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Thursday, 27 February 2014


Pyrrhic victory
Statement of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB Ukraine, Moldova and Transdniestria
In recent days, the world has been shaken by what has happened and continues to happen in Ukraine. For first time since 1945 at the end of the Second World War, in Europe's largest country, a former Soviet republic, the Nazis have come to power.
The events preceding the coup, developed rapidly.
On February 18, at the call of the leader of the National Fascist Banderite "Svoboda" (Freedom) Party Oleg Tyagniboka, a "peaceful" march to Parliament was held to put pressure on the deputies with the aim of returning to the Constitution of 2004. In the course of the event, petrol bombs (Molotov cocktails) were again hurled by right-wing groups, including incendiary mixtures and the use of firearms. In response, the law enforcement agencies used stun grenades and water cannons. Only on February 20, they were allowed to use firearms. On the roofs of buildings, as in the period of Yeltsin's bloody coup on October 3-4, 1993, in Moscow, supported by the West, there were snipers who were shooting to kill at representatives of both conflicting sides.
As a result of the bloody mayhem unleashed by the two clans of the bourgeoisie - on the one hand, the clan of Viktor Yanukovych, who expressed the interests of big oligarchic capital - on the other, also an oligarchic clan of the opposition at that time, the National-Bandera clan ("Fatherland" Party) of Yatsenyuk, "Udar” led by V. Klitschko, "Svoboda" O. Tyagniboka ), reflecting the interests of the small and medium nationalist bourgeoisie, as well as parts of large capital -based in the EU and fully controlled by Zionist- American capital, US- NATO imperialism, leading the struggle for world domination - during the confrontation on Maidan in Kiev about a hundred people were killed and about a thousand wounded on both conflicting sides.
On February 20, foreign ministers of Germany, France and Poland arrived in Kyiv. Under their pressure, Yanukovych signed an agreement with representatives of the pro-Western opposition for a return to the constitution in 2004 limiting the power of the president and holding early presidential elections in Ukraine. Yanukovych actually signed an act of surrender brokered by Western "democratic" emissaries before the representatives of the comprador bourgeoisie, preaching even more reactionary, fascist ideas.
On February 22, the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and K ° shamefully fled, abandoning the presidency. Immediately the opposition group of the bourgeoisie seized power in the country, forming the new leadership of the Supreme Council, and A. Turchynov, one of the leaders of the "Fatherland" party was elected as chairman and approved as acting President of Ukraine. All key positions in the state are appointed representatives of the former opposition. In particular, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine was approved by the representative of the "Svoboda" party O. Mahnitsky. Now the Banderites will administer "justice" in Ukraine, naturally of course, in their own National Fascist Banderite way. Presidential elections in Ukraine are scheduled for May 25. The formation of a coalition majority in the Verkhovna Rada is underway, which forms the new government.
The working people of Ukraine, at the cost of their own blood have roped around their necks instead of one group of oppressors, yet another, more reactionary group of oppressors.
The fascist coup in Ukraine, which began in late November 2013, fully supported and paid for by the West, is now complete. The country has established a national- fascist Banderite dictatorship.
The Bandera fascists throughout Ukraine are furiously demolishing monuments to the leader of the world proletariat, Vladimir Lenin, trying to destroy all memory of Lenin, the Soviet period of life, the friendship between the peoples and proletarian internationalism, and especially deceived are the woozy with Banderite fascist ideas Western Ukrainian youth, realizing only all too well that only under the red flag, armed with ideas of Marxism -Leninism, can the working class, the working people of Ukraine repel fascism.
Pockets of resistance to the Banderite fascism offence have been organized in some eastern and south- eastern regions of Ukraine, Crimea, although organized by workers while largely led by pro-Russian groups of the bourgeoisie.
We Bolsheviks declare that victory over fascism which is nurtured and generated by large transnational Zionist capital, can only be achieved by abolishing private property, nationalizing property that the tycoons and other thieves stole, and eliminating the power of the bourgeoisie. Is the blinding in luxury house of thief Yanukovych any inferior in luxury to the villas of Ukrainian oligarchs (Kolomoysky, for example) and others?
Ukraine's current rulers have claimed that the country’s treasury is empty, and the country is in the pre- default state to the fault of the former Azarov government. This same trick is being repeated as in the beginning of 2010, when the Yanukovych - Azarov bourgeoisie group came to power declaring a catastrophic state of Ukraine's economy due to the fault of the previous regime of Yushchenko - Tymoshenko.
And already there are current appeals by the Banderites who seized power to international financial institutions, the EU and the International Monetary Fund with requests for financial support in the amount of $35 billion dollars. The IMF has given prior consent to a loan "for the legitimate new government." Of course, with the usual IMF conditions - increase in tariffs for housing and communal services, freezing salaries and cuts in all social benefits.
The working people of Ukraine not only with their own blood, but also in the further decline of their living standards and impoverishment will pay for the establishment of the power of the nationalists and Bandera fascists. A sobering up of the working people of Ukraine will happen very quickly. When the people of the Ukraine, especially in Western Ukraine realize that they made sacrifices in vain, that they had been deceived once again by nationalists- fascists who seized power who have already begun to fight among themselves for key positions in the state - the anger of the people will be terrible.
The current maidan under alien to the people Petlyura yellow and blue, and red and black Bandera flags will turn into a maidan under the proletarian red banner and rise to fight for the final and irrevocable destruction of the power of capital.
The political programs of the current right-wing Banderite pogrom groups, heirs of the Hitler SS storm troopers, the ideological leaders of the fascist coup - "Svoboda" Oleg Tyagnibok, "Trident " in the name of S . Bandera, Dmytro Yarosh, and the like - are full of hatred for the great Russian people, saturated with zoological Russophobia and anticommunism. An attack is underway against the great Russian language, being the lingua franca of all Slavic peoples and all peoples of the former USSR.
The Banderites have pushed through an idea to ban the Russian language in Ukraine, with the persecution of all who dare to use it in communication and in documents not written in Ukrainian. Such violence can not but arouse opposition on the part of those for whom the Russian language is in many generations of native speakers. The fascist vandals destroyed not only monuments to Lenin, but demolish other monuments (Mikhail Kutuzov, the great Russian commander, hero of the War of 1812 ...).
The Banderites blatantly deceive Western Ukrainian youth, educating them for over 20 years, suggesting that the fascist hirelings and executioners - Bandera and Shukhevych, OUN-UPA warriors, are heroes, and Lenin and Stalin - bloodthirsty tyrants.
And among young people it is still is not known, due to the current anti -Soviet orientation of education, history education distorting the truth, that it was under Stalin that all Ukrainian lands were gathered into a single Ukrainian state, that the victory over fascism was won under the red banner of the entire Soviet people, inspired by the ideas of Marxism -Leninism, the entire Soviet people, who defended their homeland, including defending the freedom and independence of Ukraine, and who saved the world from fascism.
We are called on to enter Europe. But Ukraine is in the centre of Europe. Moreover, in the Soviet period, the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in the USSR was among the ten most developed countries of the world, and the people of Ukraine constantly had jobs and wages, confidence in the future, and Ukraine's population grew steadily, reaching 52.2 million to peak in 1992.
But after 10 years of so-called "independence" in the early 2000s, the UN classed Ukraine as the five most endangered nations on the planet. Currently, the population of Ukraine, according to official figures, amounts to only slightly more than 45 million people, and that is in taking into account those seven million who left to work abroad in the current "independence" and "sovereign" Ukraine live no more than 38 million people. (!)
Signing an association agreement with the EU, Ukraine will lose the rest of its high-tech production, finally parting with its economic and political independence. Hundreds of thousands of working people of Ukraine will be thrown into the street, adding to the vast army of the unemployed.
The events in Ukraine have not only domestic but also international dimension.
Ukraine now has become the main point, the main knot of contradictions throughout the world capitalist system, turning into the main arena of the international struggle between Labour and Capital.
The world capitalist system is going through a deep crisis from which it has no exit. To prolong its existence, the US-NATO imperialists unleash wars around the world, destroying countries and enslaving people, capturing their natural raw materials.
The greedy eyes of Zionist- American capital is glancing at Russia, seeking to conquer it and put it at the service of the richest reserves of oil and gas, and other natural resources of Russia and to turn its people into slaves of transnational corporations and banks.
There is a growing threat of a Third World War, in which the Zionists seek to draw in Ukraine, pitting the two fraternal peoples against each other and pitting them in fratricidal slaughter. That is the aim of the Banderites of "Svoboda", "Trident" and other nationalist and nationalist- fascist organizations for poisoning fraternal peoples, completely going along with and on the payroll of US- Zionist capital.
The working people of the Ukraine, Russia and other fraternal peoples of the former USSR, and the workers of the world should have no illusions about the Putin regime.
During the years of the Yeltsin- Putin's reign, the Russian Armed Forces were largely destroyed and are now only a pale shadow of the invincible Soviet Army.
The powerful strategic nuclear potential created by the selfless labour of the Soviet people, is now virtually destroyed.
The Russian army has almost no capability of opposing 11 aircraft carrier strike groups of the U.S. Navy, 14 nuclear submarines with intercontinental ballistic missiles -surfing oceans when one nuclear volley from each boat can hit more than 200 targets in Russia. NATO aircraft are currently based at Baltic aerodromes, equipped with tactical nuclear weapons to the distance from Moscow and Leningrad, 600 and 150 km, respectively, which does not exceed 20-30 minutes of flight to the target.
By bringing national- fascist groups to power in Ukraine, the U.S. Army and NATO will complete the encirclement of Russia, choosing only the opportune moment and looking for an excuse to strike at Russia and the outbreak of war, which, in fact, will immediately turn into a third world thermonuclear war.
We appeal to the working class, the working people of Ukraine with a call to unite their forces and to fight the rise of fascist dictatorship.
February 25, 2014
Secretary of the CC AUCPB

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