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Sunday, 30 June 2013

For Bolshevism - No 7 (124) July 2013




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Monthly AUCPB bulletin on workers’ movement in ex-USSR with additional reports specific to Britain’s hardest hit

No 7 (124) JULY 2013


On May 9, 2013 on Victory Day over Nazi Germany, the Bolsheviks held a variety of commemorative events.
Hero City Minsk. On May 9 Victory Day in Minsk a traditional ceremonial procession was held by veterans from October Square of Minsk to Victory Square. The culmination of the event, as usual, was the President's speech at the Eternal Flame and the ceremonial passing the guard of honour. However, if in the past year, our report on the celebration of Victory Day in Minsk was released under the title "The Belarusian bourgeois authorities consider J.V. Stalin on Victory Day to be unacceptable ", this year there were some positive elements to this great personality.
For example, in his speech at the opening ceremony, Alexander Lukashenko did mention the name of Stalin, but not as a leader of the Communist Party and the Soviet government, Supreme Commander of the Soviet armed forces, but only as follows: "We cherish the memory of the great world leaders - Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, who rose above political differences and formed a united front against the fascist enslavement of nations." Therefore, despite the right words that "It was namely on the lands of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine a previously unstoppable machine of the Wehrmacht was stopped and the fate of Europe resolved", there was no mention in his speech that the soul and inspiration of the Victory was the Communist Party, together with the advantages of the socialist system, which allowed in extremely difficult conditions to achieve victory over the strongest army in the capitalist world, and the outstanding role of J.V. Stalin, as leader of the Victory, thus the real truth about the war in this speech was not sounded. This is not surprising, because a bourgeois president of a capitalist state spoke, which is a fragment of a great country, which our fathers and grandfathers fought for.

Therefore the Bolsheviks have tried as far as possible to fill this gap in the coverage of World War II, for which they had to apply maximum persistence in achieving their goal.
Every year, it is becoming tougher to pass by the area to take part in the laying of flowers: to get to the Eternal Flame one has to pass through special control points, where there are metal detector booths and tables for inspection of bags, bags and other items.
The AUCPB activists also had to endure the humiliating procedure of being searched from head to foot, and were told: "No merchandise and printed products to be carried onto the square," and demanded that all the portraits and banners to turned around to face the wall so as not to appear on display. The security found fault with every word in the greetings leaflets brought along, as if they contained a sedition against the celebrated holiday.
And yet, once the Bolsheviks were on the square in Minsk, as always, they were the object of everyone's attention who came to the Victory Monument. Our AUCPB standard, along with portraits of V.I. Lenin and J.V. Stalin, the Soviet Union and the Byelorussian SSR flags and banners looked good on this sunny day in May. As always there were many people willing to be photographed near the Bolsheviks.
AUCPB activists distributed among people who came to the square the Bolshevik newspapers "Forward" and "Hammer and Sickle", together with leaflets and a portrait of J.V. Stalin with the AUCPB Central Committee message of congratulations. Leaflets were also handed out under the title "The Battle for Victory continues! To the participants in the Great Patriotic War ", which clearly set out the truth about the past war.

It needs to be recognized that after special forces eventually allowed the Bolsheviks onto the Minsk square, they did not interfere further when the Bolsheviks set up in the centre of the Belarusian capital portraits of V.I. Lenin, J.V. Stalin, Soviet flags and banners. Moreover, the Belarusian TV channel ONT showed the moment of laying flowers at the Eternal Flame by AUCPB members together with the Soviet attributes in the news, and the celebration of Victory Day in Minsk.
Krasnoyarsk. AUCPB activists took part in a solemn procession of citizens, veterans and organizations from the Kirov district region, to the traditionally held wreath laying ceremony at the monument to S.M. Kirov at the stele on the 30th anniversary of the Victory. The red flag of the regional party committee and the standard of the AUCPB were set up, and a large portrait of J.V. Stalin hoisted up. The Bolsheviks were joined by a lone RCWP activist with a red flag.

There were no more red flags or symbols of Victory in the column – and a few members of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation talked about flags being brought under a ban, and asked them to be removed, promising that red flags "will be taken of them if they don’t".
In the column, the Bolsheviks took their place in front of a small group of school pupils with Vlasov tricolors, taking advantage of such a moment to explain to our neighbours the significance of these flags. As a result, the head of the school children several times told them to "fly the tricolour flags, asking them why they lowered them".

At the end of the procession near the tank next to the memorial stele a Bolshevik agitation stall was set up. The children literally stuck by the fighting machine decorated with a portrait of JV. Stalin and red flags. Krasnoyarsk residents of all ages were photographed on the background image of the Generalissimo.

Discussions were held with those in the column, and it was possible to distribute many of our newspapers. There was great demand for the young Bolshevik Guard VMGB newspaper "Revolution" especially among the children in reason, some taking just two copies at a time- "for me and my mother."
The memory of them will always live in our hearts!
In Novosibirsk, On May 9, the AUCPB, Working Russia, the RCWP, VMGB activists and the AKM laid a wreath and flowers at the Eternal Flame Monument of Glory in honour of the campaign of Siberians in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 - 1945.

The citizens of the city, veterans, and young people joined our march who had attached to their chest red ribbons with a hammer and sickle and the five-pointed star, photographed on a background of the flag of the USSR and the portrait of the Generalissimo Stalin.

Eternal glory to the Siberian soldiers, who fell in the struggle for freedom and independence of our Soviet Motherland!
Chelyabinsk. On May 9, the AUCPB and VMGB fighters took an active part in a ceremonial rally of citizens, veterans and city organisations on the Walk of Glory at the eternal flame dedicated to the 68 anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. At the forefront of the protesters was the standard of the AUCPB along with red banners of the City Party Committee and the International Union of Soviet officers.
Just before the start of the city rally, the activists of the AUCPB were approached by a representative of the regional administration who persistently "proposed" that they remove the standard of the AUCPB or move it back into the second row from the front. In his opinion, the standard of the AUCPB was "spoiling the general background and hindering the filming of the celebrations." He also said he was carrying out an order of the "commission of the deputy governor of the region." At the insistence on the proposal by the administration, the AUCPB activists responded with a polite but firm refusal. We were supported by the surrounding ordinary citizens, veterans of the Armed Forces of the USSR, the veterans of the Second World War, and even young people.
During this meeting our activists handed out leaflets and distributed our newspapers. We were the only ones at the rally with red ribbons. The activists of the party "Communists of Russia" came to the meeting with St. George ribbons, the RCWP - CPSU and the official CPRF tailed along at the back of the rally. After the official part of the meeting we laid flowers at the Eternal Flame. Ordinary people repeatedly asked to be photographed next to us, our AUCPB standard and banners. We gladly fulfilled their requests.

Kuibyshev (Samara). On May 9, Kuibyshev VMGB fighters together with anti-fascists laid flowers at the eternal flame, thus honouring the memory of all those killed by the Nazis.

We can not forget all those who laid down their lives for the liberation of our country - the Soviet Union, we can not forget all those who died for freedom and life of different peoples of the world, we can not forget all those who die at the hands of the Nazis now! Eternal memory, eternal glory! To remember means to fight!

Krasnodar. The Bolsheviks took part in a meeting dedicated to the 68th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945., at the "Flame of Eternal Glory" and flowers were laid.

The AUCPB standard was set up, and newspapers, leaflets, brochures distributed. Explanatory work was carried out to raise awareness of the role of Stalin in the victory over the enemies of the Soviet Union.
In the city of Pyatigorsk, a meeting was held on May 9 at the "Flame of Eternal Glory." We exhibited the AUCPB standard and a banner: "Glory to the Bolsheviks - the marshals of Victory", portraits of Lenin and Stalin were put on display, together with the Soviet Union Coat of Arms. Bolshevik newspapers, leaflets, and brochures were circulated.

At the "Flame of Eternal Glory" and the monument to Lenin a wreath was laid with the emblem of the USSR inside. The chairman of the North-Caucasian Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB comrade. N.A. Degtyarenko, and other comrades made speeches to the participants in the meeting.

After the rally, there was a solemn assembly.
In Mineral Waters on May 9 at the monument to Lenin there was a solemn meeting devoted to the 68th anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War.

A red flag with the hammer and sickle and the standard of the AUCPB was set up with a banner reading, "Glory to the Bolsheviks - the marshals Victory!" and flowers were laid.
Newspapers, and leaflets were circulated. Presentations were made by Comrade. V.P. Skvortsov, - Secretary of the Mineralovodskogo civil town committee of the AUCPB, and other comrades.
In Vladivostok, on 9 May, a meeting was organized by the CPRF. It was attended by almost all the left-wing forces - the Bolsheviks, the RCWP and "Rot Front". A rally was held near the submarine S-56 (a submarine from World War II, set up on shore and turned into a museum).

It was difficult to get an exact count of the number of participants, as some people came, and others left, but approximately 300-500 people turned up, and possibly up to 1000 (with the passers-by and stopping for at least a few minutes). We carried the flag of the AUCPB and a portrait of Stalin, distributing newspapers AND, handing out flyers. After the meeting, flowers were laid at the Everlasting Flame.

City of the Hero Kiev. The main task during the May holidays we Bolsheviks in Ukraine, see in the exposing of the anti-peoples, anti-national, anti-Ukrainian nature of the neo-fascist "Svoboda" party, to expose the anti-peoples character of the ruling regime in Ukraine under Yanukovych-Azarov, expressing the interests of big capital and nurturing "Svoboda." Our most important task we also believe is the disclosure of nationalist propaganda, exalted by the OUN-UPA and its leaders Bandera, Shukhevych who faithfully served Nazi Germany, the bloody-thirsty butchers of Ukrainian, Jewish, Polish, Russian, Byelorussian, Roma and other nations.

May 1 in Kiev
We Bolsheviks called for workers and encourage Ukraine to rise up under the Red Banner of Victory, the banner of Lenin and Stalin, to the revolutionary struggle for the overthrow of the power of capital, the struggle for the restoration of socialism, the Soviet government and the revival of our great Soviet Motherland!
AUCPB activists took an active part in the celebrations in Kiev, coming from the Brjankovsky, Vinnitsa, Kiev, Mukachevo, Sumy and Uman party organizations. They circulated Bolshevik newspapers: "Hammer and Sickle", "Workers' and Peasants' Truth", "Forward", "Revolution", and pamphlets, issued by the publishing house of the "Workers' and Peasants' truth”, together with flyers from the Ukarainian Buro of the CC AUCPB.

9 May in Kiev
The Bolsheviks also supported the Syrian comrades who took part in the festivities in their struggle for freedom and independence of their country, in the fight against the imperialist forces of intervention in the internal affairs of Syria.

9 May in Kiev
The bourgeois government is trying to privatize the great victory, and in every way denigrates the Heroes of War, the Generalissimo of Victory J.V. Stalin in their attempts to belittle the feat of the Soviet people. But with out systematic agitation work we Bolsheviks stand for the class nature of the Great Patriotic War and Victory. We stress that Fascism is a product of imperialism, which will have the same inevitable fate as the Nazi hordes.

We defeated fascism – We will beat capitalism too!



Protests at "Metrovagonmash" (Moscow region).
On April 17 in the end of a shift, about 20 employees of the plant "Metrovagonmash" (Mytischi, Moscow region) along with interregional and activists of united workers trade union "Zashita" held a picket outside the main entrance of the plant. The workers and engineers recently the only Russian producer of rolling stock for underground trains were protesting against fraud in the payment of salaries, the bonus system, and discrimination of trade union activists of "Zashita."
At the picket, activists of the Inter-regional joint working union "Zashita" held up satirical posters addressed to the representatives of the administration "Metrovagonmash." The picketers chanted: "Our bonuses have been guaranteed by law", "stop the manipulation of wages", "No union discrimination" and others. Activists explained to other shift changeover workers and engineers the reason for the action by the "Zashita" union and called on them to join the union, to jointly fight for their labour rights.

Kiev bakers storm their own baking factory
Kiev Bakery No.12 was taken by storm by the workers. The bakers were trying to defend their jobs. It was leaked that 325 employees could lose their jobs.
Under the walls of the plant gathered about 100 people. They demanded their jobs be saved. The bakers reported that industrial machinery for baking bread has been removed from the factory.
Workers at the entrance were not allowed inside. People were forced to climb over the gate. Under the pressure, the gates had to be opened.
Plant employees want to hear the explanation from management, for whatever reason, as to why their labour is no longer needed. However, the director of the factory was not in his workplace. Neither were the Deputy and Inspector of personnel anywhere to be found. The secretary repeatedly phoned the management to come out, but no one appeared.
Prior to that, bakers learned that somehow bread production had suddenly become unprofitable and uneconomic. But people do not believe in this, stating that orders for bread were not being accepted for some reason now, and the sales department is simply not working, with the management doing nothing to change the situation.

In Azerbaijan, the striking drivers win improved wages
The strike of the drivers of heavy vehicles, contracted for the construction of the road "Alat - Astara", took place in the south of Azerbaijan. Strikers succeeded in raising wages.
On April 29 in the morning, about 60 drivers gathered in the village of Salyan in the Chukhanly region of Azerbaijan in front of the office of the Italian construction company Todini, which is the sub-contractor of the project of construction of the road. They stated that they would refuse to work until their wages were doubled.
Earlier, local staff complained of rudeness on the part of the foreign employees of the company, and one of the Italian managers under pressure from the workers had been dismissed.
Following the negotiations with the strikers, representatives of Todini decided to raise driver salaries from May. In particular, the salaries of drivers increased from 120 manats (about $ 165) to 180 manats ($ 230). In addition, the rates will be increased for mileage and drivers will receive a monthly order of 500 manats ($ 637).
In the afternoon, the drivers resumed work.

Bangladesh: Mass protests against capitalist terror
Workers at garment factories took to the streets of the capital, Dhaka, and in Gazipur and Naryangandzhe on April 26 - the second day in a row after the tragedy at the factory "Savard", during which more than 300 people were killed. Labour organizations planned Sunday, April 28, for a strike from dawn to dusk in all enterprises for the production of clothing in the country to achieve compliance, including – the immediate arrest of the owner of the collapsed building, "Rana Plaza" and other enterprises belonging to him. The strike was to be preceded by funeral processions across the country.
When protesting against the massive loss of life, angry workers smashed cars and factories and clashed with the forces of "order" in the capital. This prompted many factory owners to suspend production. More than 100 vehicles were damaged during the demonstration.
Demonstrators occupied a number of main roads in the capital and blocked them for several hours, demanding death for those responsible for the tragedy, and to take action to enhance the rescue operations. Police fired tear gas to disperse the angry protesters. According to reports, after the protests, most of the garment factories located in Kazipare, Shevrapare, Mirpur and Pallab had been closed.
The workers also staged a protest in front of the Bangladesh Association of Manufacturers and exporters of clothing.
During the violent protests in different parts of Gazipur, workers inflicted damage to one plant after another. The same scenario was in the industrial area of Narayanganj. Traffic on the highway on the Dhaka-Tangail and Dhaka-Mymensingh during the protests was stopped.

Sailors on strike in Kaliningrad
In the port of Kaliningrad began a strike by crew on the ship "Max" under the Russian flag, owned by a St Petersburg company. The mariners have not been paid for over four months.
This was reported by the inspector ITF (International Transport Workers' Federation) in the port of Kaliningrad Vadim Mamontov. According to him, the St. Petersburg shipowner already owes the crew of six people over a million rubles.

Wave of discontent at "Volkswagen"
On April 5 at "Volkswagen", a protest against the change by management of shifts schedule was held. The anger by workers was caused by management plans to compensate the resulting on the 33rd week downtime of the enterprise, by forcing workers to work until October for 6-7 days a week.
At 16:00, the first shift workers gathered in the lobby of the office building. Chanting slogans like "We are not serfs - return the weekends off", the employees demanded that the administration payment to workers on the 33rd calendar week due to the downtime caused by the employer.
Then, the workers decided to organize a climb to the second floor and hand over to the management their demand, written on a sheet of drawing paper. The security officers tried to block the way for the protesters, but the crowd of angry workers simply swept them out of the way and entered to the staff department.
The office was empty as soon as they got there as the entire management had left their workplaces. As a result, out of all the management the organizers were only able to find Weber (responsible for working with the trade unions), and handed him the drawing paper with their demand.
According to rough estimates, the rally was attended by 350 to 400 people. The MPRA took responsibility for the organization and conducting of the trade union action.

Russian railway workers attend rally
On April 13 at the main building of JSC "Russian Railways" a rally was held against the HR policy of Vladimir Yakunin.
On March 11, more than 220 suburban train controllers were fired. The reason for this was the desire of the management to reduce the costs by sacking workers. Their place was taken by a private security company "Aerogvard" whose employees perform the same function as the controllers in transport, but at the same time receive a lower salary. Such profitable for the "Russian Railways" conditions gave rise to the mass layoffs.
This event was the third in a row - the previous pickets were held on 18 and 22 March at the office of the Central Suburban Passenger Company, a subsidiary of "Russian Railways". Protesters tried to hand over to management their demands in writing, but the security guards did not allow them to do so.

At Kazan airport, Volgograd on hunger strike
In Kazan airport, Volgograd reconstruction workers hold a hunger strike.
45 Volgograd workers have been involved in the reconstruction of the airport complex in Kazan, working in shifts. However, they have not received more than a month’s salary and per diem. The amount outstanding is approximately 2 million rubles.
Their employer is a subcontractor, who entered into a contract for the supply and installation of equipment for the airport with "Trust Kamdomstroy."
The prosecutor met with the company's employees and organized the verification of their messages.

Builders at Paravan power plant "in Georgia go on strike
Builders working on the construction of "Paravan power plant" in the region of Samtskhe-Javakheti, went on strike demanding better working conditions and higher wages.
The strike began on April 15, the media reported about the action on April 16. In the strike were involved about 100 people. Among their demands were the issuing of uniforms and improved nutrition. Participants of the rally also stated that the payment for their work was reduced without their knowledge.
In addition to their demands associated with the improvement of working conditions and higher wages, the strikers demanded the registration of labour agreements.

Parisians against a new labour law
Thousands of people gathered in Paris to protest against the Hollande Government's proposed labour law. According to the president, the bill is to create new jobs and contribute to economic modernization. But the leaders of the trade union movement believe that the adoption of this document will make it easier for employers to dismiss employees. The protesters decided to remind Francois Hollande of his campaign promises.
Similar events were held in nearly 200 cities of France.

Railroad strike in Egypt
A general strike by train drivers paralyzed rail transport across Egypt. The basic requirements of railway workers were higher wages, compensation for overtime and vacation days. In addition, the strikers demanded to abolish the practice of non-normalized work and implement adequate security measures on the railroads, where only in the last few months, a series of major accidents have occurred.

From the Department of the Central Committee of the AUCPB on interaction with the workers and the trade union movement


Document by of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB)
The Central Committee of the AUCPB welcomes the merging of left forces in Serbia, carried out in the framework of "cooperation and unity of action among the six left-wing political organizations in order to consolidate the communist movement in Serbia."
This unity is a really important historic event, the first step towards the practical realization of the only realistic plan - steps of unity of leftist political parties with the ultimate goal of creating a unified Marxist-Leninist party. The correctness of this mechanism of unity has been confirmed by history. The unity plan now being implemented by the Serbian comrades is very similar to the plan proposed by us, the AUCPB, back in the early 1990s.
Our Russian "communists" (the RCWP, the RPC and all parties under the name "CPSU" with their various prefixes that have been formed after our party was formed, in opposition to us) were eager to unite all left under their own "wing", but out of this organisational unification taken as the initial phase of unification, NOTHING, as was expected, CAME OUT OF IT, because there was a significant difference in the fundamental ideological and political aspects of the party programs of the parties. The Serbian communists correctly started out with unity of actions and their coordination. We put forward a plan of unification as follows: from unity of actions towards a single unified ideology and then further - towards the organizational unification into a single party.
In the document of the Serbian comrades, it clearly lists the main position that should be common to all the merging parties. Unfortunately, in the list of aims in which the leftist movement in Serbia will be united in the struggle, there is no mention of the overriding criterion of being "communist" – that is, the dictatorship of the proletariat. The thesis on the "return to the creation of worker self-management" is not clearly enough articulated (The given formulation is perceived as a call to anarcho-syndicalism – enterprises that are worked at and run by the workers therefore should be owned by these very same workers).
Other principles mentioned in the Agreement (the slogans of the struggle), which unite left-wing political organizations in Serbia, we share and support.
We welcome the signing of the Belgrade Agreement on cooperation and unity of action between the left-wing political organizations in order to consolidate the communist movement in Serbia, clearly stating their desire to fight for ideological unity, and wish our comrades – the Serbian communists success in their struggle for socialism.
General Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB.


On May 16 in Santiago (Chile), about a hundred students occupied peacefully the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance
demanding the government to ensure access to free and good quality education.
The young people demanded that the administration of President Sebastiana PiƱera in the annual report of his presidency,
announce that on May 21, insist on tax reform
and the direction of the proceeds from the sale of copper go towards the implementation of
education reform in accordance with the demands of the people.
"Once and for all, hear the people and their demands, and announce the start of reforms that will be directed at making the
resources which Chile has, be used for
implementation of the people's rights for both free and quality education "- said the representative of the Federation of Students of Chile, Mario Dominguez.
After an hour of protest, the youth ended their protest which was supported by other public buildings in the towns of Concepcion, Valparaiso and Temuco.
Prensa Latina News Agency


Tens of thousands of students took to the streets of Spanish cities on May 13, the day of
the general strike to oppose budget cuts to
education and the privatization of higher education. It is these measures that the conservative government intends to take in their reform of the education system, allegedly to overcome the country’s worst economic crisis.
In Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, the students also expressed their indignation at government plans to reduce the lessons that are Catalonian language. In Valencia, demonstrations turned into clashes with the police. In several cities of Andalusia and Madrid, teachers and parents of high school students joined the protesting students. According to the organizers, the
strikes by65% of students and teachers took part in this strike action.
From Editor.: The inscription on the banner in the photo read the demand for student self-rule is equivalent to the slogan "All power to the Soviets".

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