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Thursday, 27 February 2014

For Bolshevism - March 2014 No 3 (132)

Questions on the theory and practice of Marxism
The struggle between the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks, Trotskyites, Otzovists, Ultimatumists and other opportunistic groups in the RSDLP, marching throughout the period of the Stolypin reaction, had by the beginning of 1912 reached its limit. The Mensheviks considered defeat of the revolution of 1905-1907 as a confirmation of their own views that the proletariat can not be leader of the revolution. They assigned this role to the liberal bourgeoisie. The Mensheviks deemed the revolution in Russia to be complete. The opportunism of the Mensheviks, their betrayal of the goals of the revolution took the form of the liquidators. On the pages of their newspaper ("The Voice of the Social Democrat") they demanded the elimination of the illegal revolutionary party. The Liquidators rejected the program as well as the organizational and tactical foundations of the RSDLP. They called upon the workers to reconcile with the tsarist government, to renounce the revolutionary struggle against the autocracy and the bourgeoisie. The leaders of the liquidators were Potressov, Axelrod, Dan, Martov, Martynov and others.
The Mensheviks- Liquidators adapted to Stolypin's "constitutional order" and called for the establishment of a legal, supposedly workers’ party. In mockery, the workers called the Liquidators the "Stolypin Workers’ Party." The aim of the liquidators was to create in Russia a party of a II International type, with vague liberal program, without clear organization or certain Marxist policies. The ranks of these parties were filled with open opponents of Marxism and socialism – i.e. opportunists. They put up with each other in the name of party unity. As soon as the Liquidators demanded the liquidation of the CC RSDLP, then even Bolsheviks who had earlier doubted quickly understood that any further formal presence of Bolsheviks in the same party with the Mensheviks was unthinkable.
The Bolsheviks now had the task to actually break with the Mensheviks once and for all and to expel them from the party. This task was to be carried out at the VI Party conference, which was being prepared by the Bolsheviks. The Conference would not only solve the problem of the break with the Mensheviks, but also having broke with them to create a new party at the same time, a party of a new type, and different from the conventional social-democratic parties in the West, free of opportunist elements and capable of leading the proletariat in the struggle for power.
The Bolsheviks could not but see that, after the death of Engels, Western European social democratic parties began to degenerate from parties of social revolution into parties of "social reform", and each of these parties, as an organization, had already been transformed from a leading force into an appendage of their own parliamentary faction. The Bolsheviks saw and understood that the proletariat needs a new, real Marxist party that would be irreconcilable towards opportunists and revolutionary towards the bourgeoisie, and which would be united and monolithic, a party of social revolution, a party of the proletarian dictatorship. The Bolsheviks wanted to have just such a new party.
In June 1911, at a meeting of the Central Committee of the RSDLP who were abroad in Paris, it was decided to convene an All- Party Conference. On the proposal of Vladimir Lenin, G.K.Ordzhonikidze was sent to Russia for the organization of work on the convening of the conference. Ordzhonikidze travelled to the industrial centres of the country and informed others about the decision of the Central Committee to convene a party conference. This proposal was supported.
The VI All-Russian Conference of the RSDLP was held between the 5th and 17th January 1912 in Prague. More than 20 party organizations were represented there - almost all organizations operating in Russia. So the Congress indeed mattered. With the exception of two Mensheviks - the composition of the party delegates was made up of Bolsheviks. V.I. Lenin led the work of the conference, presented papers on all issues on the agenda, and formed the drafts of the resolutions.
The most important thing was to cleanse the party conference of opportunists. The resolution "On Liquidationism and the group of Liquidators" stated that the behaviour of the Liquidators had finally placed themselves outside the party. Thus Prague Conference brought about an actual break with the opportunists to the formal organizational break by expelling them from the party.
The Prague Conference elected a Bolshevik Central Committee of the Party. The CC now included V.I. Lenin, J.V. Stalin, G.K.Ordzhonikidze, Y.M. Sverdlov, S.S. Spandaryan and others. Stalin and Sverdlov were elected to the Central Committee in absentia, as they were in exile. Among the candidates elected to the Central Committee were M.I. Kalinin, E.D. Stasova, and S.G. Shaumyan. A centre was established to guide the revolutionary work in Russia (the Russian Bureau of the Central Committee), headed by J.V. Stalin. The Russian Bureau of the Central Committee also included Y.M. Sverdlov, S.S. Spandaryan, G.K. Ordzhonikidze and M.I. Kalinin. The Prague Conference summed up the whole preceding struggle against opportunism by the Bolsheviks, having expelled the Mensheviks from the party.
Lenin wrote to Maxim Gorky about the outcome of the Prague Conference in early 1912: "We have finally managed – without the Liquidator scoundrels, to revive the party and its Central Committee. I hope you will rejoice with us in this." (Lenin, Vol. XXIX, p. 19 (Russian)). Stalin highly appreciated the importance of the Prague Conference. He wrote: "This conference was of the utmost importance in the history of our party, because it put a line between the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks and unified the Bolshevik organizations across the country into a single Bolshevik Party." (Verbatim Report of the XV Congress of the CPSU (b ), pp. 361-362 ) .
By waging an uncompromising struggle against the opportunists, cleansing the proletarian party from the defilement of opportunism, the Bolsheviks created a new type of party, the party of Lenin, the party, which won the dictatorship of the proletariat.
A. Chernyak, member of the AUCPB and historian.
Overview of the labour movement ( 1 - 15 January 2014)
Strike action in Sochi
Workers building the pipeline for the gasification of the Adler district for the Winter Olympic program, since before the New Year have not received wages promised by December 25.
Shift workers were unable to return to their families and went on strike.

Sverdlovsk mashzavod (Luhansk region) announce an indefinite strike
Sverdlovsk machine factory workers are demanding repayment of wage arrears. In response, on January 15 they were once again barred from their workplaces by being prohibited from entering the territory of the factory. People came out to protest at the city Council buildings and city prosecutor's office.
This situation at "SMZ" has been continuing January 3 this year. At that time, the company’s security barred more than 50 workers at the machine works from entering. Some of them received their employment records, in which an entry was made for dismissal for absenteeism . The workers then decided to start an indefinite protest action.
"This reaction by the administration of the enterprise is caused by the workers demanding compliance with the labour collective socio- economic security. It's about redemption of debts on wages and related payments, payment of the estimated amounts for those who were dismissed from the factory and ensuring safety standards"- commented the union on the situation.
The prosecutor carting out the investigation into the factory also could not get into the factory. Security would not allow them onto the territory.
The director of the plant is demanding the workers abandon their own demands and protest actions. Only then will they be allowed back on their jobs. Those who agree, then their salary will be repaid in part, and with a delay of at least 60 days.
The workers have declared an indefinite strike.

Police break up a demonstration in Athens
Athens police used tear gas against school security guards who blocked traffic in the city centre to protest against their impending layoffs.
The guards, who held a demonstration outside the Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-government, blocked traffic lanes on both the central avenues of the Reina Sofia.
Last summer, about 2,000 guards were transferred to eight months in the so-called labour reserve whilst retaining 80 % of their salaries. In March of this year, most of them should be fired under commitments taken by Greece to international lenders to withdraw from the public sector 11,000 employees. It is assumed that a total of only about 400 former school security guards will work in the public sector: 300 of them become cleaners in hospitals and another 100 people who speak foreign languages, will be transferred to museums to work.

Ongoing strike in Chilean ports
Workers' strike in the Chilean port of San Antonio continues from January 5 (at time of writing). Port workers are demanding compensation for daily 30-minute meal breaks.
In the region of Antofagast, a strike is taking place by workers in the port of Mejillones Angamos, which has lasted for more than 20 days. The protesters are demanding higher wages by 15%.

In Tunisia, a strike is held by public utilities workers
Rubbish removers from 17 municipalities in Tunisia went on strike to protest against poor working conditions. According to the country's largest trade union UGTT, over 6000 rubbish removers in the capital region went on strike.
Branch trade union representatives allegedly in October 10, 2013 reached an agreement with the government, which led to an increase in compensation to employees. But the general secretary of the subdivision of the rubbish removers’ UGTT union Nasir Al Salmi argues that the government is not adhering to their part of the agreement.
Department of the Central Committee of the AUCPB on interaction with the workers and the trade union movement
Documents of the CC AUCPB
From the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB for Belarus and Kaliningrad region
Fascism is the most reactionary, open terrorist form of dictatorship of financial capital, that is established by the imperialist bourgeoisie to suppress the working class and all progressive elements in society, as a means to save capitalism. The ideology of fascism is militant anti-communism.
Zionism is the ideology, politics and system of organization by the major Jewish bourgeoisie, coalesced with the imperialist circles in the West, primarily the United States. Zionism is one of the most militant detachments of imperialist reaction and occupies openly anti-communist and anti-Soviet positions.
It was not in vain that Belarus in the Soviet Union and today also, still continues to be called the "partisan republic." After bleeding and losing one in four of its people during the Nazi occupation in 1941 and 1944, the Soviet Republic became a real stronghold, a symbol of guerrilla struggle against the fascist invaders.
In the most tense moments of the war - in times of battles for Moscow, Stalingrad and the Caucasus, Belarusian partisans not only decisively and tactically took action against enemy communications, resisting the enemy, preventing the fully and timely provision of its striking forces with military equipment and weapons, ammunition and fuel, clothing, food and human resources, but also fettered with active fighting the large military contingents vital to the Wehrmacht. From June 1941 to July 1944 alone, Belarusian partisans had knocked out more than 500 thousand soldiers of the Wehrmacht along with officials from various occupational groups. More than 300 planes were damaged and burned on airfields, and more than 1,300 tanks and armoured vehicles destroyed. More than 11 thousand enemy trains were derailed.
After the liberation of Belarus Soviet Socialist Republic (BSSR), more than 180 thousand former guerrillas joined the ranks of the regular Red Army In the postwar years, the Belarusian Soviet Republic was rebuilt by the entire Soviet Union. The Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ ), the Minsk Tractor Works ( MTZ ), Belarusian Autoworks (BelAZ ), Belarusian Steel Works (BMZ), "Belaruskali" and other industrial giants and industrial enterprises and agricultural sectors were erected by the will and hands of the Soviet people on their brotherly Belarusian land.
In those years, it seemed that the word "fascism" that became so blasphemous would not sound out within a country most affected by the Nazis during WWII.
But unfortunately - no! That isn’t the case any longer!
The current bourgeois leadership of Belarus - "the committee for managing the affairs of the entire class of the bourgeoisie" - the apt definition of Marx and Engels - this committee believing and observing "loyalty to the best historical traditions of the Soviet Union" in words, but in reality is always ready to betray them for the sake of political expediency and the interests of big capital. No matter what, whether it be domestic, Euro- liberal or Zionist- fascist, as will be discussed below.
Similarly, to all without exception "Management Committees for the bourgeoisie," bred on Soviet territory, the Belarusian "committee", being lead by the guarantor of the bourgeois purse and 'stability' President Alexander Lukashenko, is now very concerned about the creation of the "latest" history "of the sovereign nation-state." One of the directions of the "scientific research" was an intensive search for "famous compatriots" - cosmopolitan persons born on the territory of present-day Belarus, no matter in what century, and who became famous, no matter with what or from where, including the replication of "national pride" for these persons.
Almost no honorary Byelorussian today celebrates the official Minsk of the native from Mogilev, scandalous singer B. Moiseev (homosexual).
Artists deafened us with M. Chagall – native of Vitebsk, whose "art" became "the world's masterpieces," only through the capital of his fellow Zionists.
Incidentally, the famous Soviet Belarusian artist Mikhail Savitsky retracts the same capital to the periphery of world and national culture, precisely due to the fact that he dared to publicly question the greatness of Chagall. And so on and so forth into infinity. The piquancy of the situation is that the official ideologues have to compete in their "patriotic" endeavours with local Belarusian national russophobes.
However, on top of the moral degradation of bourgeois power of the "partisan republic" (in the past) has been the establishment and opening up of a bust to a native of Brest land, the bloody fascist Zionist Menachem Begin – a former Prime Minister of Israel.
Naturally, the "cultural- historical" event was held on the initiative and on the donations of the Jewish diaspora in Belarus.
"We must destroy the (local) population - it is our mission to protect the German population. We have to develop a technique for depopulation ... " Adolf Hitler admonished his warriors in the 1940-s. And here is what was written in memory of a German soldier who fought in the Soviet Union:
" ... You have no heart and nerves, as in war, they are not needed. Destroy pity and compassion within yourself, and kill every Russian and do not stop whether in front of you is an old man or woman, or a girl or a boy. Kill them all and thereby save yourself from death, to secure the future of your family and be famous forever ... No world power can resist German pressure. We will deliver to its knees the whole world. Germany is the absolute master of the world ... As befits a German, destroy all life resisting your way.. . " .
"You Israelites should not be compassionate when you kill your enemy. You do not have to sympathize with him so long as we do not destroy the so-called Arab culture, on the ruins of which we will build our own civilization"- Menachem Begin admonished in the 1950-s.
Characteristically, besides civilian officials in the opening ceremony of the monument to Begin there was a guard of honour of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus. The question arises: Whose traditions will the Belarusian military consider themselves heirs to?
What kind of patriotism, and with what countenance, will the formal organization of military veterans preach, who have long been "serving" under the "committee for managing the affairs of the bourgeois class" and de facto become hotbeds of the ideological contagion of capital and levers to manipulate people's minds in the first place - the youth?
To the category of what press will be attributed after the fact, the official Belarusian publications praised effusively figures of Zionist fascism?
"People have always been and will always be foolish victims of deception and self-deception in politics until they learn seek the interests of certain classes behind any moral, religious, political and social phrases, declarations and promises" - said Vladimir Lenin. And today, more and more distinctly behind a leftist crackling phrase by the Belarusian leadership is viewed the actual fact that in order to preserve their interests – the feeding troughs with the hearty cold soup - capitalism, it is ready to embrace in the political arms with even the Nazis-Zionists.
Unfortunately, the vast majority of ordinary citizens as well as representatives of government agencies, non-governmental organizations and associations, even if sincerely considering themselves among the patriots (bourgeois), still do not understand - yet! - the political essence of what had been committed on Brest land in the immediate vicinity of the Brest fortress - hero in the autumn of 2013.
The latest continuation of the whitewashing of the Zionist pedigree which is connected with Belarusian land, became an eulogy in the newspaper of the Belarusian presidential administration “Sovetskaya Belorussia” № 6 (24387) from 14.01.2014, in connection with the death of former leader of Israel - A. Sharon, whose parents were natives of Belarus (his father before the revolution lived in Brest). This extreme Zionist, "a party in all the wars waged by Israel during the 50 years of its existence," was responsible for the deaths of many, many Arabs, whom even some bourgeois media define as the "cruel butcher", "Sovetskaya Belorussia" with admiration called him "the last lion of Judah".
And, apparently, yielding to a bad example, after the resolution of the bourgeois governments of Russia and Ukraine to officially open cemeteries on their territories for fascist fighters killed on Soviet soil, began their reburial of their remains on the troubled land of Belarus, one of the first - in the area of Brest, despite protests by war veterans. The process of "reconciliation" and "awareness", i.e. fraternization of Belarusian and German capital is now well underway.
Thus the exaltation of Zionist - fascist M. Begin and his monumentalization is no accidental phenomenon. The process is international and it is permanent.
Belarusian official propaganda loves to flaunt statements that some innovations across the entire territory of the CIS first appeared in Belarus. The bust-monument to Zionist-fascist M. Begin can now be added to the number of those "achievements" of the Belarusian bourgeois power.
All of the above does not contradict the very nature of capitalism. "Money surely does not smell. And morality and ethics - it is said by the leaders of Zionism and fascism, are for subhumans - goyim." That was the thinking of the raging German Adolf and his fellow class, as well as his political and spiritual successor, Israelite Menachem.
In conclusion, we must emphasize the following: during the grey period of the early Middle Ages to the present day is the cottage of the Jewish moneylender, the pawnshop, the bank, the stock exchange, the International Finance Corporation, which were and still are the tentacles of world Zionism. It happened so objectively. And namely those fathers and grandfathers who all scream hysterically today about the horrors of the "Holocaust", actually were those who financed and incited Hitler's fascism, with its slogan "Drang nach Osten", indifferently handing over to him at their mercy, their own relatives of Jewish proletarian origin. "The end justifies the means" is the eternal motto of these sharks from imperialism.
It is namely money – the basis, that is the "Alpha and Omega" of the power of modern Zionism. With the elimination of money not only power, but also the very existence of Zionism becomes impossible – it completely loses its nutritional environment, its soil.
Such steps are the removing of the means of production of commodity-money circulation and the introduction of direct exchange of products between enterprises, successfully implemented in the Soviet Union under the leadership of Joseph Stalin. The soil for Zionism in Stalin's Soviet Union was absent. With the destruction of the system of the scientific building of a communist society, commodity-money relations were restored, there was a capitalization of the economy and the country, and its rollback into the historical epoch of long ago - capitalism. Zionism today, as in the distant pre-revolutionary times, has again launched its grubby paws into the bowels of our homeland and prolongs its life by depleting its natural resources and its people.
"I predict the imminent collapse of the system of global capitalism," - said one of its most prominent pillars, George Soros. In common sense, Zionists, unlike their wage slaves cannot reject it - yet. But the collapse and death of this vile, archaic, long outdated capitalist system is impossible without a revolutionary coup and seizure of the means of production from the clutches of the financial oligarchy – which is mainly Zionist. Without proper preparation and organization, without working people mastering Marxist-Leninist science, a socialist revolution is unattainable. Therefore covenant of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin "Learn communism!" has again today become the motto and battle cry of every proletarian on the planet!
17 January 2014, Minsk


According to the Embassy of the DPRK in Russia, in recent years on the Korean Peninsula in the Republic of Korea have been carried out hasty preparations for the joint so-called military exercises in February with U.S. forces, in which the organizers did not burden themselves with statements about the peaceful nature of their military preparations, "exercises" with the possible use of weapons and equipped with nuclear warheads. Weapons aimed specifically at the capital of the DPRK - Pyongyang. This provocative romp by the U.S. military along with their companions from South Korea is fraught with the destruction of the fragile peace that has been established recently in the Korean peninsula.
The All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks condemns another provocative venture by the instigators of a new world war and calls on the peace loving world community to support the reasonable steps of the leadership of the DPRK made to the citizens of South Korea in establishing contacts between the two countries, including exchange visits of separated families, between the Koreans in the North and South.
We also call on people to categorically condemn the U.S. military under the command of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Barack Obama, in their attempts at plunging the world into the fire of another World War where there will be no winners or losers.
We call on the progressive community worldwide, along with all anti-imperialist organizations and movements across the world to express their protest against the instigators of another World War in defence of a World without war, and a World without criminal imperialism. Imperialism does not want and can not realize that its actions are actually ardently preparing the world revolution that would sweep away the criminal imperialist system, together with its apologists and defenders of the entire criminal oligarchic elite, OBSESSED WITH RESULTING PROFIT AT ANY COST.
Long live the mass resistance movement of the peoples of the world against imperialism’s bloody butchers!
Pyongyang, January 16 (KCNA) -- The National Defence Commission (NDC) of the DPRK made the following principled proposals to the south Korean authorities Thursday upon authorization of the government, political parties and organizations of the DPRK:
1. We propose taking practical measures in hearty response to the warm call for establishing a climate for improved north-south relations.
We officially propose the south Korean authorities to take a practical measure of halting all acts of provoking and slandering the other side from January 30, a day before the Lunar New Year's Day.
2. We propose taking a practical step of halting all hostile military acts against the other side in response to the historic call for defending the security and peace of the nation.
So, we again propose immediately and unconditionally halting all military and hostile acts targeting the fellow countrymen in collusion with outsiders.
For the present the south Korean authorities should take a political decision of canceling Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises which they plan to stage from the end of February under the pretext of "annual and defensive" drills.
If the "coordination" and "cooperation" with the U.S. are so precious and valuable, they had better hold the exercises in the secluded area or in the U.S. far away from the territorial land, sea and air of the DPRK. This is the stand of the DPRK.
We specially propose stopping all acts provoking the other side on the ground and in the sea and air including five islands in the West Sea, hotspots where both sides are in acute show-down, leveling their guns at each other.
The DPRK side will show its practical action first for the realization of this proposal.
3. We propose taking a mutual practical measure to prevent a nuclear holocaust from being inflicted on this land.
Our nuclear force serves as a means for deterring the U.S. from posing a nuclear threat. It will never be a means for blackmailing the fellow countrymen and doing harm to them.
We courteously propose the south Korean authorities not to resort to reckless acts of bringing dangerous nuclear strike means of the U.S. to south Korea and to areas around it, taking this occasion as an opportunity.
It is the stand of the DPRK that the south side should resolutely break with the double-dealing stand of tolerating nuclear weapons of outsiders which are harmful to the fellow countrymen while denying the nuclear weapons of fellow countrymen which protect the nation.
If these proposals are put into practice, it will be possible to settle all issues, big or small, arising in the north-south relations including the reunion of separated families and relatives.
We express the expectation that the south Korean authorities will positively respond to our principled crucial proposals.

Pyongyang, February 12 (KCNA) -- There took place protest actions outside the U.S. and south Korean embassies in Moscow on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 to support the crucial proposal of the National Defence Commission (NDC) of the DPRK and protest against the projected joint military drills of the U.S. and south Korea.
Attending the actions were personages of six Russian political parties and organizations including the Communists Party of Russia and the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks and masses.
Published there was a joint appeal addressed to the U.S. and the south Korean authorities, which supported the crucial proposal made by the NDC of the DPRK and denounced the projected Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military drills for aggression.
Saying the international community including Russia is expressing deep concern over the situation on the Korean peninsula as it is inching close to a crisis, the appeal noted:
The U.S. and the south Korean authorities are going to kick off Key Resolve and Foal Eagle in late February under the plea of "defensive" drills.
Reptile media of the U.S. and south Korea are vying with each other to distort the essence of the issue and float such a false rumor that the DPRK has driven the north-south relations into confrontation.
However, such farce went into total bankruptcy after the NDC of the DPRK made public a crucial proposal calling for paving a broad avenue for mending the north-south relations on Jan. 16.
If the detailed and explicit crucial proposal is implemented, a new chapter of peace will be unfolded in the inter-Korean relations.
This will also help settle all the matters arising in the north-south relations including the reunion of separated families and relatives.
We demand the south Korean authorities positively respond to the crucial proposal

Kim Jong Il refers to a glorious galaxy of people whose names are forever in the history of the progressive mankind. When Kim Jong-Il was leader, the small country of the DPRK, after the collapse of the socialist camp and the collapse of the USSR in the 90s of the twentieth century, was able to do the following:
- To survive as a socialist state in spite of all the political rages and storms of a cruel century,
- To withstand constant fierce political, economic and military provocations, including brazen nuclear blackmail by the leading imperialist power of the century - the United States,
- To defend the independence of the State during a harsh economic blockade of the country imposed by imperialism and, furthermore,
- To continue the successful construction of socialism, relying only on their own strength .
Great Kim Jong Il, as a brilliant politician and practitioner inheriting the case of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung in conditions of a dramatically worsening international situation (after the death of Kim Il Sung), guided by the Songun policy, was able to mobilize all the forces of the Korean people to build a powerful socialist nation and turn it into an impregnable fortress for imperialism equipped with nuclear weapons, a power able to successfully develop and use modern technology with the latest achievements of science and technology, a power, successfully building a prosperous socialist state relying only on its own strength.
Kim Jong Il was very fond of the people, was always with them for their own good and worked very hard, forgetting about his own rest. It is not a known occasion to Kim Jong Il that during the holidays he was ever was at home with people close to him. These days he spent making regular inspections of enterprises, agricultural cooperatives, in remote parts of the military to himself see and feel how to live as a simple worker, a soldier, a farmer and with his own eyes see and know all the pressing problems of everyday life and work of the common man and try faster to address them. Because the people of the DPRK treat their leader with great affection and are ready to follow him on his first call, making the wonders of heroism and patriotism in the construction and protection of the dignity of their socialist state.
During the years of the country's leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Il, the DPRK progressed remarkably in its economic development and in strengthening the country's defense, becoming a serious advocate of peace and tranquility in Northeast Asia, not allowing Americans start unleashing global armed conflict in this region of the world. Thus they defended themselves on so fragile a peace on Earth now.
Great Kim Jong Il left behind a well-established and well-functioning system of management and control of all economic mechanisms, precision workmanship and high proficiency of military units, efficiency solutions in business issues that arise during the construction of grandiose objects of the century. Under Kim Jong-Il in the DPRK were erected many monumental buildings glorifying socialist Korean history and the heroism of its builders and defenders.
Today, the DPRK is one of the highly industrialized countries in the field of space, in which the main concern of the leadership is improving the lives of working people. Like in a fairy tale, grow lovely comfortable residential high-rise apartments in one of the most beautiful and cleanest capitals in the world - Pyongyang. Constantly improving is the life in agricultural cooperatives along with the cosmic speed of improving health throughout the state. Construction projects in the DPRK come to life 2-3 times faster than envisaged by the designers. And this high intensity of struggle for the building of a prosperous socialist state was given by the beloved leader Comrade Kim Jong Il.
We wish a great socialist Korea only sunny days each year and the successful solution of all tasks set before the people by the new leader - Kim Jong Un, successfully implementing the plans of Great Kim Jong Il.


2013 YEAR OF VICTORY FOR THE DPRK 2013-Juche 102 was a year of victory for the DPRK the land of Songun and people's paradise. Big strides forward have taken place in the work of construction. Two new hospitals opened in Pyongyang; the Okryu Childrens Hospital and the Ryugyong Dental hospital, plus a new breast tumour institute attached to he Pyongyang maternity hospital.
It should be noted in passing that these would cost millions if not billions to build in the UK so this proves the stories about "crisis" and "poverty " in the DPRK are wrong. New cultural and sporting facilities such as the Munsu water park and the Mirim riding club have opened whilst the construction of the Masik ski range is progressing apace.
New housing has been constructed in Pyongyang and elsewhere in the DPRK.
Industrial output has increased. The Orangchon power station No 2 was completed in September and many new power stations are under
construction in the DPRK. Agriculture has made progress with the construction of a new stock farm at the Sepho tableland well under way.
During 2013 the DPRK under the Songun revolutionary leadership of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN thwarted attempts by the US imperialists to provoke a new war and invade the DPRK. The self defence capacity of the DPRK was further augmented by the successful self reliant and self defensive third nuclear test of the DPRK in February.
The strength of the DPRK was also manifested in the successful celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the victory in the Fatherland Liberation War. Our UK KFA delegation was very pleased to participate in these and witnessed the awe inspiring grand military parade.
Colourful celebrations of the DPRK 65th founding anniversary also took place in September.
The single hearted unity of the DPRK based on Juche was consolidated 100 fold during 2013 as the anti-party counter-revolutionary
factionalists were defeated and liquidated.
May the DPRK go on to greater victories in 2014 under the leadership of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN

The heroic soldier builders of the KPA have smashed the imperialist sanctions and constructed the Masik Ski Resort self-reliantly.
Pyongyang, January 1 (KCNA) -- The Masik Pass Ski Resort has been successfully built on the personal initiative of supreme leader Kim Jong Un and under his wise leadership. It was opened with due ceremony on Tuesday.
Present at the ceremony were Pak Pong Ju, Choe Ryong Hae, Kim Ki Nam, officials of the party and armed forces organs, ministries and
national institutions, those in the field of sports, soldier-builders, officials, working people and youth and students in Kangwon Province.
Choe Ryong Hae, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) and
director of the General Political Bureau of the Korean People's Army (KPA), addressed the ceremony.
The ski resort is a valuable fruition of the deep loving care shown by the great WPK for the people to enable them enjoy luxury and comfort under socialism, the speaker noted, and continued:
In hearty respo-nse to the appeal of Marshal Kim Jong Un, service personnel of the KPA explored a huge mountain area, successfully creating 10 ski courses, and completed the construction of nearly 60 structures by carrying out projects at a lightning speed. By doing so
they have proved that the DPRK does whatever the supreme commander is determined to do.
The country will never forget the exploits performed by the heroic builders and genuine patriots who created new historical terms "Speed on Masik Pass" by successfully finishing in a short span of time the construction that would take others more than 10 years to do, true to the noble intention of Kim Jong Un, who loves his people so much, and his outstanding leadership.
The speaker underscored the need to preserve and manage well all the facilities and buildings of the resort and scrupulously organize service and thus help the people more keenly feel the loving care shown by the party for them.
Commanding officials of the units which participated in the construction, leading officials of the province and managing officials of the resort got a red tape hung across for inauguration.
Soldier-builders and young people who will play skiing at the resort cut the tape.
At the end of the ceremony the participants looked round various places of the resort. -0-
Pyongyang, January 1 (KCNA) -- The people in the DPRK greeted the New Year Juche 103 (2014) with the display of fireworks here.
Servicepersons and civilians, including schoolchildren, have visited the statues of the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il on Mansu Hill to pay floral tribute to them on the New Year's Day. Such visitors were also seen at the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun and Kim Il Sung Square, April 25 House of Culture and other parts of the city where portraits of the smiling Generalissimos are displayed.
Streets of the city are conspicuously decorated, with national flags and red banners displayed and boards bearing such letters as "A Happy New Year" put up, to add to the festive mood.
Sports and amusement games and other New Year celebrations have been held at industrial establishments, farms and schools. Meanwhile,
many citizens have enjoyed the holiday at the Mirim Riding Club, Rungna Dolphinarium, Munsu Water Park, People's Open-air Ice Rink and
other recreation centers.
Art performances are given and newly-released feature films screened at theaters and cinemas while Okryu Restaurant and other public catering establishments serve special dishes for citizens
greeting the New Year. And installed here and there are stalls serving roast chestnuts and sweet potatoes to passers-by.
It is a custom of Koreans to pay greetings to their seniors and teachers on the New Year's Day. Children make bows to their parents and disciples present bouquets to their teachers.
Pyongyang, January 1 (KCNA) -- Fireworks were displayed in the sky over Pyongyang, with the sound of a bell at the Grand People's Study
House heralding the start of New Year Juche 103 (2014).
At Kim Il Sung Square and all other places of the city, many citizens and children burst into cheers, watching the fireworks display of different colors.
Kim Yong Suk, a woman living in Oesong-dong, Central District, told KCNA in an excited tone that she wished happiness to every family
and good health and success to everyone in the meaningful new year.
Ri Jong Hak, a researcher of the Academy of Social Sciences, said that the significant fireworks display made him picture in his mind a lot of happy events to take place in the year 2014.
Meanwhile, citizens vied with each other to have photos taken against the background of fireworks display.
Han Chol, an official of the Ministry of Construction and Building-Materials Industry, said:
"The display of fireworks made me look back on the days of 2013 when the dreams, ideals, advance at remarkable speed and strength of
the Korean people in the great Kim Jong Un era were shown. It also hardened my belief that the DPRK will surely win the final victory.
It's my resolve to strive for the construction of more edifices in the country this year, which will result in fireworks display of greater significance next year."
Pyongyang, January 1 (KCNA) -- Schoolchildren and kindergartens of the DPRK received fruits and confectionery on the occasion of the New Year, Juche 103 (2014).
Schoolchildren of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School, Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School and Nampho Revolutionary School expressed thanks
to the Workers' Party of Korea for the warm loving care of sending good things to them before any others.
Those of baby homes, orphanages and orphans' primary and secondary schools across the country were greatly excited and those of baby home and orphanages in South Hamgyong and South Phyongan provinces and Sariwon, those of North Hwanghae Province, Taean Orphans' Secondary School, Jaeryong Orphans' School and Kilju Orphans' Primary School were also beside themselves with joy on the New Year.


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