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Wednesday, 3 August 2011




At the "Vostok" plant in Bolshoi Kamen a strike took place by workers who are painting the nuclear submarine "Nerpa". The painters, seconded to work with the Amur Shipbuilding Plant and the "Korabell-Vostochny" plant in Nakhodka, are protesting against delays in payment of salaries and poor working conditions.

In the compartments and holds, heat, humidity, and heavy paint vapour hangs in the air due to poor conditions of ventilation systems that are badly discharging the fumes. According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the workers employed in the painting of the submarine, have not received salaries since May, and some of the workers had written an application for resignation.


According to labour activists at JSC "Karazhanbasmunai", on Saturday began a meeting of workers at the oil field "Kalamkas", and on Sunday, July 24 at a rally after the change, which was attended by about five thousand men, it was decided to support the demands of the strikers, fellow strikers. The workers at Kalamkas insist on the immediate release from prison of the trade union lawyer Natalia Sokolova and worker activist Akzhanata Aminov, end all criminal and administrative cases and reinstatement to work of all laid-off members of the actions. Meanwhile the oil workers are going to hold meetings after the shift, but in case of mass layoffs, which the first deputy general director of "KMG" Askar Balzhanov, has promised to implement, the workers will simply not come to drill and will organize a new enclave of strike action.

In the workplace at "Ozenmunaygaza", there has also been a turning point in the mood of the workers. Workers from different departments who refused to strike a few weeks ago, again go on the side of the strikers, adding to the ranks of the rally on Yntymak square in the centre of Zhanaozen. It seems that the attempts of the authorities and employers have failed, and the threat of layoffs and repression to stifle the strike have failed. Moreover, the strike wave can cover all the surrounding oil fields and connected. The workers have shown unprecedented unity and solidarity, and their actions are coordinated by trade union activists.

With shame ended the visit by deputies from the Majilis (Parliament), who left after a visit to Aktau after a visit from European parliamentarians from the Socialist Party of Ireland, Paul Murphy. Instead of going to the place of assembly and meetings of strikers, they offered the workers to come cap in hand to school number 24 in the 15th district of Aktau, where he chaired the "working group" akimat, "Nur Otan," made up of representatives of the EP and the Chinese company CITIC. Three MPs from the ruling party of Mangistau region thought to exercise individual reception for sacked workers in order to allegedly help them with employment. On the demand of the oil workers, to go to the "people's elected representatives" to the working people, as the socialist from Europe did, they refused. As a result, the "dialogue" did not take place ...

On July 25 ends the moratorium on layoffs, and the striking oil workers with anticipation expect action by the employers. In the case of growth of repression, inevitably the strike will spread to neighboring enterprises, and all the relatives and sympathizing residents of settlements affected by thestrike action will come to the rallies. On the same day at 3pm, began the trial of Natalia Sokolova, who was accused at the request of the acting president of "Karazhanbasmunai" Yuan Mu, of fomenting "social discord." Incidentally, the funniest proposal from "Karazhanbasmunai" to hold a meeting of the personnel for the election of new representatives for talks, the workers of JSC "Karazhanbasmunai," affirmed the authority of their own comrades, sitting in jail.

July 26.
According to labour activists from a number of strikers, from Aktau alarming news is coming out. Four buses with riot police were not removed from Zhanaozen, but are in a camp in the desert, waiting for further orders. The oil town itself is awash with traffic police, which also raises suspicion among the strikers and the local population. Due to the fact that on 25 July from 5 to 7 am a warning strike of solidarity of workers at the deposit "Kalamkas" took place which was attended by five thousand oil workers, the number of participants in the rally in Yntymak square also increased. Despite the widening of the strike, labour leaders do not exclude the implementation of counter-insurgency operations in the next few days.

At the same time, more layoffs after July 25 were not followed through, although notices and warnings have been issued in large numbers in many enterprises and departments of "Ozenmunaygaz." At the same time, the mood among the workers is more than decisive. As mentioned earlier, the work collectives of all the neighboring oil fields and enterprises, and residents of Zhanaozen, Akat, Shetpe settlement and other settlements are ready to go en masse to support the oil workers in the case of force being used by and riot police units. The situation remains very tense in the region. The judicial process over Natalia Sokolova, having not started, has been moved to an unspecified time.



At the "Borispol" international airport August 01 2011, more than five flights of the airline "Aerosvit" were delayed in connection with the protest by pilots of Boeing-737-s, reports "RBC-Ukraine", the press service of the airlines, on the website spb.rbc.ru.

According to the report at the time, flights were delayed to Moscow, Hamburg, Odessa, Athens and other cities. Also reported was a canceled flight to Prague. In total may be about 5% of flights that are served by Boeing-737 aircraft may be delayed. Return flights to "Borispol" were subjected to delay, but their flights will take place.

Media reported long queues in the lobby of Terminal "A". The company promised to provide passengers with a hotel room or a refund in the case of flight cancellations.

Earlier it was reported that due to the strike by Ukrainian pilots, in Moscow’s "Sheremetyevo" airport 90 passengers have remained stranded.

Pilots are protesting reduction in benefits, including wages. Negotiations are underway between the union and the administration of the pilots of the airline.

"Aerosvit" is one of the largest Ukrainian airline, and serves 80 international routes, its fleet consists of 16 medium-haul Boeing 737s and seven Boeing 767 long-haulers. In 2010, "Aerosvit" increased transport up to 1.717 million passengers (a 24.4% increase in 2009).

August 1 2011

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