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Friday, 13 July 2012

From the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks

11.07.2012 06:34 On the night of July 7, residents of several localities of Krasnodar region were struck blind by a brutal natural disaster. Powerful flooding in the third hour of the night suddenly flooded around 5000 homes in 3 cities – Gelendzhik, Krymsk and Novorossiysk. The system of energy, gas and water supply, road and rail transport, wiped out. According to the latest official figures (at the time-Fb), 171 people had died, 137 people hospitalised, some of whom were children. More than 48,000 people have had their lives destroyed by the flooding. One reason for the catastrophic destruction and death of large numbers of people, we believe lies in the lack of alarm systems in the human settlements. Earlier, in Soviet times, hanging on every street were a number of loudspeakers that were switched on in the middle of radio broadcasts in the event of emergency situations and notified people about the dangers. This system was eliminated under the present day capitalism, and the sleeping people were unaware of what was going on. Capitalism has once again demonstrated its callous, inhuman character. We turn to you, our fellow citizens from the areas affected by the disaster. Many of you have lost your loved ones, lost your home, a nice home and hearth, lost an established way of life. The natural elements did not spare anyone, inflicting on many of you a deep mental wound that may never heal but only constantly bleed. It is impossible to forget the loss incurred, but with time, the pain is dulled. Life goes on. Each of you must find the courage to survive this attack of natural forces and the tragedy that has occurred and try to live on, remembering those who did not return. The Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks offers its my sincere condolences and deepest sympathy to all the families of citizens who are affected by the disaster. The dead also remain in our memories forever. CC AUCPB 10 July 2012. Leningrad Photos

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