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Friday, 1 April 2016

For Bolshevism - April 2016

Workers of all countries, unite!



"To eliminate the inevitability of war, it is necessary to destroy imperialism"
J.V. Stalin
The main objective of US imperialism since the early days of the rise of the Soviet socialist state was to destroy the Soviet Union, and then the world socialist camp and that threaten the very foundations of the capitalist system. But the strategic goal of the United States along with this was inseparably part of pursued plans for world domination. After the destruction of socialism, Washington set the goal to establish in the Soviet Union a political regime that a) would not have a strong military capacity, b) economically is largely dependent on the outside world "( from NSC 20/1 Directive).
The first post-Soviet US National Security Strategy says it clearly: "Our main goal is to prevent the emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that would represent a threat comparable to that posed by the Soviet Union. Our strategy should be to prevent the emergence of any potential global rival."
After the destruction of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Treaty Organization, Russia's leadership in the face of Yeltsin and his successor like a vassal, trailed in the wake of an aggressive US foreign policy, betraying national interests. The past 2015 was a milestone in this regard. Today, Russia is pursuing a more or less independent foreign policy.
The decisive event of a change in Russia's foreign policy was the return of the Crimea and Sevastopol into the fold of Russia and then began in response to the request of the authorities of Syria an operation of air strikes by Russian forces.
Crimean reunification with Russia caused a flurry of screams by the West about the "aggression" of Russia, because the unification of fraternal Slavic peoples of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine would represent a solid basis for the integration on the former Soviet Union, and a serious challenge to the plans of the West. The United States immediately declared that "America will not permit the integration on the former Soviet Union " (H.Clinton).
The fact that the post-Soviet integration takes place on a capitalist basis, does not detract from its value as a powerful political factor in the formation of new international relations, as opposed to the unipolar US imperialist dictates.
Now it is rapidly gaining momentum, post-Soviet and Eurasian integration. Russia, possessing powerful economic potential and a military-industrial complex (inherited from the USSR), is acting as a leading force to consolidate the processes of conducting a policy independent from the US.
Under the chairmanship of Russia (April 2015 - February 2016) BRICS countries (Russia, China, India, Brazil and South Africa) is transformed into a mechanism for strategic cooperation between the world's largest countries on the key issues of world politics and economy. At the July summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO - Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan), also chaired by Russia, the political decision to expand the SCO was adopted, providing for the launch of the reception procedure into the organization of India and Pakistan, granting Belarus and Iran the status of observer, and Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, and Nepal - dialogue partners.
A new stage in the development of the Eurasian integration process began on January 1, 2015 with the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEC - previously EurAsEC) of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, who were joined by Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. The EAEC is expanding further beyond the territory of the member-states. Vietnam signed a free trade agreement with the EAEC. India, Egypt, Iran and other states are also showing interest in concluding similar agreements.
During the summit of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in Dushanbe, member states unanimously called for the improvement of the military component of the Organization. Belarus remains a key strategic ally of Russia held joint military exercises "Union Shield-2015". Ongoing is the development of the strategic partnership with Kazakhstan.
Russia is significantly expanding its ties with the Asia-Pacific region (APR). Russia's relations with India and Vietnam are becoming more widespread. A significant factor in world politics were Russia's strategic alliance with China , which cooperate in such areas as the UN and its Security Council, BRICS, SCO, "the Group of Twenty."
Gaining momentum is Russian cooperation with the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, Peru).
Countries of the former Soviet Union (except the Baltic states, Georgia, Ukraine (Kiev junta) and Moldova), are drawn to Russia, to secure their own safety and independence. Russia has provided the necessary political support to the people of Donbass, but the Kiev authorities sabotages the Minsk agreement, relying on military intervention (based on the military and financial support of the US). On the basis of concluded agreements, Russia provides security and support to Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Transnistria from the blockade by Moldova and Ukraine.
Contrary to the position of Washington and Brussels, even some EU countries, including Austria, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, are increasing economic relations with Russia.
One cannot but agree on what the Russian Foreign Ministry says: The current NATO-led policy of "containment" of Russia, embodied in increasing its military presence in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states, in increasing the number and intensity of exercises near the Russian borders, the establishment of European and Asian segments of the global missile defence of the United States, to work on tightening European countries and North-East Asia, forcing Russia to take measures to address threats which the North Atlantic alliance creates for Russia's national security .
Russia is taking strong measures to strengthen its combat capability of the Armed Forces, the military-industrial complex and the strategic nuclear triad.
In February 2015, the US Congress approved a new National Security Strategy, defining US foreign policy. This document firmly orients US policy on the preservation of world domination with reliance on military force. Here are the basic points of the Strategy:
"There is no substitute to the American leadership nor the face of aggression, either in matters of universal values ... We need to lead, leading the world in the future ... We will lead from a position of strength ... American exclusivism is based on the strength of our arms and the economy ... the United States will use military force, and if need be, to use it unilaterally ... Our armed forces are deployed all over the world ... The armed forces of the United States is willing to use military force anywhere in the world, banning and stopping aggression on multiple theatres of war ... ".
US President Barack Obama (manager of American multinational corporations and the military industrial complex) in his speech on the Strategy-2015 definitely says: "Global leadership by America remains indispensable. We recognize our crucial role ... ".
A special place in the strategy is paid to US economic power: "A strong economy, coupled with a significant US presence in the global financial system creates favourable opportunities to strengthen our security ... To preserve our sustainable leadership, we need to shape the contours of a new world economic order, which will continue to reflect our interests and values ... ".
The US Strategy 2015, Russia is declared a threat and aggressor a record number of times. The new US strategy is a doctrine of war against Russia.
"Our difficult times demonstrated the strength and importance of American leadership being indispensable in the world. We have mobilized and led the international effort to punish Russia and countering its aggression ... Targeted economic sanctions remain an effective instrument of punishment and pressure ... The potential of India, the rise of China and the aggressiveness of Russia significantly affect the prospects of relations between the major powers ... We will deter Russian aggression, watching vigilantly for its strategic potential ... ".
In the same 2015, the United States adopted a new military doctrine, which states: "... The US military is ready to redeploy troops to any point on the globe and by intimidation prevent the enemy to achieve their goals or decisively to crush anyone who threatens the United States, our national interests, our allies and partners". Especially in the new military strategy it emphasizes that "... in the future, our troops will have to act on the disputed territory" (i.e. by military occupation).
In the US imperialist strategy is given the top military means to achieve its dominance in the world:
- North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) "NATO today is stronger and more united than it has ever been, especially in connection with the efforts of the Scandinavian countries and new members, such as Poland and the Baltic States ";
- In the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region: the military-strategic US economic partnership primarily with Japan, South Korea, Israel and the Gulf monarchies ;
- Forward presence of US military forces in the key areas of the world (including the placement on airbases of the nuclear aircraft).
(No country in the world has to its credit so many military bases outside its territory, as the United States does).
- "Democratization" of "authoritarian regimes", "hybrid warfare" or "colour revolutions" (in the example of the Middle East);
- global modernization of US military capabilities, primarily - strategic nuclear forces :
"We need to pass extremely important reforms in order to create universal combat use and adapt quickly to changes in the situation of the armed forces .... We will defend our investment in basic military capabilities, what are the nuclear deterrent ... We will increase investment in such important areas as cyber security, space exploration. "
US military doctrine does not tolerate any competition in the field of military technology, because it "throws a challenge to those advantages that for a long time been to the United States in areas such as, for example, early warning and precision strikes".
In the 2015 strategy, all regions of the world are included in the list of "essential" to the interests of the United States " ... from the Middle East and Ukraine to Southeast Asia and the Americas ... ». Special emphasis is placed on " rebalancing efforts in the direction of Asia and the Pacific " - a significant increase in military presence (on the pretext of its nuclear and missile tests by the DPRK) and the provision of US economic dominance in the region (with a turnover of more than 40% of world trade). Japan has changed the status of its "self-defence forces", giving them the right to act outside the territory of the country (Japan every year more impudently declares its territorial claims to Russia). Urgent formation under the auspices of the US Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic Partnership (without Russia) called upon the US plans to isolate Russia and China, and to engage in the sphere of influence of the US neo-colonial countries of the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America . "... We will put the United States at the centre of a free trade zone, covering 2/3 of the global economy."
NATO's eastward expansion - is the main US military strategy (NATO is armed with Hitler's strategy of "Drang nach Osten"):
"We will strongly and firmly support the efforts of the Balkan states and Eastern Europe towards Euro-Atlantic integration and will continue to transform our relations with Turkey and to strengthen ties with the countries of the Caucasus ... NATO is the most powerful alliance that has ever existed. This is the central node of the expanding global security network ... We provide a dynamic presence (military - ed.) in Central and Eastern Europe in the interests of deterring future Russian aggression ... We will support such partners like Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, so that they can work better together with the US and NATO ... "
US energetically pulls into in NATO countries of the former Warsaw Pact and the socialist camp, as well as part of the USSR (Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova). The strategy of the Pentagon is that these countries play the role of a springboard for military strikes, including nuclear aircraft on vital areas of Russia." American strategists prefer a closed loop of air forces around Russia and to gradually squeeze it until Russia suffocates ... Military bases will be closer to the centre of Russia and they will carry out continuous air raids and missile attacks" (see .: Towards a third world war. The US military plans against the Soviet Union. Documents. M 1982 ).
NATO is expanding on an unprecedented scale. In 1999, into NATO entered Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland, in 2004 - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria in 2009 - Albania and Croatia. Today Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Ukraine are actively preparing to join the bloc. In the scope of the Alliance's interests are involved, Finland, Sweden, Serbia and Moldova.
According to the Russian Defence Ministry, only in 2015 in the Baltic States, Poland and Romania, NATO troops had increased the aircraft number by 8 times, and the number of troops by 13 times. On their territory were airlifted an additional 300 tanks and infantry combat vehicles, artillery systems have been moved in. In Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Turkey are about 200 US nuclear bombs at six US airbases. At the same time as carriers of nuclear bombs, in addition to American planes, can also be used airplanes by allies in NATO. NATO planes are designed to strike using these bombs and are on a constant vigil on the base of Zoknay near Siauliai (Lithuania) and on the base of Emery near Tallinn. On a state of constant combat readiness of NATO in the immediate vicinity of the Russian Federation (Lithuania, Estonia, Norway) are 310 aircraft carrying nuclear weapons. The Norwegian military bases ply US submarine boats with nuclear warheads.
In 2015, NATO members held US-Georgian military exercises in the Baltic Sea area, military air exercises of NATO forces in the north, military exercises with the Ukrainian Bandera and others. In Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria have been deployed six operational military bases. NATO members are training pilots from European non-nuclear countries to use nuclear weapons.
NATO military exercise "Allied Shield" (2015) showed, as stated by NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General and Chief of the United armed forces of NATO in Europe, General Philip Breedlove, that "the North Atlantic Alliance can deploy forces anywhere on the territory of NATO in a few days in case of threat to the allies ... ". Pentagon hawks did not hide the fact that NATO military exercises were targeted against Russia: "Russia's policy is a challenge for the Alliance and since the end of the "Cold War" world order."
The American imperialists are purposefully building up the US missile defence system and NATO EUROPRO . In addition to the missiles and radar defence system are deployed on the territory of the United States, Western Europe, the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, missiles and early warning radar installed near Russia, Alaska , in the Mediterranean Sea 24 destroyers with 111 interceptor missiles located (which "swim" in the Black sea ), missile defence systems are deployed in Romania and Poland . Radar defence system deployed in the countries of the Baltic States, Turkey and Japan.
From the White House sounded the call for Russia to start new negotiations on further reductions of nuclear weapons (which Russia has already reduced to the level of the late 1950s - early 60-s. START-3 Treaty was signed with President Medvedev). The Russian Foreign Ministry spoke on the impossibility of further negotiations. In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that further negotiations are not possible without connecting to the dialogue of all states possessing nuclear weapons-grade material. Washington is stepping up efforts to build a global missile defence system, it continues to develop non-nuclear high-precision weapons, capable of inflicting a disarming strike by area-based nuclear forces of the enemy (Concept rapid global strike). Washington carries the arms race into space, tears up negotiations on the prohibition of nuclear tests, and finally, there remains a serious imbalance in the field of conventional weapons in Europe.
The US is planning global modernization of its strategic offensive forces and equipping them with new weapons. For these purposes it is planned to allocate a trillion dollars (not including missile defence and space). The White House plans to build 12 new nuclear submarines, 100 strategic bombers, 400 land-based ICBMs and up to 1100 cruise missiles, as well as to deploy to troops a large number of modernized nuclear warheads and bombs, which will be delivered to the objectives by all of these means. "It is clear that in the future, the Russians focus their efforts on increasing nuclear power. And the fact that Russia, more and more relies on its nuclear force, rather than on conventional weapons, confirms the importance of the expansion of our nuclear potential as a modern force," said hawk US Defense Secretary Robert Gates a few years ago.
A new round of the arms race and militarization providing excessive profits to the US military-industrial complex (which produces the weapons and to our partners in Europe). US military spending over military spending of all countries of the world combined, and NATO military spending is 10 times higher than Russia's expense (the US share of total NATO defence spending amounts to about 70%). European Union countries "took visor" to US calls for the termination of reduction in military spending. Romania, along with Poland and the Baltic States, call on NATO and the United States' for "an alliance to strengthen its military presence in their territory and carry out redeployment of its troops to the eastern border. The US intends in 2017 to increase more than four times the funding for the placement of weapons and military equipment in Eastern and Central Europe.
In the bowels of the US intelligence agencies developed plans for a nuclear war against Russia have not stopped since the United States first took possession of nuclear weapons. The US plan "Dropshot" (1947), provided for 30 days to carry out the atomic bombing of 70 Soviet cities with the expectation that at the same time, millions of people would be killed. In the years of detente in the 1970’s, in the US plans were not 70 targets for a nuclear strike on the Soviet Union. For nuclear weapons were already in Western Europe, especially in Germany, and planned well over 2500 important targets between the Elbe and the Urals, of which 1/3 was in the Soviet Union and about 2/3 were located on the territory of other countries of the Warsaw Pact.
Current warmongering US military strategy, the US escalation of the NATO bloc and bloody conflicts in all regions of the world, along with continuing persistent expansion of NATO to the East and a global modernization of US nuclear forces, leave no doubt that the US hawks now plan to develop a nuclear war against Russia. Confirmation of this are the new recently declassified documents on planning by the Strategic Air Command in the United States in the 1950-s of a nuclear war against the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact countries and China. In these monstrous US plans in the 800-page listing the exact goals and military means were plans for the atomic bombing of the overwhelming majority of Eurasia, from Eastern Europe to China, from Warsaw, East Berlin, Moscow and Leningrad, and to Beijing (scheduled to be turned into a nuclear ash 1200 urban populous areas by air strategic nuclear forces).
US imperialism's strategy contains all the essential elements of the political and military doctrines of German imperialism. Today, the US and NATO - the bulwark of world reaction and obscurantism - pose a real threat to the outbreak of World War III. As on the eve of the Second World War, the task was to unite the world against the threat of German fascism (thankfully the Soviet Union was able to form an anti-Hitler coalition), and now in front of all people on the planet is a vital task of consolidating the efforts of the countries resisting US aggressive policy and to thwart the mad plans of US imperialism.

Currently, the Russian holiday on February 23 is called the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. By this name they try to hide its former name - the Day of the Soviet Army and Navy (Day of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army and Navy). As for the defenders of the fatherland in the pre-Soviet period of our history, such as the war with Napoleon and Russian-Turkish wars, their memory is more appropriate to celebrate in other dates corresponding to the specific historical events. But February 23, in the first place we are celebrating the creation of the Red Army - the army that won the Civil War, crushed the White and other enemies of the Soviet power (the predecessors of present liberals, monarchists and nationalists) and then defeated Nazi Germany and militarist Japan, saving the world from Fascism and reactionary imperialist enslavement.
Now the "patriots" -monarchists in unison with the pro-Western liberals they seemingly hate so much, love to gloat over the fact that in February 1918 the Bolsheviks could not give a fitting rebuff to the Germans.
Yes, in the first days of its existence, the Red Army forces were insufficient. It had to go to the harsh conditions of the Brest peace. But this made it possible to gain time and to deal with other, no less than the Kaiser's army, danger that Soviet Russia was presented with at the beginning of a civil war that is the Whites, so loved by the current anti-Soviet kind.
About the who started the Civil War.
Civil War begins by the side that is not in power.
In history there are examples when the socialist revolution begins with civil war.
The Cuban Revolution, for example, took place in this way.
In Russia, the Bolsheviks on the eve of World War I, immediately and unhesitatingly raised the banner of anti-imperialist slaughter. But they were not pacifists, only sighing about peace. They attributed the cause of peace with the case of the victory of the proletarian revolution.
Against the Menshevik and SR slogan of preserving "civil peace" during the war - the Bolsheviks advanced the slogan of "converting the imperialist war into a civil war". This slogan meant that workers, armed workers and peasants, including those dressed in soldiers' uniforms must turn their weapons against their own bourgeoisie and overthrow its power, if they want to get rid of war and achieve a just peace.
Armed Russian mass of workers and peasants under the leadership of the Bolshevik Party successfully carried out a socialist revolution. The uprising won, the opponent failed to provide sufficient resistance and across the country was quickly established Soviet power.
However, the classes overthrown as a result of the socialist revolution did not want to give up their privileges, and now they started a civil war when they were able to gather their "white" army together.
Today, bourgeois propaganda is trying to suggest that a civil war is "pointless", "fratricidal" and so on. In this note, all these negative epithets they relate exclusively to the actions of the Reds.
Under the influence of this propaganda, even some of those who call themselves communists, begin to believe that the Civil War is a "terrible catastrophe".
Of course, civil war has become an ordeal, but to bear it and smashing the enemies of the working people the Soviet Republic proved its viability.
In the Civil War on the side of the white invaders were attended by the Entente countries, in which these "guardians of the national interest" does not disdain. The Red Army was able to defeat the invaders from 14 states, expelling them from our territory, to defend the honour and independence of the socialist homeland. The beat other enemies too - a variety of nationalists in Ukraine, the Caucasus and Central Asia.
Lenin said: "Revolution is war. This is the only lawful, rightful, just, and truly great war of all wars which history knows. This war is not conducted in the selfish interests of a handful of rulers and exploiters, like all sorts of war, but in the interests of the masses of the people against the tyrants, in the interests of millions and tens of millions of working and exploited people against tyranny and violence. "
A special celebration of victory in the Civil War was not established. It is not because, as some now argue, it is considered inappropriate. No, this victory we are deservedly proud of, and in fact the heroes of that war were honoured during the celebration of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army and Navy Day.
After the Civil War, the Red Army adequately fulfilled its duty to protect the Socialist Fatherland.
During the Second World War, the Red Soviet Army, the army of the working people, proved that it has no equal in the world.
After the war, the country's defence was at a high level, therefore, the enemies decided not to try to deal with the Soviet Union in a new world war.
Unfortunately, the betrayal of the Communist Party CPSU leadership and the country's socialist state, meant the Soviet Army was unable to defend ...
But the hour cometh, when February 23 will once again be celebrating the Day of Defender of Socialist Fatherland!



Congratulations on the 98th anniversary of the
Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army!
Dear veterans, all those who fought heroically against the fascist aggressors during the war!
Soldiers of the invisible front, workers of military logistics - all those who invisibly forged the Victory over the fascist invaders!
Soldiers and officers who honestly and faithfully served in the Soviet Army in the postwar years, standing guard over the socialist fatherland, and all those who remained faithful to the great principles of the Soviet Army in the defence of the working people!
Scientists and engineers - creators of new threatening weapons, of leading foreign counterparts!
Dear friends, all of you, we congratulate on the 98th anniversary of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army!
We wish you all good health, longevity, happiness in your personal life, and the implementation of our plans!

On the eve of the coming century since the Great October Socialist Revolution, brighter and visibly seen is the greatness of the feat of the revolutionary Bolsheviks who entered into an open battle with the rulers of the old world of oppression and injustice, for the liberation of mankind from the yoke of ruthless capitalist exploitation of working people.
In October 1917 Socialist Revolution triumphed. The spread of Soviet power, according to VI Lenin, went around the country, on a "triumphant march".
The leaders of the Russian proletariat, raised the masses to the revolutionary transformation of the old world, clearly articulated ideological and political thesis that a revolution is worth nothing unless it can defend itself.
Practical implementation of this state-political organizational thesis was embodied in the published on 15 (28) January 1918 Decree SNK RSFSR, signed by VI Lenin, on the organization of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army, and at the end of the month – the Decree on the establishment of the Navy.
The Red Army was created on a voluntary basis of the most class-conscious workers and poor peasants who were ready to give their lives for the strength and protection of the Soviet Republic. Those joining the ranks of the Red Army were to represent the recommendations of military committees, the Bolshevik Party organizations or other organizations standing on the platform of Soviet power. The Red Army and became one of the armed force that was able to defend the conquests of the Revolution, the conquest of the working people from its class enemies.
But the position of the Soviet regime could not be regarded as fully secure, while Russia was at war with Germany and Austria. It was necessary to get to an early treaty for "a just and democratic world." The Leninist party in every possible way was interfered by Trotsky and Bukharin who called their own hostile party grouping the "Left Communists." They carried on a provocative policy, skilfully masked by Leftist phrases.
Trotsky, who headed the Soviet delegation at Brest-Litovsk in the negotiations with the Germans for the conclusion of peace with co- comrades on February 10, 1918 thwarted the negotiations.
German troops launched an offensive. Remains of the old Russian army could not resist the onslaught of the German troops and began to disperse. The Germans moved quickly, seizing vast territory, threatening Petrograd and the Revolution. German imperialism having invaded the Soviet Union, aimed to overthrow Soviet power and to turn our country into a colony. The old, collapsing royal army could not resist the armed hordes of German imperialism. It rolled back rolled under the blows of the German army.
But the armed intervention of the German imperialists provoked a powerful revolutionary upsurge in the country. In response to the call by the party and the Soviet government “The Socialist Fatherland is in danger!" the working class responded with an enhanced formation of the Red Army. Young detachments of the new army - the army of the revolutionary people - heroically repulsed the attacks of the German armed to the teeth predator. Around Narva and Pskov the German invaders were given a decisive rebuff. Their advance on Petrograd was suspended. The day of repelling the forces of German imperialism - Feb 23 - became the birthday of the young Red Army.
Across the country sounded out loud like banners during our Great Victory.
The echo of the glorious battles far away were sung in our songs.
Born you were under the Banner of scarlet in the 1918-th terrible year.
All the enemies you always lamented. Victory over the hordes of fascists.
Invincible and legendary, in the battle to experience the joy of victories -
To you, favorite dear army sends our homeland song - Hi.


The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) and the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) today issued a statementtotally and without reservation condemns the participation of armed forces from the UK in the aggressive war exercise of the US imperialists "Foal Eagle " and "Key Resolve".
"Foal Eagle" and "Key Resolve " are not defensive exercises but a dry run for invading the DPRK and achieving "regime change ". The exercises are large in scale and scope involving more than 15,000 US imperialist troops and include so-called 'beheading operations' aimed at the murder of the Supreme leadership of the DPRK as well strikes on nuclear and rocket facilities of the DPRK. It is a sheer disgrace that UK troops should be involved in this blatantly imperialistic aggressive warmongering exercises thousands of miles from the shores of the UK.
It is also amazing that at a time when the UK budget deficit is spiralling out of control, public spending is being deeply cut and millions face austerity that money can somehow be found to join in the gung-ho war-games of the Yankees.
It is also hypocrisy for the UK to noisily condemn the DPRK over the recent nuclear test but to then participate in nuclear war-games against it.
"Foal Eagle " and "Key Resolve" along with the UNSC sanctions against the DPRK have brought the situation in Korea to a state of near war. It is the British government happy to sacrifice the lives of it soldiers just as it was in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Instead joining the US war games against the DPRK Britain should pursue an independent policy and respect the independence and sovereignty of the DPRK. The British government must break with the hostile anti-DPRK policies and not repeat the tragic past history which included British troops acting as mercenaries for US imperialism in the past Korean war. This action in fighting against the Korean people , holding back reunification brought shame and dishonour on the UK.
Our organisations, the ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA, denounce the UK government for its support for the reactionary and draconian UNSC santions against the DPRK.
The labour, progressive, peace and anti imperialist movement of the UK must campaign against the UK's participation in "Foal Eagle " and "Key Resolve".
No to UK participation in "Foal Eagle" and "Key Resolve" ! Cancel US war exercises in Korea at once ! No to UNSC Sanctions
Our statement is here http://juche007-anglo-peopleskoreafriendship.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/asspuk-jisge-and-uk-kfa-support_12.html
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) and the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) today issued a statement in support of the statement of the General Staff of the Korean People's Army issued on Saturday 12th of March :
Now the situation on the Korean peninsula is becoming extremely tense as Foal Eagle and Key Resolve have entered a dangerous phase. Now largest-ever Ssangyong drill being staged in the Phohang area of south Korea is the climax of OPLAN 5015 to "bring down the social system" by striking the supreme headquarters and major core facilities in the Democratic Peoples's Republic of Korea (DPRK) through the "operation to advance into Pyongyang" accompanied by a sudden surprise landing on the DPRK. These exercises include beach landings which are clearly a dry run for the invasion of the DPRK.This in an intolerable provocation and challenge to the DPRK. It is clearly a declaration of the intention to effect 'regime change' by military means and cannot be ignored.
We support the militant and revolutionary declaration of the General Staff of the Korean People's Army to mount pre-emptive and retaliatory strikes against the US imperialists and the south Korean puppets. The KPA General Staff has declared that it will be Juche-orientated mode of counter-action against the US imperialists and south Korean puppets. Moreover the KPA General Staff makes it clear that the KPA will go into an operation to liberate the whole of south Korea . This will be a revolutionary act of achieving national and class liberation in one go and will reunify the divided Korean motherland .
As the statement of the KPA General Staff so eloquently says 'The gun roar for retaliating against the aggressors will turn out to be fireworks celebrating national reunification.'We Juche Idea and Songun Idea followers await the day of seeing the tanks of the KPA parade through the streets of Seoul and the new
dawn of a reunified Korea.


On the 2nd of March the UN Security Council voted to impose wide ranging , extensive and quite draconian sanctions on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea . Some so-called 'friends' of the DPRK, supposed anti-imperialist states shamefully supported the US imperialists and voted for the sanctions. In fact a certain big power even sat down together with the US imperialists to draft the sanctions. Earlier the US senate voted with no opposition to impose US sanctions on the DPRK on the top of the numerous existing US sanctions. Japan also imposed sanctions on the DPRK.The DPRK is facing a barrage of sanctions from the UN, US, EU, Japan , south Korea and others .
The latest UNSC sanctions basically put severe restrictions on the DPRK trading and finances. They are a flagrant violation of the DPRK's sovereignty and independence by US and world imperialism in the form of the UNSC. The sanctions are nothing but a US led conspiracy to try to strange the DPRK economy and effect regime change in People's Korea ,toppling the socialist system and replacing it with a dependent capitalist state.
It is indeed shameful that a so-called socialist country connived at the passage of the UNSC sanctions. The call for the DPRK to return to the six-party talks is but a fig leaf to destroy socialism in People's Korea by forcing 'reform ' and 'opening up' on the DPRK which has been so disastrous elsewhere.
Some people ask , how can People's Korea survive these sanctions ? What will happen ? Well first of all sanctions are not new for the DPRK . In fact the DPRK is one of the most sanctioned countries in the world.
The US first imposed sanctions on the DPRK in 1950 .The US fabricated about 40 acts against the DPRK since the 1950s such as Act of Export Control (June 28, 1950,) the Act of Trade with Enemy State (December 17, 1950,) the Act of External Aid (August 1,1962)the Wassenaar Arrangement (July 12, 1996) and the Act of International Financial Structure (1994.) By these acts,all economic sectors of the DPRK are under sanctions and she has been prohibited to make trade, financial transactions and the exchange of science and technology. In the past decade the UN Security Council under the baton of the US imperialists adopted sanctions against the DPRK under the pretext of the DPRK's nuclear test and the satellite launches imposed sanctions in 2006,2009 ,2012 and 2013. These sanctions were unable to check either the DPRK's nuclear and space programmes not the massive construction programme which saw multi-storied buildings rise one after in quick succession.
In fact in the late 1950s when the sanctions and blockade of the US imperialists and other Western countries was most intense and the DPRK faced pressure from the big power chauvinists and revisionists . This did not impede the growth of the DPRK ,instead the Korean people under the leadership of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG launched the Chollima movement(Chollima being the legendary winged horse of Korea that can cover thousands of miles in a day). Industrial output value soared by 36% per year !
Two Western academic experts Brun and Hersh in their book 'Socialist Korea' wrote"when it is considered that one of the most acute problems in industrial
development of nations with a low starting point is created by the competition
of 'advanced' nations one can grasp the short sightedness of the embargo policy...Thus strange as it may appear the effects of the Western embargo against the Asian socialist countries may have been far different than those intended".
During the early 1960s rather than being the great benefactor of the DPRK that some imagine the Soviet Union suspended economic co-operation with the DPRK basically imposing its own sanctions on the DPRK because the DPRK refused to follow its revisionist policies. President KIM IL SUNG said that "The revisionists fell on their knees before the threat and blackmail of the US imperialists and capitulated against the interests of the revolution". He further explained that some difficulties in the implementation of the Seven Year Pan had been caused by the revisionists but stressed that "We could not give up our revolutionary principles and toe the line of the revisionists capitulation just for a few more tons of steel".
Secondly, the sanctions will fail because of the Juche Idea , the policy of self-reliance and self-development and the power of the independent , Juche-based economy of the DPRK.

The great leader President KIM IL SUNG stressed that the Juche Idea itself is a weapon to combat imperialist sanctions and blockade saying that ; "The United States, Japan and other modern imperialist states are now blockading our country in the political, economic and military spheres. But the Korean communists have a sufficient amount of vitamins of the Juche type with which to frustrate that blockade. The attempt to conquer the Workers’ Party of Korea, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the Korean people by military means or to stifle them politically and economically is a wild daydream, like an attempt to break a rock with an egg-After the evacuation of the guerrilla zones, small units and political workers actively infiltrated into the homeland. The seeds of the revolution were sown in the vast lands of Manchuria and Korea.
This wise teaching perceptively foresaw the desperate attempts of the US imperialists and UNSC.
The DPRK's independent national economy can produce almost any product from a wrist watch to a nuclear missile. In the 1970s the DPRK was able to produce 98% of its own machinery and 75% of fuel and industrial materials. Foreign trade is a small percentage of gross national product in the DPRK unlike the south Korean puppet regime which has 88% of its gross national product
coming from foreign trade and is therefore highly dependent. Thus a large part of the DPRK's GDP would be unaffected by sanctions.
The DPRK's Juche-based independent national economy is strong .You cannot see foreign owned banks towering above the streets of Pyongyang. The DPRK economy is owned and run ,basically, by the Korean people.
A typical example of the DPRK's Juche-based self-reliant independent national economy is Vinalon ,a synthetic fibre produced from limestone which means that the DPRK does not need to import cotton .The DPRK perfected a Juche-based method of iron and steel production without coking coal .In recent years the DPRK has succeeded in making a tube train with indigenous resources and technology as well as a light aeroplane and of course the satellite Kwangmyongsong 4 was launched using resources and materials of the DPRK.
Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN has strongly emphasised the self-development first principle saying "Worship of big countries and dependence on foreign forces is the road to national ruin; self-development alone is the road to sustaining the dignity of our country and our nation and to paving a broad avenue for the revolution and construction”.
Although the UNSC , US , Japanese , EU and south Korean sanctions may cause some short term and temporary problems , the DPRK will fight back with the spirit of self-reliance, upholding the Juche idea and upholding the self-development first principle. The DPRK does not need foreign banks etc, it needs Juche, it needs self-reliance , it needs self-development . There will be greater import substitution which will strengthen the national economy greatly and led to further spectacular development. The Korean people will end the disease of import dependency totally by upholding respected Marshal KIM JONG UN's great teachings on self-development. The Korean people will smash the imperialist sanctions with Juche ,self-reliance and self-development !

Dermot Hudson
President Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England
Official Delegate Korean Friendship Association UK
Member International Committee For the Study of Songun Politics

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