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Tuesday, 3 August 2010






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No 8 (89) AUGUST 2010


On June 13 in Kiev, a meeting took place between Secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB) comrade A.A. Mayevsky and a delegation of the Korean Association of Social Sciences (KASS), headed by a member of the KASS Presidium comrade Han Eun-Thek, KASS researchers comrade Cho Eun-Reb and comrade Pak Te Wong. Comrade Mayevsky conveyed fraternal greetings to the Korean comrades from of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB Comrade Nina Alexandrovna Andreeva with the wishes of success in building a prosperous socialist society, to defend the gains of socialism and progress in the reunification of North and South Korea. The Korean comrades were also given Bolshevik literature, newspapers "Hammer and Sickle" (Serp I Molot) and "Workers' and Peasants' Truth" (Raboche-Krestyanskaya Pravda). Comrade Mayevsky gave a speech entitled "At The Forefront Of The Struggle Against U.S. Imperialism." The Korean comrades spoke about the successes in building a prosperous socialist society under the leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) headed by the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il, the willingness to confront and firmly defend their homeland against hostile provocative attacks from South Korea and the U.S. military.
The meeting was attended by members of the Ukraine-DPRK Society headed by Comrade N.V. Polishchuk and members of the Kiev AUCPB organization under the leadership of Comrade L.P. Shevtsova.


Speech made by A.A. Mayevsky at a meeting with a delegation of the Korean Association of Social Sciences (KASS)

Dear Comrades! We, Ukrainian Bolsheviks, members of the CC Ukraine Buro of the AUCPB, have been closely following the events surrounding the Korean Peninsula, and the escalating of tensions by the South Korean authorities, headed by the traitorous puppet regime of Lee Myung-bak and the stadning behind him U.S. in connection with the sinking of the corvette Cheonan of the puppet Navy in South Korea on March 26, 2010 which for some unknown reason, broke in two and sank in the coastal waters between the islands and Peknendo and Techondo on the Korean west sea.
The so-called International Investigation established by the authorities of South Korea on May 20 issued a "report on the results of the joint investigation”, which announced to the world the “version of the torpedo attack by North Korea" that the corvette Cheonan sank as a result of a torpedo attack by the DPRK.
In the Commentary of the military observer newspaper “Rodong Sinmun" dated May 27, the true picture of this "torpedo attack by the DPRK” was revealed and shown that this version is an absurd fabrication by the south Korean traitorous clique and is aimed at worsening relations between the DPRK and South Korea that plays into the hands of aggressive imperialist USA.
The area where the Cheonan went down is a disputed area between the North and the South, the south Korean authorities themselves bragging that double-and triple-detection systems and controls have established here. And, despite this, they invented the version of events that a small North Korean submarine rounded the peninsula, went undetected by the Cheonan which was then struck by a torpedo weighing 1.7 tons, whereas such a submarine can only carry a torpedo weighing no more then 300 kg. It should be noted that during this period this area of the sea was crowded with a variety of corvettes, submarines and air reconnaissance means participating in the joint US-South Korean military exercise "Foal Eagle" which had reached its peak by that time. Evidence suggests that the wreck of the Cheonan had deviated from its regular route, and despite the risk of collision with underwater rocks, it had entered into an area only 25 meters deep, and that after the incident, all the survivors of the Cheonan were ordered to stay quiet. They were also forbidden to use mobile phones and meet with other people, not to publish the logbook, or records of communication and photographic materials. As a result of the sinking of the “Cheonan" 46 young sailors were killed who had drowned in their underwear, and yet, all the officers on the corvette managed to monopolise the lifeboats and jackets and jumped into the sea, as if they knew in advance of an impending sinking of the ship.
The version sucked from a finger about a torpedo attack by a North Korean submarine has been thrown into doubt, even by the South Korean media, which say that not only the corvette “Cheonan” went down, but also the “Lee Myung-bak government."
With its provocation by the sinking of the corvette Cheonan and blaming the North Korean side, the regime of Lee Myung-bak almost brought the North and South of Korea to the brink of war.
"Such actions by the clique of traitors - as noted in the announcement by the General Staff of the Korean People's Army on May 29, 2010 - are an act of total denunciation of the historic Joint Declaration of the North and South of 15 June 2000, which is a common achievement of the entire Korean nation, and the implementation of its program - the Declaration of the North and South from October 4, 2007. These actions are also very serious crimes, pushing inter-Korean relations to a state of war ".
The South Korean rulers refused to accept the inspection group of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK to determine the true cause of the sinking of the corvette Cheonan, fearing exposure of their filthy-gutter slander.
All this has been done with one aim in mind - to prevent the reunification of the Korean people, divided by the 38 th parallel as a result of the occupation of south Korea by U.S. forces after the Second World War. The U.S. and their puppets suffered a severe defeat in the war against the DPRK of 1950-1953, which was the Fatherland Liberation War of the Korean people, but they managed to keep the artificial division of Korea on the 38 th parallel, and to continue the occupation of the South, turning the Korean Peninsula into the largest nuclear arsenal in the Far East.
The U.S. are also displeased with the independent policy pursued by the people of the DPRK under the leadership of the WPK headed by outstanding leader of our time, Comrade Kim Jong Il, a policy aimed both at building a prosperous socialist society in the DPRK and the reunification of the Korean nation into one state.
O June 15, 2000 between North and South Korea the historic Joint Declaration was signed and on October 4, 2007 - Declaration of the North and South as a program for implementing the Joint Declaration. A merging between North and South had begun, along with the resumption of dialogue between citizens and separated families, etc.
To stop the process of closer ties, Lee Myung-bak, the president of South Korea a few years ago, with the full complicity and support of the United States was "elected" (in fact, placed into the presidential chair by his U.S. masters). He is a puppet ruler of South Korea, conducting pro-American policies, policies against the fundamental interests of the Korean people for their unification.
It is the DPRK and Cuba, despite the temporary defeat of socialism in the USSR and Eastern Europe that have remained loyal to their socialist choice and pursue an independent foreign and internal policy, without submitting to the dictates of the United States.
This example of two freedom-loving peoples really annoys the U.S. imperialists who are committing all types of provocations, in order bring the Korean and Cuban people to their knees.
The provocation over the sinking of the Cheonan serves this purpose.
The U.S. seeks to completely control the situation in this region of the world and to “turn Japan and South Korea into more obedient servants," says the press statement by the representative of the DPRK Foreign Ministry on May 29.
"If the south Korean puppets commit the slightest provocation against the DPRK, - notes the commentary of the military observer newspaper Rodong Sinmun on 27 May - the DPRK will immediately respond with devastating retaliation, and thereby build a unified Korea, which will eliminate any kind of dregs of humanity and where a united prosperous powerful nation will live."
We wish the people of the DPRK under the leadership of the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il with honour to face this challenge and achieve their cherished dream - the reunification of the Korean nation into a powerful and prosperous state.

Now a few words about the events in Ukraine.
During the presidential elections to the top echelons of power arrived instead of the Orange faction of the bourgeoisie the white-blue faction - a group of large oligarchic capital, the representative of whom is President Yanukovych. The only plus the people of the Ukraine have gained by changing the bourgeois clan at the helm, is that they have begun to recover, the torn apart over 5 years by the orange faction, Russian-Ukrainian ties, and that the primitive nationalism has begun to retreat, to take second place, and that the great Russian language is gradually ceasing to be the language of second grade. Here, perhaps, are the pluses. And it should be noted that the restoration of relations with Russia is no longer on a socialist basis, not on the basis of socialism, which had suffered a temporary setback in our country during the accomplished under the guise of perestroika, counterrevolution, but by now already on a capitalist basis. The major bourgeoisie of both countries passed through the phase of "wild capitalism", when the state amassed billions of dollars over several years by looting the people's property – by the theft of plants, factories, mines and seizure into private hands, sources of raw materials (oil, gas) and the corresponding production infrastructure for their extraction and transportation , transport, trade, by freezing and non-payment of wages, and theft of the population’s savings deposits, etc., etc.
The bourgeoisie could not continue along that path. It grappled with the need to restore the destroyed financial and economic ties, to restore the one time highest world level aviation industry, shipbuilding, energy, aerospace and other high-tech industry. Otherwise, the oligarchs of Russia and Ukraine will lose in the fierce competition with Western transnational corporations and banks, but their financial-industrial groups on their basis, will serve as suppliers of oil and other raw materials on world markets.
As soon as possible after coming to power, the bourgeoisie managed to form a parliamentary coalition called "Stability and Reform” out of three factions: PR (Party of the Regions), CPU (Communist Party of Ukraine) and the Lytvyn Bloc, as well as individual deputies. A government headed by a loyal ally of Yanukovych, N. Azarov, was immediately elected: new governors of the regions were approved - supporters of Yanukovich.
On 3 June, the President addressed the Ukrainian people, in which he outlined plans for his team. There were a lot of words about the fight against poverty, overcoming corruption, the development of education, science, culture, and an ambitious goal set to bring Ukraine into the twenty most developed countries in the world. "A Ukraine for the people, and not for the authorities" - Yanukovich said.
But it's all rhetoric. In fact, in the same public address, he said that in 5 years, privatization of state property is to be completed, i.e. of state property. In the hands of the state, according to the president, should remain "only objects that enforce the state of its core functions and national security." Consequently, all major Ukrainian enterprises will be transferred into the hands of private capital. And that means that there will be a further stratification of society, the rich getting richer and the poor - poorer. Valery Heyets, director of the Institute of Economics and Forecasting of NAS of Ukraine, member of the Committee on Economic Reforms under the President of Ukraine, gave the following assessment of the banks. In Ukraine, about 180 thousand of the richest people, i.e. 0,7% of the working population, have a total capital worth $ 45 billion, with the annual GDP of around $ 100 billion during the further privatization, and the process of concentration and centralization of capital will continue. Although Yanukovych said that in Ukraine the "tycoons, lobbyists, and other interest groups will stand, as they say in the general queue, that no outside influence on government decisions will not be tolerated, it's all just words. Rinat Akhmetov is the richest man in Ukraine, a member of the PR and one of its main sponsors. During the President's appeal in the Palace of Ukraine he was in the same row as the vice-premiers. Of course, Akhmetov will not be standing in a queue. Moreover, the real possibility of his influence is much greater than at the vice-prime minister's level. Namly the president, prime minister, parliament and all public bodies from top to bottom are faithful to the true master of Ukraine - big business. And all their political, economic, financial and other activities, are directed at ensuring the basic interests of big capital, i.e. to ensure they get maximum profit and surplus profits for their further enrichment.
For an exit from the crisis, the regime of Yanukovych-Azarov intends to continue like the previous government of Yulia Tymoshenko, to borrow from the IMF. They are engaged in intensive negotiations with representatives of the IMF to provide Ukraine with a loan amounting to 12 to 20 billion dollars over the next 2,5 years. Naturally, the IMF provides loans which are always under certain political conditions, namely: reducing the budget deficit, reduction of tariffs for housing services in line with actual costs (which means their actual improvements, in particular, the IMF demands an increase in gas prices by 50% for utilities, and by 75% - for the population), cuts in social spending, increase the retirement age, etc. I.e. the IMF prescriptions for ending crisis for all countries who are taking out its loans are the same: all the reforms and all the anti-crisis measures to carry out on the backs of the working people, by increasing the exploitation of working people. Furthermore, since these loans from the IMF will have to be give to all the people, because the debt obligation will fall on the budget. But by the beginning of this year, Ukraine's external debt (both public and corporate) had already exceeded 100 billion U.S. dollars. The government want to hang another 20 billion onto the neck of the people. The debt noose around the neck of the working people of Ukraine will tighten even further.
In addition, immediately after the inauguration of the President's address, it became known that already from next year there is a planned raise in the retirement age for women: in 10 years, the retirement age for women will be raised by 5 years to catch up with the retirement age for men, equal to 60 years (an age many men do not live to in Ukraine and, since the real life expectancy for men in Ukraine is not 62 according to the president, but 59, i.e. many men simply do not live to retirement). Then, the government would carry out the requirement of the EU - to raise the retirement age for the entire population of Ukraine up to 65 years. As we see, the way out of the crisis rests entirely on the shoulders of the working people.

Ukraine does not develop in isolation. All that is happening in the world economy is immediately reflected on the Ukrainian economy and the state of its financial and banking sector. Greece was on the verge of default, its total external debt amounting to approximately 300 billion euros. And then the euro staggered and went down against the dollar. Some experts even talk about the possible collapse of the euro. The global financial sector is so intertwined and so sensitive that when the new Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban spoke of the difficult economic situation of the country and the need for "deep structural change", it immediately drew down the Hungarian national currency - the forint, which immediately had negative repercussions on the euro, while Hungary is not included in the euro area, but is closely linked economically, in the first place, with Germany and Austria.
In a heavy financial and economic situation are such economies of the Euro-zone as Portugal, Spain, Italy. Yes, and the locomotives in Europe - Germany and France (and Britain) are experiencing great difficulties. And everywhere a way out of the crisis, the European Commission (in fact, the Cabinet of Ministers of united bourgeois Europe) offers at the expense of workers. The euro-commissioners are proposing to reduce the budget deficit, cut social spending, reduce wages etc. bourgeois recipes. But these prescriptions, among other things, lead to declining purchasing power and have adversely affected the development of production and GDP growth, that is, once again leading to a recession for the next round of the crisis of world imperialism.
According to some economists, the question of an approaching second dip in the crisis has been almost resolved. The second dip has already started in Greece, Portugal, Spain, and inevitably it will touch Ukraine (and Russia, by the way, too, because the decline in business activity inevitably leads to falling prices for oil and steel products). As expected, the peak of the second wave of the crisis will be in late 2010-early 2011
In European countries (Greece, Spain, Britain and others) mass strikes have begun. Workers are not going to become submissive victims of the crisis of the world imperialist system, and are rising up to fight for their rights.
Working people of Russia and Ukraine are fighting for their rights too. The well known residents’ strike of the miners at Mezhdurechensk (Kuzbass), when the miners and their family members blocked the railway line. They were attacked by riot police, the police dog of Russia's oligarchs and those who are at the service of the Medvedev-Putin regime. But that is typical. For the first time in many years, protesters have not bowed to the batons of the riot police punitive expeditions, and have started to respond to these crooks. Ukrainian workers are striking and, in particular, at the Kherson Machine factory (ex-Combine factory), the Dnepropress plant" and others. This strike action in Ukraine and Russia, in contrast to the organized mass struggle of European workers, is still fragmentary. And that is not surprising. Trade unions Russia and Ukraine, represented by their leadership faithfully serve the current ruling regimes, and instead of protecting the economic interests of workers, effectively protect their bourgeois masters.
But all the same, the convergence of Ukraine and Russia has a positive side for the workers in that they will conduct a joint struggle for their rights. And none of the atrocities of the Russian riot police, and torture in the dungeons by the Ukrainian militia (in many ways already surpassing Hitler's Gestapo) can stop the rising wave of popular anger.

Workers are looking for a way out of the crisis in the rise of the strike struggle for their rights.
And the imperialists - in starting another war and conflict, are creating all sorts of provocations. Anger and indignation throughout the world by military action of Israel's attack on the “freedom flotilla", which sought to deliver humanitarian supplies to the Palestinian people of Gaza, for a few years already under the Israeli blockade. 9 people, as a result of this barbaric action by the armed to the teeth aggressive militarism of Israel (which has nuclear weapons), were killed and dozens injured.
The artificial crisis and tension in connection with the sinking of the South Korean puppet corvette "Cheonan, the belligerent rhetoric of U.S. President Barack Obama, contributed to, including and the fall of the Japanese Cabinet of Ministers led by Yukio Hatoyama, who said that he was resigning, as he unable to fulfil his election promise of moving U.S. military base from Okinawa. The U.S. are here too trying to impose on their Japanese and South Korean allies governments that are more flexible and convenient for U.S. imperialism.

Concluding my brief remarks, once again I want to note that the strong position of the leadership the DPRK headed by the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il, the mighty forces of the DPRK, equipped with nuclear weapons of defence as a result of the Songun policy (the policy of priority in military affairs, the policies formulated by the Great Leader Kim Il Sung, and developed further in the writings and practices of the Great Leader Kim Jong Il, which corresponds to Lenin's conclusion that every revolution is only worth anything if it can defend itself), is certainly cooling the belligerence of the South Korean and U.S. military.
Today the people of the DPRK, as well the people of Cuba are at the forefront of the struggle of workers throughout the world for their liberation from imperialist bondage.
We wish the Korean people, the Workers' Party of Korea led by the Great Kim Jong Il, further success in this struggle.
We are with you, dear comrades!

A. Mayevsky, secretary of the CC AUCPB,
editor of “Raboche-Krestyanskaya Pravda"

June 13, 2010, Kiev


"The success of our army is due, above all, to its consciousness and discipline ... He (the Red Army soldier - ed.) proudly calls himself a soldier of the revolution, he knows that he does not fight for the profits of the capitalists, but for the liberation of Russia, he knows this, and boldly goes into battle with open eyes"(On the south of Russia. Conversation with a correspondent of the newspaper Pravda. October 30, 1918. works., V. 4, p.150).

"No army in the world can victor (this means, of course, a long and lasting victory) without a stable rear. The rear for the front -is of utmost importance, because it and it alone, feeds the front, not only with all kinds of material allowances, but with people also - men, moods and ideas" (The new campaign of the Entente into Russia. May 25-26, 1920., V.4, p.323).

"The tactics of defence, as a necessary tool for preserving and accumulating forces in anticipation of the coming battles ... Unleash a fight on the enemy, when it is unbeneficial to the enemy, to keep the enemy under constant pressure, step by step frustrating and demoralizing the enemy forces, step-by-step exercising ... and thus multiplying our own strength. Only in this case, can defence truly be active defence" (On political strategy and tactics of the Russian Communists. Draft Plan brochure. July 1921., V.5, p.78-79).

"... Determine the direction of the main blow - this means to prejudge the nature of operations for the entire period of the war, prejudge, therefore, on 9/10 the fate of the entire war. In this is the task of strategy" (On the strategy and tactics of the Russian Communists. 14 March 1923., V.5, p.164).

"... Heavy artillery and aircraft, gas and tanks decide everything. The task of the art of war is to secure for ourselves all types of troops, train them to perfection and skilfully combine their actions "(ibid., p.170).

"... An assault without consolidating captured positions is an assault that is doomed to failure. When can an attack be successful in say, the field of military affairs? When people are not limited to a sweeping advance, but try at the same time to consolidate the captured position, to regroup their forces in accordance with the changed circumstances, move up the rear, bring the reserves ... and thus to prepare for the complete elimination of the enemy" (Reply to comrade collective farmers. April 3, 1930, vol.12, pp.215-216).

"It (modern war - ed.) requires massive artillery ... Whoever wants to adjust to a new modern system, must understand that artillery, massive artillery decides the outcome of the war." (Speech at a meeting of the leadership of the Red Army. April 17, 1940 V .14, ed. 2, pp.532).

"Secondly - aviation, mass air power, not hundreds, but thousands of planes ... Plenty of bombs need to be dropped onto the enemy to stun it, and turn upside down enemy cities. Then we shall achieve victory" (ibid, pp.532).

"Then - tanks, thirdly, also critical, massive tanks are needed, not hundreds but thousands. Tanks, protected armor – that’s everything "(ibid., pp.532).

"... I'm talking about the counterattack after a successful attack by the enemy, however, giving inconclusive results, during which the defender gathers strength, moves over to the offensive and inflicts a decisive blow against the enemy" (ibid., p.21-23).

"Underestimating the enemy – is a very dangerous thing" (Conversation with A.S. Yakovlev. March 26, 1941 V.15, izd.1, p.18).

"History teaches that when the army is not given due diligence and not provided with moral support, a new morality appears, demoralizing the army ... The army must have the exclusive care and love of the people and the government - this is the greatest moral force of the army. The army is to be cherished. In this lies the guarantee of success, in this, the guarantee of victory." (Speech at an enlarged meeting of the Politburo of the CPSU (b). The end of May 1941, V.15, izd.1, p.30-31).

"It (Germany having treacherously attacked the Soviet Union - Ed.) gained a certain advantageous position for her troops in a short period, but she lost politically by exposing herself in the eyes of the world, as a blood-thirsty aggressor. There can be no doubt that this short-lived military gain for Germany is only an episode, while the tremendous political gain of the USSR is a serious and long-term factor, on which the development of decisive military successes of the Red Army in the war with Nazi Germany must unfold." (About the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union. Moscow, 1949, p.10-12).

"The enemy expected that after the first attack, the Red Army would be defeated and lose the ability to resist. But the enemy badly miscalculated. It did not realize the power of the Red Army, did not realize the strength of the Soviet rear, did not take into account the will of the people of our country for victory, did not realize the unreliability of the European rear of Nazi Germany, did not realize, finally, the internal weakness of Nazi Germany and its army "(ibid., p.42 ).

"The moment of surprise and unexpectedness, as the reserve of the German fascist troops, was fully exhausted. Thus the inequality in conditions of war which was created by the suddenness of the German fascist attack was eliminated. Now the fate of war will be decided not as circumstantial as the element of surprise, but by constant factors: i.e. the strength of the rear, the morale of the army, the quantity and quality of divisions, the weaponry of the army, the organizational abilities of leadership of the army "(ibid., p. 43, 44).

"The power of the Red Army is primarily in the fact that it is not a war of conquest, not an imperialist war, but a patriotic, liberating, just war... The Red Army has its own noble and lofty goal of the war, inspiring it to great deeds"(ibid., p.45-46).

"The current war with all the force has confirmed the well-known statement of Lenin that war is a comprehensive test of all the material and spiritual forces of each nation. The history of war teaches us that only those states withstand the test, which proved stronger than their opponents according to the development and organization of the economy, experience, skills and morale of its troops, and by the tolerance and unity of people throughout the war "(ibid, P.119 ).

"The lessons of the war say that the Soviet system was not only the best form of organizing the economic and cultural development of the country in the years of peaceful construction, but also the best form for mobilizing all forces to fight the enemy in wartime. Established 26 years ago, the Soviet government in the short period of history has turned our country into an impregnable fortress. The Red Army out of all the armies of the world has the most durable and reliable rear. This is the source strength of the Soviet Union "(ibid., p.120).

"The Red Army's successes were made possible thanks to the correct strategy and tactics of the Soviet command, due to the high morale and offensive spirit of our soldiers and commanders, thanks to our well-equipped troops of Soviet military-grade technology, thanks to the increased art and level of skills of our artillery, mortar, tank crews, pilots, communication specialists, engineers, infantrymen, cavalrymen, scouts ... But the success of the Red Army could have turned out weak and would have been wiped out after the first major counterattack by the enemy, if the Red Army was not propped up by the rear with the all of our Soviet people, our entire country "(ibid., s.143).

"It (the war - ed.) was also a great school of test and endurance of all the forces of the nation ... The war arranged a sort of test of our Soviet system, our state, our government, our Communist Party, and summed up the works" (Comrade Stalin's speech on election Meeting of voters of the Stalin constituency of Moscow, February 9, 1946. v.16, izd.1, p.6-7).

"Our victory means, first and foremost, that our Soviet social system triumphed, that the Soviet social system successfully withstood the test of the flames of war, and proved its full vitality ... the Soviet social system is more viable and sustainable than any non-Soviet social system, and that the Soviet social system is the best form of organization of society than any non-Soviet social system. Our victory means, secondly, that our Soviet system won, that our multinational Soviet state survived all the trials of war and proved its viability ... the Soviet state system has turned out to be a model of a multi-national state, that the Soviet political system is a system of state organization, where the national question and the problem of cooperation among nations has been resolved better than in any other multi-national state "(ibid., p.7-8).

Serp i Molot (Hammer and Sickle) № 6, 2010

Soldiers of Obama with "Patriot" missiles 60 km from Russia

In Poland, a hundred U.S. troops and the first battery of the "Patriot" anti-aircraft missile system have arrived at the Morag military base. The Poles triumphantly greeted their patrons and supporters of NATO from the United States. Now the Americans will train Polish soldiers how to use the weapons. This is the first American military base in Poland. After 2012 the latest American missile interceptors SM-3 will arrive in Morong.
So the convergence of U.S. and Russia, about which so much was said under the new policy "rebooting relations" has occurred: as they say, they can’t get any closer. If there is a next step, it may well be called an "invasion".
President Medvedev did not comment on the arrival of the "Patriots" into Poland.
The START Treaty will shortly be submitted by the President to the Federal Assembly for ratification. According to him, "the ratification of the treaty of the Russian Federation and the United States would mean a restoration of confidence between the countries and the importance of this trust is beyond the scope of bilateral relations."
To this original, but in general located in line with U.S. policy "credibility", Russia should respond symmetrically. That is, not to ask for "clear answers" from the Americans, but ourselves to give a clear and unambiguous response to their actions. Moreover, the technical capacity in Russia does not yet exist.

On November 5, 2008, Dmitri Medvedev, speaking with an appeal to the Federal Assembly, said that in response to the U.S. missile shield in Poland, Russia will locate in the Kaliningrad region their “Iskander” missile system. After the stated refusal by the U.S. to locate their missile defense system in Eastern Europe, Medvedev said that "Iskander" missile system would not be located in Kaliningrad region. Now the elements of U.S. missile defense on Russia's border is a reality. But the president of Russia is silent, including about Iskander, which recently looked so good at Moscow's Victory Day parade. Further evidence that this parade symbolized the unreadiness of our army to defend the Fatherland, and solidarity with the leadership of Russia with NATO countries: which are arming up against us and right on our doorstep.

based on material from newspaper "Sovietskaya Rossiya” (Soviet Russia) [29/05/2010]

Having published in his videoblog a statement for the so-called "Day of Memory of Victims of Political Repression, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev launched another wave of anti-communist propaganda by the bourgeois media.
All that our "guarantor" of failure of constitutional rights said, is a rehash of the stereotypes of bearded anti-communist post-perestroika trash; i.e. pure anti-Soviet propaganda.
"I am convinced that no development of the country, none of its successes, ambitions can be achieved at the cost of human suffering and loss. Nothing can override the value of human life. And there is no justification for repression." – How touching! In fact, he says that all these medvedputin "national projects", all of this so-called "Moving forward" – is shit, because to 80% of the country’s population, their policies have brought nothing but poverty, humiliation and vegetating.

"We pay a lot of attention to the fight against falsification of our history. And somehow we often feel that this applies only to the unacceptability of revising the Great Patriotic War. But it is equally important not to allow under the guise of restoring historical justice, to justify those who destroyed their own people." - One could seriously listen to an oracle who speaks about the historical truth, knowing full well that he is not a scoundrel. However, the situation is as follows: the dictatorship of the oligarchs, the head of which now happen to be the medvedputins, falsifies the present day: take for example the elections, which were completely garbled and rigged, take the television, completely controlled by the anti-peoples regime – the news is served always full of bias and bits cut out – and this is the most sophisticated falsification. Does one have to believe professional chatters allegedly "restoring historical justice" and fighting the "falsification" of the past, if they lie in the present day? Every sane person answers this question in the negative.
As for "millions of dead and tortured to death": that is an old fable. Even the KGB archive statistics reads as follows: during the entire period of rule by Stalin, that is in 30 years, according to political articles in the Soviet Union, 642,980 people were sentenced to death. Nowadays, Russia's population is dying out every year by nearly a million people. And in the prisons of Russia there are around a million people (there are no "political" articles officially, so all current political prisoners are convicted on criminal charges). Is that not "torture" and "destruction" of their own people?
There is no justification for medvedputin oligarchic regime which has brought the Russian people into the abyss of hopelessness and social regression. The nation is dying out because of the appallingly low quality of life for the vast majority of the population (unemployment, insecurity and constant stress, low-income, poor quality food, law enforcement-police arbitrariness and chaos, etc.). The clique of nouveaux rich and rogues cannot escape the people’s court. The Russian people will free themselves from the yoke of the bourgeois, and only then the falsification of history and modern day come to an end.

G. Atomov


On Friday 23 April 2010 the State Duma of Russia in the third reading adopted the most important anti-national law of the entire "Putin-Medvedyev period" - "On amendments to some legislative acts of the Russian Federation in connection with the improvement of the legal status of state (municipal) agencies." On April 28, 2010, the Federation Council voted in favour of the bill.
Even the chairman of the Federation Council, their own man in the government of Russia, Sergey Mironov - commented on the adoption of the law as follows: "In essence, this law, if one calls a spade a spade – is a sentence on the poor of our country, no matter what you say." And further: "This law will make many of the social services subject to fee-paying, services which still, fortunately, remain free."
Oksana Dmitrieva, who is not pro-Communist-minded, at a meeting of the State Duma gave a more detailed assessment of what is happening: "I propose to discuss the question of how the people are being deceived. I mean the law on changing the status of budgetary institutions, transferring them, supposedly, into another status of budgetary institutions, in reality commercial businesses - and the formation of state-owned enterprises. At this point, the factories and plants have already been carved up, and until this, the infrastructure, natural monopolies, then the forests, land and water resources had been divided. What is left under state ownership now? The public and the social sector, of which are institutions of education, health, and institutions of science and social welfare.
Here they are propose the carving up, because for them, good property still remains, inherited to us from tsarist Russia (not from the tsarist but from Soviet Russia - ed.), because some institutions are located in beautiful pre-revolutionary buildings, and schools - in former gymnasiums, and they are all located on good land ... The changes this law will bring us requires a referendum, a general discussion of all the citizens of the Russian Federation ... Most of the subjects of the Federation, and state employees, and rectors of universities and heads of health facilities do not know about the law and do not know about its catastrophic consequences. Today what is being proposed is the forced, compulsory transfer of all budgetary institutions over to a new status under which they will actually be profit-making organizations ... Dear colleagues, the consequences of this law is much more serious than the consequences of 122-th law. This is destruction of our social sector. No upgrades, no innovative breakthrough after the adoption of this bill can be implemented.”

The people are deprived of full secondary education. The government is doing everything to ensure that high school children finished school not literate and educated people but illiterate dropouts. Mandatory minimum secondary education will be reduced to the amount of knowledge, given to a parochial school: two hours of the Russian language in a week, a drop of mathematics and a lot of religion. And how will this law be combined with the dreams of Medvedev on innovation and breakthrough?
Let us recall that the faction "United Russia" voted for the law, numbering of 314 people with one person abstaining and not one who were against or abstained. The faction Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) (Leader Zyuganov) and "Fair Russia" voted unanimously against the anti-national law, while the faction "LDPR" did not vote, thereby upholding the decision of the party in power. The Federation Council voted in favour of the bill by 90 people with 6 abstentions. 5 people voted against, while 67 people did not vote.
The shocking details of the reform of school education were told by school directors in past courses on improving their skills. It turns out that one of the main principles of "reform" – is the transition over to fee-paying secondary education.
The new scheme of secondary education will look like the following. The student comes to school in the morning for the first three lessons of minimum general education, which are fully paid by the state, and after dinner can choose his or her classes according to desire and amount of money - music or art, it doesn’t matter. After that the pupil enters profile education. It is expected to be built as follows: the school director enter into contracts with the management of nearby businesses so that his students spend two hours in the company where they talk about the profession. All this is also funded by the state by only 30%.
In addition, according to the program "Our new school”, some of the theses which President Medvedev announced on November 12 in his message to the Federal Assembly, the system of teacher training will be modernized. Details of modernization are not yet known, but it has been announced that profile universities will be gradually eliminated. Teacher training institutes will become part of either classical universities or turned into educational centres.
The schools will be able to employ people without a diploma with the title "teacher". However, such "self-taughts" must complete educational courses. This measure, of course, is being implemented by an acute shortage of teachers. The only thing is that if salaries are not seriously raised, the school is unlikely to attract people who know maths or history well. And besides, children still require a special approach and methods of education, and just a good knowledge of the subject is not enough. After all, in Russia, the teacher has always been not just a coach but a mentor-educator.
The Russian Government finally decided that the people do not see literacy as important.

Ordinary schools and hospitals are given money only by the number of students (patients) and only within the limits guaranteed by the state education (treatment). The question of the limit of free education - and this is of course, the most important in this situation - will be discussed only this November, a month before the reform.
In the free limit may enter only 2 hours of Russian language in a week, 2 hours of mathematics, 3 hours of physical education and religion 3 hours (DIC, secular ethics and lessons from other denominations, depending on the school). Such an experiment, according to some parents, has already begun in the Southern Administrative District of Moscow.
The remaining subjects and extra hours, reportedly by the same parents, with reference to the director of the school district, will be subject to fee paying: for the full language education, the parents have to pay 1000 rubles a month, for other subjects - 500. Thus, the full training average cost of a Moscow pupil will cost his or her parents he 5-6 thousand rubles a month.
And if the family has several children?
Directors of schools are already preparing for the fact that very soon they will have to earn children, and the contents of the budget ends.
"It is worth noting that the Russian Constitution and the law on universal secondary education" guarantee Russian citizens free public education - but these documents do not regulate its volume. Thus, the cuts in education and a minimum at least to the level of parochial schools do not require a change neither the Constitution nor the law, "- said the Internet edition of the "Svobodnaya press".

V. Lebedev, a student


In the second half of May, Putin paid an official visit to Izhevsk. He conducted a visit to local businesses, which produce small arms for the army. However, this bourgeois senior official was more like a tourist or visitor, than a statesman, as no serious social or economic problem in the city had been resolved.
Izhevsk car factory, as before remains in an unenviable position (by July 2010). At the very enterprise producing Kalashnikov assault rifles visited by Putin, the delay in salary by two months, remains. Even for the sake of show, the heads did not pay off the wage arrears to the workers of the arms factory. This fact has proved once again that Putin and President of Udmurtia Volkova are not concerned with the unsatisfactory financial situation of Izhevsk workers.
In May, production workers of № 104 Izhevsk arms factory wrote a statement to the state inspection of labour, which set forth the circumstances of backpay. A month has passed, and nothing has been done. The employees of the state inspection during this time and did not bother to understand the issue and somehow push the factory administration to pay the factory workers their money.
On May 31, a group of workers from the same company filed a petition to the prosecutor's office to complain about the delay in salary.
On June 4, one of the workers was summoned for talks with a certain Pushin. He said he was a representative of the security of the plant, but no documents confirming this fact were presented. In the conversation, this "official" expressed his displeasure that the worker filed an application to the state inspection of labour. According to Pushin (if the name is not fictional), this issue could be resolved in talks with the management of the factory - Grodetsky, Gilfanovym and others. It has long been known that higher factory bosses do not consider factory workers as people and have no time to talk to them and are squeamish. Therefore, it is unlikely to agree to a meeting with a simple worker. In such a situation any mention of a personal meeting with the boss – is such a cynical and blatant lie. During the conversation Pushin defiantly asked his companion: "You still want to receive your salary for May?” This offended the worker. During the conversation Pushin behaved very rudely, crudely, arrogantly, insolent and cynical. When, during a second interview with him, the worker once again asked the name of that "security officer" and told him about his rough work, Pushin hysterically shouted: "You're still going to teach me how to work?"
It is known in the Russian language that the relationship between unfamiliar people requires that one person refers to the other person when saying the word "You" in the “Vi” form and not the “Ti” form that is used between close friendly ties between people (i.e. Sie and Du in German). What right had this Pushin to use the "Ti" form to the worker, who a few days ago did not even know him?!
Not only do the bourgeois capitalists hold on to workers wages, they do not even give them the benefit of those rights which are set out in the writings of the capitalists laws. They themselves write, adopt laws, and they themselves violate them later. Here is one of the characteristic distinguishing features of Putin's police state. What does this mean? The fact that the laws of today's rulers are not needed. Laws exist only to slightly disguise the lawlessness and arbitrariness, which now prevail in Russia. Law enforcement agencies MVD, FSB, and "security officials" blatantly violate the rights and freedoms of ordinary workers, peasants and all working people, those rights which the bourgeois Constitution of 1993, "security officials" are called on to protect. Instead of fighting corruption, organized crime, gangs, plundering and killing people, the Interior Ministry, the FSB, and "security officers" fight "extremists" - the common people, who seeks enforcement of their already sparse rights.
In this example, the workers are once again convinced that all of today's laws are only a fig leaf, something to cover up all the impudence, arrogance and cynicism of the fat, brazen impunity of thieves, the bourgeoisie, who in order to safely and easily plunder and rob the workers, farmers, pensioners, students, poorer members of the intelligentsia, are ready to erase all the rights of ordinary people, and those who resist, to label "extremists" and persecute them.
In such circumstances, workers who have their salary delayed, have only one way to protect their rights – to g on strike. Calls to the state inspection of labour, as we have seen, are ineffective.
The aim of the workers should only be socialism, since only socialism guarantees the timely payment of salaries, the true and not false realization of individual rights, the rights to social benefits, a stable life and confidence in the future.


The Korean Friendship Association(KFA) was founded in November 2000 with the purpose of building international ties with the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.It has several thousand members from 120 different countries.
The KFA has full recognition from the government of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea and is the world-wide leading organisation of its supporters.
The KFA recieves official information from Pyongyang and is in contact with the Korean Committee For Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries and the Korean Commitee For Solidarity with the World People.

The Main Objectives of the KFA are:
Show the reality of the DPR Korea to the world
Defend the independence and socialist construction in the DPR of Korea
Learn from the culture and history of the Korean People
Work for the peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula
Comrade Kim Jong Il leader of the Korean people said
“our Republic has been established and developed as a genuine country of the people, as a Juche-oriented socialist country, the first of its kind in history, and our people, who were oppressed and maltreated for centuries, have become able to enjoy, in the embrace of the Republic, the pride and happiness of a genuine life in which they exercise full rights as masters of the State and society.....
Our Republic, which incorporates the great Juche idea in its State building and State activities, is a people-centered socialist country in which the people are regarded as God, an independent socialist State with a strong Juche character and national identity, and an invincible socialist power that prevails over any enemy, however formidable”


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