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Thursday, 1 September 2011






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No 9 (102) SEPTEMBER 2011


The AUCPB was the only political organization, which since the early days, the first hours supported the State of Emergency Committee, as well as their unique political document, considering the actions of the GKChPists as an attempt to normalize the situation in the country and abandon the vicious "perestroika" policy. But three days later on 21 August, we realized that the actions of the GKChPists were aimed only at adjustment of Gorbachev's perestroika without changing its capitalist nature.
This period of our history, the period of the Emergency Committee, is nothing but an open, brazen and determined offensive counter-revolution in the face of the "democrats" against the socialist gains, a counter-revolutionary coup, carried out under the cover of the Emergency Committee. In these days of counter-revolution, the "democrats" dropped the term "perestroika" (reconstruction), which became for them an unnecessary screen and went for a change of leaders of the counter-revolution, replacing Gorbachev to Yeltsin as a battering ram on the counter-revolution. His so-called Sakharov, who hated Yeltsin recruited him through his aides in the highest echelons of power to carry out counter-revolutionary mission - the destruction of socialism. The ram, or, in Russian, a log, which is dull and persistently carried out the will of the foreign sponsors of counter-revolution and our fifth column.
The State of Emergency Committee –was a spectacle, whose script was written by U.S. intelligence services abroad, and the director was Gorbachev, not realizing that he himself signed his own slaughter of the last act of this monstrous piece called the State of Emergency Committee.
As the chief prosecution against the GKChPistam, the "Democrats" put forth that the GKChPists allegedly "seized power". Nonsense! Each member of the Emergency Committee, was a member of the State Security Committee formed by them, and already had unlimited power, for all of the Emergency Committee as a whole - this was the whole Security Council of the USSR, the deputy prime minister, who served then acting president, the Prime Minister, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the ministers of principal departments. Each of them already had unlimited powers. This is firstly. Secondly, the events of August 19 can not be classified as a coup, since all the opponents of Soviet rule had not been arrested, freely spoke at meetings (Yeltsin, Sobchak, etc.), etc. Third, the troops brought by the GKChPists into Moscow – were without ammo or shells, and were given no clear orders to act. Fourth, the GKChPists turned out as hostages of the situation. Afraid to take the decision on their own, without Gorbachev and not getting any instructions from him, the GKChPists lost. (Gorbachev was on vacation all the time in Foros, bathed in the sea with his family and had only one-way communication with the Emergency Committee – and talked to them when he wanted to). Among them, the GKChPistov, there was no one who would take responsibility for decisive action.
Fifthly, the proponents of counter-revolution, according to Gaidar, were very small in number. The main counter-revolutionaries were concentrated in St. Petersburg and at only one of their mass protests on Dvortsovy Ploshad, i.e. from the 5-million population of Leningrad – no more than 100 thousands "Democrats" (just 2-4% of the population!). In Moscow, there were even fewer. In other words, Yeltsin had NO popular support among the population!
Sixth, it should be noted that the counter-revolution was well supported by business, which understood that if it loses, it will never win. Therefore, in Moscow, wrote in those days, "Komsomolskaya Pravda", money was carried in suitcases to the barricades - 13 suitcases of money alone. Taken to the barricades in car were all the "deficits" - sausage, smoked hard, expensive imported cigarettes, etc., etc. Anyone who was around the barricades was given money. A member of our party saw this herself, who out of curiosity went to the barricades. She was also offered money. The question is: where did so much money come from? In the events of the State Emergency Committee, the "democrats" were involved in money and the so-called state loans of the USSR - the money from the West that Gorbachev had received for "perestroika" in the form of an IMF loan. Now, the "democrats" fraudulently garbles texture, making the money out as the debt of the USSR. In other words, now paying off the debt to the West, we are paying off what was spent directly on our own destruction.
Trucks, dump trucks, various construction equipment, which were used to erect the barricades of which was bought with the business money, or those who had already managed to amass by robbery of his own people, is now afraid of losing it all in case of defeat of the counterrevolution.
I want to repeat the statement of George Bush senior: "We spent $ 4 trillion to win the Cold War and in comparison with the amount that that the U.S. intends to spend right now - 24 billion - is of course, nothing. The democrats in the Kremlin are able to guarantee our security more much reliably than nukes did "(166 times cheaper - our clarification).
In summary: The counter-revolution in August 1991 won because of the cowardice and the inability of the then party leadership to take responsibility, because of their cowardice to go directly to the people for help.
The counterrevolution in the Soviet Union won, because we brought up ourselves a fifth column, starting with the Khrushchev era.
The counter-revolution triumphed because of strong financial and other assistance to this fifth column by the West, primarily – by the United States.
These are the main factors that ensured the victory of the counterrevolution. There are more and more. They have already been discussed and analyzed previously in our party documents and speeches.

(According to the article "An interview with the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the State of Emergency Committee." See the book, NA Andreeva, "For Bolshevism inside the communist movement" pp.161-167. Acad. CC AUCPB, Leningrad, 2001 . Online www.vkpb.ru)



On July 26, 1953, the Moncada barracks - a military garrison in Santiago de Cuba was attacked by revolutionaries led by Fidel and Raul Castro. The Moncada Barracks assault is one of the glorious pages of the world revolutionary movement.
A year before that event, in Cuba there was a military coup. The army in Latin America was cut off from the people, the officers belonged to a special caste, with right-wing and extreme right-wing views. Cuba was no exception.
During the coup in March 1952, General Fulgencio Batista, a US-centric came to power.
The establishment of a military dictatorship in Cuba led to the rise of popular democratic forces who did not want to live under the military regime.
Among the young opposition politicians of that time were the two Castro brothers - 26-year-old lawyer, Fidel and 22-year-old student Raul. Fidel was in the Party of the Cuban people (otherwise known as - the orthodox party), and Raul - in the Socialist Youth for the PSP.
"If we had not learned from books with the political theory of Marx and not learned inspiration from Marty, Marx, Lenin, we could not have even formulated the idea of revolution in Cuba, because with only a handful of people, none of whom studied at a Military Academy, it is impossible to wage war with a well-organized, well armed and trained army and achieve victory, starting almost from scratch. Revolution needs these ideas, like air." Fidel Castro.
"The current period is a revolutionary period, rather than a political time parliamentary - ed.) of struggle ... A revolution opens the door not to fake, but to real merits, to people who have ideals and courage, people who are willing to die by the bullet and are ready to raise high the banner of struggle". Fidel Castro.
Fidel Castro, along with his comrades, decided to start rise up while the Batista regime had still not firmly established itself. It was decided to storm the Moncada barracks in Santiago de Cuba, where an army regiment was stationed.
The revolutionaries were convinced that taking a military fortress would lead to an immediate revolutionary explosion across the country. "If Moncada had fallen, then three thousands weapons would have fallen into our hands." "The people would have risen up, make no mistake, because anyone who opposed Batista immediately would have popular support." "Then we were going to take the provincial radio station. All the material has already been prepared: the decrees, which subsequently appeared in the publication "History will absolve me," the call on the people and call for a general strike, because the situation was appropriate." Fidel Castro.
If, after the capture of the Moncada the forces of the rebels and punitive powers were unequal, Castro, along with his colleagues, were planning to go guerrilla in the mountains of Sierra Maestra.
In the spring of 1953, Fidel began preparing for the uprising. For the organization of the rebel base on the outskirts of Santiago, a farm was purchased and used under the guise of a poultry farm. Sheds were built for storing a large number of vehicles, and the version released that this was a pavilion for the bird cells. A deep dry well, standing next to the house was adapted into a storehouse of weapons.
"In country after Batista's coup, there was a lull, and the organizers of the coup felt confident enough that the shops sold guns freely. I started organizing the gradual acquisition of almost all the necessary weapons and procuring the means to do so. We had to make ourselves out to be rich people who were fond of sports." Fidel Castro.
To participate in the uprising, they succeeded in attracting, according to various estimates, from 134 to 160 people. By the evening of July 25, all participants in the operation gathered at the farm. Late in the evening, Fidel arrived. Participants were handed out weapons, explained the plan of operation, all sang the national anthem, and quietly began to prepare for battle.
Fidel specifically warned supporters that the task of the rebels was to seize the barracks and capture the sleeping soldiers. No need to kill anyone unless it was absolutely necessary, said Fidel. While in Cuba, Batista's army and was a punitive structure, however, the revolutionaries sought to avoid unnecessary casualties, and showed humanity to ordinary soldiers.
The clock was approaching five o'clock in the morning when the convoy of 26 vehicles headed for the goal. The assault was to begin in 5.15 am.
Everything seemed to be going according to plan. However, at the entrance to the barracks itself, they met an obstacle that decisively influenced the outcome of the operation. When the car moved forward to with a group to take the main gate, there was a foot patrol of Batista's soldiers who had finished their perimetre patrol of the barracks.
"One of the men, who was traveling with me, jumped out from front seat on the right, fired a shot – the first heard in this kind of battle; many other shots were fired. The shooting started. The alarm siren started wailing in barracks, interspersed with shots and a continuous hellish noise. All those who had driven behind me, jumped out, as had been foreplanned, and broke into the long, quite large building of that type of architecture, as other buildings on the territory of barracks. They housed a military hospital, and they rushed there, taking it as the object that they had to take." "The battle that was to start inside the barracks, had started outside. And, having lost their sense of direction, our people took quite a different building - the hospital. " Fidel Castro.
The incident led to the squad starting to firing too early. The situation was extremely disadvantageous to the attackers. Firstly, the battle broke out outside the barracks and, secondly, it was positional in nature. The barracks were not captured, Batista's soldiers took up defensive positions, and their numerical advantage doomed the rebels to failure.
Dawn broke when Fidel gave the signal to retreat. After an unsuccessful attack, the rebels broke up into small groups, went into the mountains, and into the region of the uprising began to arrive numerous government forces. Army units staged a hunt for people in surrounding areas, seizing rebels. Many participants in the uprising were taken prisoner and were killed after brutal torture.
The military unit was made up of a group of 12 men led by Fidel was destroyed. But Fidel remained alive - the lieutenant, holding him, brought him to a civil prison. On July 29, Raul Castro was also arrested. Detainment and court proceedings began.
“The storming of the Moncada barracks, defined a new force, a new revolutionary force that could lead the nation in the struggle for the liberation of the country and build a new society", said Jose Dionisio Peras Chapo, a Cuban diplomat and historian.
"In the period preceding the assault on Moncada, Fidel Castro said, you must start a small engine motor, which will start the great engine of the masses. Such a small engine was to be the impact of Moncada, and from the outset was seen as the spark that would wake up the people, and break out the flames of war against the oppressors." THE STRATEGY OF MONCADA LED US TO VICTORY." Raul Castro.

Submitted by: "Revolutsiya”, № 7-8, 2011, (abbridged)


On July 10 we learned all about the terrible accident on the Volga River when during a storm, the river boat "Bulgaria" sank. According to various sources, on board were from 192 to 209 people. At the time of writing, 79 of them were rescued. As of July 19, 114 people had died (updated to 122 confirmed deaths, bodies recovered and identified), the fate of nine people was still unknown, (as well as 14 - injured) ..
"Bulgaria" (the river boat carried the name "Ukraina" up until February 2010) was built back in 1955 in Czechoslovakia according to a design which did not include the installation of interior partitions. I.e., water, as a result of the accident, quickly filled the entire vessel. And it did. The vessel sank in just 3 to 5 minutes. Immediately after the disaster, information appeared about numerous breakdowns occuring on "Bulgaria." Before leaving port, the vessel had a defective left engine, the boat was overloaded, and listed to starboard. It was found that breakdowns had occurred during previous cruises – the engine cut out more than once, water poured through the portholes, the boat was late for many hours, and the toilets were blocked. It turned out that even before the engine room was exposed to water, the electric generators had cut out, and so the vessel could not sent out an SOS signal. This bleak picture was enhanced by the vessel’s radio operator who survived, Rinat Gabitdinov, who spoke about the power outage. According to him, when the captain ordered everyone to move over to the left side of the vessel when the boat keeled over to the right, it was impossible to annouce this across the loudspeaker system. Gabitdinov also said that during the previous sailing, the engine room had caught fire.
According to newspaper "Izvestia", rivermen used to call "Bulgaria" the "floating coffin." A source from newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets", who went on board in 2007, said that "Bulgaria" was already flooding with water through the portholes, because their rubber sealing was completely "cracked" (!).
Another bleak fact talking about an utter collapse of moral: two ships sailed past the sinking vessel without stopping, the captains of which did not even feel the need to stop and render aid to those in distress. "Bulgaria" was owned by Kamskoye Rechnoye Parakhodstvo which leased the vessel to OOO “Briz” which in turn subleased it to OOO "Argorechtur" which operated it.
As told to newspaper "Izvestia" by a source close to the investigation, "the company, apparently, wanted to shift all costs of repair to the vessel over to the leaserholder, and they, in turn preferred to make money from the "Bulgaria", investing almost nothing into it." The newspaper later found out that in the repair of the vessel, spare parts "obtained on the side" were used, and therefore the propulsion system broke down. The leaseholders did not spend any money on new spares, and made engineers and mechanics repair worn out parts. The ship was repaired in the shortest possible time, in time for navigation.
Moreover, according to Deputy of “Rostourism” Eugene Pisarevsky, whose words were carried by "Interfax", the firm "Argorechtur" is not included in the list of tour operators of Russia, and therefore had no right to offer cruise tours on the vessel. This is without mentioning the fact that the vessel itself, as investigators found, did not have a license for passenger transport. In addition, according to "Kommersant", the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the "shipping company "Kamskoye Rechnoye Parakhodstvo"," who owned the "Bulgaria", Mikhail Antonov, is under investigation for ammunition trafficking. At one time, he was suspected of fraud, illegal entrepreneurship and substance abuse. (According to the website "Lenta.Ru").
The main aim set by the entrepreneurs (private traders, bourgeois) using the boat was to maximize profits. None of them one cared about the boat having long passed all its conceivable technical service life, or the safety of passengers.
In the words of Karl Marx, give the bourgeois 300% profit and there is no crime he will not commit for the sake of getting it.
Therefore, the fact that Svetlana Inyakina, director of "Argorechtur", Jacob Ivashov, senior expert at the Kama Branch of the Russian River Register, and the two captains of the ships that passed by the sinking "Bulgaria" that did not help the drowning passengers are facing prosecution does not change anything in essence.
The cause of death of the people who wanted to relax at the weekend, is capitalism, the immeasurable greed and the quest for profit, for the money. Under capitalism, of paramount importance is not people, but MONEY, PROFIT, their majesty CAPITAL. People are nothing more than a means to maximize profits and the boundless, limitless enrichment of the bourgeoisie.
Symbolicly, the original real name of the river boat was "Ukraina."
We are both drowning together – both Russia and Ukraine, which became, like all the other republics, victims of the capitalist counter-revolution, the defeat of socialism and the destruction of the Soviet Union.
And on that same day, a few hours earlier on the night of July 9 to 10, by now in Ukraine, a nursing home had burned to the ground in Beloe Dubrovitsky district of Rivne region. 16 elderly people were burned alive. Only 9 people managed to escape alive. Among the burned, as reported by the media, was Natalie Savich, who for more than 30 years had worked on a collective farm as a milkmaid and raised eight children. And in Ukraine there are 784 such nursing homes, now loudly called territorial centres of social services.
The nursing home that burned down was a ramshackle wooden structure, and so the fire that had begun destroyed the building immediately. Of course, the powers that be poured crocodile tears over the tragedy. Ukraine's President ordered the Cabinet to allocate 7 million UAH to restore the home, and from the regional budget will be allocated financial assistance to the bereaved families amounting to 1.5 thousand UAN for each person. The Regional Council, together with the regional administration took over the organization of burial and funeral receptions.
The veterans do not need the current Ukrainian bourgeois authorities. The veterans, who for decades worked at enterprises and collective farms, taught and treated our children; veterans who once were still very young, defended our country from fascism, in the shortest period of 4 years, then restored, with the help of all the fraternal Soviet republics, the ruined economy, and by the mid 80s, before the start of Gorbachev's perestroika and the counter-revolution, brought Ukraine up to the ten top most developed countries.
The arrival to power of the bourgeois government as a result of counter-revolution, has stolen everything created by people, and amassed themselves with millions and billions of dollars in wealth. They have no need for veterans. They live in their stone mansions (we all saw Yanukovich’s estate "Mezhyhiria" on June 28, when he answered questions from journalists at his residence). Naurally, such a fire could not begin there. In brick houses, maybe a few less (according to rank and value) of the bourgeoisie are living and their leaders of regional and district levels. But to the veterans it’s - "take it for yourself, God, what I do not need” – an old wooden shack. If you live until a ripe old age, then you're in luck. Burn in a fire - so how long can you live now? That's the cynical attitude of the power of capital towards veterans, veteran soldiers, veteran workers, holders of Soviet ideology and Soviet ideology.
And this was not the first nursing home that has burned to the ground in Ukraine and Russia ...
On June 20, near Petrozavodsk in Karelia, a Tu-134 plane crashed. During landing in bad weather the plane crashed on a highway, 700 m before the runway. The plane slid and carved about 150 m of forest edge and stopped just 20 meters from houses in a dacha village. The fuselage disintegrated and caught fire on board. 44 people were killed on the spot and 3 more died in hospitals.
According to flight attendant Julia Skvortsova, who was the only member of the crew who survived the crash, the cause of the crash was bad weather and pilot error. Moreover, the girl spoke about the second reason. It was he, the pilot, who was behind the wheel of the liner at the time of the crash. Risking the lives of dozens of people, Sergey Karyakin did not want fly the plane around once more to make a second attempt at landing, because he wanted to save fuel. The stewardess explained that small companies are often fine their pilots, if they burn fuel more than necessary, and sometimes they fill the fuel tanks with just enough fuel calculated "kilometer per kilometer." With this, unlike experts investigating the crash, Skvortsova said that the lights on the runway were unlit just before the aircraft broke the overhead power lines.
Israeli newspaper Haaretz saw a conspiracy in the incident. The author suggested that someone was to benefit from the removal of prominent Russian nuclear specialists. According to the publication with reference to Russian military sources, five experts who were killed in the crash, had helped Iran build a nuclear reactor at Bushehr and to ensure its seismic resistance. According to colleagues, their loss was a heavy blow to Russia's nuclear industry. They were being flown to an important meeting in Petrozavodsk, where they were to discuss issues related to the development of nuclear reactors. The author of the article Eli Shvidler recalls that "some Iranian scientists have already been victims of mysterious accidents, including plane crashes." In addition, he seemed suspicious of the fact that the airline swapped planes at the last minute before taking off and did not notify the passengers. Thus, this was a gross violation of procedure, and yet the flight went ahead as a result, using an old Tu-134 instead of the original Canadian Bombardier CRJ-200. Previously, the crew of this aircraft had landed at "Besovets" airport. But not one of the pilots on this flight had ever landed at the airport at Petrozavodsk (news site "Utro.ru, 29.06.2011) ...
On January 25 in Moscow at Domodedovo airport, an terrorist attack took place. In the centre of the hall a suicide bomber blew himself up. The explosion killed 36 people. Hundreds more were injured in the blast. As noted by observers, in Moscow over the past 15 years, this is the 26th attack, during which more than 600 people have been killed. ...
According to media reports, on the highways every two minutes, an accident occurs. All in all, car accidents in the 20 years of "independence" of Ukraine, have killed 137 thousand people.
If we take the integral index score of the 20 year old bourgeois reforms, the reduction of population of Ukraine amounts to more than 13 million people and is clearly seen, (including those who travel abroad, where most migrants do not intent to return to Ukraine): from 52.25 million to 39 million people.

WE ARE BEING DESTROYED. We are being destroyed intentionally and purposefully. And if we do not resist, do not fight for the right to a dignified human life, the right to life itself at all, then we - the working people of Russia, Ukraine and other republics will simply be destroyed, bringing the population of Russia: from 150 million people to 50 million (according to the plans of Margaret Thatcher, in Russia in general there should only be 15-20 million people for the servicing of oil and gas pipelines and providing normal living conditions for the European population, for the European working people, who unlike us, are striking and fighting for their right to a dignified life, but we remain silent and buzz like flies ...), Ukraine from 52 - to 20 million, Belarus, from 10 to 3 million people. These plans were developed several decades ago by the so-called Club of Rome, a division of the world government of Zionist and American imperialism. And, as we see with our complicate silence, these misanthropic plans are successfully being implemented.

On July 8, the Verkhovna Rada (upper house) of Ukraine adopted a Law "On measures on legislative guarantee of reform of the pension system." The Ukrainian authorities have met the demands of the IMF to increase the retirement age. In particular, for women it has increased from 55 to 60 years (this increase should occur over the next 10 years). NI contributions to qualify for the minimum pension has increased by 10 years, including: women - from 20 to 30 years and for men - from 25 to 35 years.
A pension saving scheme has been introduced, under which all working people shall allocate to the Pension Fund from 2 to 7% of monthly earnings (to a personal account). It is true that the state cannot guarantee that a person who has worked all his or her life and paid their salaries into a Savings Pension Fund, will then be able to receive their pension in the form of savings, because there is no guarantee that it will not be burned up by a private pension fund in which the money had been saved.
Even the trade unions fully servicing the government were compelled to note that after the entry into force of this Act, the size of the newly appointed pensions will be reduced by 15-20% compared to current levels, as well as the significant increase in the number of pensioners who will receive a pension below the minimum.
Young people who are currently not thinking about pensions will be especially hard hit under the pension reform. Many young people are working without official registration for work and will not be able to collect the necessary labour experience (NI contributions, as stated in the law) for at least the minimum pension. A large number of people working for private owners receive a salary in an envelope, respectively, and the level of their pensions will be very minimal.
In the West, workers are struggling against the onslaught of the government to limit their rights, in particular, against raising the retirement age. In Britain, for example, a million people took to the streets to protest against such attacks.
It's now time, now time for us, the working people of the ex-USSR, to rise up to fight for our rights.




The world capitalist economy, slightly recovering from a deep depression in 2008, is again on the brink.
Balancing the U.S. on the brink of default, a deep debt crisis in Greece and Portugal, followed by Italy and Spain, the collapse of quotes on the stock exchanges in the U.S., EU and Japan, the deceleration of economic growth in the worlds leading economies - all of these recent developments indicate a deepening world crisis of imperialism.
The United States, the leader of the global capitalist economy is mired in a deep pit of debt and on the verge of default. U.S. national debt is currently estimated at 14.3 trillion dollars, reaching a total GDP. Analysts noted that the increase in the U.S. debt ceiling on August 2 of 2.1 trillion dollars has only delayed the inevitable in 2-3 years time of default of the United States, which will have catastrophic consequences for the global economy.

"The decision is just a shift into the future of the inevitable end. U.S. national debt this year will be over 100% of GDP ... Investors will run away from U.S. bonds, when they realize that the U.S. has exhausted the possibility of normal maintenance of its sovereign debt, "- said the chief economist at IK " ITinvest "Sergey Egishyants.
Printing dollars and issuing bonds can not go on. The U.S. debt limit ran into the limit purchasing power for rest of the world.
On the other hand, the U.S. administration can not cut the budget deficit, because the country's economy is being kept alive only at the expense of budget expenditures: a large proportion of disposable income of Americans and investment expenses are generated by the state budget.
"If you close this hole, then aggregate demand will collapse immediately. And all this is inevitable. Whether or not it will happen this year, in 2012 or 2013, it will inevitably happen. This means that the global economy will fall into a new Great Depression. There are fewer U.S. bond buyers. Hence, there is not much time before the default ", - concludes Egishyants.
The International Agency "Standard & Poors' downgradedthe U.S. economy on August 5 from the highest credit rating by one notch from AAA to AA + and the credit outlook is set as a negative. U.S. Treasuries are still considered the most reliable investment tools, now have a rating lower than the government bonds of countries such as Britain, Germany, France and Canada.
Eurozone countries and Japan have also plunged into debt. In Greece, the amount of debt exceeds 140% of GDP. Japan debt exceeds 200% of GDP, the debt of Italy - 120% of GDP. Other developed and developing capitalist countries have comparable size debt. Citigroup analysts point out that by 2014 the ratio of debt to GDP in Greece will increase to 180%, Ireland - up to 145%, and Portugal - to 135%, and not one country in the euro area will lower the deficit.
"I'll tell you the truth: the euro and the EU are on the edge of an abyss," - said the former head of the European Commission and co-creator of the eurozone Jacques Delors.
"The risk of social unrest looms in front of the world" – is how IMF chief Christine Lagarde describes the emerging capitalist world in the socio-economic situation. Indeed, since the economic depression of 2008, the powerful actions of workers have not stopped shaking Europe, continuing to this day with incredible power (after all, in Italy alone, during the crisis in 2010, about 8.3 million people were below the poverty – 13.8% of the population).
The U.S. dollar and Treasuries (note - no paper securites), ever more cause distrust on the part of the business world. Major U.S. companies rush to acquire the assets of which do not lose in value if the price of the US dollar and Treasuries fall. The central banks of the capitalist world are transferring their currency reserves into gold - the world's money. "The U.S. currency has devalued since the beginning of the year by 5%, approaching trading to the lowest level against the basket of major world currencies - the newspaper" Financial Times ". - Holders of large foreign exchange reserves, especially China, will diversify theirs in an effort to move away from the dollar."
Against this background, the gold price reached a record high on August 22 - $ 1,900 per ounce, jumping only at the beginning of the month by 15%.
The U.S. dollar will lose its status as a world reserve currency in the next 25 years. This is the conclusion of the Swiss UBS bank analysts. They conducted a study with the participation of leading specialists of world central banks, which control a total of more than 8 trillion dollars of assets.
China - the second largest capitalist economy in the world, worried about the fate of the $ 1 trillion dollars of U.S. bonds it has, has said "there should be international control implemented over the U.S. dollar, one of the options to prevent the catastrophe caused by any country may become the new, stable and secure, world's reserve currency." See further reading on China in pamplet by A.A. Mayevsky, entitled "Modern China"

The world moving away from the dollar and this process has become irreversible - such a forecast by leading rating agency of China, "Dagong."
So the collapse of the dollar and a defaulted U.S., and together with that - a catastrophe of the world capitalist system - it's only a matter of time.
The crisis in the capitalist economy is already being felt with great force. Beginning in early August of this year, quotes of securities (a sensitive barometer of the capitalist economy), of all major stock markets in the U.S., Europe and Japan have fallen, and the stock exchanges in panic, as in 2008 before the economic downturn. The world economy is clearly immersed in the new state of deep financial and economic crisis, unable to even get out of it.
Every day since early August there have been about reports about impending collapse of quotes on the major stock exchanges around the world. Only from 1 to August 5, the main index of the largest in the EU the London Stock Exchange, the "Futsi-100" fell 9.13%. This is the most significant of its week-long decline in the last three years. At the end of two weeks (until August 9) losses in the key for the U.S. stock market, the Dow, were critical - 15%. In the days that followed the fall continued at the same rate.
On August 8, leaders of Wall Street enacted Rule 48, which allows the suspension of trading - an extremely rare event that could only happen in a major crisis.
August 11: "The stock exchanges in the world are reeling. The London Stock Exchange lost 3.05% on the main index, Frankfurt - 5.13%, Paris - 5.45%, Milan - 6.65%, Madrid - 5.49%. The wave of instability in Europe spread to the stock exchanges in Japan and the United States. The American stock market collapsed. U.S. observers point out that the atmosphere on the trading floors was close to the panic that occurred at the end of 2008 "(ITAR-TASS).
On 18 and 19 August (last day of the trading session of the week), the collapse of quotes continued on the leading stock exchanges in the U.S., EU and Japan. Also troubled were the stock exchanges in Russia, with falling RTS and MICEX.
Depreciation of shares takes place in all sectors of the stock market, but the greatest loss is the banking sector and carmakers. Investors cast off risky assets, expecting a new phase of global economic slowdown.
At the heart of the crisis, along with the heated exchange and financial speculation, is the already stagnating social production. Some global economic recovery that took place early last year, has stalled and came to naught in the first half of 2011.
According to the report by the U.S. Department of Commerce, GDP growth in the last quarter of 2010 was lower than previously reported, and was only 2.3% on an annualized basis. In the first and second quarters of this year, 2011, economic growth was also below expectations and was at an annual rate of 0.4% and 1.3% respectively. Thus, analysts say, the U.S. economy in the first half of this year, has almost ground to a halt. The U.S. economy "continues to weaken because of low growth, lack of new jobs created, stagnant consumer demand and the manufacturing sector", - believes well-known economist and professor at New York University, Nouriel Roubini.
"The risk of the global economy entering into a recession exceeds 50 percent," - says Roubini. "Karl Marx was right at some point, capitalism is able to destroy himself" (and we'll add - and all mankind together with it).
Key economies of the euro area have also shown deep stagnation. German GDP in the second quarter of this year is marking time – with growth of only 0.1% of GDP as in Spain - 0.2%. French GDP growth is down to zero.
Everything indicates that the U.S. economy and the European Union faces in the coming months entering a deep phase of stagnation and even decline.
Governments of the leading imperialist countries are making unsuccessful attempts to re-save the capitalist economy from collapse. Finance ministers of "Seven" and "twenty", convened an emergency meeting, the heads of state conducted telephone conversations, statements were made, urgently, drafting a reform of financial management. However, all this had already been passed in 2008 ... Indeed, is this not the same as the heads of state declared in 2008: "At the moment, the crisis concerns only Europe but its scale and impact could spread to the whole world. So today we need to take global decisions on the basis of coordinated action within the financial "Seven" and "twenty", "- said on August 5 already this year, the European Commissioner for economic and monetary policies, Olli Rehn.
Russia, being in depression the entire twenty years of capitalist reforms, is most vulnerable to global economic collapse. After all, Russia ranks third in the world, the size of its international reserves, which consist of almost 95% of the dollar and euro (about half of Russia's international reserves consist of dollars). Its main budget revenue (40-45%) allows the export of oil (but oil prices on world markets are falling) - again with bogus bucks. Russia holds about 45% of its foreign reserves in U.S. securities.
Those who predicted the global financial cataclysm, and the economic crisis in a U.S. default (which will inevitably occur over time, the 2 August - it's just a delay), we easily predict which way events will unfold in Russia.
"Against this background, 2008 will look like a walk in the park" - said a senior Western banker in Moscow, referring to the global recession caused by the subprime crisis in the U.S.. "Global GDP will rush down, that would mean that global demand for raw materials world will cease to exist", - said the banker, "No one will buy oil, gas, steel ... Naturally, the Russian economy will be destroyed."
Jochen Wermuth, founder and chief investment officer of WAM, in his statements is no less apocalyptic. "I do not believe that someone knows what will happen - most likely the world will lie in ruins for decades," - he said.
The position declared by Russia’s Deputy Finance Minister S. Storchak is shocking: Russia has no plans to revise the amount of investment of reserve funds in dollars. In his view, the U.S. debt market continues to remain "the most fluid and one of the most reliable" (!).Nothing surprising in that, because our "leadership" is maintained by the U.S. Federal Reserve, i.e., the dollar: "The U.S. may pay on any debt (primarily - on the wealth of the Russian" elite "- we will explain), so as always, this may include the printing press. That is, the probability of default by the USA is zero ", - said the former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan.
The next slide by the global capitalist world system into the abyss once again shows the historical doom of capitalism. The capitalist economy, long outliving itself has become an impediment to human progress. World imperialism dooms mankind to self-destruction – and this is acknowledged even by the bourgeois apologists. And none of the measures taken by governments to stabilize the capitalist system, will be able to avert it from collapse, its inevitable collapse by the impending socialist revolution.

A. Denisyuk

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