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Monday, 2 July 2012

For Bolshevism inside the communist and workers movement No7 (112) July 2012

WORKERS OF ALL COUNTRIES, UNITE! ALL-UNION COMMUNIST PARTY OF BOLSHEVIKS SOCIALIST REVOLUTION FOR BOLSHEVISM INSIDE THE COMMUNIST AND WORKERS’ MOVEMENT No 07 (112) JULY 2012 --------------------------------------------------------------------- STALIN IS UNACCEPTABLE FOR THE BELARUSIAN BOURGEOIS AUTHORITIES, ON VICTORY DAY Victory Day in Minsk in the post-Soviet era since 1995 has been widely and solemnly celebrated: the traditional procession of veterans from the October Square in Minsk to Victory Square has been held, where the president makes a speech and an official wreath-laying ceremony takes place at the Victory monument. Passage into the area for those wishing to take part in laying flowers is only ensured by special control: on all approaches to the area, ​​booths are set up to check for metal objects, where a thorough examination is carried out on citizens together with the searching of bags, packages, etc. Many people in such times remember the Soviet times, when there was no need for such a humiliating procedure, especially on such a holy day for the Soviet people. The Minsk Bolsheviks, as always, came with the standard of the AUCPB, together with portraits of V.I. Lenin and J.V. Stalin, and USSR and BSSR banners, streamers, Bolshevik newspapers and leaflets, onto which were printed greetings by the CC AUCPB on Victory Day. Everyone is subjected to scrutiny, but specific claims have been made against our literature, which they first seized but later returned. Finally, having passed through total control points, we got to the square and, by unfurling our attributes waited for the official ceremony to end, then go to the Eternal Flame and the Victory Monument. But suddenly, there appeared brave inflated fellows who began to remove us from the area. They especially did not like the AUCPB standard, portraits J.V. Stalin and Soviet flags. Our admonition that the Soviet flag is a flag, under which the victory was won, and J.V. Stalin - the head of the Great Victory, did not help. We were shoved out of the square like unwanted items at the festival, and did not allow us there until the official ceremony was over. Finally, despite the negative attitude of the special branch towards our Soviet attributes, the Bolsheviks again gathered on the square. However, it should be admitted that the special branch after that did not interfere with us or the portraits of J.V. Stalin and Soviet flags in the centre of the Belarusian capital. After the official activities, many people walked with flowers to the Victory monument. The Bolsheviks, distributing the newspaper "Vperyod", "Serp I Molot", and greetings by the Central Committee of the AUCPB, conducted their work with Minsk residents and guests to promote the ideas of Bolshevism and clarify the role of J.V. Stalin in the Soviet Union in achieving victory over Nazi Germany and the salvation of mankind from the threat of fascist enslavement. Minsk organization of the AUCPB ====================================================== FOR OUR SOVIET MOTHERLAND, FOR STALIN! The period of 1941-1945 was a war of the entire Soviet people for freedom and independence of the Socialist Fatherland and for the salvation of humanity from the Nazi tyranny. In comparison, the truth is known. During the Great Patriotic War the Soviet socialist system had passed all the tests and further strengthened. The results of the war showed that the system was the most viable and sustainable in the world, the best form of social organization. Under Stalin, under socialism, even during the war, new factories and power plants were contructed (D. Chistov, "Stalin. Life for the people", 2012, p.161-162), but nowadays, in peacetime, in a capitalist Russia, many enterprises, on the contrary, are destroyed, production drops sharply, they sell the equipment, and workers are laid off. The current crisis of overproduction, the constant companion of the bourgeois order, hit primarily the automotive industry. The Volga car factory is in an extremely difficult position, the number of cars produced dramatically reduced, reduced workers' wages and as a result of reductions, the army of unemployed is replenished. The Izhevsk automobile plant in general is almost at a standstill since the fall of 2009. Wages have fallen sharply. One section of the team of workers at the plant worked at the so-called "public works", the other - was on partially paid leave. KAMAZ (Kamsky car factory), located in Naberezhnye Chelny, is constantly reeling. One minute the conveyor is stopped, then workers are sent on partially extended paid leave, then fired completely. But under Stalin, under socialism, new auto plants were built even during the Great Patriotic War. People were able to realize themselves, to get a decent wage without delay. And this was at a time when in some western areas of the Soviet Union, they were still ruled by the Nazis. Under Stalin, under socialism, even in the period from 1941 to 1945, sales of goods were produced at the pre-war state prices, which remained largely unchanged throughout the war. Simply put, prices in the Soviet Union during World War II did not grow, but remained the same ("The Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945". M., 1977, p.117). Not one country ever had this. Did socialism by this not demonstrate its superiority over capitalism? In Britain it was the opposite. The British Isles during the Second World War was dominated by inflation. In 2009, in peacetime, there was an accident with loss of life at the Sayano-Shushensky power plant. The death toll amounted to more than 70 people! In comparison, the truth is known. During the war, spies of Schellenberg, chief of the 6th Division of the Nazi Reich Security Main HQ, saboteurs of the Canaris - head of German military intelligence (Abwehr) failed to sabotage any power at the rear of the USSR. During 1941-1945, there was not one similar disaster to such structures. Nowadays, the economy is collapsing, and not only in capitalist Russia. The same thing is happening in other capitalist countries. In a deep crisis is American automaker "General Motors", dragging down behind it to the bottom German group of companies "Opel." In the supposedly "safe" Sweden at the beginning of 2010 there were layoffs at factories, "Saab", "Volvo". All of these enterprises, being unprofitable, like basketballs are being transferred from the hands of one owner to another. In Scandinavia, rising unemployment, corruption, crime rates are also creeping up. So all European countries are now dominated by essentially the same capitalism, as in Russia and Ukraine. Capitalism can not be divided into "wild" and "tame." capitalism. This is stupid. Capitalism has always and in every country been "wild." Unemployment, inflation, paid medical care, education, high crime, the economic crisis – this is savagery, which should not be in a civilized society without the quotes. "Savagery" – this is unemployment, inflation, private medicine and education, crime, excess of deaths over births are also present in Sweden, and Switzerland, not to mention Germany, France, England or the United States. "Savagery" is an integral part and birthmark of any capitalism. Therefore, wild capitalism prevails not only in Russia but also in Sweden, Switzerland, England, France, Germany, and the United States. And they feel great hunger, poverty, gang violence, corruption, police-sadists, the mafia, drug addiction, alcoholism and lawlessness, and other "charms." The fact is that the so-called West, including the U.S. and Europe, does not like to wash its own dirty linen in public, and carefully guard against the disclosure of all its shortcomings, and does not advertise the shameful part of their society, in contrast to Russia. A truly civilized society without the quotes and the "savagery" is only socialism. Today's socialist states of Cuba and the DPRK, where there is no unemployment, hunger, poverty, high crime rates, and where free education and medicine are entrenched, are truly and without quotation marks civilized nations. The USSR was another such country, especially in the Stalin era. The Soviet Union under Stalin during the Great Patriotic War, demonstrated to the whole world the effectiveness of the socialist economy, its ability even in an extreme situation to develop, build new enterprises to ensure full employment. The restoration of enterprises destroyed the invaders, the starting up of new plants, and construction of power plants in the USSR in 1941-1945 - all these facts suggest that Stalin was at this difficult time occupied with not only defence issues, but also as Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars (Soviet Government) in charge of the economy and economic life of the country. How did he manage to successfully manage both fronts to deal with ideology, economy, foreign policy issues, to respond to hundreds of thousands of letters of ordinary citizens of the USSR? The genius of Stalin remains a mystery and to the present day. Stalin and the CPSU (b) were the organizers of Victory. The basis of the strength and viability of the Soviet socialist system, which was especially evident in the Great Patriotic War, was the absence of exploiting classes and the exploitation of man by man. Instead was the socialist public ownership of the means and instruments of production. The Soviet system, the socialist nature of the Soviet economy made it possible in the period 1941-1945, to make the most rational and reasonable use of all resources of the country in the interest of defeating the enemy and to ensure the rebuilding of the Soviet economy on a war footing in a very short time. Only the Soviet socialist country and the Soviet people, led by Stalin and the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, was the force in heavy combat with the enemy to quickly create a well-organized and growing war economy that ensured the defeat of Hitler's army. The strength of the Soviet social system consisted primarily in the fact that it was a truly peoples’ system. Great Lenin had in 1920 pointed out that "... our cause stands firm, no matter what attempts are made to invade Russia and unleash military campaigns against her, and these attempts will no doubt continue, but we have hardened our experience and on the basis of actual experience we know that all these attempts will turn to scattered ashes. And after each attempt by our enemies, we will come out stronger than we were before them "(V.I. Lenin, Collected Works, Vol. Fourth, v.31, p.304). Lenin said that the side that wins a war will be the one with more reserves, more sources of power and more support in the popular strata. The results of the Second World War and the victory of the Soviet people over Hitlerism brilliantly confirmed the thesis of this genius. The Soviet Union crushed Nazi Germany primarily due to the leading and cementing force of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, and the critical role of the General Secretary J.V. Stalin. During the war, the Bolshevik Party threw its best efforts into strengthening the front and rear, to defeat the enemy. Communists were always at the forefront of the defenders of the Motherland. With honour of carrying the high rank of a member of the party, they walked fearlessly to the enemy, encouraging men by word and by personal example. The behaviour of the Communists in battle and work was an example of boundless loyalty to the Soviet people and the socialist Motherland. The vanguard role of Communists in the front of the struggle against the fascist invaders is demonstrated by the fact that out of 10,942 soldiers that had received the title Hero of the Soviet Union, two-thirds were Communists. The victory over fascism was won not only by the courage of Soviet soldiers, but also with modern weapons of the time, well-delivered to supply the army from the defence plants that were provided primarily due to the outstanding organizational role of J.V. Stalin. Stalin during the war highlighted the crucial factors deciding the fate of an armed confrontation with Nazism. These included the strength of the rear, the morale of the army, the number and quality of divisions, weaponry in the army and organizational skills of the commanders. The strength of the Red Army, according to the Leader, was the fact that it was not aggressive, not leading an imperialist war, but a domestic war of liberation, a just war. The outstanding role of J.V. Stalin in the Victory over German fascism and the heroism of the Bolshevik Communists and all Soviet people on the front and rear are for the modern Bolshevik revolutionaries, unfading examples in the struggle for the revival of the Soviet Union and socialism. ============================================= UKRAINE – IN SELF-DESTRUCTION MODE That tragedy, which happened to Oksana Makar, is not an isolated incident. There is a mass destruction of the Ukrainian people. In May, three thugs in Vinnitse beat up a 26-year-old young man with CP disability (cerebral palsy) because of a mobile phone. And the beating took place 100 meters from a police station. The young man being beaten cried out and begged for help, but the police "did not see anything and heard nothing." For three days the doctors fought for his life, but could not save him. Victor Pryadko on died May 9, on the 67-th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people over fascism. And this story would never have received publicity, if it were not for Lyudmila Martynyuk, who witnessed the incident, and during those days was in hospital. First she went to the Regional Council. But the authorities did not react to this most savage case. And only when Marchenko addressed the local press, did they publish a note about this, and this brutal case received publicity. We can say that during the years of "independence" there has been a complete moral degradation of the Ukrainian people. On the one hand, the so-called majors, children of wealthy parents, are completely corrupted by their (parental) wealth and absolute impunity. They treat ordinary people worse than animals, worse than slaves were treated in ancient Rome, and care not one bit. On the other hand, a significant portion of the working people, deprived of work, wages, who have no prospects in the future, morally sink, binge drink, turn into alcoholics and drug addicts, criminals and gangsters, prostitutes and homeless people ... and lose all will to live and struggle. We have repeatedly pointed out that over the 20 years of "independence", Ukraine's population of 52 million people has decreased to 45.5 million (official data). Plus, the number who have emigrated from Ukraine amounts to about 7 million people, in search of work, in search of earning a potential to provide for themselves and their families. As a result, no more than 38 million people are currently living in Ukraine. And this is not the limit of fall. According to the director of the Institute of Demography and social problems, Libanova Ella, by 2050, no more than 35-36 million people will be living in Ukraine. And if from this figure is subtracted the number of migrant workers (the so-called guest workers our) of no less than 7 million people, then the Ukraine will be by mid-century will have a maximum population of 28 million people. This is the result of the destruction of the Soviet Union, the so-called "independence", and the power of capital. Only the working class and toiling masses of Ukraine, who rise up to the revolutionary struggle to overthrow the power of capital, for Soviet power, socialism and the revival of the Soviet Union can prevent a national catastrophe. Namely in the struggle will the negative phenomena in the mass of working people be overcome, will strength be forged, courage and indomitable will to victor over the exploiters and oppressors of the masses. The regime knows that the people’s patience will sooner or later run out, and they will rise up to fight for their liberation. And in this case, the bourgeoisie resort to the tried and tested last means of salvation - fascism. The open neo-Banderite regime was the orange Yushchenko-Tymoshenko regime. But at least they told people directly that they are for Bandera, Shukhevych and other hirelings of Hitler's fascism and butchers of his own and other peoples. The blue and white (the Party of the Regions), when coming to power, pretended to be different: they were friendship with Russia and for the Russian language, etc. But once in power, the regime of Yanukovych-Azarov began to conduct the same nationalistic policy that orange did - the policy of flirting and indulging with neo-banderite-pro-fascist forces. In late April, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, by a majority of vote decided to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Joseph Slipyj, the Cardinal of the Greek-Catholic Church. One who swore allegiance to the Fuhrer and Nazi Germany, who consecrated the Banderites to the massacre of Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Jewish and other peoples. The parliament recommended that the Government establish a committee to prepare the celebration of the 120th anniversary of the birth of Joseph Slipyj, to promote the publication of his works. The parliament decision also stipulates that within a year, the state radio and television will organize programs dedicated to the life and work of the head of the UGCC (Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church. Additionally, the Verkhovna Rada proposed to issue commemorative coins from the series of "Outstanding Personalities of Ukraine" with the image of the patriarch Joseph Slipyj, and the Ukrainian state enterprise "Ukrpochta" - to publish a series of envelopes and carry out production of special stamps with the portrait of the patriarch of the UGCC. Therefore, a brief recall for our readers about who this "outstanding(!) personality of Ukraine" Joseph Slipj really is. He was born in Ternop region, in the village of Zazdrist (Zavist (Envy) - in Russian), Austria-Hungary (at that time). He studied at the Lviv and Catholic (Innsbruck) universities and received a doctorate in theology. On September 30, 1917, Metropolitan Sheptytsky ordained him priest. In 1918-1919 he served in the Ukrainian Galician Army (UGA) of the so-called West Ukrainian People’s Republic (existed since the late 1918 to early 1919.). After the defeat of the UGA, he was evacuated to Rome, in 1919-1922 studied at the Pontifical Oriental and Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. Beginning in 1922, he taught dogmatics at the Lviv Greek-Catholic seminary and in 1925 became its rector. From 1929 he was rector of the Lviv Theological Academy. He was a close associate of Metropolitan Sheptytsky. In 1935, Metropolitan A. Sheptytsky appointed Slipyj as archdeacon of Lviv metropolitan archbishop. On December 22,1939, with the blessing of Pope Pios XII, Slipyj was ordained as the Archbishop of Lviv with the right of succession. It was conducted by Metropolitan A. Sheptytsky in strict secrecy. On November 1, 1944, after the death of Metropolitan Sheptytsky, Slipyj assumed the head of the Greek Catholic Orthodox Church and became the new Metropolitan of Galicia ... On June 30, 1941 at dawn, Nazi troops stormed Lviv. At the forefront of the invaders was the Nachtigall battalion led by Oberlander, Shukhevych, chaplain Grinoh. They immediately went to the Cathedral of St. George, to receive a blessing from Sheptytsky to kill innocent civilians in the city. In the courtyard of the Cathedral, the Metropolitan conducted the service, which was attended by Slipyj, Ivan Grinoh and others, as well as the captain, Hans Koch, a member of the Abwehr, who on the instructions of Canaris, was in contact with the leaders of the OUN and the hierarchs of the Uniate Church."We rejoice liberation of our land from godless Bolshevism - Sheptytsky said, referring to the murderer of "Nachtigal". - From all our hearts we welcome our liberators the German army and its leader Adolf Hitler. I sincerely ask the Almighty for the victory of German arms over Bolshevism ... bless you, my sons, to the sacred struggle for the truth of God. In your hands is the destiny of your people and our future. Begin and God be with you!" And ... the nachtigalites began shooting, killing, torturing, throwing babies onto the street from the upper floors of houses. In the first days of the occupation, OUN-ites ruthlessly massacred more than 3 thousand people of Lviv. On the same day, on June 30, in the evening at the Hall of "Prosvita" Jaroslav Stetsko, the first deputy of the "leader" of the OUN, Stepan Bandera, read out the proclamation of the Act of the Restoration of the Ukrainian State. In the third paragraph of the Act it states: "The restored Ukrainian State will closely collaborate with the Nazi Reich of National Socialist Great Germany, which is creating a new order in Europe and the world under the leadership of Adolf Hitler creates and helps the Ukrainian people to liberate themselves from the Moscow occupation. The Ukrainian National Revolutionary Army, which will be created on Ukrainian soil, will continue to struggle alongside the allied German army against Moscow's occupation for a Sovereign Cathedral Ukrainian State and a new order in the whole world." Both Hans Koch from the German government and the Metropolitan Sheptytsky with Slipyj welcomed the Banderites, ...In April 1945, Slipyj was arrested and sentenced to eight years for his pro-fascist activities. On his release, he continued to engage in anti-Soviet activities, for which he was again sentenced to 7 years. In the Khrushchev period, as a result of interference from the Pope and U.S. president John Kennedy, Slipyj was released to take part in the Second Vatican Council in Rome, where he remained. On December 23, Pope Paul VI named the Metropolitan of Galicia Archbishop Joseph Slipyj as Major Archbishop of Lviv, and February 23, 1965 awarded him the title of cardinal. In subsequent years, Slipyj made efforts to enhance the life of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the West. He founded the Ukrainian Catholic University and St. Clement Ukrainian Catholic faculties in the universities of London, Washington, Chicago, Philadelphia and several Ukrainian religious seminaries, and built the Hagia Sophia in Rome ... In 1975, he assumed himself the title "patriarch", for which he was subjected to censure by the Pope and a number of priests of the Greek Catholic Church. Slipyj died on September 7, 1984 in Rome, where he was buried. In 1992, according to his will, his remains were moved to the Lviv and buried in the crypt (tomb) of St. George's Cathedral. And thus this spiritual servant of Bandera and the Nazis is treated by the Verkhovna Rada as an outstanding figures of Ukraine and they have decided to mark the 120th anniversary of Slipyj on a state scale. In Lviv, the local authorities for the second consecutive year, prohibit the use of Communist symbols and symbols of the Soviet Union on May Day and Victory Day. This is in an article by our correspondent from Lviv "The Capital of Bandrites and Ukrainian Fascism." In this same row stand a series of explosions in the centre of Dnipropetrovsk on April 27, when 25-29 people (according to various sources) sought medical treatment. In this regard, the head of the Ministry of Justice A. Lavrynovych said that a state of emergency in the country would not be introduced – as he considered there to be no grounds for this. Not yet. But the ruling regime, fearing the growing popular anger, as well as being increasingly isolated internationally, can go for anything, including a state of emergency to crush the struggle of the working masses for their liberation. You can say that fascism is gaining momentum in Ukraine and all the more urgent becomes the problem to stop fascism! Of course, the problem of the struggle against fascism in Ukraine is inseparably linked with the struggle for the abolition of the rule of capital. APOTHEOSIS OF BETRAYAL The election campaign in Russia is over. V. Putin was elected the president, as it was clear from the outset to the Bolsheviks. Immediate recognition of the legitimacy of his victory by Barack Obama could not fail to not surprise. After all, the U.S. seemed to be opposed to Putin's election as president. U.S. Vice President John Baden, who visited Russia in the beginning of last year, recommended Putin not to run for president of Russia. However, the ruling elite of Russia dared to disobey the highest orders and judged for themselves. President Putin was elected, and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved, i.e., the ruling tandem transformed in accordance with the real political weight and influence.The "secret" of the approval by Barack Obama of the election of for President Putin was discovered very quickly. The price of this - the creation of NATO bases in Ulyanovsk. Already at the beginning of February the media reported that Russia and NATO agreed to expand the capabilities of military cargo transit through the territory of the Russian Federation. Due to the outlined withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, NATO, the question arose about the route of withdrawal. Uzbekistan refused to allow back NATO troops from Afghanistan. According to media reports, the Uzbeks are afraid of importation of drugs and weapons into the country: "There would be whole convoys of military equipment, so all that is not so easy to check." So when the U.S. proposed to the Russian authorities that they to find a city in central Russia, where they could create a logistical base with a customs terminal where planes would thrown out their cargo from Afghanistan, and then went by train to the Baltic states - Ulyanovsk was proposed. The airport "Ulyanovsk-East" has one of the world's longest runways. It is able to take aircraft of any class. This airport is the base for the Ulyanovsk plant "Aviastar-SP" and the 31st Airborne Brigade Guard. Creating a NATO base in the heart of Russia, the birthplace of Lenin is a betrayal of national interests of Russia, Russians, and all other indigenous people of the country. That's the real price of Putin's election as president. On April 10, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued an official explanation that "there will not and can not be any NATO military base or transit centre in Ulyanovsk. Neither military nor civilian personnel of NATO countries are supposed to arrive there." Some military analysts subjected the Russian Foreign Ministry statement to a thorough analysis, in which, inter alia, it states that "we are talking about exploring the feasibility of transit of only non-lethal (non-military) cargo of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan by combined method - air, road and rail transport through the territory of the Russian Federation. There is nothing new or sensational in Russia supporting the ISAF for transit, at all." And this is the lie of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. It should be noted that the ISAF has been under the command of NATO since 08/11/2003. Moreover, all contracts for transit through the Russian Federation were concluded not with the ISAF, which does not exist juristically, but directly with NATO. The Basic Law, under which NATO transits is the Federal Law of 07.06.2007 № 99-FZ "On ratification of the Agreement between the parties to the North Atlantic Treaty and other states participating in the program "Partnership for Peace" on the status of their Forces from June 19, 1995, and the Additional Protocol thereto." In this law there is not a single mention of the ISAF. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in stating the ISAF, is simply misinforming the public. It should also be noted that the acts of "On the Status of Forces» (Status of Forces Agreement, SOFA), are standard regulations on the organization of the U.S. Armed Forces on the territory of other states. Such agreements were entered by the U.S. with Iraq, Japan and South Korea. A similar agreement is currently being considered by the leadership of Afghanistan over the setting up of long-term U.S. military bases in the country. Therefore, no matter how fabled or cloaked words are by the Russian leadership, it is clear that on the territory of Russia very soon, with the start of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, there will be a NATO base. At a recently held NATO Summit in Chicago (USA) it was noted that the first phase of the deployment of NATO missile defence in Europe had been completed. This system should be deployed in full in four phases and the completion of its deployment scheduled for 2018. And the European missile defence system is directed against the nuclear potential of Russia, to prevent any possibility of a breakthrough of Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles onto U.S. territory. In April 2010, START-3 was signed by the U.S. and Russia, which is a betrayal of Russia’s national interests. Military analysts say that by 2015, the strategic nuclear potential of Russia will be so weakened, the United States and NATO will be able to strike Russia with impunity, by having created a reliable system of defence against possible retaliation. The United States is purposefully and aggressively fulfilling its principal objective, to occupy and dismember Russia, finally turning it into a raw materials appendage of the West. Only the selfless struggle of the masses led by the working class of Russia to overthrow the power of capital, a revolutionary struggle for the restoration of Soviet power, a return to the socialist path of development and the revival of the Soviet Union will prevent a national catastrophe. We see that the interests of working people in Ukraine and Russia, however, as in the other republics of the former Soviet Union are the same. A. MAEVSKY, Secretary of the CC AUCPB. ============================================ REVIEW OF THE LABOUR MOVEMENT (MAY – JUNE 2012) Bus workers strike in Irkutsk. On May 19, 2012. Irkutsk bus employees went on strike. Thus they managed to get their accumulated for more than three months salary arrears. The company's management, knowing about the planned strike limited itself to promises to the employees. However, a few days after the start of the strike action began, the money to pay them was found. A strike at a textile factory in North Ossetia The labor collective of the textile factory "Zarina" in North Ossetia began strike action from May 21. The reasons were many months of wage arrears, and an increase in working hours by two hours. Currently, negotiations are underway with the strikers of the factory. At Voronezh airport – planned strike action! At Voronezh airport a labour dispute has been underway. Employees of "Voronezhavia" have been threatened with mass dismissal, and there are problems with salaries. Negotiations are continuing with the employer. However, if compromise fails, the team intends to begin a strike in the form of full or partial waiver of servicing of AK "Poleyt." Workers on strike at "Mytishchi heating" network Twenty-five employees of the site, "Rhythm" of "Mytischinskaya heating system" (Moscow) on 30 May ended their patience and went on strike. In April they were a total of seven thousand rubles, while their salary is supposed to be 20-30 thousand rubles. Management stated that there was no money, and promised to pay everything in full later. However, the money had not been received. Shipbuilders on strike in Buryatia Work at a shipyard in Buryatia has stopped due to strike action announced by employees of the company on account of non-payment of their salaries. Protesters refused to work for three days. At the same time, they arrive at their workplaces. Thus, one of the shipyard employees reported that there was a delay in wage payment of two months. The situation with regular deductions of wages at the plant has continued throughout the year. Also, the protesters say that the enterprise as a whole is in a very difficult position. Its work is constantly interrupted by internal conflicts of the workers and management. Donbass miners have been paid after strike action On May 29 at the mines "Shcheglovsky-Glubokaya" and No.22 "Kommunarskya" PAO "Donbass mine office", more than a thousand workers began a two-day strike because of unpaid wages. After the strikes, and prosecution intervention, "Donbass" mine office workers began receiving their wage arrears. “As a result of checks, observance of the demands by law to pay, conducted by the prosecution department of Donetsk and Donetsk region of Budennovsky at PAO “Donbass mine office,” the mine workers were paid the amount of arrears," - said the press service of the prosecutor's office in Donetsk region. Protesting workers at Vitebsk On June 1, plant workers of the large homebuilding RUE "DSK" in Vitebsk refused to start work - they had not received salaries for April. According to "Narodniya Naviny VŃ–tsebska", at around 7:00 am, about 100 people gathered near the entrance to the valve shop and said they would not start work until they receive wages. The Deputy Director General failed to persuade people to start work, promising that on the same day they would be paid. By 12 o'clock they had already had their money transferred to the workers. In Kherson trolleybuses stop working At "Khersonelektrotrans" on May 21, staff went out on strike. As reported by the workers themselves, mainly technical staff, plumbers, mechanics and electricians went on strike. The main reason for the protest - wage arrears for 3 months and the constant threat of layoffs. The debt at "Khersonelektrotrans" to the workers amounts to more than 1 million UAH. We also know that since January this year, the company every month is 25-30% under-funded. For this reason, workers at “Khersonelektrotrans” regularly receive less pay. Kazakh miners go on strike In the village of Bestobe in Akmola region of Kazakhstan more than 100 workers of "Western" and "Central" mines at the "Kazakhaltyn" Company on May 29 went on strike. The workers went on strike because of dissatisfaction with low wages. According to the miners, in recent times their salary has been increased by only 180 tenge. A strike on the Metro of Sao Paulo (Brazil) On May 24, in the largest Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, public transport ground to a halt. Dissatisfied with their conditions and pay, subway workers did not show up at their workplaces. Workers of four of the five branches of the Metro of Sao Paulo took part in the strike. The only line that operated is owned by a private company. In Canada, railway workers go on strike On the night of May 23, the workers of the railway company Canadian Pacific Railway went on strike. Across the country freight trains belonging to the firm stopped running. This occurred after the administration of the corporation and the unions failed to reach agreement on disputed points of a new labour contract. Spanish miners block roads Spanish miners during the strike, which began May 30 in protest against the sharp reduction in government subsidies, decided to block highways. According to Spanish police, miners blocked a a number of highways in the province of Leon. The reason for the strike was the failure of negotiations between the Ministry of Industry and the miners’ union. The government of Mariano Raho as part of the "austerity measures" in the country has reduced by 60% government subsidies for coal mining. Review prepared by the Central Commission of the CC AUCPB for Cooperation with workers and the trade union movement ========================================================== THE LABOUR AND PROTEST MOVEMENT Participants in the Zhanaozen strike (Kazakhstan) sentenced The bourgeoisie is keeping up the reprisals against the working class struggling for their rights. In 2011 in the Kazakh city of Zhanaozen, an oil workers strike began, demanding payment of wage arrears. Such a problem as the delay in wages exists only under capitalism - in the USSR this could not have even been dreamt of. For the sake of preserving its rule, capital will commit any crime, which was clearly demonstrated by the Kazakh authorities. On 16 December 2011, the Kazakh authorities opened fire on a peaceful rally of striking workers, and for a long time continued to round up activists and their relatives – and all those they managed to capture, the police tortured. The most active participants in the strike were convicted of participating in "mass disorder" and "incitement to social discord." On June 4, verdicts were read out against 37 leaders and participants in the oil workers strike. The most severe sentence was against one of the leaders of the strike - Rose Tuletaevoy. Residents and workers of Zhanaozen and Akatau are planning protests against the outcome of the trial. We, the Bolsheviks, supported and support the struggle of the proletarians of Kazakhstan. It should end with the victory of socialist revolution and the establishment of Soviet power. Here are the names and sentences of the activists. SENT TO PRISON: Tuletaeva Rose - 7 years imprisonment. Dosmagambetov Maksat - 6 years in prison. Dzharilgasinov Naryn - 6 years in prison. Zhusipbaev Kanat- 6 years in prison. Utkilov Shabdan - 5 years imprisonment. Kaliev Tanatar - 4 years imprisonment. Saktaganov Talgat - 4 years imprisonment. Askaruly Nurlan - 3 years imprisonment. Marat Aminov - 3 years imprisonment. Edilov Kairat - 3 years imprisonment. Besmagambetov Zharas - 3 years imprisonment. Nepes Bauyrzhan - 3 years imprisonment. Kosbarmakov Murat - 3 years imprisonment. RELEASED FROM THE COURTROOM: Sarybaev Mels – acquitted Irmuhanov Yertayev - acquitted. Bapilov Zhenis - acquitted. Bekzhanov Charles - 2 years. Amnesty. Aibek Munaytpashev - 2 years. Amnesty. Murinbaev Danat - pardoned. Shamov Adilbek - 3 years. Amnesty. Abdurakhmanov Esengeldy - 3 years. Amnesty. Yergazy Zhanbyr - 2 years probation. Dusenbaev Parakhat - 2 years probation. Utebekov Zhanaidarov - 3 years probation. Aspentaev Sisen - 3 years probation. Dzhumagaliev Muratbay - 3 years probation. Koyshibaev Samat - 3 years probation. Mukhammedov Rasul - 3 years probation. Shamilov Islam - 3 years probation. Telegenov Bauyrzhan - 3 years of probation. Mukashev Nursultan - 3 years probation. Amanzholov Zhiger - 3 years probation. Duysenbaeva Aizhan - 3 years probation. Isakov Salamat - 3 years probation. Tadzhenov Anuarbek - 3 years probation. Koyshibaev Kairat - 3 years probation. 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