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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Fifth Conference of the All-Union movement "in Defence of political prisoners, fighters for socialism

To the leftist and communist organizations

on the territory of the ex-USSR

We, the participants of the 5th conference of the VDZP, turning to our comrades in the struggle for the socialist future of our common country, we want to remind you:

The VDZP was created to defend our comrades struggling in one form or another against the anti-national bourgeois reforms, for the return of the country to the path of socialist construction and subjected to harassment and repression by the bourgeois government. Almost 20 years since the famous case of Andrei Sokolov, we help those who have fallen in jail, fighting for socialism, and fighting for the liberation of political prisoners. In prominent cases - the "NRA case" in Russia, the "Odessa case" in Ukraine, Zhanaozen prisoners affairs in Kazakhstan and others - comrades persecuted by bourgeois regimes, obtained through VDZP help from outside - financial, legal, moral and political. Let no one could wrest from the torture chambers, but, without a doubt, our movement has contributed to the fact that almost everything is under our defence of political prisoners (except the bitter loss of: Sergey Berdyugina and Rome Shaygalimova) survived in captivity, and many have waited for his release. In custody it is very important to know that on the outside they are remembered not only by relatives, comrades and supporters that protect them as political fighters.

The Movement (VDZP) for many years worked as a non-party. Unfortunately, in recent years the majority of political parties and organizations prefer to defend themselves "their own" political prisoners. This approach is not only contrary to the idea of ​​Communist solidarity, but also harms the aid located in the dungeons of his comrades: narrows the base of material support of political prisoners, restricts the dissemination of information about their case and position. Besides, it should be remembered that many political prisoners, objectively upholding socialist values, do not belong to any of the political parties - the workers and trade unionists, communists and non-party, etc. To assist them it is necessary for a cross-party organization. Therefore, in our opinion, the VDZP should be strengthened and expanded.

Today there is a trend towards fascist regimes that seized power in the territory of the Soviet republics, that strengthen repression against fighters for the workers' rights, for socialism, "crackdown" against the communist and left-wing organizations. For example, in Russia, this leads to unjustified ban on those or other mass events - rallies, marches and other political actions (for example, a de facto ban of the communist Festival Print "Red May" in 2016), to increase fines for administrative cases to a completely preposterous case sizes, the threat of criminal cases after a series of administrative detention, etc.

Moreover, a new law on the police, allowing the police to shoot people to kill without special permits, the created so-called National Guard subordinate to the President. By adopting the "Spring Package", there is now fully enhanced surveillance of citizens; with the direct support of the authorities, security forces and the church there is a reaction formation of paramilitary shock troops to fight the growing labour movement. Similar processes, up to the actual ban of the communist organizations, taking place in the territories of other republics of the Union.

In this situation, the role and significance of left-wing organizations is to protect the fighters for justice for workers' rights, for socialism, and this must increase dramatically.

None of our friends - supporters of socialism and communism, who end up in the claws of the judicial system, should be left without the material and moral and political support.

We call on all leftist and communist organizations in the Soviet Union to act in solidarity in the struggle for the liberation of the comrades from the dungeons of the class enemy.

For this purpose, in particular,

- Create regional (republican) branches of the VDZP in the territitories-republics countries after the destruction of the Soviet Union;

- To inform the Central Committee of the VDZP of political prisoners, fighters for socialism; - Take measures to protect specific comrades gathering signatures calling for their immediate release, the referral to the relevant governmental and judicial authorities; distribution of leaflets and other campaign materials, the organization of publications on political prisoners in the communist left, and in the non-communist press, local radio and TV stations;

- To organize the collection of funds for campaigns for freeing the prisoners

Assist political prisoners, assist them (including legal)

and their families;

- To provide information on political prisoners and protection to foreign communist, workers and left-wing democratic organizations, parliamentarians and the media abroad; and etc.

We call on all the Communist and other left-wing organizations in the territory of both Russia and the other Soviet Republics temporarily destroyed, connected to the struggle against the bourgeois repression, to send their representatives to work together in the Central Committee of the All-Union movement "in defence of political prisoners, fighters for socialism."

Fifth All-Union Conference of motion

"In defence of political prisoners, fighters for socialism"

Moscow, 12.17.2016.

Address for letters and translations: 105062, Moscow, p / 120, Ivanova Tatyana Borisovna. El. Address: kzpkom@gmail.com .
The site of the All-Union movement in defence of political prisoners, fighters for socialism: http://kzp.rksmb.org/


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