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Wednesday, 21 September 2011




17.09.2011 07:11

On September 15, in Novosibirsk, since the end of last year, the fourteenth protest of pensioners took place in defense of their vital rights, against the decision of the Governor Yurchenko to abolish unlimited travel rides on public transport.

With each new protest, the authorities and police have tightened their repressive action against the organizers. This time, the police tried to preventively detain active participants (those detained were - I. Lobarev, V. Sorokin and E. Loginov), assuming that the pesnioners could not independently carry out their protest action and simply go away. Also, the police seized the sound-amplifying equipment.

However, the two organizers (Alex Denisyuk, a member of the AUCPB, and A. Muharytsin, from "Patriots of Russia") did not fall into the hands of the police and using a megaphone, held the first meeting at the residence of the governor, then onto a march to Lenin Square, and then another march, apparently unexpected for the police, to the Central police station to release the detained activists, which caused quite a stir with the police and resulted in a confrontation with members of the law enforcement squad.

I note that this time, the number of people in the protest was greater than in the summer - about 500 people. This means that in the autumn, the rise of people's activity is again starting, after the summer lull, which is causing the convulsive actions of the ruling powers.

When the column of protesters march onto the Central police station, 7 police UAZ riots van flew past, which then lined up along Gogol street, the approaches to the police department, and themselves, police officers and men in civilian clothes (employees of criminal investigation and the Centre for the fight against extremism) formed a shield in the way of the march of pensioners. In addition to all this, on Michurina street near the police station, according to witnesses, appeared three buses of riot police and parked up. Meanwhile, as described later, Igor Lobarev, who was arrested on the eve of the event and watching what was happening in the Central police station, when police officers found that pensioners were heading to the police station for the release of the detained activists, they hastily dropped the blinds on the window and began to wear bulletproof vests and assemble automatic rifles (!).

The feverish action by the police, the panic going on at the Central police station, clearly shows how the powers that be are afraid of the anger of the people.

When the protesting pensioners come close to the police cordon, the police kettled them, and the men in plain clothes, pushing pensioners, grabbed the organizers, and stuffed them into the riot vans. They were escorted to the Central police station first, then to Zhelznoye police station, because of concerns that the pensioners themselves would come to rescue their leader. But people found out that the detainees were sent to the Zhelznoye police station, and headed there. When they arrived, the detainees were taken away again (again, leading them through the rear entrance) to the Central police station where protocols were drawn up against them. In all likelihood, the detainees would have been sent to the special detention cells, if the pensioners had not stood firm and do not have stated to Col. Muzalevu that if they were not released, they would organise a hunger strike directly on Lenin Square.

This time, police officers drew up the protocols to those who were detained, on administrative violations according to Article 19.3, Part 1 - "Disobeying a lawful order of a police officer," for which they face up to 15 days of administrative arrest.

When the detainees were released, the head of the Central Department of Internal Affairs Lt. Col. AA Gridin with gall on his face hissed - "I'll do everything to get you locked up!" Also, they "made it clear" to all the detainees, that the next time, the police will not stand on ceremony with them.

The authorities are trying in this way to discourage people’s desire and strength to fight for their rights and to shut their mouths up, creating a semblance of democracy and the legitimacy of the ruling criminal regime.

But despite all the arrests and threats, the organizers of the pensioners’ protest have firmly decided that, beginning with this autumn, a protest rally will be held every two weeks and as for as long as the demands of the pensioners are not met in full. The next event is on September 29, also at 12.00 at the residence of the governor, then a march to Lenin Square and to the reception of the ruling "United Russia" party. That’s what we stand firm on, and stand firm we shall!

Our main objective in the autumn period is to bring out into the street a few thousand people, only then can we get the authorities to back down. If we can get 3-5 thousand people to take to the streets, victory is assured, and will not back down as - the authorities are spitting on people, and will continue to. The struggle continues!

When we stand united - we are invincible!

Our cause our right - victory will be ours!

Alex Denisyuk


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Novosibirsk AUCPB photos and video footage

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Russian police using force against pensioners


20.09.2011 07:04

On September 18 in Moscow's Pushkin Square, an All-Russia protest action was held with the slogan "The army against Serdyukov." About 300 persons took part, the vast majority from the military.

In the speeches of many of the speakers from different regions and types of troops, dominated the theme of the perturbations of the Russian Government policy in relation to the military, military science, military industry, and numerous examples were cited of intentional disintegration of the army, and the transformation of especially retired servicemen into destitute and homeless (even homes for ex-military that were built, have for years not been lived in). A picture was given of the horrific collapse of a once powerful aircraft industry, noting that the cause of many air crashes in Russia is the current work on the principle of commercial airlines for profit being more important than safety! ". Participants at the meeting unanimously agreed to appeal to the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with a demand to dismiss the current Minister of Defense, Serdyukov, to sort out the questions of housing and social welfare for personnel. It was noted that the continuation of this disgraceful attitude towards the army creates a real threat to the country's defense. The rally was attended by numerous journalists, cameramen, and Bolshevik press, actively distributed.

AUCPB -Moscow



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