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Thursday, 27 July 2017


Strike in Podmoskovie

On July 6 in Podolsk, workers and other employees of a transport company organized a protest. The fact is that in connection with the decrease in passenger traffic, the heads of this organization increased the requirement for a financial plan and, therefore, intended to strengthen the exploitation of workers. The strikers opposed this decision, because the new conditions are very difficult to implement.

At the same time, about half of the employees quit after the strike or went on leave. "The problem is not only in the big plan, but in the fact that the leadership, demanding it, resorts to threats and various kinds of intimidation." There were cases when it came to assault. "We do not want to live in fear, but want to just work, not fearing for our health, "- said one of the striking workers at the picket line.


Strike by drivers in Vladivostok

In early July, public transport workers of the Primorye capital held a protest action. The drivers refused to take out more than 40 buses onto their routes.

The strike was caused by the arbitrariness of policemen from the traffic police, who claimed that drivers drive on roads illegally. The strikers do not agree with this. According to them, transport by the beginning of this strike was checked three times.


Mass protest in Kuibyshev

On July 8, a rally for the return of benefits to pensioners and the resignation of the head of the regional administration Merkushkin was held in front of the Sports Palace of the Aviation Plant.

Hundreds of citizens came to the square. Among them were pensioners, workers and representatives of the leftist parties.

Speakers noted the increase in prices and tariffs of housing and communal services, postponing the repair of houses for 20-30 years ahead, low pensions, the abolition of benefits to pensioners. There were such slogans: "Merkushkina resign! Return benefits to pensioners! "," Putin, return the benefits, take Merkushkina! "

At the end of the meeting, a resolution was adopted that included the following clause: "Until the authorities hear us, we will continue to gather for rallies, and by November we will have tens of thousands that will force officials to reckon with the rights of pensioners. Down with officials - embezzlers! ".

A picket against poverty was held in Zabaikalia

On July 3 in the town of Borzya, the Chita region, education workers organized a protest. A few dozen teachers took part in the Picket Against Poverty.

People are unhappy with their humiliating earnings, the level of which, together with the income tax, is 7.8 thousand rubles.

Such a low income of employees of budgetary institutions is associated with a laughable mocking definition of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, explaining that various allowances and compensations can be included in the minimum wage.


Strike by health workers in Latvia

In early July, the mass indefinite strike of doctors continued. Hundreds of doctors during the strike, which was supported by the Latvian Health Workers' Union, demanded an increase in the budget financing of the industry.

Among the main health problems are long waiting times to see doctors, high fees for medical care and small salaries of staff.

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