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Tuesday, 2 August 2011



On June 25, 1950, the U.S. committed armed aggression against the newly-born DPRK (1948), hoping to destroy this country and turn the entire Korean peninsula into a bridgehead for the conquest of East Asia. But quite unexpectedly the U.S. was met by a so dignified and stubborn resistance by the DPRK that their, "blitzkrieg" intended to last a week became for the U.S., three years of heavy loss of life and equipment that ended in the signing of "truce" on July 27, 1953. For the first time in its history of military adventures, the U.S. received a powerful slap in the face. The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung led the resistance of the people to U.S. aggression. He was always in Pyongyang, at the headquarters where he directed military operations and civilian work in the factories that produced weapons. There, in the headquarters, his son, little KIM JONG IL was oftern there watching the work of his father the Great Leader, and carefully studied the maps of military action.

Then, in the Fatherland Liberation War against the American occupiers, the entire people of Korea liberated from Japanese colonial slavery, rose up to defend their homeland. When the plant’s electricity was cut off (from the constant bombing and electrical cable breaks), people turned heavy flywheels which drove the machines by hand. Over Pyongyang, American bombers dropped such an enormous number of bombs, that they turned the city into the ashes and complete ruins. The heroism of the people on the front and rear was universal. Men and women fought to the death against the armed to the teeth American aggressors. And they achieved victory in the unequal fight! The great spirit of freedom, independence and courage of the Koreanshad won, defending the future of the Korean nation, the right to an independent, elected by the people, path of building a new, free society from exploitation. And in this victory lies the great merit of the great military leader Comrade Kim Il Sung.

Today is a very difficult time for the DPRK due to constant provocations by the U.S. who dream to destroy the freedom-loving people, and by the treachery of the Korean nation's ruling elite in South Korea, fully sold to America. The puppet government of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) is actively engaged in "intimidating" the DPRK (North Korea) by their military maneuvers near the borders of the DPRK, by falling for bribery and powerful ideological propaganda, trying to tarnish the DPRK and its leaders. But the people of the DPRK peacefully and with irony refer to such provocations, strongly believes in its leadership and is ready to carry out any order of their beloved leader - the Great Kim Jong Il.

The most painful issue for the U.S. now is the possession by the DPRK of it own nuclear weapon created by the genius of Korean scientists and engineers. The DPRK is now reliably protected from a possible pre-emptive strike by the United States, which earlier constantly threatened the DPRK. Therefore, discussions about the resumption of six-party talks, which were devoted to at meetings in July in Bali (Indonesia), is, it seems to us, an old song by the United States to force the DPRK and its leadership under any pretext and various false promises from the U.S. into rejecting nuclear weapons.

In recent history, there have been many examples that prove that a lack of a nuclear shield by a number of sovereign states ended in the destruction of their own independence and demise, accompanied by the physical extermination of the civilian population in these countries by the United States aggressor. The real U.S. attitude towards the DPRK has been well known the across the world over the past 60 years. "Goodwill" by the U.S. is similar to the "goodwill" of the wolf in Krylov's fable "The Wolf in the dog kennel," namely, when the predator, mistaking the fold, comes to the kennel and being pushed into a corner, vows not to kill, but to protect the sheep, for which he was answered: -

You're gray, but I, my friend, am grey,

And your wolfy nature, I know long ago;

So my custom:

With the wolves is not to make peace,

As taking the skin off them.

And then he released the pack of hounds on the Wolf. This Krylov fable was written in 1812 (during Russia’s war with Napoleon). The fable was immediately sent to the army of Kutuzov ... The Russian general treated the French as the hound did in the fable of Krylov ...

We sincerely wish the heroic people of the DPRK success in building a prosperous socialist state and solving in the near future complex problems associated with unifying the Korean nation into a united Democratic Confederal Republic of Koryo on the scenario developed by the DPRK with the partcipation of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and later updated by Great Kim Jong Il .

We wish the DPRK complete victory over modern fascism - US Nazism-Zionism.

Such people as the people of the DPRK, can never be beaten!



On July 27, Novosibirsk, in Akademgorodok on, 18 / 1 Heroes of Labour street, took place, the fourth Stalin picket organized by the Komsomol and AUCPB which make up the movement "FOR STALIN!" In the demonstration also took an active part activists from "The judge of time" organisation.

The fifth Stalinist rally will be held on July 30 (Saturday), at 16.00-19.00, at the Karl Marx Square, 7, on-site at the entrance to Sun City. It is also planned to hold the sixth Stalin picket on August 3 in Berdsk (time and venue to be confirmed).



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