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Friday, 2 September 2011



On 12 August, Novosibirsk there was another action for the return of unlimited travel on public transport for pensioners and people on benefits. For left-wing activists at the same time, it was a Day of Wrath. The rally in front of the regional administration, and the march and rally on Lenin Square was attended by over a hundred people, including representatives of the AUCPB, AKM and Komsomol. Leading the event was our comrade Oleg Metzler. Demands of protesters are the same - the complete return of unlimited free travel rides on public transport for all pensioners.

The authorities continued their pressure on the organizers and activists. One of the organizers of the movement for unlimited travel from the AUCPB Alexei Denisyuk before the meeting was again (for a third time) arrested for failing to pay an administrative penalty and held for two days in prison. Against leader Oleg Metzler, Novosibirsk and social activists Igor Lobareva activist of the campaign "Sober City" Nikolai Fedoseyev were made administrative protocols, and this time it was not the usual Article 20.2 (violation of the established order for holding a public event, which implies a fine of up to 2 thousand rubles) but by article 19.3 - "failure to obey legitimate demands of a police officer," which allows for detention for up to 15 days.

In addition, the "United Russia" party held a "counter-action" - for a few days before the event, invitations were sent out to come to a meeting at the same time and at the same place as ours, to stand there for "500 rubles for two people" . When asked what the theme of the rally was, the reply was: "against the commies." In the end, when protesters gathered by the regional administration, they saw by the porch over a dozen people who were doing a watery dance to music.

The organizers decided to return in September for twice a month (not once, as in the summer), and the next is scheduled for September 15.




The glorious and courageous defenders of the maritime borders of the Soviet Socialist Motherland veterans of the Navy of the USSR!

We congratulate YOU on YOUR professional holiday!

We wish you good health, prosperity, long life!

We wish you to stay active in the ranks of our great patriots and mighty Socialist Motherland!


On July 30, on Karl Marx Square, near the State Universal Shop (GUM), the fifth Stalin picket took place. This is the latest in a series of Stalin picket pickets taking place in the summer of 2011 in Novosibirsk, at the initiative of the AUCPB and the movement "FOR STALIN!" together with other left-wing and patriotic organizations.

Thanks to the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, consistently opposing the falsification of our Soviet history, for historical truth, for J.V. STALIN – a true Bolshevik-Communist, one of the founders, and co-led by Vladimir Lenin, of the multi-national socialist state of workers and peasants - the Soviet Union, the organizer of the great victories of socialism in the USSR and the Victory in Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Over the past year, there has been a sharp turn of public opinion toward the contributions of Joseph Stalin in the history of our Fatherland. Indeed, about 90% of the population says NO to the unleashed by the current government smear campaign of "de-Stalinization," according to a recent survey conducted on the initiative of the political scientist S.E. Kurginyan.

By holding a series of Stalin pickets in Novosibirsk, we have cast to the people the seeds that will sprout. As a result of picketing:

- We have collected nearly 1,000 signatures for the installation of a monument to Supreme Commander Stalin in Novosibirsk

- There are many new supporters and sympathizers of the AUCPB, Bolshevism, the ideas of Lenin and Stalin

- Over a thousand Bolshevik newspapers have been distributed - "Hammer and Sickle", "Workers 'and Peasants' Truth", "Forward," "Revolution"

- The battle front of leftist and patriotic organizations of Novosibirsk, has strengthened under the banner of Bolshevism.

By themselves, the results of Stalin's pickets are modest. But the beginning of anything is always that way. Indeed, in order to secure a heroic feat tomorrow, when the revolution breaks out, it must first be done today in simple and everyday affairs. Big things are born out of small things, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin used to say. Today we are holding pickets and rallies, forming public opinion through the production of the Bolshevik press and the internet, we help the most socially disadvantaged citizens - they are scarce at the moment, one or two hundred, a thousand - in their struggle for their basic fundamental rights, but tomorrow, when dozens, hundreds of thousands of people go out onto the streets already psychologically prepared, in essence sympathetic to Bolshevism (and the whole of Russia - many millions will rise up to fight - because Russia is rapidly heading for a social explosion, and the ruling power it even sees, as has made frantic measures to strengthen the police regime and indoctrination of the minds of the masses in the spirit of "de-Stalinization" and "de- communization"), but the power of the thieves and the oligarchs will start to skedaddle abroad, to where they have already moved their stole capital - we, having experience and of the struggle and the knowledge of Bolshevism are organising the vast masses for a revolutionary assault on capitalism, to change the power through revolution, and establish Soviet power.

Long live the Socialist Revolution!

Down with the power of capital! All power – to the oppressed people!

AUCPB -Novosibirsk



Statement by the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB for Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria

From Kharkov we received unexpected news - our comrades, co-chair of the International Union of Soviet officers (IUSO) Colonel Almosov Vladimir Semenovich has been arrested. The Soviet officer, a man not betraying the military oath of the Soviet motherland, Comrade Almosov, always and everywhere remained faithful to the Oath of a Soviet officer, firmly and resolutely fighting against the Nazi neo-Banderovschina and growing threat to Ukraine, was arrested under false pretenses, and thrown into the jail of the anti-people’s bourgeois Yanukovych-Azarov regime

In April, the Kharkov IUSO organization under the leadership of Colonel V.S. Almosov gave a decisive rebuff to the arrival into Kiev of fascist Banderites, who attempted to crush the Red agititation picket and desecrate the flags of the Soviet army. This vile provocation by the neo-fascists was effectively smashed. The Soviet soldiers, Soviet patriots actively came out against the setting up of a memorial plaque to Joseph Slyep, the close associate of the Metropolitan of the Greek Catholic Church, A. Sheptytsky, the very metropolitan, who blessed the Nazis who stormed Lvov on June 1941 and the Banderites from the "Nachtegal" and "Roland" battalions who massacred the peaceful population of Lvov. "We are happy to see the liberation of our land from godless Bolshevism” - Sheptytsky said, when referring to the murderers of "Nachtegal" in worship, which was attended by J. Slyepy. “From the bottom of my heart, I welcome our liberator German army and its leader Adolf Hitler. We sincerely ask the Almighty for the victory of German weapons over Bolshevism ... Bless you, my sons, in the sacred struggle for the truth of God. In your hands lies the destiny of your people and our future. Begin and God Bless you!" And with the blessing of the Metropolitan, the nachtegalites began shooting, killing and torturing civilians, and throwing babies onto the pavements from the upper floors of houses. In only a few days, the Banderites had murdered more than three thousand people of Lvov (since they were fighting for "independence" of Ukraine!), first in line, the Poles and Jews, including world-renowned scientists. On June 30, 1941 in Lvov, Deputy to Bandera, J. Stetsko read out n Act of proclamation of the Ukrainian Power. In the third paragraph of the act it states: "The restored Ukrainian Power will work closely with National Socialist Greater Germany, which under the leadership of Adolf Hitler is creating a new order in Europe and the world and helping the Ukrainian people break free from the Moscow occupation. A Ukrainian National Revolutionary Army, which will be created on the Ukrainian land, will continue to struggle alongside the allied German army against the Moscow occupation for a Sovereign Cathedral Ukrainian Power and a new order in the whole world." The meeting concluded with toasts in honor of Hitler - "Long live the leader of the German people” and with cheers - Heil! Heil! Heil! In the event, hastily convened by Bandera, J. Slyepy took an active part.

And the Kharkov local authorities installed a memorial plaque to this fascist flunkey in the church cassock. It is against this outrage that the Soviet patriots acted, including Comrade Almosov.

The ruling Yanukovych-Azarov regime in the period since he took office, has fully exposed itself in the eyes of the working people of Ukraine as a faithful servant of big capital. The rating of Yanukovych and his ruling Party of the Regions has declined drastically. And here, big business resorts to fascism as its last means of escape from the impending righteous people's anger against his anti-people policies. And let the workers of Ukraine not be mislead by the trials of senior representatives of the orange power: Tymoshenko, Lutsenko, etc. One group of the bourgeoisie, which comes to power, seeks relentlessly to crush the competition from other groups. So it was when Yushchenko became president and launched a campaign of harassment, including of the judiciary and politicians from the white-purple camp. Now Yanukovych has come to power, a representative of a major capital of the eastern regions of Ukraine. And then the white and purple, inspired by the victory of their leader, began cracking down on their rivals from the orange camp. Thus, the Yanukovych-Azarov regime seeks to divert workers’ attention in Ukraine from the real causes of all their troubles and misfortunes - the restoration of CAPITALISM, establishing the power of capital.

We demand the release from detention and release of Colonel V.S. Almosova, a patriot of the Soviet Motherland, a true patriot of the working people of Ukraine, a fighter for its liberation from exploitation and oppression, a fighter against fascism and the neo-banderovschina!

July 29, 2011, A. MAEVSKY, secretary of the CC AUCPB


In Kharkov, a citizen of the Russian Federation, Co-Chair of the International Union of Soviet Officers (IUSO) Colonal V.S. Almosov was arrested and thrown in jail. After the criminal destruction of the Soviet Union, was finished up as a foreigner Almosov on the land his father fought, defended and liberated during the Great Patriotic War. This very colonel Almosov, with comrades, fought the Banderites, when the latter tried to seize and destroy the banner of the Soviet Army and the IUSO. And in this battle, he and his comrades beat the hell out of the Banderites who then cowardly retreated.

After Yanukovych became president of Ukraine, many both there and in the Russian Federation expected the policies of Yushchenko and Tymoshenko that encouraged anti-Russian, pro-fascist anti-Soviet failures and their followers from the fascist UNA-UNSO, would end. Instead, in many cities of Ukraine, including Odessa, statues are being built, headstones are being laid and plaques set up in honor of Hitler's lackey, the head of the Catholic Church, a traitor and an enemy of the Soviet government, Joseph Slyepy. That same Slyepy, which back in June 30, 1941 in Lvov blessed the act of restoring "Ukrainian Power" by the forces of S. Bandera of the OUN, which reads: "The restored Ukrainian state will work closely with National Socialist Greater Germany ...." the OUNites urged "joint efforts to provide greater assistance to the German army." This was called for by Slyepy and who encouraged the massacre of Soviet Ukrainian patriots, Russian Orthodox believers, Jews, Poles and others, even surpassing his fascist supporters.

At the Nuremberg trials, all organizations, aiding the Nazis were banned and outlawed. But apparently, these laws are written not for the current Ukrainian authorities. Incomprehensible is the position of European and other countries that encourage or are closing their eyes to the growing threat of Nazism in Ukraine.

But Soviet officers who defeated fascism, never were, are not and will not remain indifferent to the revival of national-fascism.

Recently, "in democratic" Ukraine one more act of national betrayal was committed to the memory of the victims of the victorious ancestors. Red flags and flags of the Soviet armed forces have been banned. Barring the Victory Banner, the Ukrainian authorities at the same time encourage fascist henchmen and their symbolism. Further, more than that... in Ukraine, including in Kharkov, Soviet monuments have started being demolished. One of them was a monument to Soviet Ukraine in a Kharkov square of the same name.

Colonel Almosov with friends could not remain indifferent and reprisal by the authorities encouraging the Nazis, was not long in coming.

A patriot of the USSR, a Soviet officer has been thrown into pro-fascist torture chambers. Shame on the authorities of Ukraine, President Yanukovych and of the Parliament for the promotion of fascism and the persecution of Soviet patriots.

We call on all who hate fascism and its patrons to come to the defense of Colonel Almosova. We say: "Enough of retreat, we will go on the offensive for the restoration of fraternal union of all the republics of the USSR and, especially, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, for the restoration of a single state, for the Soviet Union!

Our cause is just, we will triumph!

Co-Chair of the IUSO, Captain I-rank, B.F. EREMENKO (BUGAEV)

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