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Friday, 1 June 2012

FOR BOLSHEVISM No 06 (111) JUNE 2012

WORKERS OF ALL COUNTRIES, UNITE! ALL-UNION COMMUNIST PARTY OF BOLSHEVIKS SOCIALIST REVOLUTION FOR BOLSHEVISM INSIDE THE COMMUNIST AND WORKERS’ MOVEMENT No 06 (111) JUNE 2012 --------------------------------------------------------------------- 59 YEARS WITHOUT STALIN On March 5, 1953, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin died - the leader of the Soviet people, the working class, working people, oppressed and impoverished masses of the world. And no matter how much abuse and filth are thrown at our leader by the bourgeoisie and the media serving them, the truth about Stalin, the outstanding son of the Soviet people, is making its way through the mountains of slander, lies and slurs. Comrades Tishchenko and Bazderkin correctly noted in their article, that under Stalin's leadership over 20 peaceful years, illiterate and ignorant Russia had become one of the two great superpowers of the world, but over the present 20 years of "independence" and capitalist reforms, Ukraine has become a backward, impoverished and endangered the country. Only moving along the path of Stalin, under the unfading banner of Marxism-Leninism will the working masses of the former Soviet Union be able to rebuild their great country, getting rid of the annoying prefix "ex" (USSR) and be a barrier to the plans of human-hating Zionist-American imperialism, fighting for world domination, for the capture of natural and raw materials and cheap labor; unleashing new wars and bloody conflicts against countries and peoples standing in their way, and "guilty" only in that they hold oil and gas and other minerals, or dare to pursue foreign and domestic policies independent from the U.S.. The U.S., Israel and their allies in the NATO bloc are stirring up the situation around Syria and Iran. In all, the next victim of U.S. -Israel-NATO imperialism is Russia (and, hence, Ukraine, and Belarus, and the rest of the republics of our great Soviet homeland.) And Comrade Stalin reminds us: "To eliminate the inevitability of war, imperialism, must be destroyed." This is the covenant of Stalin to the international working class and working people all over the world. AUCPB ============================================= ZIONISM! HANDS OFF SYRIA! Zionist-American imperialism - the United States-Israel-NATO is preparing military intervention in Syria, with the active participation of Western countries and Arab monarchies possessing rich deposits of oil. The policy of splitting Arab solidarity pursued by the United States since the Camp David separate agreements in 1978 between the United States, Israel and Egypt, today after the collapse of the Soviet Union now prevails in the Arab world. The Arab states, especially the Persian Gulf, have betrayed their Arab allies, giving the green light to first intervention in Libya, and now preparing jointly with the U.S. military aggression against Syria. The League of Arab States (LAS) is now a servant in the hands of the United States. After the murder of Muammar Gaddafi and destruction of Libya as a single independent state, for the United States there is no more a desirable goal than the destruction of Syria and the overthrow of its leader, Bashar Assad. This is necessary for the U.S. to implement a joint plan with Zionist Israel for a Greater Middle East or in other words, a great Zionist project - the world's elite to gain control over a strategically important region of the world and its rich hydrocarbon resources, destroy the rebellious Islamic Iran, to bring to the forefront Zionist Israel in the Middle East and finally oust Russia from this region. Syria takes a clear stand against Zionism and imperialism of Israel and the United States and its expansionist plans in the region, conducting an independent internal and foreign policy, and supports the movement for Palestinian liberation, by actively pursuing a policy of Arab solidarity, in contrast to the reaction of other Arab states. Syria is a strategic ally of Russia in the Middle East, its outpost, has close ties with Iran, and was actively opposed to NATO aggression in Libya. The plan by the USA, Western and Arab monarchies, especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar to achieve outside interference in the affairs of Syria through the United Nations Security Council has failed. Russia and China on 4 February vetoed a UN Security Council resolution on Syria, thus not allowing "the Libyan" scenario to be implemented in Syria. The imperialist predators are not calming down, but are increasing external political and economic pressure on Syria, financing the internal opposition and delivering weapons to it across the borders of neighbouring countries into Syria, looking for ways to organize a military intervention without UN authorization, attempting to alter the position of Russia. In late February, Syrian President Bashar Assad issued a decree on the introduction of a new Constitution, approved at a referendum held on 26 February. On May 7, parliamentary elections in Syria. However, the Syrian government democratic reforms made remain undetected, by the so-called "fighters for democracy" and "human rights". After all, their true goal is the overthrow of the unpopular to US-Israel regime of Bashar al-Assad. At the ministerial meeting of the League of Arab States (LAS) on 12 February, it was decided to sever all diplomatic relations with Syria and to tighten the economic sanctions that were imposed against Syria in late November last year (out of 22 member countries of the Arab League, 19 voted in favour of sanctions; Lebanon voted against, and Iraq abstained – the largest trading partner of Syria.) The sanctions envisaged the cessation of air travel to Damascus, the suspension of all operations with the Central Bank and Commercial Bank of the country, freezing financial assets of the Syrian authorities, along with investment and commercial contracts with the government of Syria. Syria has also been excluded from the LAS. The sanctions by the LAS will adversely affect the economy of Syria, given that 52.5% of Syrian exports and imports account for 16.4% of the Arab neighbours. Turkey, an influential Islamic state in the region, which is an arm of NATO in the region has joined the trade, economic boycott by the Arab League countries against Syria in order to strangle her. Turkey takes the lead in applying pressure on Syria, starting from economic, political pressure, and ending with their direct support of armed terrorist organizations and receiving in their own country the leaders of these organizations. However, despite the position of Turkey, the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) refused to join the Arab League sanctions. The Arab oil monarchies of the Persian Gulf withdrew its ambassadors from Syria. Also, France, UK, USA, Germany, Italy and Spain withdrew their ambassadors from Syria. In response, Syria intends to withdraw its ambassadors from those European countries that have already withdrawn their diplomatic representatives from Damascus, said Syrian ambassador to Moscow on March 12. The armed forces of the Syrian opposition from the so-called "Free Syrian Army," receive an increasing amount of weapons from abroad, an ITAR-Tass source in the Russian security services said on February 24. "Supplies of small arms and ammunition for the troops, of the "Free Syrian Army" come in large quantities from Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey, but unofficially, and not through the governments of these countries", - said the source. "The range includes the supply of machine guns, automatic rifles, sniper rifles and hand grenades," - he explained. During the battle for the city of Homs, the Syrian military managed to surround more than a thousand fighters. Among the surrendered rebels, French officers were captured. Syrian intelligence believes that the secret services of France are supplying insurgents with arms and means of satellite communications. In late February, a source in the command of the Syrian army reported that in Idlib, 30 officers from Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar were arrested. In November last year, about 600 fighters from the Libyan, "Al-Qaeda" poured into the "Free Syrian army," which has its headquarters in Turkey. Syria has now realized the scenario of events that have long been developed and registered by the United States and its NATO allies, especially France, Britain and Turkey, as well as the monarchical regimes of the Cooperation Council of Arab Gulf states, particularly Saudi Arabia and the UAE. This scenario is designed with a view of what happened just recently in Libya, Egypt and other countries in the region, and adjusted for the lack of a UN Security Council resolution so desperately needed by the West. In fact, there is underway an undeclared military intervention of a number of NATO states in the region in the internal affairs of Syria. In Turkey, from a number of Syrian exiles and defectors, in addition to the Syrian National Council, a military authority has been formed – the "Supreme Revolutionary Military Council" (SRMC). The main objectives of SRMC is the coordination of the armed opposition in Syria and the recruitment of new members, both in Syria and abroad to offset Bashar Assad solely by force. Failing to get a resolution on Syria passed in the UN Security Council due to Russia and China vetoing it, the Arab monarchies, the U.S. and Western countries have drawn up an anti-Syrian draft resolution in the UN General Assembly to exert international pressure on Syria, as well as to get Russia to change its stance. The resolution was approved by the General Assembly on February 16 (with a vote of 137 "in favour" and 12 “against”, including Russia and China). With the same purpose on February 24 in Tunis, the so-called conference of "Friends of Syria" was held, initiated by the United States, with earlier pre-selected members, which was not attended by representatives of the Syrian government, and Russia and China refused to participate. At this conference there were calls for the arming of the Syrian opposition. Thanks to the decisive action of Syrian army units and the support of Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian people, the armed militants have no forces inside the country. Bashar al-Assad's opponents were driven out not only from Homs, but also from other cities. The bandit groups can only terrorize the local population, blow up passenger transport, government agencies, communications, kill soldiers and officers, organize terrorist attacks and sabotage. Humanitarian aid has been provided to help victims of the fighting in areas of Syria under the terms of non-interference in internal affairs of Syria. On March 2, in the city of Homs, freed from the militants, a humanitarian convoy of the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Syrian Red Crescent Society arrived. Iran and Russia have also provided humanitarian aid to Syria. The U.S. hawks continue to hatch their plans for military intervention in Syria. Currently the U.S. is consulting with Britain, France, Italy and Turkey, as well as with the Arab monarchies in order to prepare for military intervention in the Syrian crisis. Speaking at a regular meeting of the U.S. Senate, the head of the Committee on Armed Services, a Republican hawk John McCain revealed the true intentions of the USA: "In order to save Kosovo in 1999, NATO conducted a military operation without the formal permission of the United Nations. There is no reason why the League of Arab States, or NATO, or a coalition within "Friends of Syria", or all together could not provide the same mandate for military action to rescue Syria ... In a sense, intervention will occur - with or without us. The real question for U.S. politicians is whether of not we will participate in the next phase of the Syrian conflict and thus increase our ability to determine the result, which will benefit the people of Syria and us." In a joint article by U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron, published on March 13 in the newspaper "Washington Post", the world was told of further savage plans of the U.S.: "Together with our partners we will continue to tighten the noose around Bashar Assad and his entourage, and also work with the opposition ... on a plan for the transition period, which begins after Assad steps down from power." The development of the situation around Syria depends on how much Russia occupies a solid and strong position. Bashar al-Assad, in one of his speeches, has rightly remarked that "Russia’s support is strategic... There is not one price that can be offered to Russia for abandoning Syria and its role in the region. If Russia loses to Syria, then this would mean its withdrawal from the entire Middle East." Russia supported the appointment of former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan's special envoy to the UN and the Arab League on the Syrian crisis and had a fruitful meeting with him. Damascus has also stated its readiness to cooperate with the special envoy of Kofi Annan and agreed with his proposals for the settlement of the Syrian crisis. Russia refused US demands to break the contracts for the supply of arms to Syria. Russia expressed its readiness to agree on a UN Security Council resolution on Syria, taking into account the five principles of LAS, excluding any external interference in the internal affairs of Syria, said on March 12, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. For its part, the United States and Western countries are taking active steps to change Russia's position to have a free hand for intervention in Syria. Position of AUCPB on Syria: We support the leadership of Syria in the face of President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian people in their difficult struggle for independence and sovereignty of Syria, for unifying Arabs! We demand that the Russian leadership take a firm position on the inadmissibility of any external interference in the affairs of Syria and provide Syria with full support! We call on all peace-loving forces, states and peoples of the world, independent from implementing U.S. policy, to support Syria in its confrontation with Zionist-American imperialism, which is anxious to win and conquer the world! CC AUCPB =============================================== STATEMENT BY THE BUREAU OF THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF THE AUCPB OF BELARUS AND KALININGRAD REGION IN CONNECTION WITH ANOTHER ATTACK BY THE IMPERIALIST WEST ON BELARUS As has been noted in the materials of the AUCPB, in Belarus, as well as in other former Soviet republics, after the violent destruction of a great country, power was seized by the bourgeoisie and a bourgeois system established. In the first years after the counter-revolutionary coup d'etat, the helm of the Belarusian government was headed by the grouping of S.Shushkevich, representing the interests of the most reactionary section of the bourgeoisie - the comprador-oriented to the West. Belarusian nationalist circles, the spiritual heirs of the collaborators of the Second World War, and embarked on an uncontrolled attraction of Western capital into the country and the separation of Belarus from Russia. Under pressure from the Belarusian nationalists, everywhere paperwork was transferred over to Belarusian language, and about the Russian language in the 1994 constitution of the bourgeois was not even a mention. Government agencies began flying the white-red-white flag and the “Pogonya” (Pursuit) coat of arms established, which in 1943 was approved by the Gauleiter of Belarus, Wilhelm Kube. Under these symbols, traitors of the Belarusian people together with the Nazi occupiers destroyed thousands of Soviet people. Of course, the people were ripe with resentment at such openly traitorous policies that affected historical traditions, and for good reason for the heroic struggle against the German fascist invaders during the Great Patriotic War, Soviet people were called Belarus the "partisan republic." Dissatisfaction resulted in mass demonstrations with red flags, headed by activists who led the leftist organizations. But special activity was shown by the Belarusian Bolsheviks, who organized an initiative group, which gathered thousands of signatures for making Russian language recognised as a state language, and against pro-fascist symbols were for an alliance with Russia. These signatures were sent to the Supreme Soviet- the parliament at the time - and to the President's Administration. The situation in Belarus has changed dramatically after his victory in the presidential election in 1994, the protege of the national bourgeoisie, A. Lukashenko. On May 14, 1995 on his initiative, despite the wildly-frenzied resistance by the pro-Western opposition, a national referendum on giving the Russian language state recognition was still held, along with the introduction of new state symbols and support to the government policy of alliance with Russia. As is well known, the vast majority of the Belarusian people responded positively to these questions (from 75 to 83%), which was a serious legal basis for integration with the Russian Federation, and by April 2, 1996 in the Kremlin, a treaty signed establishing the Community of Belarus and Russia, and a year later - a Treaty on the Union of Belarus and Russia. From that time onwards, Alexander Lukashenko became no longer favourable to the West. With regard to the socio-economic system, it basically has not changed: it was bourgeois and remains bourgeois. Moreover, it was under President Alexander Lukashenko that private ownership of the means of production was finally legislated, as reflected in the Belarusian laws and Constitution of the Republic of Belarus in 1996. We, the Bolsheviks, as loyal Marxist-Leninists, are implacable opponents of private property over the means of production. Therefore we were, and we still stand opposed to any bourgeois reforms in Belarus, the development of the capitalist road and the privatization of state property acquired on the backs of the working people under any pretext. However, we note that in Belarusian capitalism there are some moments, according to which the bourgeois development of Belarus, is meanwhile somewhat different from the development of capitalism in other former Soviet republics. Firstly, in the republic there is still a considerable amount of public property (although it has long been working under the laws of the capitalist market), while the share of foreign ownership in the country's economy is quite small. Meanwhile the government, controlled by President Lukashenko there is no mass sale of tidbits in the form of failing state-owned enterprises, although recently at a meeting of 30.03.2012, he publicly stated that for the best price, any public entity can be privatized. The intransigence of the Belarusian leader brings about fury in the imperialist West, which would like to uncontrollably dominate our country. Here is the real reason for the "human rights violations in Belarus" that haunt Western politicians. All the attacks by the West in terms of lack of democracy in Belarus in their understanding, it's just demagoguery. After all, the West closes its eyes on medieval orders which exist in the countries under their control, such as in Saudi Arabia. The Western policy of sanctions against Belarus in order to put her on her knees is not new and has been going on for a long time. Especially zealous brutal sanctions against the Republic of Belarus by the West began to swing in action since 2004, demanding that the Belarusian authorities refuse to hold a referendum to allow Alexander Lukashenko to take the presidency for a third time. We Bolsheviks are against all forms of bourgeois rule, including the president with any expiry date, and we have always said that the best president for the working people is Soviet power. However, we are against and blatant interference of reactionary circles of world imperialism in the affairs of a sovereign state, which is the main purpose of their sanctions -to place as head of state one of their own puppets, such as in the Baltic republics, Georgia, etc. As is known, the activities of communist organizations in the Baltic republics is prohibited by the laws, but the veterans of the Nazi forces since the last war peacefully march on the cities of the “democratic Baltic states”. Such outrages in Belarus today is simply impossible. In this example, in a mirror reflects the cynicism and arrogance of the "democrats" of the EU and the U.S.A.. With regard to the current Western sanctions against Belarus, the formal (!)reason for them lies in the following: On December 19, 2010, on the day of the presidential elections, in the centre of Minsk a riot took place. Several thousand pro-Western opposition leaders gathered on October Square and marched through Independence Avenue to the government building. When the protesters (according to the opposition, they were provocateurs) began to break down the door of the building, riot police dispersed the rally. As a result, about 600 people were arrested, and many of them were prosecuted. Among those sentenced to prison terms were former presidential candidates Statkevich, Andrei Sannikov, Vladimir Neklyayev and Dmitry Uss (the last two candidates in 2011 were released, and Andrei Sannikov, whom the West would like to see as a Belarusian Saakashvili, was released 14/04/2012). The position of the Bolsheviks in relation to the Belarusian bourgeois elections have been repeatedly brought to the attention of the public: we did not participate in elections with no choice, because under the domination of the bourgeoisie, the route to the heights of power is only open to stooges of the bourgeoisie, and the workers' votes are used only to legitimize the power of henchmen of the bourgeoisie. However, observers from the AUCPB were to the polling stations in order to gain "first-hand" information about the electoral process. According to our observers who were present at the counting of votes, there can be no doubt about the victory of Alexander Lukashenko in this election. We can only say: once again the truth was confirmed - the bourgeois propaganda machine in brainwashing the workers, work fine, and they go to the polls and vote according to the specified program. The only question that can be asked in this case is whether the data released by the Central Election Commission of Belarus differs from the actual number of voters who voted for the incumbent president, though, of course, this difference could not significantly affect the outcome of the elections. Thus, the demands by the Western paid flunkyist opposition to review the results of the last in December 2010 presidential elections were completely groundless. As for the "innocent lambs" of the former Belarusian presidential candidates, who the West are crying so much over, we should remember that it was Statkevich, using the provided air time on television, long before the elections called on people to come on 19.12.2010 by 8pm (the closing time of the polling stations ) to October Square in the capital, making threats to the incumbent president (according to objective Western analysts, in any of their own countries for such actions, Mr. N. Statkevich would have been arrested during his exit from the TV studio). According to official media, unbiased surveillance cameras recorded the moment, when the same N. Statkevich came at the appointed time onto the square and called on the assembled crowd to "go to the presidential palace," but the other candidate A.Sannikov convinced everyone to go to the Government Building and "to enter the building ". He "followed the prepared by foreign experts and approved script, made a sensational announcement: "Lukashenko's regime has fallen, a government of national salvation has been formed, which includes the presidential candidates." And later began the breaking of windows and doors at the Government building. These video frames bypassed all the world's media. It is unlikely that for such a thing to happen in vaunted Western countries that anyone could have any doubts about the cruelty of their own law enforcement agencies and courts. For example, the channel «EURONEWS» at the time clearly demonstrated to us how the police brutally massacred in more "harmless" situations (with no attempt to storm government offices), were sadistically beaten the organizers of "Occupy Wall Street!" in New York, the mass injuries inflicted by police upon activists of protest actions in order to disperse them in London, Berlin and Madrid. One of our familiar American activists of the protest movement had been almost landed in jail for 4 years just because he appeared on the square in New York with an unregistered megaphone. In the disturbing evening of 19.12.2010, we saw how in Minsk for a long time was spent trying to carry out the scenario of an "orange revolution" planned by Western intelligence, like it was in Yugoslavia, Georgia and other countries. The aim is the same: to make of Belarus an obedient puppet of the West, to tear her from Russia, and that's why most of the opposition candidates advocated the abolition of the results of All-Belarusian referendum on giving the Russian language equal status with Belarusian, to abolish fascist symbols and integrate with Russia. That's how the candidates "from the Belarusian people," planned to crush the will of the people on whose behalf they were trying to serve. From the first days after the dispersal of the flunkyist opposition, its leaders launched its "duck" about a provocation organized by the intelligence service, allegedly smashing doors and windows at the Government building. However, in the scrollable frames of the riot, you will not see at any point where someone tried to stop the rioters, in fact, the whole crowd whooped approvingly at each blow of a shovel or sharp instrument. And now in the opposition press is almost gone complaints about the provocation, leaving only the groaning of the brutality of power and mournful sound of Western puppeteers uniform demands for the immediate release of "hostages of the dictatorship." By the way, even such an experienced functionary of the pro-Western opposition as S. Kalyakin, the former leader of the Belarusian Communist Party (PKB) admitted: "... I think the blame for what happened on October Square lies not just with the authorities but also with those who organized this event» (“Comrade” № 5 (710) on 12.21.2011.) The second formal (!) reason for the unleashing of the anti-Belarusian campaign by the West was the execution by firing squad by the Belarusian authorities of Dmitry Konovalov and Vladislav Kovalev who were convicted for the attack on the Minsk underground on April 11, 2011. The strongest attack of hysteria swept across the Western media after the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, despite the pressure exerted on him, refused to pardon these two criminals, who according to the verdict of the court had carried out a cruel bloody deed. The Statement by the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB for Belarus and the Kaliningrad region on 04.13.2011 in connection with the attack was published in the newspaper "Vperyod" in April of that year. In the final part of the statement it noted: "The issue is this: despite the fact that the legal and judicial machinery of the state will fulfil its task: the perpetrators of this dastardly crime will be named, they will be convicted and will be punished, but out of the examination of bourgeois Themis will be criminal the capitalist system - the main culprit for all troubles, bestowed upon modern Belarus and other former Soviet republics. Only after the elimination of this evil, can Belarusian workers live in complete peace of mind and be confident in their future." Our position remains unchanged at the present time too. But we can not remain indifferent to the unrepentant brazen actions of the imperialist circles in the West to implement their dictates in relation to the Belarusian people and the independent Belarusian state, blasphemously using the tragedy in Minsk subway. In March of this year, official statements on behalf of the Western European countries condemning the "execution of the innocent Konovalov, D. Kovalev," filled the airwaves, a sense of "deep sorrow" and "shock" expressed by the head of the Council of Europe, the European Parliament and PACE. "Konovalov and Kovalev have been convicted, despite serious doubts about their role in this tragic event," – declared Martin, chairman of the European Parliament, adding that the conduct of the judicial process did not meet international standards. Chairman of PACE, Petros Efthymiou accused Belarus of an absence of justice in the trial. Western "humanitarians" their "deep sorrow" and expressed the fact that in Belarus the death penalty still exists, which remains the sentence for the bloody crimes. In this case, the upper echelons of power in the West ignore the fact that the in favour of retention of the death penalty was expressed by the overwhelming majority of people in Belarus in a referendum, i.e. in this case we see in this issue that we are dealing with insolent call by the West to trample upon the will of the people. As is known, in international law there is a norm which requires from everyone strict implementation: only a court may decide who is guilty and who is innocent. But the leaders of Western countries and organisations in the EU ignore the rule of law and therefore it seems, to achieve a goal, in their opinion, anything and everything goes. What also causes disgust is the fact that in their statements, western politicians do not even mention the victims of the terrorist attack that killed 15 people and injured and maimed over 500 people. In this case, Western leaders talk a lot about morality. How can they talk about morality and ethics, if the plans of their "humanitarian interventions" killed hundreds of thousands of women, children and elderly in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Yugoslavia? According to the Belarusian media, the "investigative process was transparent. It was attended by members of the FSB, the staff of the Israeli Mossad and Interpol. They had at no stage in the investigation no raised suspicions and questions. From the very first interview, everything was filmed on audio and video." The objectivity of the investigation was confirmed by the Secretary General of Interpol Ronald Noble, who visited Minsk. He described the incident: "This is definitely really a terrorist act. It was revealed so quickly and efficiently thanks to the professionalism of Belarusian law enforcement agencies, technology development and high level of cooperation with other countries." From the first minutes of the interrogation to the end of the investigation, neither Konovalov, nor Kovalev denied the fact that they prepared and committed the crime, and during the investigation gave a detailed account of all the details of its preparation and clearly showed what they were doing. And video footage from the courtroom shown on Belarusian TV depicting the absolute calm behaviour of both prisoners only serve to reinforce that innocent people behave differently: they are silent, they protest, they appeal to the public and all of their behaviour tends to prove that they are not guilty. One can only wonder at the arrogance of Western politicians, who in order to achieve their aims, take under their protection criminals convicted by the court whose guilt was proven at an international level. Therefore, we can not but agree with Belarusian TV regarding the "humane" measures of the West: "The European Union imposes sanctions against our people for the fact that it protects itself against terrorists and murderers. Liberal Europe has stood not on the side of the victims of the terrible terrorist attack in the subway, but on the side of terrorists." But at home, in their own countries, Western Themis do not really stand on ceremony with such criminals. For example, recently told the international media reported to the community that in Japan three people were convicted and had been hanged, and the United States, where today the death penalty is legalized at the federal level and is part of the penal law in 35 states where each year they are among the top five countries in which the most executions are carried out. And no country from the imperialist bloc is in the least perturbed by this issue. From all the above, the following conclusion: even formal reasons made by the West to justify its policy of diktat towards Belarus are fictitious and do not hold water. And yet, despite everything, the West intensifies its attack on Belarus. The following wave of pressure began after the May 2011 trial of the main organizers of the riots in central Minsk on December 19, 2010. By decision taken in Brussels on May 23, 2011, the Council of the European Union expanded the list of Belarusian officials prohibited from entering the territory of EU Member States to 188 people and whose European assets have been frozen. On June 20 of that year, the European Union first imposed economic sanctions against a number of Belarusian companies and imposed an embargo on arms trade with official Minsk. After that, the United States joined in a campaign of pressure on Belarus, demanding "the release of all political prisoners". On August 11, 2011, the U.S. State Department announced the expansion of the list of economic sanctions against the Belarusian leadership. The fresh sanctions have affected four Belarusian state-owned enterprises. Among these were a manufacturer of fertilizers "Grodno Azot (Nitrogen)", "Belshina", the manufacturer of automobile tyre, "Naftan" oil refiner and "Grodno Khimvolokno", producer of fibre. These companies are controlled by the State Concern "Belneftekhim", in respect of which the U.S. sanctions have been in force. After the decision of the EU adopted in February 2012 about the next expansion of sanctions against the Belarus, a diplomatic conflict broke out. On February 28, the Belarusian authorities recommended that the head of the mission of the EU, Maire More and the Ambassador of Poland Leszek Sherepke "return to their own capital cities for consultations to bring to their leadership the firm position of the Belarusian side about the unacceptability of pressure and sanctions." Simultaneously, Minsk recalled for consultations Permanent Representative of Belarus to the European Union and Ambassador of Belarus to Poland. In response, in late February - early March, the EU countries withdrew their ambassadors from Minsk. Taking the path of escalating pressure on the objectionable countries, on March 23, 2012, the EU imposed new sanctions against Belarus, Syria and Iran after a meeting of the Council of EU foreign ministers as formally announced by the EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton. The European Union once again extended visa and economic sanctions against Belarus in February 2011. To the EU's blacklist were added 12 other individuals and 29 Belarusian companies. On 29 March this year, the official website of the European Parliament published a final text of the resolution of the European Parliament, approved by the MEPs on the situation in Belarus. The final document, in particular, states that "The European Parliament strongly condemns the continuing deterioration of the situation in Belarus in the sphere of human rights and fundamental freedoms ... deplores the carrying out of the death penalty against Konovalov and Kovalev ... The EP also regrets the travel ban list compiled by the Belarusian authorities, which included some of the regime's political opponents and human rights defenders who are now unable to leave the country. The European Parliament once again calls on the national hockey federation of countries - EU Member States and all democratic countries to apply to the International Ice Hockey Federation with a proposal to once again discuss the possibility of transfer of the World Hockey Championship in 2014 from Belarus to another country." Such a frank diktat of the imperialist circles of the West against a sovereign state has forced many in the world to think and express their disagreement. Thus on April 2, 2012, the Human Rights Council of the United Nations in its resolution by an overwhelming majority condemned the use of so-called "unilateral coercive measures." In fact, this means that the policy of sanctions was condemned at the highest level. Despite the fact that the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling on Belarus to be deprived the right to host the World Hockey Championship in 2014, the President of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Rene Fasel said he was confident that the championship would be held in Belarus, as originally planned, however, emphasizing that the matter would be discussed at the May IIHF Congress, if the national federation will put it on the agenda. But the most effective support to Belarus was by its allies in the Customs Union. On March 11, 2012, Heads of Government of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan issued a joint statement on the inadmissibility of economic pressure or coercion against one of the states - members of the Customs Union. Of course, EU sanctions on Belarus have delivered a blow. Its economy is built so that more than 40 percent of goods are exported to EU countries. Moreover, Belarusian goods are in high demand there. Now Minsk can redirect their export flows of goods, for example, into the countries of Central Asia, where there is a need for inexpensive and quality industrial products. Belarus engineering products can be exported to into the countries of the Customs Union. CSTO member-states also supported Belarus. On April 6, 2012, at the CFM, which was held in Astana, the foreign ministers of states - members: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan signed a declaration on the inadmissibility of the use of economic pressure on Belarus. According to the foreign ministers of the CSTO countries, such action prejudice the legitimate interests of Economic Security, which is fraught with damage to the mutually beneficial cooperation and development of integration processes on the Eurasian continent. Currently, we are close to the junction with the intrigue of the diplomatic demarche of EU ambassadors - their hasty departure from Minsk. On March 30, an EU observer reported that the ambassadors of the EU are all together to return to Belarus soon after the Catholic Easter, "If Alexander Lukashenko, during this time will not make any sudden moves." On April 18, Foreign Minister of Slovakia, Miroslav Lajcak said that it is time for the EU ambassadors to return to Belarus. "They should not be part of a political dispute between the EU and Belarus", - said Lajcak. However, on April 5, Lukashenko said that the return of the diplomats will be treated in a personal manner. And on April 17, in an interview with state media, the head of the presidential administration Vladimir Makey called the view "complete nonsense" that allowing former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov to run for presidency along with a member of his team Dmitri Bondarenko, the Belarusian authorities are to create conditions for the return of ambassadors of the European Union to Minsk ... The European Union at the time withdrew their ambassadors, and today the reality is that we are not asking, but being asked to allow the EU ambassadors to return to Belarus. And not just requesting but demanding, and even threatened with new sanctions." In conclusion, it should be noted that the next attack on Belarus showed the cynicism with which the West in its own interests will take advantage of "local" a "democratic opposition". Being chicken fed by the West, and selling themselves off to the bone, the opposition scrambles to serve their masters, they call for new sanctions, name the names of Belarusian officials and the names of companies against whom the sanctions should be applied. In the anti-Belarusian campaign, a special zeal appears from active participants in the show's failed coup. Summarizing the above, the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB for Belarus and Kaliningrad states the following: 1.We strongly oppose sanctions, which are used in recent years with regard to Belarus and the Belarusian people, by the imperialist circles of Western countries, primarily the EU and the U.S.. 2. We believe that the economic and political sanctions by Western countries and demagogic appeals to "defend human rights and democracy" in Belarus are the main goal to bring to power a puppet government, to take over the country's economy by transnational corporations under their full control, as is the case in other republics the former Soviet Union, to tear Belarus away from Russia and to prevent the formation of any association in the former unified country. We believe that any concessions to the West in their demands to release "political prisoners" - the organizers of the failed "orange revolution" in Belarus, as well as to provide "free speech", i.e. freedom of the propaganda of the "orange revolution" can not lead to a weakening of the dictates of the imperialist bloc against Belarus. The West will never rest until it brings our country and our people to their knees. 4. We call on all patriotic forces of the republic to expose the corrupt pro-Western opposition as the spiritual heirs of the collaborators of the Great Patriotic War, as traitors to the Belarusian people as stooges of Western anti-Belarusian capital. The class approach to the assessment of events has always been and remains the main core of our political work. All of the above stated objectives are to ensure the best tactical environment to achieve our main goal - the revival of Soviet power, socialism, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. 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