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Monday, 1 November 2010






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No 11 (92) NOVEMBER 2010


It is clear who and what the president has in mind when he says: "we need a professional police force." The main task of the police - and this follows from the new law "On Police" – is the suppression of the labour and the civil movement, and protection of the exploiting class from violations in every way possible.
The draft federal law "On Police" staged in the summer for open debate on the Internet, has provoked much discussion,. The people's attitude to the proposal to rename the militia to the police is sharply negative, many immediately dubbed the future employees of the new structure, policemen. (Actually, in Germany and Austria (and Britain) they are called that officially, but in the former Soviet people’s minds it is firmly established that a policeman – this means traitor).
The national-patriotic opposition raised a noise in the protection of the militia, believing that the comments of Internet users could significantly change the nature of the law. But detailed analysis of the bill has not yet been presented by the communist press.
It is known that federal laws should not contradict the Constitution, but can articles of one law contradict each other? In this bill there is an interesting phenomenon. Consider Article 9 (ensuring public confidence and support of citizens), Paragraph 4. It expressly states that a police officer "... shall show ID, unless it is not possible or inappropriate." Presumably, the question of "appropriateness" of this simple action is left to the discretion of the police officer. The same as in Paragraph 3 of this Article, where a police officer must explain to citizens the reason for the use of "such measures [force], as well as arising with these, the rights and duties, except in cases where such an explanation is impossible or inappropriate."
Article 5 of the bill specifically states: "A police officer has no right to resort to torture, violence or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment ...." Why so crude? Here is Article 21, which governs the use of special equipment. In particular, their use is recognized as lawful in the case (paragraph 10) "of identifying persons who commit or have committed a crime or offence." That is to say, sorry, you cannot be kicked in the face – subjected to cruel treatment, but electricity to the earrings – that is alright?
Article 19 of the section "Use of physical force, special means and firearms” in the first paragraph it emphasizes: "the police officer before using physical force, special means and firearms has a duty to warn" of his intention, while the second paragraph reduces the effect of the first to zero, by saying: "A policeman has the right not to warn" of such intent in some cases.
The main task of the police – is the suppression of civil protest in the country.
In this context, it is characterized by Article 13 of the law ("Rights of the Police"). In it, there are neither more nor less than forty-two sub-paragraphs just in the first part alone. In particular, the right of "unimpeded access to organizations with their necessary materials, documents, statistics and other data” - for example, lists of the members of the organizations, when it comes to workers' trade unions or communist alliances. In addition, sub-paragraph 12 gives the police the right to "perform in accordance with federal law, seizure of documents, materials, messages and objects" (presumably, computers, personal letters, mailings, etc.).
Enshrined in law (sub-para. 7) is the right to "compel any person to leave a certain place or remove that person from it forcibly, if the conduct of such person poses a real threat to public order." And also enshrined is the right of a police officer "to appeal to groups of people who are in public places, with the requirement to scatter or move to another place, if the crowd of people gathered... is disruptive to the normal running of business, traffic and pedestrians." Here they are - the so long awaited reasons to ban any public events! In fact, this paragraph makes any protest activities crimes, and holding them, announces disobedience to authorities.
Those who by virtue of their citizenship and social activity had experience in recent years with the police, will at once realize that in the new law, as a right of the police, all actions will be documented, that for the militia is earlier officially considered illegal. This is evidenced, for example, in s.p. 34 of Article 13, allowing "free entry (penetrate) into residential and other premises of citizens, their own land, and territory ... occupied by non-governmental organizations." Article 15 also contributes to this, which governs the police power "to enter at any time residential and other facilities ... with damage, if necessary, to locks, ... and search them in the following cases: if there are sufficient grounds to believe that there is a crime being committed, as well as for the arrest of citizens ..., if there are accidents, epidemics, riots, ... to ensure the safety of individuals, society and the state."
In the section "Rights of the Police" is also the right "to engage citizens with their consent to freelance cooperation; establish tacit cooperation with individuals, to volunteer in a confidential manner to assist the police" - how to get a citizen's "agreement to assist the police", smart cops should guess for themselves (s.p. 39 Art. 13). Subparagraph 42 Article 13 gives the police the right to use "vehicles of organizations and citizens." This makes possible the following situation: in carrying out an order for the dispersal of events, or arrest of citizens, police can turn to an ambulance station and "use" an ambulance because people will not hide from cars or ambulances with a red cross,... A fantasy? Not at all. This ploy was used during the military coup in Chile in 1973. It is worth remembering how the high-ranking delegation and lush flew on behalf of the Russian Federation to the funeral of Pinochet, and it immediately becomes clear what "family ties" the Russian bourgeoisie feel with Chilean fascism.
In addition to the above, Article 13 has also paragraph 2, which modestly states: "The police perform other rights granted to it by Federal law." For example, the right "to cordon off (block off or kettle) parts of an area ... when undertaking activities to suppress rioting and group activities that breach the work of transport, communications, and businesses" (Article 16, Paragraph 1, subparagraph 2). In addition, "action to cordon off (block) may also be made in respect of residential premises and other buildings owned by citizens and organizations" (Article 16, p.3). This section is a direct and explicit response to the events in Mezhdurechensk on May 14, 2010 and reinforces the Law adopted in the wake of those events on transport safety. "
Of interest is also the completely new section for Russian bourgeois law "Use of special means" (article 21), in which these means are actually listed. So, in the arsenal of the valiant police there are the "means stopping the motion of biological objects (networks), water cannons, armoured vehicles, as well as "means for defending guarded sites and blocking the movement of groups of offenders (spirals). This refers to the so-called "Bruno spiral" – reinforced barbed wire rolled into a spiral, once in, a person cannot escape. Invented during the First World War, "Bruno spiral" was used in Vietnam, and its application after that, incidentally, was banned like the use of phosphorus in combat. That did not stop the use of this type of "fortification" in our country (Russia) in October 1993.
Many of the restrictions on the rights of a policeman are broken down for clarification "except for the case of armed resistance." Paragraph 2 of Article 23 gives the definition of armed resistance: "Armed resistance is recognized as that form of resistance, which is committed with the use of weapons of any kind, as well as objects, structurally similar to real weapons or objects ... with the help of which may cause serious bodily harm or death" . From this perspective then, the Tuvinsky policeman who shot two teenagers for holding a toy gun, was fully correct and acted within the law. True, the law itself at that time had not yet been in force, but that does not matter - Communists in Spain are being tried under a law which came into effect several years after the arrest of the accused.
According to paragraph 2 of Article 24, an armed police officer "has the right to shoot to kill ... if the person is trying to get something out of his clothes without permission from the police officer, or commit other acts that may be considered by a police officer as a threat of violence, or to seize his weapon. That is, a citizen stopped by police, for any of their movements runs the risk of being shot.
Let us recall the well-known fact "what is not banned, is allowed". Article 22 reminds us of this. “Bans on the use of special means and limits on their use." So, in the form of non-lethal weapons, subject to limited use in some cases, appear "rubber baton,” and strikes “on the head, neck, stomach and genitals, in the projection area of the heart " are prohibited. Handcuffs, water cannons (the use of which is “not allowed at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius” – so that the Russian police at least somewhat differ from the structure of the prototype), and armoured vehicles and “special colouring agents”. Another referred to some "improvised means of binding" (trouser belt, wire and tape on a person’s head?) Apparently, all the remaining (and in part, the invention of "tools", as international experience shows, the fantasy of experts is unlimited) special means, under the law are not banned and can be used without restrictions. And then, what does it mean to prohibit strikes by a "rubber baton”? Does that mean the police can strike with an iron baton, then? But what about the well known means of individual protection, hereinafter referred to as a gas mask, so popular in Russia the analogue of official "special means"?
A police officer under the new law is presented as a kind of fighting machine that has no feelings, mind, will or civil rights. This is evidenced by clarifying: "A police officer ... shall refrain from any action that may undermine the credibility of the police ..." (Article 7 paragraph 4) and also "Police officers in connection with their police service are prohibited from public statements, judgments and evaluations with respect to activities of state bodies and their heads; must not belong to political parties, be a member of a public association ...; create ... structures of political parties, public and religious associations or other organizations" (Art. 30, paragraphs 11, 13, 15). On the one hand, this is a response to a series of video-appeals by police to the president that rocked the Internet this year, and on the other - the de facto ban on police to protect their own rights, because under the definition of "other organizations" are subjected trade unions. In Latvia, Romania and some other countries, police officers, led by their trade unions, go on demonstrations against capitalism. Naturally, this is troubling and frightening the bourgeoisie all over the world.
Article 44 of the Bill envisages that "a police officer’s remuneration is made in the form of a monetary wage, which is the principal means of their material support." However, nothing is said about the minimum amount of such pay that the law condemns the family of low-ranking officers to a meagre existence.
In fact, the developers of the law "On Police" are trying not only to pit police officers of this structure against citizens, but certainly turn them into enemies. A person wishing "to enlist in the police" (the statement brings to mind read books and viewed films about World War II), commit to destroy in themselves all human affections and moral qualities such as independence, pride, desire for a better life and independent thinking.
Many ask the naive question, what is all the fuss around a title. Only two letters – do they solve anything? This question was unusually directly answered by Dmitry Medvedev: "Ever since the October Revolution, the law enforcement agencies in our country were called militia... Thus it emphasized their peoples, or, as they say, worker-peasant character. But we need professional people. We want police officers to work efficiently, honestly and cohesively.” First of all, to who - us? Clearly, the bourgeois leadership of the country is controlled by world imperialism. The President expressed the essence of the issue - the Soviet militia was a defender of the interests and rights of working people, and the current security structure, hereinafter called the police, is protecting criminals, robbing and exploiting the working people and all the wealth that rightfully belonged to the working people. The police force is a mercenary armed formation, focused on the direct suppression of the working-class and working people against their oppressors, the slaughter of the most active fighters for socialism, civil and other rights. And finally, one tiny addition - for those who believe in the benevolence of the modern "masters of life" and rushed to them to write their own amendments to the new law. Amendments and changes in the law is troublesome and requires the writing of a separate act and having it adopted by deputies (MP-s). And article 57 of the draft law expressly indicates the following: "This Federal Law shall enter into force on 1 January 2010."

Marina Anikin, member of the AUCPB

(FB-AUCPB comment….All the above “law on police” in Russia looks lifted from the British police force…Its all correct. A stark similarity, especially when one hears about all the deaths in custody, abuse and police violence directed at ordinary people as well as protestors and political activists, i.e. the recent attack by 6 police officers on an FB-AUCPB leading activist for merely holding a red flag at an anti-tory anti-cuts demonstration on Birmingham in the early part of October this year and the heavy handed tactics by the police in Brighton later in the month at a Smash EDO protest against an arms manufacturer. At that demonstration there were over 50 arrests made, numerous injuries suffered by several protestors including one with a head injury along with heavy handed police kettling tactics against protestors. Not forgetting also to mention the death by police of Ian Tomilison a passer by going home from work at last years G20 protests in London, after pushed onto the ground by a riot cop. The list goes on.)

F—k the police! They are no friend of the working people, but the filth that protect the ruling elite of this country and the system in tact.

Smash Capitalism!


On October 10, the Korean people celebrated the 65-th anniversary of the founding of the Workers' Party of Korea - the leadership and organizing power of socialist construction, the ruling party in the DPRK.
The founder of the Party, Comrade Kim Il Sung in the years of anti-Japanese struggle, at the first meeting of the Down with Imperialism Union (DIU) (17 October 1926), composed of young revolutionaries of the new generation of Korea, proclaimed the slogan - the overthrowing of imperialism, to achieve liberation and independence of Korea, and its final objective to build Korean socialism, communism, and then worldwide communism. The DIU became the embryo of the building of the future Communist Party of North Korea. The leading core of the future party was formed from a circle of partisan brigades under the leadership of Kim Il Sung that fought against Japanese colonialism. The path of the Korean revolution was marked by President Kim Il Sung at the Kalun Meeting of the DIU in June 1930, which identified a course on creation of the Communist Party in the crucible of the deployment of anti-Japanese armed struggle and the establishment of a united national front.
Soon after the liberation of Korea (August 15, 1945), on October 10, 1945 in Pyongyang the founding congress of the Communist Party of North Korea was held, which was later renamed the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK). General Secretary of the WPK since the founding of the Party until 1994 was Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung. On October 8, 1997, Great Leader Kim Jong Il was elected to this highest party post.
The emblem of the party at the suggestion of the Great Leader is the sickle, hammer and brush, joined together, which means the class alliance between the peasants, working class and working intellectuals. The ideology of the WPK is the communist ideology of Juche - independence, sovereignty and self-reliance.
"Our party exists in the name of the people and fights for its interests" (Kim Jong Il). The 65-year-old pathway of the party shows that the WPK has always put the interests of the people and the fight for the constant improvement of their lives as its cornerstone. The Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung travelled the country a lot and therefore knew how people live and what to do first. This tradition is implemented fully by the successor of his cause, Great Leader Kim Jong Il. The spiritual closeness of the leader and the people has turned Korean society into a monolithic bastion that eludes any storms or natural or political provocations of imperialism. The people are proudly and confidently building their own excellent and prosperous future, displaying heroism in their work and storming the heights of science and technology that provides a constant rise in the level of education of the people and its culture.
The people affectionately call the WPK the party of Kim Il Sung, thereby paying tribute to the living exploits of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung. The people's love for the present leader - Kim Jong Il appears in the boundless confidence of the people and a willingness to follow him, overcoming all obstacles in their path. Therefore, such people are invincible. This is evident especially in today's extremely tense political situation in the world and the great desire of world imperialism to blow up our WORLD and destroy civilization.
The huge steadfastness and willpower of Kim Jong Il constantly forces U.S. imperialism to stop and not give the imperialist vultures the chance to carry out their criminal step towards the destruction of our planet. Therefore, the DPRK today, led by the Workers' Party of Korea and its great leader Comrade KIM JONG IL, has a powerful shield, a nuclear shield, to halt the aggression of the American madmen who are pushing the world into an abyss.
We congratulate the heroic Korean people, led by their glorious Leader on their wonderful birthday – the 65-th anniversary of the WPK, and we wish the Korean people every success in their advancement towards a prosperous socialist country.

A greeting telegram has been sent by the General Secretary of the Central Committee of AUCPB, N.A. Andreeva addressed to the General Secretary of the of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Comrade Kim Jong Il on the occasion of this significant date in the DPRK.


Russian president Dmitry Medvedev recently signed a decree appointing Mikhail Fedotov, as Russian presidential adviser and chairman of the Presidential Council for Civil Society Institutions Development and Human Rights. "The priorities of the Presidential Council for Civil Society Institutions Development and Human Rights will be the de-Stalinization of the public consciousness, as well as judicial reform and the militia" - Mikhail Fedotov told Interfax. According to him, almost all materials on these issues "are at the highest stage of readiness." "I expect that by the end of the year they will be presented to the president" - added Fedotov. "While we do not do this, we cannot breathe and become equal with other nations” - he said. – “We must not abandon our history, but we must say that this is history and realize that we have changed". According to Fedotov, "in 1991, there was a bloodless revolution, but de-Stalinization did not take place." "I saw that the president sees this as very important advice, and not a bow, not a steam safety valve, but a tool to develop and implement public policy" - said Fedotov, after meeting with Medvedev.
Russian human rights activists and the "democratic" opposition welcomed the appointment of Mikhail Fedotov, the head of the Presidential Council for Human Rights, reported “Radio Svoboda”. Fedotov has proved "his integrity and commitment to democratic convictions," said the head of the Moscow Helsinki Group, Lyudmila Alekseeva. Russian ombudsman Vladimir Lukin has called his colleague a "man of very obvious and very clear democratic convictions." The leaders of the Yabloko party and "Just Cause" Sergei Mitrokhin and Leonid Gozman called the presidential elections "successful" and noted "the experience and good knowledge of the problems of civil society," by Fedotov. Mikhail Fedotov is a "democrat" with the experience. He was a minister of press and information in the government of Gaidar and Chernomyrdin, and headed the Union of Russian Journalists. He was in the political council of the “Union of Right Forces” (Soyuz Pravikh Sil) party.

Opinion of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB)

Open admission that "destalinization of the public consciousness" is the most important part of state policy in Russia is a momentous event, which makes explicit the fact that in recent decades attempts were made secretly to make Soviet people "bourgeois robots", experiencing the delight of the possibility to start his or her own "private business" who had forgotten their glorious Soviet history, spitting on their own Motherland, gaping into the mouth of the "democratic" culturists, dragging stale "cultural values" from the West. The years and decades have passed by, but the Soviet people stubbornly insist: "from the works of the righteous, one cannot build houses of stone".
One can understand the "democrats". Despite all their frantic attempts, they have failed to discredit the name of Stalin. The anti-Stalin campaign, running for more than half a century, has failed. The announcement of "de-Stalinization" of state policy is the best proof. The popularity of Stalin and the Soviet-era in the public consciousness has been steadily increasing. More than 60% of the population support Stalin. This is also confirmed by the failure of the broadcast by Svanidze & Co. the host on Russia’s TV Channel 5 of the dirty and provocative program "Judge of Time". Svanidze & Co. looking all puzzled, look for answers to the "paradox" of why the rigged answers in their studio to the question "Did the Bolsheviks - save or destroy Russia?" come up with..and he answers: "they destroyed Russia" (71% of voters) but you (the people) who phoned in to vote, it shows absolutely the opposite result - 72% of those phoning in responded: "they saved Russia." This haunts those in power who feel the "fragility" of the political situation in the country, the instability of their position. Government politicians, economists, administrators are at a loss - the entire Soviet reserve of firmness "has rusted away ", the machinery and equipment are obsolete and have not achieved anything: they are neither competitive nor bring growth, and the fields are overgrown with weeds. The system cannot rule in the old way. The cherished dream of the "democrats" - "people, to your feet!" has not been realised! What is to be done?
There remains one thing - to gather in the Council of Human Rights the last battalions of the "faithful democrats" (probably the very ones about whom Stalin said: "the truth is guarded by a battalion of lies") and in battle - we'll show them!"
And nothing is going right for you, gentlemen! It is possible for a time to make fools of part of the people and to hide from them the truth, but you cannot destroy it. From your "de-Stalinization" we Communists-Stalinists, have gained only an additional incentive to intensify and consolidate our fight against the threat of further fascization of the regime, in our opposition to total bourgeois lies.

True history will triumph!




30.09.2010 05:25

When comparing the buying and payment capabilities of salaries and pensions of the majority of the population (with the purchase of basic food products and payments for housing and utilities) in two decades: up to 1992 and from 1992 to the present time - and without a higher education, it can be seen that the standard of living of citizens of the USSR was stable and among the highest in Europe. For example, housing and utilities were cheaper at least by10 times than now, and it was quite a small proportion of family income. Now the standard of living in Ukraine has dropped to the level of the most backward countries in the world. In the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, they were not afraid of the world's financial and economic crises. There was never a delay salary payments. No one replaced the well-deserved retirement age pension for the so-called pension for those "incapacitated by old age”, a pension which one cannot survive on.
So, is this is not a genocide or war of the power against the ordinary populaiton of Ukraine?! And what kind of decency can the government in current Ukrain talk of, if the extinction of the population is similar to cannibalism, only it is being carried out indirectly!?!
There is no comparison between the current poverty-stricken life and the dignified life of the people of labour, of all the people in Soviet Socialist Ukraine.

OUR REPORTER., Zaporozhye


I remain for 12 years of residence in Michurin street, a powerless man in Ukraine. The roof and attic still flood with rains after the hurricane in July 26, 2007. For many years I have been writing about the restoration of my rights to light, water, gas, etc. - Some replies. The then Minister for Emergency, Shufrich deceived me in 2007, promising to help. And until now, I have been writing to Yanukovych to get Shufrich to answer for his deception.

N.P. Guz, Smela, Cherkasy region.


We have repeatedly written in the pages of our newspapers ("Workers 'and Peasants' Truth") about the struggle of the workers in the Kherson Combine Plant (now the OOO "HMZ") for their rights, right to work, at decent wages and a normal human life. However, this struggle has not brought success, many thousands of factory workers disbanded and thrown onto the street, and except for a few hundred people, production of combine harvesters has stopped. We publish below a letter by the plant employees to the current President of Ukraine, Yanukovich.

Dear Viktor Fedorovich!

Once again, the long-suffering team Kherson combine builders appeals to you, with a request to prevent the final collapse of the company and enable it to produce our domestic “Slavutich” combine harvesters, which are no worse than imported ones, and may in some casebe better than them, to give jobs to the unemployed Kherson workers.
Your visit to the factory in 2004, when the plant was nearly in the same state, gave a positive result, the company came to life in full swing, and we began to produce 200 combines annually. But the joy for factory workers lasted not for long, because in came the "orange" government, which helped to plunder and “kill” the plant.
They did not complete the dirty deed, because in February 2009 in defending their second home, the entire staff of factory workers rose up. Our representatives are still standing along the walls of the regional administration, reminding the authorities about the disaster that befell the plant.

The current owner of the factory of 2500 workers has left it with only about 400 people, including security, and so many workers can not provide the output of quality combines. This, I may say, "master" simply stole the money in 2008 to the amount of 5,4 million UAH., allocated by the state to modernize the “Slavutich” combine harvestor and has still not been punished, even though prosecutors in Kherson region have opened a criminal case on this. Currently, the "boss" is delivering “Polesie” combine harvesters to the factory already built" and is sellings them as having been assembled at "HMZ".
During the presidential election, people voted for you in the hope that you will establish order, and that such companies as our plant would operate at full capacity. After all, Ukraine has no factories that could produce such a harvester.
We demand from you as the guarantor of the Constitution, as the leader of the country and, eventually, as a man not indifferent to the plight of our endangered people by fault of the "orange" regime to decide to return the plant to the state, to enter the company in the register of strategic enterprises in Ukraine, to develop a state program for the purchase of domestic harvesters, to instruct the relevant authorities to investigate and punish those guilty of stealing Kherson Combine Plant.
We believe that restoring production capacity should be at the expense of those responsible, including the former heads of state.
Sincerely, several thousand staff of Kherson Combine Plant.

From the Editor: Dear comrades! We are totally on your side in the struggle for your human rights. But you must understand that Yanukovych – is the president of a bourgeois state, which expresses the interests of big capitalists in Ukraine. Such people as Akhmetov, Firtash and others like them, made their billions of dollars through the plunder of the people of Ukraine, the privatization of factories, mills, mines, etc., ie, stealing the people's property and getting rich at our expense. The destruction of industry and agriculture of Ukraine, its economic and scientific potential began with the treacherous destruction of our great socialist motherland. This destruction and looting in Ukraine was started by Kravchuk, then Kuchma continued it, then the Yushchenko-Tymoshenko, and now the results of this robbery ends with Yanukovych. Ukraine's President has promised a period of 5 years to complete privatization, i.e., the complete the transfer to private hands – to the same owners, as well as yours and successive directors of the remaining largest enterprises in Ukraine. Yanukovych-Azarov do not care about the ordinary people (we already wrote that the government of Azarov include multimillionaires, i.e. people who have got wealthy at our expense), they faithfully represent and will defend the interests of capital, the interests of the bourgeoisie – thieves. Look what is happening in Ukraine - excessively and rapidly rising prices and tariffs for all the necessities of life. The regime of Yanukovich-Azarov is seeking to withdraw Ukraine from the crisis (in which the whole world has been driven into by U.S. financial monopoly capital), as well as the bourgeoisie of all countries at the expense of human labor, that is, at our expense.
And the only salvation, the only way out of this plight – is the continuation of the struggle for our rights, whose ultimate goal is to destroy the power of capital and the restoration of our own workers and peasants Soviet power.
To do this requires that your struggle is supported the workers of other enterprises of Kherson, and then the whole of Ukraine. Joining together in the many millions of fighters across the Ukraine, across our Soviet motherland, we will overthrow the bourgeoisie.

AUCPB - Ukraine


20.09.2010 07:31

On September 16, members of the Central Council of the Union of sailors appealed to President Medvedev in an open letter in which they express "extreme concern over the current state of the Armed Forces." They urge him "to stop the insane and voluntaristic reforms undertaken by a group of amateurs who are alien to military affairs" and demand "the dismissal of Defense Minister Serdyukov and all his deputies, not mess their names in trading off the land of the Ministry of Defense, the criminal sellout of ships of the fleet and army equipment and skilled professionals."

The appeal is published below.

"To President of the Russian Federation (Russia)

To the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces

Mr Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev,


We, the members of the Central Council of the Union of sailors, representing current and former sailors - admirals, officers, warrant officers, petty officers and sailors and their family members, express our extreme concern about the current state of the Armed Forces. It is impossible not to see a sharp decrease in their combat readiness and national defense falling to unacceptably low levels, threatening the very existence of our country. Military science, military education, control and communications, fire service, the Defense Ministry, military medicine, military transport service, military commissariat, the rear of the Armed Forces, orchestral service, a system of military sanatoria and rest homes, the defense industry have all been destroyed or disorganized. Living standards and status of soldiers and veterans of the army and navy have been drastically reduced. The most independent and competent admirals, generals, officers, warrant officers and warrant officers have all been ejected from office or resigned, have soberly perceive the inferiority and criminality of the leadership of the Defense Ministry. The reduction of hundreds of thousands of officers is causing irreparable damage to the combat readiness units, units and ships. Dropouta, hucksters, unprincipled careerists, incidental to the cause of national defense ladies and gentlemen have been assigned to senior and responsible positions. Aversion and aversion to military service by young people and their parents has significantly increased. The slogan of giving the Armed Forces a "new image" has been totally discredited, degenerating into a scarecrow and an object of ridicule for all reasonable levels of society.

We urge you, as the Supreme Commander, to immediately stop these insane and voluntaristic reforms undertaken by a group of amateurs who are alien to military affairs, who are only capable of destroying, dividing and selling off what is left of the Armed Forces which defeated fascism, made to kneel the strongest militarist state of the planet, the regimes of Germany and Japan.

The present Defense Minister has misinformed leaders of Russia and its citizens, criminally hiding and falsifying the disastrous state of the Armed Forces, which until now have been brought to this state by his direct and active participation.

We insist on the immediate dismissal of Defense Minister Serdyukov and all his deputies, a thorough investigation of their activities with the involvement of these specialists in military affairs, not to mess their names with the selloff of land of the Ministry of Defense, the criminal sellout ships of the Navy and army equipment, skilled professionals able to distinguish white from black, the true patriots of our motherland. As such experts may be proposed Col. Gen. Ivashov, Vice-Admiral Volobuev. Under their leadership, there should be a commission of military experts, members of the public of a number of competent and honest people, authorized special services, prosecutors and an investigative committee. We consider it necessary to provide unrestricted access for the members of this commission to all sites of the Army and Navy and materials on the state of affairs in the Armed Forces. The results and proposals on rescuing the country's defense capabilities must be immediately reported to you, as the Supreme Commander and communicated to our fellow citizens.

We also believe in the immediate establishment of an state of emergency committee, headed personally by President of the Russian Federation with the participation of competent members of the State Duma and Federation Council members, to restore the readiness and combat capability of the Armed Forces. We believe it inappropriate to include in this committee, persons who are now members of the Committee on Defense, former political workers, and their compromising position of which contributed to bringing the Armed Forces to its current state.

If measures to rescue the country's defense capabilities will not be taken as soon as possible, the very existence of the state, its integrity and the peaceful life of our citizens will be called into question, and your duty as a guarantor of the Constitution and the Supreme Commander, and will remain indebted to the future generations of a former Great State sunken into oblivion.

We have the honor, on behalf of the Central Council of the Navy

Chairman of the Union, Captain, retired member of combat operations.


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September 16, 2010


On September 29 in the framework of the international campaign for the liberation of the Five Cuban Heroes, in Krasnoyarsk, near the monument “Kandalny Put’” a picket was held. The event was organized by the "Revolutionary Patriotic Union of Krasnoyarye" under the auspices of the regional organization of the AUCPB.
We recall, that for 12 years (since September 12, 1998) in American high-security prisons have been unjustly and illegally held five heroes of the Republic of Cuba, fighting against international terrorism. They exposed the plans of the Miami terrorist groups operating against Cuba with the help of the U.S. government, to defend their homeland from terrorist attacks. These people were condemned without evidence, to huge prison terms - up to double life. They are hostages of hatred by the imperialist United States towards the Cuban Revolution. Progressive world community all these years have been fighting for the liberation of the courageous Five.
The protesters unfurled banners «STOP the embargo against Cuba," "Freedom Now! Libertad ahora! Viva Cuba! ". They circulated newspapers "Hammer and Sickle", "Workers 'and Peasants' Truth", "Bulletin of the RPSK, as well as thematic leaflets “12 years in captivity of American reaction." Bolsheviks, V.N. Komarov, N.M. Shafranov, E. Fatyanova in brief speeches explained to the audience the essence of the aggressive anti-Cuban policy of the United States and the current state of affairs of the Five. Also read out was a statement demanding the immediate release of prisoners of imperialism and the lifting of the blockade of the island of Liberty, signed by leaders of the "Revolutionary Patriotic Union of Krasnoyarye. Many picketers also expressed their willingness to sign it. The text of the statement is below. Interestingly, among the protesters was a WWII veteran who fought alongside Vasily Stalin.
The event triggered heightened interest by the law enforcement. So, literally every step of the participants was carefully fixed on camera by a plain clothes cop, in addition, there was an attempt to prohibit speech under a hackneyed excuse "you have declared a picket." Despite this, the action took place without incident.

For the immediate release of the Five Heroes

The policies of the government of the United States in relation to Free Cuba was and remains aggressive. The imperialists have not abandoned their attempts to destroy the gains of the Cuban Revolution. One of the manifestations of this shameful policy of hostility is the blockade of the island, continuing for half a century.
Increasingly, this confrontation on part of the United States assumes the character of open warfare. Anti-Cuban gangster groups, based in Florida, with the approval and support of government and financial circles of American society carry out terrorist acts against the Cuban people, encroaching on its freedom and independence.
At the same time, inside U.S. security prisons for 12 years continue to be wrongfully and illegally held five Cubans - fighting against international terrorism, exposing the plans of the armed groups of the anti-Cuban mafia. In fact, they are hostages of hatred of the U.S. imperialists towards the Cuban Revolution.
We declare our solidarity with the Cuban Revolution. We express our admiration for the people of Cuba, under the leadership of Fidel and Raul Castro's courage in building socialism under the brutal economic blockade and continuing military threat from world imperialism.
We demand an immediate end to the blockade of the island of Liberty. In case of failure to do so by the United States, we call on governments and the heads of all states, primarily Russia, to ignore the blockade and to restore trade relations with Cuba.
We demand the immediate release of the Five Heroes, fighters against international terrorism and call for their return to their homeland.
Demand the prosecution for terrorist activities the leaders of illegal armed groups against Cuba, gangs that are enjoying the undeserved protectorate of the United States, in the first place - the notorious international terrorist Luis Posada and Orlando Bosch whose extradition has been sought for many years by Cuba and several Latin American countries.


Socialism or death!

Revolutionary-patriotic union of the Krasnoyarsk:
V.N. Komarov (Movement “Working Krasnoyarsk")

L.S. Kuznetsov (All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks)

E.A. Postovsky (Russian Communist Workers Party -
Revolutionary Communist Party)

E.A. Fatyanova (All-Union Young Guard of Bolsheviks)

Participants in the picket of solidarity with Cuba and for the immediate release of the Five Heroes



Bureau of the CC AUCPB in Siberia and the Far East

Medvedev signs order banning the transfer of C-300 to Iran
22.09.2010, 21.03

MOSCOW, September 22. Itar-Tass. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed an order banning the sale to Iran of the air defence “S-300” missile system and other modern weapons.
As reported by the Kremlin press service, the order "On Measures to Implement UN Security Council Resolution 1929 of June 9, 2010", "in particular, prohibits the transit movement through the territory of Russia / including air / the export from Russia to Iran and the transfer to Iran outside Russia with the use of ships and aircraft under the national flag of Russia of any battle tanks, armored combat vehicles, large caliber artillery systems, combat aircraft, attack helicopters, warships, missiles or missile systems as defined for the purposes of UN Register of Conventional Arms, anti-aircraft missile systems S-300, or related equipment, to the above-named items, including spare parts."
"The transfer to Iran of technology or the provision to Iran of technical assistance related to ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launch systems using a ballistic missile technology, is banned" - said the decree of Dmitry Medvedev.
"banned also is the providing to Iran of financial services including insurance or reinsurance," "any financial or other assets or resources, if in the Russian Federation there is information giving reason to believe that such services, assets or resources could contribute to the proliferation of sensitive nuclear activities or development of Iran's nuclear weapon delivery systems "- the document says.
24.09.2010, 16.36

PARIS, Sept. 24. Itar-Tass. “Iran is to make its own anti-aircraft missile defense system analogous to Russian S-300”. This was announced by the Ministry of Defence of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a position which is now widely quoted in the European media.
"We will build a long-range anti-aircraft missile system analogous to C-300" - said Defense Minister and Armed Forces Logistics of Iran, Sardar Ahmad Vahidi. "Thanks to the efforts of Iranian engineers, we will achieve self-sufficiency," - he added.
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev this week signed a decree "On Measures to Implement UN Security Council Resolution 1929 of June 9, 2010”. This document introduced a ban on transfers to Iran of various weapons, including anti-aircraft missile system S-300.

The Korean Friendship Association(KFA) was founded in November 2000 with the purpose of building international ties with the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.It has several thousand members from 120 different countries.
The KFA has full recognition from the government of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea and is the world-wide leading organisation of its supporters.
The KFA recieves official information from Pyongyang and is in contact with the Korean Committee For Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries and the Korean Commitee For Solidarity with the World People.

The Main Objectives of the KFA are:
Show the reality of the DPR Korea to the world
Defend the independence and socialist construction in the DPR of Korea
Learn from the culture and history of the Korean People
Work for the peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula
Comrade Kim Jong Il leader of the Korean people said
“our Republic has been established and developed as a genuine country of the people, as a Juche-oriented socialist country, the first of its kind in history, and our people, who were oppressed and maltreated for centuries, have become able to enjoy, in the embrace of the Republic, the pride and happiness of a genuine life in which they exercise full rights as masters of the State and society.....
Our Republic, which incorporates the great Juche idea in its State building and State activities, is a people-centered socialist country in which the people are regarded as God, an independent socialist State with a strong Juche character and national identity, and an invincible socialist power that prevails over any enemy, however formidable”


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