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Tuesday, 29 October 2013




In the period from 29 September to 8 October 2013 in the cities of central Europe, Germany and the Czech Republic, from Prague to Munich (Munich, Ingolstadt, Regensburg, Cologne, Kelheim, Bayreuth, Ash, Tachov, Krasna, Pilsen, Lidice, Prague) – a "trail" of anti-war, anti-imperialist actions were carried out, organized by the International United Front "Class Struggle Against World War". This IUF is made up of a number of organizations of workers, youth and communist organizations in Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland. The international anti-war action was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the "Munich Agreement".

The General Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB Comrade N.A. Andreeva sent telegram of solidarity and support to the organizers in Berlin.

Information department of the CC AUCPB

To Members of the Bureau of the action
"The Class Struggle Against World War"
September 29 - October 8, 2013

Germany, Berlin

Our solidarity and support for the anti-imperialist, anti-fascist forces in the face of threats of the beginning of a World War III

Dear organizers and participants of the events in Central Europe marking a tragic date for all mankind - the 75th anniversary of the signing of the criminal Munich Agreement!

Dear friends, comrades in our common fight against criminal imperialism and primitive nationalism,
for the happiness of our children and future generations,
for peaceful clear skies without the sinister nuclear mushroom
for opportunities for everyone to have decent work always paid on time
for accessible qualified medical service for everybody,
for quality housing for every family,
for confidence in the future!

We remember that the Munich Agreement in September 1938, not only gave Hitler Czechoslovakia, but also unleashed his arms used for countless atrocities against all the peoples of Europe, that poured out into the monstrous and brutal World War II. Then the policy of "appeasement" of the aggressor was used by Britain and France which suffered a complete fiasco. With bitter irony, you can remember the words of Chamberlain returning from Munich to London: "I have brought peace to our generation." A year later, the world was exploding with the beginning of World War II.

History has taught us that only unity of all of us, only our resolve to stand up in the face of the bloody aggressor to the end, convinced in their impunity, can save the future of civilization and ensure the preservation of the world.

Now, after seventy-five years after Munich in 1938, humanity once again confronts a global aggressor, bringing death and destruction to people and places. This is - the United States - a country that continues the policy of the possessed Hitler, a state with obsessive delusions of world domination, its delusions of "exclusivity" just like Nazi Germany in 1938. The U.S. violate the sovereignty of independent countries under false pretences through the "struggle for democracy", they carry out acts of bloody aggression against dozens and dozens of states. The victims of U.S. aggression are Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, and many other parts of the world where hundreds of thousands of civilians have fallen victim.

If the nations of the world do not want the U.S. to unleash a new (now nuclear) World War, they have become a single impenetrable wall standing in the way of the American fascist- imperialist predators and their satellites!

The unity of all our forces - is the slogan of the day!

The Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks wishes you, dear friends, complete success in your wonderful action - a broad antifascist action on the territory of the European states. The selfless struggle for peace on Earth, peace, and prosperity of all people - what could be more noble than this action?

Our common goal is to reach the hearts of ordinary people, and tell them the truth about the terrible past, and about the threat to humanity today - that's tough, but a great challenge.

Long live the unity of action of all the anti-fascist forces on EARTH!
We believe in our victory, and therefore we are bound to win!

General Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB

11.10.2013 16:27

We warmly congratulate the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks comrade Nina Alexandrovna Andreeva on her Birthday Anniversary!

We wish YOU, Dear Nina Alexandrvna, Good Health, Long Life, and New Achievements in your political, creative activity, cheerfulness and optimism!

From Party comrades

17.10.2013 16:35

17 years ago, on October 17, 1996, ideologue of the Central Committee of the AUCPB, Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophical Sciences Professor Vladimir Klushin passed away.

V.I. Klushin was born on January 23, 1926. After graduating secondary school in 1940, he entered the flying school in Leningrad. During the siege of Leningrad from 1941 to 1942, he worked as a turner at one of the military factories. In February 1943, he volunteered for the front, where he fought as machine gunner in the 129 Guards Rifle Regiment of the 45 Guards Rifle Division. During the fighting on the Leningrad front in 1944, he was seriously wounded - a bullet wound through the lungs. After the hospital, he was sent to the First Tomsk Artillery School, after which in 1946 he served as the commander of the platoon firing 2 Guards Artillery Division, and from 1950 to 1955 - a senior officer of the battery 22 Infantry Division of the Far Eastern Military District. He was awarded the Soviet government awards: the Order of the Red Star, World War 2 nd degree, two medals "For Military Service" and a medal "For the Defense of Leningrad" and 18 other medals.

After demobilization out of the Armed Forces of the USSR, he entered the Philosophy Department of the Leningrad State University named after A.A. Zhdanov, and graduated externally in 1959 with honours. He was then assigned to work at the Leningrad Chemical Technology Institute Lensoviet. In 1964, he defended his thesis, in 1971 – his doctorate, since 1966 - an Associate Professor, since 1971 – a professor, and from 1964 to 1989 he headed the department of philosophy of the LTI. Leningrad City Council. In 1989, he was dismissed from his work by the counter-revolution, for political reasons.

V.I. Klushin was one of the leading theoreticians of contemporary Marxism -Leninism - Bolshevism. He has written several books on the history of Soviet sociological thought (1917-1936 years), and the philosophical problems of natural science.

On our website (http://www.vkpb.ru) available is the theoretical work of Vladimir Ivanovich, including the relevant monograph entitled "The little-known facts about Trotsky", in which the author reveals the vile, treacherous nature of this figure, now diligently being magnified by the bourgeois counter-revolution and the opportunists in communist movement. The work is available at the following link:

Following the tragic events of August 1991, under the leadership of V.I. Klushin during September that year, the Program of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks was adopted at the Founding Congress of the AUCPB on November 8, 1991 in Leningrad.

We, the members of the AUCPB continue the fight launched by VI Klushino against the counter-revolution, a cause to which he devoted all of himself and the rest of his life, a true Communist, Bolshevik Vladimir Ivanovich Klushin.

The best memory of him is our real work to revive our beautiful Great Socialist Motherland - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Secretariat of the Central Committee of the AUCPB



To the First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea
First Chairman of the DPRK National Defence
Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army
Marshal of the DPRK
Comrade Kim Jong Un
Pyongyang, DPRK

Dear Comrade Kim Jong Un!

Congratulations to you and through you the heroic Korean people with another victory in socialist construction – the completion of a large-scale reconstruction of the railway route between Russia (Far East, Hassan ) and DPRK (Rajin) with the introduction of the 54 -km transport corridor .

Undoubtedly, the introduction into operation of this section of the railway line will help improve inter-Korean relations, thus - the strengthening of peace and security on the Korean peninsula as well as the development of political and economic relations with the countries of Europe, DPRK and East Asia, being the shortest route for DPRK cargo to Europe and back.

The implementation of the ambitious project which was conceived and discussed in 2000 by the Great Kim Jong -Il with Russian President Vladimir Putin, we see as a significant victory in the cause of construction in the DPRK of a prosperous socialist state and a triumph in the policy consistently pursued by the leadership of the WPK and the DPRK to improve the lives of the people.

We wish the Korean people – the victor, further success in their peaceful creative labour.


General Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB


September 24, 2013



In a number of cities in the country on October 3-4, under the direction of and with the active participation of the AUCPB, events were held dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the execution of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR (4 October 1993) by the Yeltsinites. Below we publish some photos of memorable actions - pickets, rallies, marches. Check link for updates



Challenges of the XXI Century

More than 70 years ago was the start of the greatest massacre in history, which was funded by the U.S. Federal Reserve and the Bank of England.

A major role in the financing of Hitler and his associates was played since the 1920's by the United States and United Kingdom, considering the energetic Adolf as a tool in the destruction of the USSR.

The total amount of foreign investment in German industry for the years 1924-1929 amounted to almost 63 billion gold marks. 70 % of financial revenues were provided by bankers in the United States, most of the banks of JP Morgan. As a result, in 1929, German industry ranked second in the world, but to a large extent it was in the hands of America's leading financial and industrial groups.

Thus, "Farben", the main supplier of the German war machine, by 45% financed the election campaign of Hitler in 1930, and was under the control of the Rockefeller "Standard Oil". Morgan, through "General Electric", controlled the German radio tech industry. Besides this, they owned 30 % of the shares of the aircraft company "Focke-Wolf." "Opel" was placed under the control of "General Motors", owned by the Dupont family. Henry Ford controlled 100 % of the shares of the "Volkswagen" concern. In 1926, with the participation of the Rockefeller bank "Dillon Reed and Co” arose the largest metallurgical concern in Germany.

American co-operation with the German military- industrial complex was so intense and pervasive that by 1933, under the control of U.S. financial capital were all key sectors of German industry and the big banks. Wall Street had now got complete control over every concern in Germany.

In August 1934, the American "Standard Oil" in Germany acquired 730 thousand acres of land and built the largest oil refineries that supplied the Nazi aircraft and tanks with gasoline. Then in Germany from the United States was delivered the most modern equipment for aircraft factories, which began production of the latest German planes. From U.S. firms "Pratt and Whitney", "Douglas", "Bendix Avmeyshn" Germany received a large number of military patents, and based on American technology, built the "Ju- 87." In the latest models of fighter planes and bombers of the Third Reich were British motors. By 1941, when World War II was fully-raging, U.S. investment in Germany's economy amounted to 475 million dollars.

For comparison, Hitler received in 1933 from the Anglo – Americans, finance in the modern scale of prices, 66.3 billion dollars, and the Soviet Union under the Lend -Lease during the entire war, only 12 billion, or more than five times less.

In 1938-39, the Soviet Union tried to create a military- political alliance with the Anglo - Americans against Hitler, but all attempts by the Soviets to oppose Hitler with a united force were unsuccessful, and the "pious" U.S. democracy, coupled with the "noble" British democracy, sent the fascist ram to the USSR.

Today, when the world's financial elite of Great Britain and the United States have launched the next plan for the transition to a "new world order", the identification of its key role in the organization of crimes against humanity becomes paramount.

Through active subversion of Ukraine's rapprochement with Russia, the United States aimed in all the possible ways to strengthen the anti-Russian nationalist movements in Ukraine. The budget of the Ukrainian nationalist organizations Rukh and UNA -UNSO was by almost three-quarters financed by the CIA, and most of the top echelons of these organizations are in the service of the U.S. government.

The trip by the head of "Svoboda" Oleg Tyagnibok and Deputy for Political Affairs Andrew Mohnik to the U.S. was planned. The purpose of the trip was a meeting with the Ukrainian diaspora in the United States. All financial costs were paid the host country. Tyagnibok’s relatives travelled to the U.S. at the invitation of the family of his wife, who lives in the United States.

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress leadership in the person of Ed Baldy and Orestes Varnitsa is an intermediary between VO "Svoboda" and its overseas patrons. The financial support of "Svoboda" falls from the hands of Canadian intelligence into the hands of the Congress leadership, and then migrates to the accounts of the party of Tyagnibok not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. There has been a fact of proceeds from Canadians sent to the needs of a "Svoboda" cell in Austria (Vienna) .

Given the existence of such powerful financial support coming from Canada and the United States to Tyagnibok, in the near future we can expect an intensification of the information policy in "Svoboda."

The aim of our overseas "friends" remains the same - to prevent Ukraine's rapprochement with Russia! It will be a very helpful having the service of "Svoboda ", which will act as a frontal ram of "national -patriots" against brotherly peoples getting closer!

Thus the seven-headed hydra of Anglo- American fascism is still alive! And instead of the heads being fully severed in 1945, it has grown a dozen new ones! And not understanding this today, is no less dangerous than a traitor to his own people!

S.V. Golik
Lt. Col. of the reserves



On October 10, 1945, after Korea's liberation from Japanese colonial rule ( 15.08.1945), Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung created the Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of North Korea. At the founding congress of August 26, 1946 by combining, merging the Communist Party and other parties, the Workers’ Party of Korea was formed as a single party of the working people.

Forerunner to the party (WPK) was the Down With Imperialism Union (DWIU)), formed on 17 October 1926 by the still young Kim Il Sung of like-minded people - the first revolutionary communist youth organization in Korea.
The Down With Imperialism Union was created by Kim Il Sung at a time when Korea was under Japanese colonial rule with all the ensuing consequences. The purpose of the DWIU was to develop the revolutionary struggle of the people, and carry the revolution to victory. The DWIU was a new type of organization which carefully studied Marxist- Leninist literature, the "Manifesto of the Communist Party," instilling the young people of the DWIU with progressive ideas and uniting them in a militant revolutionary organization. Young Kim Il Sung then formulated the objectives of the organization he founded: the first task - the overthrow of Japanese imperialism and the achievement of independence of Korea, of course - the construction of socialism and communism in Korea. Then - the overthrow of imperialism in all its forms and the building of communism throughout the world.

The forming of the DWIU was a fundamental principle of the communist movement in Korea and the Korean revolution. In the DWIU program were laid the foundations for a future program of the WPK, the principles of its construction and operation. In the DWIU -political organization formed the backbone of the future leaders of the WPK. During the "Khrushchev thaw" Comrade Kim Il Sung put forward the Juche idea. Great Kim Jong Il, formulated and developed the Juche idea into in a coherent theory, which has become the ideology of the WPK and public policy. The ideology of Juche means that - Man is the master of everything, everything in the present world is for Man, everything in the name of Man. Juche means independence, sovereignty, self-reliance .

Koreans call the WPK the party of the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung. He did much to make the WPK a leading and organizing power of socialist construction. Under the leadership of the WPK, the Korean people showed unprecedented patriotism and heroism in defence of their socialist homeland during the armed aggression by the USA (Fatherland Liberation War (1950-1953), having beaten the leading imperialist predator. Subsequent years were years of heroic struggle to build a socialist state in which everything had to start from scratch. Huge strides in economic development and in the development of their armed forces, to improve the well-being of society have become the main focus in the policy of the young socialist state.

Staging at the forefront of care for the welfare of people, the policy of increasing the level of education of society, resulted in a transformation of the Korean nation into a highly developed intellectually nation (before Korea's liberation from the Japanese yoke, there were only 12 people with a higher education). Concern for the welfare of man materialized in the intensive development of housing construction in urban and rural areas, today's free health care, creating a system of health care facilities, as well as kindergartens and nurseries. The DPRK has entered the global political arena, established diplomatic relations with most countries in the world, has gained reputation not only in third world countries, but also in the developed capitalist countries.

On the basis of its geopolitical position and the socialist system, the constant DPRK -US confrontation, socialist Korea was now in the centre of world attention. In the difficult years of confrontation with the imperialist powers, and above all - the U.S., the successor of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il at the beginning of 1995 (at the New Year of 1994-1995 ) put forward the idea of the primacy of military affairs, enhancing the value of the Armed Forces and patriotic training of the population. All of this became the SONGUN politics, in which the army embodies the unity of the Party, State and people. The Songun policy under Kim Jong-Il was the basis of the policy and strategic direction of the party.

The WPK under the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Il persisted to implement the ideas and concepts of Comrade Kim Il Sung, as a militant vanguard of society, confidently leading the revolutionary cause of Juche, building Korean-style socialism, despite the fierce political and natural storms of the era. Under Kim Jong-Il, the DPRK became a world nuclear power, thus placing the United States in a position of inevitability of punishment in case of aggression on their part. The DPRK’s possession of nuclear weapons has done away with the constant threat of U.S. preemptive nuclear attack on the DPRK.

Under the successor to Great Kim Jong Il, the first secretary of the WPK Kim Jong Un successfully launched the satellite "Kwangmyongsong – 3” № 2 . This launch confirmed the continuity of the policy of the DPRK to further develop as a worlds nuclear power. Kim Jong Un in early 2012 set the task of implementing radical change in land use in accordance with the requirements of building a powerful and prosperous socialist state and the future of intellectualization of society by strengthening and improving the training system through universal secondary education (an increase of the period of study at the school up to 12 years) and the further development of the system of higher education. The nature of the large changes in the DPRK carried out under the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Un, indicate a complete continuity of the policy of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and Great Kim Jong Il.

The history of the DPRK for the past 68 years, going under the banner of Juche led by the WPK, has confirmed that the WPK is indeed inspiring and organizing the Korean people to build a prosperous socialist state, where the focus is man, where everything is done for the good of man, in the name of his happiness.

We congratulate our Korean friends on the remarkable date - the 68th anniversary of the establishment of the Workers' Party of Korea and sincerely wish the citizens of the DPRK happiness, health and well-being, significant new victories on the difficult path of building Juche socialism under the sunny skies of peace on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia.

Long live the Workers' Party of Korea and its ideological and political headquarters, headed by the First Secretary of the Party Comrade Kim Jong Un – the worthy successor of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and Great Kim Jong Il!


The General Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB comrade N.A. Andreeva sent a greeting message to Pyongyang, in the name of the First Secretary of the WPK, Kim Jong Un.

DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Blasts U.S.-Japan-S. Korea Joint Naval Maneuvers

Pyongyang, October 9 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK released the following statement Wednesday:
The DPRK's sincere efforts to ensure peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula are now faced with a grave challenge.
The U.S. let its nuclear carrier George Washington get involved in the joint naval maneuvers to be staged by it with Japanese and south Korean forces in the South Sea of Korea.
Gravity of the situation is that the military drills started right after U.S. military authorities flew into south Korea and officially announced "tailored deterrence strategy" targeted against the DPRK, fostering military confrontation and war hysteria.
The strategy calls for stifling the DPRK by mobilizing all military forces including conventional armed forces of the U.S. and puppet south Korea and missile defense system, not content with the offer of a nuclear umbrella to south Korea by the U.S., the world's biggest possessor of nuclear weapons. It is, in essence, a plan to increase nuclear threat to the DPRK and mount a preemptive nuclear strike at it.
The military drills planned against this backdrop are a serious military provocation against the DPRK and an outright challenge to the efforts made by the DPRK for peace.
The DPRK has made positive efforts to check the vicious cycle of tensions and create peaceful environment essential for building an economic power and improving the standard of people's living.
It made a series of dialogue proposals on its own initiative prompted by the desire to ensure peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and denuclearize it through dialogue and negotiations. It exercised utmost restraint when the U.S. held Ulji Freedom Guardian military exercises with the puppet south Korean forces with the involvement of a nuclear strategic bomber in August.
Now the U.S. is staging nuclear war exercises by introducing nuclear carrier, rendering the situation extremely tense.
The situation proves that it is none other than the U.S. which is harassing peace and escalating the tensions on the Korean Peninsula.
The U.S. deliberate act of escalating tensions on the peninsula despite the DPRK's patient efforts for peace is aimed to bar the DPRK, a nuclear weapons state, from achieving economic prosperity. This act is also aimed to justify its bolstering of the armed forces to hold a military edge in the Asia-Pacific region.
It is precisely for this reason that the U.S. has resorted to military provocations, while persistently shunning the DPRK's just demand for ensuring peace and stability on the peninsula through dialogue and negotiations without preconditions. There is a limit to patience.
The DPRK loves peace but never begs for it and it is ready for both dialogue and confrontation.
The DPRK will invariably keep to the road of its own option and surely build a prosperous country on this land, no matter how desperately the hostile forces may try.

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