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Saturday, 17 September 2011



10.09.2011 19:16

Published in “For Bolshevism inside the communist movement”. Selected articles and speeches by the General Secretary of the AUCPB, N.A. Andreeva, Leningrad, 2002. pp. 167-174.

The events of 9/11 in New York and in Washington showed plainly how fragile and precarious the lives of ordinary people have become, even in America. We express profound condolences to the families of Americans who lost their loved ones that day.

We blame the massacre played out, for the first time touching the USA itself, American imperialism, having stretched its greedy tentacles around the whole world to establish unlimited domination by the financial oligarchy over all countries and continents through U.S style globalizing of the world economy. This globalization is accompanied by the sharp impoverishment of third world countries, rising unemployment and an army of "surplus people", deepening social stratification of society, destruction of the environment generally and the growth of environmental disasters. This globalization, is leading to degradation of the human individual, sowing a cult of violence, cruelty, and permissiveness of the strong.

We blame the tragedy on September 11 in New York and Washington, on the U.S. government, for a long time conducting a policy of state and political terrorism - fascism, in relation to the majority of the Arab world, as well as countries pursuing their own policy independently, countries not fallen on their knees in front of America, the countries that the U.S. ruling circles arrogantly insulting with the humiliating nickname - "rogue states".

We blame the U.S. security forces in the September tragedy, in carrying out of a political order and the will of the ruling regimes of the United States, having created world paramilitary training camps for terrorist gangs, financed and armed by the United States. Terrorist gangs used to overthrow progressive regimes and kill political figures unwanted by the U.S.

The consequences of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, bears all the handwriting of the very fact of the they were carried out by the ruling elite in the U.S. and is somewhat similar to the events of 1933 in Germany, with the burning of the Reichstag. Then, that led to Adolf Schicklgruber (Hitler) coming to power, to the domination of Nazi ideology in Germany, and the outbreak of World War II in the struggle for world domination which led to and the sacrifice of the plans by Hitler, taking away the lives of 10 million German citizens. Today the United States has taken on the role of Hitler on establishing a new world order.

We qualify the events of September 11 in America as a monstrous act of the Holocaust – a powerful sacrifice of their fellow citizens for the initiation of new billion-dollar infusions into the military-industrial complex, for the sake of forcing up a new arms race and gaining fabulous profits through this. This is an act of holocaust for the sake of providing the U.S. hawks complete freedom in choosing the means and methods in the massacre of undesirables to the U.S. countries and organizations, in unleashing the hands of hawks in carrying out "acts of retaliation" against any country that they will point a finger at, defining it as "a base of terrorism".

Americans in a state of psychological shock and in conditions of a skillfully directed inflated opinion being formed, in fact, has given free rein to the repressive organs of the United States to organize reprisals against any of the progressive movement in America - against the anti-globalization activists, progressive trade unions and especially against the communists, as well as against various actions of workers in their struggle for social rights, for a normal and decent life, of black, Arab, Latin Americans in the U.S. population, as well as Asians.

In terms of inflation of the general chauvinist American hysteria, the forces of repressive organs and structures are escalating.

The U.S. government has already started the so-called "retaliation" under the pretentious title, in the spirit of Hollywood comedians, "Noble Eagle". It has started without a clear idea of not only the organizers, but not even about the perpetrators of the terrorist acts of 11 September 2001. This "retaliation" today, before its accomplishment, can be described as an act of state international terrorism.

Given the inhumane practices of the U.S. military, this action will inevitably entail huge casualties among the civilian population of the countries the U.S. IMPERIALISTS DESIGNATED as guilty of the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001.

These victims will also inevitably cause a backlash and the boomerang will lead to new terrorist attacks in the United States.

Surely the tragedy in September 2001 did not teach the lesson to the Arab world about the need to act in an organized and united fashion against a common threat to humanity- world Zionism - the plague of the twentieth and twenty-first century, which has trampled on the rights and freedom of peoples not part of the notorious "golden billion"? Does not the loss of thousands of compatriots not sober up America, and not help Americans get rid of excessive pride and complex of consciousness of belonging to the notorious "golden billion", and not teach Americans to respect other peoples and countries of the world, not teach them to sensibly evaluate their political leaders, shamelessly inflating their phoney political image on the grief of their fellow citizens?

The most well used way out of depression and crisis used by the imperialist world is the organizing of wars, local or global, depending on the depth of the crisis.

Today there is a trend of gradual creeping of the imperialist world into another crisis - political, economic and social. For example, the second biggest power among imperialist states - Japan, which has an industry, comparable in strength to the full potential of Western Europe, which has the world's largest gold reserves of 338 billion dollars, over the last 10 years has been experiencing a sluggish economy.

In 1998, a dip over two years kept indicators at zero and in 2001, the IMF promised Japan a further decline in GDP of 0.2%. Unemployment, which five years ago there was virtually none, jumped to 5%. There was projected a non-payment of annual summer and winter bonuses to employees. The observed tendency of the Japanese economic recession is seen as a catastrophe.

In the U.S., the crisis phenomena are more deep and clearly visible. In the late 80s and early 90s of the twentieth century, America managed to avoid a crisis by the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now there is no such powerful doping in the U.S. anymore. Therefore, the general crisis as an inevitable component of the capitalist system is again enveloping the entire capitalist world.

Russia, the CIS countries with their dollarized economies are not going to be able to avoid economic and other shocks, since they are now in a single bundle with all the imperialist world.

September 16, 2001



September 9, 1948 lit up the brightest star in North-East Asia, ushering in a new, socialist state, point out to the countries of the third world a practical way of fighting for their independence, for the legitimate right of every people to self-determination of their historical development.

The founding of the DPRK has become a landmark in the history of the Korean nation, the beginning of the implementation of autonomy and independence of the Korean state, created for the benefit of the working man, for the benefit of his real interests and improving the lives of ordinary people. After Korea's liberation from Japanese colonial rule in 1945 under the leadership of the Great Commander Comrade Kim Il Sung, the Great Leader had done a great job in the direction of unification of the Korean nation, divided geographically into two parts, with the Americans occupying south Korea in the final period of World War II and had refused to leave the territory of the Korean Peninsula after its ending. Unfortunately, the question of unification still remains on the agenda due to the criminal, hostile, U.S. hate policy, strongly opposing this union, contrary to the wishes and aspirations of the entire Korean people.

In the newly-born young Socialist Republic, the creation of an independent and self-sufficient economic base began. The country set its sights on the training of its own intelligentsia and scientific and technical personnel. Adopting the plan of development, tasks were set that were always successfully implemented by the heroic people of the DPRK. During the 63 years, the DPRK has become a country of universal literacy of the entire population, where one in four people have higher education, which has created a high potential of science and culture. But cadres, as we know, are everything. It is therefore not surprising that in response to continued threats, blackmail and diverse direct provocation by the U.S., the nation’s scientists and scientific and technical personnel of DPRK have established a reliable defence of peaceful labour of citizens in the form of nuclear weapons and against the threat of preemptive attack on the country from the crazy arbitrariness of the U.S.. And know matter what one says, it is the presence of the nuclear shield that is currently the only guarantee of peace in Northeast Asia and the Korean peninsula in particular.

Advances in the development of the economy, science and the growth of living standards, continually improving health care in the most remote areas from the capital, large-scale housing construction, both in urban and rural areas, speak volumes. Today,the DPRK has a highly advanced industry and agriculture. Socialism in the DPRK is very difficult to build because of the continuing U.S. interference in all affairs of the Korean Peninsula and the venality of changing South Korean puppet governments, their subordination and subservience to America. However, despite these enormous difficulties, the constant stifling economic blockade against the DPRK, the country is not only not weakened, but grown up, matured and continues to move forward confidently, and recognized by virtually all nations of the world (diplomatic relations have been established). The basis of all achievements is the heroic work of the people of the DPRK, the monolithic unity around their Leader and Party. The Armed Forces of the DPRK are the flesh and blood of the people, not only standing on vigilant guard over the gains of socialism, but also taking a very active part in its future construction. The unity of the people around the Leader and the Party has created a monolith, which no one can destroy.

It now 17 years since the death of the Great Leader, and at the helm of the country is a worthy successor of his cause, Comrade Kim Jong Il. He enjoys the great love and confidence of the people.

His re-re-election as Chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission of September 3, 2003 indicates his services to the country and the people and his extraordinary abilities as a politician, ideologue, a wise statesman, and gifted military leader. It is no accident that people of the DPRK call him the Great KIM JONG IL.

Now, the people are preparing themselves for new labour successes to celebrate in the upcoming 2012 centenary of the Great Leader.

We congratulate the courageous and hardworking people from the DPRK on the 63rd anniversary of the founding of their Socialist state, and we wish them continuing strong and confident strides on their path to the top of a highly prosperous socialist state.

On the day of the 63 anniversary of the DPRK, congratulating the Korean people on this holiday, we sincerely wish every family happiness and every success in strengthening the might of the socialist state.


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