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Friday, 1 July 2016

FOR BOLSHEVISM - No 07 (160) JULY 2016

Workers of all countries, unite!




In Rostov-on-Don stadium builders on strike
At the beginning of the second half of May, the workers involved in the construction of the sports arena, which should open up for the World Cup, went on strike. The main reason for the protest – wage arrears. The strike was attended by more than a hundred construction workers, including migrant workers from Turkey. In total, the facility employs more than 2 thousand people. The term of salary arrears covers more than three months. After receiving the news about the strike, on the scene arrived representatives of the labor inspectorate.

Strike action at the construction site of the Perm GRES power station
On May 26 on the banks of the River Kama, strike action began. The protest was held on one of the objects of the construction of the fourth unit of the Perm GRES power station. The reason for the strike - salary payment delay. The strike was attended by power plant builders, living mainly in the town of Dobryanka, which is located north of the city of Perm. At the site work also builders workers brought in from other parts of the county.
By 30 May the builders promised repayment of the arrears.

Miners rally in Rostov-on-Don
On May 25, miners from Gukova and Krasny Sulina held a protest in the regional centre. The protesters demanded payment of delayed wages. Protesters said that the company where they work, for a year has not paid salaries to five thousand of its employees. The picketers waved placards with the slogan: "Give back our money!"
The protest alarmed local officials. It was visited by representatives of the government of the Rostov region and the city administration.

Protest in the Pskov region
On May 20 in the city of Ostrov, workers held a picket outside the "Vector" factory. The action was attended by over 50 people.
Protesters by using the picket tried to attract the attention of citizens to the violations of labor legislation at the enterprise. The participants recalled that for several years they have been fighting for their rights, achieving recognition by management of the collective agreement, and the timely issuance of wage indexation. Since 2014, the staff of the company have repeatedly sent letters to various authorities, but the director and his loyalists are still ignoring the demands of the workers.
The picket was held under the slogan "No delays in wages!" "For the observance of labor legislation," "No- three-day round the clock working!", "Give us the tariff rate of the first category, equal to the minimum wage!", "We demand the implementation of the collective agreement!", "Shame on leaders violating the Labour Code! ".
"There was no reaction to our picket by the company's management, nor the authorities. Nevertheless, we are determined and will not stop only at the picket. In the near future we are going to apply to the court for recognition of the legitimacy of the action of the collective agreement, which is currently operating in the enterprise, but for some reason ignored by the mamagment .. ". - Chairman of the Pskov regional branch of the Russian Trade Union of Radio Electronic Industry Workers, Andreev said.

Picket laid-off workers in Krasnoyarsk
Former employees of road-building mobile mechanized column "Achinsk" on May 20 held another protest rally, demanding repayment of debts on wages. Picketing took place in Krasnoyarsk at the regional administration building. Speeches were made by the representatives of the trade union "Sotsprof". Total debt of salary for staff of the company is about 80 million rubles.
In August 2015, the former road workers of Achinsk carried out a hunger strike. However, they have not received their money. The worker in my experience feel that such a "toothless" protest as hunger strike, is ineffective.

Warning strike on Ural Transport
On May 4 in Irbit, Sverdlovsk region, drivers and conductors of the municipal enterprise went on to take the plunge. They carried out an hour-long warning strike. The reason for stopping work was the dissatisfaction of employees of low wages at transport enterprises, where the wage indexing has not been carried out for ten years.
The management demanded that the strikers write explanatory letters. Protesters were pressured by the police. But the drivers were not afraid. They announced their intention to launch a full-scale strike on May 11 and to strike until the authorities had solved the problem seriously. The basis for the beginning of the protest actions of workers is in the provision of Article 134 of the Labour Code, which refers to the indexation of wages due to the rise in consumer prices for goods and services.

In Sverdlovsk region, strike action by of workers of the utilities.
In early May, a protest was organized in the town of Polevskoy. A strike was held by workers at the local utility company. The cause of the strike is delay the issuance of wages.
Decisive action of the strikers took effect. Shortly after the start of the protest, it was reported that on May 5, cash was flowing, and the enterprise director dismissed from his post. Whether this will lead to positive change, only time will tell.

Meeting of workers at the Armenian government building
At the beginning of May in Yerevan, a protest was held by employees of "Nairit" factory. It was held at the Armenian government building and brought together more than 300 participants. The protesters demanded a meeting with the Prime Minister of the country. They are designed to prevent the bankruptcy of the plant and promote the resumption of rubber production in Armenia.
Protesters chanted: "Nairit!" and "Work!"
According to the workers of "Nairit", the authorities do not take steps to attract investment for the resumption of activities of the enterprise.
From the government protesting the building went to the room where the Ministry of Economy of Armenia is located. Officials received a delegation of five protesters. Employees of "Nairit" were assured that at the plant has been formed a working group, which should help to solve the problems of the enterprise. However, the protesters did not particularly believe the optimistic statements of the authorities.


Chita. Driven to despair chitinet in protest cuts his wrist
How much can people take from their bullying capitalists, was shown in an incident that occurred in one of the cities of Eastern Siberia. At the beginning of the fourth week of April, at the entrance of a factory, a worker from Chita in front of a dozen employees cut his wrist. He said he did it to get from the management at least part of his salary. He has not been paid since February, and he was willing to give up his live, so as not to end up on the street with his pregnant wife, since they were being evicted from their rented apartment. As a result, at the entrance, appeared the director of the company who gave the man 15 thousand rubles. It is of such debt and discussed. Only after this, the worker was admitted to his doctors and agreed to go to hospital to stitch up his wrist.

Another strike in Kachkanar (Sverdlovsk region)
On April 21, workers of a local mining and processing enterprise, angry by the actions of their bosses, announced an Italian strike. According to the chairman of the trade union organization, the administration sent to all employees of the enterprise a draft project of the new provisions on wages which ignored all the proposals of the trade union on the matter. The document will come into force on 1 July 2016. After that, workers' bonus amount will depend on the fulfillment of planned economic indicators of the enterprise as a whole. Personally to each worker was handed against a receipt, a written warning that failure to continue to work on the new terms will result in dismissal under Article 77 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation. It is against this brutal willfulness by the enterprise owners that the workers of the Kachkanar mining and processing plant located in the Sverdlovsk region took industrial action.

In the capital of Karelia (Petrozavodsk) transporters did not come into work
On April 18, minibuses drivers began an indefinite strike, opposing the intolerable working conditions. The main demand of the strikers - to change the financial conditions that are imposed on them by the employer. Drivers declared the need to reduce by 30 percent the daily plan, the amount they have to fulfil in the morning for the owners of the enterprise, regardless of whether they will be able to make it during the day. Currently, it ranges from 6 to 10 thousand rubles. Drivers argue that they operate at a loss. Their claims were set out in writing and handed over to the authorities on 15th April.

Rally takes place in Perm
On April 26, workers and other employees of the local road construction companies held a protest rally. More than 300 people demanded from the government an end to massive cuts. According to the protesters, the leading enterprises of the Perm road construction were left without orders, which means no money. At stake were more than a thousand jobs. Orders for ten contracts for the next three years and in early April the company received from the neighboring regions, in particular, Tyumen region.

Protest rally in Vladivostok against low wages
On April 27, the capital of Primorsky Krai held a rally of ambulance station workers. Protesters demanded higher level of earnings, a fair size of bonuses and incentive payments, and ambulance fleet renewal. Employees previously submitted applications to the prosecutor and the administration of Primorsky Krai. At the end of the rally those who had gathered signed a resolution that was passed over to the city and regional authorities.

Strike by workers of Dnepropetrovsk
After the fascist uprising in Kiev and the accession of the pro-American junta, workers in Ukraine live worse and worse. Workers at the Dnepropetrovsk Tube Works have not been paid. In February-March factory workers were paid cleared debts for January and February 2016. Now the wages have not been paid for spring. In addition, the workers want to finally get the money for the autumn and December of 2015. Therefore, on April 25, they went on strike and stopped work.


Kamchatka builders on strike
In early April, in the city Vilyuchinsk employees of the company "Dalspetsstroy" employed in the construction of the Ministry of Defence buildings, announced their suspension of work. The reason for the protest – wage arrears. The total amount due to the workers is more than 10 million rubles. The strikers announced their readiness to proceed with the other protest actions and to picket the city administration in Vilyuchinsk.

A meeting of workers of the Moscow Metro
On April 2 in Moscow, protest action was held. It was a demonstration of workers and other employees of the underground metro trains. It was attended by over 100 people. The rally was organized by trade union activists.
Protesters expressed the need to stop the reduction in the number of employees, increase wages, restore benefits for work in unhealthy conditions.
Assessing the overall situation, as the pre-strike, the protesters demanded that the heads of the underground and the authorities in Moscow for a week open the procedure of collective labor dispute. If the workers' demands are not heard in the union we intend to continue to actively fight for their rights, to labor arbitration and strike.

In Moscow held a protest action "truckers"
On April 3 at the center of the capital, on the square Yauza gate, heavy truck drivers staged a protest against toll roads. The rally was attended by over 250 people.
Drivers came to the protest without lorries, as travel on lorries in the center of the city is prohibited.
The meeting was attended by "truckers" from many regions, particularly from Leningrad, Tula, Vologda, Ulyanovsk, Chelyabinsk, Ivanovo, Ryazan and Kostroma regions, as well as from Karelia, Mordovia, Udmurtia. Participants of the rally came up with posters of "Plato to the landfill, the government - resign", "Plato, go away", "Stop feeding Rotenberg."
- The authorities ignored the demands of the protesters drivers, so the president and the government should resign - said the speaking "truckers".

In the Krasnoyarsk region, strike action by workers of agricultural enterprises
On April 5 at the village of Gnetova in Bogotolsky District at the "Siberia" farm, the milk workers went on strike because of debts on wages. Money ceased to be paid since January 2016.
One of the milk workers of the enterprise said that all employees were asked to resign from the cooperative and they were immediately taken on by another company in December last year. In January the villagers were paid 2-3 thousand rubles, but since then nothing more has be paid to them. And this amount, according to the workers, and is their wages, despite the fact that it is much less than the subsistence minimum. However, there is no other work in the countryside.
It was learned that one of the farm workers died from a stroke - she was very worried because of accumulated debts. It was the last straw. Women began to strike.

Rally of Togliatti workers
On April 2, the city held a mass protest, which was attended by more than five hundred employees of four large enterprises, including the Volga Machine-Building Plant. The meeting was devoted to the problems of layoffs and wage arrears to workers.
The main attention was paid to the problems of enterprise protesters of "Stavropolstroyservis" employees who for more than six months have been without pay. The demonstrators appealed to the local authorities. Their resolution demanded that they stop the reduction in jobs at the enterprises of Togliatti and Samara Region, and to begin paying the delayed earnings during April.

In the south of Kazakhstan transport workers
held a strike
On April 7 in Almaty, several dozen bus drivers decided to go on strike. Thus the strikers tried to draw the attention of the authorities and citizens to their financial situation. The drivers demanded wage increases of up to 150 thousand tenge.


In Ulyanovsk, there was a meeting of workers
On March 26 in the city centre, a protest action was organized by the employees of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (UAZ). The workers demanded from the authorities to increase wages, to stop the reduction of personnel and comply with labor law.
The outcome of the meeting was the signing of appeals to the authorities with a proposal to nationalize the UAZ, if "private business is not able to keep the company and its workers at a decent level."
The total number of staff in UAZ enterprises at the end of 2015 stood at around 8 thousand people.

Kama bridge builders protest
On 19 and March 20 in the south-east of Udmurtia workers took strike action. It was a strike of the builders of the bridge over the river Kama, which is being built in Kambarka district of the republic. The reason for the protest is wage arrears. The strikers demanded the immediate payment of the amounts they are owed.
One of the workers of the enterprise, who is building the bridge, said the salary after the strike was given only to those who participated in it. The rest did not get anything.
By mid-March, many workers had not even have seen salaries for November 2015. Besides, they have not been paid wages or holiday money.

The rally against the closure of the sugar factory in Sergach
At the end of March in Nizhny Novgorod region, protest action was held. It was a meeting in which workers at the Sergach sugar factory strongly demanded stopping the closure of the main enterprise, due to recently held modernization.
Previously they held a similar protest. The resolution of the previous rally was signed by more than five thousand people.
In the case of the destruction of the enterprise will leave without work and livelihoods many residents of the city of Sergach and nearby towns. Closing the plant will inevitably hit farmers also. Fields of sugar beet occupy hundreds of hectares in the region. The plant in Sergach is the only one in the whole region.
Next year, the company is to mark the fiftieth anniversary of operation - whole dynasties work here.

Strike Rzhev
On March 17, local workers at a crane factory suspended operations. The reason - the delay in payment of wages during the past five months. Total debt is about 40 million rubles. The protest was organized by the trade union organization of the enterprise. Previously, workers turned over the facts of non-payment of wages to the prosecutor, the court and the labor inspectorate. All turned out to be useless. Only strike action was the method that caused the authorities to take any measures to solve the problem.
The labor collective at the Rzhevsky Crane plant in Tver region, during the strike was resolute and did not intend to resume work until full repayment of salary debts.

In Volgograd, protest action against the collapse of the municipal electric transport system
In February, one of the tram routes in the Krasnoarmeysk district of the city on the decision of the authorities was closed. On March 20 the workers and other employees of the company "Metroelektrotrans" gathered for a rally in support of the municipal electric transport. Protesters held placards and banners with slogans: "Give us back the 6th trolley buses," "Hands off the trolleybuses!", "We shall not close the 18 th trolleybus route!" and others. As a result of the action, protesters, who face cuts, decided to write a letter to the Attorney General, the Ministry of Transport.

The strike in the Leningrad region
In the town of Sosnovy Bor, workers at the "MSU-90" Enterprise were engaged in the construction of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant-2. At the beginning of the second half of March, they refused to perform job duties. Workers are not satisfied with the fact of wage delays, and they are protesting against only partial repayment.

The strike in Tyumen
In March, drivers who are engaged in the delivery of local bakery products organized a strike. The discontentment of the workers is due to delay in pay.




London June 21st of 2016
The UK Korean Friendship Association (UK KFA) issued the following statement on the 66th anniversary of the provocation of the Korean War (Fatherland Liberation War in the DPRK) which falls on the 25th of June and the start of the month of solidarity with the Korean people against US imperialism from June 25th to July 27th (the dates being symbolic as they are the dates when the war started and finished).
The Korean war provoked entirely by the US imperialists and their south Korean puppets was a horrendous genocidal war against the Korean people . The aim of the US was not "freedom" and "democracy" but conquest and enslavement. The aim of the US was to seize the northern half of Korea in order to have a strategic bridgehead , so that they could have their troops on the borders of China and the Soviet Union . In fact General Douglas MacArthur wanted to turn the Korean war into a war against China. It was part and parcel of the "roll back " strategy of US imperialism and the so called "Truman doctrine."
The fact that John Foster Dullles, US secretary of state , visited south Korea on the 19th of June 1950 only a week before the war started proves beyond all reasonable doubt the role of the US in provoking the war. The Foster-Dulles visit involved tours of front-line areas .
It should also be added that General Douglas McArthur admitted that on the 25th of June the fact was that the Korean People's Army was deployed in a defensive postion.
During the war US killed over 1,200,000 million civilians in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea . During the war the US indiscriminately bombed the DPRK as well as carrying out deliberate and premeditated massacres of civilians.
The US imperialists committed horrendous and stomach-turning atrocities in all parts of Korea.Several times UK KFA delegations have visited the Sinchon Ri Museum which serves as a memorial to the 35,383 people murdered by the US imperialists during their temporary occupation of the area. Similar atrocities took place at Rogun-ri in south Korea. The US not only used napalm in Korea but also biological weapons that are outlawed under international law. Recently the US has shipped anthrax into south Korea with the express intent of repeating the disaster of biological warfare.
The most fitting tribute to those who died in the Korean War is to campaign for the withdrawal of US troops from the south of Korea and for the reunification of Korea.
UK KFA joins with Korean Friendship organisations throughout the world and progressive people everywhere in calling for the total and unconditional withdrawal of US troops from the south of Korea .The US must end its anti DPRK policy .The US imperialists are building up their armed forces in south Korea with new weapons as well as continuing to carry out military exercises against the DPRK.The US and their surrogates have imposed massive sanctions on the independent and peac-loving DPRK.The US has brought nuclear attack means including the USS Mississippi into Korean waters to threaten the DPRK.
Finally it is time for the Korean Armistice Agreement ,which is over 60 years old, to be replaced by a proper and permanent peace treaty. We strongly support the proposal of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK for talks with the US .


One of the big lies repeated over and over again by the media, by academics, by politicians , by teachers and trendy internet sources like the Wikipeida is that the Korean War began because of the "surprise attack" or "invasion " of south Korea by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea usually referred to as "north Korea" by the corrupt and venal Western media.
For a start it is impossible to actually invade your own country !The south Korean part of Korea is an integral part of Korea. Korea was artifically divided by US imperialism, before 1945 there was no such thing as north and south Korea . However the myth that the Korean People's Army rushed
south on the morning of the 25th of June was used to justify the actual invasion of People's Korea by the US imperialists as well massive intervention by 15 countries under the false flag of the UN .
What are the facts ?
Firstly, the DPRK had only come into being in 1948 , It's priority was state building and the building of the economy it had no interest or reason to start a war. The DPRK's two allies the USSR and the People's Republic of China were in no position to wage war . The USSR had lost 20 million people in the Second World War and had suffered devastation . It needed peace in order to rebuilt the country . The PRC had only been set up in September 1949 , it was a young state that needed peace . So the DPRK and its allies had no motive or desire to start a war.
Secondly, the US on the other hand was desperate to stop spread of communism in Asia . It was obsessed by the "loss of China " and dreamed of eliminating the DPRK and halting the Chinese revolution . The US even put adopted the policy of rollback . As US cold warrior and secretary of state John Foster Dulles said " We should make it clear to the tens of millions of restive subject people in Eastern Europe and Asia, that we do not accept the status quo of servitude aggressive Soviet Communism has imposed on them, and eventual liberation is an essential and enduring part of our foreign policy". The
US , an imperialist country, also needed to capture new markets for goods and investment of capital. The US also wanted to seize Korea as bridgehead for invading the Asian continent.
Thirdly , the US National Security Council on the 14th of April 1950 actually ordered the invasion of the DPRK in a secret 58 page document known as "NSC 68".
Fourthly , John Foster Dulles the architect of "rollback " visited south Korea on June 18th 1950 7 days before the war. Why was Dulles in south Korea at that time ? Dulles addressed the south Korean "National Assembly " saying ""You are not alone. You will never be alone so long as you con¬tinue to play worthily your part in the great design for the freedom of human beings" .What did this mean ?. Clearly Dulles visit to south Korea only a week before war broke out cannot have been a coincidence and his words to the south Korean "National Assembly " were an incitement to war , a signal to the south Korean puppets to start the war.
To learn more about the facts concerning the start of the Korean War (Fatherland Liberation War ) we recommend the following materials



Pyongyang, June 23 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, guided the test-fire of surface-to-surface medium long-range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-10.
At a watch post he gave an order to conduct the test-fire after hearing a report on its plan.
The test-fire of Hwasong-10 was carried out by the high-angle fire system under the simulation of its maximum range.
The ballistic rocket took off a self-propelled launching pad and accurately landed in the targeted waters 400km away after flying to the maximum altitude of 1 413. 6km along the planned flight orbit.
The test-fire confirmed the flying kinetic feature of Korean-style ballistic rocket with an updated system and its safety and control as well as the technical specifications of newly-designed rocket structure and its dynamic system. It also verified the heat-resistance capability of warhead in the re-entry section and its flight stability.
It provided a sure sci-tech guarantee for developing the system of strategic weapons.
The test-fire was successfully conducted without affecting the security of a surrounding country even a bit.
Expressing great satisfaction over the test results, he said with joy that this happy news would give the conviction in sure victory and optimism to the army and people of the DPRK and that it was a great event as it strikingly demonstrated again the invincible might of Juche Korea.
Not only the enemy but also the whole world may properly assess the capability of the DPRK's medium long-range strategic ballistic rocket by watching its flight track only, he said, declaring with conviction: We have the sure capability to attack in an overall and practical way the Americans in the Pacific operation theatre.
To reliably defend the security of the country and its people from the constant threats of the U.S and other hostile forces, we should have the powerful offensive means capable of posing a constant threat to the enemy, he said, adding: It is necessary to increase in a sustained way our preemptive nuclear attack capability and continue the study and development of diverse strategic attack weapons.
The real foe our nuclear force has to confront is a nuclear war itself, he said, stressing that the nuclear attack capability should be steadily bolstered up to protect the country and its people and the Korean revolution from the U.S. imperialists' nuclear threat.
The current test-fire marked an important occasion in further strengthening the nuclear attack capability of our state, he said, stressing the need to more thoroughly establish the unitary leadership and management system over the strategic nuclear force.
In congratulation of the successful test-fire of surface to surface medium long-range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-10, he had a photo session with the defence science soldiers involved in the test-fire.
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) ,the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and the UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu issued a joint statement congratulating the Democratic People's Republic(DPRK) on the succcessful test fire of the Hwasong 10 rocket :
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea has successfully tested the Hwasong 10 rocket. It tool off a self-propelled launching pad and accurately landed in the targeted waters 400km away after flying to the maximum altitude of 1 413. 6km along the planned flight orbit. As trhe Korean Cenral News Agency (KCNA) stated "The test-fire confirmed the flying kinetic feature of Korean-style ballistic rocket with an updated system and its safety and control as well as the technical specifications of newly-designed rocket structure and its dynamic system. It also verified the heat-resistance capability of warhead in the re-entry section and its flight stability. It provided a sure sci-tech guarantee for developing the system of strategic weapons"
Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea said "
Not only the enemy but also the whole world may properly assess the capability of the DPRK's medium long-range strategic ballistic rocket by watching its flight track only... We have the sure capability to attack in an overall and practical way the Americans in the Pacific operation theatre.
To reliably defend the security of the country and its people from the constant threats of the U.S and other hostile forces, we should have the powerful offensive means capable of posing a constant threat to the enemy,it is necessary to increase in a sustained way our preemptive nuclear attack capability and continue the study and development of diverse strategic attack weapons.
The real foe our nuclear force has to confront is a nuclear war itself,... the nuclear attack capability should be steadily bolstered up to protect the country and its people and the Korean revolution from the U.S. imperialists' nuclear threat"
The test fire of the Hwasong 10 is a great cientific advance.The rocket is a product of Juche science and industry made with indigenous materials, resources , technology and labour. The DPRK's capacity for self-defence against US imperialism has been greatly augmented . This is a great achievement of the Songun revolutionary leadership of the DPRK.
In testing the rocket People's Korea has demonstrated its sturdy independence based on the Juche Idea. The rocket test defied the US , the UNSC and the big powers. The sound of rocket taking off was a powerful blast against US imperialism, big power chauvinism and revisionism !
We congratulate the Korean people on this great achievement and applaud another victory of Juche Korea under the banner of Songun ! .We uphold the independent and sovereign right of the DPRK to test whatever weapons it needs to defend itself. Furthermore we believe that the successful test of the Hwasong 10 rocket is a great inspiration to the world progressive people and will give fresh encouragement to the anti-US ,anti-
imperialist struggle of the oppressed and toiling peoples of the world.
UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu

The UK Korean Friendship Association on the 18th of June held a seminar on the 16th anniversary of the June 15th Declaration and the 52nd anniversary of the start of work of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL , this was combined with the Annual General
Meeting of the UK Korean Friendship Association. The meeting was attended by UK KFA members and supporters as well as JISGE and ASSPUK members and a staff member of the DPRK embassy.
Dermot Hudson chairman of UK KFA opened the meeting stressing that it was important to hold the Annual General Meeting of the Korean Friendship Association as well as to celebrate the important June anniversaries of the DPRK . Comrade Hudson expressed solidarity with comrade Alejandro Cao De Benos the President of the KFA who has done more for the DPRK than anyone else.
Comrade Hudson referred to the 16th anniversary of the June 15th Declaration saying
" The June 15 declaration fully represented the will and aspirations of the entire Korean people north and south for peaceful reunification. The June 15 declaration was the precious fruit of the persevering and continuous efforts of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il who worked day and night for reunification. It was a lofty manifestation of the DPRK's stance for independent reunification and its profoundly peace-loving policy. However, the current situation prevailing on the Korean peninsula is volatile contrary to the June 15 reunification era.
Regrettably the ideas and concepts of the June 15 declaration have been negated by the fascist Park Geun Hye puppet regime, the sworn enemies and oppressors of the south Korean people. They have trampled down the June 15 declaration and have opposed reunification. Park Geun Hye has made 14 foreign trips during the period of her rule in south Korea , these trips were to beg for co-operation against the DPRK. Supeme leader Chairman KIM JONG UN instead of making foreign trips has devoted himself to the people's wellbeing. Instead of making trips to foreign countries Park Geun Hye instead should go to Pyongyang and discuss reunification "
Comrade Hudson spoke about the start of work of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL at the CC of the WPK saying that "the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il worked hard at the central committee of the WPK to defeat the internal enemies of People's Korea and to eliminate alien and impure ideologies such as capitalism and revisionism. He developed the ideology of the WPK, the Juche idea , in depth . He wrote the famous thesis "On the Juche Idea " and also " On Some Questions on Education in the Juche Idea "...The decades of leadership and guidance of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il to the WPK have truly been decades of victory and glory in which the socialist citadel of People's Korea was consolidated. UK KFA salutes the achievements made in guiding the WPK by eternal general secretary great comrade Kim Jong Il.
Comrade Thae Yong Ho of the DPRK Embassy did a question and answer session.
There were questions about smoking and tobacco, housing in the DPRK, the case of
the waitress abduction, the 200 Day Campaign and the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology.
Chairman Dermot Hudson spoke about the Month of Solidarity with the Korean people.
He pointed out that the US imperialists started the Korean War and committed
barbarous atrocities including massacres and germ warfare . He announced that the
UK KFA will picket the US Embassy on the 25th of June .
A report of work of UK KFA was given which outlined UK KFA's activities over the
past year and reviewed the success achieved.
Comrade David Munoz was elected Organisation Secretary of UK KFA replacing
Ryan Hermann and Comrade Daniel Braggins was elected Communications Secretary
replacing Theo Russell.
Comrade David Munoz made a speech saying that " Now I can see more activism, more organization and more discipline and attitude in our pickets. Yesterday friday we've been 9 people on the picket so I hope to see more people next week on the picket in front of the US embassy. As I said before, only our organization defends and supports the DPRK, if we are not there no one will be there. Be a true communist is to do something for the revolution not just say i support the DPRK from the sofa. We need to survive in this capitalist country, must of us probably cannot come to all meetings and pickets but we need to do efforts if we want to change the society and this is only possible with dedication, study and hard work.
-Is very important to organize more pickets always when the US Imperialist, capitalist countries or UN attacks the DPRK. We need to be there. Not thinking I will do it tomorrow. Is the same with the meeting".
A letter to the dear respected leader Chairman KIM JONG UN was adopted as well as letters to the DPRK government and AINDF.
Chairman Dermot Hudson closed the meeting saying " Long Live People's Korea , Long live the KFA

Portraits of the great leaders comrades KIM IL SUNG and KIM JONG IL and the DPRK flag were displayed.
A picture exhibition detailing the revolutionary activities of the great leaders comrades
KIM IL SUNG and KIM JONG IL was held.
An exhibition of books including the works of KIM IL SUNG, KIM JONG IL and
KIM JONG UN as well publications showing the reality of Peoples Korea and the
publications of the UK KFA and JISGE.
our full congratulations to David Munoz and Daniel Braggins on their election as Organisation Secretary and Communication Secretary.
The UK Korean Friendship Association together with the Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK and Juche Idea Study Group of England and also the New Communist Party picketed the south Korean fascist embassy on Friday 17th of June at 4pm . The picket was attended by members of UK KFA, the ASSPUK, JISGE , New Communist Party including general secretary Andy Brooks and CC members Daphne Liddle and Theo Russell , and also a member of the Communist Party of Britain.
Dr Dermot Hudson , chairman of UK KFA and President of ASSPUK said that the picket was called to protest against the abduction of the waitresses of the DPRK who were working overseas. Dr Hudson also said " As is well known to the world the south Korean puppets their agents in the National Intelligence Service recently abducted 12 young waitresses of the DPRK who were working abroad . The DPRK Red Cross has asked that they be sent back or at least allowed to meet their parents and families either at Panmunjom or in Seoul. This reasonable request has been rejected by the south Korean fascist puppets.The CPRK asked for the girls to be sent back but this was also refused.
This is another horrendous and vile crime by the south Korean fascist puppets ,whose mere existence is a blight on humanity ! The south Korean puppets are spreading all sorts of dirty lies to cover up their massive crime. As the statement of the CPRK says " The DPRK citizens abducted by the puppet forces have no ground whatsoever to defect to south Korea by abandoning their native places and parents, brothers and sisters.
It is a sheer lie that they are "admiring" south Korea, a veritable hell torn with appalling confusion, as they translated their dreams and ideals into realities under the best social system centered on the popular masses in the DPRK."
The fact is that south Korea is a real hell on earth . It is a society where the rich get ever richer and the poor get ever poorer. It is a society ruled by the Jaebols and the corrupt comprador bourgeoisie as well as their US imperialist overlords. South Korea is characterised by super exploitation , overcrowding and environmental pollution . No one in their right mind would want to live there .
We have learnt from the statements of the CPRK and the note of the chairman of the DPRK Red Cross Society , that the waitresses are now staging a hunger strike in south Korea to demand their repatriation to their socialist homeland of Juche ! This fact must be given widespread publicity in the labour and progressive movement . The south Korean fascist puppet scum should not be allowed to get away with another crime.
We support the demand of the CPRK for the families of the victims to go to Seoul and meet their daughters face to face and bring them back home as unanimously demanded by them "
Dr Hudson also called on the south Korean embassy to confirm the wellbeing of the waitresses as there were rumours that one had died on hunger strike.
The statements of the DPRK Committee For the Peaceful Reunification of Korea and the Central Committee of the DPRK Red Cross Society were read out.
Messages of support from KFA Spain and The Swiss Korea Committee(KFA Switzerland ) were read out

Picketers shouted
"Send them home , send them home ! "
"Free the waitresses ! !
"Down with the fascist puppet regime !
"south Korean puppets out , out !
"Korea is One !"
"Long live Reunification "
Victory to the Korean people "
Long live the AINDF ! "
Long live the Workers' Party

Banners of UK KFA were displayed and also a DPRK flag as well the Reunification and placards demanding the return of the waitresses.

Leaflets were handed out.

Active discussions were held with passers by and leaflets given to Korean residents in London.

Various hysterical and sensationalist reports about Alejandro were circulated in the Western media.
Here is Alejandro's statement
First of all and as I did on Twitter, thanks for all the support received from the mayor of my village, the government of the Republic, comrades from PCPE, the PC-AP in Chile and the Mapuche people, members of the KFA, lawyers and so many friends around the world. I have received thousands of messages, even from people who I don't know, who have volunteered to help in anything I needed. I'm perfectly and no pressure will change my ideology and activities with Korea. Since Friday, starting with A3 Public Mirror, I started to clarify things with the lies and manipulations of the media:
- I have nothing to do with any contraband or weapons traffic . I'll sue the newspapers and media which have linked me with that plot.
- I don't know any of the people in that group.
- I haven't handled any weapons and machines, drills, etc. that appear on the TV have nothing to do with the record in my home.
-People around me haven't been arrested: Family, friends, etc.
- As I stated in Public Mirror, they have distorted information mixing images with labels saying they were mine.
- My detention is for unlawful possession of weapons, (detonators or blanks), which I bought online that do not meet safety requirements.
- I didn't declare for indication of my Lawyer, but I decided to speak publicly tired of so much manipulation and lies.
- I've had a gun license (riffle and pistol) and I have practiced target shooting in Spain for two decades. Passing all tests regularly during that time until recently, the Director General of the Civil Guard forced me to place them in the headquarters of Tarragona for a manipulated comment in A3 Media.
I repeat: I have no criminal record, previous problem or complaint. They withdrew my sporting weapons exclusively by a comment in A3. These cases are ongoing in the respective High Courts.
- The treatment of the Civil Guard who came to my house and made the record, since other agents Commander was always polite and respectful. Not so the conditions of the van and one of the agents who transferred me to court. The van (I think tuition PGC-1212-P), was full of dirt, blood, feces and all kinds of secretions. I asked the agent why thet don't clean it and he said 'Don't complain, here you can even eat soup'. Then he replied 'There is no money to change the van,' and I said 'humility does not justify the lack of cleanliness'.
I take this opportunity to apply for equal pay for officers of the Civil Guard, more resources so that they can have decent uniforms (not deficient ones that are manufactured in Pontevedra), maintenance of facilities and equipment that falls to pieces, and that agents may have in general, a life with their families, because they also pay mortgage and are entitled to vacation. The truth is that most agents have shown me being professionals who take their chances, with few means to maintain some order in a society with many problems. (I say this based on my experience Commander down. Upwards I do not know if bear the same situation. The Colonel, he simply asked by phone if during registration I was calm).
I have the full support of the Government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the Committee for Cultural Relations with whom work more than 25 years ago and the Embassy of the DPRK in Spain. This situation won't affect at all my honorary functions.
- Many people and media ask me if I think there is a political persecution or orchestrated operation to silence me and destroy my public image, my answer is 'better to draw your own conclusions'.
But I will say that since 2 years ago, my friends in security forces have warned me state up to 3 times: 'Alejandro, there's someone high up who is looking to cause you trouble'.
A big hug to all and! Have a good weekend!

Refreshments were served

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