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Friday, 9 September 2011


Statement by the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB for Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria

On July 29, there were two major accidents in the mines of Ukraine resulting in human deaths.
At night in the "Sukhodolskaya-Vostochnaya" mine, an association of "Krasnodonugol" in Lugansk region, at a depth of 915 m there was an explosion of air-methane mixture killing 26 people. Two of the injured were taken to the intensive care unit, one of whom died several days later. The number of accident victims - 27 people.
Shortly after the accident on the surface of the Bazhanov mine of SE "Makeevugol" Donetsk region the mine hoist collapsed (facilities for hoisting, lowering of persons and goods), at the same time killing 11 people.
The total number of casualties that occurred in the two mines in one day - 38 people.
On the same day at the Sukhodolskaya-Vostochnaya mine President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych made a speech. He had cut short his vacation and attended a meeting of the state commission to investigate the circumstances of the accident. "I would like to see the circumstances of the tragedy be discussed in terms of legality, and that what we have seen, has not been a violation in the law, and that the rights of the victims are to be protected "- Viktor Yanukovych said, referring to Prosecutor General Vladimir Pshonka during a meeting of the State Commission.
Prime Minister Azarov considers the actions of the technicians at the Bazhanov mine unacceptable: "Such cases of falling hoists in mines, neither in Ukraine or elsewhere have never been recorded. We have set a precedent. The question arises, how could this happen at all? I just got back from the mine in Sukhodolsk - it is high category mine. Yes, there can be and should be a complaint made to the management of the mine and the amalgamation. But there is a known fact in the coal industry and mining business, which, combined with the human factor, leads to such disasters. But where was the disaster here? In addition to irresponsible management, technical staff, failed to staff their duties."
Both the president and prime minister have shown concern in the first place, to "Sukhodolsky" mine. The president even interrupted his vacation to visit it. The President not only visited the mine, but also showed a very different approach to assess the accident, having made very strict demands on the management and technical personnel at the Barakov mine and showing loyalty and tolerance in relation to the leadership at "Sukhodolsky" mine.
The reason for the different approaches, and personal concern by the president and the prime minister is quite understandable and explainable by the fact that the "Sukhodolsky" mine of the "Krasnodonugol" association is included in the financial empire of Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine's richest man. Only last year, Akhmetov’s wealth increased 2-fold: from 7.5 billion to $ 15.5 billion. And his wealth, Mr Akhmetov and other oligarchs-bourgeois "gained" by robbery and brutal exploitation of working people, including and miners of Ukraine. For example, last year alone, according to the magazine "Focus", the number of billionaires in Ukraine had increased from 8 to 21 people. The total wealth of the 200 largest capitalist robbers amounts to more than 93 billion dollars, accounting for nearly three state budgets of Ukraine.
And this was under Yanukovych, when he was governor of Donetsk region. And capital was formed by Akhmetov and other oligarchs in Eastern Ukraine from privatization (grabbing up) the state property. At the same time, as Yuri Korolchuk, expert of the Institute for Energy Research notes, - "During the whole time Yanukovych was governor and prime minister, there have been 18 major accidents, which have killed 430 people.» (Http://www.iarex.ru/ news18168.html, 2.08.2011). And, "Sukhodolsky" mine in general is one of the most dangerous due to the increased risk of sudden coal and gas leaks. Thus, in 1992, an explosion of methane and coal dust injured 100 people and killed 63. In 2006, the mine exploded again, eight miners were killed and five were injured. And now, this is yet another major accident at the mine.
So all this talk about an investigation into the causes of accidents, legal compliance, etc., is just talk. And millions of UAH that have been allocated to the bereaved families, will not bring back the dead miners. To the owners of the mine, billionaire Akhmetov at the service to the State is much better and cheaper to buy off with one-off handouts, rather than spend money on ensuring safety for the capture and extraction of methane from coal mines (which can be replaced by natural gas, which is done in many countries with a developed coal industry).
But the miners are beginning to understand what the real reason is and who the real culprits are in these tragedies.
Chairman of the Independent Trade Union of Miners at Luhansk Barakova mine D. Kalitventsev said: "People were just killed because more tonnage was required. After all, today there are sensors that always work. These wild cases that occur are because someone needs more even at the cost of of blood." He drew a parallel between the accident at the Barakova mine in 2000 (then the explosion at the mine killed 81 people.) and the tragedy at the "Sukhodolsky" mine. "No matter what you say, the worker is not for suicide, as he carries out the order. Why was there an explosion at the Barakov mine? An order was given, that should not have been given in the first place. Rather, here was the same: an order was given, which could not carried out, "- said Kalitventsev.
Igor Smetanin, a miner from "Sukhodolsky," in a television interview bluntly stated that the miners' were being robbed, and paid mere pennies, the baths in winter, at 30 ° below zero are not heated, there is dust and methane concentrations far above acceptable, but they all say - "Come on" and "quickly". The miners are being robbed.
They are being robbed by capitalists, such as Akhmetov and his like and smaller sharks, ready to tear the miner's clothing, to take his life, continuing to enrich themselves and put additional millions of dollars in their pockets.
We Bolsheviks express our sincere condolences to the families of those killed and injured miners and encourage you, dear comrades, to rise to fight for your rights, the right to a dignified life (which is guaranteed and secured by Soviet power - the power of workers), for the right to life itself . Otherwise, they will destroy everyone.
Once again, another accident. In the town of Krasny Luch, Lugansk region at the "Krasnokutskaya" mine on August 4, an outbreak of methane, as a result of which, according to preliminary data, there 23 injured miners. Of these, 4 people are in the intensive care unit and 19 people were injured moderately and sent to the hospital. By a 8 pm, one miner had died.
The bloody harvest of capitalism continues ...

August 4, 2011

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