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No 10 (91) OCTOBER 2010


September 9, 1948 - National Foundation Day of the DPRK.
3 September 2003 - Re-election of Kim Jong Il to the chairmanship of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK
September 22, 1949 - Kim Jong Suk died - heroine of the anti-Japanese struggle, wife of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, mother of Kim Jong Il. (Born December 24, 1917.)

Today, the DPRK (North Korea) celebrates the 62 - anniversary of its foundation by the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung. The people of the DPRK call their country "Kim Il Sung Korea."
The history of socialist Korea is a story of constant struggle for independence and an independent course of development, for social and economic progress. This is a grand story of creation, which began from zero, from the day of national liberation on August 15, 1945, and reached at this time, the heights of civilization, culture, education, high-capacity in the economy, science and defence deterrence, achieved in extremely difficult conditions of constant confrontation with the aggressive imperialist world led by the United States. The history of the DPRK is a history of building a socialist state relying only on its own strength, which makes a special tribute to the heroic labour of the people of the DPRK and its leaders - Comrade Kim Il Sung and Comrade Kim Jong Il. In the DPRK, everything is placed at the service of the peoples’ masses.
A highly developed society in all respects can be created only when the population is of a high-level of education, with a high degree of availability to each person to enjoy the achievements of human civilization. The first question on the agenda of the young newly born country in 1948 became the organization of public education, universal compulsory education, a network of primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities. As a result of the tremendous work in this direction, the country with a total of 12 people with higher education in August 1945, in a short period of history became a country of universal literacy, where training covers all segments of the population of all ages. Education in the DPRK is provided free: being universal compulsory 11-year, which includes a one-year compulsory pre-school, 4 years of primary and 6-years of secondary education. This system was introduced in 1972. Students of colleges and universities receive a scholarship. Uniforms for school pupils and students are provided free by the state. (And look how much it costs to equip the current first-graders at a school here (in Britain - FB) and in bourgeois Russia, Ukraine and the other now bourgeois republics of the former socialist Soviet Union? And do all the children in those countries have the opportunity to study in school? Education in the former USSR is now gradually becoming fee-paying, not to mention studying at university.) In the DPRK state budget, spending on education is increasing, accounting for a large share of the budget. Education in the DPRK is now coming to the stage of higher education for the entire population.
National cadres, trained by their own strengths, play a leading role in science, economic management and the state ... The DPRK carefully relates to its 5-thousand year old country's history, developing distinctive Korean culture.
A lot of attention is paid by the state and the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) to public health.
Recently, in the sphere of health, a network system of health care based on modern scientific and technological achievements has been established. Computer diagnosis using fiber optics, ensure timely diagnosis of disease and disease prevention by skilled people, even in the most remote areas from the capital of the country.
Housing issues are also always in the spotlight of the Party and State. Everywhere there is construction of new housing and renovation of housing already in use. This concerns not only the capital and cities, but also the counties.
The hailed by the Party slogan of the general offensive on the issue of building a mighty economic power is embodied in the construction of large hydroelectric power stations (for example, Hichhonskaya HES put into operation in just a few months instead of the planned 10 years) in the modernization of production processes based on digital program control in factories and plants, in the introduction into service of new giants of the chemical industry (such as vinalon plant in Hamhung), in applying the new technology of gasification of anthracite in the production of fertilizers at the Namhysk Chemical Association "Youth", in developing new technology for converter smelting of cast iron without the use of coke at the Sonchzhin steel plant. There are many such examples in today's socialist Korea.
It always has been and remains the focus of the Party and the state in providing people with quality food and sturdy household items. Exhibitions of achievements of the national economy for a wide selection and implementation of new high quality products are held. There is continuing large-scale reconstruction of fields in agriculture for the use of mechanical tillage and crop removal, to realize new high-yield varieties of crops. Work widely carried out on the development of fisheries in agricultural cooperatives. The work goes on everywhere with enthusiasm in the wake of a new great revolutionary upsurge in the construction of a powerful socialist nation.
The state ideology of the DPRK is a communist ideology of Juche, the state policy - the policy of Songun. The DPRK is developing intensively.
In recent years, thanks to the development of domestic science in the field of space and nuclear technology, the DPRK launched into space two artificial earth satellites and built a nuclear weapon, becoming a world's nuclear power - a strong deterrent against any machinations of imperialism to wage war on the Korean peninsula, and thus - a third world war .
On appeal in 2009, by the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il, the whole nation is taking an active part in the general offensive on the country's transition to the level of a powerful and prosperous power in 2012, the year of the 100 anniversary of the birthday of President Kim Il Sung.
Great work all over the country is being carried out directly under the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Il, re-elected to the highest post of the DPRK - Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK – on September 3, 2003. His constant travel around the country, to factories, agricultural cooperatives, to military units are evidence of his direct close contact with people, and make him a popular military leader, firmly and confidently leading his country to the heights of socialist advanced nations who are not afraid of any obstacle. It is hard to imagine the DPRK today without Kim Jong Il. He is the brain of the Party and State, an experienced military strategist and a gifted practitioner in the most severe battle against world imperialism, always winning victory in this confrontation between unequal forces. His work, successes in the development of the country, and its prestige in the international arena speak of the authority and majesty of the Leader. Therefore, the people assigning him the status as - Great - is recognition of his contribution in leading the state and concern for the welfare of the people.
We congratulate Kim Jong Il, on the 62-anniversary of the forming of the DPRK by Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung. On this auspicious occasion, we congratulate the leading staff of the Korean revolution and the heroic Korean people.
We also congratulate Kim Jong Il, on the the 7-th anniversary of his re-election to the highest state post in the DPRK - Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK.
On September 22, 1949 untimely passed away the wife and close friend of Kim Il Sung, the mother of Kim Jong Il, anti-Japanese heroine Kim Jong Suk.
We bow our heads before the memory of her and her heroic life, entirely devoted to her people.


To Pyongyang on the occasion of anniversaries, in the name of the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il, telegrams have been sent by the General Secretary of Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB) N.A. Andreeva


Despite all attempts by the bourgeois regimes to bring the labour movement to its knees, despite all their applied repression, workers and working people are rising up to fight for their rights.
In this issue we publish materials from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, on the unfolding struggle.
Especially interesting are the letters of young readers of our newspapers, including political prisoners. Political prisoners from the "Odessa case" have not given up, have not broken, have not betrayed their communist beliefs. They, from the torture chambers continue their publicist, ideological, moral fight –- to defend their communist beliefs and ideals that call for working people not to give up and fight for the overthrow of the power of capital.
Noteworthy is the article of our reader Vikhrev about events in Primorye. And in this context I would like to learn from the experience of our Leninist party, the experience of the revolution of 1905-1907, when Lenin and the Bolsheviks paid much attention to the question of armed struggle in general and the partisan struggle in particular.
Analyzing the “Lessons of the Moscow Uprising” (works, vol.13, pp. 369-377, August 1906 - Russian) – of the December armed uprising in Moscow in 1905, - and the reasons for his defeat, Lenin noted that the general strike as an independent and main form of struggle, had outlived its usefulness, what with the spontaneous, irresistible force coming out of these narrow confines and producing the highest form of struggle, the uprising. "The strike grew into an uprising, especially under the pressure of the objective conditions" (p. 370). "From the strikes and demonstrations to individual barricades. From individual barricades to massive construction of barricades and street fighting with the army. Over the head of organizations, mass proletarian struggle crossed over from strike to uprising. In this, lies the greatest historic gain of the Russian Revolution reached by December 1905, the gain, bought, as in all the previous ones, at the price of enormous sacrifices "(p.370-371). "And now we must, finally, openly and publicly recognize the inadequacy of political strikes, to agitate among the broadest masses for armed insurrection ... To hide from the masses the need for a desperate, bloody, destructive war as the immediate task of impending action, means, to deceive oneself, and the people"(p.372). "... The inevitable wavering of troops, whatever the true people's movement, leads under the aggravation of the revolutionary struggle to a true struggle for winning over the troops. The Moscow uprising shows us exactly the most desperate, most furious fighting of reactionary power and the revolution for winning over the support of the army"(p. 372). Lenin, analyzing the causes of the defeat of the December armed uprising, reminds the revolutionaries of Marx's words, "who wrote that insurrection is an art and that the main rule of this art –is the desperately brave, final, decisive assault" (p.374). "We should ring all the bells on the need for a bold offensive and attack with weapons in hand, on the need for extermination with this, of the commanders, and the most energetic struggle for the wavering troops "(p.374). "Moscow - Lenin notes – put forth "new barricade tactics." These tactics were the tactics of guerrilla warfare. The organization, using such tactics would be mobile and very small detachments of tens, triples, or even two people "(p.374-375). Lenin went on to note that Moscow put forward a new tactic of guerrilla warfare, but did not develop it. "Vigilantes were insufficient in numbers, the mass of workers had not received the slogan of bold attacks and did not use it, the nature of guerrilla units was too fixed, their weapons and their methods inadequate, their ability to lead a crowd was almost undeveloped" (p.375). “Social-Democracy (Communists-FB) must recognize and adopt as their tactics this mass terror, of course, organizing and controlling it, subordinating it to the interests and conditions of the labour movement and the general revolutionary struggle ... "(p. 375). The heroic struggle of several thousand armed Moscow workers lasted 9 days. Tsarism sent troops into Moscow, many times higher in strength than the rebel forces, had used artillery against the barricade and drowned the uprising in blood. The Moscow Committee of Bolsheviks was arrested, and the rebels did not have a single centre, fought piecemeal and limited themselves to defence. This was the main source of weakness of the Moscow uprising and one of the reasons for his defeat (material from the History of the CPSU (b), OGIZ, Gospolitizdat, 1945, p. 79). Lenin, in the above work, notes that "military tactics depends on the level of military equipment - Engels chewed upon this truth and put it into the mouth of Marxists." (p.374). The Bolsheviks after the defeat of the Moscow uprising did not lost heart. They believed that there was an impending new wave of armed struggle and proposed to prepare for it more carefully, prepare weapons and to really confront the armed to the teeth, Tsar’s punitive forces, called on them step up the fight to win over the wavering troops, which mainly consisted of peasants dressed in soldiers' uniforms. "We can and must take advantage of improving technology, to teach the workers’ detachments to make bombs en-mass, to help them and our fighting squads to stock up explosives, fuses and automatic rifles. With the participation of the working masses in the urban uprising, with a mass attack on the enemy with a strong skillful fight for winning over the army, which will waver even more ..., ensuring the participation of the countryside in the common struggle - victory will be ours in the next all-Russian armed uprising" (p.376 ).
Lenin ends this work on an optimistic note with a deep faith in the creative forces of the revolutionary working class, - "Let us remember that the great mass struggle is nearing. This will be an armed uprising. It should be, if possible, at the same time. The masses must know that they are going on an armed, bloody, desperate struggle. Contempt for death must be spread among the masses and ensure victory. The attack on the enemy must be the most vigorous; attack and not defence should be the slogan of the masses, the ruthless extermination of the enemy – will be their task; the organization of the struggle will be developed mobile and flexible; the wavering elements among troops will be drawn into active struggle. The party of the politically conscious proletariat must fulfil its duty in this great struggle (p.376-377).
Lenin devoted questions on guerrilla action in his special work "The Guerrilla War" (PSS, v.14, p.1-12, September 1906). Speaking of forms of struggle, Lenin noted that, firstly, "Marxism is different from all the primitive forms of socialism in that it does not connect the movement of any one particular form of struggle. He recognizes a variety of forms of struggle, does not "invent" them, but merely summarizes, organizes, gives consciousness to those forms of struggle of the revolutionary classes, which arise of themselves in the course of the movement "(p. 1). "Marxism in this respect is learning, so to speak, from mass practice, far from the claims to teach the masses invented "forms of struggle" by armchair" systematists (p. 2).
"Secondly, Marxism demands an absolutely historical consideration of the question on forms of struggle" (p. 2). "At different stages of economic evolution, depending on various political, national, cultural, domestic conditions etc., various forms of struggle are put forward and become the principal forms of struggle, and in connection with this, in turn, secondary and less important forms of struggle are modified, "(p. 2).
"Armed struggle pursues two different objectives ... this struggle is aimed, firstly, to the murder of individuals, superiors and subordinates in the military and police - and secondly, to confiscate the funds from government and private entities. Confiscated funds go to the party, part of it goes towards the armament and preparation of the uprising, and part of it towards the maintenance of those leading the struggle characterized by us"(p. 4). "The worsening political crisis to the point of armed struggle and in particular the worsening poverty, hunger and unemployment in villages and towns have played a major role among the reasons for the described form of struggle" (p. 4). "The spreading of the "guerilla" struggle namely after December and its connection with the aggravation of not only the economic but also political crisis are obvious. Old Russian terrorism used to be the affair of the intellectual-conspirator, but now the guerrilla struggle is carried out, as a general rule, by a worker-fighter or simply an unemployed worker "(p.5-6).
"Guerrilla struggle is an inevitable form of struggle at a time when the mass movement is actually ready for an uprising, and when enter more or less large intervals between "major battles" in a civil war" (p.7).
"A Marxist stands on the class struggle, and not on social peace. In certain periods of acute economic and political crises, the class struggle develops to outright civil war, i.e. armed struggle between two sections of the people "(p.8). "In the era of civil war, the ideal party of the proletariat is a belligerent party "(p.8). And Lenin concludes: "It should learn to fight" (p.9).
“In such an era, in an era of nation-wide political strikes, the uprising cannot be moulded into the old form of individual acts, limited by very short time and very small areas. It is natural and inevitable that the revolt takes higher and more complex forms of a continual civil war covering the whole country, i.e. armed struggle between the two sections of the people "(p.11).
"Social-Democracy (communists -FB) must necessarily set its goal of the establishment of such organizations, which would be most able to lead the masses in these large-scale battles and, if possible, in small skirmishes. Social democracy (communists) in an era of intensified class struggle up and to civil war, should set itself the task of not only participation, but also the leadership role in this civil war. Social democracy (communists) must educate and prepare their organizations to ensure that they really act as a belligerent party, and not to miss a single opportunity to inflict damage on enemy forces" (p.11).
The Draft resolution “guerrilla fighting operations”, as proposed by the Bolsheviks to the IV (amalgamating) Congress of the RSDLP (Russian Social Democratic Labour Party) (April 1906) was written precisely in the Leninist revolutionary spirit. The Congress however, where the majority were Mensheviks had adopted the more subdued version of the Resolution. But on the V (London) RSDLP Congress (April-May 1907), when it became clear that the revolution had subsided, the Bolsheviks in the draft resolution to Congress “About guerrilla actions" wrote: "At the moment, in the absence of conditions for a mass revolutionary upheaval, guerrilla actions are undesirable and congress recommends an ideological struggle with them, and that it is also permissible under the conditions of mass revolutionary struggle, guerrilla performances can be carried out only at the initiative of local party committees, with the permission of the regional centres, and under their strict control. A system of party militia, which consists of military training for all party members within the existing party cells are a form of combat organizations, with the most appropriate task of training the militant vanguard of the proletariat for an armed uprising, (CPSU in Resolutions and Decisions of Congresses, Conferences and Central Committee Plenums, Moscow, Politizdat, 1983 , Volume 1, s.254-255).



Old-timers of the university, where I once studied, well-remembered the teacher of Marxism-Leninism – an evil "communist", who sucked a lot of blood from them. When I met her her, she was already teaching "Ділову українську," (Ukrainian studies) behaved as an avowed nationalist, and forced pairs of students to speak in Ukrainian. (This is in Odessa, where almost no one speaks Ukrainian.) Perhaps all those who lived "at the turn of the ages”, met such people. To a normal person it is hard to understand how one can change ones beliefs, like gloves. Yesterday there was praise of Stalin, and now they compete to see who can thinks up a bigger number of people repressed, and at the same time they portray sincerity with great talent.
Those who had treated with contempt Lenin's phrase: "The intellectuals - this is the shit of the nation, are now beginning to understand what he meant. Obvious examples of shit writers are Vasily Aksenov in Russia and poets Dmitry Pavlychko, Grach and Yavorivsky in Ukraine, although no less well known are directors Mikhalkov Konchalovsky - in Russia, and Ilienko Tonyuk - Ukraine. The list goes on and on.
Kissing Soviet power and heavily licking its ass, they now never get tired of pouring mud on it, though, for example, the laudatory ode by Pavlychko can still be found in old textbooks, literature, and historical films of shit directors can be seen on video. And so it is everywhere: economists suck on delusional theories, leading the countries of the former Soviet Union from one crisis to another, managers are starving profitable state-owned enterprises, so they are easier to privatize, university teachers have mastered all forms of bribery: from primitive coupons left inside the exam booklet, to writing a test, course, or theses. Doctors do not lag far behind them, serving pharmaceutical companies, and choosing for patients not the most effective but the most expensive treatment. And the "technical intelligentsia" so zealously supports all reforms, perestroika, etc., so heroically, berating the "damned scoop" whisper in the kitchen, with the collapse of high-tech industry dutifully trudged to the market to sell worn panties. Lenin was right. Is this the "brain of the nation"? Doe one need such a brain, acting to the detriment of the body and yourself? Did not this brain predict the consequences of "reform": the reduction of the population and the duration of its life, the emergence of previously unknown social ills - the mass of drug addiction, prostitution, street children, etc.?
Lenin insulted the intelligentsia for good reason. He knew what place in society occupied this, if I may say, "elite". According to the theory of class, workers, those who produce the wealth, are forced to hire themselves to the capitalists who own the mines and factories, which acquire a large part of the product of the workers, using the "sacred right of private property." Thus, the class, common to all capitalists interest – is to pay workers enough money so they do not drop dead from hunger and could continue to work. The class interest of workers – is to knock out of the capitalists as much pay as possible of their labor and, ultimately, to throw off its neck the parasites, eliminate "sacred right to private property” and to gain for itself the right to dispose of the products of their labour and their labour power.
But what about the intellectuals? They hang between these two classes. Themselves they cannot exploit the workers, but they do possess certain knowledge and talent from which to benefit. And the one who pays them helps to extract the benefit. From generation to generation, these "elitists" pass on their betraying psychology. Therefore, rare exceptions look so bright against their background, driven by the authorities - "the guardians of the people," not when "to be the guardian" is profitable and fashionable, but when there is no strength to look at its suffering. Intellectuals licked the Soviet regime, when it gave them privileges, and silently hated it for "levelling" when they considered that they could sell themselves at a higher price. Having created around themselves an aura of superiority, they despise workers as "redneck" and stupid "shopkeepers". They also have their own interest - the monopoly on knowledge. An echo of this "elite" of interest, for example, is in European languages in an excessive entanglement of writing - the existence of unreadable letters, etc.,further complicating the study of literacy.
The Bolsheviks in Russia dealt a severe blow to the "elitists". No, not by mass repressions and executions, which they have now invented, but by universal free and compulsory secondary education, through which everyone could become an academician. And yet that is what people became. You only needed to study!
"Cooks' children", so despised by the intellectuals, turned out no less talented than their own offspring. Stalin's intentions to introduce the 5-hour working day and mandatory higher education, as well as the instilled by the Bolsheviks "fashion" in broad-minded and polytechnic literacy, threatened to blur the distinction between mental and physical work and drive the last nail in the coffin “elitist” intellectuals. Hence the hatred towards the Soviets by those who seemingly had to thank them for prizes, professorship cottages, privileges, respect by the people and honour.
But this true "flower of the nation" for the most part died during the Great Patriotic War. (Who else rushed to the most difficult parts, and were the first who rose from the trenches and strained their health in the workplace?) Stalin died. And again pseudo elite began to create for themselves a halo of the chosen and unattainable genius, convincing everyone else that "for them there is something for those who think." Although, if you take in essence, to become an engineer, as many as five years of study are needed in higher learning institution (nowadays that is not necessary). But in order to receive higher level turner or welder grade, no less time is needed spent on skill improvement! Not everyone can do that. At the same time and turner and scholar, and nuclear physicist, are equally narrow specialists in their field. But when, for example, Sakharov judges "big politics" and the issues that are far removed from nuclear physics, his opinion for some reason is considered more authoritative than the opinions of the turner. Roughly speaking, the professor is different from any other person in that he knows ... how to become a professor. This is what the intelligentsia hides.
Regaining monopoly over knowledge "of science and culture", they began to intensively degrade. Most of them are fully oligophrenic in all that goes beyond their narrow specialization, while it should be noted that even in that, they show no genius. It is they, that jumped at everything from perestroika to the financial pyramid AO MMM that collapsed. The most hardened of them clearly know their place and their interest. No sooner had the power changed in the country, they froze into a servile slight bow: "What, new master, would you like?" And they themselves clambered into in from out of all the crevices.
The sex liberals alone removed from the criminal code the article on sodomy, as they were already hard at instilling into the public their gay culture. And how relieved they were when finally they were legally free from extolling things that cannot be comprehend by all these corrupt whores, such things like courage and heroism, devotion to duty and Motherland, love and friendship! Now they sing of their "values": to cash in more crafty, to sell more expensive to live in ones pleasure, indulging in unthinkable perversions, "not bothered" by moral principles and remorse. For this, they invent advertising of unusable goods and invent opportunities for cheapening cost of production, making it dangerous for the consumer! And they know what they are doing!
You can, of course, accuse me that I think one size fits all, to give examples of other people's behavior of intellectual labour, both from personal experience, and well-known people (like, genius mathematician Perelman, who lives in a "Khrushchev-style" apartment and refused the million dollar prize ). But let everyone look about and objectively assess the number of intellectuals who have civil courage, are incorruptible, are going against the cannibalistic capitalist system, and their position in society, which they store for today. At best, they are exposed to ridicule or, as the same Perelman, are announced as half-crazy suffering from autism, etc. And it is the intelligentsia which has the expertise and trained intelligence to fight for a better future for its people, explaining to the people, bereft of objective information, the truth. But the position occupied by the intelligentsia in a class society, has forced it to make a very difficult choice.
Of all the above, it follows that we should not believe everything they write and speak, even if it is academics, doctors and other authority. Even if yesterday they were telling the truth. Authorities are bought and sold. Take a look around. If an economist broadcasts that "the economy is growing" and "people’s well-being is improved, and while prices have increased twice, while wages rose by as much as 10%, believe it with your own eyes - "the economist" is lying. If the “historian” says that in "Golodomor" every third Ukrainian died, and you do not know a single person, who have relatives or friends who would have died from starvation -"the historian" is deceiving you. If the number of repressed people exceeds population of the country, perhaps it is worth considering: is it true?
People, learn to think with your head! Deprive the corrupt skins the monopoly on objective knowledge - learning is not as difficult as they tell you. But only knowledge will make you free.
O. ALEKSEEV, political prisoner

Recently the deputies of the Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament) examined two laws designed to make life difficult for the opposition. The first of them - the new version of the law "On meetings" - adds a new scheme in the filing of applications for public events. This includes, extending the time period in which you want to apply: for a rally, for example, the application should not be submitted no later than 10 calendar days, but no later than 10 working days. In addition, the organizer of the action cannot be a person who has been detained by police during the year for any so-called "unauthorized" rallies. On the second law, with a brief title "On the Federal Security Service", is known only that the members of this law enforcement force structure will be able to send citizens a written warning that their behavior smacks of extremism.
Bourgeois-liberal human rights activists raise a panic, insisting that both pieces of legislation are aimed directly against them. Somehow, for them it seems that new laws are invented only for stopping disgruntled motorists spending more of their time road protesting. Of course, the new laws will not make it any easier for them. But the bourgeois legislation is directed primarily against the rising labour movement in the country. Members of Parliament by an absolute majority voted for the law "On the Federal Security Service, and do not hide this.
"After the tragedy at Raspadskaya we are faced with incitement and calls for action” - complains the representative of the Kemerovo region in the Federation Council Sergei Shatir – “the law would warn off and prevent trouble-makers". This is the typical reaction of the rotten terrified bourgeoisie, under whom his chair has suddenly started shaking. The word "agitators" he is using on the desperate miners' families, blocking the railroad on May 14.

Without a doubt, any workers, who have risen to fight against their oppressors, the bourgeoisie, for growing fat on their blood, have "whistle blowers", and any protest for the bourgeoisie is an embarrassing mistake. Trying to protect themselves and their hosts from the rising tide of discontent, the obedient lackeys of the bourgeoisie in the Duma invent new laws giving more freedom to servants in uniform. As if the oppressed working class will ask their permission for a revolution!
All this confusion with "caveats", "harmony" and the other is addressed, of course, not to the opposition with experience. Those who have fought for the liberation of workers from the outset of the open outburst of the counter-revolution, are unlikely to be intimidated. The new law on the secret services is primarily intended for those who have just embarked on the path of struggle. To scare new of labour leaders and activists, to make them turn from this road, abandon the struggle for a better life - that's what the aim is of the authors of all the bourgeois laws. They think that a piece of paper with a seal will be for the worker is more terrible than a famine, who is pushing for decisive action. They are confident that they can endlessly deceive the workers and will never receive retribution for their crimes. But this is not true.

The fuss around about the procedure for holding rallies and the fuss around the authority of the FSB, raised simultaneously, is indicating an increase in tension in the country. That is how the class struggle of the bourgeoisie appears. All of this is its reaction to a wave of strikes that swept across Russia in the spring and summer months. More often than before, they ended in victory for the workers, which inspires commitment in the hearts of other oppressed people. So far the protest has a social basis - a central demand of the main part of the protest action is the payment of wage arrears. But it will inevitably turn into something more. After all, the Kemerovo coal miners, like previously the AvtoVAZ workers demanded workers' control over their industries. This demand is political. A strong and organized opposition to oppression has forced the bourgeoisie to seek salvation in new laws with menacing titles and confusing language.
And adding to the law “on rallies”, and the new law “on the FSB" is another pathetic attempt by domestic servants of capital in the country to delay the onset of a revolutionary situation and the imminent collapse of their barbaric exploitative system. Against the bourgeoisie aggravation of the class struggle and their strengthening of repression, the working class must respond with the growth of its organizational ability and political consciousness. Cohesive ranks of the working class, armed with knowledge of the theory of revolutionary Marxism will crush and destroy capitalism!

Yekaterina Fatyanova


In modern Ukrainian society, collectivism is not in fashion. Also not in vogue are simple care and compassion to others. Almost everyone lives in his or her own narrow personal little world, the centre and at the same time, the boundaries of which is his or her own "I".
Most surprising is the speed with which society disintegrated into atoms. And the total of these atoms is no longer a society, but a herd.
The fact that it is a herd was displayed by the raging last autumn grand hysteria and panic about "swine flu. In this hysterical idiocy was everything: faces covered with gauze bandages, and "preventive" Jordania of antibiotics, and "preventive" quarantine in universities, schools and other institutions.
The philistine in the street, naturally, objected to me by asking: "Why do you say that, because people were dying!?" Yes, I say, but from what?
All the obsequious crap spilled out by the ruling class of the bourgeoisie assured us that it’s from some "terrible" “new" virus. But even in this chorus of voices there was disagreement. And when put together all you hear, how two plus two equals four, the picture is interesting. No, it was not the virus that killed hundreds if not thousands of people. They were killed by the system - the capitalist system! Miserable, poor, illiterate medicine, which is also fee paying private medicine and also people weakened by malnutrition, hard labour, poor environmental and other similar factors affecting the health of most of the working population, the same fear of losing their jobs, which causes so many, in spite of feeling unwell to go out to their work...
All this, is elementary, but why do the majority of people do not understand?
And the information that the new influenza virus is the product of the laboratory creation of maniacs in white robes, was released specifically to raise profits of the pharmaceutical bourgeois, and merely says that, as always, capital is ready to commit any crime in order to increase profits. They are willing to organize war and epidemics! Do you understand that, gentlemen philistines?
* * *
Consider another example of mass blindness and deafness: social stratification. A tiny minority of the population of Ukraine lives by exploitation of the working majority of people. Even if you add on to it all the exploiting lackeys and watchdogs, as well as other parasites, it still is - 10-15% of the total population, maximum.
The rest of the population (and this is the proletariat and the intelligentsia, and retirees, and lumpen, and other sections), in its mass, not only patiently tolerate these parasites around their neck, but are ready to tear away at each other at the slightest provocation and even without cause.
Fear, hatred and meanness sway in these circles. Everyone tries to get into other people's heads, and break out, if not into the masters of life, then at least to be their toadies. And many simply vent their anger and frustration at people like themselves, people.
Of course, the legs of all these phenomena grow out of the stagnation of the "safe" Soviet past, and sometimes, from very far away. Nothing can appear only at the wave of the hand of a puppeteer. But over the past decade in mass psychology, tremendous shifts have occurred, therefore, the roots, nourishing these shifts are not on the surface.
* * *
Ten years ago, began a certain lift in the domestic capitalist economy. And after several years of lifting, a large proportion of the population at the very least, blended in with capitalism.
But one should also remember that the cost of such consumer "happiness" of the newfound "middle" class became the destruction and degradation of millions of "extra" people, as well as labour migration abroad of 5.7 million of Ukraine's population, who are unlikely to ever return home.
However, bourgeois propaganda ordered the townsfolk to believe that "genocide" in Ukraine in the 20-30-s was organized by Lenin and Stalin. It is clear that Kuchma with Yushchenko and other "dear friends" are not destroying Ukraine but reviving it ... Although, if such a "revival" is not genocide, then I am the "Pope"! And the philistines, though not all, believe in these fables. Maybe it is advantageous and convenient to believe in these fables?
* * *
Yes, one section has settled in with capitalism not badly, though, by having sold themselves to the roots, selling and betraying everything and everyone. Well, while the other section finished up on the bottom.
And the “middle class” teamed up with their oppressors and exploiters against those whom the capitalist system dropped to the bottom of the social pyramid.
On the one hand, wealthier philistines, like fire, are afraid of the residents of the social bottom, fear and hate them. And on the other hand, they do not notice all those social evils that are inherent in today's society. Although the fetid ulcers of our exploitative society are not fenced off by some Chinese walls but are visible to anyone who wants to see at every step.
But the so-called "middle class" does not want to see all this: homeless kids sniffing glue, prostitutes of both sexes, including minors, the begging elderly and homeless tramps rotting alive. But the philistine public in the street contemplate a bourgeois luxury and state "stability." They are drawn to the first and do not pay attention to what lies behind the second. That is how the creeping dictatorship of Kuchma and Putin manage to win.
Our philistines do not see the sweat and blood of capitalism, although many are looking in the mirror of their own future.
In the end, there comes the day of reckoning - the economic crisis. The consumer boom is a trap, into which many millions of people from big capitalists to housewives fall.
With all this, there are still those unique minds who religiously believe that the country is safe. And that’s just because their own backsides have not been bitten. Therefore, they are pleased with themselves, and continue to squirm in the market paradise.
Okay, let's wait until the respected roast bird pays a visit on these unreasonable citizens. Prior to that, knocking on their birdbrain is useless.
We turn now to those who have already realized the truth of life, whose "golden" existence has turned into a pile of broken pottery: for those who lost their jobs, who are smothered by debt, rent arrears, and total disorder of life. Each of them has the following choices:
1) Further wallow in a pit latrine, which is the capitalist system. There is only one "but": you won’t get butter out of shit, no matter how hard you try.
2) Fold your arms and drown.
3) Destroy this inhumane system and build a more just one - a socialist society.
Next, we shall try to convince them that the latter path is the only true and correct one.
* * *
The paradox of first round of presidential elections on January 17, 2010 is that in times of crisis, protests should grow, but as a result, left candidates won only 4% of the votes.
Explaining that Simonenko and Moroz are so bad, and therefore the masses sent them to hell, is "lame" in one thing: the proletariat is not yet ready for a socialist revolution and remains captive in petty-bourgeois psychology. It is not even worth talking about the other detachments of the oppressed. If someone takes on radicalism, it is exclusively "kitchen" radicalism. This is speaking of left radicalism. The bulk of the masses today, if they think about more or less about normal order, want that what is suggested by Simonenko and the Communist Party.
The Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU) was fully attuned to the philistine, but the latter did not appreciate this (it's better that way, when you think about the long term). So, for the most part, the philistine is satisfied with even the so-called wild capitalism. Virtually only the one CPU wishes to make it "social-democratic”, that is, "civilized" “humane” capitalism with a “human face”.
And retribution will follow very soon. Elected by the philistine Yanukovych with Tigipko, and the same Simonenko (who, however, had little influence on the course of events) are already preparing "gifts" for their voters. Old men will be hunched up in work for an extra 5-10 years more simply will not live to retirement. Young people will not escape the "honorable" duty to get biscuits in the barracks in return, and build dachas and so forth for the generals for free.
The victory of Yanukovych is a success for the oligarchs standing behind him. All the latest Ukrainian "achievements" - is an achievement of the corresponding grouping of the bourgeoisie, which will depart from the crisis on the backs of the philistines.
And do not hope for a "civilized capitalism" or, as many philistines say: "capitalist socialism." Suffice it to know what is happening in France, Greece and the same China and to understand that behind the mask of "democracy" and "civilized capitalism" or "market socialism" (as would be desired) is hidden the same mug of the inhuman predatory bourgeois system. And about this much has been written.
Unwilling to understand this, the average philistine, including thte Philistine-proletarian, will be doomed to be a slave.

P.S. Summer 2010. In Ukraine, it was not so quiet. Slowly, timidly, sporadically, the proletariat rises in the struggle. He did not buy into the expectation of the "milk river" by Yanukovich and Co. Workers have been striking in Kharkov, Nikolayev and other cities. In even larger numbers of people ran out the last drop of patience. Yes, this fight is weak and as yet only economic - the desire to get what is urgently needed.
Now the cause is with revolutionary communists - the proletarian vanguard, which should lead the oppressed class towards a socialist revolution!

The foreign ministers of Poland and the Czech Republic discussed at a meeting in Warsaw, the construction of U.S. missile defense systems in Europe

02.08.2010, 22.54

WARSAW, August 2. Itar-Tass. Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski and the Czech Republic Karel Schwarzenberg discussed at a meeting in the Polish capital, issues on the construction on the territory of the two countries a U.S. missile defense system.
As stated at the press conference after the meeting of the head of the Czech Foreign Ministry, the Centre for advanced notice of a U.S. missile defense system in the Czech Republic will be approximately one year. "It will take a little time, but in 2011 the main issues at the center must be resolved," - he said. "After the NATO summit in Lisbon, it will be part of NATO", - stressed the Minister.
Foreign Minister of Poland, in turn, recalled that the construction of a missile defense base in Redzikowo, according to the recently signed in Krakow supplement to the Polish-American agreement, is to begin in 2015 and completed in 2018 The new protocol brings a basic agreement on the deployment of U.S. missile defense facilities in Poland, signed in Washington in August 2008, in line with the new architecture of a missile defense system, which was announced on September 17, 2009 by U.S. President Barack Obama. According to these plans, the republic will deploy mobile missile interceptors "Standard-3" / SM-3 - Standard Missile-3 / missiles against short and medium range missiles, and in the Czech Republic in Prague district should have a center designed for the rapid acceptance and pre-processing of information about possible terrorists launching missiles aimed at targets in Europe and North America.


I would like to talk about our identity and self-esteem for example, workers at the Kherson Machine Works.
After all, when there was a seizure of the plant in February 2009, the bulk of the working class rallied together. And at some point, looking at them, we thought, well, finally some people have woken up, come out of hibernation, started to respect themselves, forced the powers that be to look at them as people and not as a "rednecks." Unfortunately, many had enough strength and spirit to the point, until they saw their names in the lists derived for work.
Going into the plant, they all at once were deprived of the right to vote, the right of a choice. The chairman of the trade union was "elected" for them, and they were forced under threat of dismissal to write applications to join a union and, interestingly, none of those who “joined” were outraged.
The position of the union is totally incomprehensible. The factory is almost dead, and the union is silent. Neither the regional and Union's Central Committee reacted and did not react to the fact that the plant is being cut up, production buildings are collapsing and not being repaired. In short, our union is sitting in the office, all agreeing with the management of the plant, regularly receiving a salary from contributions, which are made by the workers.
But, in fact, the organization first had to defend the rights of people to protect and preserve the material base of the company, which has been built by the legacy of our forefathers, which was maintained during the war. After all, our factory has more than a century of its existence.
Again, the position of our governors, and we have had three us over the past 5.5 years, is also unclear. Meeting with former employees, they say, management first promise one thing, but after a while their position and views change dramatically.
And so against the background of all this happening, I would like to ask just one question: How long can we, the working class, sit and watch how our factories are pulled down - and remain silent?
After all, in Ukraine there are hundreds of such plants as JSC "HMZ". Therefore, our group of people who have defended for a year and a half the plant and our rights, finds that it is time for the working class to wake up, to open its eyes and think, about what tomorrow will hold for us, our children and grandchildren? You have to understand that today you are being paid, but tomorrow out of a job without a livelihood and without work.
We should think about the future of our children.
We have taught them, they finished college, but can they work? Why should they go abroad to look there at the rich and elderly people only to be "second class" themselves?
And in order to keep our factories, rather, what was left of them, we need to unite and "cut the hands off" such "caring” owners about the welfare of the people. But if we do not, our state will finish up as a source of raw materials, and more simply put - we can not talk about any kind of independence, because if there are no jobs and wages, what independence can there really be?
Enterprises are standing idle, and therefore, no payments into the budget, and we then go to the IMF and others with an outstretched hand for loans. And then they begin to dictate terms on how and what we should do, and if we not do not raise our prices and rates, then we will not get any credit.
So it turns out that our children will go somewhere abroad and, roughly speaking, wash someone else’s backside, while the country's leadership will import from abroad, combines, tractors and more, reviving up someone else's economy, and creating jobs elsewhere, only not in Ukraine. And, of course, put stuff in their own pockets that is not produced at home.
And we shall live that way as long as we do not make politicians and parties such as the Party of Regions, BYuT, and other parties of the bourgeoisie understand, that we the working class, are the owners and not them.

On July 13, Aktobe trial began against an opposition figure Aidos Sadykov, who, according to Art. 257 Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kasakhstan "hooliganism" and "resistance to the police" could face up to five years imprisonment. Aidos actively participated in the creation of independent trade unions in the Aktobe region than earned the support of workers who organized the June 9 in Zhanazhol at the enterprises of Chinese oil campaign "CNPC-Aktobemunaigaz" a protest rally.
The first day of the trial took place in a stormy atmosphere, since the defendant and the defence clashed with arbitrary chairman of the city court Akbolata Kurmantaeva, who refused to be videoed. Demands for disqualification of the judge were rejected.
We recall that in May, an act of provocation against an opposition figure was carried out, resulting in his forceful arrest and taken to the local police. During his detention, Aidos was beaten up and in response to criminal proceedings against him under Art. 257, Part 1 filed a complaint against the police in the local prosecutor's office. Accordingly, the police re-classified the action by Sadykov from the usual "disorderly conduct" for which he faces up to 2 years imprisonment to "wilful resistance to the police" in Part 2 of the same article, which increased the term of imprisonment to 5 years.
"Guardians of the order," say Aidos during resistance tore off buttons, pockets and straps from the police, although, according to his wife Natalia, immediately after the arrest, they came with a video camera and recorded by battered opposition figures and perfectly sound police uniform in no way damaged. During the preliminary investigation, the investigator refused to be attached this video evidence, which was proof of innocence of Sadykov.
This judicial farce can with certainty be described as another trumped-up political action against the well-known public figure in order to neutralize and intimidate. The scenario investigation is painfully reminiscent of the situation with Ermekov Narymbaevym, and the criminal case itself fits into a sequence of similar cases against Vladimir Kozlov and Sergei Utkin. Local authorities under order of Ak-Orda intend to deal with the radicals, who organized in Aktobe region rallies, marches, strikes and took a strong stand against the ruling policy in the country.
We, the socialists, despite the difference of opinion, support Aidos and demand an immediate end to this farce, call for the closing of the case and to punish police officers who had organized the provocation.

On July 1 a strike began by more than 200 employees of companies Dossormunaygaz and Embamunaigas (subsidiaries of "KMG"). Work on the oil industry of Atyrau and Mangistau areas has been completely stopped.
EMG employs about 5 thousand people and many workers do not agree with the introduction of the new wage system. They believe that the administration plans to remove the company's allowance for adverse conditions. Moreover, the working group calls for the resignation of Acting Director PF EMG Izturgana Baymuhanova.
This time, the authorities decided not to stand on ceremony and July 5 police in the Atyrau region, arrested trade union leader and activist Asylkhan Mussina Max Bakaeva and held him for 7 days. Both are accused of trying to organize an unsanctioned rally.
Recently, CEO of the Company “Exploration and Production Kazmunaigaz" Kenzhebek Ibrashev visited the hunger strikers in the oil industry but failed to agree in negotiations with the workers. We recall that in mid-March he was dismissed because of a mass strikes in Zhanaozene, and now once again occupies this position. According to activists, in a private conversation, Ibrashev promised to leave the old tariff scale as it was, to re-elect a chairman of the union and stop exerting pressure on the workers.
Meanwhile, on July 2, press office "RD KGM" spread information about a branch of production that had commenced the payment of salaries under the new system of remuneration. Therefore, it is possible that discontent can only worsen.

On July 12, the Administrative Court of Karaganda ruled the arrest for a day Left Communists Andrei Tsukanova and Alexander Ukman for allegedly disobeying police. The reason for the detention and trial of comrades was the dispersal inhabitants of October district of the coal capital, who were protesting against the lack of normal water supply.
Despite the arguments of Andrew and Alexander, that the police at the end of gathering organized a provocation and a scuffle, the court found that the Communists were guilty of insubordination, and, according to Art. 355 of the Administrative Code, arrested and detained them for 24 hours. Another communist, Alexander Bondarenko, who also was arrested on 10 July at this gathering, may be prosecuted for allegedly "insulting the honour and dignity of the country’s president" only because he demanded his resignation.
This arrest and persecution of leftist activists in Karaganda is a factor of fear and intimidation of all social protest groups fighting for their rights against the tyranny of monopolies and the authorities in the region.
We demand the immediate cessation of pressure and fabrication of a criminal case against Alexander Bondarenko.

SotsSoprInforms, KAZAKHSTAN

The Korean Friendship Association(KFA) was founded in November 2000 with the purpose of building international ties with the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.It has several thousand members from 120 different countries.
The KFA has full recognition from the government of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea and is the world-wide leading organisation of its supporters.
The KFA recieves official information from Pyongyang and is in contact with the Korean Committee For Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries and the Korean Commitee For Solidarity with the World People.

The Main Objectives of the KFA are:
Show the reality of the DPR Korea to the world
Defend the independence and socialist construction in the DPR of Korea
Learn from the culture and history of the Korean People
Work for the peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula
Comrade Kim Jong Il leader of the Korean people said
“our Republic has been established and developed as a genuine country of the people, as a Juche-oriented socialist country, the first of its kind in history, and our people, who were oppressed and maltreated for centuries, have become able to enjoy, in the embrace of the Republic, the pride and happiness of a genuine life in which they exercise full rights as masters of the State and society.....
Our Republic, which incorporates the great Juche idea in its State building and State activities, is a people-centered socialist country in which the people are regarded as God, an independent socialist State with a strong Juche character and national identity, and an invincible socialist power that prevails over any enemy, however formidable”


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