now in its new form."
"... Discipline, Leninist resistance, purity of the ranks of our party has quite exceptional value."
A political leader and statesman of the largest scale, Kirov was one of the recognized leaders of the Bolshevik Party, a close ally of Stalin. As a member of the Political Bureau and secretary of the Central Committee of the Party, Kirov took an active part in solving the major issues of the internal life and foreign policy of the Soviet Union.
The activities of Kirov as party leader and a political leader is an example of the Leninist-Stalinist style of work. He put together a broad revolutionary sweep and serious efficiency, able to delve into details of a case and lift the "stuff" of work up to principled heights ("master" the little things of "work", "in detail check all the organization of work"), and to connect them with big party and governmental tasks.
The Zinoviev, Trotskyist, Bukharin "generals", left without an army, harboured a grudge against Kirov. They moved from the anti-Party struggle against the Central Committee, in preparation of carrying out monstrous terrorist acts against the leaders of the state.
On December 1, 1934, in Smolny sounded out a villainous gunshot that ended the life of S.M. Kirov. It is no accident that the vile assassin sent the first blow at the heart of Kirov. The enemy saw that Kirov was closer to Stalin and was his successor. Kirov played a key role in the defeat of the anti-Party groups, politically, ideologically and organizationally isolated and destroyed them without hesitation, was the hottest and fiery conductor of Stalin's policy.
"It's hard to imagine - said Kirov - a giant figure of what is Stalin. In recent years, since the time when we worked without Lenin, we do not know a single turn in our work, no major initiatives, slogan, direction of our policy, in which the author was not Stalin, but someone else. The party needs to know all major work - held on the instructions, on the initiative and under the leadership of Comrade Stalin. The biggest international issues were resolved according to his instructions, and not only these big questions, but also, it would seem, tertiary and even tenth-questions interested him." "A mighty will, a huge organizational talent of this man, provided the party with timely big historical turns associated with the victorious construction of socialism."
Eternal memory to you, dear Sergey Myronovych! Your ardent image will burn forever in our hearts!

On November 25 in Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk), with the participation of senior management of the country, the "Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center" was opened up.
At the opening of this sinister memorial, President Putin said: "... Boris wanted to make our country strong, prosperous, happy ...".
These deceitful words of Vladimir Putin may cause a wry smile of irony. But nothing else could be expected from Putin. Since Yeltsin appointed Putin as his successor (placing Stepashin and Putin around his table and planting Putin next to himself). Therefore the first Decree of President Putin was the decree of the complete legal immunity for Yeltsin's plundering of the country and the collapse of the state for the deaths from poverty, hunger and lack of rights of millions of people. For the presidency, Yeltsin was nominated by Academician Sakharov, who said then that Yeltsin is the best battering ram for the destruction of the Soviet power. At the same time, the liberals agreed with Sakharov.
The only thing Yeltsin wanted was to become the "Tsar of Russia", at worst - "Tsar of Moscow." Under Yeltsin, foreigners filled the entire Kremlin. Tsar Boriska became the personification of stupidity and drunkenness with full power delivery to foreign (US) "advisors" and "consultants" from the CIA, paving the way for unprecedented looting of things by a foreign country.
The whole period of intense activity of the former partocrat of the CPSU President Yeltsin went down in history as a period of dramatic impoverishment of the people, the distribution of (fictitious sale for a penny) fraudsters (their own and Western) Soviet industry giants, the destruction of everything that could not be paid for a song, the destruction of the rural economy forced by "privatization", the monstrous stealing from the population through the seizure of all their savings from the savings bank, mass unemployment due to closure - the destruction of enterprises, etc. Yeltsin's presidency has made happy only underground millionaires, thieves and bandits, like a pack of jackals pounce on the plunder of public property, which no one had the right to "privatize". The looting of the national wealth and the outflow of capital abroad continues to this day. The hallmark of Russia under Yeltsin was the face of a drunken vomiting Boriska in Germany orchestrating at the German Orchestra.
On the walls of the Centre is a masterpiece of monumental architecture of Americans, we read on the plates of black marble names of those who made a contribution to the construction of the Yeltsin memorial. (The Yeltsin centre officially cost the treasury $ 7.5 billion. But in reality, how much?) Among the names of the oligarchs (looters of public property) we read the name of prime minister Medvedev - the patron of the "fifth column" in Russia ...
Photo and movie cameras captured among the reporters present at the opening ceremony of the Center Yeltsin oligarchs and those loyal to the USA. Among them, Chubais - the great reformer, recruited in the 1980 years by the CIA and rootless cosmopolitans - Posner, Benedict, Makarevich and other important persons of the fifth column, thriving on Western grants. Among them Ksenia Sobchak - the creator of the house of debauchery and tolerance on TV ("Dom-2").
With all the vain attempts of the current government and the President of Russia to this day, they cannot climb the first rung on the standard of living in Russia at the beginning of 1985 .; science, education, culture have all slipped below the horizon ...
Expositions, deployed within the Centre, those allegedly "show" life under the Soviet regime, are monstrous fiction, fraud and gross distortion of historical facts and history itself, an insult to the Soviet people. But life under capitalism –is painted with rose tinted glasses like a sort of flowering cherry garden of happiness and prosperity.
But whatever comes of guides of ecstatic words of praise of the charms of life in modern capitalist paradise created by the three presidents of the Russian Federation, the sharper people see hypocrisy and deception, the more I realize that we have lost with the destruction of socialism in some deep pit of despair pushed by Russian presidents of the capitalist "paradise". The praises of bourgeois Tsar Boriska as a result of the presentation of the Centre appeared completely empty.
And all this Sabbath of the fifth column at the opening of the Yeltsin Centre is nothing more than a "sadomasochistic nostalgic hysteria of certain social groups."
Out of place and not the time, the liberals stage this sinister spectacle of worship to Tsar Borisko.



P / S are some details about this disgraceful spectacle http://www.nakanune.ru/articles/111169/

On October 18, 2015 at the age of 89 (born on 8 April 1926), in Paris after a long illness, Comrade Jacques Lejeune, our great friend and the publisher of the magazine "News from the USSR" passed away. Comrade Jacques Lejeune was a direct descendant of the French Communards. He was a true communist Bolshevik who grieved the tragedy of the destruction of the USSR by the cosmopolitan liberals in the 1990-s. Comrade Jacques Lejeune had amazing energy, cheerfulness, laughing at himself, saying that the translation of his name means - "forever young." In the 1990-s, he worked as a translator in the journal «Editions DĂ©mocrite» with Comrade Alex Mumbarisa. In July 1999, Comrade Jacques Lejeune became the founder and publisher of the magazine "News from the USSR" (in French, with coloured illustrations), which was widely distributed in France, in Paris and beyond. In the journal were published translations of the most topical and interesting articles from our AUCPB press. On the day of the death of Comrade Jacques Lejeune, there were in total published 133 issues of the magazine. Comrade Jacques Lejeune was a friendly man, very friendly, highly cultured and extremely competent, who knew perfectly all Slavic languages and literature freely translating them into French. Comrade Jacques Lejeune worked as a teacher of the Russian language courses for adults in one of the Paris suburbs. In the fall of 1964, he participated in the International Seminar of Teachers of Russian Language at the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, and passed the practice of teaching Russian as a foreign language, a course of lectures on Russian literature.
In his small apartment in Paris near Montmartre, he had a huge library of world literature published in various Slavic languages. In the library, a large area was occupied by dictionaries of almost all Slavic languages. We maintained with Comrade Jacques Lejeune constant contact, exchanging assessments of world events.
The memory of this wonderful Person, a wise and kind, Communist-Bolshevik, active fighter for the socialist future, for the revival of the Soviet Union will forever remain in our grateful memory.
Nina Andreeva,
General Secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB)
November 2015

On December 17, 2011, DPRK leader Kim Jong-il, the General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army, Marshal of the DPRK, suddenly died. He was one of the prominent statesmen and political figures of the late XX - early XXI century.
The Workers' Party of Korea deeply reveres him as the eternal General Secretary of the WPK. And this is not in a symbolic sense.
The coherent theory of the Juche idea, formulated by Kim Jong Il on the basis of the theses of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, is now the state ideology of the DPRK, the fundamental theory of building socialism with Korean characteristics.
Songun politics, proclaimed by Kim Jong Il on the night of the New Year 1996-1997 in one of the military units of the KPA, aimed at people of the need to be always ready to defend their Korean Fatherland, to the priority of the Army in all areas of construction and development of the state. Then Kim Jong Il on the basis of a comprehensive strengthening of the defence capability of the country put forward the theory of building a great prosperous powerful socialist state.
The original theory of the Songun revolution developed by Kim Jong Il, is an all-conquering banner in reliable defence of the sovereignty of the country and the nation, defending the independence of the state against the frenzied policy of "force" by the imperialists. The correctness and vitality of the great Songun political line is supported by the convincing realities in the DPRK.
Today, the DPRK demonstrates its impressive appearance as a country which has developed and launched artificial Earth satellites into space, as a country and holder of nuclear weapons.
For the WPK and the Korean people who carry out a general procession to build a great prosperous powerful socialist state, the ideological and theoretical works of Kim Jong Il serve as irrefutable truth, the eternal banner of victory.
The General Secretary of the WPK, Great Kim Jong Il will live forever with the all-conquering WPK.
The great cause of building a prosperous state after the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and Great Kim Jong Il, is successfully being continued by their grandson and son Kim Jong-Un.
We wish the heroic people of the DPRK great success in socialist construction and the implementation of their cherished dream - the reunification of their beloved homeland, divided by fault of the United States –into a unified Korea.


On behalf of UK KFA we wish all members, supporters and friends , a Happy Xmas ( or Happy Winter Solstice Day) and a Very Happy New Year.
We thank you all of you for your contuined support and hard work during the past year which has contributed to our success.

London 18th of December 2015
The UK Korean Friendship Association issued the following statement today.

We in the UK Korean Friendship Association sincerely congratulate the Korean people on the 98th anniversary of the birth of the Madame Kim Jong Suk, the Mother of Korea and the anti -Japanese war heroine and indomitable revolutionary fighter. On the anniversary of the day of her birth we recall her great exploits.
Madame Kim Jong Suk participated in the anti Japanese armed struggle becoming a distinguished woman partisan commander and crack-shot. She defended the leader of the revolution general Kim Il Sung physically as well as politically and ideology. She brought up the young leader comrade Kim Jong Il, the future Songun brilliant commander in the militant revolutionary environment of the anti Japanese armed struggle.
Comrade Kim Jong Suk was a model of self-sacrifice and devotion She took great pains to look after and care for her comrades in the anti-Japanese armed struggle and also after Korea's liberation she led a simple frugal life taking care of the people.
Comrade Kim Jong Suk strove to liberate Korean women from the double and triple oppression of imperialism and feudalism. She put into practice Juche-orientated theory of President Kim Il Sung on women's emancipation achieving great results in practice. She was the founder of the Korean Democratic Women's Union.

UK KFA respect Kim Jong Suk as the great mother of Korea,anti Japanese war heroine,indomitable revolutionary fighter for socialism and outstanding theorist of Juche orientated women's liberation who these theories into practice with great effect.

The UK Korean Friendship Association today issued the following statement on the 24th anniversary of the appointment of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il as supreme commander of the Korean People's Army;
On the 24th of December 1991 a decision made by the political bureau of the Workers' Party of Korea appointed the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il as supreme commander of the Korean People's Army. During the years that followed his appointment as KPA Supreme Commander , great comrade Kim Jong Il commanded the KPA in the toughest confrontation with US imperialism , the sworn enemy of the Korean people. Comrade Kim Jong Il continued the tradition of independent Juche army building pioneered by the great leader President Kim Il Sung .The KPA's strength has increased greatly and it became an armed force equipped with the latest technology including a nuclear deterrent and long range missiles .
Respected supreme commander generalissimo Kim Jong Il led the Korean People's Army to victory in the war without gunshots against the US imperialists.
As KPA supreme commander comrade Kim Jong Il not only defended the independence and socialism of the DPRK but also defended world peace as the tough anti-imperialist stance of the KPA ,based on Songun politics ,combined with the nuclear deterrent prevented the outbreak of war on the Korean peninsula.
Today the work of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il is continued skilfully by his successor dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un the supreme commander of the Korean People's Army and great successor to the Songun revolutionary cause.


The use of the term "dynasty " in relation to the DPRK is wrong and misleading because it equates the DPRK with dynasties in capitalist countries or with feudal dynasties like the Ri dynasty in old Korea which sold the country out to the Japanese imperialists . The DPRK is also unfairly singled out over the issue . For example the BBC and a lot of media love for example to refer India as the "world largest democracy " , blissfully ignoring the fact that for decades India was ruled by members of the Nehru-Gandhi family ( some may also point out that India has a caste system , human rights violations by landlords etc, repression of some organisations etc) . The USA itself has the Bush dynasty , the Clinton dynasty and in the past the Roosevelts .
It is quite wrong to compare the DPRK to any of these . Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN is the people's choice for leader . He was elected as a vice -chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea at the 3rd Party Conference of the Workers' Party of Korea and as First Secretary at the 4th Party conference of the WPK. The WPK is party with millions of members and members from all walks of life from hotel cleaners to leading scientists , singers and actors . Most families in the DPRK have one member who is a Party member. Moreover Marshal KIM JONG UN was elected First Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK by the Supreme Peoples Assembly(SPA)of the DPRK . The SPA was itself elected by 99.9% of the electorate , compare this to the 54.9 turnout in the last US presidential election and 66.1 turnout in the UK general election. Which country has the undemocratic and unrepresentative system, the answer is obvious looking at the statistics.
Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN is indeed the successor to the cause of Juche revolution and Songun revolution started by the great leader President
KIM IL SUNG and carried forward by Chairman KIM JONG IL . He is a people's leader who puts people first and a true patriot who values independence and does not sell the country out unlike the incompetent feudal dynasties.

Dermot Hudson


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