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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

For Bolshevism No 9 (114) September 2012

WORKERS OF ALL COUNTRIES, UNITE! ALL-UNION COMMUNIST PARTY OF BOLSHEVIKS SOCIALIST REVOLUTION FOR BOLSHEVISM INSIDE THE COMMUNIST AND WORKERS’ MOVEMENT No 09 (114) SEPTEMBER 2012 --------------------------------- Condolences to the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea Dear COMRADES! The Central Committee of the AUCPB expresses its deep condolences to the Korean people in connection with the powerful hurricane which struck on July 21 the coast of the DRRK, which led to casualties and significant property damage - flooded large areas of farmland, destroying many homes and public buildings, as well as the destruction of a number of transport and electricity supplying arteries of the country. Despite the seriousness of the disaster, we are confident of a speedy liquidation of its consequences by virtue of the socialist character of the state of the DPRK, which serves the interests of the people, and the fact that the Korean People's Army - the flesh of the people, is a powerful factor in building socialism in the DPRK. N. Andreeva General Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB ==================== FATHERLAND LIBERATION DAY IN THE DPRK In the DPRK, August 15 is celebrated as Fatherland Liberation Day. This date symbolizes the liberation of Korea and the completion in August 1945 of the national liberation struggle of the Korean people against Japanese colonialists. The Japanese for almost half a century possessed the wealth of the people, plundered the country, turning its inhabitants into their slaves, who were violently forced to abandon their old National Korean culture where Koreans were forced to give their children Japanese names at birth and young girls sent to brothels for Japanese soldiers. The comprehensive destruction of the Korean nation was underway. The people groaned under the yoke of the Japanese. But the strong-willed Koreans rose up in the struggle for freedom and independence. Many of them ended their lives in the dungeons of Japanese prisons. A very young Kim Il Sung, leaving home, vowed to return to a liberated country. And he kept his word. While still a student he created Down with Imperialism Union (DIU - 10/17/1926), and later – on May 5, 1936 – the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland. Around Kim Il Sung, from out of his associates were formed revolutionary groups of youth who became the future core of the revolutionary guerrilla groups, from which emerged the People's Revolutionary Army, in the future - the KPA. April 25 is celebrated as the Military Foundation Day in the DPRK as President Kim Il Sung founded the Korean People Army (1932). The struggle against the Japanese regular army units had been very difficult and unfair, because the Japanese were well supplied with food and, and all the necessary military equipment. The Korean guerrillas obtained weapons in armed attacks on the Japanese military forces, and guerrillas were supplied with food by local residents who fully supported the sacred fight of the guerrilla groups. The military genius of the great General and the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, the great patriotism of all the Korean people and faith in their leader to fight the Japanese led the Korean Revolutionary People's Liberation Army to victory and defeat the Japanese in August 1945. Then began the difficult job of creating a state on the Korean soil liberated from the Japanese. With the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il-Sung, on October 10, 1945 the Workers' Party of Korea was formed. On September 9, 1948 he founded the DPRK - the first socialist state in North-East Asia. The CC AUCPB congratulates the citizens of the DPRK and the country's leadership on the landmark date – Fatherland Liberation Day of and wishes every success in the implementation of the ambitious plans of building a prosperous socialist nation. CC AUCPB ================= AUGUST 13 - COMRADE FIDEL CASTRO RUZ MARKS 86 YEARS On August 13, Comrade Fidel Castro Ruz, Legendary Commander, leader of the Cuban revolution, fiery revolutionary of the twentieth century, one of the greatest minds of our time, creator of the first socialist state in the Americas, standard-bearer of the struggle for the liberation of the peoples of Latin America from the yoke and pillaging of natural resources by the U.S. imperialist predators, marks 86 years. He is, as always, full of creative energy and does a lot of work developing the theory of building a socialist state and exposing in his "Reflections" the criminal policy of the imperialist community and above all – the monster, swinging on the possession of the whole world – the evil empire - the United States. Comrade Fidel Castro's stood for half century at the helm of the ship of a state enduring a deep capitalist blockade. Despite the difficult conditions today - Cuba is truly an independent and socialist state, gazing steadily into the future and setting an example to others. Cuba occupies a special place in the anti-imperialist struggle of the peoples of the world who do not want to live under the yoke of imperialism and are fighting for their freedom and independence. For the peoples of Latin America, Cuba is a beacon of struggle, an example of courage, heroism, fortitude, revolutionary action, inspiring them to fight against imperialism and for the triumph of the ideals of Socialism. Cuba has become the centre of the struggle for socialism in Latin America and the creation of pro-socialist regimes in this Region. The socialist reforms carried out in Venezuela by Hugo Chavez are far reaching. We heartily congratulate the esteemed Comrade Fidel Castro on his birthday and wish you many years of productive life for the benefit of progressive mankind. CC AUCPB ===================== BARGAINING CHIP IN THE POLITICAL GAME On July 3 in the second reading of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the long-suffering Law on the languages was adopted under the title "On State Language Policy." 248 out of 450 People's Deputies voted in favour of the Law. The bill was proposed by the People's Deputies from the Party of Regions, Kolesnichenko and Kivalov. An attempt on May 24 to consider the bill on first reading was thwarted by nationalist People's Deputies, who staged a real massacre in Parliament and in the first reading, the bill was passed at the second attempt on June 5. After that, representatives of the nationalist factions in parliament made more than two thousand amendments to 30 articles of the law in the bill, in fact led to its rejection, because until the end of the session of the Verkhovna Rada (ended July 6), the deputies did not have time to consider them all. Therefore, the Party of Regions issued the Bill on languages directly to the session of Parliament, where it received the most votes. This law is introduced into the daily life of Ukraine by demand of the European Charter "On regional and minority languages", as well as the provision of the Constitution of Ukraine, Article 10 which declares: "In Ukraine, the free development, use and protection of Russian and other languages of national minorities of Ukraine is guaranteed." The law does not infringe on the status of the Ukrainian language, which remains the only state language in Ukraine. According to the adopted law, the Russian language as a regional language returns to 13 regions of Ukraine - Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya, Luhansk, Mykolaiv, Sumy, Kherson and Chernihiv region, as well as in Crimea, Kiev and Sevastopol. But in order that the law came into force, it has yet to be signed by the President. Representatives of the Party of the Regions are trying to attribute the adoption of the law to themselves and declare victory. But this is not the case. The Party of the Regions have stood for bilingualism in Ukraine and the introduction of Russian as a second state language since the early 2000s. But these were nothing more than campaign promises that after the elections were immediately forgotten, and postponed "indefinitely." But Russian is the native tongue for at least half the population of Ukraine. (We would like to remind you that even under President Yushchenko, 4.2 million signatures for a referendum in support of the Russian language were gathered. But Yushchenko ignored the will of the people). Now is time for elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (October 28). The regime of Yanukovych-Azarov, carrying on an open anti-people policies, policies on the offensive of capital on the remaining rights of the working people of Ukraine was fully exposed in the eyes of the people as a regime of working in the interests of big business and oligarchs in Ukraine. The popularity of the Party of Regions has begun to fall sharply. And thus to boost its long-tarnished image, the Regionals and had to adopt this law. The Nationalists also, as faithful servants of western US-Zionist capital, as Russia's enemies, the enemies of the working people of Ukraine, make pieces of Judas silver, trying to pit one set of workers, one region of Ukraine, against another, the Ukrainian-speaking west and Russian-speaking East and South, believers against atheists, Catholics and Greco-Roman Catholics against Orthodox believers UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate - Kiev Patriarchate Orthodox believers, etc., etc. And on July 4 at European Square in Kiev at the entrance to the building of the Ukrainian House (the former Lenin Museum), police clash with protesters, who are against the adoption of the law on languages. Police fired tear gas against the demonstrators. President Viktor Yanukovych, who was about to hold a press conference in the Ukrainian House, was forced to cancel it, which somewhat cooled the protestors. The protests of nationalists continued. The day after the adoption of a law by Parliament, Volodymyr Lytvyn, Chairman of the Parliament, who was absent at the meeting, said that the deputies of the Regions "divorced" him "divorced" the Ukrainian people, and announced his resignation. However, closing the session, the resignation of the Speaker of Parliament was not accepted. Now in order for the president to sign this law, it requires that he first enters into this with the signature of the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada. But Lytvyn refused to sign the law. Thus the probability that the new law on languages coming into force is very small. And the President, after many days of protests by nationalists, hardly dare to sign the bill. Both the political forces will benefit - the Party of Regions, which passed the Act though the Parliament, and the nationalists who do not allow the president to sign it. Both political forces are trying to score points with their constituents. The true interests of the working people of Ukraine to the blue-white (the Party of Regions) and orange (the so-called united opposition National Democratic Forces) is absolutely alien. The great Marxist slogan - "Workers of All Countries, Unite!" is more than ever important for the working class, working people of Ukraine. And we Bolsheviks will steadily bring the demands of this slogan into reality, bringing together workers of Ukraine in the struggle to overthrow the power of capital. A. MAEVSKY, secretary of the CC AUCPB ================================= JULY 27 - VICTORY OF THE DPRK IN THE FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR On July 27, Korean people celebrated the 59 th anniversary of the signing of the armistice agreement between the DPRK, China and the United States on behalf of the UN on the cessation of hostilities. This Day is celebrated in the DPRK as the Day of the DPRK’s victory in the Fatherland Liberation War against the imperialist U.S. and its satellites in their armed aggression against the DPRK. In the armistice agreement between the DPRK and South Korea, a demilitarized line was established that became an official division of Korea into two states at the 38th parallel. The DPRK victory was achieved at the cost of great courage and unparalleled heroism and sacrifice of the Korean people, thanks to the military genius of the Great Leader and Great military leader Comrade Kim Il Sung. The war showed the monolithic unity of the Korean people, its mass patriotism, faith and cohesion around their Leader and Commander, hatred for the invaders, the latter-day pretenders to the colonization of Korea - the Americans. The feat of a belligerent nation, the people of the victor, will forever be inscribed in the history of Korea as a hymn to the courage and the desire for freedom and independence as well as the ability to defend the gains of the Korean Revolution. More than half a century has passed, but the United States have not abandoned their criminal plans to enslave Korea, destroy the socialist system and do away forever with the communist - Juche ideology in North-East Asia. With the arrival to the White House of Barack Obama, diverse U.S. pressure on the DPRK has not been weakened, but only even more intensified. This newly Nobel Prized "Peace Prize" “winner” in 2009, awarded for his "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy to create a world without nuclear weapons", "for the creation of a new climate in international politics" and "the use of the UN and other international organizations" to create this "new climate of peace", personally demonstrated and continues to pursue the sinister imperialist genocidal foreign policies of the ruling clan of the United States in relation not only to the DPRK, but also to other independent states. (The destruction of Libya, and now number 1 in readiness to destroy Syria. WHO will be next on this ominous list of states listed for destruction by the U.S.? WHEN will the United States answer for the blood and tears of the peoples of the world?) Under Barack Obama, the UN has been transformed into a voiceless lackey of the present U.S. policy of foreign conquest, concocting one Statement after another against the DPRK, provoking retaliatory actions by the DPRK against U.S. provocations. We recall that Mikhail Gorbachev became a winner of the "Peace Prize", a bitter enemy, criminal and corrupt traitor to the Soviet peoples, having handed the Soviet Union over to the imperialist gang, and that the current president of South Korea – useful lackey to the USA, Lee Myung-Bak and other faithful servants of the agonizing criminal underworld of modern imperialism. (The Nobel Peace Prize costa about 970,000 euros). Despite the constant hostile howling of the bourgeois media and provocation by the U.S. with the use of their armed force in the Eastern region of the world, we also firmly believe that the people of the DPRK can not be beaten by anybody. We fully endorse the wise and prudent policy of the DPRK leadership, aimed at strengthening national defence, for the continuation of nuclear research and improvements to its nuclear weapons - the only real way to protect their non-dependence in the current conditions of the vicious pack of imperialist predators. Nowadays, with the super aggressiveness of imperialism, force can only be countered by force. (For some reason the Russian government repeatedly ignores this historically proven truth ...) Despite the increasing pressure on the DPRK, we firmly believe in the successful solution of problems of the country for accelerated construction of a prosperous socialist state based on the self-contained growing economy of the DPRK, and therefore VICTORY of the DPRK in a peaceful struggle against imperialist predators is beyond doubt. The status of a world nuclear power, sovereignty and dignity of the nation – is an invincible stronghold of socialism! Today the DPRK by its example of successful international opposition to imperialism in a besieged fortress, encourages other freedom-loving peoples onto the path of socialism and independence. Congratulating the 59th anniversary of Victory Day of the DPRK in the Fatherland Liberation War (1950-1953.), we wish the heroic and courageous people of the DPRK success in solving all the tasks raised by party and its leadership in socialist construction and strengthen the country's defence. CC AUCPB ========================= ON PETTY-BOURGEOIS REVOLUTIONARINESS ... and our (AUCPB) comments on the article that was written by L. Pribytkova Recently, the work of Igor Gubkin, "Breaking the deadlock. A new Policy" was published. The author's name is known in the communist movement. I, (L. Pribytkova) wrote in an article "Revolutionaries are not afraid of prison" ("Soviet soldier", 2007, № 5), that in August 2006 in the Moscow City Court, the trial ended of the Revolutionary Military Council, which began in 2001, the head of which was Igor Gubkin. From the indictment of the case it meant that "... a criminal organization, the military-political entity Revolutionary Military Council (PBC), was an organ for the preparation and implementation of an armed uprising to oust the anti-peoples government of ministers-capitalists, to overthrow the bourgeois regime in the Russian Federation and the establishment of a dictatorship of the proletariat in the form of Soviet power with the formation of the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic ... "(AUCPB comment.: really did that mean such a thing? And was not the investigator afraid to carry out communist propaganda?) Igor Gubkin was the leader of young communist revolutionaries who could not come to terms with the bourgeois counter-revolution that took place in the Soviet Union, and therefore entered the path of struggle. (AUCPB comment.: That is the subjective opinion of the author. I. Gubkin was not the leader of the communist youth). They saw that they should not trust anyone. None of the communist parties of Russia, which there were already about ten at the time, set the goal of smashing the bourgeois state machine (AUCPB comment.: a subjective statement of the author and not the case in reality. The task of smashing the bourgeois state machine has been in place in the program of the AUCPB since 1991). "Communists" using only rallies, demonstrations and pickets are trying to help people solve particular problems of timely payment of wages or an increase, decrease in medicine prices, utility services, etc. When they encourage people to fight, they call on only using methods permissible by the authorities (AUCPB comment.: the author is not basing this assertion on anything). They saw that the largest communist party – the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), and not just that party, is contaminated with "parliamentary cretinism", suggesting to their rank and file members the harmful illusion that only by voting in elections can we only return the country to socialism. Not one party has a program for the preparation towards a new socialist revolution (AUCPB comment.: And the AUCPB?). But revolutions are not born of the holy spirit, they are natural and are prepared with great difficulty by the revolutionary, using legal and illegal activities. A socialist revolution is a radical qualitative revolution in economics, politics and ideology of society. In the economy – this means the destruction of private ownership - the economic basis of the capitalist mode of production. None of the communist parties place this as such a task (AUCPB comment.: and the AUCPB?). Their leaders are afraid to lead the communists along the Bolshevik route, since this is related to the expropriation from the bourgeoisie and nationalization of land, banks, factories, railroads, mines. We will need to abolish the fraudulent privatization carried out in the country in the early 90-s. But the bourgeoisie by peaceful means will not hand back the loot. Too much has been stolen as a result of the counter-revolution. It would, as in 1918, unleash a civil war. It is almost ready for that now. Its faithful servants, the Duma inmates have adopted not one law by which the bourgeois court would have to punish the bourgeoisie but instead punishes the slightest opposition to the authorities. Russia is increasingly starting to resemble a police state (AUCPB comment.: we believe that Russia has long been a police state, and have emphasized the growing fascisation of the Russian authorities). For over ten years, Igor Gubkin has been serving time in a penal colony on trumped-up charges by the FSB. The revolutionary for this government is very dangerous, and it prefers to keep him behind bars. But in captivity, he has written several excellent books, and friends have published and distributed them. In the books you can learn to become young revolutionaries. (AUCPB comment.: the subjective opinion of the author. Compare "Red Grimoir" by I. Gubkin to "Mini-Manual of the urban guerrilla" by Carlo Marighella – since the second book is full in content, and the first is empty, boring and straight forward, but the second is interesting from namely a literary point of view). In his recent work, "Out of the deadlock. A new policy," the communist (AUCPB comment.: a communist, right?) Gubkin proposed the project "Program of a Party of the Russian National Liberation "(PRUNO – Partiya Russkogo Natsional’nogo Osvobozhdeniya). I’ll acquaint you with the program. To my surprise, there is no limit. I am unable to understand how it relates to the communists. In front of me lies a project of a common bourgeois-nationalist party. "Our people are being robbed, and humiliated. The land inherited from their fathers and grandfathers, is being carved up by strangers." "The Russian people are deprived of their state." "Russia is broken up, wealth taken out of her, science destroyed, along with industry and agriculture ...". "The state established on our land, is alien, hostile to Russian and should be abolished." "Our enemy is the aggressive international community of the largest private owners controlling governments and presidents, deciding the fate of states and their citizens." "The foundation of the modern world economy, and thus providing the means to human life - is the financial and banking systems that are in the hands of Jewish Zionists. Zionism, or Jewish fascism is the political doctrine of the superiority of the chosen people above all other. The Zionists seek to consolidate their general domination and destroy the obstacles in its path to that goal. Russia, as a distinct civilization, stands in their way." It is now clear "what is happening inside the country " and who "are our enemies." It turns out that our country is "occupied." "Strangers" are "the largest private owners", the international banks, led by the Zionists ... It is necessary to "overthrow the occupation regime" to bring about "Russian order" ... We must prepare for a "national-liberation revolution under the banner of salvation of the Russian nation and the indigenous peoples of Russia - the USSR." No one can disagree with the thesis of these statements. (AUCPB comment.: in reality, communists cannot agree with them). It is a pity that Igor Vladimirovich gave up the idea of proletarian socialist revolution, which he wrote in his "Order of the Sword Bearer. Modern opportunism in matters of a new (Leninist) type of party" in 2009. (AUCPB comment.: here there should be no pity, but instead an exposure of nationalism. Nationalism must be in particular ruthlessly exposed in the communist movement as a hostile to Bolshevism bourgeois ideology and politics on the national question, which express the class interests of the bourgeoisie). Of course, prison is not the best place for analysis in order to study the development of imperialism in contemporary Russia, for an analysis of class struggles and protests. However, young revolutionaries Alexander Yakovenko and Andrey Gerasimov have for many years languished in prison in Ukraine, (AUCPB comment.: and the five other political prisoners in the "Odessa case" - do they not exist in the author’s eyes?). I read their articles. I'm glad. They have not been broken. They stand firmly on Marxist positions. It is a pity that Igor Gubkin does not call the country today other than a "declassed Russia,", and does not see its imperialist state in which the principal thing is the antagonistic contradiction between the two main classes of the bourgeoisie and the working class. Otherwise he would not have emphasised the "semi-proletariat of dying small towns", "villagers", young people "not having certain beliefs, scepticism, disorder, and despising communists." I had to reread and rethink his previously published work. It seems that in the last revolution in 1917 he did not understand the main thing, its objective conditions, since he writes that "the policy of socialist revolution was literally forced upon the party by Lenin." It is a pity that the massive anti-communist pressure of so-called perestroika did its dirty deed and Gubkin even calls the exploits of V.I. Chapaev "a shining myth..." (AUCPB comment.: No, here there is something more serious than the consequences of "massive anticommunist pressure"). Concentrating on the "invaders" Zionists, he stopped realizing that workers don’t care about the nationality of their employer who does not give them a salary for six months. They don’t care what kind of bourgeois runs the factory, whether the employer is a Russian or Jew, Ukrainian or Tatar that is ruthlessly exploiting them by paying them paltry rubles for a 12-14 work day six days a week (and sometimes seven-days). Recently in Kazakhstan in the city of Zhanaozen (AUCPB comment.: on December 16, 2011.) at a manifestation of oil workers demanding higher wages, police opened fire and shot demonstrators. The massacre was repeated in other cities. President Nazarbayev’s son-in-law Kulibayev, a Kazakh, and millionaire had a hand in this, who got fat on the backs of the oil industry in Kazakhstan. But Natalia Sokolova, attorney for the coal miners, was sent to prison at the request of the President of JSC "Karazhanbasmunai" millionaire Chinese man Yuan Mu, who among other things, is a member of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC). The enemies of the working class in all countries is the bourgeoisie - a class of owners of the means of production concentrating all the national wealth of the planet in their hands. And it is not just the largest private owners according to Gubkin that grow fat by exploiting working people, but the big, medium and small bourgeoisie also. And in conditions of imperialist globalization and the concentration of capital in the hands of transnational corporations (TNCs), the bourgeoisie no longer have a nationality. Capital is international. That's why workers do not have to muddle their brains with words about occupation, as this word can be substituted for counter-revolution. Any concepts have a strict scientific sense. They cannot be used loosely. Yes, the territory of the USSR during the Second World War was occupied by Hitler's army. Yes, Palestine is still occupied by Israel. But Spain and Greece which are now in dire economic crisis are not classed as occupied countries, although their whole economy is under the burden of global capital. Similar to dozens and dozens of other countries in the world. Yes, there was expansion of the dollar, yes, TNCs now rule the world, but why give a broad interpretation to the concept of "occupation", as the Russian language is rich enough to accurately denote the current problems of globalization. It is a pity that the materialist dialectic has ceased being an analytical method for Igor Vladimirovich. (AUCPB comment.: It is not worth regretting it, but instead disclose the fallacy of such postions). For him, all this Marxist "stuff" - the class approach to the analysis of social phenomena, theory of class struggle, Leninist theory of socialist revolution, the dialectic of objective and subjective factors of the revolution, socio-economic system – have lost their meaning. He believes that young people who will carry out the national liberation revolution, do not know Marxism and their heads are crammed with "dark myths" driven in by the democrats, and do not need Marxism... (AUCPB comment.: another confirmation of the fact that the views of Gubkin are contrary to communist ideology, and he is not a communist.) We agree that the bourgeois-democratic revolutions, counter-revolutionary coups and all sorts of modern colour revolutions, which are not revolutions, are not needed by the crowds of politically literate people. The disgruntled masses are used by the bourgeoisie, as a battering ram to fight, just like ordinary cannon fodder ... A socialist revolution is different. Its success is assured by the consciousness of the masses. In order to expropriate the expropriators, the bourgeois state machine requires dismantling. The working class must take power into its own hands, to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat, to put an end to the enemies, then build a new and just life. This is the pattern of transition from capitalism to socialism. And today, this pattern has not disappeared. And the revolutionary must know it! The communist should know that a socialist revolution is impossible without a revolutionary situation in the country, which is an objective factor, beyond the will of the people. During this period, the contradiction between productive forces and production relations of society is aggravated to the limit. At the limit is the suffering of the people. Spontaneous mass protest arises to the highest point, when, as Lenin wrote, the uppers can not govern in new ways, and the lowers do not want to live the old way. But the victory of a revolution is impossible without the maturity of the subjective factor. High organization of the main revolutionary force of our time - the working class is required. Not an abstract "people" or ethnic group, but namely the working class, in its most advanced position, and the only consistently revolutionary class today. And the index of its high organization is the communist party as its vanguard, armed with Marxist-Leninist theory, which today is extremely important. Such a party would indicate the presence or not of the mature subjective factor, i.e. the readiness of the class during a revolutionary situation to take action and triumph. The dialectics of the objective and subjective factors is the law of socialist revolution. One can understand the metamorphosis of Gubkin (AUCPB comment.: but it is no use to anyone.) In front of everyone, the largest by membership Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) has transformed from being a communist party (AUCPB comment.: which it has never been since its inception on the recommendation of Gorbachev and Yeltsin) into a petty-bourgeois social-democratic party. The modern working class is infected with petty-bourgeois illusions. In my heart and soul lies the pain of the insulted Motherland and unfulfilled expectations, the desire to act with growing impatience. Perhaps this has led Igor Gubkin to left opportunism, which Lenin called an "infantile disorder", “left-wing” in communism. That is - moving away from the class positions of Marxism over to petty-bourgeois revolutionism. (AUCPB comment.: more precisely, over to the negation of Marxism and attraction towards nationalist ideas.) Now, he believes that the adherents of Marxist-Leninist ideas are too old and that their time has passed. Today, young people from 15 to 30 years should be in the "Party of Russian National Liberation (PRUNO)." Well, it does not matter that they lack ideas or that they "have not read any of Marx or Lenin, or are ridiculously naive in politics and have poor knowledge of history." But they are easy to rouse. Over into the National Bolshevik Party, where Limonov is, and there are the young National Bolsheviks. But can communists take the example of petty politician Limonov? Is not it better to focus on Aleka Papariga, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Greece? (AUCPB comment.: No, not at all. The party of A. Papariga takes an active part in parliamentary elections. As the leader of the faction of a party in the parliament of Greece, Aleka Papariga thus stands in favour of the path of reforming parliamentary bourgeois society. But, according to Lenin, "the essence of reformism lies in weakening the evil, but not destroying it "(CW, V. 30, p.42) and "Replacing the bourgeois state by a proletarian one is impossible without a violent revolution" (ibid., p.22). Thus Aleka Papariga will never lead the workers towards socialist revolution . So can you equate her with the communists, in which young people should be equal? A. Papariga’s position is a typical Eurocommunism position). I. Gubkin writes that young people have "uninhibited thinking, and for them there seems little that is impossible ... What is valuable in them is the ease with which they are willing to take risks and sacrifice in defending truth and justice." "For a member of a revolutionary party, the main thing is the ability to act, rather than knowledge of Marxist texts" (AUCPB comment.: Practice without theory is worth little. How can people act if they do not know what they are fighting for? And the type of actions they will carry out in light of their ignorance is also obvious). But if, according to Igor Gubkin, "preparing for an armed uprising is the immediate task of revolutionaries", then this is very serious. This is not a fighting match as with the National Bolsheviks in the NBP. This is not petty pseudo-stunts that the leader of the "Left Front" Sergei Udaltsov organises in the interests of right-wing forces of Russia ... Will these young people know for what aim they will be dragged into an armed confrontation, why they have been given automatic rifles and who they will have to shoot at... automatic rifles will not only be fired from their side but from the other side too.... Will these silly young people know what they will die for? For what and whose truth and justice? (AUCPB comment.: the following serves as an illustrative example. In a recent TV program, a correspondent asked question to a youth audience in connection with the desire of an enthusiast from suburban Moscow to erect with his own money a monument at the place where many Soviet soldiers were killed in combat with the Nazis during World War II. He asked "And could you do that? Throw yourselves under tanks with grenades in hand? Fight to the death?" And the young people in the audience stared straight into the camera and without batting an eye, replied: "Never!" - "Why not?" – asked the puzzled reporter. "Because those people were fighting for their Motherland, for their land. But WHAT do we have to die for? The land is no longer ours because the rich people have all bought it. And Motherland? What's that? Friedman’s Banks? Deripaska's yacht? "("Rossiskya Gazetta" dated July 12, 2012 № 158 (5831), P. 27). Indeed there can be no abstract truth and justice, and no abstract democracy, freedom, human rights ... These concepts always have concrete historical meaning (AUCPB comment.: first of all, these concepts are class concepts). What is just for the slaveholder and the bourgeois is unjust for the slave and the worker. This is the ABC of Marxism. What is in it that is outdated? And will the working man join PRUNO, a party where the leaders are going to raise up the young people not for pleasant stroll "through the valleys and hills," but for armed struggle, and are constantly chatting about how Marxism is outdated and needs to be reformed. But by themselves, this reforming does not go beyond abstract verbiage. Do not believe, in fact, the primitive gag about the development of Marxism ... Although "updating" Marxism is now more reminiscent of an anecdote than a creative interpretation of the laws of modern realities. For example, from petty-bourgeois positions, it "developed" by "scientists" such as V.S. Petrukhin and A.P. Proskurin now forming the "Party of the Working Class of Russia - New Communists." With a knowledge of the business, they hold political economic conferences under the title "Marxist studies," in which there is not a hint of Marx in them ... But the basic tenets of Marxism, among other things, are the scientific laws of social development, discovered by Marx, Engels and Lenin (AUCPB comment.: scientific laws of social development, discovered by the founders of the revolutionary theory are true, and thus they can not be "among other things"). It is a pity that the Gubkin thrown out of his intellectual arsenal dialectical and historical materialism, Marxist political economy and scientific communism. And the word "law", incidentally, means common, essential, necessary and relatively stable connections in the objects and phenomena of the world. While the phenomenon of "capitalism" exists, in it works its specific laws, and the most common one too. And that, dear Igor, is not scholastic. With the help of science, an enormous breakthrough in the development of production was made possible, and there was a scientific-technical revolution ... And knowledge of social laws for a person becomes a golden key, a thinking tool for an analysis of events, facts, reality and social change. This knowledge helps us to penetrate into the depths of social existence. Just like ignorance of social laws, fluttering over the surface of social phenomena leads to scholasticism, barren philosophizing, and then to adventurism ... Because only in that way can you name any call for an armed uprising, if they are not based on Marxist theory of armed struggle, created by Engels. If the rich experience of armed struggle by the Bolsheviks from 1905 to 1917 is not explored, or when revolutionaries do not see the uprising as an art, which is what Lenin constantly insisted immediately following Engels, developing the Marxist theory of an armed uprising in relation to the actual conditions of revolutionary Russia, and developing a detailed plan for the event. Well, this should be kept for a separate conversation. So in the petty-bourgeois party of Russian National Liberation (PRUNO) there is nothing for workers to do. The place for conscious workers is in their communist party. (AUCPB comment.: Comrade. Pribytkova calls for sculpting another communist party in addition to the fifty existing and pocket sized "communist" parties.) The strategic goal of the PRUNO party, no matter how noble the intentions of its author are, or how he is guided, is not in the interests of the working class . L. Pribytkova Comments on the article were prepared by member of the Central Committee of the AUCPB, E.Fatyanovoy ===================================================== FOR BOLSHEVISM-AUCPB website http://aucpbenglishwebsite.blogspot.com Join the online supporters group / discussion forum For BolshevismAUCPB by e-mail at http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/ForBolshevismAUCPB or email: zabolsh@yahoo.co.uk Russian AUCPB website address: vkpb.ru FIGHTING FUND – Comrades and Supporters of the AUCPB and Subscribers to "FOR BOLSHEVISM INSIDE THE COMMUNIST AND WORKERS' MOVEMENT" and other material of the AUCPB, can make a donation towards the further publication of AUCPB material translated into English from Russian by posting a cheque to Solidarity with Workers of ex-USSR,. Address:11A Manor Road, Gravesend, Kent, DA12 1AA.. 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