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Thursday, 30 May 2013

FOR BOLSHEVISM - No 6 (123) JUNE 2013




Monthly AUCPB bulletin on workers’ movement in ex-USSR with additional reports specific to Britain’s hardest hit

No 6 (123) JUNE 2013
In various towns of the former Soviet Union on May 1st day of International Workers' Solidarity, celebrations were held with the participation of the Bolsheviks from the AUCPB.
The Vladivostok Mayday demo was attended by the AUCPB, CPRF Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the RCWP Russian Communist Workers’ Party, "Rot - Front" and even "Another Russia".
The Bolsheviks set up their AUCPB standard, and their red flags with the hammer and sickle. Leaflets were handed out. Agitation work was carried out on the role of the AUCPB in defending the proletariat of Russia.

Krasnoyarsk. The demonstration, organized by the Regional Committee of the Bolshevik Party, was attended by several hundred people - activists not only of the AUCPB, but also the RCWP, "Communists of Russia", the International Union of Soviet Officers, the CPRF, the "Stalinist bloc", and anarchists. There were a lot of young people and children. Fellow delegates came from Divnogorsk and Zheleznogorsk to supports their comrades.
The police at first did not want to allow the protesters to march on the road, but when the column began to move, they immediately cleared the roadway allowing the march to move on the road.
Singing songs and chanting slogans, the demonstrators marched through the main street of Leninsky district – along the avenue in the name of the newspaper "Krasnoyarsk Worker" –up to the monument to V.I. Lenin, where a rally was held.

Novosibirsk. 1 May - the Day of International Solidarity of Workers in the struggle against capital – a demonstration was held. The AUCPB, VMGB fighters formed their separate column with their symbolism, with a red flag of the Soviet Union and a portrait of Lenin.
The May Day demonstration is a militant review of the revolutionary forces of the proletariat. The Bolshevik party is its avant-garde. Here and in our column on this day the mood was militant, like a show of our strength made and summarizing all of our hard work.
Our column was attended by the RCWP and the guys from the AKM and the Komsomol, and some activists of the CPRF. Leading our May Day demo was a comrade from the AUCPB.
The eyes of the others were on our column, happily and loudly chanting slogans: "May 1st - International Workers' Day! Hurray! "" Long live the friendship of the peoples of the USSR, " "Under the banner of Lenin, Stalin – WE SHALL WIN! Hurray! ". Young people actively picked up and chanted the words of the bard songs by Harchikov: "Stalin is our father, Soviet power is our Motherland - mother, sister and loved one!" They then unanimously called upon the workers, to "Stop asking for handouts from the bourgeoisie! Worker! Prepare for an all-Russia general strike”.
At the end of the demonstration, a rally was held. At the rally, we were active in carrying out agitation work. There were a lot of young people. More and more people are turning their minds towards the side of the Soviet era and more and more of people are joining the ranks of the fighters against the power of capital, for the victory of the socialist revolution.
Our cause is right - victory will be ours! With tighter ranks and firmer steps, we shall win!

AUCPB -Novosibirsk

Chelyabinsk. The rally at "Al Pol" was organized by the "Union of Communists" in Chelyabinsk with the active participation of the Municipal Committee of the AUCPB.
One-third of the speakers at the rally were activists of the AUCPB and VMGB.

Sverdlovsk. The demonstration and rally was attended by political parties of the AUCPB, the RCWP-CPSU, the CPRF, ROT-Front and the "Will" Party. Behind the military veterans marched members of the Teachers Union, Interregional Trade Union of Education Workers, the Medical Workers’ Union "Action" and the students’ movement "Student Action." Alongside marched the environmentalists and anti-fascists. At the rear were representatives of the anarchists of "Autonomous Action" and anarcho-communists, libertarian communists, democratic socialists, CWI, and the Jose Marti urban creative club, and the group "Emancipation of Labour".
The main essence of the speeches was the fact that the current regime does not represent the interests and aspirations of millions of our fellow citizens, and in this connection it is unsustainable. Alexander Ivachev (SCM) said that we were doing everything possible to restore the dismantled Red Banner group and the Order of Lenin on the Plotinka. The Order of Sverdlovsk city was awarded for military and public service, and no one has the right to erase our historical memory!
To the sounds of the International, and after the resolution was read out, the rally ended. Approximately 1,000 people took part in the march and rally.

Sverdlovsk organization of the AUCPB

Moscow. Here, a mass march and rally was held and organized by the leftist forces of the capital.
The action was attended by about 3,000 people and AUCPB activists, representatives of labour collectives, trade unions and various political action groups, left-wing parties and organizations from anarchists, the Revolutionary Communist Youth League to the Trotskyists.
These marches and rallies have become a real alternative to the opportunistic May Day event organised by Zyuganov’s CPRF.

Samara. Young fighters of the Bolshevik Youth Guard - VMGB participated in the May Day march and rally organized by the CPRF. Until the end, the local authorities did not want to allow the event, so in the end we had to stop at the option of "guided walk".
Reinsurers from the CPRF banned the chanting of slogans and the handing out campaign material, but that did not stop the young Bolsheviks. Unfurling the red flag with the emblem of the Soviet Union, the fighters of the VMGB chanted topical slogans, "Revolution", "No memory to the White Czechs", "Freedom! Equality! Brotherhood", "Lenin, Stalin, Che Guevara!".
They were fully supported by young leftists of all organizations, so it's safe to say that it was the Bolsheviks they created the mood of this event and gave it true meaning. It is not simply a beautiful holiday of "Spring and Labour" but a day of anger of the working class!
After the event spilled over into the square named the Heroes of the 21st Army, the fighters had to hide themselves from the "all-seeing eye" of the FSB and the police, in order to continue to fight for the cause of Lenin, Stalin and proletarian internationalism!

Pyatigorsk. On May 1, 2013 at the monument G.G. Andzhievsky- the first Chairman of the Soviet of Deputies, the first secretary of the local organization of the Bolshevik Party, a picket was held on the Day of International Solidarity of Workers of all countries.
Propaganda work was carried out with an explanation of the policy of the AUCPB in the working-class and communist movement, and leaflets were distributed. Flowers were laid at the monument to G.G. Andzhievsky.
Speeches were made by N.A. Degtyarenko - Member of the Central Committee of the AUCPB, and the message by the AUCPB of Congratulations on May 1, were warmly greeted by those present at the picket.
After that, a celebratory rally was held.

Krasnodar. A meeting dedicated to the International Day of Solidarity of Workers, was held by activists from the AUCPB, the RCWP, the CPRF, the Union of Soviet Officers of the Kuban, and the CPSU.
Speakers cursed the government for the collapse of everything in the prosperous country of the former Soviet Union. Artists sang revolutionary and patriotic songs along with the protesters. The Bolsheviks at the rally distributed newspapers and flyers.

On May Day, shift workers took strike action at LLC "Uralneftegazstroy" (Republic of Komi, in Russia)
At about 9:30 am the workers blocked traffic. The Usinsk - Khariyaga highway was blocked by vehicular traffic on both sides which held up more than 100 vehicles. According to the website usinskinfo.ru, the strikers’ basic demands were: pay the shift workers their salaries from February to March, and improve their working conditions flowing from the contractual relationship with OOO “Uralneftegazstroy”.
Deputy Attorney of Usinsk, representatives of the police, LLC "LUKOIL-Komi" and the Mayor of Usinsk arrived at the scene to resolve the conflict.
During the ensuing heated discussion, the parties agreed to get paid by May 7, and the picket on the road was ended.
According to the website usinskinfo.ru, the first payments had already begun on May 2.

Demonstration in Manila, Philippines
The action gathered up to 30 thousand people.

"... Workers – the Philippine vanguard of the revolution, lead all the oppressed people. Namely the broad participation of workers in the armed struggle is a key moment in the future development of the people's war." (Maoist Communist Party of the Philippines - from its statement).
May Day demonstrations took place in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan
The most violent May day demo this year took place by residents of Latin America.
In the Mexican state of Guerrero, the May Day demonstration turned into a storming of the building of the local administration. In the city of Chilpancingo, teachers unhappy with the proposed education reform attacked the police headquarters and the state government. Protesters painted the walls of the buildings with slogans, overturned, ransacked and smashed up a number of government vehicles. Also they tried to break down the doors of the local Congress and to break in, but they did not succeed.
In the Colombian capital, Bogota, authorities used water cannons to disperse a crowd of thousands in the city centre.
The Mayday rally in the Chilean capital of Santiago, on the whole, passed peacefully, but towards the end of the event a group of young people went to smash shops, traffic lights and road signs near the presidential palace, to disperse them, police used water cannons and tear gas, more than 50 people were detained.
In Taiwan, only heavy rain and the cowardice of union bosses prevented participants of a 20 thousand strong march storming the government offices in the capital, Taipei. Under the slogan "Protect pensions" and "Stop corruption”, activists had already begun to break the police barriers, set up to cordon off the government buildings, but due to bad weather, union leaders called on all their supporters to disperse.

Asia: "Capitalism has no future!"
As noted in their joint May Day address, the armed struggle led by the Communist Party of Bhutan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist), the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and the Maoist Communist Party of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, "this year's May Day is held in the face of massive protests and uprisings around the world. In many countries have been a rise of the workers' struggle, strikes and youth uprisings by those who oppose the reactionary policies of governments. The People's War in India is successfully withstanding enemy attacks, expanding and developing. The People's War in Peru is being preserved and renovated. The people's war is developing in the Philippines, Turkey, Bangladesh and Colombia. Revolution is the main trend in the world today.
The proletariat and working people rely on the vast experience of 140 years of struggle and revolutions, starting with the birth of the glorious Paris Commune, continuing with uprisings such as the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia, the Chinese Revolution and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. In the wake of fighting, uprisings and civil wars, the Marxist-Leninists use practice the practice of proletarian internationalism to achieve a new unity of the international revolutionary movement. Capitalism has no future! The future belongs to communism! "

May Day demonstrations in Germany ended in clashes with police

In Germany, May Day demonstrations ended in violent clashes between demonstrators and police. To pacify the protesters, law enforcement officers used water cannons, batons and tear gas.
In the Berlin protest march organized by the leftist forces, about 9,000 people took part. The demonstrators marched from the Kreuzberg district to the government quarter. Many of the marchers were hiding their faces behind masks. In addition, about a thousand people took part in the march, held under the slogan "the proletariat has no homeland" in Hamburg.

May Day demonstration in Seattle (USA)
A May Day demonstration, which took place on Wednesday in the U.S. city of Seattle in Washington State, ended in riots, reports Associated Press. After the completion of the peaceful march protesting immigration laws, police were pelted with stones and other heavy objects. Participants of the rally smashed street barricades, knocked over garbage cans and attacked passing vehicles. Police used bicycles as a shield for crowd control.
To disperse the demonstrators, representatives of the law enforcement bodies used pepper spray and stun grenades. Many of those who came to the demonstration called themselves anarchists when dealing with the press. Mass arrests of protesters were conducted afterwards.

Turkish police break up May Day demonstration using tear gas and batons

At least four people were injured of varying severity during the dispersal by police of the May Day demonstration in Istanbul. Despite the government ban, thousands of workers, trade unions and left-wing activists, anarchists and sympathizers of the people came to the central district of Şişli to Taksim Square, where they intended to hold a May Day rally.
The police demanded that the people disperse, and when they refused to leave, the police let rip with their truncheons, tear gas and water cannons. This, however, did not break the resistance of the demonstrators who scuffled with police which moved into the lanes and side alleys of Şişli which "became like a war zone."
The city centre was covered in a thick blanket of tear gas, driving local residents and tourists into buildings to take cover. According to media reports, at least four people sustained injuries of varying severity. 20 people were arrested and 10 people hospitalized due to tear gas poisoning.
According to authorities, the gathering of protesters in Taksim Square was illegal because the local mayor's office in advance announced the closing of access to it. The city management explained its decision was due to "security reasons": allegedly on the square, repair work was being carried out.


The Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea presents its compliments and respect to your party, the AUCPB, which values justice and truth, and sends this information letter to you in connection with the fact that in recent times on the Korean peninsula, an unprecedented situation has been formed, caused by the ongoing hostile policy towards the DPRK (North Korea) by the United States.
Our party having put forward the supreme leader of our party and people Kim Jong Un to the post of First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea on the April 2012 at the 4th WPK Conference, with the banner of great Kim Il Sungism-Kim-Jong Ilism flying high carrying on the persistent struggle to build on home soil a mighty and prosperous socialist state, where fully implemented are the ideals and desires for independence of the popular masses.
Recently, our plans have stumbled on great difficulties - to concentrate efforts on the development of the national economy, in order that our people, the best in the world and truly supporting their own dear party despite all sorts of hardships and trials, are ever more tightening their belts on itself of providing the conditions for fully enjoying the benefits and luxuries of socialism.
In order to develop the economy, science and technology of the country, on December 12, 2012 on the basis of respect for the universally recognized international legal procedures, we successfully launched and led into the expected orbit an artificial Earth satellite "Kwangmyongsong-3" № 2 using absolutely our own strengths and equipment.
The fact that the research satellite "Kwangmyongsong-3" № 2 rotates in its orbit in space, was confirmed by the command of the North American Aerospace Defence of the U.S. Armed Forces, and also recognized by the space agencies of several countries of the world.
People of the world who value justice and conscience, including a number of figures from Russia, were pleased at our success that we became the owners of ultra-high space technology, allowing in adverse winter conditions for precise launch of satellites into polar orbit and on this basis they sent their congratulations to us.
But the U.S. and its lackeys, finding fault with our successful and peaceful satellite launch, fabricated in the UN Security Council a barbaric "resolution on sanctions," and thereby committed a malicious hostile act, which amounts to outlawing the legitimate right of a sovereign state to launch satellites.
Any sovereign independent state would not keep silent about this and not respond to attacks on their legal rights.
Thus in response to this situation, our party and government of the Republic were forced as a practical response to defend the sovereignty and security of the country to self-defence by carrying out a third underground nuclear test.
After this, the U.S. and enemy forces, rolling out a tantrum once again fabricated a "resolution on tougher sanctions", and at the same time began in a furious rage to carry out the joint military exercises "Key Resolve" and "Foal Eagle" aimed at igniting the wick of a nuclear war with the involvement of a large contingent of aggressive armed forces.
In the latest nuclear war exercises aimed against our country, lasting for two months, the United States deployed against us the most powerful in history physical threat of a nuclear strike.
In the context of a massive deployment of "three principal means of nuclear attack" strategic forces, the United States organized manoeuvres in the open waters off the Korean Peninsula using nuclear strike force super aircraft carriers and strategic nuclear submarines and openly making flights in airspace over the Korean peninsula in strategic bombers, including "B-52" and "B-2" bombers in order to develop nuclear bombings. For some time, a test plan was shelved for intercontinental ballistic missiles, but that is going to take place in May.
The fact that the U.S., right before our eyes is waving the nuclear cudgel, its contrives to mislead world public opinion, by making out our response to be a "provocation" and ranting about "dialogue" with the predatory condition that we, they say, should be the first to demonstrate a "willingness to denuclearize."
In the face of the most serious and immediate nuclear threat from the U.S., we simply had no other option but to take adequate tough military measures.
At a time when the U.S. and the South Korean puppets seriously insult our highest dignity, they permit an encroachment on the sovereignty of our country and support an attack on it with the use of nuclear force, thus the military retaliatory steps we take seem to be more than natural, and the attempt by the U.S. to portray these measures as a "provocation" are part of the everyday insidious psychological warfare by the imperialists to which they have always resorted to for unleashing a war of aggression.
Attempts to label us as the "agent provocateur" will only lead to clarifying the true face of the U.S. as the aggressor.
Ever since the 1950s, the U.S. in collusion with the South Korean puppets began to deliver nuclear weapons to the Korean Peninsula and for decades has threatened us with these very same nuclear weapons.
Our nuclear deterrent forces are a product of response to the hostile U.S. policy towards the DPRK and the nuclear threat and blackmail against it, which for centuries has been amplified in a continuous mode.
No more absurd and predatory are the assertions that today the United States, which at the time encouraged us to acquire nuclear weapons, demand that we be the first to confirm "the willingness to denuclearize."
More so the whole world knows that at the historical March 2013 plenum of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, on March 31 this year, that maintaining parallel economic development and the strengthening of nuclear forces was considered and agreed upon to adopt as the strategic line of our party's policy, and on 1 April at a meeting of the seventh session of the 12th convocation of the Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK, the status of our country as a state-owner of a nuclear self-defence weapon was legalized. And now the attempt to demand that we give up nuclear weapons can not be regarded as other than a brash and inconsiderate act, when they dare to ignore the line of our party and the law of the Republic.
Negotiations can be genuine only when they are based on the principles of respect for sovereignty and equality.
We are not against talks, but we will not sit down at the negotiating table under humiliation of someone who raises a nuclear cudgel over our heads.
At a time when the United States does not hesitate in openly carrying out nuclear war drills and training in dropping nuclear bombs on the sacred territory of our country, we also have the right to relentlessly deliver nuclear retaliation against the United States and U.S. military bases in the theatre of military operations, the Pacific, and as long as the United States does not abandon its hostile policy toward the DPRK, with its threats and nuclear blackmail. Therefore genuine negotiations between the DPRK and the U.S. will take place only when we prepare an adequate nuclear deterrent capable of preventing the U.S. nuclear threat. This is our fair position.
Now, some people who seem not to suspect the devious machinations of the United States are claiming that the tense situation may be lowered if, for instance, we restrain ourselves until the end of April, when the US-South Korean joint military exercise Foal Eagle finally comes to an end. However, this is a mistaken opinion.
After the completion of the joint military exercise Foal Eagle, the USA in the near future also under the guise of "annual exercises", by inciting the South Korean puppet army will begin another round of joint military exercise under the name of "Ulchi-Freedom Guardian", which clearly will entail a new conflict and another round aggravation of the situation.
It is important to have a correct understanding of the source and the ring leader of the emerging endless cycle of deterioration of the situation on the Korean peninsula.
The aggressive nature of the USA concerning the DPRK has not changed, and the hostile machinations against the Republic with the aim of stifling our socialist system will only increase.
We will not spare any hostile actions and attempts by the U.S to pressure us, and we shall decisively go on the counter attack. We are prepared for a real confrontation, and exceeding these limits to nuclear war.
The fact that we respond to the violence and pressure of the enemy with an unwavering tough position, under no circumstance means that we wish to establish negotiations with someone or get something from someone in return.
We are deploying all-out resistance to the United States to defend the country’s sovereignty and the nation’s dignity, to accelerate the victory of the socialist cause.
On the pathway of defending our sovereignty and security, we can have no other choice but to respond to brutality with super-brutality, and if in the future the U.S. will again raise a sword against us, then we will have to take even more powerful steps than this time, in the interests of self-defence.
Now, some Russian politicians and the media, deceived by the insidious demagoguery of the USA, improperly recognize the root cause of the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula and publish an opinion that it will be possible to defuse the situation if we behave in a more restrained way. Taking advantage of such a circumstance, the United States talks as if Russia has changed its policy towards the DPRK, and expanded the ability to isolate and stifle the DPRK.
If the representatives of Russia do not discern the essence of the insidious propaganda war played out by the U.S. but instead play along with the hostile policy towards the DPRK, then this will not only have a negative impact on the healthy development of traditional Korean-Russian relations, but also provide service to the machinations of the United States directed at the fact that, under the pretext of our "provocation" and "militancy" the U.S. can import nuclear military installations into the region of the Korean Peninsula, directly bordering the Russian Far East, then build up military and political pressure on Russia and China that will destroy the peace and stability and the atmosphere of bi-party and multi-party cooperation in the region, which would not be consistent with the interests of Russia itself.
We hope that your party correctly informs to its party members and the entire Russian people the truth about the United States being the main instigator of the current degeneration of the worst situation on the Korean peninsula, and that, in order to ensure peace and stability in the region, the hostile U.S. policy towards the DPRK must end now, together with their aggressive military exercises. We believe that your party will actively support our party and people in the unfurling confrontation with the United States and contribute much to the strengthening and development of traditional Korean-Russian relations, and in upholding peace and stability in Northeast Asia.
Taking this opportunity, we are confident that the friendly relations between our two parties will further develop and strengthen in accordance with the interests and desire of the peoples of the two countries - Korea and Russia, and we wish your party even more success in its efforts to build a strong and modernized Russia, and to defend the interests and welfare of the Russian people.

Yours Sincerely
The Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea
Pyongyang, DPRK, April 30, Juche 102 (2013)


The Korean Peoples’ Army (KPA) was established by Comrade Kim Il Sung during the fierce anti-Japanese struggle of the Korean people for the overthrow of Japanese colonial rule. Tempered in fierce battles with the Japanese regular army, the Korean People's Army out of separate combat guerrilla groups gradually turned into an organized revolutionary army of fighters for freedom and independence of the Korean people.
The KPA actively participated in the liberation of Korea from the Japanese in August 1945. This day is celebrated in the DPRK as the day of national liberation. Having won a victory in the war against the Americans and their satellites in the Great Fatherland Liberation War of 1950-1953, the KPA thanks to the constant concern for the Armed Forces of the DPRK by Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, the armed forces have now been transformed into a formidable military force, equipped with nuclear weapons. Thus, the DPRK now has a powerful shield to deter any aggressor. This was clearly demonstrated by the events in March-April this year during the military exercises the United States and South Korea held near the border of the DPRK. The United States is ready to destroy the DPRK at any time, but the presence of a powerful missile defence system and nuclear deterrence forces in the DPRK, this did not allow the United States to carry out its long-time criminal plan.
We congratulate the glorious Armed Forces of the DPRK on their professional holiday and wish them further improvements in their military and party-political training.
We congratulate the Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong-Un on this auspicious occasion and wish further strengthening of the defence system to ensure peaceful labour for the DPRK citizens.


In January - February 2013 in Havana, the capital of Cuba, talks were held between representatives of the Revolutionary Armed
Forces of Colombia - Peoples Army (FARC-EP) and the official bourgeois government of Colombia.
Negotiations took place under a very unusual accompaniment. While the "high negotiating parties" expounded each others views and positions, in the South American jungles,
fighting continued between the FARC guerrillas and the army of the government.
The talks
The fact of the negotiations has been used by Colombian Revolutionaries to once again prove to the world that the FARC guerrillas are not some kind of bandits, but that they have their own political program, and in their battles with the government army they also represent the interests of the working people.
The FARC representative of the rebels proposed
for Colombia, the mass expropriation of livestock land to the poor farmers as part of the agrarian reform. We are speaking here of approximately 20 million hectares of land that is about half of the land used for livestock.
How did the right-wing government representatives respond to this proposal? It is not hard to guess, is it? Well of course - "private ownership over property is sacred and an inviolability" and therefore poor farmers on this
land will not get this to own the land, which will remain in the hands of the wealthy landowners.
The second proposal, voiced by the
FARC leader Ivan Marquez called for an end
to the criminal prosecution of peasants who are growing the narcotic plants – marihuana, coca, etc. At this point it is necessary to focus on more detail on this proposal, because the topic is used for speculation and propaganda in discrediting the Colombian FARC guerrillas.
In conditions of poverty, the rural population in remote areas of Colombia grows those crops which buyers then pay the highest price for. Such a culture cocaine, and above all, coca, from which drug traffickers then make cocaine, is much loved by U.S. citizens.
Back in 2000, representatives of FARC put forward a detailed plan of action of how to make sure that the Colombian peasants no longer grew crops used for drug production but instead switched to the production of food products. For this purpose, the crops produced by the peasants would be bought by the state at a price above the price that traffickers in coca leaves would be willing to pay for.
However, the Colombian government turned a deaf ear to the problems of their own peasants. Instead of this, the government is prosecuting Colombian Indians for growing coca, and from time to time their crops are destroyed by government soldiers. Naturally, this it does not lead to the elimination of coca, since the peasants will travel further into the forests, where they then set up new plantations.
The conclusion is that the Government of Colombia, supported by U.S. is not interested in destroying the drug trade. The demonstrative eradication of coca crops is not the way to eradicate drug trafficking, but only a way of inflating the price of cocaine, which allows drug traders in the United States to receive huge profits.
The negotiation process in Havana has showed once again – who is who. It showed that the FARC guerrillas defend the interests of the poorest of the people, the peasants. And the bourgeois government of Colombia protects the interests of their sponsors – the drug barons and the U.S. imperialists.
Military actions
While the "diplomats" were presenting their positions in Havana, the revolutionary guerrillas and government soldiers continued their military
At the end of January - beginning of February, in the department of Norte de Sanander, the FARC rebels blew up five oil pipelines owned by private companies: On January 21 at Campo Alegre, January 25, at the Valvoula, February 4 at Guachiamana, 5 and 8 February at El Loro. On January 20 in Akari, they attacked a police station. Three police officers were wounded. On 21 January in Tarr, guerrilla mortar fire killed four government soldiers and injured 7. On January 28 at El Tarrita, 2 government soldiers were killed, and 3 injured. On February 5 at Llanos Altos – 3 government soldiers were killed, on 11 February – 1 was killed in Buenos.
In the central-western department of Tolima, the red rebels three times attacked divisions of the Colombian government Aamy. On January 21 at the village of Los Gauchos, guerrillas attacked
a government punitive patrol part, where 1 soldier was killed. On January 22, another patrol came under fire around Gaytania, and after a quarter of an hour of fighting, the government soldiers disgracefully fled. On January 25, a similar armed clash battle happened at the village of La Hasminea.
In the north-western department of Antioquia, the red rebels of FARC on January 22 in Bocas hit one "Piranha" armoured vehicle. On 26 January at El Kaseriya another "Piranha" was hit and at Rio Atrato grenades were thrown at a government army boat. On February 4, two government soldiers of the 25th Brigade were killed by FARC. On February 5 around Corea-Alto, a guerrilla group got ambushed – with one fighter killed. On February 8, 1 governmental soldier was killed and two wounded from the 25th Brigade. On February 13 at Karrizalya, a privately owned oil pipeline was blown up.
FARC also suffered losses. On February 1,
governmental aviation carried out a bombing raid on one of the FARC camps. According to official propaganda, as a result of the air strikes, six guerrillas were killed including one of the FARC field commanders Jacobo Arango.
On February 12, in the department of Antioquia, joint operations were conducted by red rebels of the three partisan groups: the National Liberation Army (ELN), the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Peoples Liberation Army (EPL). In Amalfi, three local guerrilla groups attacked a well reinforced position of the 25th Brigade of the government army. At least two enemy soldiers were killed, and their automatic rifles seized. There were no losses on part of the guerrillas.
It is worth noting that the second-largest guerrilla army, the ELN, in contrast to the FARC, do not enter into negotiations with the authorities, considering it a waste of time.
In memory of Hugo Chavez
On March 5, the Colombian revolutionaries learned of the death of the leader of the working people of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.
"We brotherly embrace the people of Venezuela in these moments of his bereavement, when the leadership of Venezuela has lost its great leader," was written in a statement by the Secretariat of the staff of FARC.
"Those who fight in the mountains of Colombia,
with him are going to win the Bolivarian revolution. Hugo Chavez already occupies an honourable place in the history of Venezuela, alongside Simon Bolivar and Ezekiel Zamora, pointing the way to independence, democracy and justice for their Motherland, Latin America, the Caribbean and all the oppressed peoples of the world. His ideas and his work are part of the universal "arsenal" for all people who are fighting for freedom.
Long live the eternal memory and example of Hugo Chavez!
We will live and win!"
On March 14, Colombian rebels blew up a section of railway line, which belongs to Serrehon", a large coal corporation of the country. 17 freight wagons en route to the coal unloading port of Puerto Bolivia were derailed.
Thus, the partisans are preventing the looting of the natural resources by their country’s capitalists.
That is how they sounded their salute to the memory of the dead Hugo Chavez.
The revolution continues and in the ranks of the revolutionaries stand new fighters.
By Lev Zatsepilov

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FIGHTING FUND – Comrades and Supporters of the AUCPB and Subscribers to "FOR BOLSHEVISM INSIDE THE COMMUNIST AND WORKERS' MOVEMENT" and other material of the AUCPB, can make a donation towards the further publication of AUCPB material translated into English from Russian by posting a cheque to Solidarity with Workers of ex-USSR. Cheques can be written out to our fighting fund account "FOR SOLIDARITY WITH WORKERS OF THE EX-USSR" sort code 30-93-60, account Number: 02312361 (Lloyds). Address for posting is cheques available by first contacting publisher by email at zabolsh@yahoo.co.uk

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