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Tuesday, 27 July 2010


July 24, 2010


Regarding another provocative military-political fuss and saber-rattling by the U.S. near the borders of the DPRK

From 25 June to 27 July, traditionally in the DPRK and a number of countries that support the independent and autonomous political and economic policy of the DPRK is conducted a Month of Solidarity in joint struggle against American imperialism. June 25, 1950 – was the beginning of the Fatherland Liberation War of the Korean people under the leadership of the great general Kim Il Sung against the U.S. armed forces and the armed forces of their satellites. July 27 – marks the victory of the Korean people in this terrible massacre against the armed with the latest military equipment U.S. aggressors who wanted to end the DPRK as a sovereign socialist state. That was the first time the Americans in its entire period of existence lost a military campaign in disgrace. It ended with the signing of a truce, and not a peace treaty between the DPRK and the U.S., because North Korea and South Korea, whose territory still has many thousands of U.S. troops, and technically the United States is actually still at war with the DPRK (North Korea). Korea, due to the Americans was divided along the 38 th parallel into two states. A NATION is divided and is eager for reunification. Numerous appeals by the leadership of DPRK to the leaders of the United States over the past 57 years to sign a peace agreement have been fully rejected. Perhaps the U.S. can never forgive itself for the shame of defeat from a small newly born socialist country in North-East Asia. Probably, the Americans still cherish the hope to gain revenge for the long-standing defeat, and every year with manic urgency several times a year near the borders of Korea, organize a demonstration of its military power, together with its loyal subjects "allies."
Here and now near the borders of North Korea is a demonstration of intimidation against the DPRK.
From July 25 in the Sea of Japan are being held for a period of 4 days, a joint large-scale military "exercise" by the U.S. and South Korea. The nuclear aircraft carrier George Washington and 20 other ships and submarines of the U.S. Navy, as well as 100 aircraft and 8,000 troops are taking part. The second stage of the "exercises" will be held in the Yellow Sea. Robert Gates (Secretary of Defense) called these exercises "an open letter for the DPRK, with the demand to renounce nuclear weapons." Such increased aggressiveness and arrogance by U.S. officials due to the use of false pretext against North Korea - the provocative sinking by the armed forces of the USA of the South Korean warship Cheonan, which the unprovenly falsely accused North Korea of doing.
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the new sanctions by the U.S. and saber rattling are "primarily directed against the North Korean leadership and its assets." The U.S. "aims to isolate the leadership of the DPRK to apply pressure on it and force North Korea to stop the development of its nuclear energy".
The visit by Hillary Clinton, along with Robert Gates, to the border post in Panmundzhon and the viewing of North Korean positions in binoculars is clearly provocative.
The statements by Clinton and Gates that the new (stifling) sanctions against North Korea – “will not affect the population of North Korea, but that they are directed against the North Korean authorities," sound beyond naive and even foolish, and suggest a profound misunderstanding of the essence of socialist Korean society.
The weakening by the day "great power" America does not want to take into account the monolithic unity of the leaders and people of the DPRK which is stronger than any weapon that can not be separated from one another, and that every citizen of the DPRK is ready to give their life in defense of the Korean revolution and personally its Supreme Commander Comrade Kim Jong Il. So hysterical another show of force by the United States near the borders of the DPRK only shows the historical unconscious of Americans who shamefully lost the Korean War in 1950-1953. Apparently HISTORY has taught nothing to the ambitious dirty sack full of fake worthless green papers, soiled by blood and sweat of those who are robbed by the U.S. constantly and everywhere around the world. Americans are also afraid of the future inevitability of the unification of the Korean nation as a weakening of its bridgehead in Northeast Asia. And the rising giant in the third world - IRAN – is making the United States very worried. Not without reason during the international World Cup football hysteria, the Americans quietly pulled into the Mediterranean huge armed forces, but still not decided to start a military conflict. Therefore, with frenzied rage they attack the DPRK, struggling to set alight the wick of a fire of a world nuclear carnage on the Korean peninsula. The only thing stopping them is the possession by the DPRK of its own nuclear weapons as a powerful deterrent to any aggressor.
We, the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, sincerely wish our brotherly people of the DPRK success in all their tasks of socialist construction, as well as a swift solution on reunification of the Korean nation.
We firmly believe, dear Korean friends, in YOUR successes, in YOUR monolithic UNITY and a swift powerful rebuff to any aggressor.
Long live the heroic people of the DPRK, the people-worker, a nation-builder, the people-warrior!
Long live the glorious Armed Forces of the DPRK equipped with nuclear weapons!
Long live the military and political headquarters of the Korean revolution led by the Great Kim Jong Il!
Long live the growing struggle of the peoples of the world against imperialism!
Long live world peace!

N.A. Andreeva

General Secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB)

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