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Wednesday, 1 August 2012


WORKERS OF ALL COUNTRIES, UNITE! ALL-UNION COMMUNIST PARTY OF BOLSHEVIKS SOCIALIST REVOLUTION FOR BOLSHEVISM INSIDE THE COMMUNIST AND WORKERS’ MOVEMENT --------------------------------------------------------------------- From the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks On the recent flood 11.07.2012 06:34 On the night of July 7, residents of several localities of Krasnodar region were struck blind by a brutal natural disaster. Powerful flooding in the third hour of the night suddenly flooded around 5000 homes in 3 cities – Gelendzhik, Krymsk and Novorossiysk. The system of energy, gas and water supply, road and rail transport, wiped out. According to the latest official figures (at the time-Fb), 171 people had died, 137 people hospitalised, some of whom were children. More than 48,000 people have had their lives destroyed by the flooding. One reason for the catastrophic destruction and death of large numbers of people, we believe lies in the lack of alarm systems in the human settlements. Earlier, in Soviet times, hanging on every street were a number of loudspeakers that were switched on in the middle of radio broadcasts in the event of emergency situations and notified people about the dangers. This system was eliminated under the present day capitalism, and the sleeping people were unaware of what was going on. Capitalism has once again demonstrated its callous, inhuman character. We turn to you, our fellow citizens from the areas affected by the disaster. Many of you have lost your loved ones, lost your home, a nice home and hearth, lost an established way of life. The natural elements did not spare anyone, inflicting on many of you a deep mental wound that may never heal but only constantly bleed. It is impossible to forget the loss incurred, but with time, the pain is dulled. Life goes on. Each of you must find the courage to survive this attack of natural forces and the tragedy that has occurred and try to live on, remembering those who did not return. The Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks offers its my sincere condolences and deepest sympathy to all the families of citizens who are affected by the disaster. The dead also remain in our memories forever. CC AUCPB 10 July 2012. Leningrad -------------------------------------------------------- WE COMMUNISTS, ARE FOR RUSSIA WITHOUT THE BOURGEOISIE! What lies in the "BOLOTNIY PHENOMENON"? Ideology, Economics, Politics About the "Bolotniy" rally on June 12 in Moscow The rally of the "Bolotyniy opposition" in Moscow June 12 was preceded by dramatic events – i.e. searches for a number of prominent organizers and participants of the previous "Bolotniy" rally on May 6 in the framework of investigation into the riots that took place. In the apartment of K.Sobchak, money was found in envelopes amounting to a total of one million euros as well as 480 thousand dollars, and 480 thousand rubles. Yes, Ksenia Sobchak – this for you is not a "small box of photocopied cash," and it was all stashed in envelopes. The government's intention to increase fines and impose other restrictive measures on the law on rallies together with the Administrative Code, brought about broad resonance in the opposition. They made their way quickly and easily through the State Duma and signed by Putin himself. At the rally itself on June 12, these "innovations" were in no way affected. Not without good reason can one consider the campaign around these measures as a well-organized PR stunt, the main goal of which was to attract more people to participate in the rally on June 12. The "March of Millions" started in Moscow at about noon. By one o'clock, the parade participants marched along the boulevards from the "Pushkin" cinema to Prospect Sakharov. According to the State Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow, up to 18,000 people took part in the actual march and about 15,000 remained at the rally afterwards. Sergei Udaltsov from the stage declared a figure of around 100 thousand people taking part in the rally, and Ilya Ponomarev - about 200 thousand people. On the Internet, "sounded" out a figure of 500,000. All this sounds very similar to the situation surrounding the estimates in the number of victims of "Stalin's repressions." The "weaklings" cite 3 million victims. The “more solid ones” cite 30 million. And those who are “really in the know”, cite 70 million victims. Who marched in the columns and who was at the rally? Newly appearing at this "March of Millions" was a large number of nationalists, as a rule standing under the "Imperial" flags. Some of them were dressed in paramilitary uniform, styled as the SS. They behaved very aggressively, both on the march and at the rally. Once on one side of Strastniy Boulevard, activists of "Solidarnost" and the nationalists immediately began swearing and cursing. The nationalists shouted that they would not allow the "Orange" to pass through. The Democrats responded by shouting that fascism will not pass. The number of red flags increased where last year there were virtually none at the rallies. Basically these were representatives of various leftist groups and organizations such as "RotFront" (Red Front). There was, of course, a whole range of liberal groups, including "Yabloko", headed by its leadership, and representatives of initiative groups from Moscow State University, Moscow Higher Technical School and other Moscow universities and institutes. But, in general, the "organized" part of the rally was in the minority, thus there was more of the unorganized and dissatisfied. The meeting opened at 2.30 pm with a speech by Evgeny Chirikova. Then coordinator of "Left Front" Sergei Udaltsov went on stage and called for the release of political prisoners and to allow representatives of the audience access to federal TV channels. He proposed that another mass opposition rally be planned for October 7, the birthday of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Udaltsov also proposed the starting up of continuous festivities with demands to release 13 people detained on suspicion of involvement in the riots at Bolotniy Square, and before the next rally - to hold across Russia a political strike and take part in actions. "We are the power!" - shouted Udaltsov, and the crowd happily supported him. Then Boris Nemtsov took to the stage, who was met by very hostile nationalists. The writer Dmitry Bykov demanded the dissolution of the Moscow City Duma and called for fresh elections to it. A speech was made by Sergei Mokhnatkin - a citizen who was detained at Triumph Square and got a prison term. "Greetings from the State Duma deputies temporarily free!" - cried out the deputy Ilya Ponomarev, who stated that he was in two minds as to whether or not to make a speech on stage. "The time for slogans and appeals is going... We need to resolutely move forward! Not only to fight, but to think with our heads. We need a plan, we need to be in power ...". Former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov then got up to speak and said: "In a short while, in only a few months, Putin will be gone. They will leave on their own accord, without the need for a revolution!" And Yavlinsky, leader of “Yabloka” thinks the same as Kasyanov: "We fully recognise that new elections should be held not in 4 or 5 years, but much earlier, and this period will depend on the mood of the people and their relationship to what is happening in the country." Political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin, environmentalist Natalia Znamenskaya, veteran of the opposition Alice Obraztsova, municipal deputy Konstantin Jankauskas, journalist Olga Romanova, and others also spoke at the rally. The meeting participants adopted a "Manifesto of Free Russia." The text of the document was read out from the stage by leading organiser of the rally, Evgeny Chirikov. The main thesis of the Manifesto is "the current government is illegal and must be replaced, using all the possibilities of peaceful mass protest." The responsibility for the preparation and conducting of the protests will be taken on by a Coordinating Council, which will include elected by transparent procedure (that is – between themselves) representatives of political and civil forces. The members of this council are willing to engage in dialogue with some representatives of the political elite, including in a round table format. The adopted document has seven points. The first is the resignation of Vladimir Putin, second - the development of a new law on elections to the Duma, the third - the adoption of this law by the present lower chamber of parliament. The fourth point: the holding of parliamentary elections under the new law. Fifth - put to a referendum a draft new constitution, which would see a reduction of presidential terms of office, and an increase on the powers of parliament. Sixth: the new parliament will adopt the law on presidential elections. The seventh paragraph refers to the fact that the newly elected Parliament shall consider and adopt a law on reforming the courts, prosecution, investigation and police, purging them "from those who have stained themselves with crimes." At the same time, pass a law to facilitate the procedure of holding the referendum. The second part of the rally was musical- political. By that time, around a thousand people remained near the stage, either under umbrellas or soaked to the skin. The rain became a downpour and thunder rumbled in the background. The police were dressed in cloaks with hoods. In the crowd a man appeared in black jeans, white shirt and on stilts. He jumped at them and shouted "Russia", "Putin is our president." The man on stilts was taken away by the police, and he was indignant that they had spoiled the holiday - Russia’s Day, and that he did not know where they were taking him, because he, in fact, lives on Sakharov Avenue. But they still took him away. A group of legal observers were present at the rally. They had not been delegated by anyone but just came along on their own initiative to defend the protesters in the event of a conflict with the law enforcement agencies. The legal observers reported a few minor skirmishes involving mainly nationalists. One observer, Natalia Mankovskaya - a young legal observer from Belarus came to Moscow from Minsk. "Well, what do you think about all this?" – I asked her. "I have never ever seen such an orgy of democracy in my life," - she replied. When one attempts to analyze the essence of all these "Bolotniy" rallies, you at once begin to realise that this just another attempt by them to try to take power in the country into their own hands, i.e. an attempt carry out an "orange" revolution. The means of doing this is by statements of arbitrarily harsh accusations against Putin and his "team", against the law enforcement agencies of Russia and against the legislators. If they are supported by the people, they will become "the opinion of the people" and the "voice of the people - the voice of God!" The participants in the Bolotniy rallies are the extras, the ancient Greek chorus, and by their actions and voices, "making" a "drama" in the attempts by the "Bolotniy" elite to take power. Who are these people, the "Bolotniks" (synonyms: Orange, liberals), what do they really want, what is the essence of their claims, and, most importantly, how do they see the future after "coming to power?" The "Bolotniy leaders" claim the parliamentary and presidential elections are flawed, which means the regime is illegitimate and that means - everything must change. Yes, the elections were rigged in some cases, and yes - hundreds of claims of rigging were filed to the court. So what? Nothing happened! Gurov, of course is a "magician", but he is very far from being a "Bolotnik," and he is very far from what "they want" from his opposition - to rig the votes of tens of millions of voters. Add to this the results of exit polls, and add here all the known results of previous elections over 20 years, clearly showing the dynamics of voter preferences. What do the "Bolotniks" really want? It's very simple - to convince the masses that black is white, and white is black. This is done very simply: it is the colour - white! But you look closely at this! White! Well, in truth, there are grey spots! So - it's grey! Actually, let's look closer still – there is a spot here – a tear there! Well what sort of grey is that! It is more like black after all! Well you can do it that way! You see! Let's continue to call it black! A joke? But not really. As professionals say about the "orange revolution": "Our secret of success is to make crazy the norm." This is a standard, widely used, propaganda trick! Remember Lenin and Stalin. After all, they had slops poured over them using this scheme, a scheme that turned them into "hard-core monsters," about whom saying a kind word – would be to commit an immoral act. Was there at the rally any criticism of the existing bourgeois order in Russia? Not at all! There was only criticism of the shortcomings of the individuals and separate personalities, but not the system! The Orange are not interested in criticising the thousands of collapsed plants and factories, weeds or overgrown fields or critical state of health, medicine, the military, or the hard life of millions of people. The "Bolotniks" in general prefer not to speak or speak very sparingly, about their understanding of the future after they come to power. The reason is simple - they know that by directly and openly talking about retaining the capitalist social order after coming to power is not very beneficial to them, as it would turn a lot of people against them. Yavlinsky is an illustrative example of this: "We have received a mandate from our constituents about a continuous political struggle for a different system: for fair elections, an independent judiciary, for equality before the law and the inviolability of property." Perhaps the last words are the most demonstrative in that sentence. We have already talked about the colourful part of the protesters. Why is it so? It seems logical to "cover over" an outburst of popular indignation with a "common cap". People who come to a rally, feel a keen disappointment by the fact that the current system of popular representation is anti-peoples and anti-democratic, that there is on the one hand, a disproportionate influence of the liberal-minded public figures in government and indeed in the political life of the country, and on the other hand, the bulk of the population rejects liberalism and liberal values. It is evident, moreover, of the inability of the ruling group to create and produce any idea uniting society that is remotely digestible, or even a logically built program of reforms, an agreed upon and not internally inconsistent program of addressing pressing problems of the country. The people can not help but perceive the Soviet Union increasingly as the golden age of the country. That is pretty much true. But the nationalists can not understand that it is a waste of time expecting some “kind Tsar” from the "Bolotniks"-liberals, and that the Communists must realize that liberalism and capitalism - are synonymous! The position of the liberals is clear - they now need the masses, even with all political persuasions. “Here, God willing, we will come to power and we will have this mass "organized" according to the life of Prokhorov”. The reader will be surprised - well, here it is You that will bend. And democracy and human rights? Why do You write about it like this? Yes, because the liberal happy future which the liberals-"Bolotniks," love to "scream" about - we have already been through! We have already passed through that in the era of perestroika, the dismemberment of the Soviet Union, the liberal reforms, the "five hundred days" economic program, the two "Volga" cars on the one voucher. And the very same Yavlinsky, Kasyanov, Prokhorov, created all that. Now they all want to get back to hanging on the necks of the people to have a swing. Keep in mind the perestroika saying: "Let the Party get on with its work!" Twenty years ago, the Liberals at the time (they are also the same ones in the present time), tried to convince the Soviet people using the following spin: the collapse of the Soviet Union is no disaster, but a liberation of Russia from the terrible bondage of Sovietism, and a return to the fold of world civilization. That is, a return to capitalism. A great deal has been renounced in the name of this return to capitalism. From a great state, created by gigantic efforts and enormous self sacrifice, to the Soviet way of life, and from its own historic path of development. There was only one annoying snag discovered – and that is, "ideologically", Russia does not fit into capitalism. The liberals realized this long ago: "Yes, - the liberals say- the Russian spirit and the Russian cultural matrix are incompatible with capitalism. We recognize it. But, we do not want to delve into specifically why that is the case. Because it is clear to us that it is either capitalism or death. So, in the name of life (i.e. the construction of capitalism), we will deal with Russia as a chef does with potatoes – to encourage the Russian spirit to mutate, to change the core of Russian culture, radically transform the Russian cultural matrix”. The current "romantic attachment" of the new post-Soviet Russia with capitalism has lasted twenty years. During these twenty years, capitalism has not created a thing, but only managed to destroy everything. The liberals say – “but nowadays is bad because we have not for over the past twenty years been able to build out of Russia a true, fully-fledged America – we have the market, we have gangsters, we have prostitution, we have unemployment, but none of that is enough, and what we need is a truly American way of life.” And if that is the case, they say, then we need any of the most radical means of encouraging Russia towards capitalism. We must "put the squeeze" on Russia. What can be said here about this? During twenty years, we have learned a lot, and realized it was time to finally separate the bourgeois false propaganda from the historical truth! It is time to spit in the face of our homegrown teachers - the "democrats" and their "universal" and "civic" values, and to understand, finally, that all these "values" are the same - the justification of banditry, looting, corruption and justification of the lowest of human vices. It is time to understand that the disaster that struck our homeland during the past twenty years is natural and not accidental. All these things are the inherent properties of capitalism, which can be destroyed only by destroying capitalism itself. Capitalism is profit addiction, whether in Marx's time, or in today, whether in America or Russia. Let's go back to what the communists have to say. They have a completely inadequate position in relation to the "lefty-liberal bloc"! Or they forget the people's wisdom, "do not ride on other people's sleighs?" However, already there are visible signs of understanding the unnaturalness of forming a bloc with the liberals-"Bolotniks", both by individual communists, and even parties. But illusions are still very common and a well-poured over component of the communist opposition. And this must be fought hard against and explanatory work carried out in this field. Yes, tactical blocs are possible, but only under the express condition of at least a relative benefit in terms of them achieving a strategic goal - to explain to the masses actual occurring events, the movement towards the ultimate goal of every communist - the restoration of the Soviet socio-political system and promoting communism. Without this, any blocs will be a pathetic attempt to "cling to" and "ride on someone else sleigh." It is necessary to clarify that both Putin and Medvedev, and Yavlinsky, and Kasyanov, and Prokhorov are no good – as all of them are just a "band of the bourgeois," and wolf-like gnawing away for power. All of them are implacable enemies of communists and communist ideology. The future October rally has to become an important stage in the ideological and propaganda work of all the communist parties, especially in explaining the essence of the "Bolotniy" phenomenon. We must go to the rally, having plucked the banner of struggle from the hands of the liberals, and deploy the struggle in the direction of the real interests of working people, in the struggle for the restoration of Soviet power and socialism. We do not need an "orange revolution", carried out with American money and pursuing only one goal - to consolidate the anti-peoples criminal bourgeois regime in Russia, securing a humiliating position of our country in the world, we do not need "a kind Tsar", who "will put everything right" - we have "seen enough" of such individuals - like Yeltsin, Putin, Medvedev. We need people's Soviet power which will give us, again, the right to choose judges, and all other representatives of power, which will return us the right of People's Control, confiscated by Yeltsin. To build a happy life of the people, for the welfare of the family and the people of the country, the slogan "RUSSIA – WITHOUT THE BOURGEOISIE!" is important and needed. WE ARE FOR THE REVIVAL OF SOCIALISM! WE ARE FOR THE REBIRTH OF THE USSR! CC AUCPB (Article prepared by the Secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB) S.V.Khristenko) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JULY 8 - DAY OF MEMORY OF COMRADE KIM IL SUNG On July 8 in the DPRK, public events are held in memory of the Great Leader, Father of the nation, the Generalissimo, the Great Commander, the Eternal President of the DPR Korea, Comrade Kim Il Sung. It was his intelligence and talent as an outstanding statesman, political and military leader that the Korean people owe their revival from out of Japanese colonial slavery and victory over the American predators in the Fatherland Liberation War of 1950-1953, great successes in all areas of life, and a dignified place and high respect in the world community of peoples. Kim Il Sung – this prominent politician of the second half of the twentieth century, led a life that was very humble and simple, very affable and friendly. He paid extraordinary attention to his companion in dialogue, was able to patiently listen to him, and he always spoke with authority and weight. He was struck with tireless concern for the working man and his needs. He was always dressed simply, ate simply, and in the rare free moments of leisure he loved to sit with a fishing rod on a perch. His personality reflects the integrity of his nature, self-discipline, commitment and selfless dedication to serving the working people. Kim Il Sung was indeed a man of great depth. Great leaders were born out of the people and give birth to radical changes in historical eras. Great leaders are great because they better than others have a deeper understand of the meaning of all indigenous historical fractures that occur and the needs of their accompanying development stage of a revolution, pressing forward in the vital interests of the masses. President Kim Il Sung deservedly belongs to that small galaxy of the immortals of world leaders who will never die and do not go away. They forever remain with their people, with their fighters for freedom and happiness of all the oppressed and dispossessed. The memory of them passed down from generation to generation, their bright image is an example of life and role models, cluttered with songs and tales in various languages of the world. The political sagacity and foresight of President Kim Il Sung is fully manifested in the choice of successor to the highest positions in the Party, Army and State. Given the bitter experience of succession continuity of supreme political power in the USSR and other socialist countries, Comrade Kim Il Sung very reasonably and properly solved this difficult problem in relation to modern Korea. Comrade Kim Il Sung, prepared a successor in the person of Comrade Kim Jong Il, persistently, carefully, persistently giving him a wealth of experience and instructed him to lead areas of public life, and then the daily affairs of the Party and State. Comrade Kim Jong Il passed through the whole school of theoretical and practical training for a leader under the guidance of Kim Il Sung, and therefore continued the worthy and successful leadership of the Korean revolution, defeating the enemies of the DPRK under extremely difficult circumstances that seemed invincible. The successes of the Korean people under the leadership of its prominent leaders - President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il raised to unprecedented heights the spirit of national identity and national pride of Koreans, and made the entire world deeply respect the Korean people as a strong and gifted nation of the world community. Comrade Kim Il Sung headed the Korean revolution for almost seven decades. He was the oldest and last of the truly world leaders of the period of the Second World War, and almost to the end of the century. In Korea, they say that the story of the life and work of President Kim Il Sung is a story of the rising of the sun of the nation. His life is an absorption in one person of the entire history of the Korean revolutionary movement of the last two-thirds of the twentieth century. He founded the Workers' Party of Korea, he created and headed the Korean Peoples Army (KPA) - an invincible force of the revolution. Kim Il Sung headed and led the nation to victory in two brutal wars against imperialist predators - Japanese militarism and U.S. imperialism, along with their satellites. He headed and led the nation to victory in two revolutions in North Korea - the anti-imperialist-feudal general democratic revolution and the socialist revolution. Kim Il Sung has always been among the people who nurtured him back to the wisdom and the end of which he gave himself without reserve. Kim Il Sung was very fond of children, and did much for young citizens to grow up healthy, strong, and loved his beautiful Motherland. President Kim Il Sung left a rich theoretical legacy, culminating in the development of the Juche idea, which formed the basis of the ideology of the WPK. Together with Joseph Stalin, Kim Il Sung laid a solid foundation of friendship and brotherhood between our two countries, peoples and parties. The geographical position of our countries, our neighbourliness bring us together and contribute to fraternal friendship and cooperation. We feel a deep satisfaction from the fact that all the precious legacy of Kim Il Sung passed over to an outstanding leader, in the unparalleled policy and practice of the great Kim Jong Il - a faithful disciple and follower of the cause of Comrade Kim Il Sung. Today, the torch of Great Kim Jong Il has been received by Kim Jong Un. This means that the Korean revolution will continue successfully AUCPB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT THE WORLD HISTORIC SIGNIFICANCE OF THE TRAGEDY AND FARCE IN A REVOLUTION AND REVOLUTIONARYNESS ON REQUEST (How political provocations are created) Marx as is known, warned about the tragedy and farce in a revolution, with emphasis on Bonapartism, which turns political arrows towards revolutionary chronology, but in fact retreats to feudal despotism. Something similar has been seen in a message by Igor Gubkin sent out widely over the Internet, where he assigns the modern communist movement in Russia to dust, giving sympathy to only one ... Eduard Limonov's NBP – the National Bolshevik Party (Savenko). The author does not even bother to find sources of thought on the left flank of Russia who are able to judge the NBP and Limonov to be communists. That’s because there are simply none. Besides, I was not familiar with Gubkin and did not give my email address to him. Nevertheless, in his message, Gubkin compulsively tells us that he has discovered in himself a huge potential as a revolutionary leader and has come to the firm conviction that only he can find a "way out of the impasse," which the modern communist movement in Russia finds itself in. As a political trend, he proposes the option of a RUNO political party (a party of Russkovo Natsionalnovo Osvobozhdeniya)– a party of Russian National Liberation, tailored to the image and likeness to the departed from this life NBP of Limonov. The emphasis will be on young people, "desperate people", between the age of 15 to 30. In place of Soviets will be Committees of National Salvation. The proposed type of work of the new "revolutionary" party will be via party plebiscites, i.e. by method of voting over the Internet. In fact, Gubkin proposes a "second march" of the national bolsheviks (Natsbols) to take the communists of Russia out of "the stalemate". Accordingly, the author raises national priority over class priority. In this case he does not propose building a party of national-patriots, but sets strict limits in the framework of a "salvation" of the communists. In this regard, we recall something similar, back in the early years of NBP activity when "desperate people" at the age of 15 to 30 years, more often waved the name of Stalin than the national idea, trying to determine their place in the political arena and marched behind the AUCPB column at demonstrations. At the time we asked them if they knew that Stalin had at that age, thoroughly defined the position of the national question in Marxism, and he stated bluntly: "A nation is a bourgeois concept." The Natsbols just shrugged their shoulders, as they had never read, nor read, Stalin, Marx, Engels or Lenin. Then we directly explained to them that the name of their party (NBP), from Stalin's point of view, means ... "bourgeois Bolsheviks." That of course in itself is absurd. The youngsters once again shrugged and then withdraw into themselves. They were unable to carry on the dialogue. Therefore, gradually then formed the image of the average natsbol member, accustomed to expressing themselves in a political shout, directed for the most part, on the emotions of the philistine and not the communist. However, on the political stage of the Russian government, these shouts were quickly were recognized and then began sounding out by being widely reported in the media, especially television. As for these conflicting cries, the Russian authorities quickly found reason to move towards a tightening of the political screws, and still demanding a strengthening of the "verticals of power". Over the past fifteen years, the National Bolsheviks have grown out of short political pants and sought a better share. And their leader, E.Limonov, openly joined the camp of the liberals and united with them in their political efforts. Behind the NBP is a path trodden that no one will be proud of. But on this path they greatly distorted historical Bolshevism which the Russian authorities fired at from all political guns, not hesitating to move to elementary meanness. And now we have from Igor Gubkin a new declaration on the formation of new party, similar to the NBP. The author explicitly states: "Do not be afraid of "nationalism", for it is necessary to accommodate communist content into this concept". For credibility, Gubkin refers to S.G. Kara-Murza, the arguments which allegedly help him in the fight "with the Chimeras - artificially created by the people", because "among the nations - chimeras have a completely different nature of ethnicity" ... With this, Gubkin seems not to notice that S.G.Kara-Murza considered the psychological aspects of politics and not political construction. He primarily dealt with issues of manipulation of public opinion carried out by the ideological machine of imperialism, but did not work on the creation of a communist party. And to pull out quotes from subjects on the manipulation of public opinion on the part of ethnic groups, and place them into a subject of creating a party of communists which is historically obliged to recognize the development of the national question only in the direction of a unified Soviet people – is at least not serious. However, the entire message of Gubkin by its content consists of such incidents. And then there are questions that arise. But what was it created for? Why is it so shamelessly imposed? And here we have to give this some serious thought. One way or another, but in essence, this message was created for only one possible purpose, the goal to compromise the entire communist movement in Russia and, above all, the AUCPB, since the NBP places on itself the birthmarks as open provocateur of the revolutionary development of Bolshevism. To believe that this political "revelation" is needed by Gubkin alone, is equivalent indeed for people with a "complex fate" which formed around Gubkin himself. And that means – the venture is designed for political hysteria, the reproduction of which, in times of economic crises and political turmoil, is only amplified. Gubkin himself, with such political baggage, is incapable of holding such a policy on the left flank. No one, not even from the stalled Communists will cooperate with him. It is doubtful that even national-patriots will express any interest in Gubkin, as a leader. What then will be left for him to do for his own ego? All that remains is only to knock on other doors. And anyone who for such political material is able to "open the doors" – then these will be the structures of the "fifth column" that have the wide support both at home and abroad. Therefore, if we talk about the economic origins of such activities by odious figures like Gubkin, we have to talk about the political springs of the "fifth column", pushing political provocation to the height of the creation of political figures who are very much in demand by those who maintain them. Here we should remember those times when this political hysteria began in Russia and how it replicated. It all started banally, about ten years ago in the centre of Moscow, when on a large screen was shown a football match with the Russian team at the World Championships, which it had lost. Then empty beer bottles and other items were thrown into the front rows of fans from the back rows. Confusion began. From out of nowhere people appeared with iron concrete reinforcement bars and baseball bats and began wielding them, not hesitating to cause injury to others. This entire picture was observed by quite influential residents of the centre of the capital, accustomed to feel like "masters" of the city, and who were astonished at such a story of events of which they were directors. These people who had become very solid from the work done on the rehabilitation of the Trotskyists and other enemies of the people convicted in the leadership of the country during Stalin, during the events of 2002 published in the journal of the fifth column NTS (Solidarnost), material which tried to justify the crimes of Vlasov. As a result, their sympathies were always on the side of the "fifth column", or they were already part of it. So when these people saw that in the centre of Moscow some figures in plain clothes were talking on mobile phones and as a result of these talks, coordinated actions in that ongoing carnage - they voiced indignation. The conclusion of the advocates of the "fifth column" in their edition of the NTS was clear: all this is aimed to ensure that the Russian authorities request the strengthening of laws to combat such phenomena. And that is indeed what happened. We then published these findings of the Moscow elite, which is something in the practice of the Bolsheviks is extremely rare. Well, since the strengthening of the "verticals of power" already needed new directions of "terrorism", then on the television they began to swell up the bogey NBP led by Limonov. From the nationalists to Limonov, another kind of image of "skinheads" was added, who in the political arena, no one could see. Apparently, by "skinheads", Limonov was not found, so reporters had to live in a world created by them, together with the skinheads. However, in all this diversity of political voices who are friendly to the ranks of fighters against "terrorism", there began to grow a wave of forming of "vertical of power" in Russia. Together with the "vertical of power", the political branch of the "fifth column" intensified, fully recognizable by the West claiming Russian resources, and feeling free to claim the whole of Siberia. And, as assumed in such cases, in the dispute of "business" objects, a higher judicial finger was required, which usually means under the existing system of justice in every state, but which at the present time in Russia there is none. Therefore, if on the international arena the state begins to lose its influence due to a decrease in living standards and the crisis in industry (supporting this very quality of life), then the court system is adjusted by all sorts of "experts" on the part of states with a more advanced standard of living. The EU countries and the United States turned out more developed, but it did not give them any right to criticize or correct the court system in Russia, since the Western judicial systems legally stand only through their own alliances and unions. But in reality, demands were made that were developed jointly by members of the NATO countries that were able to support states that are very much dependent on their credit or banking system, such as the feudal Saudi Arabia and the other emirates. As a result, the "vertical of power" in Russia began to call these demands "international standards" and partly recognized their effect on its territory. But for NATO countries, this was not enough, and so they switched on their mass media towards the correction of the judicial system to satisfy the demands of "democratization" of justice in Russia with their own improvisation of moral motives, combined with the demands of Western justice. Although in the Western structures of judicial proceedings, each State has the right to follow their own laws, what is most characteristic in some U.S. states, where in the most severe cases, the death sentence is carried out, and without response to outside criticism or opinion. The development of legislation aimed at uniting the economies of participating countries and solving the national question on part of them, become mandatory requirements for Western justice. As for Russia in the early twenty-first century, at that time in order that the desired result for the West came about sooner than later, the "fifth column" was connected to the affair, as it is always ready to support its Western backers. The result of such political pressure on Russia over the past decade has been due to the consolidation of actions of political structures of NATO and the Russian "fifth column". All this was expressed by the creation of a common policy of "human rights" aimed at the separation of the resource base of a country from its people. Here the "power vertical" was not left out of the resource base, not missing a chance to join capital. In fact, this was accompanied by removal of both energy resources and capital flight from the country. Well, and in order that public attention did not become fixated on such a fabulous level of resource removal and capital flight, for domestic use, the brake was released on the flywheel of corruption. And the media then began the largest imitation of a fight against corruption. The net effect was the same situation, similar to the Spanish example in 1936: the "fifth column" destroys the structure of the armed resistance in the capital city, leaving the remaining four columns of the troops of Franco holding a triumphant march around Madrid. The only difference is that in Moscow and Petersburg, the "four columns" depict themselves as part of Russia’s own oligarchs as well as foreign ones. You've got to admit that today's "fifth column" can exist only in conjunction with the policy of "human rights" carried out by NATO countries. Otherwise, the West would have simply ceased to support them. The main objective of the "fifth column" is still the same work on the collapse of state systems from the inside, through which the imperialist conglomerates are able to seize the resource base of collapsed States, or for credibility to bring in the rest of the "four columns", i.e. NATO forces, where they can hold a triumphant march around a country collapsed from internal conflicts, and place their own henchmen from the "fifth column" on that country’s resource base. Sending in the troops will be accompanied by the motive of liberating the people from some arbitrary regime, again to save "human rights", and the arbitrariness of the invaders over the conquered territory will be made to appear as single acts of intolerance, replicated by the invaders themselves as a critical eye on themselves. All that we have seen over the past ten years started with the notorious terrorist figure bin Laden, who was fostered by the U.S. CIA school. What did the companions of bin Laden try to "solve" with their mental attacks and cruelty? They tried to "solve" namely the national question in the framework of the Koran, which had an interpretation in Saudi Arabia. But now the U.S. has physically removed bin Laden, as he was no longer needed by them. They could stir up ethnic groups in Lebanon without him, and they got the desired result in the destruction of Gadaffi and the capture of Libyan oil. Now the West is trying the same model for the collapse of Syria, through which this opens the way for Iran's oil. What distinguishes the actions of the "fifth columns" in Libya and Syria from the European model? Only by the fact that the U.S. promise the most influential community leaders or religious concessions future control over the oil resources of the country, in the image of the sheikhs of Saudi Arabia. After that, the local leaders will already be trying to come to terms with smaller tribal leaders, and if successful, proceed to armed action in favour of NATO. The trouble is that many leaders in the Middle East and Africa have been reduced to the fact that, having passed through the stages of winning their bourgeois revolutions, they rested on their laurels regarding the national question and decided that was they had gained was enough just for their own authority. It is impossible not to recall also the fact that the Soviet leadership, which had considerable influence over these leaders did not direct them to the path of the Stalin solution of the national question, in favour of a movement towards the unity of the peoples, since the Soviet leadership itself was mired in anti-Stalinism. But the U.S. and Western Europe began to do everything as written by Stalin. And now the entire West cleverly plays on the strings of nationalism of those who passed by the teachings of Stalin. However, the West, spreading the wings of Bonapartism, as well as the East taken under their wings, has not been faced in recent years with the need to study Marx's interpretation of the tragedy and farce in a revolution. They only build up a critical mass of discontent that grows on the economic enslavement in dependent countries. Imperialism has upheld its aggressive military strategy, and only the tactics in carrying out these wars has changed. Nowadays, "fifth columns" prepared in advance have become the main driving force in battles, and the elements of psychological warfare are the main weapon, originally developed by Dulles in his doctrine on the collapse of the Soviet Union. Since by using this "weapon" of Dulles, the Soviet Union was destroyed, the imperialists are left with no choice but to upgrade his mechanism and use it in hot spots in order to capture the resource base, breaking up the state systems from the inside which have been trapped under gun sights. In addition, states that the imperialist predators have to capture are not as strong as was the case with the USSR. Even state structures can be replaced by imperialism in favour of its puppets for the appearance of defending national interests, because the predators need the resources that belong to other people's countries, not the states themselves. But, as history shows, the victories of Bonapartism are quickly coming to an end, because they are an expression of counter-revolution, due to the crisis in the course of the revolution itself. Revolutions are governed by the laws of exiting an economic paralysis and are focused on the healthy forces, similar to an ill patient in order not to die, always tries to find in him or herself the strength to recover. Therefore, revolutions restore healthy forces within themselves and lead a country's economic organism out of paralysis. As for the revolution in Russia, it is living its life. For changing the economic structure of peasant life in October 1917, the revolution opened up a space for the development of productive forces. And since this factor in the development of productive forces is crucial for a revolution, then also the movement towards it remains extremely difficult, caused by the resistance of the outgoing parasitic segments of society. Here is why Great October as a revolution can exhaust itself only when the money system ceases to exist, and with it will cease to exist classes and class hatred. In the meantime, the revolutionary can not afford to confuse the tragedy of the survival of the Great October Revolution with the farce of its overthrowers, who once again are placing Russia on the same verge of survival, as in 1917. Since the current world crisis is once again driving Russia into a weakest link in the chain of imperialism, then just like during the First World War, forcing a Tsar to abdicate from the throne, in modern day Russia, a repeat of this action has occurred and one "tsar" has already been denied. But one “tsar” has handed over power to another "tsar" rather than to a Provisional Government, in the hope that the replacement “tsar” is not a Temporary Government type, and that he holds on to power and endures. Tsar Vladimir Putin of course will hold on to power, but the heirs of the Provisional Government-2 (the non-system opposition) have also matured and want power. At the same time, the main levers of management such as the banking system are more and more weakened in the hands of the authorities. And although this banking system looks quite healthy, it is unable to lend money to completely restore the worn-out life-support systems of the country, as capital is being exported from the country in predatory fashion. Therefore, if in 1917 the country did not have enough ammunition and military equipment for the front and either the life support system of front and rear stopped, then nowadays in Russia, the life support system of the country is only breathing on its last legs and is ready to bring the country to a standstill at any time. In the worldwide historical significance of the October Revolution, it is clear that it matured on the tragedy of World War II. In the worldwide historical significance of the present moment in time, it is clear that it is repeating the events of a century ago as a farce. The only difference is that in those days the banking system went bankrupt and landed the production potential on zero, but nowadays the industrial potential is so exhausted that at any time it may lead the country's banking system into a tailspin and immediately bring the value of the ruble to "kerenki-2" (paper currency issued under Kerensky and popularly known as kerenki – fb). What forces created the landing on zero in those days and what forces are doing this nowadays? In those days, Lenin saw the reason in the "party of Guzhonov," which the Provisional Government failed to make the party fulfil its obligations to maintain efficiency of industrial potential. Nowadays the situation is being repeated throughout. Only now, the "party of Guzhonov" is a "vertical of power", and the maturing Provisional Government-2 is still seeking to win a share in the export of capital. How does the modern world market which the Russian philistine is so eager to join, identify the actions of the "party of Guzhonov"? The market reflects this destructive force in the fact that the shares of the leading energy companies are completely worthless, except, of course, for the resources (oil, gas), which are ranked as the utilities specialists in the export of capital from the country. These energy companies are responsible for the livelihood of the population and industry. And if during the period of Chubais’s reforms many specialists left the energy companies, having seen the destructive contours of system failure hanging over the companies, which were partly reflected then at the Sayno-Shushensky hydro-electric power plant disaster in August 2009, and which the owners of the shares themselves ran quickly away from, and which indicates the onset of the period "X" a pre-emergency state characteristic of the entire energy complex. If an energy collapse occurs in the warmer months or in a moderately cool season, then the devastating effects will take on the predicted form of a farce. If it occurs together with a "general frost", then there will be a continuation of the tragedy. But in fact, and in both cases, there will only be one way out: and that will be via the continuation of the Great October Socialist Revolution. 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